Enumeration of the Soldiers of the Late War
Who Served in Wisconsin Regiments and Batteries, Etc., and Reported by the
Government as Residing in Wisconsin on June 20, 1895.

transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Susan Geist





Branch of Service


Nachtraub, Jonathan Private C 53 Infantry Oshkosh
Nack, Chas. Private D 37 Infantry Sheboygan
Nack, Wm. Corporal E 27 Infantry Sheboygan
Nagel, August Private G 34 Infantry Greenwood
Namz, Ludwig Private E 17 Infantry Cooperstown
Nanz, Franz Private E 17 Infantry Manitowoc
Narey, Phillip Private D 30 Infantry Erin
Narrows, Louis Private H 1 Infantry New London
Nash, Aschel Private I 11 Infantry Berlin
Nash, Augustin D. Private H 14 Infantry Lamartine
Nash, E. M. Private D 12 Infantry Barton
Nash, Fred. Private H 38 Infantry Brodhead
Nash, J. M. Private A 30 Infantry Wauwatosa
Nash, Lewis G. Corporal D 2 Cavalry Clear Lake
Nash, Lyman Private H 14 Infantry Eldorado
Nash, W. H. Private F 43 Infantry Stephensville
Nash, Willis 2d. Lieut. F 35 Infantry Milton Junction
Nash, Wm. F. Private G 13 Infantry Two Rivers
Nash, Winsor Private C 20 Infantry Boscobel
Nason, Albert L. Private D 2 Cavalry Osceola Mills
Nason, James W. Private G 4 Cavalry Osceola Mills
Nass, Edward Private A 3 Infantry Taegesville
Nass, William Private C 17 Infantry Rube
Natvig, Henry O. Sergeant H 27 Infantry Chaseburg
Natwick, O. H. Private B 50 Infantry Viroqua
Naumann, Frank Private F 27 Infantry Beechwood
Naumann, Fredrick Private E 9 Infantry South Osborn
Naumann, Rudolph Private I 37 Infantry Dorchester
Naumer, Nick. Private C 27 Infantry Oshkosh
Naurtz, Nicholas Corporal F 16 Infantry Mauston
Naurtz, Nicholas Private C 16 Infantry Mauston
Naylor, E. Private F 1 Cavalry Ripon
Naylor, Jerome H. Private I 3 Cavalry Wrightstown
Naylor, W. B. Private D 5 Infantry Tomah
Neal, Robt. Private F 1 Heavy Art. Plainfield
Neal, William Private C 7 Infantry Platteville
Neals, William H. Private E 7 Infantry Packwaukee
Near, Jacob H. Sergeant A 22 Infantry Racine
Nearing, F. S. Corporal G 1 Heavy Art. Kenosha
Neary, John Private D 35 Infantry National Home
Neaville, James H. Musician G 2 Infantry Brodhead
Nebel, Ernst Com. Sergt. -- 45 Infantry West Green Bay
Nederson, Fred. Sergeant G 45 Infantry Milwaukee
Nederson, Henry Private F 45 Infantry Milwaukee
Nedvidek, Anthony Sergeant B 9 Infantry Star Prairie
Needham, R. J. Captain K 4 Cavalry Stockbridge
Neefe, C. A. Corporal -- 6 Battery Bloom City
Neefe, Julius F. Corporal -- 6 Battery Cottage Grove
Neff, C. K. Private D 34 Infantry Appleton
Nehring, Herman Private F 19 Infantry Readfield
Neibuhr, C. Private K 45 Infantry Milwaukee
Neiderman, Conrad Corporal B 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Neigenfind, Robt. Private D 50 Infantry National Home
Neiland, John Private I 32 Infantry Medina
Neilson, Christian J. Private G 3 Infantry Neenah
Neilson, Hans P. Private I 5 Infantry Necedah
Neimeir, August Private D 12 Infantry West Bend
Neinhaus, John Private D 51 Infantry Appleton
Neipert, J. E. Private E 1 Heavy Art. Loyal
Neisen, Frank P. Private E 52 Infantry Bayview
Neitzel, Herman Private I 34 Infantry Mayville
Nellis, Daniel G. Private F 4 Cavalry Monroe
Nellis, John B. Sergeant G 17 Infantry Dyckville
Nellis, Seward Corporal K 1 Heavy Art. School Hill
Nelmen, Adam Private B 17 Infantry New Fane
Nelson, Alonzo Private A 17 Infantry Lowell
Nelson, Andrew Private E 32 Infantry Rockdale
Nelson, Ben. Private I 15 Infantry West Superior
Nelson, Bord. Private I 49 Infantry Taylor Station
Nelson, Carl Private F 15 Infantry Ephraim
Nelson, Chris. Private K 38 Infantry Mars
Nelson, Christian Private H 10 Infantry Blair
Nelson, D. Private B 17 Infantry Viroqua
Nelson, Ever. Private H 16 Infantry Menomonie
Nelson, Eugene Private H 14 Infantry Rathbun
Nelson, Gard. Private E 32 Infantry Buena Vista
Nelson, Geo. Private H 22 Infantry Plainfield
Nelson, Gilbert Private E 46 Infantry Palmyra
Nelson, Gulick Private G 32 Infantry Oslo
Nelson, Henry Private D 52 Infantry Unity
Nelson, J. B. Private H 5 Infantry Westfield
Nelson, James C. Private G 4 Cavalry Clear Lake
Nelson, James J. Private A 42 Infantry Amherst
Nelson, Jerome 1st. Lieut. A 3 Cavalry Nelsonville
Nelson, Jehan Private B 46 Infantry New Hope
Nelson, John Private B 1 Heavy Art. Little Black
Nelson, John Private H 20 Infantry Oshksoh
Nelson, John Private D 30 Infantry Marteil
Nelson, John Private I 13 Infantry National Home
Nelson, John Private H 5 Infantry Packwaukee
Nelson, John Private I 32 Infantry Dale
Nelson, John Private C 1 Heavy Art. Fort Atkinson
Nelson, John F. Private F 3 Cavalry North Freedom
Nelson, John G. Private G 4 Cavalry Osceola Mills
Nelson, Knud Private A 46 Infantry Star Prairie
Nelson, L. M. Private F 16 Infantry Janesville
Nelson, Lars Private D 6 Infantry Pleasant Valley
Nelson, Marshal Private C 28 Infantry Golden Lake
Nelson, Mortimer Private H 14 Infantry Rathbun
Nelson, N. E. Private H 15 Infantry Wood
Nelson, N. P. Private B 6 Infantry Soldiers' Grove
Nelson, Nels Private C 7 Infantry Hersey
Nelson, Nels Private D 32 Infantry Milwaukee
Nelson, Nels Corporal D 47 Infantry Amherst
Nelson, Ole Private A 5 Infantry Blair
Nelson, Ole Private C 28 Infantry Monterey
Nelson, Oliver Private I 22 Infantry Mt Tabor
Nelson, P. H. Private B 19 Infantry Delavan
Nelson, Simon B. Captain I 21 Infantry Oshkosh
Nelson, Sylvester P. Private G 14 Infantry Rathbun
Nelson, T. L. Private A 20 Infantry Ellsworth
Nelson, Thos. Corporal A 1 Heavy Art. Racine
Nelson, Thomas 1st. Lieut. E 45 Infantry London
  Private E 3 Infantry  
Nelson, W. H. Private H 49 Infantry Fort Atkinson
Nelson, Wm. T. Private D 40 Infantry Spooner
Nenon, Chas. Private E 5 Infantry Naugart
Nerison, Neri. Private C 3 Infantry Sand Creek
Nesson, Nelson A. Private K 8 Infantry National Home
Netekoven, Peter Private I 23 Infantry South Kaukauna
Netherwood, Chas. W. Corporal E 23 Infantry Oregon
Nett, Joseph Private K 9 Infantry Leopolis
Netter, And. J. Private A 5 Infantry Milwaukee
Nettle, P. J. Private E 40 Infantry Baraboo
Nettleton, Cyrus Private I 14 Infantry Merrillan
Nettleton, W. H. Private G 10 Infantry North Branch
Nety, Joseph Private D 9 Infantry La Crosse
Neudeck, Emil Private F 19 Infantry Neenah
