Enumeration of the Soldiers of the Late War
Who Served in Wisconsin Regiments and Batteries, Etc., and Reported by the
Government as Residing in Wisconsin on June 20, 1895.

transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Heather Turner, Charlotte Slater, Susan Geist





Branch of Service


Maas, Anton. Private D 27 Infantry Sheboygan
Maas, Ernst Private I 17 Infantry Marion
Maas, Fred Private C 17 Infantry Rube
Maas, John. Private B 11 Infantry South Osborn
Maas, Wm. Private I 32 Infantry New London
Maas, Wm. 1st Sergeant D 17 Infantry Milwaukee
Maass, Christian Private C 46 Infantry New London
Maass, John C. Captain D 17 Infantry Milwaukee
Maass, John P. Private D 12 Infantry Greenleaf
Mabbott, E. J. Private G 11 Infantry Spring Green
Mabie, Geo Private H 31 Infantry Loyal
Macauley, Robt. Corporal G 16 Infantry Menomonie
Macauley, T. 1st Lieutenant G 16 Infantry Dunnville
Maccabees, John. Corporal F 14 Infantry Wrightstown
Maccaux, J. B. Private G 3 Infantry Rosiere
Mace, Frederick W. Private D 16 Infantry Oshkosh
Mack, Leroy. Private H 12 Infantry Clintonville
Mack, Theron R.. Sergeant A 18 Infantry Fond du Lac
Mackedon, Michael. Corporal D 24 Infantry Madison
Mackershauser, John  Private A 9 Infantry Portage
Madans, F. Private A 27 Infantry Kirkwood
Madden, J. H. Private D 20 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Madden, John Private A 32 Infantry De Soto
Madden, Philip Private C 17 Infantry Fond du Lac
Madden, Thos. C. Private K 18 Infantry Portage
Mader, Geo Private E 5 Infantry Winneconne
Mader, Wm. Private D 3 Infantry Antigo
Madigan, Jas. E. Corporal F 17 Infantry National Home
Madke, F. W. Private E 17 Infantry Ahnapee
Madison, Rasmus Private F 50 Infantry Fontenoy
Madson, Hans Private E 18 Infantry Oslo
Maerz, August Private F 6 Infantry Medford
Magdeburg,Ferd. H. Captain G 14 Infantry Milwaukee
Magedanz, Fred Private A 47 Infantry Readfield
Magee, James D. Sergeant D 1 Cavalry Belle Plaine
Maggers, John Private I 45 Infantry Sheboygan
Magli, John Private F 34 Infantry Schiller
Magill, John Private   9 Battery Elkhorn
Magrey, Narcisse Private G 17 Infantry Oconto
Maguire, Richert Private D 1 Infantry Manitowoc
Magus, Geo. C. Private K 1 Heavy Art Milwaukee
Mahar, Henry. Corporal H 8 Infantry Beloit
Maher, Thos. Private F 24 Infantry National Home
Mahlberg, John P. Private G 45 Infantry Williamsburg
Mahloch, Jac. Private H 26 Infantry Keil
Mahlos, Edward. Private A 45 Infantry Scott
Mahoney, Cornelius  Private D 43 Infantry Beloit
Mahoney, Edwin. Private G 18 Infantry Grand Rapids
Mahoney, John Private B 7 Infantry Onalaska
Mahoney, John A. Sergeant G 18 Infantry Milwaukee,
Mahoney, Wm. Sergeant K 4 Cavalry Wausau
Maier, Herman Private A 50 Infantry Oshkosh
Maier, Jacob Private K 48 Infantry Alma
Maine, M. P. Sergeant B 13 Infantry Monroe
Maine, John A. Sergeant A 35 Infantry Cronk
Mains, Elisha C. Drummer D 7 Infantry Albion
Mains, Hor. N. Private Un. 3 Cavalry National Home
Mains, John. Private F 10 Infantry Potosi
Mairich, Wenzel Private F 9 Infantry La Crosse
Maitland, John A. Private H 30 Infantry Berlin
Makan, John Private F 42 Infantry Montrose
Makinson, J. H. Private H 10 Infantry Wilson
Malchart, August Private C 16 Infantry Arnott
Malcomson, James Private D 49 Infantry Little Prairie
Maley, Anton Private G 39 Infantry Kellnersville
Malia, James Private E 51 Infantry Muskego
Malish, William Private A 9 Infantry Portage
Mallenbach, William Private G 12 Infantry Centralia
Mailery, J. P. Sergeant A 3 Cavalry Whitehall
Mallison, Jonn Q. Private D 50 Infantry Cadott
MaLmann, Fred Private A 9 Infantry Sheboygan
Mallon, Masston Corporal F 35 Infantry Ironton
Mallory, Henry L. Sergeant F 40 Infantry Elkhorn
Mallorey, R. D. Private D 19 Infantry Westfield
Mallow, Jesse Private A 19 Infantry Wonewoc
Mallow, John Private A 19 Infantry Ironton
Malnowry, Chas. Private B 47 Infantry Berlin
Malone, John M. Private A 22 Infantry Racine
Malone, Mort Private B 3 Cavalry National Home
Malone, Thomas Drummer H 2 Infantry Poynette
Maloney, Cornelius Private C 3 Cavalry Montello,
Maloney, P. A. Corporal A 21 Infantry Stevens Point
Malosh, John S. Private K 43 Infantry Hillsboro
Malsack, Peter Private K 35 Infantry Shleisingerville,
Maly, Anton Private G 39 Infantry Kellnersville
Man, Jacob Private G 43 Infantry Frankville
Manasow, Joseph Private F 14 Infantry Clay Banks
Manchester, D. L. Sergeant G 21 Infantry Waupaca
Manchester, Geo. Private L 2 Cavalry Menomonie
Manchester, T. A.. Private G 40 Infantry Excelsior
Mandel, Fred. Private D 27 Infantry Two Rivers
Manderschied, L. Private H 36 Infantry Fond du Lac
Manderson, Samuel Sergeant F 2 Infantry Racine
Manel, Fritz Private E 3 Infantry National Home
Mangan, James Private F 14 Infantry Chilton
Mangan, William. Private G 14 Infantry Seymour
Mangen, M. 1st Lieut E 6 Infantry Fond du Lac
Manison, D. P. Private F 3 Infantry Baraboo
Manix, D. Private D 17 Infantry National Home
Manley, S. M.  Private F 5 Infantry Bancroft
Manley, William Robert Musician H 48 Infantry Stephensville
Manly, Oscar. Private D 41 Infantry Neenah
Mann, David Private G 10 Infantry Shamrock,
Mann, E. E. Private G 25 Infantry Durand
Mann, H. E Corporal H 32 Infantry Marinette
Mann, James R Private A 6 Infantry Sturgeon Bay
Mann, John B Private E 40 Infantry Woodruff
Mann, R. W. Private G 25 Infantry Durand
Mann, Richard Private D 2 Cavalry Trimbelle
Manning, Green, Private A 1 Heavy Art Hebron
Manning, John. Private I 19 Infantry Balmoral
Manning, S. R. Private K 14 Infantry Bloomville
Manning, Thomas Private F 18 Infantry Kaukanna
Mansfield, John S Private B 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Mansfield, Johnson Private A 44 Infantry Hammond,
Manser, Christopher Sergeant F 1 Infantry Ellsworth
Manthey, Ferdinand Private D 9 Infantry Princeton
Mantowsky, Barth Private F 26 Infantry Wayside
Manton, M.T. Private F 18 Infantry Allenville
Mantz, Amos E. Private F 29 Infantry Oshkosh
Manviller, Peter Private C 14 Infantry Langlade
Manz, Louis Private C 26   Milwaukee
Manzer, Chas. E Sergeant G 30 Infantry Hancock
Marbes, Jacob.. Private   2 Battery National Home
Marble, Nathan J. Private K 38 Infantry Friendship
Marcoe, Francis. Private A 21 Infantry Fond du Lac
Marcoe, Theodore B 1st lieut B 5 Infantry Kay
Marcus, Bernard. Private A 1 Cavalry Potosi
Marcey, L. S. Private D 22 Infantry Delavan
Marden, E.J. Private C 12 Battery Mauston
Marden, E.J. Private C 30 Infantry Mauston
Marden, Emond. Private D 46 Infantry Randolph
Mardin, C. S. Private   12 Battery Norwalk
Mardin, W. H. Private A 30 Infantry Globe
Margeson, Job. Private F 5 Infantry Grand Rapids
Marhein, Frederick. Private C 53 Infantry Spirit
Maring, Feters Private I 25 Infantry Dickeyville
Markee, James. Private H 17 Infantry Ontario
Markell, Chas Private C 13 Infantry Sharon
Markham, A. J. sergeant Major   36 Infantry Winneconne
Markham, Alfred P . Private H 35 Infantry Eagle
Markham, Wm. E. Private A 51 Infantry Independence
Markham, Wm E. Private B 39 Infantry Independence
Markins, John. Private H 1 Cavalry Mauston
Markle, Emanuel. Private B 2 Infantry La Crosse
Marks, Fred. Private C 7 Infantry Westfield
Marks, Fred. Private H 31 Infantry Reedsville
Marks, Solon. surgeon   10 Infantry Milwaukee
Marks, Theodore Private K 3 Cavalry Black Creek
Marlo, Charles Private H 9 Infantry Dundee
Marlow, Geo. W. Private C 2 Cavalry Hurricane
Marnell, Luke. Private D 6 Infantry Milwaukee
Marquardt, Aug  Private E 29 Infantry Lima
Marquardt, Michael. Private B 37 Infantry Symco
Marquart, Fred. Private C 37 Infantry Sheboygan Falls
Marquart, Ferdinand Private A 45 Infantry Knowles
Marr, C.. Corporal H 4 Cavalry Oconto Falls
Marr, 0. B. Private C 52 Infantry Spring Lake
Marriott, H. H. Private F 40 Infantry Delavan
Mars, Julius Private E 4 Cavalry Green Bay
Mars, William Private C 30 Infantry Galesville
Marsden, Thomas B  Captain... K 38 Infantry Ontario
Marsden, Wm. Private F 13 Infantry Janesville
Marsh, Charles H. 1st Sergeant. G 38 Infantry Fort Atkinson
Marsh, Chas I. Private E 41 Infantry Wonewoc
Marsh, David G. Musician E 3 Cavalry Clinton
Marsh, E. T. Saddler. D 3 Cavalry Ogdensburg
Marsh, F. G. Lieutenant B 23 Infantry Darlington
Marsh, Jacob Private D 11 Infantry Boaz
Marsh, Nelson Private C 3 Infantry Grafton
Marsh, S. B. Private E 7 Infantry Sand Creek
Marshall, Daniel Private E 18 Infantry Manawa
Marshall, G. L. Corporal. H 5 Infantry Buckeye
Marshall, Geo. E. Private I 11 Infantry La Valle
Marshall, T. H.. Private A 49 Infantry Bloomer
Marshall, J. W. Private I 50 Infantry Viroqua
Marshall, L.D. Private B 37 Infantry Hancock
Marshall, Michael Private A 50 Infantry Avoca
Marshall, R. S. Private A 52 Infantry Alloa
Marshall, Samuel Private B 25 Infantry Rockbridge
Marshall, Wm. G. Private H 21 Infantry Brandon
Marshall, W. P. Private A 30 Infantry River Falls
Marsielje, Isaac Private F 47 Infantry Cedar Grove
Marsilza, Chas. Private H 1 Infantry Sheboygan Falls
Marskie, Albert. Corporal H 13 Infantry Whitewater
Marston, J. H. Captain E 6 Infantry Appleton
Marston, H. Private E 12 Infantry Kilbourn
Marston, S. L. Asst surg   12 Infantry Hartford
Marston, T. J. Private K 40 Infantry Madison
Martell, M.. Private D 30 Infantry Spooner,
Martell, Jos. Private E 28 Infantry De Pere
Martell, Mitchell Private D 44 Infantry Green Bay
Martell, Moses Private H 34 Infantry Green Bay
Martelle, Prosper Private H 20 Infantry Ripon
Martens, Joachim Private D 45 Infantry South Kaukauna
Martch, Peter Private E 36 Infantry Scott
Martin, Baptiste H. Private K 30 Infantry Hayward
Martin, Chas. Private I 50 Infantry New Lisbon
Martin, Christopher Private D 14 Infantry La Crosse
Martin, D. C. Sergeant F 37 Infantry Millston
Martin, E. Private D 29 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Martin, F. G. Private A 2 Infantry New Lisbon
Martin, Ferdinand B. Corporal H 6 Infantry Galesville
Martin, G. Private I 51 Infantry Hixton
Martin, Geo Private B 42 Infantry Sun Prairie
Martin, H. Private I 47 Infantry Eureka
Martin, H. Private H 10 Infantry Merrillan
Martin, Henry 1st Sergeant. B 1 Infantry Milwaukee
Martin, J. A. Private A 23 Infantry Stoughton
Martin, J. R. 1st lieut E 16 Infantry Dodgeville
Martin, Jacob H. Private I 5 Infantry Milwaukee
Martin, Jas. Private C 4 Cavalry Lake Geneva
Martin, Jas. B. Private G 46 Infantry Darlington
Martin, James Private F 48 Infantry Flintville
Martin, John Private C 43 Infantry Racine
Martin, John Private C 43 Infantry Woodman
Martin, John Private B 44 Infantry Sniderville
Martin, John C. Private H 1 Heavy Art Mineral Point
Martin, Joseph Private A 52 Infantry De Pere
Martin, Joseph Private H 50 Infantry North Clayton
Martin, Lewis H. Sergeant B 13 Infantry Janesville
Martin, M. W. Corporal E 3 Cavalry Fall River
Martin, Ora Private H 43 Infantry Castle Rock
Martin, Patrick Private A 44 Infantry Roberts
Martin, Peter Private F 44 Infantry Racine
Martin, Robt Bugler L 3 Cavalry National Home
Martin, Rueben Private F 16 Infantry Union Center
Martin, T. S. Private E 18 Infantry Reedsburg
Martin, Thos. Corporal B 29 Infantry Watertown
Martin, Thos. H. Private I 48 Infantry Genesee
Martin, Thomas Private   13 Battery Hub City
Martin, W. B. Private G 46 Infantry New Diggings
Martin, W. E. Private F 11 Infantry Millston
Martin, Walter D. Private A 1 Heavy Art Poynette
Martin, Wm. Private   9 Battery Cambria
Martin, Wm. Private A 45 Infantry Knowles
Martin, Wm. Corporal C 24 Infantry Cudahy
Martin, Wm. Private H 14 Infantry Portage
Martins, John Private F 21 Infantry Carlton
Martinson, P. Private B 50 Infantry Westby
Marty, Fridolin Private K 2 Cavalry New Glarus
Marvel, Elisha Private E 25 Infantry Platteville
Marvin, E. B. Private G 32 Infantry Mather
Maryfield, H. Private B 8 Infantry Junction City
Maryott, H. C. Private D 49 Infantry Milton Junction
Marx, Phil Private E 18 Infantry National Home
Mascraft, Edward G. Bugler A 14 Infantry Fond du Lac
Mason, Byron Private K 21 Infantry Neenah
Mason, Cyrus Private A 44 Infantry Hammond
Mason, Dallas Private D 19 Infantry Ellsworth
Mason, H. B. 2d Lieut I 5 Infantry Wiota
Mason, H. H. Private D 10 Infantry Big Springs
Mason, Henry Private B 14 Infantry Spencer
Mason, J. C. Private H 13 Infantry Whitewater
Mason, J. G. Private B 31 Infantry Woodford
Mason, J. F. Private H 11 Infantry Ellsworth
Mason, J. T. Private E 31 Infantry Argyle
Mason, James C. Private K 51 & 7 Infantry Ironton
Mason, John W. Private F 28 Infantry Stone Bank
Mason, John W. Sergeant C 16 Infantry Mauston
Mason, Jos. A. Private B 1 c Stevens Point
Mason, Leonard Private E 44 Infantry Amherst
Mason, Robt Private D 11 Infantry Hazel Green
Mason, Westley sergeant K 21 Infantry Amherst
Masse, John Private C 47 Infantry Sturgeon Bay
Masse, Joseph Private C 47 Infantry Green Bay
Mastenbrook, Wm. Private H 4 c Frostville
Masters, Henry Private E 5 Infantry Oasis
Masterson, Michael Private I 12 Infantry La Crosse
Mathar, Jesse Private F 11 Infantry Prairie du Sac
Mather, C. C. Private D 1 Heavy Art Monroe
Mather, Frank C Private K 1 Infantry Sheboygan Falls
Mathes, John Private G 44 Infantry Appleton
Mathews, J. M. Private I 7 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Mathews, John Private K 1 Infantry Fond du Lac
Mathews, John Private B 47 Infantry Poysippi
Mathews, Joseph First Lieut H 30 Infantry Auroraville
Mathews, O. Private H 18 Infantry Big Falls
Mathews, Wm Private H 30 Infantry Poysippi
Mathews, Wm Private B 52 Infantry Ironton
Mathewson, B. B. Private A 42 Infantry Pittsville
Mathewson, Wm. H Private H 6 Infantry National Home
Mathias, Wm Corporal 27 Infantry Potter
Mathisen, John Private B 11 Infantry Coon Valley
Matis, Fred Private F 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Matison, Jarmund Private D 38 Infantry Wind Lake
Matley, Josiah Private E 31 Infantry Darlington
Matott, Andrew Private G 37 Infantry Chippewa Falls
Matrios, Aleck Private G 7 Infantry Grantsburg
Matrios, Geo Private G 7 Infantry Grantsburg
Matrios, John Private G 42 Infantry Grantsburg
Matschke, Fred Private D 7 Infantry Appleton
Mattes, Philip Private H 26 Infantry Keil
Matteson, Chas. R Private C 36 Infantry Wittenburg
Matteson, D. A. Private C 16 Infantry Phlox
Matteson, Edward Sergeant H 51 Infantry Barron
Matteson, Geo. W Private A 2 Cavalry Eldorado
Mattison, John Private I 6 Infantry Hillsboro
Mattison, Josiah Private K 17 Infantry Stephensville
Matthews, Albert C 1st Sergeant D 18 Infantry Cataract
Matthews, Hugh Private K 33 Infantry Boscobel
Matthews, John M Private   12 Battery Janesville
Matthias, A. B. Sergeant B 8 Infantry Curtis
Matthiesen, Charles Private K 27 Infantry Mishicott
Mattison, Charles E Private K 22 Infantry Oakley
Mattoon, Eli Private K 7 Infantry Three Lakes
Matts, Wm Corporal I 23 Infantry Verona
Matz, August Private H 1 Cavalry Germania
Matz, Frederick Private E 11 Infantry Marxville
Matz, Martin Private F 1 Cavalry Germania
Matzkee, Fred Private D 44 Infantry De Pere
Mauers, Henry Private D 52 Infantry Mill Center
Maurer, Jacob Private E 3 Cavalry Richfield
Maxam, Henry Private D 18 Infantry Homer
Maxfield, Edmund Private M 1 Heavy Art Otsego
Maxham, Samuel Private F 23 Infantry North Freedom
Maxson, Harrison Corporal I 14 Infantry Humbird
Maxson, D. S.  Sergeant C 14 Infantry Waukau
Maxson, Lyman H Private A 13 Infantry Albion
May, James W Private F 20 Infantry Boscobel
May, Albert Private G 2 Infantry Concord
Mayberry, Frank Private G 36 Infantry So Kaukauna
Mayer, George Private C 9 Infantry La Crosse
Mayer, Jacob Private K 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Mayer, Jacob Private B 37 Infantry Cecil
Mayer, John Private D 1 Infantry Honey Creek
Mayer, Josiah Sergeant A 50 Infantry Dale
Mayer, Joseph Private A 45 Infantry Theresa
Mayhew, W. H. Private I 28 Infantry Elkhorn
Maynard, A. Private F 22 Infantry Onalaska
Maynard, Barney D. Private F 30 Infantry Ellsworth
Maynard, F. C. Private 1 Heavy Art Waukesha
Maynard, Geo. E. Private A 2 Infantry Longwood
Maynard, Jas. E Private K 2 Infantry Sheboygan  
Mayo, J. W. Private F 35 Infantry Clinton
Mayville, E. Corporal I 37 Infantry Unity
Mayville, Peter Private F 14 Infantry Ledgeville
Mazy, Henry Private G 18 Infantry Bay Settlement
McAfee, John 1st Lieut   11 Battery Oconto
McAllister, Chas Private K 21 Infantry Kelley Brook
McAllister, Daniel Private K 11 Infantry Neenah
McAllister, David P Private A 23 Infantry Ostrander
McArthur, John A Sergeant G 42 Infantry Palmyra
McAskey, Alexander Corporal G 7 Infantry Homewood
McAuley, B. W. Private H 30 Infantry Wis Vet Home
McBean, Frank Sergeant 13 Infantry Pewaukee
McBean, Thomas Hosp. Stew   2 Cavalry Chippewa Falls
McBriar, Archibald Private A 16 Infantry Spring Lake
McBride, Artis Private C 3 Infantry Brodhead
McBride, John Private F 17 Infantry Whitewater
McCabe, B. H. Private F 51 Infantry Chilton
McCabe, Jas Private E 7 Infantry National Home
McCabe, James E Private E 38 Infantry Appleton
McCabe, John Private G 49 Infantry Ridgeway
McCabe, Terrance Private B 6 Infantry Soldiers' Grave
McCaffrey, Phillip Private F 34 Infantry Green Bay
McCain, John Private F 2 Cavalry Midway
McCain, Jos Private H 32 Infantry National Home
McCain, Wm Corporal F 21 Infantry National Home
McCall, Ira Private G 2 Cavalry Milwaukee
McCall, M. O. Private H 31 Infantry Shullsburg
McCall, P. C. Private K 5 Infantry Prairie Farm
McCallin, Henry Corporal F 5 Infantry Plainfield
McCallister, J. P. Private F 41 Infantry Avoca
McCallister, Nelson A Private A 33 Infantry Muscoda
McCalvey, Robt Private G 14 Infantry Neillsville
McCamish, O. P. Private C 2 Cavalry Glen Haven
McCandles, John Private 10 Infantry Menasha
McCann, A. J., Sr. Sergeant K 36 Infantry Tillinghast
McCann, Christ Private A 12 Infantry Arena
McCann, J. J. Private K 36 Infantry Estella
McCann, J. W. Private B 2 Cavalry La Crosse
McCann, James Private K 31 Infantry Eastman
McCann, John Private I 1 Infantry Cascade
McCann, John Private K 32 Infantry Grand Rapids
McCann, Stephen Private K 36 Infantry Chetek
McCannon, John Private D 43 Infantry Janesville
McCannon, John Private F 40 Infantry Milwaukee
McCardle, G. R. Private H 38 Infantry Beloit
McCarn, Alfred Sergeant A 33 Infantry Platteville
McCart, D. W. Private A 5 Infantry Bloomer
McCarthey, M. L. Private H 13 Infantry Palmyra
McCarthy, George Corporal H 51 Infantry Palmyra
McCarthy, John Private A 24 Infantry National Home
McCarthy, P. H. Corporal D 38 Infantry Hub City
McCarty, J. A. Private C 49 Infantry Longwood
McCarty, Pat Private D 27 Infantry Colby
McCartney, Michael Corporal A 44 Infantry New Centerville
McCarvill, Frank Private C 49 Infantry Dixon
McCaslin, Nathan Private B 36 Infantry New London
McCaul, Thomas Private G   Berdan's S S Tomah
McCauley, Dominick Private H 33 Infantry Argyle
McCaustland, John Corporal K 25 Infantry Quincy
McCaustland, S. A. 1st Sergeant K 25 Infantry Quincy
McClafflin, Warren Private M 4 Cavalry Humbird
McClanathan, John P Private H 32 Infantry Wilton
McClean, T. H. Private A 53 Infantry Melrose
McCleary, Archie Private C 12 Infantry Maiden Rock
McClellan, James R Private A 47 Infantry Medina
McClintock, Frank Private   1 Battery Mindoro
McClintock, William Corporal D 14 Infantry Shamrock
McCloskey, Andrew Private D 13 Infantry Calamine
McClure, Geo Private F 1 Cavalry Greenleaf
McClure, James Private A 52 Infantry Chase
McClure, Thomas Private I 6 Infantry Union Center
McClurg, Seth Private 12 Infantry Viroqua
McCluskey, James Private D 31 Infantry Mount Hope
McClusky, Jas Private I 33 Infantry Clinton
McClymont, James Private B 47 Infantry Troy
McComb, R. B. Private B 49 Infantry Stoughton
McConnell, Chas Private G 12 Infantry Mineral Point
McConnell, James Private G 22 Infantry Monroe
McConnell, James Sergeant   1 Battery Mindoro
McConnell, James Prin. Mus   23 Infantry Columbus
McConnell, Orlando Private   8 Infantry Janesville
McCoog, Michael Private B 1 Infantry Monroe
McCord, Lee Private E 46 Infantry Milwaukee
McCormack, John Private F 33 Infantry Westport
McCormick, James Private A 38 Infantry Madison
McCormick, P. Private K 37 Infantry Green Bay
McCormick, Patrick Corporal A 12 Infantry Standard
McCormick, Thos Corporal A 3 Infantry Wausau
McCorrison, Orrin Corporal A 1 Infantry Oshkosh
McCoy, B. E. Captain G 43 Infantry Sparta
McCoy, G. L. Private H 42 Infantry Magnolia
McCoy, James B 1st Lieut E 25 Infantry Platteville
McCoy, John Private A 14 Infantry Fond du Lac
McCoy, John Private D 14 Infantry Fond du Lac
McCready, Wm L Captain G 11 Infantry Black Hawk
McCreedy, Cornelius Corporal E 13 Infantry Attica
McCreedy, Geo Private   7 Battery South Milwaukee
McCreedy, Silas Private E 13 Infantry Albany
McCully, Andrew Private D 36 Infantry Galesburg
McCulley, Jas Sergeant B 29 Infantry Milwaukee
McCullough, John Private I 18 Infantry Briggsville
McCullough, Thos M Private F 43 Infantry Ross
McCullum, C. R. Corporal C 30 Infantry Galesville
McCullum, Murray Private I 21 Infantry Neenah
McCune, Samuel Private B 2 Cavalry Sparta
McCurdy, James H Private F 11 Infantry Oshkosh
McCutcheon, Andy Private K 31 Infantry Arena
McCutcheon, David Corporal B 8 Infantry Ellsworth
McDaniel, James Private G 47 Infantry Wauzeka
McDermid, Daniel Private   5 Battery York
McDermott, Chas Private G 29 Infantry Rome
McDermott, John Private G 49 Infantry Hanover
McDermott, Patrick A Private E 2 Infantry Oshkosh
McDiarmid, Wm. H 2d Lieut D 30 Infantry Hudson
McDill, Geo. D Private 6 Infantry Osceola Mills
McDill, Geo. D Captain K 37 Infantry Osceola Mills
McDonald, A. Private 32 Infantry Princeton
McDonald, Chas Private   8 Battery Eau Claire
McDonald, David Private 13 Infantry Sharon
McDonald, Hugh Private A 44 Infantry Star Prairie
McDonald, Jas Private 5 Infantry National Home
McDonald, John Private H 22 Infantry National Home
McDonald, Jos Private B 5 Infantry National Home
McDonald, Mike Corporal E 14 Infantry Ahnapee
McDonald, T. L. Private B 41 Infantry Waupun
McDonald, Thomas Private D 12 Infantry Green Bay
McDonald, Thomas Private D 49 Infantry Whitewater
McDonald, Thoams Private C 40 Infantry Whitewater
McDonald, Wm Private L 3 Cavalry New London
McDonald, Wm Private F 1 Heavy Art Portage
McDonell, Alfus Private H 43 Infantry Beetown
McDougal, A. F. Sergeant C 19 Infantry Warrens
McDougal, Dougal Private G 1 Heavy Art Armenia
McDougal, Geo Private G 2 Cavalry Milwaukee
McDowell, S. C. 1st Lieut D 8 Infantry Fox Lake
McDuel, Allen Private C 52 Infantry Wautoma
McDuffie, John W Private B 3 Cavalry Rio
McElroy, T. H. Private H 24 Infantry Shullsburg
McEntee, John Private I 20 Infantry Rising Sun
McEwen, Jas 1st Sergeant   8 Battery Wausau
McEwen, Wm Private A 20 Infantry Ellsworth
McFadden, And Private F 5 Infantry Oconto
McFadgen, Neil Private K 32 Infantry Beaver Dam
McFarlin, John C Private F 2 Cavalry Richland Center
McFarlin, Wm Private E 44 Infantry Spring Bluff
McFeteridge, Wm Private G 50 Infantry New Richmond
McGary, H. C. Private E 3 Infantry Norwalk
McGary, H. C. Private C 19 Infantry Norwalk
McGary, Selum Sergeant A 52 Infantry Norwalk
McGary, Thomas Private E 44 Infantry Cooksville
McGee, Edward Corporal F 27 Infantry Lamartine
McGee, Thos Private D 6 Infantry Oostburg
McGeen, Thos Private F 5 Infantry National Home
McGeoch, John Private 49 Infantry Milwaukee
McGill, Alonzo Private B 47 Infantry Whitewater
McGill, Hastings Private B 3 Cavalry McDill
McGill, John Corporal A 44 Infantry Beaver Dam
McGill, Martin Private E 22 Infantry Avoca
McGillen, Michael Private G 16 Infantry Porter's Mills
McGilvard, Daniel A Private C 49 Infantry National Home
McGinley, Andrew B Private A 18 Infantry Viking
McGinley, D. E. Private G 16 Infantry Cedarburg
McGinnis, Alex Sergeant K 23 Infantry Prairie du Sac
McGinnis, Frank Private 13 Infantry Baraboo
McGinnis, John Corporal K 33 Infantry Racine
McGinnis, Joseph Private H 10 Infantry Kirby
McGinley, J. F. Private 23 Infantry Darlington
McGinty, Pat Private G 14 Infantry National Home
McGivern, Patrick Private E 3 Cavalry Lake Geneva
McGlachlin, Alex Private D 8 Infantry Oconto
McGlachlin, Edward Sergeant K 1 Infantry Stevens Point
McGlin, David, Sr. Private A 47 Infantry Bear Creek
McGling, John Private F 48 Infantry National Home
McGonigal, Robert F Private F 3 Infantry National Home
McGoon, Richard Private 43 Infantry Monticello
McGowan, Henry Private H 13 Infantry Pigeon Falls
