Enumeration of the Soldiers of the Late War
Who Served in Wisconsin Regiments and Batteries, Etc., and Reported by the
Government as Residing in Wisconsin on June 20, 1895.

transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Susan Geist, Rhonda Hill





Branch of Service


Taber, Ensign Private E 1 Cavalry Poysippi
Tabbert, John Private C 3 Infantry Milwaukee
Tabor, Chas Private B 23 Infantry Darlington
Tabor, Luke Corporal I 2 Cavalry Darlington
Taenger, F. Corporal B 9 Infantry Plymouth
Taft, C. R. Corporal D 23 Infantry Whitewater
Taft, Edwin Private C 1 Cavalry South Range
Taft, L. Corporal L 1 Cavalry New London
Taft, Leonard Private A 30 Infantry New Richmond
Taft, S. C. Private   5 Battery Monticello
Taft, Wm. M Private G 22 Infantry South Wayne
Taggart, G. W. Sergeant M 1 Cavalry Weyauwega
Taggert, Geo. C Private E 46 Infantry Evansville
Talbert, G. E. Asst. Surg   14 Infantry Beaver Dam
Talbot, E. M. Corporal K 42 Infantry Mazomanie
Tallada, Jas C Private C 35 Infantry National Home
Talle, Peter P Private C 12 Infantry Ferryville
Talley, James Private B 30 Infantry Dodgeville
Tallmadge, Henry Sergeant G 48 Infantry Augusta
Tallmadge, Russell G Private F 21 Infantry Fond du Lac
Tallmadge, J. F. Private K 3 Infantry Albany
Talmadge, Sam H Sergeant A 39 Infantry Milwaukee
Tallman, Nelson A Private A 31 Infantry Gay's Mill
Tallman, W. L. Private B 50 Infantry Dallas
Tambling, F. C. Private G 16 & 32 Infantry Eagle River
Tamm, Carl Private B 7 Infantry Brillion
Tank, Wm Private E 20 Infantry Oconomowoc
Tanner, G. W. W. Private A 3 Infantry Lowell
Tanner, Kirk W Sergeant F 33 Infantry Milton Junction
Tanner, Wm Private F 44 Infantry Ogdensburg
Tannis, Edward Private H 28 Infantry National Home
Tarbox, B. R. Private D 4 Cavalry Pittsville
Tarr, Benjamin Private B 4 Cavalry Fifield
Tarr, Johnson Private B 36 Infantry Fifield
Tarr, Rufus Private E 6 Infantry Amherst
Tate, Robert Private I 42 Infantry Viola
Tate, William L Private I 12 Infantry Viroqua
Tate, W. W. 1st Sergeant A 47 Infantry Bell Center
Taylor, A Private D 28 Infantry Eau Claire
Taylor, Alfred Private G 49 Infantry Sauk City
Taylor, Alonzo Private E 12 Infantry Lone Rock
Taylor, C. P. Private F 37 Infantry Barron
Taylor, C. R. Private C 1 Cavalry Colby
Taylor, Chas Private   7 Battery Wonewoc
Taylor, Chas Private B 41 Infantry Dartford
Taylor, E. S. Private B 30 Infantry Janesville
Taylor, Ely Private C 52 Infantry Centralia
Taylor, Frank Private A 38 Infantry Barton
Taylor, G. C. Private F 36 Infantry Ashton
Taylor, George C Private K 12 Infantry Boscobel
Taylor, Henry A Private D 12 Infantry Milwaukee
Taylor, J. G. Private A 17 Infantry Black River Falls
Taylor, J. J. Sergeant G 37 Infantry Cartwright
Taylor, J. J. Private B 32 Infantry Valley
Taylor, James Private D 28 Infantry Whitewater
Taylor, James B Private E 28 Infantry Whitewater
Taylor, James P Private   9 Battery Omro
Taylor, John Private A 33 Infantry Avoca
Taylor, John Private C 2 Cavalry Lancaster
Taylor, John Private D 28 Infantry Hartford
Taylor, John K Sergeant G 18 Infantry Packwaukee
Taylor, John L Private C 2 Cavalry Beetown
Taylor, Joseph Private F 5 Infantry Dartford
Taylor, Leonard Private G 33 Infantry Arthur
Taylor, Millard Private H 48 Infantry Black River Falls
Taylor, Milton Private E 5 Infantry River Falls
Taylor, Myron Private C 22 Infantry Clintonville
Taylor, N. S. Corporal K 5 Infantry Augusta
Taylor, Oscar Private C 39 Infantry Pleasant Prairie
Taylor, Ralph W Private F 35 Infantry Stevens Point
Taylor, Ralph W Private D 20 Infantry Stevens Point
Taylor, Silas D Musician E 3 Infantry De Soto
Taylor, Simeon Captain E 13 Infantry Little Rapids
Taylor, Truman R Private C 14 Infantry Omro
Taylor, Warren C Private M 4 Cavalry Rio
Taylor, Winfield S Private D 36 Infantry London
Taylor, Wm Private C 38 Infantry Pedee
Taylor, Wm Private D 14 Infantry La Crosse
Teachout, Nelson Private I 2 & 13 Infantry New Lisbon
Teague, Isaac Sergeant D 18 Infantry Sparta
Teal, George W 2d Lieut A 37 Infantry Wegauwega
Teal, H. J. Private I 12 Infantry Rockton
Tebo, John Private H 44 Infantry Augusta
Teed, S. R. Private G 40 Infantry Lake Mills
Teed, Zopher Private A 38 Infantry Poynette
Teeter, Watson Private H 36 Infantry Poynette
Tegge, Frederick Private F 18 Infantry Kewaunee
Tegtmier, Fred Private B 9 Infantry Omro
Teigs, Fred Private H 28 Infantry Oconto
Te Lindert, G. J. Private I 6 Infantry Cedar Grove
Tellefson, T. C. Private I 49 Infantry Rockdale
Tellor, Tussan Private E 44 Infantry Suamico
Temby, James T Private F 8 Infantry Lake Geneva
Temple, Dan Private H 4 Cavalry Oconto Falls
Tenant, Edgar A Sergeant G 7 Infantry Grand Rapids
Tenant, Robert Private F 18 Infantry Embarrass
Tencheck, Wenzel Private G 51 Infantry La Crosse
Teng, William Private K 6 Infantry Cassville
Tennant, Burrell F Private D 6 Infantry Sandusky
Tennant, Wm Private B 12 Infantry Worley
Tennel, John Private A 35 Infantry Sheboygan Falls
Tenney, Chas. A Sergeant K 46 Infantry De Soto
Tennison, Peter Sergeant G 18 Infantry Lewiston
Tennison, William Private K 9 Infantry Chelsea
Terens, August C Corporal H 2 Cavalry Mishicott
Terens, John H Private C 27 Infantry Mishicott
Ter Haar, Henry Sergeant H 31 Infantry Weyauwega
Te Ronde, D. W. Private I 6 Infantry Oostburg
Terrel, J. M. Private G 47 Infantry Millet
Terrell, J. T. Sergeant K 12 Infantry Millet
Terrell, M. W. Private I 2 Infantry Mineral Point
Terrell, Samuel Private B 43 Infantry Big Patch
Terrill, Edson E Captain I 7 Infantry Pine River
Terrill, Henry 1st Lieut B 6 Infantry Esdaile
Terrill, N. Manly Private   10 Battery Wheeler
Terry, A. O. Private E 37 Infantry Bloomville
Terry, Frank Private C 26 Infantry Union Grove
Terry, George Corporal D 16 Infantry Stevensville
Terry, Lyman Private F 3 Cavalry Lime Ridge
Terwilliger, D. M. Corporal E 22 Infantry Janesville
Terwilliger, William Private B 29 Infantry Chase
Terwillinger, George Private   3 Battery Adams
Tesch, Christ Private D 13 Infantry Brillion
Tesch, Theadore Corporal B 26 Infantry Ashippun
Teske, Albert Corporal H 28 Infantry Alaska
Tessin, Wm Private C 3 Infantry Milwaukee
Testin, Jacob Private A 42 Infantry Wild Rose
Teute, Fritz Private K 45 Infantry Madison
Teved, Anders Private G 15 Infantry Porter's Mills
Tewksbury, Sam Private A 44 Infantry Cumberland
Tewkesbury, David S Private F 4 Cavalry Osceola Mills
Tewkesbury, Wm Private C 40 Infantry Evansville
Thalacher, Henry Corporal E 7 Infantry Montello
Thatcher, A. R. Private A 13 Infantry Whitewater
Thatcher, E. H. Private E 22 Infantry Palmyra
Thatcher, Geo Artificer   13 Battery Black Earth
Thatcher, Thos. J 1st Sergeant A 37 Infantry Glenflora
Thatcher, Wm Private G 37 Infantry Hempel
Thayer, A. Private A 29 Infantry Reedsburg
Thayer, A. P. Corporal A 44 Infantry Hammond
Thayer, Alvin O. Private K 28 Infantry Portage
Thayer, Chas Private G 48 Infantry Ludington
Thayer, Marvil S Private K 50 Infantry Waucousta
Thayer, Ruel Corporal E 46 Infantry Palmyra
Theade, Henry Private F 5 Infantry Two Rivers
Theillen, Jacob Private B 9 Infantry Manitowoc
Thilka, Charles A Private I 3 Infantry Bear Creek
Theisen, Math Private H 3 Infantry St Michaels
Theiss, Wm Private A 52 Infantry Madison
Thessin, John Private C 3 Infantry Milwaukee
Thew, James Private   9 Battery Wonewoc
Thiede, August Private K 8 Infantry Watertown
Thiel, Aug Private C 8 Infantry Fall Creek
Thiele, Anthony Private E 46 Infantry Eagle
Thiele, Louis Private D 9 Infantry Almond
Thielen, Nic Private C 27 Infantry Mequon
Thielgis, John Artificer   2 Battery West Bend
Thielman, Jno Private G 6 Infantry Richfield
Thilkey, Fred J Private A 38 Infantry Marinette
Thimmig, Edward Corporal E 27 Infantry Sheboygan
Thing, Abner C Private H 16 Infantry National Home
Thirz, Charles Private B 3 Infantry Fort Atkinson
Thoemer, Chas Private I 3 Cavalry Wrightstown
Thoen, H. G. Private D 30 Infantry Hudson
Thoen, H. P. Private D 30 Infantry Pleasant Valley
Thoma, John Musician E 20 Infantry National Home
Thomas, B. H. Corporal D 11 Infantry Sabin
Thomas, Benjamin Sergeant C 31 Infantry Dodgeville
Thomas, Chas. S Private H 3 Cavalry Indian Ford
Thomas, David Private I 1 Heavy Art Spring Water
Thomas, David Private K 8 Infantry Oshkosh
Thomas, E. S. Private F 43 Infantry Hortonville
Thomas, George J Private K 43 Infantry Rockton
Thomas, Harvey Private F 3 Cavalry Indian Ford
Thomas, Harvey Private F 13 Infantry Indian Ford
Thomas, Henry Private G 16 Infantry Eagle
Thomas, J. H. Private F 1 Heavy Art Berlin
Thomas, J. W. Private K 36 Infantry Anson
Thomas, Jacob Private D 28 Infantry New London
Thomas, Jas. K. P. Private E 47 Infantry Madison
Thomas, John Private B 3 Cavalry Stevens Point
Thomas, John Private F 39 Infantry Milwaukee
Thomas, John Private F 4 Cavalry National Home
Thomas, John W Private K 38 Infantry Packwaukee
Thomas, John A Private C 31 Infantry Montford
Thomas, Joseph Private G 3 Cavalry Elk Grove
Thomas, Orlando Sergeant F 3 Infantry Montford
Thomas, Ormsby B Captain D 31 Infantry Prairie du Chien
Thomas, Palmer Captain A 20 Infantry Ono
Thomas, S. S. Sergeant E 1 Heavy Art Milton
Thomas, Timothy Corporal H 4 Cavalry Oconto
Thomas, W. B. Private A 6 Infantry Chippewa Falls
Thomas, W. H. Captain H 3 Cavalry Pewaukee
Thomas, Wm Private B 40 Infantry  
Thomas, Wm Private C 12 Infantry  
Thomashaska, Michael Private E 11 Infantry Muscoda
Thompson, Agrin Private C 6 Infantry Mt Sterling
Thompson, Amais Private B 49 Infantry Stoughton
Thompson, Amos Corporal H 1 Heavy Art Marshall
Thompson, Amos Private C 47 Infantry Hillsboro
Thompson, Andrew J Corporal   7 Battery Seymour
Thompson, Austin Private B 12 Infantry Hillsboro
Thompson, B. F. Private D 11 Infantry Balmoral
Thompson, Benj Private I 15 Infantry Albertville
Thompson, Berney G Private E 52 Infantry Beldenville
Thompson, C. R. Sergeant I 48 Infantry Grand Marsh
Thompson, Chas Private B 18 Infantry Bruce
Thompson, Chris Private C 42 Infantry Lodi
Thompson, Chris Private C 44 Infantry Iola
Thompson, Clark Private G 7 Infantry Baldwin
Thompson, D. Private H 10 Infantry Tomah
Thompson, D. H. Private A 2 Cavalry Fond du Lac
Thompson, David Private A 33 Infantry Rewey
Thompson, Decatur J. Sergeant K 3 Infantry Oconomowoc
Thompson, E. S. Private D 3 Infantry Beloit
Thompson, Edward Musician D 50 Infantry Brandon
Thompson, Edwin Private A 31 Infantry Mt Sterling
Thompson, Elisha Private I 7 Infantry Seymour
Thompson, Edward Private G 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Thompson, Erick Private I 46 Infantry Stewart
Thompson, F. A. Private I 47 Infantry Tomah
Thompson, F. G. Private A 13 Infantry High Bridge
Thompson, Francis Private C 44 Infantry Kendall
Thompson, Fred Private C 51 Infantry National Home
Thompson, F. A. Musician F 10 Infantry Shullsburg
Thompson, George Private B 33 Infantry Tomah
Thompson, Geo. F Private I 21 Infantry Neenah
Thompson, Geo. H Private K 5 Infantry Oshkosh
Thompson, Geo. T Private F 24 Infantry Eau Claire
Thompson, Iver Private A 46 Infantry Stewart
Thompson, J. Private A 11 Infantry Token
Thompson, Joe Private A 1 Infantry Thompsonville
Thompson, Joel Private H 1 Heavy Art Hillsboro
Thompson, John Private I 16 Infantry Shullsburg
Thompson, Jos Private I 16 Infantry Fayette
Thompson, Joseph Sergeant H 12 Infantry Green Bay
Thompson, K. L. Drummer H 51 Infantry Appleton
Thompson, Louis Private A 49 Infantry La Valle
Thompson, Martin V Private G 1 Infantry Leeman
Thompson, Merrick E Private E 16 Infantry Oconomowoc
Thompson, Nels Private A 23 Infantry Stoughton
Thompson, Ole Private K 15 Infantry Stewart
Thompson, Ole Private I 51 Infantry Menomonie
Thompson, Ole A Private F 15 Infantry Sturgeon Bay
Thompson, Otis Private H 8 Infantry Brooklyn
Thompson, Porter Private C 16 Infantry Hortonville
Thompson, R. S. Musician   2 Infantry Antigo
Thompson, Samuel Private H 5 Infantry Coloma Station
Thompson, Sven Private C 44 Infantry Iola
Thompson, T. M. Corporal H 44 Infantry Muscoda
Thompson, Thomas Private B 6 Infantry Misha Mokwa
Thompson, Thomas Private D 15 Infantry Leeds Center
Thompson, Thomas Private A 15 Infantry East Marinette
Thompson, Thos. A Private C 50 Infantry Woodford
Thompson, Wallace Private D 10 Infantry Plainville
Thompson, Wm Sergeant K 24 Infantry Bay View
Thompson, Wm Private C 30 Infantry Blair
Thon, Jacob Private I 27 Infantry Milwaukee
Thoreson, Christ Private B 30 Infantry Mt Horeb
Thoreson, O. Private I 3 Infantry Westby
Thorn, Gerrit Lt. Col   29 Infantry New London
Thorn, Isaac Private A 47 Infantry Bear Creek
Thorn, S. P. Private   8 Battery Buena Vista
Thorn, W. S. Private   4 Battery Clinton
Thorndike, James Private I 47 Infantry Ripon
Thorndyke, Chas Private D 3 Cavalry Pipersville
Thorne, Henry H Farrier G 3 Cavalry Clintonville
Thornton, John H Private G 7 Infantry Stoughton
Thornton, Joseph Private H 46 Infantry Ash Ridge
Thornton, Mathias Private F 47 Infantry Whitewater
Thornton, William M Private D 33 Infantry Bloomington
Thorp, Adelbert 1st Sergeant A 3 Cavalry Sturgeon Bay
Thorp, Adelbert Private K 43 Infantry Sturgeon Bay
Thorp, English Private B 8 Infantry Milladore
Thorp, James Private F 7 Infantry Potosi
Thorp, W. G. Private E 36 Infantry Plymouth
Thorp, Wm. H. Private E 3 Infantry Fond du Lac
Thorson, Niels O. Private B 15 Infantry Crete
Thorson, Siver Private -- 1 Battery Holman
Thorstenson, Knut Private K 27 Infantry Hofa Park
Thrall, Horace B. Private F 18 Infantry Green Bay
Thrall, W. E. Private A 48 Infantry Omro
Throne, John Private F 28 Infantry Fairchild
Thum, Adam Corporal K 21 Infantry Tomahawk
Thum, Geo. Corporal G 10 Infantry Lucas
Thurber, James Private G 41 Infantry Antigo
Thurber, L. B. Corporal C 20 Infantry Muscoda
Thurber, Hudson Private A 16 Infantry Spring Creek
Thurdium, Fred Private B 9 Infantry Arena
Thurman, G. W. Private H 42 Infantry Albany
Thurston, Francis Private F 8 Infantry Prairie Farm
Thurston, Boyenton Private K 46 Infantry Quincy
Thurston, G. R. Private A 30 Infantry Ellsworth
Thurston, Isaac Private G 39 Infantry Mishicott
Thurston, Myron Private F 5 Infantry Montello
Thurston, W. H. Private I 3 Infantry Argyle
Thwing, Horace Private G 38 Infantry Milton Junction
Tibbitts, Arthur Sergeant I 1 Infantry Galesville
Tibbitts, Hannibal Private -- 11 Battery Oconto
Tibbitts, Horace Corporal I 1 Infantry Hingham
Tibbitts, Jason H. Private A 1 Heavy Art. Westfield
Tibbitts, John Private I 1 Heavy Art. Plainfield
Tibbitts, Lemuel Private B 27 Infantry Hingham
Tice, Henry Private A 32 Infantry Reams
    -- 42    
Tice, Jesse Captain B 38 Infantry Waukau
Tickenor, Willis V. Captain G 28 Infantry Waukesha
Ticknor, H. Elias Sergeant G 12 Infantry Grand Rapids
Riedemann, Christian Private D 9 Infantry Thorp
Ties, Fred Lieutenant B 18 Infantry Monroe
Tietz, Wm. Private D 14 Infantry National Home
Tiffany, P. R. 2d. Lieut. K 5 Infantry Taycheedah
Tiffany, Samuel Private A 30 Infantry Waupun
Tilden, James A. Private A 6 Infantry Sumner
Tilden, W. H. Musician C 23 Infantry Fort Atkinson
Tilleson, Harold T. E. Private K 36 Infantry Elk Mound
Tillmann, Ph. Private H 1 Infantry Milwaukee
Tillon, H. D. Private C 1 Heavy Art. West Lima
Tillotson, Joseph 1st. Lieut. I 50 Infantry Baraboo
Tilton, Elijah Corporal B 50 Infantry Viroqua
Tilton, J. E. 1st. Lieut. G 30 Infantry Hancock
Timm, Erdmann, 1st. Lieut. F 6 Infantry West Bloomfield
Timm, Joachim 1st. Lieut. H 1 Infantry Grand Rapids
Timme, Ernst G. Captain C 1 Infantry Kenosha
Timmerman, Alfred Private H 14 Infantry Chetek
Timmermann, C. Private K 4 Cavalry Wis Vet Home
Timmons, James Private D 13 Infantry Leadmine
Tindell, Isaac Private B 43 Infantry Beetown
Tindell, Wm. Private H 43 Infantry Ellenboro
Tinker, A. M. Private I 40 Infantry Union Center
Tinker, Adelbert A. Private A 11 Infantry Mazomanie
Tinker, H. W. Corporal H 50 Infantry Brushville
Tinker, J. T. Lieutenant H 16 Infantry Eau Claire
Tinker, Jerome S. 2nd. Lieut. I 12 Infantry Viroqua
Tinker, Wm. H. Corporal H 50 Infantry Brushville
Tinus, Cornelius Private A 1 Heavy Art. Dousman
Tio, Francis J. Private E 29 Infantry Spring Valley
    D 14    
Tippler, Wm. Private D 49 Infantry Sawyer
Tipp, Henry Private G 34 Infantry Gratiot
Tipple, Oscar F. Corporal D 7 Infantry Stoughton
Tirrill, F. C. Corporal E 49 Infantry Lodi
Titsworth, Barrett Private I 37 Infantry Richland City
Titus, David Private H 8 Infantry Oregon
Titus, George Private A 14 Infantry Eden
Titus, Jos. Private A 38 Infantry Fond du Lac
Titus, Otis 2nd. Lieut. D 3 Cavalry Lake Beulah
Titus, Willard Private I 3 Cavalry Mukwanago
Toby, Timothy Private K 32 Infantry Pleasant Valley
Tochterman, Christ 2nd. Asst. Surg. -- 38 Infantry Monroe
Todd, H. Private A 7 Infantry Omro
Todd, Joseph Private -- 9 Battery Oshkosh
Todd, William Private G 1 Heavy Art. Sheboygan Falls
Toe, J. C. Private C 44 Infantry Iola
Toland, George Private I 1 Infantry Lind
Tolifson, Austin Private K 27 Infantry St Nazianz
Toliver, Richard Private -- 5 Battery Monroe
Tollefson, O. C. Private G 14 Infantry Niles
Tollefson, S. Private H 15 Infantry Viroqua
Tollifson, A. Private B 49 Infantry Palmyra
Tollofson, Bjorn Private C 44 Infantry Iola
Toma, Jacob Private F 1 Infantry National Home
Tomelty, W. Private E 36 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Tomlin, Christopher Private I 46 Infantry Evansville
Tomlinson, W. Private H 1 Heavy Art. Boyceville
Tompkins, Harrison Private E 7 Infantry Westfield
Tompkins, Oliver Private A 2 Cavalry Fond du Lac
Tompkins, Thomas Private B 14 Infantry Glendale
Toms, Henry Captain D 11 Infantry Richland Center
Toney, Jesse Private G 33 Infantry Excelsior
Toney, Squire Corporal G 33 Infantry Viroqua
Tongue, L. L. Private I 6 Infantry Hillsboro
Tonnesen, Jens. Private G 15 Infantry Hudson
Tonntz, Fred Private F 19 Infantry Winneconne
Toogood, Arthur J. Private M 1 Heavy Art. Lake Mills
Toombs, Robert Private D 24 Infantry Tomah
Toothman, R. B. Sergeant H 1 Cavalry Little Falls
Topping, Fav. Private D 3 Cavalry McDill
Torbenson, Christian Private D 47 Infantry Iola
Torger, Chester Private I 43 Infantry Mt Vernon
Torgerson, Ole Private B 6 Infantry Menomonie
Torgerson, Swen Private D 15 Infantry Sheridan
Torke, Gottlieb Private E 6 Infantry Adell
Torke, Wm. Private E 6 Infantry Adell
Torkelson, Iver Sergeant H 15 Infantry Black River Falls
Torpy, P. H. Private D 13 Infantry Center
Torrey, Ezra N. Private A 27 Infantry Plover
Torrey, H. Private A 50 Infantry Lake Mills
Torrey, S. C. Private A 1 Cavalry Hortonville
Torrey, W. B. M. Private I 21 Infantry Neenah
Torstensen, Ole Sergeant H 15 Infantry London
Totten, Oliver Private H 46 Infantry Bloom City
Tousley, N. R. Private D 16 Infantry Baraboo
Tower, Amasa Private F 41 & 46 Infantry Ithaca
Tower, M. V. B. Private A 3 Cavalry Viroqua
Tower, Neal Private I 6 Infantry Ferryville
Towle, Albert Private -- 4 Battery Mauston
Towle, James T. Sergeant E 5 Infantry Birnamwood
Town, R. S. Adjutant -- 1 Cavalry Ripon
Town, Randall Private C 46 Infantry Northport
Towne, David N. Corporal C 44 Infantry Towne
Towne, E. D. Captain B 1 Cavalry Waupun
Towner, Henry A. 2nd. Lieut. C 30 Infantry Whitehall
Towner, Wm. J. Private F 1 Heavy Art. Wyocena
Townley, Barney Private D 50 Infantry Madison
Townley, Geo. Private A 7 Infantry National Home
Townley, Robt. F. Private D 44 Infantry National Home
Townley, Wm. J. Private A 7 Infantry National Home
Townsend, Abram Private B 2 Cavalry West Salem
Townsend, Add. A. Corporal I 3 Infantry Shullsburg
Townsend, Archibald J. Private F 1 Heavy Art. Wyocena
Townsend, C. C. 1st. Lieut. C 1 Cavalry Merrill
Townsend, Chas. Private K 42 Infantry Plainville
Townsend, John Private K 38 Infantry Stevens Point
Townsend, John H. Private E 1 Cavalry Rush Lake
Townsend, W. W. Private G 3 Infantry Clintonville
Towsend, Geo. Private B 36 Infantry Baraboo
Towsey, Thos. Private I 17 Infantry Brothertown
Toynton, W. H. Sergeant H 22 Infantry Genoa Junction
Tozer, James M. Private G 4 Cavalry River Falls
Tracey, Chas. Private B 16 Infantry Wautoma
Trachte, William Private E 20 Infantry Johnson's Creek
Tracy, Henry Private D 16 Infantry Hillsboro
Tradewell, Wesley Private H 22 Infantry Racine
Traeumer, Geo. P. Adjutant -- 26 Infantry Lake Mills
Traff, Fred H. Private G 49 Infantry La Crosse
Trambler, Louis Private A 40 Infantry Janesville
Tramblie, Phillip Private G 8 Infantry Elroy
Trap, Andrew Private C 11 Infantry Waterloo
Trapp, Fred H. Private G 49 Infantry La Crosse
Trapp, John Private F 44 Infantry Rosencrans
Trapschud, Chas. Private A 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Traub, Abraham Private D 3 Cavalry Milwaukee
Trantmann, Frank Private A 11 Infantry Mosel
Traver, William Private K 42 Infantry Oxford
Travis, F. W. Private -- 9 Battery Lyons
Travis, James Private F 25 Infantry Merrillan
Travis, S. D. Private G 50 Infantry Shell Lake
Travis, Wm. G. Private F 1 Cavalry Monterey
Traynor, Michael Sergeant E 16 Infantry Columbus
Traynor, O. W. 1st. Lieut. B 4 Cavalry Columbus
Trayser, Anthony Sergeant D 24 Infantry New London
Treadwell, Edgar C. Corporal D 2 Cavalry Osceola Mills
Treadwell, H. F. Lieutenant G 30 Infantry Kilbourn
Treat, L. W. Sergeant E 3 Battery Bloomer
Treat, Nathaniel B. Captain B 31 Infantry Monroe
Trefen, Nile Private I 16 Infantry Richland Center
Treflinger, Louis Private C 1 Cavalry Burlington
Treloar, J. Sergeant C 2 Cavalry Lancaster
Treloar, John Private B 30 Infantry Linden
Tremper, E. Private K 2 Cavalry Rice Lake
Tresness, Knut K. Private C 44 Infantry Iola
Trettenbach, Jacob Private G 35 Infantry Milwaukee
Trethlein, Henry Private K 48 Infantry Eau Claire
Tretten, August Private L 3 Cavalry New London
Treutel, Henry Corporal G 26 Infantry Aurora
Trevalle, John D. Corporal A 21 Infantry Hersey
Trevillian, Wm. H. Sergeant E 11 Infantry Mineral Point
Trexell, Anthony Private C 46 Infantry Mosinee
Trexell, Richard Private F 18 Infantry Spring Lake
Trich, Wenzel Private C 27 Infantry Green Bay
Trickey, Clement Private F 36 Infantry Plainfield
Trimble, Gustav Private L 1 Cavalry Mequon
Tripp, H. R. Corporal E 3 Cavalry Augusta
Tripp, J. B. Musician A 32 Infantry Fond du Lac
Trist, Richard Private B 1 Heavy Art. Racine
Tritt, Wm. Private F 21 Infantry Omro
Triva, August Private K 18 Infantry New Cassel
Troegel, Fred Private H 1 Infantry Milwaukee
Trogner, Geo. Private H 38 Infantry Neillsville
Trogner, John H. Private K 16 Infantry Monticello
Trollop, Elisha Private I 20 Infantry Cassville
Tronson, Peter Private M 3 Cavalry Chippewa Falls
Tronson, Tron Private K 1 Heavy Art. Mauston
Trossen, Nick. