Enumeration of the Soldiers of the Late War
Who Served in Wisconsin Regiments and Batteries, Etc., and Reported by the
Government as Residing in Wisconsin on June 20, 1895.

transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Susan Geist, Rhonda Hill







Sabin, E. B. Corporal B 27 Infantry Glenbenlah
Sabin, E. N. Private Un. 17 Infantry Durand
Sabin, S. H. 1st. Lieut. G 40 Infantry Windsor
Sabins, Myron C. Corporal B 44 Infantry Boscobel
Sabisch, Franz Private G 27 Infantry Dry Bone
Sabish, Jos. Private H 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Sachse, John Private B 45 Infantry Hika
Sachser, Jacob Private F 19 Infantry Waunakee
Sacia, Frank Private I 8 Infantry Stevenstown
Sackett, Chas. W. Private -- 5 Battery Beloit
Sackett, Chas. E. Drum Major -- 51 Infantry Milwaukee
Sackett, Clifford J. Captain B 51 Infantry Milwaukee
Sackett, David Private K 21 Infantry Bloomer
Sackett, Elder E. Private K 21 Infantry Bloomer
Sackett, F. W. Private A 38 Infantry Phillips
Saenger, Christian Private C 43 Infantry Woodman
Saenger, John L. Private F 50 Infantry Lark
Safford, A. Private E 42 Infantry Manawa
Safford, Chas. A. Private K 32 Infantry Vernon
Safford, D. W. Private D 32 Infantry Blair
Saft, Fred Private I 17 Infantry Brothertown
Sage, Chauncey L. Private K 2 Cavalry Delavan
Sager, Geo. C. Private H 12 Infantry Green Bay
Sager, Wm. Private D 14 Infantry Midway
Sainesbury, James Private B 12 Infantry Reedsburg
Sala, Adam Sergeant K 2 Infantry Wausau
Salisbury, Albert Private H 13 Infantry Whitewater
Salisbury, De Witt C. Corporal M 1 Heavy Art. Oregon
Salisbury, I. N. Sergeant K 37 Infantry Cook's Valley
Salisbury, John Private D 11 Infantry Neptune
Sallender, M. J. Corporal F 8 Infantry Retreat
Sallee, A. Private I 25 Infantry South Wayne
Salmon, Benjamin Private I 19 Infantry Readstown
Salmon, William Private H 7 Infantry Readstown
Salomon, Wm. Private D 8 Infantry Burlington
Salts, Elijah F. Sergeant -- 10 Battery Bangor
Salts, Wm. F. Private -- 10 Battery Hillsboro
Saltzman, Benjamin F. Lieutenant E 25 Infantry Georgetown
Sammons, Abbott Private G 47 Infantry Fennimore
Samphier, James W. Sergeant F 18 Infantry Omro
Sample, Daniel Private A 34 Infantry Fall Creek
Sample, James Corporal H 1 Cavalry Plainfield
Sample, Miles Sergeant A 34 Infantry Ashland
Samson, J. J. Private E 21 Infantry Brothertown
Sanberlich, Henry Private F 1 Cavalry Appleton
Sanbert, Fred Private D 48 Infantry Rangeline
Sanborn, H. B. Private E 1 Heavy Art. Hortonville
Sanborn, J. B. Private E 6 Infantry Hortonville
Sanborn, John Private B 12 Infantry La Valle
Sanborn, L. L. Private E 40 Infantry Appleton
Sanborn, O. C. Private A 10 Infantry Elroy
Sanborn, Q. C. Private E 22 Infantry Pardeeville
Sanborn, Ruben Private A 19 Infantry Reedsburg
Sanborn, S. F. Private G 1 Infantry Janesville
Sanborn, Wilbur Private B 12 Infantry National Home
Sanburn, David Private K 4 Cavalry De Pere
Sandelbach, Chas. R. Private I 20 Infantry Fennimore
Sanders, Jacob A. Private H 38 Infantry Martintown
Sanders, James S. Corporal C 30 Infantry Eau Claire
Sanders, John F. Private C 11 Infantry Marshall
Sanders, Louis Private K 1 Heavy Art. Milwaukee
Sanders, Orrin Private G 19 Infantry Monroe Center
Sanders, Josiah P. Private H 1 Infantry Bryant
Sanders, Samuel Private C 29 Infantry Spring Valley
Sanders, Samuel Private C 14 Infantry Spring Valley
Sanders, Tulman Private I 6 Infantry Hillsboro
Sanderson, A. S. Private -- 6 Battery Farr's Corners
Sandgren, J. J. Private K 12 Infantry Ironton
Saddon, William 1st. Lieut. G 1 Cavalry Ontario
Sanford, E. Private I 12 Infantry Lancaster
Sanford, Eleazor C. Private -- 9 Battery Alma
Sands, J. P. Private D 23 Infantry Northfield
Sands, William Corporal B 30 Infantry Dodgeville
Sanford, Henry Private F 2 Infantry Madison
Sanford, Lather. Private A 14 Infantry Neenah
Sanford, Oliver D. Sergeant A 30 Infantry Roberts
Sanford, Wm. Private A 17 Infantry New Lisbon
Sangbush, Henry Private G 17 Infantry Centralia
Santas, Harvey Private F 48 Infantry Wonewoc
Santas, Hiram Private G 19 Infantry Wonewoc
Santer, Phil. Private B 46 Infantry National Home
Sargent, Alexander Sergeant M 1 Cavalry Seymour
Sargent, D. D. Private A 40 Infantry Bear Creek
Sargent, Edmund N. Private F 37 Infantry Big Spring
Sargent, Fred Private I 30 Infantry Princeton
Sargent, John E. Private F 16 Infantry Beloit
Sargent, John H. Private B 12 Infantry Tomahawk
Sargent, J. H. Sergeant H 16 Infantry Stanley
Sargent, J. M. Corporal B 38 Infantry Sparta
Sargent, O. D. Private G 1 Heavy Art. Seymour
Sarles, Hallock Captain K 51 Infantry Racine
Sarnow, Christ 1st. Lieut. A 26 Infantry Wauwatosa
Sasse, August Private C 37 Infantry Merrilan
Saubpert, John M. Corporal G 35 Infantry Viola
Saucerman, A. Private G 22 Infantry South Wayne
Saucerman, Simon Private K 16 Infantry Martintown
Sauer, Charles Private M 1 Heavy Art. Cambria
Sauer, Ferdinand, Sr. Private K 1 Cavalry Neenah
Sauer, Frederick Private K 1 Cavalry Port Washington
Saulsberry, Robert Private C 22 Infantry Hillsboro
Saunders, Harvey N. Private H 16 Infantry Necedah
Saunders, M. Private E 19 Infantry Sparta
Saunders, T. M. Private C 40 Infantry Milton
Saupe, Chas. 1st. Lieut. -- 2 Battery Fond du Lac
Sauthoff, Wm. Private I 1 Heavy Art. Madison
Savage, A. Private I 12 Infantry Sylvan
Savage, E. P. Private C 40 Infantry Evansville
Savage, Frank Private A 44 Infantry River Falls
Savage, John V. Private H 25 Infantry Platteville
Sawdey, Francis M. Corporal E 43 Infantry National Home
Sawley, Samuel Private F 47 Infantry Hurricane
Sawyer, Adna. Private F 42 Infantry Delavan
Sawyer, Alonzo Corporal F 22 Infantry Chili
Sawyer, Robt. Private E 19 Infantry Waterford
Sawyer, Rufus D. Private B 38 Infantry Wausau
Sawyer, Stillman H. Private E 18 Infantry Rural
Sawyer, Wm. Private D 16 Infantry Beldenville
Saxe, John Private E 49 Infantry Portage
Saxton, A. B. Corporal A 25 Infantry Esofea
Sayles, Harrison Sergeant E 8 Infantry Black Earth
Sayles, James C. Corporal I 29 Infantry Hartford
Sayner, G. H. Private B 53 Infantry Eau Claire
Scampton, David J. Lieutenant E 47 Infantry Madison
Scanlan, John Sergeant A 5 Infantry Menomonie
Scanlon, John Private E 7 Infantry Symco
Scenlan, Luke Private D 12 Infantry Lamberton
Scanlan, Mike Private -- 3 Battery Buena Vista
Schaal, Geo. F. Private K 6 Infantry Burton
Schaal, Ferdinand Private F 50 Infantry Gillet
Schabarma, Wm. Private G 3 Infantry Milwaukee
Schlackler, John Private I 33 Infantry Somers
Schadel, Fred Private D 18 Infantry Sun Prairie
Schaefer, Albert Private M 2 Cavalry Milford
Schaefer, Henry Private H 29 Infantry Kaukauna
Schaefer, Nic. Private C 34 Infantry Grafton
Schaefer, William Private D 48 Infantry Two Rivers
Schaeffer, George Private F 29 Infantry Jefferson
Schaenzer, Peter Private H 22 Infantry Richfield
Schaerner, Adam Private F 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Schaf, Ernst Private G 14 Infantry Mosel
Schafer, John J. Sergeant C 35 Infantry Brookfield
Schafer, Peter Corporal A 47 Infantry Dorchester
Schaffer, Chas. A. Private E 27 Infantry Manitowoc
Schak, Jacob Private E 45 Infantry Hartford
Schalder, Bernard Private C 9 Infantry Kenosha
Schaller, John L. Private K 1 Cavalry Lowell
Schallert, William Private C 16 Infantry Johnson's Creek
Schallock, Jule. Private H 45 Infantry Milwaukee
Schampagne, Frank Private D 27 Infantry Green Bay
Schampagne, Frank Private G 38 Infantry Green Bay
Scharge, Fred Private H 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Schasse, Chas. Private B 27 Infantry Milwaukee
Schaufala, Michael Private F 3 Infantry Split Rock
Schaumberger, Christ Private D 1 Infantry National Home
Schaus, Jacob Private D 1 Infantry Milwaukee
Schaus, John Private A 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Schaus, Nic. Corporal D 17 Infantry Manitowoc
Schaus, Peter Corporal H 35 Infantry Madison
Scheble, A. C. Private A 36 Infantry Lime Ridge
Schedel, Adam Corporal C 14 Infantry Sherry
Schedler, Christianson Private F 19 Infantry Zittau
Scheets, John Private I 48 Infantry Waukesha
Scheffen, Henry Corporal F 12 Infantry Oconto
Scheibe, Aug. Private A 9 Infantry Plymouth
Scheidel, Jacob Private F 21 Infantry Milladore
Scheidigger, Andrew Private H 37 Infantry Monroe
Scheife, Carl Private E 6 Infantry Whitefish Bay
Scheisel, Wm. Private K 5 Infantry Milwaukee
Scheisser, Paul Private B 48 Infantry Fremont
Scheitel, Joseph Private C 9 Infantry Sparta
Schellhorn, Frank Private I 45 Infantry Oshkosh
Schemerhorn, George Private E 32 Infantry Burr
Schenck, John Private B 44 Infantry Watertown
Schener, Lorenz Private K 21 Infantry Nero
Schenfele, M. Private F 3 Infantry Split Rock
Schenk, Charles K. Sergeant A 4 Cavalry Black River Falls
Schenkenberger, Jacob Private D 34 Infantry Racine
Schermer, Adolph Private H 18 Infantry National Home
Schermerhorn, Chas. Corporal F 25 Infantry North Branch
Scherer, Nick. Private E 37 Infantry Newburg
Scherrer, Henry Private D 45 Infantry Manitowoc
Scheuer, Anton Private H 45 Infantry Oshkosh
Schibler, Chas. A. Private A 24 Infantry National Home
Schied, Charles Private B 50 Infantry Retreat
Schied, Carl Private E 6 Infantry Merrill
Schierholtz, Wm. Private C 49 Infantry Sandusky
Schiesser, Casper Private K 2 Infantry Monroe
Schildhauer, Peter Private K 4 Cavalry New Holstein
Schildt, Henry Captain F 7 Infantry Mazomanie
Schiller, John Private G 45 Infantry Colby
Schilling, Chas. J. Private I 31 Infantry Racine
Schilling, G. F. Corporal E 40 Infantry Madison
Schilling, Jos.  Private C 2 Infantry National Home
Schilling, Romwold Private C 6 Infantry Marathon
Schimian, Jos. Private I 5 Infantry Eau Claire
Schimmelpfenig, John Private E 17 Infantry Campbelsport
Schimmerpfenniag, Jno. Private I 5 Infantry Oconomowoc
Schindler, Andrew Private A 46 Infantry Monroe
Schintz, Louis Corporal E 2 Infantry Appleton
Schintz, Peter Private K 45 Infantry Cross Plaines
Schlaefer, J., Jr. Private A 51 Infantry Menomonee Falls
Schlaefer, J., Sr. Private A 51 Infantry Menomonee Falls
Schlafer, Frank Private A 51 Infantry So Germantown
Schlaich, Julius Captain B 27 Infantry Plymouth
Schlagender, Gustave Private B 51 Infantry St Lawrence
Schlax, Peter Private D 34 Infantry Salem
Schleicher, And. Private G 45 Infantry National Home
Schleif, Philip Private E 27 Infantry Kewaskum
Schlegel, Christ Corporal D 1 Infantry Westfield
Schlenk, Geo. Private C 35 Infantry Bloomer
Schlenz, John Private E 45 Infantry Spencer
Schlercherh, Andrew Private G 45 Infantry Williamsburg
Schley, August Private K 17 Infantry Reedsville
Schley, Aug. Private H 45 Infantry Waukesha
Schlicht, Henry Private C 47 Infantry New Lisbon
Schlichting, R. Lieutenant K 9 Infantry Chilton
Schlict, M. Private H 47 Infantry Madison
Schligert, C. Private C 1 Infantry Lake Geneva
Schlitzberger, Fred Private D 3 Infantry Packwaukee
Schlocter, Adam Private G 3 Infantry Chilton
Schloesser, Harmon J. Private F 10 Infantry Lancaster
Schloesser, Peter J. Captain A 41 Infantry Lancaster
Schlof, Henry Private D 20 Infantry National Home
Schlosser, Henry Private E 50 Infantry Lodi