Neumann, F. J. Corporal I 26 Infantry Appleton
Neuman, Fred Private F 19 Infantry Zittau
Neuman, Geo. W.  Sergeant F 19 Infantry Oshkosh
Neuman, Herman Surgeon -- 9 Infantry Milwaukee
Neuman, John Private G 1 Infantry Horicon
Neumarier, Jos. Private F 46 Infantry Roxbury
Neumiller, Geo. Lieutenant E 45 Infantry Milwaukee
Neurer, Casper Private K 45 Infantry Union Center
Neve, James Private G 18 Infantry Mauston
Nevel, G. W. Private H 11 Infantry Boaz
Neverman, Wm. Lieutenant I 14 Infantry Neillsville
Nevett, C. R. Captain E 5 Infantry Oshkosh
Nevins, George Private C 2 Infantry Bloomington
New, Joseph Private F 24 Infantry Fond du Lac
Newald, G. F. Private C 15 Infantry Burlington
Newburg, Alois. Private G 51 Infantry La Crosse
Newbury, W. W. Private A 48 Infantry Burlington
Newby, G. C. Private C 52 Infantry Keene
Newcomb, Harold Private C 49 Infantry Trempealeau
Newcomb, Henry C. Private A 31 Infantry Boscobel
Newcomb, James B. Sergeant G 47 Infantry Livingston
Newcomb, W. M. Private H 42 Infantry Milford
Newcomer, Jacob Corporal D 1 Heavy Art. Brodhead
Newell, Eugene C. Private C 12 Infantry Spring Green
Newell, F. O. Corporal L 3 Cavalry Baraboo
Newell, T. L. Private I 33 Infantry Kenosha
Newell, T. N. Private B 7 Infantry Baraboo
Newhouse, E. Private G 13 Infantry Orfordville
Newhouse, Wm. Corporal E 1 Infantry Kenosha
Newkirk, Isaac B. Private D 11 Infantry Loyd
Newkirk, William Private H 11 Infantry Loyd
Newland, B. H. Private I 3 Infantry Melrose
Newland, George Private E 12 Infantry Mauston
Newman, C. Private B 17 Infantry Taegesville
Newman, G. E. 1st. Lieut. F 35 Infantry Cooksville
Newman, Jacob Bugler -- 4 Battery Sharon
Newman, James A. Private H 17 Infantry Baraboo
Newman, John Private B 22 Infantry Richland Center
Newman, V. B. S. 2d. Lieut. K 22 Infantry Madison
Newman, Wm. Private K 22 Infantry Juda
Newman, Zacharias Private I 17 Infantry Ahnapee
Newnham, Henry Private C 43 Infantry Fall River
Newton, C. H. Private F 49 Infantry Shawano
Newton, Daniel Private D 25 Infantry Kendall
Newton, George Private G 1 Heavy Art. Oakfield
Newton, Geo. W. Private A 31 Infantry Lynxville
Newton, John Private I 8 Infantry New Lisbon
Newton, Origin Private H 4 Cavalry Oconomowoc
Newton, Rowland H. Private D 18 Infantry Durand
Newton, Samuel Private I 1 Cavalry De Pere
Newton, Thomas Sergeant I 6 Infantry Coloma Station
Newton, W. R. Lieutenant G 36 Infantry Beloit
Nice, John W. Private C 25 Infantry Boscobel
Nice, Robt. B. Private G 47 Infantry Boscobel
Nice, S. I. Lieutenant C 25 Infantry La Crosse
Nicholas, N. F. Private D 35 Infantry Juneau
Nichols, Andrew Fifer F 36 Infantry Sparta
Nichols, C. Z. Corporal G 48 Infantry Delavan
Nichols, D. W. Private F 4 Cavalry Wis Vet Home
Nichols, Daniel M. Private K 2 Cavalry Delavan
Nichols, Daniel P. Corporal I 19 Infantry Richland City
Nichols, Geo. C. Private A 22 Infantry Racine
Nichols, Homer K. Private F 18 Infantry Oshkosh
Nichols, Joseph Private A 3 Cavalry Sparta
Nichols, J. R. Private L 3 Cavalry New London
Nichols, L. F. 1st. Lieut. A 13 Infantry Janesville
Nichols, M. C. Captain I 42 Infantry Viroqua
Nichols, Peter Private H 25 Infantry Minong
Nichols, Stephen W. Private D 1 Cavalry Gravesville
Nichols, Theo. W. Private A 30 Infantry River Falls
Nichols, W. H. H. 1st. Sergeant G 4 Cavalry River Falls
Nichols, Wm. Private B 49 Infantry New Lisbon
Nicholson, Fred Private C 43 Infantry North Clayton
Nicholson, George Private D 16 Infantry Hayton
Nicholson, George Private E 30 Infantry Mineral Point
Nicholson, Guy Private H 24 Infantry Union Grove
Nicholson, Henry W. Corporal B 49 Infantry Omro
Nicholson, J. T. Private C 43 Infantry North Clayton
Nicholson, Ole Private M 3 Cavalry Pleasant Valley
Nicholson, S. Private C 12 Infantry Eleva
Nicholson, S. Private C 43 Infantry Excelsior
Nicholson, Wm. Private C 43 Infantry North Clayton
Nickel, Levi Private I 17 Infantry New London
Nickerson, Macus F. Private D 1 Cavalry Seneca
Nicklas, Peter Corporal K 47 Infantry Platteville
Nickel, Heinrich Private -- 12 Battery Westfield
Nicks, John D. Sergeant B 25 Infantry Viroqua
Nicolai, Theodore Private A 10 Infantry Elkhorn
Niedecken, Henry Private B 5 Infantry Milwaukee
Niedermier, John Private K 35 Infantry East Farmington
Niehaus, B. W. Private A & K 41 & 47 Infantry Fennimore
Nieland, Joseph Private D 26 Infantry Onalaska
Nielson, Niels Private F 50 Infantry Denmark
Nielson, Ole Private F 16 Infantry Camp Douglas
Niles, Benj. B. Private K 21 Infantry Fairchild
Niles, Royal Private -- 4 Battery Necedah
Niles, Solomon Private C 38 Infantry Chilton
Niles, Wm. D. Jr. Lieutenant E 16 Infantry Necedah
Nimm, Peter Private H 20 Infantry Watertown
Nimmo, Henry Private E 18 Infantry Verona
Niskey, John Private B 6 Infantry Cecil
Nitschke, Aug. Sergeant H & A 1 & 26 Infantry Appleton
Nitschke, Charles Private C 35 Infantry Glenwood
Noack, W. Private E & I 34 & 45 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Noble, A. J. Private K 6 Infantry Mauston
Noble, A. J. Sergeant E 41 Infantry Mauston
Noble, Andrew J. Private A 46 Infantry Mineral Point
Noble, E. H. Private C 48 Infantry Racine
Noble, George W. Sergeant B 31 Infantry Appleton
Noble, I. O. Private K 4 Cavalry Kirby
Noble, John S. Private G 4 Cavalry Glenwood
Noble, Levi Private -- 1 Battery Newton
Noble, Richard Private -- 3 Battery Tomah
Noble, Wm. Private F 2 Cavalry Soldiers' Grove
Nobles, Andrew Private K 9 Infantry Racine
Nobles, Daniel Private H 3 Infantry Clintonville
Nobles, Geo. W.  Captain D 2 Cavalry Racine
Nobles, John Private I 5 Infantry Gratiot
Nobles, Richard Private H 33 Infantry Gratiot
Noblet, A. Private L 3 Cavalry Bowers
Noblet, Val. C. Private I 28 Infantry Milwaukee
Nodurft, Fred. Private C 7 Infantry Arthur
Noe, Chas. Corporal F 19 Infantry Oshkosh
Noel, Amand Private H 34 Infantry Lincoln
Noel, William Private E 1 Cavalry Fort Atkinson
Noggle, L. H. Private I 16 Infantry Lynxville
Nohr, August Private F 18 Infantry Lark
Nohr, Harman Private E 13 Infantry Wittenberg
Nokes, Wm. Private A 1 Heavy Art. Palmyra
Nolan, Andrew Corporal C 19 Infantry Norwalk
Nolan, John Private B 8 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Nolan, James Private I 19 Infantry Sextonville