McGowan, Michael Private A 2 Cavalry Hale's Corners
McGown, John Corporal B 14 Infantry Plover
McGrain, Peter Private   1 Battery Parnell
McGranahan, A. I. Private K 47 Infantry Yellowstone
McGrath, James Private A 44 Infantry Beaver Dam
McGrath, Richard Private E 19 Infantry National Home
McGrath, Thomas M Private   4 Battery Chippewa Falls
McGregor, Alexander Private D 1 Cavalry Rush Lake
McGregor, Duncan Captain A 42 Infantry Platteville
McGregor, John Private D 1 Cavalry Poysippi
McGregor, John Private H 5 Infantry Bloomer
McGuire, F. M. 2d Lieut 8 Infantry Chippewa Falls
McGuire, John Private F 10 Infantry Potosi
McGuire, P. A. Drummer D 19 Infantry Janesville
McGuire, Thomas Private G 27 Infantry Highland
McHale, Michael Private H 32 Infantry Racine
McHatten, Hugh Corporal K 35 Infantry Hollandale
McHenry, James Private D 12 Infantry Milwaukee
McHenry, Jno Private G 1 Heavy Art Barton
McHugh, Barney Private F 3 Infantry St Croix Falls
McHugh, Frank Private K 51 Infantry Aniwa
McHugh, Hugh Private K 17 Infantry Stinson
McHugh, Patrick Private I 17 Infantry Bear Creek
McKenzie, Chas. I Corporal F 44 Infantry Gillett
McIlhatton, Alexander Private   17 Infantry Waldwick
McInely, Jas Private D 5 Infantry National Home
McIntosh, Chas. E Corporal   7 Battery Marinette
McIntosh, J. A. Private K 2 Cavalry Honey Creek
McIntosh, Wm Corporal H 2 Cavalry Lodi
McIntyre, Alexander Lieutenant D 52 Infantry Sparta
McIntyre, Geo. H Private 32 Infantry Portage
McIntyre, John Private E 16 Infantry Mauston
McIntyre, W. D. B. Private G 21 Infantry Waupaca
McIntyre, Wm. J Private   12 Battery Janesville
McKay, W. J. Private I 44 Infantry Madison
McKay, Wm Sergeant E 38 Infantry New Lisbon
McKeague, Thos Farrier   8 Battery Wautoma
McKee, Andrew Sergeant G 28 Infantry Oconomowoc
McKee, James D Private K 31 Infantry Oregon
McKee, Robert Private F 43 Infantry Avalanche
McKeeth, John Private   1 Battery Galesville
McKenna, M Private 39 Infantry Fond du Lac
McKenny, Francis Private H 17 Infantry Colgate
McKenzie, M. P. Private A 1 Heavy Art Waterford
McKinley, James Private E 4 Cavalry Rome
McKinley, L. J. Private F 46 Infantry Pedee
McKinley, William Corporal A 47 Infantry Winchester
McKinney, E. S. Private G 3 Cavalry Pensaukee
McKinney, J. P. Private F 44 Infantry Wauzeka
McKinnon, M. Private K 21 Infantry Sheboygan Falls
McKinzie, Dav Private F 28 Infantry National Home
McKlusky, Owen Private A 50 Infantry Deerfield
McKnight, Thomas Private G 47 Infantry Boscobel
McKune, John Private F 8 Infantry Kenosha
McLain, David Private C 8 Infantry Menomonie
McLain, E. P. Sergeant 4 Cavalry Warrens
McLallen, Irwin Private I & A 4 Cavalry Fairchild
McLane, Wm. Private -- 7 Battery National Home
McLaren, John Private A 31 Infantry La Crosse
McLarty, David Private B 5 Infantry Columbus
McLaughlin, D. Private L 2 Cavalry Onalaska
McLaughlin, David W. Private A 12 Infantry Trimbelle
McLaughlin, Jacob Lieutenant C 20 Infantry Boscobel
McLaughlin, Jas. Corporal E 37 Infantry National Home
McLaughlin, John Private K 36 Infantry Eau Claire
McLaughlin, Mich. Private G 24 Infantry National Home
McLaughlin, Richard Private F 36 Infantry Milwaukee
McLaughlin, Thos. G. Sergeant B 37 Infantry Rhinelander
McLaughlin, W. J. Private B 41 Infantry Eureka
McLean, David Private E 19 Infantry Eau Claire
McLean, Henry Private -- 8 Battery Wausau
McLean, William Private D 25 Infantry Tomah
McLean, Wm. A. Private K 1 Infantry South Byron
McLees, E. G. Private I   1 Heavy Art. Marshfield
McLeod, Alex. Private I 2 Cavalry Fox Lake
McLeod, David Private A 1 Cavalry Eau Claire
McLyman, Henry Private C 20 Infantry Fennimore
McMahon, Jas. Private A 1 Infantry Ashland
McMahon, John Private C 14 Infantry Omro
McMahon, John Private C 23 Infantry Portage
McMahon, John Private G 6 Infantry National Home
McMahon, John E. Private B 7 Infantry Doylestown
McMahon, Mich. Private G 2 Infantry National Home
McMahon, Patrick Private D 17 Infantry Douglas Center
McMahon, Peter Private F 37 Infantry National Home
McMahon, Thomas Private E 47 Infantry Baraboo
McManms, S. W. Corporal K 22 Infantry Darlington
McMannus, Wm. Private H 36 Infantry Rising Sun
McManus, Chas. Private I 10 Infantry Platteville
McMarcley, Norman Private A 1 Heavy Art. Eagle
McMath, James Private D 1 Heavy Art. Milford
McMichael, R. S. Captain C 18 Infantry Viroqua
McMillan, David H. Private D 5 Infantry Oshkosh
McMillan, Geo. B. Private A 16 Infantry Centralia
McMillan, Peter Corporal E 18 Infantry Arnott
McMillan, Robert Private G 50 Infantry Trimbelle
McMillan, William Corporal B 44 Infantry Buckeye
McMonagle, Wm. Private H & B 12 & 44 Infantry Waquiock
McMullen, Alexander Private F 27 Infantry Oostburg
McMullen, Donald Private I 48 Infantry Randolph
McMullen, J. E. Private D 40 Infantry Chilton
McMurdo, J. H. Corporal G 44 Infantry Hortonville
McMynn, J. G. Colonel -- 10 Infantry Madison
McNair, Robert E. Private F 41 Infantry National Home
McNally, Jas. Private B 22 Infantry National Home
McNamara, James Private I 51 Infantry New Richmond
McNanamin, Thos. P. Private I 40 Infantry Albany
McNeil, Andy Private E 24 Infantry Milwaukee
McNeil, Chas. Private C 29 Infantry Pleasant Prairie
McNeil, George Private C 39 Infantry Pleasant Prairie
McNitt, Nathan P. Private G 13 Infantry Brodhead
McNulty, John Private C 11 Infantry Millston
McNutt, Erasmus W. Private -- Un. Perm. Party Aniwa
McNurlin, T. J. Private I 19 Infantry Loyd
McPhee, Wm. J. Corporal A 1 Heavy Art. National Home
McPherson, A. Private D 43 Infantry Dickeyville
McPherson, A. D. Private H 1 Heavy Art. West Superior
McPherson, R. B. Private K 8 Infantry Raymond
McPherson, W. B. Private E 8 Infantry Veefkind
McPhillips, Felix Private C 3 Cavalry Montello
McPhillips, John Private I 16 Infantry Marathon
McQueen, H. D. Corporal C 23 Infantry Pacific
McQueen, Samuel Private A 3 Cavalry Kendall
McRaith, M. J. Private G 18 Infantry Grand Rapids
McRobins, William Private K 51 Infantry Mill Creek
McShane, Wm. Corporal G 24 Infantry Milwaukee
McShefferty, John Private C 17 Infantry De Pere
McShera, Matt. Private G 46 Infantry Calamine
McVey, Eli. Lieutenant I 12 Infantry Rockton
McWatty, R. J. Private E 8 Infantry Lake View
McWhorton, M. Sergeant H 10 Infantry New Lisbon
McWilliams, Ira Sergeant E 8 Infantry La Valle
McWilliams, Edward Private E 8 Infantry Baraboo
McWithey, Henry E. Q. M. Serg. A 3 Cavalry Bloomer
McWithy, L. A. Private A 3 Cavalry Sparta
Meacham, Cornelius E. Corporal A 12 Infantry Prescott
Meacham, John A. Private M 4 Cavalry Browntown
Meacham, R. B. Private I 14 Infantry Viroqua
Mead, Cephas Sergeant K 50 Infantry New Lisbon
Mead, E. P. Private H 14 Infantry Fond du Lac
Mead, Frank R. Captain A 22 Infantry Racine
Mead, Geo. Wagoner A 19 Infantry Reedsburg
Mead, I. N. 1st. Lieut. F 4 Cavalry Janesville
Mead, R. H. Sergeant D 46 Infantry Randolph
Mead, Wm. Private A 3 Infantry Longwood
Mead, William R. Corporal I 5 Infantry Fond du Lac
Meade, Mathew J. Captain F 32 Infantry Kaukauna
Meadows, John G. Sergeant -- 9 Battery Lyons
Mears, C. E. Corporal D 2 Cavalry Osceola Mills
Mears, Daniel 2d. Lieut. D 2 Cavalry Osceola Mills
Mechernich, William Private D 3 Infantry Allenton
Medbery, L. L. Private G 6 Infantry Elkhorn
Medgorden, O. H. Private E 33 Infantry Orfordville
Medinger, Peter Private E 24 Infantry Dacada
Medley, Robt. Corporal F 3 Infantry Platteville
Meehan, George Private A 52 Infantry Hub City
Meek, A. L. Private H 48 Infantry Withee
Meek, George Private I 14 Infantry Greenwood
Meek, Joseph Private I 14 Infantry Alma Center
Meek, John Private I 14 Infantry Alma Center
Meffert, Wm. C. Corporal H 3 Infantry Arena
Meeker, R. D. Private D 7 Infantry Woodstock
Mehan, John Private D 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Mehle, Conrad Private H 45 Infantry Milwaukee
Mehm, Jacob Private K 50 Infantry Almond
Mehren, Henry Private D 44 Infantry St Joseph Ridge
Mehring, William Private I 1 Cavalry Port Washington
Meicel, Fred Private E 13 Infantry National Home
Meidam, Stephen Private E 5 Infantry Appleton
Meier, John Private D 45 Infantry Milwaukee