Schlosser, Phil. I. Adjutant -- 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Schlosstein, George Private K 48 Infantry Fountain City
Schlough, Michael Private K 40 Infantry Lone Rock
Schlund, Henry Private K 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Schluter, Chas. F. Private K 17 Infantry Sandusky
Schluter, Henry Private E 49 Infantry Loganville
Schluter, Herm. Major -- 9 Infantry National Home
Schmeiser, Ferdinand Private K 9 Infantry Plymouth
Schmalfuss, Rudolph Private B 45 Infantry Hika
Scmall, George Corporal H 26 Infantry Hewitt
Schimelling, Fred Private H 25 Infantry Cataract
Schimeling, Henry Private E 14 Infantry Alaska
Schmengler, John Private C 30 Infantry Hazel Green
Schmidke, Frank Private H 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Schmidler, Jacob Private K 50 Infantry Port Washington
Schmidt, Albert Private E 50 Infantry Fond du Lac
Schmidt, Albert Private E 10 Infantry Juneau
Schmidt, And. Corporal G 9 Infantry Barton
Schmidt, And. Private D 1 Heavy Art. National Home
Scdmidt, Andrew Private H 14 Infantry Banner
Schmidt, August Private C 17 Infantry Kirkwood
Schmidt, August Private C 27 Infantry Theinsville
Schmidt, August C. Corporal E 26 Infantry Lomira
Schmidt, Aug. Private C 4 Cavalry Plymouth
Schmidt, Ben. Private I 43 Infantry Milwaukee
Schmidt, Carl Private A 9 Infantry Gresham
Schmidt, Carl G. Private F 45 Infantry Manitowoc
Schmidt, Chas. Private C 14 Infantry West Bloomfield
Schmidt, Chas. Private A 18 Infantry Gravesville
Schmidt, Christian Private K 22 Infantry Randolph
Schmidt, Conrad Private D 42 Infantry Muscoda
Schmidt, Ernest Private G 27 Infantry Avoca
Schmidt, Ernst Private -- 2 Battery Marshfield
Schmidt, E. K. Corporal A 1 Heavy Art. Manitowoc
Schmidt, Frank Drummer C 24 Infantry Hortonville
Schmidt, Frank Private A 35 Infantry National Home
Schmidt, Fred Private B 17 Infantry Naugart
Schmidt, Geo. Private C 14 Infantry Kewaskum
Schmidt, George Private E 21 Infantry Pella
Schmidt, Gottlieb Private F 45 Infantry Manitowoc
Schmidt, Gustav 1st. Sergeant E 27 Infantry Thorp
Schmidt, Henry Corporal B 9 Infantry Manitowoc
Schmidt, Henry Private H 14 Infantry Dotyville
Schmidt, H. Private I 32 Infantry Menomonee Falls
Schmidt, Jacob Private D 12 Infantry Kewaskum
Schmidt, John George Private C 24 Infantry Grafton
Schmidt, John G. Private F 3 Infantry Jefferson
Schmidt, J. H. Private B 51 Infantry Grantsburg
Schmidt, J. Michael Private F 29 Infantry Helenville
Schmidt, John Private B 18 Infantry Medford
Schmidt, Joseph Private B 37 Infantry Orihula
Schmidt, Leonard Private E 1 Heavy Art. Baraboo
Schmidt, Peter Corporal H 45 Infantry Milwaukee
Schmidt, Phil Private C 51 Infantry Meeker
Schmidt, Robert Private E 27 Infantry Sheboygan
Schmidt, Theodore Corporal I 49 Infantry Bangor
Schmidt, Thomas Private D 9 Infantry New Glarus
Schmidt, Valentine Private I 17 Infantry Kewaskum
Schmidt, Wm. Private F 33 Infantry New Coeln
Schmit, John Private E 25 Infantry Fredonia Station
Schmit, John M. Sergeant I 9 Infantry Milwaukee
Schmitmayer, F. X. Sergeant C 8 Infantry Chippewa Falls
Schmitt, Christian Private F 48 Infantry Tess Corners
Schmitt, Ferdinand Sergeant H 2 Cavalry Morrison
Schmitz, Gerhard Private D 6 Infantry Marathon City
Schmitz, Henry Private F 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Schmitz, John Private H 26 Infantry Fountain City
Schmitz, Michael Private -- 19 & 5 Infantry La Crosse
Schmitz, Wm. H. Private C 19 Infantry St Mary
Schmutzler, Aug. Private M 3 Cavalry Manchester
Schneeberger, Jacob Private D 26 Infantry Racine
Schneider, Adam Corporal D 26 Infantry Racine
Schneider, Carl Private B 6 Infantry Franklin
Schneider, Casper Private B 3 Infantry New Cassel
Schneider, Chas. Corporal K 47 Infantry Lancaster
Schneider, Chas. H. Private G 9 Infantry Monroe Center
Schneider, Con. Private K 48 Infantry National Home
Schneider, Fred Private D 9 Infantry Sauk City
Schneider, Geo. Sergeant K 9 Infantry Mazomanie
Schneider, Herman Private B 43 Infantry Platteville
Schneider, Jacob Private H 3 Infantry Brownsville
Schneider, John A. Corporal D 26 Infantry Racine
Schneider, John B. Private C 1 Cavalry Belgium
Schneider, John Private C 24 Infantry National Home
Schneider, John Private E 28 Infantry Fort Atkinson
Schneider, John Private K 51 Infantry Oshkosh
Schneider, John Private K 53 Infantry Eau Claire
Schneider, John Private G 34 Infantry Alma
Schneider, Lewis Private K 47 Infantry Cassville
Schnieder, Marx Private F 50 Infantry Morrison
Schneider, Michael Private F 26 Infantry Plymouth
Schneider, Phil. Sergeant G 28 Infantry S Germantown
Schneider, Peter Private G 51 Infantry Racine
Schneider, Wm. Private H 32 Infantry Milwaukee
Schnell, John Private C 9 Infantry National Home
Schnellen, Fred Captain C 27 Infantry Sheboygan
Schneller, Luzi. Private -- 6 Battery Neillsville
Schneller, Peter Corporal K 26 Infantry Black Hawk
Schnetler, Christ Private D 13 Infantry Milwaukee
Schnur, Adam Sergeant E 24 Infantry Butternut
Schobloski, John Private F 19 Infantry Oshkosh
Schoemick, Frederick Private A 32 Infantry Weyauwega
Schoemick, Henry Private B 16 Infantry New London
Schoenecker, John Private H 45 Infantry Milwaukee
Schoenfeld, Ed. Private K 26 Infantry Shawano
Schoenharr, Fred Sergeant A 45 Infantry Kewaskum
Schoenick, Christ Private B 3 Infantry Brushville
Schoenick, Gus. Private D 32 Infantry Brushville
Schoenruh, Fred Private I 17 Infantry New London
Schoensigel, Philip Private K 14 Infantry Plymouth
Schoenwetter, Aug. F. Private E 13 Infantry Juneau
Schoephoerster, Fred Private A 6 Infantry Sauk City
Schoepke, August Corporal K 17 Infantry Pelican Lake
Schoepke, C. Private K 17 Infantry Nicholson
Schoepp, Frederick Private B 34 Infantry Roxbury
Schoepp, Herman Private F 17 Infantry Alma
Schoetz, Michael Private A 45 Infantry Boltonville
Schofield, Frank Private K 12 Infantry Boscobel
Schofield, Jacob Sergeant D 37 Infantry Hancock
Schofield, James H. Private F 29 Infantry Johnson's Creek
Schofield, Henry E. Private K 12 Infantry Token
Schofield, Hiram Private K 12 Infantry Spencer
Schoknecht, John Private G 45 Infantry Milwaukee
Scholl, Chris. Private E 28 Infantry Richland Center
Scholl, John Private A 16 Infantry Milwaukee
Scholl, Joseph Private I 1 Heavy Art. Appleton
Scholl, Mathias Private I 1 Heavy Art. Lake Church
Scholz, Aug. Private M 3 Cavalry National Home
Scholz, Ferdinand Private A 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Scholz, G Private G 18 Infantry Appleton
Schommer, John Private I 30 Infantry Big River
Schooner, L. Private E 21 Infantry Stockbridge
Schoop, Andrew Private F 29 Infantry Shortville
Schostag, Gustav A. Private C 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Schoville, W. W. Private E 30 Infantry Soldier's Grove
Schowick, Henry Private B 16 Infantry New London
Schrader, Henry Private H 25 Infantry British Hollow
Schrader, Paul Private K 13 Infantry Milton
Schrage, Fred Private H 26 Infantry National Home
Schram, Phil Private D 39 Infantry Milwaukee
Schreiber, C.H. Private ..... 2 Battery Madison
Schreiber, Ernest Private I 26 Infantry Adell
Schreiter, Anton Private D 9 Infantry Bungert
Schreiner, David Private C 25 Infantry Lancaster
Schreiner, Jacob Private M 4 Cavalry Bloomington
Schrenk, Chri t Private C 7 Infantry National Home
Schriehard, Peter Private D 45 Infantry Manitowoc
Schriner, Chas Corporal K 16 Infantry Clarno
Schroader, M Private A 50 Infantry WisVetHome
Schroble, C.W. Private D 28 Infantry Richmond
Schrode, Fred Private E 48 Infantry Stoughton
Schroder, Wm.,Sr Private C 43 Infantry Arkansaw
Schroeder, Aug Private E 34 Infantry Rib Falls
Schroeder, Aug Private C 44 Infantry Manawa
Schroeder, Charles A. Sergeant H 37 Infantry Dale
Schroeder, Chris Private K 47 Infantry Platteville
Schroeder, Fred Private D 27 Infantry Kewaunee
Schroeder, Joachim Private D 27 Infantry Mishicott
Schroeder, John C Private A 34 Infantry National Home
Schroeder, Wm Private D 37 Infantry S ieboygan
Schroeling, John C Major ... 3 Cavalry Port Washington
Schroeter, Maritz Private H 1 Infantry Milwaukee
Schrupp, Philip Henry Private F 34 Infantry Oshkosh
Schubert, Casper Private F 37 Infantry Sheboygan
Schubert, Michael Private Un 17 Infantry Cedar Creek
Schubert, Michael Private G 44 Infantry Edmund
Schubring, Herman Private K 45 Infantry Baraboo
Schubring, Wm Private C 35 Infantry Baraboo
Schuele, Geo.J Corporal C 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Schuermann, Herman 1st Sergeant D 9 Infantry Dane
Schuet John C Private D 6 Infantry Muskego
Schuette, Fred Private E 9 Infantry Sheboygan
Schuetz, Fred Private H 7 Infantry Sheboygan
Schuetze, Gustave Private B 14 Infantry Martinstown
Schuh, John Private G 9 Infantry Appleton
Schuldenberg, H Private B 51 Infantry Menomonee Falls
Schuter, Albon D Private B 1 Heavy Art Milwaukee
Schuler, Jacob Sergeant B 31 Infantry Monroe
Schulte, A Private B 17 Infantry Rapp
Schulte, Aug Private G 43 Infantry Kenosha
Schulte, J.D. Private E 27 Infantry Manitowoc
Schulte, Martin, Sr Lieutenant B 17 Infantry Marshland
Schulter, Hubert Private A 1 Cavalry Cassville
Schulter, Jacob Private K 47 Infantry British Hollow
Schultz, Aug Private F 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Schultz, B Private D 44 Infantry Green Bay
Schultz, Christ Private E 45 Infantry Milwaukee
Schultz, Christian Private ..... 9 Battery Quincy
Schultz, Carl Private E 9 Infantry Bassett
Schultz, C.F. Private H 22 Infantry Burlington
Schultz, Ernest Private E 19 Infantry Montello
Schultz, Gottlieb Private A 34 Infantry Montello
Schultz, Henry Sergeant H 31 Infantry Milwaukee
Schultz, Hermon Private B 26 Infantry National Home
Schultz, Joachim Private F 26 Infantry Rube
Schultz, John Private B 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Schultz, Jos Private F 26 Infantry Chilton
Schultz, Michael Private A 34 Infantry Neshkoro
Schultz, Wm Private D 29 Infantry Whitehall
Schultz, Wm Private I 16 Infantry Menomanie
Schultze, Henry Private C 27 Infantry Johnsonville
Schulz, Carl L Private I 19 Infantry Howard
Schulz, Chas Private I 53 Infantry Sheboygan
Schulz, Ludwig Sergeant A 50 Infantry Appleton
Schulze, Samuel Private D 46 Infantry Portage
Schumacher, Henry Corporal B 35 Infantry South Milwaukee
Schumacher, P Corporal D 4 Cavalry Jackson
Schumacher, Ludwig Private F 1 Cavalry Sawyer
Schuman, Frederick Corporal K 45 Infantry Mazomonie
Schumaun, Geo Private E&A 9 Infantry Burlington
Schuman, Nick Private I 34 Infantry Newburg
Schumann, Wm.C Private B 4 Cavalry Mazomonie
Schummacher, Martin Private E 10 Infantry Juneau
Schunk, Chas Private A 7 Infantry Green Bay
Schunk, Christian Private A 51 Infantry Marshfield
Schuri, Conrad Sergeant F 19 Infantry Oshkosh
Schuster, John Private A 51 Infantry Richfield
Schute, Jos Corporal G 26 Infantry St Lawrence
Schutte, J.D. Private E 27 Infantry Manitowoe
Schuttes, Charles Private A 9 Infantry Portage
Schwandner, Berthold Private I 21 Infantry Brillion
Schweikha?dt, Jacob Sergeant E 34 Infantry Kekoskee
Schuyler, Ph lip R Private C 28 Infantry Eagle
Schwap, John Private B 45 Infantry Milwaukee
Schwahn, Theodore Private E 52 Infantry Thiensville