Nolden, Jacob Corporal D 9 Infantry Alma
Nolden, John J. Private B 51 Infantry Milwaukee
Noll, John Private H 35 Infantry Herbert
Nolop, Daniel Farrier A 4 Cavalry Sechlerville
Nolop, Henry Private I 14 Infantry Sechlerville
Nolt, Vincent Private K 45 Infantry Sauk City
Nolte, Christ Private I 16 Infantry Hazel Green
Nonhof, J. B. Private G 34 Infantry Cedar Grove
Noolsted, John O. Sergeant I 15 Infantry Scandinavia
Nopp, N. Private I 30 Infantry Prescott
Norbo, J. J. Private D 47 Infantry Iola
Norck, W. Private E & I 34 & 45 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Norcross, Pliny. Captain K 13 Infantry Janesville
Norman, C. H. Private G 46 Infantry Woodstock
Norman, George Private B 11 Infantry Henrietta
Norman, J. J. Private -- 12 Battery Woodstock
Norris, Jas. L. Private B 43 Infantry Platteville
Norris, John Private D 27 Infantry Manitowoc
Norris, Joseph Private -- -- Perm. Party Richland Center
Norris, Millard Private D 39 Infantry Burlington
Northcott, John Private B 22 Infantry New Lisbon
Northcott, Robt. Private B 49 Infantry New Lisbon
Northrop, H. W. Private C 2 Infantry Black River Falls
Northrop, Thos. P. Captain B 22 Infantry Beloit
Norton, C. A. Private C 4 Cavalry Madison
Norton, Charles Private D 32 Infantry Oshkosh
Norton, Christopher Private E 11 Infantry Hollandale
Norton, DeHare 1st. Sergeant C 4 Cavalry Hingham
Norton, Eli D. Corporal D 4 Cavalry Valton
Norton, G. P. Private E 40 Infantry Wonwoc
Norton, George W. Private K 10 Infantry Whittlesey
Norton, H. B. Sergeant E 38 Infantry New Lisbon
Norton, Niram S. Private E 32 Infantry Baraboo
Norton, J. N. Private B 44 Infantry Thorp
Norton, John Private E 32 Infantry Stevens Point
Norton, John Private M 2 Cavalry National Home
Norton, John W. Private B 1 Cavalry Dartford
Norton, L. C. Private H 3 Infantry Darlington
Norton, Lewis Private A 52 Infantry New Lisbon
Norton, W. R. Private D 6 Infantry W Superior
Norton, Wm. J. Lieutenant D 12 Infantry National Home
Nostrant, James Private C 21 Infantry Waupaca
Notbohm, H. C. Private K 1 Heavy Art. Sullivan
Nottingham, W. T. Private D 2 Cavalry De Soto
Nourse, Solon D. Private B 48 Infantry Fox Lake
Nowack, Carl Private A 45 Infantry Random Lake
Nowattny, And. Private H 35 Infantry National Home
Noyce, Willis H. Private E 22 Infantry Janesville
Noyes, D. K. Major -- 49 Infantry Baraboo
Noyes, F. E. Sergeant H 30 Infantry Poysippi
Noyes, G. H. Private H 51 Infantry Sparta
Noyes, Henry C. Sergeant H 17 Infantry Baraboo
Noyes, Jno. L. Private A 44 Infantry Hudson
Noyes, Joshua C. Surgeon -- 32 Infantry Oshkosh
Nugent, Alfred A. Private I 21 Infantry Kaukauna
Nugent, J. B., Sr. Private G 3 Infantry Menasha
Nugent, John Private K 37 Infantry Portage
Nugent, Michael Private K 43 Infantry Mauston
Nustad, Ole J. Private E 15 Infantry Westby
Nutter, George Private A 47 Infantry Medina
Nutting, C. A. Private E 29 Infantry Randolph
Nye, C. N. Private B 40 Infantry Beloit
Nye, Chas. H. Q. M. Ser. -- 43 Infantry Lancaster
Nye, Edwin Private K 42 Infantry Appleton
Nye, Harve R. Private D 49 Infantry Morley



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