Meier, John W. Private H 35 Infantry National Home
Meier, Seigfried Sergeant H 28 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Meile, Chris. Corporal I 17 Infantry New London
Meier, Michael Private K 3 Infantry La Crosse
Meinhardt, Jos. Corporal E 9 Infantry Platteville
Meinhardt, Rudolph Private F 21 Infantry Shawano
Meinhold, A. Private F 3 Cavalry West Superior
Meinke, Ferdinand Private D 44 Infantry Westfield
Meinzer, A. W. Private F 22 Infantry Racine
Meir, Fred Private I 18 Infantry Root Creek
Meisner, Carl Private C 51 Infantry Mishicott
Meister, Ernst Private G 41 Infantry Green Bay
Meister, Leonard Private Un. 1 Infantry Milwaukee
Melcher, Wm. Private C 16 Infantry Portage
Melin, Victor Private G 17 Infantry Schiller
Melins, And. Private C 14 Infantry Ackerville
Melins, Helmuth Private C 12 Infantry Milwaukee
Melville, Moses Private A 35 Infantry National Home
Melvin, A. A. Corporal C 49 Infantry Brooklyn
Melvin, F. R. Private D 2 Infantry Brooklyn
Mendlick, Henry Private K 26 Infantry Manitowoc
Menge, Chas. Private E 52 Infantry Racine
Menge, Ludwig Private A 34 Infantry Fall Creek
Mengell, Fred Private Un. 22 Infantry Milwaukee
Mengelt, George Private G 9 Infantry Alma
Menges, Chas. A. Major -- 45 Infantry Milwaukee
Menor, John Private C 3 Infantry Avon
Menore, Jos. Private G 26 Infantry Velp
Menzie, C. H. Corporal D 22 Infantry Beloit
Meracle, Ed. Private L 1 Heavy Art. Rome
Merbach, John Private F 6 Infantry Kaukauna
Merchant, Thos. Private C 12 Infantry Eldorado
Mergeler, Peter Private G 18 Infantry Root Creek
Mericle, Alonzo Private C 11 Infantry Whitewater
Meritt, Solomon Private F 42 Infantry Oregon
Merkel, Leonhard Private C 51 Infantry Appleton
Merkley, H. Private C 1 Heavy Art. Neenah
Merriam, Chas. W. Private D 18 Infantry West Superior
Merrick, Geo. B. Private A 30 Infantry Madison
Merrick, N. N. Private G 35 Infantry Dayton
Merrill, A. W. Corporal H 18 Infantry Alma Center
Merrill, Chas. Private I 29 Infantry Loyal
Merrill, Frank Private I 16 Infantry Princeton
Merrill, Harvey Private C 13 Infantry Sharon
Merrill, Henry Private -- -- Perm. Party Gillingham
Merrill, J. M. Private K 4 Cavalry Stockbridge
Merrill, J. W. Private I 30 Infantry Strassburg
Merrill, James H. Corporal B 47 Infantry Oshkosh
Merrill, Jerry Private B 5 Infantry Chilton
Merrill, Robt. S. Private K 1 Cavalry La Crosse
Merrill, W. W. Sergeant C 46 Infantry Appleton
Merrill, William W. Corporal C 46 Infantry Appleton
Merrill, Z. Lieutenant E 2 Cavalry Pardeeville
Merrills, O. J. Private F 22 Infantry Rochester
Merritt, C. A. Private I 1 Heavy Art. Endeavor
Merritt, J. Private -- 10 Battery New Lisbon
Merritt, J. J. Private F 42 Infantry Pittsville
Merritt, James Private H 8 Infantry Brodhead
Merritt, Wm. Private D 17 Infantry Milwaukee
Merritt, Wm. Private D 1 Battery Milwaukee
Merry, E. Private H 46 Infantry Ash Ridge
Merry, E. N. Private B 32 Infantry Neenah
Mersman, Geo. Private D 4 Cavalry Eau Claire
Mertens, Fred Corporal G 51 Infantry Two Rivers
Mertis, Peter Private E 3 Infantry New Fane
Merwin, J. H. Private F 40 Infantry East Delavan
Merwin, Daniel G. Private B 44 Infantry Boscobel
Merwin, Edwin Private K 32 Infantry Portage
Merwin, Geo. Private A 1 Heavy Art. Fulton
Merwin, James Private A 32 Infantry Trempealeau
Meservey, Sam'l Sergeant I 11 Infantry Wausau
Mess, John Private C 33 Infantry Sheboygan
Messer, J. F. Private F 30 Infantry Hudson
Messerschmidt, Henry Private H 13 Infantry Millard
Messing, George Private B 46 Infantry Almond
Messing, Jacob Private K 50 Infantry Princeton
Messinger, F. O. Private Un. 22 Infantry New London
Messner, John Private A 45 Infantry Knowles
Metcalf, J. C. Quarter M. M 2 Cavalry Janesville
Metcalf, John C. Private C 18 Infantry Kilbourn
Metier, John Private C 52 Infantry Plainfield
Methfessel, John Private D 53 Infantry Sheboygan
Metlach, Frank Private A 47 Infantry Hortonville
Mettick, Matthias Private H 36 Infantry Mt Sterling
Metz, Michael Private E 51 Infantry Poniatowski
Metz, Philip Private E 51 Infantry Kewaskum
Metzer, Nich. Private I 9 Infantry National Home
Metzig, Ben. Private D 50 Infantry Zittau
Metzner, Gottlieb Private G 26 Infantry Kohlsville
Meuer, John Private H 32 Infantry Brothertown
Meuli, Casper Private G 25 Infantry Arcadia
Meuli, Michael Private I 50 Infantry Tell
Mexell, Frank Private D 36 Infantry Hancock
Mey, Henry Private C 27 Infantry Waldo
Meyer, Bernard 2d. Lieut. B 17 Infantry Sheboygan
Meyer, C. W. Private E 15 Infantry Waterloo
Meyer, Carl Private F 26 Infantry Mishicott
Meyer, Chas. Private B 2 Cavalry Oshkosh
Meyer, Chas. Private B 16 Infantry New Berlin
Meyer, Chas. J. Sergeant E 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Meyer, Christ Private G 19 Infantry Norwalk
Meyer, Fred Private B 3 Cavalry Oshkosh
Meyer, John, Sr. Private B 9 Infantry Nero
Meyer, Leopold Corporal H 24 Infantry Ahnapee
Meyer, Michael Sergeant K 9 Infantry Chilton
Meyer, Peter Sergeant G 35 Infantry St Anna
Meyer, Theo. Private G 9 Infantry National Home
Meyers, Burt. Private D 46 Infantry Baraboo
Meyers, P. G. Private F 49 Infantry Reedsburg
Meyers, Henry Private G 34 Infantry Howard
Meyers, Henry A. Private H 1 Cavalry Mukwanago
Meyers, Jacob Corporal A 45 Infantry Barton
Meyers, Jesse S.  Sergeant I 23 Infantry Verona
Meyers, John Private D 26 Infantry Butternut
Meyers, John Private I 8 Infantry National Home
Meyers, Oscar Private H 7 Infantry Whitewater
Meyers, Peter Private M 1 Cavalry Racine
Michaelis, John Private C 5 Infantry Pine Bluff
Michaelis, John Private -- 2 Battery Pine Bluff
Michaelis, Wm. Private I 3 Infantry Watertown
Michaels, Eli Private G 22 Infantry Browntown
Michaels, John Private A 16 Infantry Berlin
Michaels, Joseph Private G 22 Infantry Browntown
Michaelson, Andrew Sergeant K 11 Infantry Neenah
Michaelson, Andrew Private C 50 Infantry Antigo
Michels, Henry Private E 14 Infantry Manitowoc
Michels, Joseph Corporal C 45 Infantry Madison
Michle, Baltes Private I 45 Infantry Barton
Mickel, George N. Sergeant D 11 Infantry Loyd
Mickelson, Michael Private G 49 Infantry Deerfield
Miencham, Michael Private B 18 Infantry Janesville
Mier, Henry Private B 18 Infantry Monroe
Mier, Henry Private E 9 Infantry Rockville
Mierke, Henry Private B 23 Infantry West Bend
Miesler, Jule. Private A 27 Infantry National Home
Miess, Peter Sergeant H 2 Cavalry Granville Station
Mihlbauer, Wenz, Corporal D 44 Infantry La Valle
Mihleisen, John Private B 51 Infantry Newburg
Mihue, Constantine Private C 8 Infantry Quincy
Mikkelson, Iver Private B 6 Infantry Martell
Milan, Wm. Private K 48 Infantry Waumandee
Milward, W. W. Private D 8 Infantry Elroy
Mildren, John Private E 30 Infantry Mineral Point
Miles, C. C. Private E 8 Infantry Veefkind
Miles, Calvin Private G 1 Cavalry Melrose
Miles, Charles Private -- 25 Infantry Richland Center
Miles, George F. Private A 12 Infantry Prescott
Miles, Isaac Private G 11 Infantry Black River Falls
Miles, James Private C 17 Infantry Stockbridge
Miles, James Private B 12 Infantry Reedsburg
Miles, John Private D 11 Infantry Boaz
Miles, J. Private C 2 Cavalry Lancaster
Miles, Layton Private B 11 Infantry Verona
Miles, S. C. Captain C 36 Infantry Prairie Farm
Miles, S. E. Private E 8 Infantry Stetsonville
Milheiser, Frank Private B 13 Infantry Appleton
Mill, Aug. Sergeant E 45 Infantry South Kaukauna
Mill, John Private A 5 Infantry Hika
Millard, Cassius F. Private K 38 Infantry Star Prairie
Millard, Charles Private D 29 Infantry Lake Mills
Millard, E. Corporal A 19 Infantry Dallas
Millard, Ebenezer B. Private A 49 Infantry Glenwood
Millbauer, Jacob Private D 44 Infantry Clifton
Millem, Matt. Private H 8 Infantry Lyle
Miller, A. J. Private K 8 Infantry Genoa Junction
Miller, Abram. Sergeant B 25 Infantry Richland Center
Miller, Adrian Private F 17 Infantry Cashton
Miller, Albert C. Private C 9 Infantry Milwaukee
Miller, Alonzo Private G 25 Infantry Portage
Miller, Alex. Private I 2 Infantry Hillsdale
Miller, Alexander Private E 32 Infantry Richland Center
Miller, Alonzo Private A 12 Infantry Prescott
Miller, Anton Private K 32 Infantry Curran
Miller, Austin Private F 44 Infantry Butternut
Miller, B. F. Private D 19 Infantry Marshfield
Miller, Ben. Private G 43 Infantry National Home
Miller, Benj. Private I 49 Infantry Merrillan
Miller, Benjamin S. Q. M. Serg. -- 41 Infantry Wausau
Miller, C. F. Private A 5 Infantry Prescott
Miller, C. I. Private B 13 Infantry Whitewater
Miller, C. J. Private E 47 Infantry Bell Center
Miller, C. J. Private K 42 Infantry Osseo
Miller, Chas. B. Q. M. Serg't. -- 52 Infantry Madison
Miller, Chas. F. Private G 18 Infantry Bangor
Miller, Charles A. Private C 43 Infantry Barnum
Miller, Charles F. Private A 12 Infantry Prescott
Miller, Charles H. Corporal B 21 Infantry Waukau
Miller, Christ Private D 48 Infantry Two Rivers
Miller, Christ Private D 29 Infantry Aztalan
Miller, Conrad Private D 5 Infantry Lamartine
Miller, D. J. 1st. Sergeant K 6 Infantry Mauston
Miller, D. McL. Asst. Surg. -- 28 Infantry Oconomowoc
Miller, David Private B 15 Infantry Union Center
Miller, Edward Private B 31 Infantry National Home
Miller, Eli. Private B 2 Cavalry Rockton
Miller, Ephraim Private C 3 Infantry Monroe
Miller, Franklin Private A 11 Infantry Prairie Farm
Miller, Frank. Private G 30 Infantry Westfield
Miller, Fred Private F 9 Infantry National Home
Miller, Frederick Private B 26 Infantry Ackerville
Miller, G. Private B 27 Infantry New Cassel
Miller, Geo. F. Private A 26 Infantry Appleton
Miller, George Corporal K 34 Infantry Appleton
Miller, H. S. Corporal H 51 Infantry Greenbush
Miller, Henry Private G 1 Infantry Kenosha
Miller, Henry Private H 14 Infantry Fond du Lac
Miller, J. C. Corporal E 34 Infantry Reeseville
Miller, J. D. Private E 35 Infantry Sun Prairie
Miller, J. D. Private I 51 Infantry Downing
Miller, J. L. Private D 11 Infantry Balmoral
Miller, J. P. Private M 3 Cavalry Boscobel
Miller, J. R. Private B 11 Infantry Strong's Prairie
Miller, J. R. Private C 44 Infantry Berlin
Miller, Jac. Private C 5 Infantry National Home
Miller, Jacob Private Un. 3 Cavalry Menomonie
Miller, James D. Private G 12 Infantry Friendship
Miller, Tannis O. Private C 1 Heavy Art. Hanson
Miller, John Private C 17 Infantry Waukesha
Miller, John C. Sergeant F 48 Infantry Manitowoc
Miller, John G. Private A 22 Infantry Racine
Miller, John H. Private I 49 Infantry Bangor
Miller, John K. Private H 5 Infantry Chippewa Falls
Miller, Joshua Private H 42 Infantry Richland Center
Miller, Joshua Private H 1 Infantry Kenosha
Miller, L. J. Sergeant B 21 Infantry Elo
Miller, L. J. Sergeant F 48 Infantry Manitowoc
Miller, Laurence Corporal G 14 Infantry Waupaca
Miller, Lewis H. Private -- 6 Battery Richland Center
Miller, M. Private H 7 Infantry Lancaster
Miller, Mathias Private A 47 Infantry Hortonville
Miller, Peter Private F 32 Infantry Green Bay
Miller, Peter Private D 6 Infantry Silver Creek
Miller, Robt. Private E 35 Infantry Rusk
Miller, Robt. Private E 3 Infantry Chetek
Miller, S. C. Private B 50 Infantry Millston
Miller, S. L. Corporal B 22 Infantry Baraboo
Miller, S. S. Private H 46 Infantry Viola
Miller, Samuel Private E 52 Infantry Antigo
Miller, Seneca B. Private A 32 Infantry Kendall
Miller, Tobias C. Private C 14 Infantry Winneconne
Miller, W. H. Corporal D 11 Infantry Richland Center
Miller, Wm. Private F 17 Infantry Summit Center
Miller, Wm. Private G 35 Infantry Wonewoc
Miller, Wm. Private E 18 Infantry Lamberton
Miller, Wm. C. P. Private K 44 Infantry National Home
Miller, Wm. H. Private K 1 Cavalry National Home
Miller, Wm. H. Private F 39 Infantry Racine
Miller, W. W. Sergeant D 18 Infantry Prairie du Chien
Miller, William Private A 11 Infantry Prairie Farm
Miller, William Private D 14 Infantry La Crosse
Miller, William Private F 17 Infantry Black Earth
Milling, Paul Private C 37 Infantry Boyd
Milliren, Hewlett Private E 6 Infantry Pepin
Millis, Montgomery Private H 13 Infantry Whitewater
Mills, Amos Private B 49 Infantry Black Earth
Mills, Benj. B. Private A 37 Infantry Briggsville
Mills, Calvin Corporal H 32 Infantry Christie
Mills, Chas. W. Private G 2 Cavalry Racine
Mills, George Private B 16 Infantry Pine River
Mills, H. A. Private D 1 Heavy Art. Antigo
Mills, James Corporal D 24 Infantry Madison
Mills, Orson Private C 2 Cavalry La Valle
Mills, Richard W. Sergeant E 1 Cavalry Lodi
Mills, S. S. Musician E 5 Infantry Stevens Point
Mills, William H. Private C 52 Infantry Neshkoro
Mills, Wilson Private I 42 Infantry Fargo
Millspaugh, Jacob Private D 21 Infantry National Home
Milner, H. Private B 25 Infantry Muscoda
Milton, James Private H 18 Infantry Walworth
Minaghan, Patrick Private E 27 Infantry Chilton
Minch, Jacob Private H 48 Infantry Waldo
Mindham, Wm. Corporal B 33 Infantry Boscobel
Minehan, Michael Private G 19 Infantry Brothertown
Miner, Horace Corporal A 1 Cavalry Berlin
Miner, J. U. Private D 6 Infantry Mauston
Miner, L. H. Private B 18 Infantry Eau Claire
Miner, N. N. Private E 28 Infantry Spring Prairie
Miner, T. T. Musician A 21 Infantry Fond du Lac
Miner, Wm. E.  Private A 12 Infantry Baldwin
Miner, W. J. Private G 21 Infantry Waupaca
Miner, Wm. W. Private H 2 Infantry Mt Vernon
Ming, S. P. Sergeant I 3 Cavalry Appleton
Minis, Joseph Private H 33 Infantry Salem
Mink, William Private B 21 Infantry Cascade
Minn, Chas. Private E 2 Cavalry Milwaukee
Minnett, Francis Private L 1 Heavy Art. Troy Center
Minnott, Levi E. Private G 22 Infantry Sheboygan
Minor, Ed. S. 1st. Lieut. G 2 Cavalry Sturgeon Bay
Minor, Irving T. Corporal K 3 Infantry Appleton
Minor, M. J. Private B 30 Infantry Mineral Point
Minor, O. E. Sergeant E 30 Infantry Belmont
Minsch, Geo. Private G 35 Infantry Hilbert
Minton, H. J. D. Private A 8 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Minton, H. J. D. Private K 21 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Minton, James Private A 8 Infantry Waupaca
Mishler, Louis Corporal A 7 Infantry Hayward
Misner, Ira P. Private F 27 Infantry Fond du Lac
Miso, Michael Private F 6 Infantry Milton Junction
Mistle, Joseph Private E 28 Infantry Clifton
Mistle, Victor Private G 35 Infantry Clifton
Mitchell, C. Sergeant D 21 Infantry Shiocton
Mitchell, Pete Private B 4 Cavalry Dundee
Mitchell, A. Private C 37 Infantry Hixton
Mitchell, Abner Private K 22 Infantry Brodhead
Mitchell, Alonzo Private C 47 Infantry Hillsboro
Mitchell, Edward Private B 47 Infantry East Troy
Mitchell, G. R. Private D 40 Infantry Richland Center
Mitchell, Henry J. Private F 41 Infantry Rice Lake
Mitchell, Isaac Private I 39 Infantry Honey Creek
Mitchell, James Private B 47 Infantry Fargoville
Mitchell, James  Sergeant A 8 Infantry La Crosse
Mitchell, James A. Private I 2 Cavalry Chippewa Falls
Mitchell, John Private C 39 Infantry Kenosha
Mitchell, Joseph Private -- 10 Battery St Croix Falls
Mitchell, T. H. Private D 41 Infantry Appleton
Mitchell, Merit F. Private D 50 Infantry Marquette
Mitchell, O. M. Private -- 7 Battery Estella
Mitchell, P. Sergeant E 38 Infantry Plainfield
Mitchell, Robert Surgeon -- 27 Infantry Portage
Mitchell, Stephen D. Bugler D 50 Infantry Ripon
Mitchell, Thos. W. Private K 14 Infantry Mineral Point
Mitchell, Wm., Jr. Private L 1 Cavalry Palmyra
Mitchell, William W. Private I 7 Infantry Stevens Point
Mittelstadt, August Private I 31 Infantry Princeton
Mittelstaedt, Christian Private A 1 Infantry Lowell
Mitwede, Lewis Private G 3 Infantry Waukesha
Mix, Frank Private K 38 Infantry Coloma
Mizer, Laurent Private G 17 Infantry National Home
Mockler, Frederick Private K 45 Infantry Denzer
Mockley, Gerhard Private I 1 Heavy Art. Appleton
Moder, George Private A 47 Infantry New London
Moe, H. O. Sergeant H 1 Heavy Art. Burlington
Moe, Paul P. Private H 27 Infantry Mondovi
Moeller, Chas. Sergeant D 4 Cavalry Kilbourn
Moeller, Jos. G. Private C 9 Infantry Kenosha
Moeller, Theo. Private A 9 Infantry National Home
Moersch, Adam Private B 6 Infantry Mosel
Moesch, Frederich Private C 9 Infantry Wauwatosa
Moffatt, George Private B 52 Infantry Little Rapids
Moffit, R. Lieutenant E 19 Infantry Elroy
Moger, W. T. Private C 47 Infantry Green Bay
Mogland, Peter Private K 34 Infantry Denmark
Moglants, Fred. Private E 3 Infantry Fontenoy
Moh, Christ Private D &I 1 & 9 Infantry Granton
Mohr, Jacob Private D 48 Infantry Two Rivers
Mohr, Oscar Captain G 29 Infantry Milwaukee
Mohrbacker, A. C. Private F 39 Infantry Tabor
Mohsmirkel, Ernest Private D 9 Infantry Verona
Moilin, John C. Private H 45 Infantry Coon Valley
Moldenhauer, Aug. Private I 44 Infantry Horicon
Moldenhauer, Mike Private A 26 Infantry Lynn
Moll, Christian Private C 51 Infantry Columbus
Moll, Joseph Private D 51 Infantry Cazenovia
Mollenhauer, August Private B 45 Infantry Cleveland
Molley, Andrew Corporal B 50 Infantry Ontario
Molthrop, Watson C. Corporal A 1 Heavy Art. Hebron
Monet, J. S. Sergeant I 2 Cavalry Chippewa Falls
Monk, H. C. Corporal C 4 Cavalry Waupun
Monroe, Joseph A. Private B 28 Infantry Prospect
Monroe, S. H. Corporal A 2 Cavalry Rodersville
Monroe, W. H. Private I 22 Infantry Janesville
Monroe, W. W. Private I 50 Infantry Pine River
Monski, Wm. Private C 46 Infantry New London
Monson, Iver Private B & G 15 & 9 Infantry De Forest
Monson, Ole Private H 50 Infantry Five Points
Monsted, Neils Private C & G 1 & 21 Infantry Milwaukee
Montague, F. M. Private G 4 Cavalry Sun Prairie
Montayne, J. C. Private E 12 Infantry Reedsburg
Monte, Luis Private H 48 Infantry Elm Grove
Monteith, John Sergeant H 7 Infantry Fennimore
Monteith, Joseph Private G 16 Infantry Augusta
Monteith, Wm. Private C 8 Infantry Augusta
Montgomery, G. W. Corporal F 3 Cavalry Baraboo
Montgomery, Isaac Private H 30 Infantry Berlin
Montgomery, J. Private K 38 Infantry Madison
Montgomery, John Private E 1 Infantry National Home
Montour Gideon Private F 14 Infantry Medford
Moody, E. L. Sergeant A 4 Cavalry Springfield
Moody, J. C. Corporal I 6 Infantry Withee
Moody, J. G. Private I 6 Infantry Stoops
Moody, Leander J. Private F 30 Infantry Prescott
Moody, Manley Corporal A 50 Infantry Clintonville
Moody, Sylvester F. Private I 25 Infantry Montfort
Moody, Wm. Private A 50 Infantry Omro
Moog, Geo. Private F 23 Infantry Ableman
Moon, Horatio Private A 8 Infantry Auroraville
Moon, Jas. O. Private I 7 Infantry Terrill
Moon, Jos. Private K 49 Infantry Racine
Moon, Phillip H. Private D 31 Infantry Gay's Mill
Moon, T. R. Private G 30 Infantry Wautoma
Moon, W. H. Private D 11 Infantry Soldiers Grove
Moon, William R. Private A 8 Infantry Waupaca
Mooney, P. Private I 38 Infantry Edgerton
Mooney, Patrick Private E 18 Infantry Highland
Moore, Aaron T. Private I 25 Infantry Dickeysville
Moore, Alex. G. Private F 2 Cavalry Montfort
Moore, Alfred Private I 8 Infantry La Crosse
Moore, Andrew J. Private G 50 Infantry Trimbelle
Moore, Armstrong Private -- 6 Battery Chetek
Moore, Chas. W. Private H 2 Infantry Chetek
Moore, D. R. Private B 32 Infantry Pickett
Moore, Edson S. Private A 4 Cavalry Cambridge
Moore, Frank M. Private B 40 Infantry Berlin
Moore, George Private C 34 Infantry Waupaca
Moore, H. J. Private C 19 Infantry Glendale
Moore, J. C. Corporal I 44 Infantry Evansville
Moore, J. G. Private K 1 Cavalry Glendale
Moore, James Private I 12 Infantry Star
Moore, Jerry Private B 3 Infantry Oshkosh
Moore, John A. Private I 12 Infantry Manning
Moore, Joseph Corporal E 14 Infantry Kewaunee
Moore, Joseph A. Private E 49 Infantry Prairie du Sac
Moore, M. D. L. Private D 52 Infantry La Crosse
Moore, Martin T.  Sergeant C 24 Infantry La Crosse
Moore, Samuel W. Corporal C 18 Infantry Chaseburg
Moore, Volney Private L 3 Cavalry Baraboo
Moore, Wm. Private F 6 Infantry Green Bay
Moore, Wm. H. Corporal E 2 Cavalry Douglas Center
Moore, Wm. H. Private E 24 Infantry Wauwatosa
Moore, William Private I 20 Infantry Bloomington
Moore, Z. C. Private I 44 Infantry Evansville
Moors, Aaron H. Private C 44 Infantry Hancock
Moors, Chas. Private G 30 Infantry Hancock
Moran, John Corporal G 36 Infantry Claumetville
Mordeen, Peter Sergeant C 6 Infantry Milwaukee
Morden, David Private D 42 Infantry Fennimore
More, W. H. Corporal G 43 Infantry Frankville
Moreaux, Hubert Private G 3 Infantry Green Bay
Moorfield, T. W. Private F 40 Infantry Elkhorn
Moorfield, T. W. Private G 1 Heavy Art. Elkhorn
Moorefield, Thomas Private C 22 Infantry Elkhorn
Morehead, Israel A. Private H 1 Cavalry National Home
Morehouse, James Private D 51 Infantry Reedsburg
Morehouse, James B. Private G 1 Infantry Sun Prairie
Morey, D. J. Private C 1 Heavy Art. Racine
Morey, Geo. Private I 37 Infantry Clinton
Morey, Harrison Private A 22 Infantry Union Grove
Morey, Hiram M. Private -- 6 Battery Avoca
Morey, Seth H. Private E 6 Infantry Big Spring
Morey, W. D. Private D 47 Infantry Parfreyville
Morey, Warren J. Private B 36 Infantry Hancock
Morgan, J. W. Private C 21 Infantry Embarrass
Morgan, Joel W. Musician C 49 Infantry Evansville
Morgan, John Private I 32 Infantry New London
Morgan, L. C. 1st. Sergeant I 22 Infantry Hartford
Morgan, Thomas, Jr. Corporal H 1 Infantry Menomonie
Morgan, Thomas   Private H 1 Infantry Sheridan
Morgan, W. M. Corporal K 1 Infantry Oshkosh
Morgan, Wm. E. Private F 33 & 11 Infantry Drywood
Morgan, Wm. C. Private G 32 Infantry Oxford
Morgan, Wm. E. Private G 1 Heavy Art. Jeddo
Morgan, W. H. 2d. Lieut. B 7 Infantry Milton Junction
Morgenroth, Chas. Private B 18 Infantry Milwaukee
Moriarity, Eugene Private A 17 Infantry Watertown
Moriarity, Jerry Private -- Unas. Infantry Omro
Morley, Ashel W. Sergeant B 3 Infantry Brule
Morley, Calvin E. Corporal C 19 Infantry Babcock
Morley, Leonard 2d. Lieut. B 50 Infantry Cartwright
Morley, Richard Private K 31 Infantry Kilbournville
Morrell, Thomas J. Private E 30 Infantry Mifflin
Morrill, C. C. 1st. Sergeant K 3 Cavalry Dancy
Morrill, John Private E 22 Infantry Briggsville
Morrill, J. C. Private A 11 Infantry Mazomanie
Morrill, Rufus Private H 23 Infantry Wonewoc
Morrill, Wm. Azro. Private E 22 Infantry Portage
Morris, Abraham Private C 29 Infantry Genoa
Morris, Arch. Private B 3 Cavalry National Home
Morris, Asa Private -- 7 Battery Racine
Morris, Chas. S. Private B 10 Infantry Belmont
Morris, Dav. Private H 4 Cavalry National Home
Morris, Edward Corporal B 25 Infantry Richland Center
Morris, Elisha Private H 1 Cavalry National Home
Morris, John I. Private C 6 Infantry Platteville
Morris, Joseph Private F 12 Infantry Oconto
Morris, Monroe Private C 46 Infantry Oshkosh
Morris, R. D. Private F 32 Infantry Cambria
Morris, T. H. Private F & G 46 & 40 Infantry Palmyra
Morris, William Private F 12 Infantry Suamico
Morris, William Private C 6 Infantry Platteville
Morrison, Alexander Corporal A 25 Infantry Viroqua
Morrison, David S. Private H 49 Infantry Fort Atkinson
Morrison, James Private C 29 Infantry Union Center
Morrison, John Private D 8 Infantry Fox Lake
Morrison, John H. Private D 5 Infantry Rhinelander
Morrison, J. W. Private B 43 Infantry Platteville
Morrison, Joseph Private C 25 Infantry Fennimore
Morrison, Joseph H. 1st. Lieut. I 1 Cavalry Fort Atkinson
Morrison, Martin Private H 5 Infantry Viroqua
Morrison, Melvin B. Private A 14 Infantry Green Bay
Morrisy, Patrick Private K 23 Infantry Lyndon Station
Morrow, Mitchell Private E 17 Infantry Big Wausaukee
Morsback, Albert Private K 26 Infantry Sauk City
Morse, A. C. Private F 7 Infantry Lancaster
Morse, Calvin Sergeant B 31 Infantry Monroe
Morse, Chas. W. Lieutenant A 1 Cavalry Manitowoc
Morse, E. D. Private I 11 Infantry Princeton
Morse, Frederick Private C 8 Infantry Chippewa Falls
Morse, Lewis, Jr. Private C 32 Infantry Warrens
Morse, N. S. Corporal D 10 Infantry Sechlerville
Morse, Reuben S. Private B 43 Infantry Beetown
Morter, John, Jr. Private D 3 Cavalry Lodi
Mortier, Louis Private A 1 Heavy Art. Little Prairie
Mortimer, Simeon Private D 6 Infantry Valton
Morton, C. C. Serg. Maj. -- 48 Infantry Omro
Morton, George O. Private B 21 Infantry Omro
Morton, James Private I 44 Infantry Johnstown
Morton, John Private C 33 Infantry New Diggins
Morton, Wm. M. Corporal F 31 Infantry Ellsworth
Mosely, Chr. Private A 16 Infantry Omro
Moseley, L. S. Corporal B 22 Infantry Beloit
Moser, Frederick Private D 48 Infantry Milwaukee
Moser, Mike Private G 14 Infantry Brillion
Moses, A. E. Private D 52 Infantry Ontario
Moses, Edgar Corporal F 7 Infantry Chippewa Falls
Moses, John R. Private K 40 Infantry Ogdensburg
Moses, Martin Private E 25 Infantry Platteville
Moses, R. E. Private C 4 Cavalry Fish Creek
Moses, Wm. Private C 35 Infantry Superior
Mosher, Jacob R. Private D 22 Infantry Delavan
Mosher, James A. Private B 2 Cavalry Holman
Mosher, Mark A. Asst. Surgeon -- 20 Infantry Milwaukee
Mosher, Robt. Corporal A 32 Infantry Waupun
Mosher, Thomas Private D 22 Infantry Delavan
Moshier, August Private F 1 Heavy Art. Berlin
Moshier, Wm. L. Private E 12 Infantry Mauston
Moss, Elisha Private E 32 Infantry Amherst
Moss, Isaac M. Private -- 8 Battery Stevens Point
Mossiman, Gottlieb Private G 1 Cavalry Sawyer
Mossop, John Private D 41 Infantry Menasha
Mott, Minot E. Farrier E 2 Cavalry Sawyer
Mott, Wesley Private D 49 Infantry Neenah
Motz, Charles Private A 28 Infantry Colgate
Moulton, Aaron Private K 21 Infantry Sawyer
Moulton, C. F. Musician K 40 Infantry Mazomanie
 Moulton, C. F. Private F 1 Heavy Art.  Mazomanie
Moulton, Powers G. Corporal K 1 Heavy Art. Onalaska
Moulton, T. T. 2d. Lieut. D 41 Infantry Neenah
Mower, Chas. Private -- 7 Battery Bowers
Mower, John Corporal D 26 Infantry National Home
Mowers, Leonard Private F 1 Cavalry Ripon
Mowers, Wm. Corporal G 16 Infantry Mondovi
Mowry, Lyman D. Corporal C 39 Infantry Sturgeon Bay
Moyer, Peter Private D 35 Infantry Brothertown
Moyes, James Corporal F 28 Infantry Sussex
Moylan, Martin Corporal A 17 Infantry Genoa Junction
Mucir, John H. Private B 25 Infantry Spring Green
Muckleston, Allen Private F 22 Infantry Waukesha
Muecler, Fred Private -- 7 Battery Berthelet
Mueller, Andrew Private I 11 Infantry Milwaukee
Mueller, Andrew Sergeant -- 2 Battery Port Washington
Mueller, Anton Corporal E 51 Infantry Milwaukee
Mueller, Aug. F. Private H 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Mueller, August Private K 9 Infantry Brillion
Mueller, August Private H 4 Cavalry Green Bay
Mueller, Charles Private I 51 Infantry Port Washington
Mueller, Frederick Private K 26 Infantry Fairchild
Mueller, Frederick Private F 48 Infantry Waterford
Mueller, H. J. Private D 12 Infantry Lebanon
Mueller, Henry Private C 2 Infantry Cassville
Mueller, Henry Private F 29 Infantry National Home
Mueller, Henry A. Corporal G 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Mueller, Herman Private F 6 Infantry Watertown
Mueller, Hugo Corporal L 4 Cavalry Milwaukee
Mueller, Jacob Private G 45 Infantry Sauk City
Mueller, Jost. Private E 27 Infantry Oshkosh
Mueller, Julius Private B 26 Infantry Ashippun
Mueller, Louis Private H 6 Infantry Alman
Mueller, Michael Private G 34 Infantry Sheboygan
Mueller, Simon Private E 17 Infantry Buffalo City
Muelling, Ernst Private I 3 Infantry Wittenberg
Mueloy, P. Private A 32 Infantry Hortonville
Muenster, Ernst Corporal A 18 Infantry New Holstein
Muentener, Casper Private F 50 Infantry St Killian
Muentener, John Private C 17 Infantry Byron
Muffley, Franklin C. Private I 25 Infantry Boscobel
Muhl, Fred Private B 51 Infantry Seymour
Muhler, Henry Private D 42 Infantry Potosi
Muhm, Wm. Private -- 2 Battery National Home
Muke, Fred. Private A 35 Infantry Wauwatosa
Mulcahy, Daniel Corporal G 5 Infantry Portage
Muler, Rich. Private G 42 Infantry Oak Hill
Mulhare, Michael Private K 17 Infantry Appleton
Mulhollen, Wm. S. Private D 45 Infantry Wausau
Mulkins, Joseph Private G 18 Infantry Keene
Mulkins, Wm. H. Private E 3 Infantry Buena Vista
Mullaley, James Private D 19 Infantry National Home
Mullaly, Pat. Private C 17 Infantry Medford
Mullen, John Private C 17 Infantry National Home
Mullen, Michael Private D 50 Infantry Butternut
Mullen, Wm. Private C 33 Infantry Darlington
Mullendore, David Private A 50 Infantry West Lima
Mullendorf, Joseph Private H 18 Infantry Taegesville
Muller, Christian Private D 17 Infantry Seymour
Muller, Joseph Private E 27 Infantry De Pere
Muller, M. Private F 45 Infantry West Granville
Muller, Moritz Private A 32 Infantry Muller's Lake
Mulligan, James Private B 1 Infantry Menomonie
Mulligan, Oliver Private G 5 Infantry Loyal
Mulliken, D. R. Private H 36 Infantry Gay's Mill
Mulrenin, Thos. Private D 52 Infantry Sparta
Mulvin, Gotleib Private F 6 Infantry West Bloomfield
Mumford, A. J. Corporal G 50 Infantry Wildwood
Mumford, C. N. Private M 3 Cavalry Lone Rock
Mund, Gotfried Private G 14 Infantry Elmore
Mundon, H. T. Private C 7 Infantry Platteville
Mundy, Thomas Private K 5 Infantry Barron
Munger, A. R. Bugler F 27 Infantry Boltonville
Munger, Chas. Private F 14 Infantry Big Wausaukee
Munger, W. H. Corporal F 38 Infantry Palmyra
Munn, Frank Private B 32 Infantry Ripon
Munns, George Sergeant K 12 Infantry Fennimore
Munson, Augustine Private K 7 Infantry Hurricane
Munz, Jacob Private I 3 Infantry Norwalk
Munz, John Private D 17 Infantry Highland
Murdock, Alexander Private I 13 Infantry East Troy
Murdock, H. M. Asst. Surgeon -- 8 Infantry New Richmond
Murdock, L. Private K 17 Infantry Brothertown
Murgatroyd, John Private H 1 Heavy Art. Springfield
Murley, J. H. Private I 16 Infantry Shullsburg
Murphy, Dan'l Private B 5 Infantry Porter's Mills
Murphy, Dennis J. Sergeant F 14 Infantry West Green Bay
 Murphy, Dennis J. Lieutenant D 53 Infantry West Green Bay
Murphy, Henry Private D 8 Infantry Omro
Murphy, Hugh Private D 17 Infantry Watertown
Murphy, J. B. Sergeant H 7 Infantry Anderson
Murphy, James Corporal F 3 Cavalry Prospect
Murphy, John Private F 3 Cavalry La Crosse
Murphy, John Corporal G 14 Infantry Chilton
Murphy, John Private I 3 Cavalry Montello
Murphy, John Private I 8 Infantry Shamrock
Murphy, John R. Private I 20 Infantry Woodman
Murphy, Joseph Private F 1 Heavy Art. Portage
Murphy, P. H. Private D & I 3 Cavalry Cascade
Murphy, Peter Private A 13 Infantry Footville
Murphy, Wm. Private B 42 Infantry Verona
Murray, A. B. Private C 44 Infantry Ogdensburg
Murray, C. P. Sergeant B 22 Infantry Beloit
Murray, Frank Corporal C 17 Infantry Vandyne
Murray, Isaac Sergeant B 23 Infantry Calamine
Murray, J. A. Private I 12 Infantry Delton
Murray, John Private G 1 Heavy Art. Juneau
Murrey, Lewis E. Private I 12 Infantry Spring Valley
Murray, Michael Private E 17 Infantry Cascade
Murray, R. A. Private E 31 Infantry Darlington
Murray, T. W. Corporal C 50 Infantry Darlington
Murray, Thomas Private K 22 Infantry Bear Valley
Murray, Thomas Private C 23 Infantry Poynette
Murray, W. G. Private B 5 Infantry Marshfield
Murray, W. H. Private E 31 Infantry Brodhead
Murray, Wm. Private B 38 Infantry Parfreyville
Murray, William Private H 16 Infantry Hub City
Murty, Michael Private B 16 Infantry Mt Morris
Musans, Fred Private A 28 Infantry Chetek
Musch, Louis Private G 49 Infantry Ontario
Muskat, Henry Sergeant B 4 Cavalry Calumetville
Musselman, Christ Sergeant F 29 Infantry Jefferson
Musselman, Henry Private E 20 Infantry Monroe
Musson, James Private A 50 Infantry Lodi
Musser, L. L. Private G 37 Infantry River Falls
Musson, George Private A 17 Infantry Kirby
Muster, Adolph Sergeant E 3 Cavalry Watertown
Mutch, Robt. Private I 49 Infantry Elroy
Muth, John Sergeant E 20 Infantry Watertown
Muttart, Jervis Sergeant K 11 Infantry South Osborn
Mutter, Geo. Private F 39 Infantry Milwaukee
Muzzy, Andrew Corporal E 48 Infantry Marshall
Muzzy, Chas. Private B 7 Infantry Marshall
Muzzy, Orlan B. Private B 1 Cavalry Hull
Muzzy, Samuel E. Corporal E 48 Infantry Marshall
Myer, Conrad Private F 9 Infantry Kewaunee
Myers, A. B. Private D 3 Cavalry Wauwatosa
Myers, C. W. Private D 11 Infantry Bloom City
Myers, Charles H. Private B 42 Infantry Hatchville
Myers, David Private K 30 Infantry Bloomer
Myers, H. F. Private K 23 Infantry Hillsboro
Myers, J. H. Private B 18 Infantry Clinton
Myers, John Private E 6 Infantry Modena
Myers, John T. Private B 20 Infantry Boaz
Myers, Joseph Private -- 8 Battery Marinette
Myers, Theodore Private B 14 Infantry Madely
Myers, W. M. Private A 39 Infantry Sparta
Myers, W. W. Private D 12 Infantry Knowlton
Myers, Wm. Private C 43 Infantry Barnum
Myhre, Hans A. Private I 15 Infantry Iola
Myre, O. A. Private A 42 Infantry Scandinavia
Myre, Ole O. Private G 3 Infantry Neenah
Myrick, Louis Sergeant K 4 Cavalry Stockbridge
Myser, Lawrence Private G 17 Infantry National Home
Mytton, Edward Private L 1 Cavalry Weiner



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