Schwair, Charles Private H 4 Cavalry Pensaukee
Schwan, Geo Private H 45 Infantry Milwaukee
Schwantz, frederick Private ..... 6 Battery Baraboo
Schwartes, August Private K 45 Infantry Cedarburg
Schwartz, Carl Private G 6 Infantry National Home
Schwartz, Joseph Corporal E 45 Infantry Hartford
Schwartz, Peter Private K 35 Infantry Hartford
Schwartz, Wm Private ..... 1 Cavalry Waukeshia
Schwartzburg, Wm Private A 24 Infantry North Milwaukee
Schwartz, V Sergeant E 5 Infantry Mayville
Schwebke, Jno Private D 2 Cavalry Woodhull
Schwederski, Carl Private K 6 Infantry Princeton
Schweers, Fred Private I 32 Infantry Shawano
Schweers, John M Captain H 3 Infantry Shawano
Schweger, Herman Bugler A 2 Cavalry Seymour
Schweim C.H. Private C 27 Infantry National Home
Schweinhagen, Adolph ........ A 1 Infantry Glidden
Schweitzer, Christian Private K 48 Infantry Alma
Schweitzer, Gotlieb Private C 6 Infantry Milwaukee
Schweitzer, Henry Corporal A&D 9 Infantry Manitowoc
Schweitzer, Henry J Private B 12 Infantry Racine
Schweiger, George Private D 48 Infantry Manitowoc
Schwinzer, Fred Private F 16 Infantry Princeton
Schwerin, Joachim Private C 27 Infantry Franklin
Schwetz, John Private I 26 Infantry Tabor
Schwieder, Frederick Private I 2 Cavalry Hustisford
Schwiski, Stanislaus Private G 27 Infantry Dry Bone
Schweister, Peter Private E 2 Cavalry Allenton
Scobie, D.W. Drummer D 29 Infantry Cambridge
Scofleld, Milo Private I 5 Infantry Colby
Scoon, A.F. Private B 12 Infantry Loganville
Scott, Andrew J Corporal A 14 Infantry Tomahawk
Scott, Chas.D Private A 30 Infantry Cumberland
Scott, D.D. Lt.Col ... 17 Infantry Watertown
Scott, Ebenezer Private E 5 Infantry Wild Rose
Scott, Frank Sergeant B 23 Infantry Darlington
Scott, George Private ... 1 Battery La Crosse
Scott, Geo.L Private ... 12 Battery New Lisbon
Scott, Gilbert Private H&K 13 Infantry Whitewater
Scott, Henry C Private B 21 Infantry Omro
Scott, H.K. Private C 10 Infantry Stockbridge
Ssott, Ira Private A 1 Cavalry Appleton
Scott, I.G. Private Un. 22 Infantry Stephensville
Scott, Jacob Private E 36 Infantry Argyle
Scott, James H Corporal M 3 Cavalry MtHoreb
Scott, Jas Private B 23 Infantry Wiota
Scott, John M Private H 22 Infantry Racine
Scott, John Private G 38 Infantry Hayward
Scott, Joseph P Adjutant ..... 2 Cavalry La Crosse
Scott, J.R. Private H 23 Infantry Okee
Scott, J.R. Private C 42 Infantry Okee
Scott, Luke D Private D 44 Infantry Blaine
Scott, Mathew Private G 46 Infantry New Diggings
Scott, M.L. Private A 10 Infantry Troy Center
Scott, Norman II Corporal B 21 Infantry Stephensville
Scott, Otis B Private K 38 Infantry Loyd
Scott, Robert Private F 35 Infantry Janesville
Scott, Robert A Sergeant B 2 Infantry La Crosse
Scott, Robt Private C 50 Infantry Lancaster
Scott, Stephen Private B 37 Infantry Antigo
Scott, S.M. Private K 4 Cavalry Stockbridge
Scott, Thos Private E 5 Infantry Oshkosh
Scott, T.D. 1st Sergeant D 41 Infantry Menasha
Scott, Walter Sergeant I 31 Infantry Racine
Scott, Wm Sergeant G 20 Infantry Racine
Scott, Wm D Sergeant D 36 Infantry Monroe
Scott, Wm J Private G 40 Infantry La Crosse
Scott, Wm T Private B 33 Infantry Boscobel
Scott, Willis Private F 30 Infantry Clear Lake
Scovell, N Private H 53 Infantry Mauston
Scoville, Charles Private M 3 Cavalry Seneca
Scribbins, John Private ... 8 Battery New Lisbon
Scribner, Porter Private F 29 Infantry Milford
Scritsmier, P.L. Private G 3 Infantry Bloomer
Seaman, Thos Sergeant B 10 Infantry Eden
Seaman, Peter Private C 10 Infantry Antigo
Seamens, Oscar F Private G 3 Cavalry Stevens Point
Seamonson, Wm Sergeant D 23 Infantry Stoughton
Searl, Alonzo Private C 52 Infantry Wautoma
Searle, Francis Private F 22 Infantry Stanton
Searle, Robt Private A 44 Infantry Hammond
Searles, Abe Private I 6 Infantry Hillsboro
Searles, Henry Private F 42 Infantry Evansville
Sears, John Private C 38 Infantry Shawano
Sears, L.C. Corporal A 1 Heavy Art Rome
Seaser, Ferdinand Private F 6 Infantry Dillman
Seaver, Rodney Private K 2 Cavalry Darien
Sebald, herman Private H 1 Heavy Art Howard
Sebald, Wm Corporal F 45 Infantry Plymouth
Sebastian, Hubert Corporal ... 2 Battery Racine
Sechler, Chas Private G 5 Infantry Hixton
Secker, Chas Private F 23 Infantry Baraboo
Secor, Charles Private B 16 Infantry Fort Atkinson
Secrist, Noah Private F 30 Infantry Beloit
See, Charles D Private D 2 Cavalry La Crosse
See, Richard C Corporal C 32 Infantry Grant
Seeburger, Philip Private F 17 Infantry Onalaska
Seed, Ellis Private H 1 Heavy Art Union Grove
Seefeld, Gottleib Private D 50 Infantry Readfield
Seeley, Eli Private D 32 Infantry Oshkosh
Seely, I.B. Private L 3 Cavalry Oregon
Seeley, Morris E Private B 12 Infantry Reedsburg
Seeley, Wm Private H 1 Infantry Durand
Seeley, Wm Private I 21 Infantry Durand
Seeman, John Private F 26 Infantry National Home
Seeman, William Private A 9 Infantry Boscobel
Seers, Paul Corporal A 16 Infantry Hartford
Segebrecht, John Private G 29 Infantry Wonewoc
Segel, John Private E 21 Infantry StJohn
Segar, W.H. Private H 1 Cavalry La Crosse
Segerer, Adam Private F 46 Infantry National Home
Sehrt, Conrad Corporal F 47 Infantry Waukesha
Seiber, Joseph Private G 45 Infantry Butternut
Seiberlich, Anton Private D 17 Infantry Milwaukee
Seibers, Henry Private B 24 Infantry De Pere
Seibert, Carl Private E 9 Infantry National Home
Seibert, George Private K 43 Infantry Marshfield
Seibert, Jacob Private C 19 Infantry Baraboo
Seibolt, Joseph Private D 44 Infantry Eden
Seidell, Frederick Private G 1 Cavalry Princeton
Seiders, Philip J Private ..... 6 Battery Spring Gree
Seifeld, August Private K 51 Infantry Naugart
Seifert, August Private C 16 Infantry Juneau
Seifried, John Private B 18 Infantry Milwaukee
Seig, Henry Private C 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Seiger, Henry Private H 50 Infantry Mineral Poi
Seiler, Gottfried Private H 11 Infantry Portage
Seiler, John Private I 3 Cavalry Marion
Seiling, Chas Private K 6 Infantry Highland
Seimiller, Fred Private C 14 Infantry Beechwood
Seipole, Joseph Private G 3 Infantry Antigo
Seiteritz, Ernst Corporal B 45 Infantry Osman
Seitz, Chas Private F 39 Infantry Lamberton
Seitz, William Private C 29 Infantry Hustisford
Seivert, Joachim Private F 7 Infantry Mishicott
Seivert, Lawrence Private I 38 Infantry Ellsworth
Seiwert, Gottlieb Private B 48 Infantry Colgate
Selden, John B Private B 12 Infantry Loganville
Selden, Chas Private H 44 Infantry Lime Ridge
Selesmeyer, A Corporal B 45 Infantry Manitowoc
Selsing, Lewis Private H 30 Infantry MtMorris
Sell, Frederick Private E 18 Infantry Casco
Selleck, A.P. Private D 36 Infantry Evansville
Selleck, J.O. Private I 1 Heavy Art Janesville
Seltz, Aug Private K 12 Infantry Sparta
Semans, Stephen Private C 32 Infantry Berlin
Semish, Julius Private A 26 Infantry Altoona
Semple, Charles Private C 11 Infantry Weyauwega
Seng, Herman Private D 1 Cavalry Eau Galle
Seng, Leopold Private K 25 Infantry Potosi
Sengbush,Henry Private H 17 Infantry Milwaukee
Senne, Emil Private D 34 Infantry Kenosha
Sentence, Thos Private G 41 Infantry Clemansville
Sergeant, I C 1st Sergeant K 39 Infantry Rice Lake
Serwing, Casper Private D 11 Infantry Milwaukee
Sery,William Private G 26 Infantry WisVetHome
Seston,George Private F 11 Infantry Whiteriver
Settle, Isaac Private B 36 Infantry Lime Ridge
Severance, John Private H 3 Cavalry Medford
Severance, Joseph Private A 12 Infantry Beldenville
Severson, Bryngel Private E 15 Infantry Moscow
Severson, Bryngel Sergeant A 46 Infantry Moscow
Severson, Elling Private B 45 Infantry Frazer
Severson, Ole Private H 36 Infantry Rising Sun
Severson, Sever Private A 5 Infantry Menomonie
Seward, Christopher Private H 44 Infantry Boaz
Seward, John Private H 44 Infantry Beaver Dam
Sexton, George 1st Lieut C 52 Infantry Marshfield
Sexton, H.B. Private ..... 12 Battery Janesville
Sexton, James 2d Lieut A 12 Infantry Neshkoro
Seymour, Arba.M Sergeant I 2 Infantry Mazomanie
Seymour, George Private E 5 Infantry Nora
Seymour, J.S. Private B 38 Infantry Lancaster
Seymour, Peter Private F 39 Infantry Racine
Seymour, Warren T Corporal E 3 Cavalry Peshtigo
Shackley, James Private L 1 Heavy Art Baraboo
Shaddock, E.S Private D 19 Infantry Kilbourn
Shadel, Jacob Private G 11 Infantry Sun Prairie
Shafer, Almon Private C 37 Infantry Merrillan
Shafer, E.L. Private K 38 Infantry Kilbourn
Shafer, Geo Private D 4 Cavalry Menomanie
Shafer, Samuel Corporal F 4 Cavalry Chippewa Falls
Shafer, Samuel Private A 52 Infantry Unity
Shafer, Wm.W Private F 30 Infantry River Falls
Shafer, T.B. Corporal C 16 Infantry Spaulding
Shaffer, Charles Private E 26 Infantry Mitchell
Shaffer, G.W. Private E 8 Infantry Hillsboro
Shaffer, Henry A Private I 12 Infantry Spring Green
Shaler, Ezra Private G 7 Infantry La Valle
Shaller, George Private C 47 Infantry Hillsboro
Shampnor, Geo.B 1st Sergeant D 7 Infantry Oregon
Shampnor, Silas C Private G 46 Infantry Oregon
Shampo, David Private D 16 Infantry Jacksonport
Shane, Isaac H Private F 5 Infantry National Home
Shanger, Andrew Private B 27 Infantry Black Creek
Shanger, Isaac Private I 6 Infantry Plymouth
Shank, J.B. Sergeant H 38 Infantry Monroe
Shanley, Frank Private C 4 Cavalry National Home
Shanks, J.W. Private E 16 Infantry Strong's Prairie
Shanklin, Jas Private G 19 Infantry Sparta
Shannon, Leroy Private F 5 Infantry Stevens Point
Shannon, Nathan Private B 38 Infantry Stevens Point
Shannon, Russell B Private F 3 Infantry Brandon
Shannon, Sylvester Private K 46 Infantry Winchester
Shannon, T.J. Private H 5 Infantry Muscoda
Shanon, Warner Private F 20 Infantry Basswood
Sharmann, John Private E 34 Infantry Black Creek
Sharon, Ozias M Sergeant K 4 Cavalry Gravesville
Sharp, Aaron Private F 2 Cavalry Richland Center
Sharp, J.H. Sergeant L ?1 Cavalry Omro
Sharp, James Private D 49 Infantry Seymour
Sharp, Peter Private H 1 Heavy Art. Seymour
Sharp, Wm., alias Geo. Riley Private E 10 Infantry Black River Fal
Sharpe, Isaac Private C 18 Infantry Vernon
Shattuck, James E Private G 26 Infantry Omro
ShattuckN. W Private C 21 Infantry Sprague
Shaughanrey, P. T Private K 8 Infantry Racine
Shaver, Geo P Private K 12 Infantry National Home
Shaver, H. J Musician. H 12 Infantry Spring Prairie
Shaver, James Private H 1 Infantry Loyal
Shaver, John Private C 4 Cavalry Cedar Grove
Shaver, Norman Private F 37 Infantry Loyal
Shaver, William Private F 30 Infantry Hager City
Shaw, Daniel Private H 7 Infantry Lancaster
Shaw, Geo. A Private M 2 Cavalry Mather
Shaw, Henry A Sergeant C 42 Infantry Lodi
Shaw, J. H Corporal. H 14 Infantry Downing
Shaw, James Private H 32 Infantry West Superior
Shaw, John Private H 17 Infantry Mt Tabor
Shaw, John J Private G 16 Infantry National Home
Shaw, M. A Sergeant. H 16 Infantry Durand
Shaw, Menzo Private K 4 Cavalry Lone Rock
Shaw, W. H Private M 2 Cavalry Loyd
Shawl, W. Thos Private C 1 Cavalry Wyoming
Shawley, Wm Corporal C 33 Infantry Darlington
Shay, P Private E 48 Infantry Crandon
Shead, Briggs Corporal B 49 Infantry Berlin
Shaefer, Squire Private D 11 Infantry Boaz
Shear, Daniel Private C 47 Infantry Hillsboro
Shear, J. W Private C 47 Infantry Hillsboro
Shear, Thos Private C 47 Infantry Hillsboro
Sheard, Brook Private B 22 Infantry Dover Station
Sheasby, John Corporal. I 12 Infantry Baldwin
Sheehan. J. J Sergeant. K 18 Infantry Hanover
Sheets, William V Private .. 13 Battery. De Soto
Sheffer, George P Private H 33 Infantry Leadmine
Sheffer, R. B Private E 43 Infantry Etna
Shelden, D. M Private A 19 Infantry Reedsburg
Sheldon, C F Private A 19 Infantry Reedsburg
Sheldon, Emmet T Private C 41 Infantry Omro
Sheldon, G. S. Corporal. I 21 Infantry Brant
Sheldon, H. A Captain. C 1 Infantry Evansvillie
Sheldon, Jefferson F... Private H 1 Cavalry Manawa
Sheldon, Josiah Corporal. A 10 Infantry Delavan
Sheldon, P. W Private C 52 Infantry Wautoma
Sheldon, Thomas Private K 17 Infantry Pepin
Sheldon, William S Private C 3 Infantry Richland Center
Sheldon, William Private K 49 Infantry Delavan
Shelley, George Private F 17 Infantry Sparta
Shelley. Henry T Private E 21 Infantry Unity
Shelly, E Corporal A 3 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Shelly. Henry Private D 1 Infantry South Milwaukee
Shelly, Lewis Private H 32 Infantry Gravesville
Shelly, Simon Private E 21 Infantry Oshkosh
Shenan, S W Private K 18 Infantry Wonewoc
Shepard, Chester Private M 1 Cavalry Woodworth
Shepard, J. L Surgeon. .. 32 Infantry Sheboygan Falls
Shepard, J. W Private G U.S.S.S Berdans. Baraboo
Shepard, S. E 1st Lieut E 11 Infantry Mineral Point
Shepard, Wm. B : Private E 18 Infantry Stevens Point
Shepard, Wm. H. M.... Private H 1 Heavy Art. El Paso
Shepard, W. B Corporal K 39 Infantry Beaver Dam
Shephard, A. A Private B 1 Cavalry Fond du Lac
Shephard, George A Private C 19 Infantry Oconomowoc
Shepherd, D. Gilbert. Private M 1 Cavalry La Crosse
Shepherd, George W. Private C 19 Infantry Angelo
Shepherd, James Private H 41 Infantry De Pere
Shepherd , Sewell Sergeant. H 1 Heavy Art. Appleton,
Shepherd, T, F Corporal G 2 Cavalry Yorkville
Shepherd, William Private C 19 Infantry Angelo
Sheppard, Amos Private H 16 Infantry Poysippi
Sherbondy, J. L. Private G 49 Infantry Albany
Sherer, Samuel Corporal G 11 Infantry Mazomanie
Sherick, Henry Private G 18 Infantry Cashton
Sheriff, John Private E 46 Infantry Marshfield
Sheriff, Robert Private E 5 Infantry Antigo
Sherin, James Sergeant. G 3 Infantry Stevens Point
Sherman, A. M. Captain. L 2 Cavalry Eau Claire
Sherman, A. A. Private F 3 Cavalry Buena Vista
Sherman, Chas Private F 4 Cavalry Neillsville
Sherman, Charles Private C 38 Infantry Elroy
Sherman, D. B. Private H 12 Infantry Elroy
Sherman, H. Private C 30 Infantry Berlin
Sherman, Horace I. Private C 1 Cavalry National Home
Sherman, John Private F 50 Infantry Edgerton
Sherman, J. T. Private C 41 Infantry Plainfield
Sherman, J. W. Corporal C 13 Infantry Lake Geneva
Sherman, Leander Private G 3 Infantry Elroy
Sherman, Mark H. 1st Sergeant G 48 Infantry Eau Claire
Sherman, Myron Private C 44 Infantry Weyauwega
Sherman, S. A. Sergeant A 2 Cavalry Ostrander
Sherman, W. L. Private B 41 Infantry Milwaukee
Sherrin, Frank Private I 21 Infantry Merrill
Sherry, James Private A 1 Cavalry Neenah
Sherry, Thomas Private A 1 Cavalry Neenah
Sherwin, S. R. Sergeant G 21 Infantry Waupaca
Sherwood, A. J. Private E 17 Infantry Seymour
Sherwood, Albert H. Private H 12 Infantry Jacksonport
Sherwood, C. A. Private I 36 Infantry Independence
Sherwood, Henry I. Private .. 8 & 10 Battery. Stevens Point
Sherwood, J. A. Sergeant C 32 Infantry Menomonie
Sherwood, John Private E 1 Heavy Art. Mauston
Sherwood, M.M. Private C 36 Infantry Oakdale
Shetter, John W. Captain. I 23 Infantry Stoughton
Shetter, Henry Private D 7 Infantry McFarland
Shields, Chas. H. Private B 2 Cavalry Necedah
Shields, Dennis Private E 19 Infantry National Home
Shields, M. Private G 43 Infantry Racine
Shields, Mart. Private .. 12 Battery. National Home
Shields, Sam. H Private B 7 Infantry National Home
Shields, Thomas Private K 12 Infantry Boscobel
Shields, Wm. Sergeant D 34 Infantry Milwaukee
Shillcox, Tom Private A 2 Cavalry Watertown
Shilling, Amos F Private G 35 Infantry Liberty
Shilling, Wm. Private G 37 Infantry Altoona
Shimeal, Daniel Private D 2 Infantry Clinton
Shimeal, Jerome Sergeant F 13 Infantry Shopiere
Shimek, Mat. Private F 7 Infantry Kellnersville
Shimmins, R. R. Private D 22 Infantry Delavan
Shine, Edward Private F 28 Infantry Bailey's Harbor
Shinoe, J. O. Private A 6 Infantry Burton
Shipman, Ezra Private K 30 Infantry Chippewa City
Shipley, B. F. Corporal. G 21 Infantry New London
Shipley, E. S. Private A 1 Cavalry New Lisbon
Shockley, C. C. Corporal E 30 Infantry Sun Prairie
Shockley, D. C. Sergeant C 50 Infantry Lamont
Shockley, Wilson. Private G 47 Infantry Bell Center
Shoemaker, John M. 2d Lieut. C 23 Infantry Green Bay
Shoemaker, L. D. Private I 14 Infantry La Crosse
Shoemaker, Martin Private D 22 Infantry Delavan
Sholes, Charles L. Lieutenant A 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Sholes, E. C. Private D 49 Infantry Milton Junction
Sholes, Louis Musician. A 39 Infantry Milwaukee
Sholts, John A. Private F 33 Infantry Sparta
Sholts, M. V. Private F 42 Infantry Oregon
Sholtz, John Private B 9 Infantry Durand
Shong, John W. Private G 48 Infantry West Superior
Short, Geo. Private D 29 Infantry Shortville
Short, James Private D 29 Infantry Shortville
Short, John Private A 1? Heavy Art. East Troy
Short, Peter Private E 17 Infantry Alma
Shorey, John Corporal I 47 Infantry Coloma Station
Shoults, W. B. Private I 17 Infantry Viroqua
Showalter, Levi 2d Lieut. C 2 Infantry Beetown
Showalter, R. B. Private C 2 Cavalry Lancaster
Shower, L. A. Private E 19 Infantry Avalanche
Shrake, Abner Private C 48 Infantry Wyalusing
Shrake, F. T. Sergeant. C 30 Infantry Galesville
Shrake, Jacob Private A 31 Infantry Wyalusing
Schrantz, Martin Private K 1 Cavalry Random Lake
Schreider, Christopher Private K 1 Cavalry Eau Galle
Shreve, Caleb Private I 6 Infantry Debello
Shreve, E. W. Private B 50 Infantry Debello
Shreve, Hezekiah Private A 25 Infantry Debello
Shufelt, S. A. Private D 7 Infantry Poygan
Shufelt, O. Private D 32 Infantry Omro
Shulka, Anton Private F 8 Infantry Prairie du Chien
Shull, L.W. Sergeant K 16 Infantry Woodford
Shult, William Private F 8 Infantry Viola
Shultz, James H. Private B 6 Infantry Brasington
Shumaker, Martin Private K 51 Infantry Boaz
Shuman, E. S. Private E 47 Infantry Verona
Shuman, J. J. Musician. G 10 Infantry Melrose
Shumway, L. Private .. 3 Battery. Pittsville
Shumway, Sylvester Private H 30 Infantry Hancock
Shumway, W. L. Private G 43 Infantry Raymond
Shup, James Private A 51 Infantry Milwaukee
Shurrum, T. F. Private C 40 Infantry Evansville
Shurtliff, Wm. R. Corporal H 4 Cavalry Oconto
Sibet, Geo. Corporal I 30 Infantry Eau Claire
Sibley, Geo. T. Private G 3 Infantry Milwaukee
Sickier, Fred Private I 21 & 3 Infantry Newtonburg
Sickler, W. P. Private H 39 Infantry Marinette
Sickenger, Joseph Private .. 5 Battery. Monroe
Sickinger, Louis Corporal .. 5 Battery. Monroe
Side, John Sergeant C 50 Infantry Leadmine
Sides, William Private C 16 Infantry Cataract
Sieber, Nicholas Private C 27 Infantry Rube
Siedenberg, Henry Private D 1 Cavalry Elk Mound
Siefert, Wm. Private I 9 Infantry Portage
Siegel, Andrew Private A 45 Infantry Knowles
Sieger, Dominicus Private D 52 Infantry Oshkosh
Sieger, John B. Private B 37 Infantry Orihula
Siegert, Benj. Private H 45 Infantry Wauwatosa
Siegert, Fred Private I 32 Infantry Appleton,
Siegrist, Henry Private E 26 Infantry National Home
Siegrist, Henry Musician. G 14 Infantry Spencer
Siemerling, Frederick Private F 6 Infantry Milwaukee
Siemers, William Private A 6 Infantry Sheboygan
Sievers, Claus Private E 21 Infantry Meggers
Sievert, Matthias Private L 2 Cavalry La Crosse
Sievert, Joachim Private F 7 Infantry Mishicott
Sievwright, Archibald Private A 8 Infantry Arkansas
Siggelkow, John Private B 45 Infantry Hika
Siggelkow, Ludwig Private B 45 Infantry Hika
Sigworth, Alois Private K 17 Infantry Northport
Sigglekow, John H. Private D 9 Infantry Madison
Sikes, Charles Private C 13 Infantry Sharon
Silbernagle, John J. Corporal F 6 Infantry Madison
Silsbe, Elias W. Private D 32 Infantry Symco
Silsby, Jos. E. Corporal D 27 Infantry Neillsville
Silvernail, C. C. Private G 25 Infantry East Pepin
Silverthorn, M. Private A 48 Infantry Omro
Silvester, Hughs Private E 38 Infantry Halder
Simcock, Isaac Private B 28 Infantry Amherst
Simenson, Martin Private G 12 Infantry Peru
Simmer, John Private F 15 Infantry Manitowoc
Simmons, Elmore Private D 7 Infantry Evansville
Simmons, Ezra Private G 1 Infantry Kenosha
Simmons, Isaac Private A 17 Infantry Oshkosh
Simmons, Harrison Private G 35 Infantry Evansville
Simmons, Harrison  Private D 7 Infantry Evansville
Simmons, John Private B 52 Infantry South Byron
Simmons, John W. Private G 34 Infantry Belmont
Simmons, Joseph L. Private A 1 Cavalry Viola
Simon, Isaac Private A 9 Infantry Green Bay
Simon, J. H. Private C 17 Infantry Hartford
Simon, Nick Private H 11 Infantry Sturgeon Bay
Simon, Peter M. Corporal K 21 Infantry Green Bay
Simonds, Norman Private F 3 Cavalry Reedsburg
Simonds, Orson Private .. 10 Battery. Baraboo
Simonek, J. Private F 26 Infantry Medford
Simons, Ole. Private D 52 Infantry Arkdale
Simons, Wm. Private C 52 Infantry Janesville
Simons, Wm. Private B 3 Cavalry Fennimore
Simons, William E. Private B 32 Infantry Stevens Point
Simpkins, Gibson Private C 35 Infantry Dickeyville
Simpkins, Sylvester Private E 25 Infantry Dickeyville
Simpson, A. C. Private E 7 Infantry Appleton,
Simpson, James Private H 1 Heavy Art. Seymour
Simpson, James Private C 30 Infantry Black Earth
Simpson, Thos. A. Private K 32 Infantry Arcadia
Simpson, Wm Private D 1 Infantry Milwaukee
Simpson, W. H. Private K 10 Infantry Waupun
Sims, Alexander Private G 3 Infantry Little Rapids
Sims, D. Private I 17 Infantry Cashton
Sims, D. Private C 18 Infantry Cashton
Sinclair, George A. Private B 12 Infantry Baraboo
Sinclair, Geo. W. Private B 5 Infantry National Home
Sinclair, John Private B 34 Infantry Durand
Sinclair, John Private H 20 Infantry Flintville
Sindson, Henry Private G 20 Infantry Iola
Sines, G. W. , Sr Private E 22 Infantry Cartwright
Sines, John Private I 18 Infantry Hartman
Sines, Wm. J Private A 49 Infantry Hartman
Singer, Philip Private C 18 Infantry Monico
Sinner, Conrad Private C 27 Infantry Franklin
Sinnett, Jacob Private B 33 Infantry Richland Center
Siperly, John R. Private D 22 Infantry Delavan
Sipher, Fred P Private D 8 Infantry Weyauwega
Sipel, Henry Private K 36 Infantry Elk Mound
Sischo, Luther Private I 38 Infantry Christie
Sisson, E. S. Private B 18 Infantry Woodford
Sisson, O. S. Corporal B 2 Cavalry West Salem
Sisson, W. A. Sergeant I 3 Infantry Argyle
Sitzman, John Private D 53 Infantry Green Bay
Sivyer, Byron G. Private A 39 Infantry Milwaukee
Sivyer, Edward H. Private A 1 Infantry Milwaukee
Sizer, Adam E. Private K 32 Infantry Fall River
Sizer, C. W. Private K 32 Infantry Merrill
Skarta, Jacob Private F 3 Infantry Spruce
Skeel, Nathan Private K 36 Infantry Menomonie
Skelly, Richard Private I 44 Infantry Janesville
Skelton, Nathan C. Wagoner A 43 Infantry Lodi
Skilling, Edward Private G 2 Cavalry Suamico
Skilling, Wm. Private G 2 Cavalry Almond
Skinner, George Private A 7 Infantry Delton
Skinner, William T Sergeant A 1 Heavy Art. Elroy
Slagg, T. C Captain. H 3 Infantry Cambridge
Slaker, W. R.  Private B 46 Infantry Clear Lake
Slardahl, Nels. Private I 51 Infantry La Crosse
Slater, Christ Private E 49 Infantry Cottage Grove
Slater, D. P. Sergeant H 32 Infantry Clintonville
Slater, Edgar Private F 36 Infantry Richford
Slater, John Private B 50 Infantry Milwaukee
Slaughter, Edward Private D 3 Cavalry New London
Slayback, William Private G 16 Infantry La Farge
Slightam, David Private H 4 Cavalry Madison
Slightam, W. E. Musician. I 37 Infantry Prairie du Chien
Sloan, Douglas E. Corporal C 21 Infantry Omro
Soan, H. C. Private D 5 Infantry West Superior
Slothower, David Corporal I 5 Infantry Warren, Ill
Slott, Edwin Sergeant B 23 Infantry Darlington
Slover, Z. R. Private H 35 Infantry National Home
Sly, Geo. A. Private I 8 Infantry Blair
Sly, Hiram S. Private A 52 Infantry Kilbourn
Sly, Ira H. Private H 48 Infantry Sechlerville
Smales, Benjamin D. Private H 19 Infantry Neenah
Small, Croker J. Private A 1 Heavy Art. Wrightsville
Small, Ephraim Private A 6 Infantry Valton
Small, Robt. Private K 11 Infantry Clemansville
Small, W. W. Private B 20 Infantry Madison
Small, Wm. Private K 24 Infantry Loveland
Smalley, R. J. Private H 19 Infantry Clemansville
Smally, Daniel N. Captain. I 25 Infantry Cuba City
Smally, Hershel N. Drum Maj. .. 1 Infantry Manitowoc
Smart, E. Private B 14 Infantry Kekoesa
Smart, James H. Private C 4 Cavalry Butternut
Smelker, Irvin C. Private C 7 Infantry Platteville
Smelker, J. P. Sergeant A 41 Infantry Dodgeville
Smelthurst, John Corporal A 31 Infantry Mt Sterling
Smethurst, Joseph Private A 31 Infantry Seneca
Smiplote, Benjamin Private C 5 Infantry Black River Falls
Smith, A. Private B 14 Infantry Weyauwega
Smith, A. M. Private H 10 Infantry New Lisbon
Smith, A. P. Sergeant E 31 Infantry Darlington
Smith, Aaron Sergeant E 3 Cavalry Evansville
Smith, Albert H. Corporal H 12 Infantry Green Bay
Smith, Alexander Private I 1 Cavalry Gillingham
Smith, Alexander B. Corporal I 4 Cavalry Avalanche
Smith, Alfred Private C 47 Infantry Crandon
Smith, Alfred Private E 19 Infantry Shell Lake
Smith, Alonzo M. Private F 27 Infantry Fond du Lac
Smith, Alonzo   Private 16 Infantry Brookville
Smith, Andrew A. Private B 48 Infantry Waterford
Smith, And. J. Private B 5 Infantry National Home
Smith, And. P. Private G 24 Infantry National Home
Smith, Arthur, Jr. Wagoner E 48 Infantry Oxford
Smith, August Private D 12 Infantry Neillsville
Smith, B. N. Sergeant K 37 Infantry Kickapoo
Smith, Barber Private I 3 Cavalry Milladore
Smith, Barney Private D 3 Infantry Waupun
Smith, Barrett H. Lieutenant B 40 Infantry Tiffany
Smith, Benj. Lieutenant B 5 Infantry Oshkosh
Smith, Benjamin Private H 1 Heavy Art. Union Grove
Smith, C. C. Private D 12 Infantry Flambeau
Smith, Chas. H. Private A 13 Infantry Janesville
Smith, Chas.   Private -- 8 Battery New Lisbon
Smith, Chas. Private -- 4 Battery Beloit
Smith, Charles Corporal C 19 Infantry La Crosse
Smith, Charles Corporal B 52 Infantry Hartford
Smith, Chas. H. Private B 52 Infantry Portage
Smith, Chas. M. Surgeon -- 13 Infantry Evansville
Smith, Chas. W. Private H 43 Infantry Racine
Smith, Christian Drummer A 34 Infantry Oxford
Smith, D. Private I 43 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Smith, D. C. Corporal I 3 Cavalry Mazomanie
Smith, D. G. Private A 21 Infantry Green Bay
Smith, D. P. Sergeant C 1 Cavalry Wis Vet Home
Smith, D. W. Private -- 9 Battery Dallas
Smith, Daniel Private I 43 Infantry Berlin
Smith, Daniel Private M 1 Cavalry Lind Center
Smith, David Private H 51 Infantry Wiota
Smith, David Private A 3 Infantry Green Bay
Smith, David W. Private I 14 Infantry Chetek
Smith, Dow. B. Private A 43 Infantry Oconomowoc
Smith, E. E. Private K 5 Infantry Rock Falls
Smith, E. H. Private H 13 Infantry Edgerton
Smith, E. T. Private H 49 Infantry Lime Ridge
Smith, Edwin I. Private A 18 Infantry Fond du Lac
Smith, Edward Private D 33 Infantry Boscobel
Smith, Edward B. Sergeant C 20 Infantry Boscobel
Smith, Edwin   Private H 14 Infantry Rathbun
Smith, Elias Private D 12 Infantry Milwaukee
Smith, Elisha Private C 50 Infantry Darlington
Smith, Emery Private D 29 Infantry Fort Atkinson
Smith, Erastus 1st. Sergeant K 6 Infantry Mauston
Smith, Frank Private D 2 Cavalry Balsam Lake
Smith, Frank Private A 1 Infantry National Home
Smith, Fred. Private I 1 Heavy Art. Racine
Smith, Frederich Private F 26 Infantry Marinette
Smith, G. C. Private -- 1 Battery Dallas
Smith, G. E. Private B 40 Infantry Beloit
Smith, G. W. Private F 4 Cavalry Unity
Smith, George Private C 6 Infantry Prairie du Chien
Smith, George Private C 1 Infantry Wheatland
Smith, Geo. A. Corporal I 17 Infantry Soldier's Grove
Smith, Geo. E. Sergeant E 2 Infantry Racine
Smith, Geo. H. Private K 51 Infantry Trempealeau
Smith, George N. Private K 1 Heavy Art. Cataract
Smith, Gil. Private D 44 Infantry Clintonville
Smith, Gus. Sergeant C 35 Infantry Viroqua
Smith, H. J. Corporal I 39 Infantry Racine
Smith, Harrison Private B 50 Infantry Viroqua
Smith, Henry Private B 14 Infantry Marshfield
Smith, Henry C. Private H 12 Infantry Green Bay
 Smith, Henry C. Sergeant H 34 Infantry Green Bay
Smith, Herman W. Private I 22 Infantry Evansville
Smith, Ira E. Corporal B 4 Cavalry Dartford
Smith, Ira E. Private B 3 Cavalry Fair Play
Smith, Isaac Private E 19 Infantry West Lima
Smith, J. Private B 13 Infantry Cashton
Smith, J. B. Private A 37 Infantry Wilton
Smith, J. D. Private F 12 Infantry Abrams
Smith, J. F. Private G 1 Heavy Art. Lowell
Smith, J. H. Private F 18 Infantry Waupaca
Smith, J. H. Private A 1 Cavalry Dallas
Smith, J. J. Private A 3 Cavalry Sparta
Smith, J. L. Private A 42 Infantry Stevens Point
Smith, J. W. Private I 44 Infantry Richland Center
Smith, Jabez M. Private A 39 Infantry Milwaukee
Smith, James Private G 19 Infantry Mifflin
Smith, James Private C 22 Infantry Lake Geneva
Smith, James Private C 23 Infantry Moundville
Smith, James 1st. Lieut. I 36 Infantry Galesville
Smith, James Private E 18 Infantry Blaine
Smith, James C. Private K 8 Infantry Racine
Smith, James C. Private G 43 Infantry Racine
Smith, James E. Corporal -- 4 Battery Brodhead
Smith, James M. Private -- 10 Battery Reedsburg
Smith, Jas. Private B 5 Infantry National Home
Smith, Jeremiah Private G 13 Infantry Brodhead
Smith, Jesse Private I 3 Cavalry Reedsburg
Smith, John Private H 9 Infantry Ellsworth
Smith, John Private G 5 Infantry Black River Falls
Smith, John Private D 30 Infantry Deer Park
Smith, John Private I 29 Infantry Toland
Smith, John Private G 32 Infantry Winchester
Smith, John 1st. Lieut. B 8 Infantry Greenbush
Smith, John B. Private A 40 Infantry Emerald Grove
Smith, John H. Private D 20 Infantry Fairchild
Smith, John K. Private F 16 Infantry Beloit
Smith, John P. Private C 41 Infantry Whitcomb
Smith, John S. Private E 22 Infantry Portage
Smith, John W. Corporal B 11 Infantry Blue Mounds
Smith, Jos. Corporal G 12 Infantry Kekoosa
Smith, Joseph Corporal E 16 Infantry Port Washington
Smith, Julius O. Sergeant A 1 Heavy Art. Burlington
Smith, L. J. Captain I 28 Infantry Troy Center
Smith, Leonard Private I 45 Infantry Centralia
Smith, Loren S. Private A 18 Infantry National Home
Smith, Louis Private C 49 Infantry North Freedom
Smith, M. Private G 30 Infantry Kilbourn
Smith, M. J. Private I 16 Infantry Fairplay
Smith, M. P. Private I 3 Infantry Blanchardville
Smith, M. S. Private A 29 Infantry Waterloo
Smith, Mark Corporal H 7 Infantry Madison
Smith, Michael Private A 2 Cavalry Winooski
Smith, Michael D. Private K 14 Infantry Seneca
Smith, Miles Private G 37 Infantry Winslow, Ill
Smith, Nelson J. Private G 28 Infantry Waukesha
Smith, Nicholas Captain H 33 Infantry Fond du Lac
Smith, O. Corporal D 28 Infantry Whitewater
Smith, Oliver Musician G 21 Infantry Shiocton
Smith, Otis Private I 3 Infantry Stevenson's Pier
Smith, Owen Private G 5 Infantry La Crosse
Smith, Patrick Private E 1 Heavy Art. Mauston
Smith, Peter Private E 1 Heavy Art. Leeds Center
Smith, Phillip Private K 21 Infantry Hutchins
Smith, Ralph S. Private G 5 Infantry Centralia
Smith, Royal A. Private F 1 Heavy Art. National Home
Smith, S. H. Corporal D 49 Infantry Whitewater
Smith, S. W. Sergeant K 50 Infantry Mauston
Smith, Silas D. Sergeant A 29 Infantry Waterloo
Smith, Solomon Private I 46 Infantry Monroe
Smith, Sol. R. Corporal A 8 Infantry Osseo
Smith, T. J. Private D 25 Infantry Richland Center
Smith, Thomas Corporal H 12 Infantry North Lake
Smith, Thomas Private I 49 Infantry Thurman
Smith, Thomas B. Private C 30 Infantry Mineral Point
Smith, Valney Private B 16 Infantry Loyal
Smith, W. B. Private H 3 Infantry Beloit
Smith, W. H. Sergeant H 4 Cavalry Augusta
Smith, W. S. Private C 37 Infantry Whitehall
Smith, Wallace Private B 2 Cavalry Stevenstown
Smith, Waldo G. Private G U.S.S.S. (Berdans) Madison
Smith, Willard Private E 37 Infantry Eau Galle
Smith, Wm. Private H 37 Infantry Eldorado
Smith, Wm. Private B 16 Infantry Gay's Mill
Smith, Wm. Private I 17 Infantry National Home
Smith, Wm. Sergeant B 6 Infantry Augusta
Smith, Wm. B. Private A 45 Infantry Sioska
Smith, Wm. J. Private K 8 Infantry Racine
Smith, Wm. J. Private F 3 Cavalry Barron
Smith, Wm., Jr. Private E 6 Infantry Cambellsport
Smith, William M. Private H 30 Infantry Packwaukee
Smithyman, Wm. E. Private I 42 Infantry Platteville
Smitka, Frank Private H 26 Infantry National Home
Smolk, J. K. Private E 1 Cavalry Shiocton
Smothers, O. Private K 2 Cavalry Whitewater
Smutzler, August Private E 20 Infantry Beaver Dam
Smyser, Stephen Private K 6 Infantry Raymond
Sneider, Jacob Private F 19 Infantry Kunesh
Snell, Austin W. Private A 1 Infantry Oshkosh
Snell, James Private B 16 Infantry Tustin
Snell, O. W. Private E 1 Heavy Art. Ogdensburg
Snell, Orange Private B 37 Infantry Tustin
Snell, Xenophon Private B 52 Infantry Fond du Lac
Sness, Mich. Private A 3 Infantry National Home
Snider, Dan. Private F 3 Infantry Mount Hope
Snider, John Geo. Private C 43 Infantry Mount Hope
Sniffen, Royal Private K 27 Infantry Manitowoc
Snigmeair, Geo. Private F 5 Infantry Waukesha
Snodgrass, Joseph S. Private D 14 Infantry Viroqua
Snover, T. F. Private C 10 Infantry Oconto
Snow, Boeman Musician -- 1B 3 D 15 A. C. Evansville
Snow, George C. Private F 42 Infantry Auroraville
Snow, J. W. Private B 2 Cavalry Merrillan
Snow, Jerome B. Sergeant I 12 Infantry Viola
Snow, O. D. Corporal -- 5 Battery Lake Geneva
Snowden, Robt. P. Sergeant G 5 Infantry Black River Falls
Snowden, Wm. R. Private K 47 Infantry Platteville
Snyder, Andrew Private B 11 Infantry Henrietta
Snyder, C. N. Private B 16 Infantry Appleton
Snyder, Frank Private D 11 Infantry Bloom City
Snyder, G. W. Private G 1 Cavalry Oshkosh
Snyder, H. Private I 32 Infantry Oak Center
Snyder, Henry Private E 42 Infantry Waukesha
Snyder, J. M. Corporal E 1 Cavalry Sparta
Snyder, Jacob Private B 37 Infantry Oak Center
Snyder, Jno. Private K 10 Infantry Waupun
Snyder, M. L. Sergeant A 24 Infantry Waukesha
Snyder, Oscar O. Private -- 8 Battery Stevens Point
Snyder, Peter Private E 3 Infantry Columbus
Snyder, Stephen H. Private G 12 Infantry Grand Rapids
Snyder, Wm. Private A 17 Infantry Lamertine
Soden, Wm. Private -- 1 Infantry Oregon
Soden, Wm. 1st. Sergeant E 23 Infantry Oregon
Sodders, Ira A. Corporal E 50 Infantry Lodi
Sohns, Phillip Private C 9 Infantry Lake Church
Sohns, Wm. Private F 45 Infantry Bailey's Harbor
Sohrweide, Henry Private E 52 Infantry Cedarburg
Solamon, Geo. Private E 19 Infantry Hersey
Solles, Edgar Private A 37 Infantry Mauston
Solles, Stephen Private L 1 Heavy Art. Marshall
Solomon, James M. Private E 12 Infantry Packwaukee
Solway, Eli. Private Un. 17 Infantry Oconto
Solway, John Corporal K 12 Infantry Sturgeon Bay
Sommars, David B. Corporal I 12 Infantry Viola
Sommers, Henry Private M 3 Cavalry Sheboygan
Songstead, Evan S. Sergeant K 25 Infantry Westby
Sonnen, Jonathan Private C 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Sonner, Charles Private A 35 Infantry National Home
Sontag, Fred Private D 48 Infantry Two Rivers
Sontag, G. Private E 45 Infantry West Bend
Sontag, Jacob Private H 48 Infantry Fountain City
Sontag, Louis Private D 29 Infantry Neillsville
Soper, E. L. Private K 16 Infantry Stewart
Soper, Henry M. Sergeant A 38 Infantry Fond du Lac
Soper, H. D. 1st. Sergeant M 2 Cavalry Waupaca
Soper, Isaac Private B 4 Cavalry Berlin
Soper, J. Q. A. Corporal K 16 Infantry Jordan
Soper, Peter H. Sergeant B 5 Infantry National Home
Soper, William H. Musician B 4 Cavalry Clintonville
Soper, Zela Private K 19 Infantry Cato
Sorg, Henry Private -- 9 Battery New Munster
Sorg, Henry Corporal D 9 Infantry Cassel
Sorenson, Aslak Private C 44 Infantry Iola
Sorenson, John Private G 21 Infantry Sturgeon Bay
Sorenson, Chas. Private C 23 Infantry National Home
Sorkness, Ebert G. Private A 12 Infantry Colfax
Sornes, Thos. Corporal C 3 Cavalry Fort Atkinson
Souder, Frederich Private E 36 Infantry Mosel
Soule, C. P. Private G 3 Infantry Wautoma
Soule, H. C. Private F 36 Infantry Wautoma
Soules, Perry Private K 36 Infantry Dallas
Soules, Richard Private K 2 Cavalry La Crosse
South, J. M. Private -- 5 Battery Monroe
Southard, James W. Private D 11 Infantry Richland City
Southard, R. E. Corporal I 19 Infantry Dixon
Southard, William Private -- 6 Battery Lone Rock
Southwick, Henry Private K 49 Infantry East Delavan
Southwick, J. I. Private K 49 Infantry Delavan
Sowle, Elvirus Sergeant D 39 Infantry Rochester
Sowle, Isaac A. Corporal C 49 Infantry Milton
Spaar, Andrew Private D 26 Infantry Racine
Spafford, E. Private B 48 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Spaulding, Luther Lieutenant B 32 Infantry River Falls
Spangenberg, Geo. F. Private G 49 Infantry Watertown
Spangler, Chas. B. Private L 2 Cavalry Boscobel
Sparks, David Private -- 4 Cavalry Reedsburg
Sparks, Julius M. Private G 19 Infantry Reedsburg
Sparks, R. D. Corporal E 16 Infantry Plainfield
Sparks, Wm. W. Private H 14 Infantry Fond du Lac
Spaulding, C. C. Sergeant B 7 Infantry Rio
Spaulding. G. T. Musician -- 3 Infantry Brodhead
Spaulding, Henry Corporal I 30 Infantry Eau Claire
Spaulding, H. C. Private H 10 Infantry Tomah
Spaulding, H. C. Private E 44 Infantry Tomah
Spaulding, H. J. Private E 1 Infantry Windsor
Spaulding James F. Private H 11 Infantry Coloma Station
Spaulding, S. S. Private A 32 Infantry Fairwater
Spaulding, Wm. C. Surgeon -- 29 Infantry Watertown
Spawn, Adam I. Sergeant E 18 Infantry Hancock
Spear, Giles H. Corporal A 39 Infantry Milwaukee
Spear, J. A. Private -- 8 Battery  
Spear, R. O. Sergeant F 1 Heavy Art. Pardeeville
Spear, John Private D 1 Cavalry Binghampton
Spears, Frank Private B 6 Infantry Norwalk
Spears, W. R. Private C 37 Infantry Moscow
Spease, Chas. H. Private K 47 Infantry Ellenboro
Speese, Silas Private C 52 Infantry Wautoma
Spiegelberg, Christ Private B 18 Infantry National Home
Speigelberg, Fred Private F 19 Infantry Winchester
Spegleberg, William Lieutenant F 19 Infantry Oshkosh
Spehle, Joseph Private G 48 Infantry Porter's Mills
Spehn, Joseph Private E 16 Infantry Grafton
Spehn, Peter Captain I 9 Infantry Grafton
Spence, John H. C. Private I 51 Infantry Boardman
Spencer, C. A. Captain E 47 Infantry Waupaca
Spencer, C. L. Corporal C 1 Heavy Art. Baraboo
Spencer, Chas. Private H 18 Infantry Oshkosh
Spencer, Ira Corporal A 42 Infantry Waupaca
Spencer, J. C. 1st. Lieut. F 37 Infantry Antigo
Spencer, J. C. Corporal K 3 Infantry Chase
Spencer, James F. 1st. Lt. & Adjt. -- 11 Infantry Madison
Spencer, Lyman Private G 37 Infantry Platteville
Spencer, R. Private K 28 Infantry Green Bay
Spencer, Samuel H. Private D 47 Infantry Necedah
Spencer, Sylvester B. Sergeant G 33 Infantry Platteville
Spengler, Adolph Private K 1 Heavy Art. New Amsterdam
Spengler, Herman Private A 47 Infantry Dorchester
Spengler, Theo. Private A 47 Infantry Readfield
Sperback, Robt. Corporal K 2 Infantry Palmyra
Spering, Carl Private D 45 Infantry Manitowoc
Sperling, Chas. Private G 32 Infantry Milwaukee
Sperling, John Private M 1 Heavy Art. National Home
Spicer, D. G. Private B 12 Infantry Reedsburg
Spicer, Henry C. Corporal G 27 Infantry Union Mills
Spicer, Laughlin Private I 49 Infantry Pardeeville
Spice, Robert Private H 4 Cavalry Oconto
Spierling, Carl Corporal D 45 Infantry Manitowoc
Spies, Charles Private A 17 Infantry Marshfield
Spike, James Private D 43 Infantry Edgerton
Spikes, William Q. M. Sergt. B 3 Cavalry Oshkosh
Spille, Henry Private C 44 Infantry Butternut
Spillers, William Private C 1 Cavalry Cassville
Spindler, Henry Private B 21 Infantry Dale
Spindler, John Private E 16 Infantry Milwaukee
Spink, Richard A. Private A 14 Infantry Oshkosh
Spirtwe, Austin O. Private G 16 Infantry Mt Horeb
Splaine, James D. Corporal G 5 Infantry Portage
Spoehr, Ernst Private D 51 Infantry Shiocton
Spohn, John W. Private I 50 Infantry Cadott
Spohn, Phillip Private D 2 Cavalry Kendall
Spooner, Albert Private F 3 Infantry Brookville
Spooner, Cyrus Sergeant K 6 Infantry Wonewoc
Spooner, Daniel H. Corporal D 25 Infantry Tomah
Spooner, John C. Captain A 50 Infantry Madison
Spoor, Chas. Private I 28 Infantry Lyons
Spoor, Isaac W. Private D 29 Infantry Fort Atkinson
Spore, Solomon C. Sergeant D 32 Infantry Oshkosh
Sproll, Joseph Private I 18 Infantry St Nazians
Sproul, James Private A 19 Infantry North Freedom
Spragg, E. P. J. Private -- 9 Battery Marquette
Sprague, Geo. B. Private C 25 Infantry Elkhorn
Sprague, Harley L. Private C 6 Infantry Beetown
Sprague, H. Private -- 7 Battery Elroy
Sprague, James H. Private C 25 Infantry Bloomington
Sprague, John J. Sergeant E 2 Infantry Oshkosh
Sprague, Nelson Private G 43 Infantry Darien
Sprague, Oscar Private G 1 Cavalry Abrams
Sprague, Reuben Corporal E 22 Infantry Milton
Sprang, Herman Private A 35 Infantry Two Rivers
Sprang, Robert D. Private G 25 Infantry Neva
Spratt, George Corporal F 48 Infantry Sheboygan Falls
Sprecher, Edward Private G 11 Infantry Burke
Sprengel, John Private M 1 Heavy Art. Sun Prairie
Sprengling, Anton Private C 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Springhuth, Theo. Private F 45 Infantry Milwaukee
Springer, D. B. Private I 3 Cavalry Edgerton
Springer, John H. Private G 46 Infantry Eleva
Springer, Joseph Private D 12 Infantry Stoddard
Springstead, Wm. Private C 3 Infantry Brodhead
Springsteen, L. V. Private A 30 Infantry New Richmond
Sproll, Joseph Private I 18 Infantry St Nazianz
Spry, Jonathan Private H 5 Infantry Bloom City
Spry, Jonathan Corporal D 36 Infantry Bloom City
Spry, S. P. Private H 46 Infantry Richland Center
Spurgeon, George Private A 47 Infantry Dale
Spurgeon, Jonathan Private K 11 Infantry Weyauwega
Spurgeon, John H. Private E 52 Infantry Morley
Spurgeon, Philip Private K 11 Infantry Hogarty
Spurr, Thos. W. Private F 39 Infantry Milwaukee
Squire, G. W. Private K 12 Infantry Wheatville
Squire, N. D. Private G 19 Infantry Elroy
Squires, Charles Private D 14 Infantry Medford
Squires, T. B. Private E 12 Infantry Waterloo
Squires, G. Corporal D 25 Infantry Tomah
Squires, R. D. 1st. Lieut. G 5 Infantry Black River Falls
St. Clair, Geo. H. Private H 5 Infantry Lynxville
St. John, Chas. Private K 50 Infantry Ironton
St. John, Stephen Private H 17 Infantry Prairie du Sac
St. Germain, David Private D 31 Infantry Nevins
St. Germain, O'Neil Private -- 10 Infantry Clam Falls
St. Peter, Antoine D. Private A 27 Infantry Kewaunee
Staab, Philip Private I 27 Infantry Beaver Dam
Stabenfeldt, Ernst Private I 3 Infantry Watertown
Stackhouse, Wm. Private F 11 Infantry Loganville
Stacy, Andrew D. Private K 30 Infantry Chetek
Stadelman, Ed. Private D 9 Infantry Sauk City
Stadelman, Otto Private D 9 Infantry Sauk City
Stadtmuller, Joseph Private K 51 Infantry Oshkosh
Staer, John Private A 45 Infantry Split Rock
Staff, Geo. C. Corporal A 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Stafford, A. D. Private D 44 Infantry Oak Center
Stafford, Chas. Private D 44 Infantry Oakfield
Stafford, John Private K 42 Infantry Portage
Stagner, Bernard Private M 1 Cavalry Madison
Stahl, Chas. Private D 12 Infantry Milwaukee
Stahle, John Private A 5 Infantry Hersey
Stahossky, Michael Private H 2 Cavalry La Crosse
Stainbrook, Samuel A. Private G 7 Infantry Grand Rapids
Stair, Wm. Private G 31 Infantry La Crosse
Stalcup, Fred Private D 1 Heavy Art. Browntown
Staley, Josiah Private E 36 Infantry Waldo
Staley, Stephen R. Private A 48 Infantry Oshkosh
Staley, Jeremiah S. Private F 42 Infantry Dayton
Stalker, Geo. Private G 2 Infantry Oxford
Stalker, Horace Private K 32 Infantry Oxford
Stalter, Mike Private F 45 & 34 Infantry Green Bay
Stam, John Private K 44 Infantry Columbus
Stamm, Jacob Private L 3 Cavalry Eau Claire
Stamm, C. Fred Private C 26 Infantry Kenosha
Stamm, William Private C 21 Infantry South Osborne
Stanard, Spencer W. Private H 49 Infantry Fort Atkinson
Stanard, Spencer W. Private D 7 Infantry Fort Atkinson
Standish, A. L. Private D 11 Infantry Basswood
Standish, A. L. Private F 2 Cavalry  
Stanfield, James F. Private E 32 Infantry Waupaca
Stanford, Emery M. Private -- 1 Battery La Crosse
Stanford, J. E. Sergeant A 49 Infantry Black Earth
Stanley, Abner Private H 12 Infantry Valton
Stanley, Geo. W. Private B 14 Infantry Antigo
Stanley, Henry C. Sergeant F 23 Infantry Pardeeville
Stanley, J. E. Private C 46 Infantry Bruce
Stanley, Jason H. Private H 48 Infantry National Home
Stannard, Geo. W. Private H 32 Infantry Black Creek
Stannard, Henry Corporal B 8 Infantry Armstrong
Stannard, W. C. Sergeant E 5 Infantry Oshkosh
Stansburg, Emory Private D 1 Cavalry Appleton
Stansbury, Geo. 2d. Lieut. B 49 Infantry Milwaukee
Stant, Andrew Private E 25 Infantry Muscoda
Stanton, Cato. Private E 21 Infantry Marinette
Stanton, David H. W. Private Un. 3 Infantry Portage
Stanton, G. P. Corporal B 7 Infantry Fall River
Stanton, Ira D. Private Un. -- Infantry Dundee
Stanton, John E. Private A 50 Infantry Eau Claire
Stanton, J. M. Private F 18 Infantry Eureka
Stanton, J. W. Private G 30 Infantry Mondovi
Stanton, William Private D 16 Infantry Chilton
Staples, R. J. Private M 1 Heavy Art. Oasis
Stapleton, Patrick Corporal F 47 Infantry Custer
Starin, Duane Fred Private H 43 Infantry Whitewater
Starin, O. C. Corporal K 2 Cavalry Darien
Stark, Aug. Private H 28 Infantry Vernon
Stark, Joshua Captain E 29 Infantry Rice Lake
Starks, Charles Private C 16 Infantry Poynette
Starks, Chas. W. Captain E 33 Infantry Tiffany
Starks, Edgar Private B 12 Infantry Amherst
Starks, L. H. Private I 13 Infantry Blaine
Starks, L. H.   B 14    
Starks, Peter Private F 44 Infantry Hortonville
Starks, S. H. Private A 27 Infantry New London
Starkweather, S. D. Private 30 Infantry Clear Lake
Starkweather, Wm. Q. M. Sergt. -- 1 Infantry Milwaukee
Starling, Samuel Private D 41 Infantry Berlin
Starr, A. A. Private F 16 Infantry Elroy
Starr, Jos. Corporal K 37 Infantry Milwaukee
Starr, Wm. Private A 41 Infantry Lancaster
Stauff, Jake Corporal I 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Stauffacher, Henry Private F 46 Infantry Schultz
Stauffacher, J. J. Private B 31 Infantry Monroe
Stauffacher, Rudolph Private B 31 Infantry Monroe
Staus, Fred Private E 6 Infantry Colgate
Stayton, John Private G 16 Infantry Buck Creek
Steade, Frederick Private A 14 Infantry Fond du Lac
Steadman, Joe. Captain F 19 Infantry Oshkosh
Steady, Henry J. Private K 1 Infantry Eau Claire
Steady, Henry J. Sergeant B 35    
Stearns, George Sergeant B 13 Infantry Milwaukee
Stearns, Albert Corporal I 17 Infantry New London
Stearns, W. A. Sergeant K 1 Cavalry Barnum
Stebbins, Arad. Private I 4 Cavalry Melrose
Stebbins, Eugene Private G 32 Infantry Arkansaw
Stebbins, Dewayne Corporal K 21 Infantry Ahnapee
Stedman, Hiram Private D 32 Infantry Berlin
Stedman, Hollis Private I 11 Infantry Berlin
Steel, William G. Private I 32 Infantry New London
Steele, C. H. Private G 47 Infantry Boscobel
Steele, C. W. Captain A 4 Cavalry Whitewater
Steele, Charles Private G 33 Infantry Cadott
Steele, Chas. Private C 4 Cavalry Butternut
Steele, Chas. F. Private B 39 Infantry Duplainville
Steele, G. W. Captain K 13 Infantry Whitewater
Steele, Henry Private A 25 Infantry Palmyra
Steele, John D. Corporal E 1 Heavy Art. Necedah
Steele, Robert 1st. Lieut. C 42 Infantry Lodi
Steele, Thomas Private F 14 Infantry De Pere
Steen, Wm. Private B 3 Cavalry Downing
Steensland, Ole Private E 15 Infantry Perry
Steensland, Oscar E. Private F 46 Infantry Moscow
Steensrud, A. A. Private B 6 Infantry Black Earth
Steensrud, O. A. Private I 43 Infantry Black Earth
Stees, W. H. Private K 30 Infantry Bloomer
Steffen, Fred Private G 32 Infantry Milwaukee
Steffen, John J. Private H 26 Infantry Sheboygan
Steffen, Math. Private K 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Steffen, Nicholas Private B 9 Infantry Green Bay
Steffen, Philip Private I 1 Cavalry Rome
Stegemeyer, Geo. Private A 2 Eng. Corps. Milwaukee
Steger, Carl Private H 3 Infantry Wausau
Stegner, Geo. Private E 50 Infantry Beaver Dam
Stehr, John Private K 2 Infantry King's Corners
Steidtman, F. W. Private I 1 Cavalry Merrill
Steiger, Jacob Corporal K 17 Infantry Fremont
Steihl, H. D. Private K 23 Infantry Black River Falls
Steil, Henry Private F 12 Infantry Highland
Stein, Adam, Sr. Private G 1 Infantry Meeme
Stein, Nath. Private F 5 Infantry National Home
Stein, Nicholas Private H 17 Infantry Kilbourn City
Stein, William Private A 45 Infantry Fillmore
Steinacker, Ferd. Private A 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Steinbach, Fredrich Private D 45 Infantry Olivet
Steinberg, Richard Private I 1 Cavalry Watertown
Steinbergh, Henry Van Private I 49 Infantry Pardeeville
Steinbrooks, Christopher Private A 1 Cavalry Grand Rapids
Steere, Silas Private H 48 Infantry Plymouth
Steinbricker, Fred Private K 51 Infantry Sheboygan
Stein, Sam. I. Sergeant A 41 Infantry Belmont
Steiner, J. M. Private K 6 Infantry Wheatville
Steiner, Jacob J. Private A 34 Infantry Lomira
Steinert, Michael Private I 6 Infantry Fillmore
Steinfeldt, John Private B 27 Infantry Granton
Steinhoff, Henry Private B 17 Infantry Norwalk
Steinke, Carl Private F 44 Infantry Belle Plaine
Steinke, Ludwig Private E 20 Infantry Watertown
Steinmitz, Henry Private F 6 Infantry Hanover
Steinmetz, Math. Private C 6 Infantry West Bend
Steitz, George Private D 48 Infantry Colby
Stellard, John Private K 28 Infantry Humbird
Steltz, Conrad Private D 3 Infantry Beaver Dam
Stempel, Joseph Private D 15 Infantry Watertown
Stenger, Adam Private D 53 Infantry Sheboygan
Stensend, Ole A. Private I 43 Infantry Black Earth
Stenzel, William Private F 5 Infantry Mukwonago
Stephens, Arthur O. Private D 14 Infantry Wanwatosa
Stephens, E. M. Corporal K 40 Infantry Neillsville
Stephens, J. L. Private L 2 Cavalry Durand
Stephens, John Q. M. Sergt. -- 2 Cavalry Cuba City
Stephens, James Private I 2 Cavalry Dodgeville
Stephens, Math. Private H 28 Infantry New Berlin
Stephens, Silas Private H 32 Infantry Dorchester
Stephenson, A. P. Private A 29 Infantry Waterloo
Stephenson, Joseph Private I 11 Infantry Gravesville
Stephenson, S. Q. M. S. H 3 Cavalry Sturgeon Bay
Sterling, John Private I 14 Infantry La Crosse
Sterling, John A. Private E 18 Infantry Abbotsford
Sterling, Wm. Private A 37 Infantry Rice Lake
Sterling, Wm. Private F 1 Heavy Art. Markesan
Sterne, Julius Private C 26 Infantry Prescott
Sterns, Eli Private C 2 Infantry Fort Atkinson
Stetler, Burns Private C 14 Infantry Langlade
Statler, Cornelius Private H 36 Infantry Eagle Corners
Stetzer, August Sergeant D 12 Infantry Burr Oak
Stetzer, John Private G 5 Infantry Burr Oak
Stevens, A. Private A 16 Infantry Mather
Stevens, Alexander Private -- 6 Battery Almond
Stevens, Chas. A. Lieutenant D 49 Infantry Appleton
Stevens, Chas. E. Private K 37 Infantry Menomonie
Stevens, Curt. H. Private E 7 Infantry National Home
Stevens, E. B. Private C 1 Heavy Art. Richland Center
Stevens, Edward A. Private B 3 Cavalry Oshkosh
Stevens, F. F. Major -- 13 Infantry Janesville
Stevens, G. Captain B 12 Infantry Reedsburg
Stevens, George Corporal K 17 Infantry Manawa
Stevens, H. D. Private D 48 Infantry Madison
Stevens, Henry J. Private D 49 Infantry Medina
Stevens, Isaac Private L 2 Cavalry Briggsville
Stevens, J. C. Musicians K 38 Infantry Whitehall
Stevens, James Private H 1 Heavy Art. Marshall
Stevens, James Private A 31 Infantry Ferryville
Stevens, L. Private E 48 Infantry Whitewater
Stevens, M. F. Private L 2 Cavalry Downsville
Stevens, Perry R. Private E 16 Infantry Necedah
Stevens, R. G. Private G 32 Infantry Millston
Stevens, S. Private F 1 Heavy Art. Princeton
Stevens, Samuel C. Private C 38 Infantry Rio
Stevens, Sylvester Private K 22 Infantry Juda
Stevens, Thomas Private H 13 Infantry Necedah
Stevens, W. P. Private H 1 Cavalry Ripon
Stevens, Wm. H. Private K 6 Infantry Downing
Stevens, Wm.   Private I 2 Cavalry Easton
Stevenson, G. W. Lt. Col. -- 3 Infantry Lamont
Stevenson, John Private D 43 Infantry Chaseburg
Stevenson, Robt. Sergeant F 1 Cavalry Appleton
Stever, G. H. Private C 46 Infantry Oshkosh
Stever, George W. Private B 27 Infantry Ogdensburg
Stever, James H. Private B 27 Infantry Spring Valley
Stever, John A. Private F 18 Infantry Zion
Stever, Washington 1st. Lieut. K 7 Infantry Menasha
Steward, Geo. Sergeant E 51 Infantry Milwaukee
Stewart, A. H. Private K 13 Infantry Delavan
Stewart, A. W. Private K 16 Infantry Spencer
Stewart, Elisha Private D 37 Infantry Wild Rose
Stewart, Ezra Private B 1 Cavalry Brodhead
Stewart, Henry Private D 33 Infantry Rockdale
Stewart, Hugh A. Corporal G 11 Infantry Mazomanie
Stewart, I. N. Sergeant I 1 Heavy Art. Milwaukee
Stewart, J. A. Sergeant F 29 Infantry River Falls
Stewart, James Private -- 10 Battery Arkansaw
Stewart, James Private D 6 Infantry Mazomanie
Stewart, James A. Private F 17 Infantry Palmyra
Stewart, Jas. L. Sergeant L 1 Heavy Art. Fulton
Stewart, Joel L. Private C 4 Cavalry Clintonville
Stewart, John A. Private G 46 Infantry Portage
Stewart, Mahlon Private H 26 Infantry Bloom City
Stewart, Samuel Private B 38 Infantry Fennimore
Stewart, Silas Private K 10 Infantry South Milwaukee
Stewart, Stephen Sergeant D 16 Infantry Eau Claire
Stewart, Thomas Corporal F 14 Infantry Ashland
Stewart, Thomas Private C 31 Infantry Ridgeway
Stewart, Thomas Private F 35 Infantry Wild Rose
Stewart, W. E. Private G 47 Infantry River Falls
Stewart, W. McDonald Private G 16 Infantry Arkansaw
Stewart, W. W. Private G 16 Infantry Cameron
Stichman, Fred Private I 14 Infantry New London
Stilen, John Private I 1 Infantry New London
Stick, Philip Private D 6 Infantry Forestville
Stickles, John Private I 1 Heavy Art. Spring Lake
Stickney, A. C. Private H 51 Infantry Gillett
Stickney, Abb. M. Private G 8 Infantry National Home
Stickney, Frederick Private F 24 Infantry Mazomanie
Stickney, George T. Private G 8 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Stieber, Adam Private G 36 Infantry Portage
Stiedy, Wm. Sergeant F 35 Infantry Elroy
Stier, Charles Sergeant E 26 Infantry Oshkosh
Stietzmann, Henry Private G 28 Infantry Black Creek
Stiles, Joseph M. Private I 21 Infantry Neenah
Stiles, O. J. Private B 40 Infantry Beloit
Stillman, A. Private H 13 Infantry Lima
Stillman, A. Private I 38 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Stillman, Benj. H. Corporal D 7 Infantry Milton
Stillman, D. B. Private E 5 Infantry Appleton
Stillman, Eugene N. Private G 32 Infantry Arkansaw
Stillson, S. O. Private K 6 Infantry Mauston
Stiltz, Con. Private D 3 Infantry National Home
Stilwell, Clark L. Private D 37 Infantry Plainfield
Stilwell, J. B. Private I 42 Infantry Eau Claire
Stilwell, L. D. Private C 52 Infantry Plainfield
Stillwell, O. J. Private I 42 Infantry Sparta
Stimpson, Charles Private D 42 Infantry Mount Hope
Stinson, Prosper Private E 2 Infantry Clintonville
Stinson, James Private D 4 Cavalry New Lisbon
Stinson, Joseph Private E 5 Infantry Deer Brook
Stinson, Pat. Private I 18 Infantry Waupaca
Stintzi, John Private D 52 Infantry Bangor
Stippick, Jacob Private E 9 Infantry Stitzer
Stirn, Francis Corporal A 5 Infantry Manitowoc
Stittelburg, James Private B 12 Infantry Ironton
Stiver, Washington Lieutenant K 7 Infantry National Home
Stobe, Fritz Private G 37 Infantry Watertown
Stock, Fred W. Private E 21 Infantry National Home
Stock, J. G. Captain C 4 Cavalry Madison
Stocking, H. M. 1st. Lieut. G 48 Infantry Eau Claire
Stockmeyer, Simon Private I 34 Infantry Timothy
Stocks, Henry Captain A 9 Infantry Sheboygan
Stockwell, Henry A. Private E 13 Infantry Brooklyn
Stockwell, R. M. Private H 37 Infantry Rockbridge
Stoddard, Enos Private D 5 Infantry Coloma Station
Stoddard, Gustave Corporal B 8 Infantry Daney
Stoddard, Harlow Private I 38 Infantry Richland Center
Stoddard, J. A. Corporal B 8 Infantry Downing
Stoddard, John Private H 1 Cavalry Richland Center
Stoddard, Washington Private D 30 Infantry Downing
Stodola, Franz Private H 16 Infantry Milwaukee
Stoesser, Herman Private G 34 Infantry Sheboygan
Stofflet, Jacob Private E 10 Infantry Lowell
Stoker, Peter Private G 3 Infantry Manitowoc
Stokes, Con. Private F 16 Infantry Delavan
Stokes, Elias Private F 37 Infantry La Crosse
Stokes, Oliver Private H 51 Infantry Altoona
Stokke, Johannes H. Private E 15 Infantry Chaseburg
Stolberg, Gust. Private G 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Stolke, William Private C & B 37 Infantry Oshkosh
Stole, Ed. Private C 1 Infantry Burlington
Stoll, Bert. Corporal H 25 Infantry Lancaster
Stoll, Rudolph Sergeant K 2 Infantry Sharon
Stoll, Rudolph Sergeant H 6 Infantry Sharon
Stolle, Wm. Private K 3 Infantry Iron Ridge
Stolper, David Private I 2 Cavalry Scott
Stolt, Thos. Private A 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Stoltenberg, Claus Private A 19 Infantry Pepin
Stoltze, F. A. Lieutenant D 23 Infantry Madison
Stone, Charles Private D 47 Infantry Lake Mills
Stone, C. R. Private -- 3 Battery Waterloo
Stone, Chas. C. Musician -- 3 Infantry Brodhead
Stone, F. M. Private D 21 Infantry Winneconne
Stone, Geo. W. Private A 1 Heavy Art. Burlington
Stone, Henry Private C 20 Infantry Rockton
Stone, Henry A. Private K 49 Infantry Delavan
Stone, J. N. Captain G 19 Infantry Neenah
Stone, James Private E 21 Infantry Pardeeville
Stone, James Private G 47 Infantry Rockton
Stone, John F. Corporal K 30 Infantry Chippewa Falls
Stone, Seth Private G 14 Infantry Oshkosh
Stone, S. H. Sergeant B 37 Infantry Janesville
Stone, Walter L. Private F 2 Infantry Racine
Stoneburger, E. T. Private F 35 Infantry Cooksville
Stoner, John Private E 11 Infantry Mineral Point
Stoner, P. P. Corporal E 11 Infantry Galesville
Storey, Albert Private G 22 Infantry West Bend
Storey, Eliott Private C 13 Infantry Sharon
Storey, Geo. A. Private G 20 Infantry National Home
Storey, J. W. Private G 5 Infantry Clinton
Stork, J. M. Private C 22 Infantry Lake Geneva
Storke, John W. Private C 52 Infantry Wautoma
Storler, Ole Private H 10 Infantry Burlington
Storms, Charles Private I 28 Infantry Burlington
Storrs, George Private C 1 Cavalry Walworth
Stott, Edwin Sergeant B 23 Infantry Darlington
Stout, Cornelius Private F 3 Cavalry Janesville
Stout, Jonathan Private H 46 Infantry Loyd
Stowe, Cyrus Farrier F 3 Cavalry Janesville
Stowe, D. G. Private G 1 Heavy Art. Appleton
Stowe, G. F. Private G 3 Cavalry De Pere
Stowe, H. H. Private -- 8 Battery Wrightstown
Stowe, W. I. Chaplain -- 27 Infantry Oshkosh
Stowe, Wm. I. Private G 3 Cavalry De Pere
Stowell, Ceylon Private D 10 Infantry Big Spring
Stowell, Frank Private K 7 Infantry White Creek
Stowell, John D. Private A 49 Infantry Big Spring
Strack, John P. Lieutenant C 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Stradmann, Christ Private F 47 Infantry Milwaukee
Straight, W. W. Musician E 23 Infantry Augusta
Straka, Anton Private E 45 Infantry Kellnersville
Stram, O. R. Private D 18 Infantry Prairie du Chien
Strang, Fred Private C 32 Infantry Milwaukee
Strange, Joseph Private A 50 Infantry Columbus
Strasberg, Fred Corporal D 29 Infantry Lake Mills
Strassberger, Peter Private E 4 Cavalry Milwaukee
Strasburg, Carl Private C 8 Infantry Fall Creek
Strasser, John Private B 3 Infantry Oshkosh
Strassmann, August Private C 14 Infantry Grafton
Stratton, Andrew Private H 48 Infantry Augusta
Stratton, A. M. Private K 50 Infantry Excelsior
Stratton, David Sergeant A 1 Cavalry Fort Lake
Stratton, D. R. Private E 39 Infantry Shell Lake
Stratton, E. W. Private G 21 Infantry Crystal Lake
Stratton, H. C. Private C 30 Infantry Whitehall
Straub, Valentine Private A 51 Infantry Scott
Straubel, August Private H 9 Infantry Green Bay
Straus, Chr. Private G 49 Infantry Watertown
Straw, Daniel Private I 46 Infantry Brodhead
Stray, C. B. Private K 21 Infantry Cato
Street, H. Private A 19 Infantry Tomah
Streeter, H. H. Private E 30 Infantry Fennimore
Steeter, J. F. Private C 51 Infantry Oshkosh
Streiber, Adam Private H 26 Infantry Kiel
Streiff, Fabian Private G 46 Infantry New Glarus
Streiff, Fredolin Sergeant K 2 Infantry New Glarus
Streiff, Jacob Private A 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Stretsberry, S. E. Private B 50 Infantry Viroqua
Strey, Aug. Private K 22 Infantry West Bloomfield
Strickland, Ed. C. Private G 2 Cavalry Racine
Striki, W. Private K 33 Infantry Eastman
Striegal, Andrew Private A 51 Infantry Rozellville
Stringer, Wm. Private I 37 Infantry National Home
Stringham, Chas. Private I 31 Infantry Chili
Stringham, Wm. H. Sergeant A 2 Cavalry Fond du Lac
Stroebel, Geo. V. Private G 45 Infantry Williams Bay
Stroff, Joseph Private A 5 Infantry Stark
Strohnenger, Jasper Private D 17 Infantry Sun Prairie
Strong, Amos Private E 6 Infantry Winneconne
Strong, Ansel Private E 24 Infantry Waukesha
Strong, Chauncy Private G 1 Heavy Art. Midland
Strong, Edgar J. Private A 13 Infantry National Home
Strong, George Private D 2 Cavalry Hudson
Strong, George 2d. Lieut. D 50 Infantry  
Strong, Henry C. Captain H 20 Infantry Baraboo
Strong, Henry C. Major -- 11 U. S.  
Strong, J. E. Private K 17 Infantry Leeman
Strong, James E. Private F 10 Infantry Clear Lake
Strong, Jno. Private C 21 Infantry Eau Claire
Strong, Orville 2d. Lieut. K 31 Infantry Dodgeville
Strong, R. M. Private B 43 Infantry Cornelia
Strong, Sol. L. Private D 28 Infantry National Home
Strong, Timothy F. Lieutenant H 21 Infantry Fond du Lac
Strong, Willis H. Private 50 Infantry Stoddard
Stroop, Peter Corporal D 12 Infantry Pulcifer
Strope, Wm. Private H 12 Infantry Marinette
Stroud, Horace Private E 2 Infantry Oshkosh
Stroud, M. S. Private B 3 Infantry Symco
Strout, N. C. Corporal G 40 Infantry La Crosse
Struck, Fred Private A 42 Infantry New London
Strum, Paul Private I 8 Infantry Blair
Strupp, Matt. Corporal G 26 Infantry Hewitt
Struthers, William Private B 2 Cavalry Newton
Strutt, John F. Private G 32 Infantry Ridgeway
Stuart, George F. Private K 1 Infantry Fond du Lac
Stuart, Gilbert Private C 18 Infantry Seneca
Stuart, J. Q. Private A 49 Infantry Black Earth
Stubley, Charles Sergeant A 49 Infantry Black Earth
Stubs, Aug. Private F 6 Infantry West Bloomfield
Stubs, Fred Private F 19 Infantry Belle Plaine
Stucky, Dave Sergeant F 9 Infantry Milwaukee
Studley, John Private E 1 Cavalry Colfax
Stuessie, Peter Private K 9 Infantry National Home
Stussy, Alexander Private H 35 Infantry Eau Claire
Sturdevant, Geo. Private A 23 Infantry Baraboo
Sturdevant, J. R. Private I 14 Infantry Neillsville
Sturdevant, Marcus Private I 19 Infantry Avoca
Sturm, Chas. Princip'l Mus. -- 9 Infantry Waterville
Sturtevant, Charles W. Private A 6 Infantry Melvina
Sturtevant, Henry H. Private A 1 Infantry Dartford
Styer, Wm. Private K 25 Infantry Menomonie
Suchan, Martin Private I 34 Infantry Melnik
Suennen, John Private C 34 Infantry Porterfield
Suerth, Julius Private K 35 Infantry Tunnel City
Sugden, Noble Private H 46 Infantry Rockbridge
Suhr, Geo. Private E 4 Cavalry Brillion
Sullivan, Dan. Private D 6 Infantry National Home
Sullivan, Denis Private K 27 Infantry Alaska
Sullivan, Eugene Private D 44 Infantry Norwalk
Sullivan, J. L. Corporal G 5 Infantry Dewhurst
Sullivan, James O. Private K 30 Infantry Chippewa Falls
Sullivan, James P. Sergeant K 6 Infantry Ontario
Sullivan, Jeremiah Private K 46 Infantry Waukau
Sullivan, Jeremiah Private F 23 Infantry Delton
Sullivan, John Private K 17 Infantry Two Rivers
Sullivan, John M. Private K 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Sullivan, John Private I 24 Infantry National Home
Sullivan, John Sergeant G 20 Infantry Thompson
Sullivan, John Private K 20 Infantry Shullsburg
Sullivan, John L. Corporal G 5 Infantry La Crosse
Sullivan, Lysander Private G 44 Infantry Richland City
Sullivan, Patrick Private D 1 Infantry New London
Sullivan, Patrick Private F 17 Infantry Delavan
Sullivan, Paul Private B 3 Infantry Mindora
Sullivan, Thomas Private D 44 Infantry Ontario
Sullivan, Timothy Private D 31 Infantry Seneca
Sullivan, Wm. Private D 19 Infantry Hancock
Summer, Stephen Private D 45 Infantry Forest Junction
Summers, Stephen Private E 28 Infantry Hartland
Summerfield, Robt. Private G 44 Infantry Pardeeville
Summerfield, W. J. Sergeant -- 1 Battery Sparta
Summerton, James Private K 8 Infantry Oxford
Sumner, Burton Private C 25 Infantry Lancaster
Sumner, John M. Captain D 23 Infantry Madison
Sumner, Z. M. Private A 48 Infantry Winneconne
Sureson, S. T. Private K 3 Infantry Lookout
Surges, John P. 2d. Lieut. B 45 Infantry Milwaukee
Surpenneants, Toussaint Private D 35 Infantry New London
Sutch, W. F. Private A 51 Infantry Menomonee Falls
Sutherland, Arick Private A 40 Infantry Sylvester
Sutherland, D. S. Private -- 5 Battery Baldwin
Sutherland, Francis Private E 32 Infantry Stevens Point
Sutherland, Geo. A. Private C 3 Infantry Albany
Sutherland, J. T. Private D 1 Heavy Art. Baldwin
Sutherland, John Private I 12 Infantry Readstown
Sutliff, L. L. Corporal F 21 Infantry Boyceville
Sutter, Geo. Private F 6 Infantry Cream
Sutter, Val. Private D 9 Infantry National Home
Sutton, James M. Private C 43 Infantry Bloomington
Sutton, John Private A 43 Infantry Marshfield
Suydam, C. D. 1st. Lieut. C 47 Infantry Green Bay
Sviggum, Erick S. Private G 46 Infantry Moscow
Swain, A. B. Captain G 30 Infantry Plainfield
Swain, J. H. Private B 50 Infantry Viroqua
Swain, R. V. Sergeant M 1 Heavy Art. Sun Prairie
Swaithout, John Private F 13 Infantry Albion
Swallow, George Private A 6 Infantry Bancroft
Swan, Chas. H. Private K 36 Infantry Cumberland
Swan, Geo. Private L 2 Cavalry Rock Falls
Swan, James Corporal G 16 Infantry Bloomer
Swan, John Sergeant K 13 Infantry Juda
Swanets, Ernest Private L 1 Cavalry Reeseville
Swanson, Hans Private I 5 Infantry Gratiot
Swanton, Robert Private K 1 Cavalry Sheboygan
Swartz, John J. Corporal B 3 Infantry Kenosha
Sweat, D. S. 1st. Sergeant I 47 Infantry Hancock
Sweeney, James Private Un. 22 Infantry Sun Prairie
Sweeney, M. Private M 2 Cavalry Bear Creek
Sweeney, Peter Private G 6 Infantry Boaz
Sweet, Bushbrook Private A 53 Infantry Cataract
Sweet, E. B. Private K 2 Cavalry Waukesha
Sweet, Eugene Private B 1 Heavy Art. Tunnel City
Sweet, H. H. Private A 16 Infantry Dartford
Sweet, Hiram M. Sergeant I 49 Infantry Bangor
Sweet, John Private H 5 Infantry Alma
Sweet, John Private H 23 Infantry National Home
Sweet, Jonathan Private G 32 Infantry Lime Ridge
Sweet, Michael Private B 27 Infantry Plymouth
Sweet, M. D. Private D 13 Infantry Almond
Sweet, Nicholas L. Private -- 6 Battery Fall River
Sweet, Perry Private C 40 Infantry Milton
Sweet, R. Private E 14 Infantry Clintonville
Sweet, Ralph. Private H 18 Infantry Chili
Sweet, Reuben Private E 14 Infantry Bear Creek
Sweet, S. E. 2d. Lieut. -- 6 Battery Fox Lake
Sweet, Thomas Private H 6 Infantry Hillsboro
Sweet, W. A. Private B 14 Infantry La Crosse
Sweet, William Private I 6 Infantry Kirby
Sweeting, D. J. Private G 1 Heavy Art Plymouth
Sweighoffer, Antoine Private G 3 Infantry Slovan
Swenson, Nels Private E 11 Infantry St Nazianz
Swenson, Peter Private D 27 Infantry Niles
Swetland, Geo Private E 3 Cavalry Reedsburg
Swienink, Henry Private I 8 Infantry Hub City
Swift, A. C. Private E 33 Infantry Janesville
Swift, P. H. Captain   11 & 33 Infantry Madison
Swift, Thos. W Private H 28 Infantry Milwaukee
Swim, Ira Private A 4 Cavalry Hebron
Swok, Leander Corporal G & A 5 Infantry Wausau
Sykes, James Corporal A 8 Infantry Stevenstown
Sylvester, John Private H 8 Infantry Stoughton
Sylvester, M. W. Private I 6 Infantry Sylvester
Sylvester, Wm Private D 7 Infantry Stoughton
Syms, James Private K 21 Infantry Sheboygan
Synes, Michael Private A 12 Infantry Martell
Syverus, K. K. Private D 1 Cavalry Grit



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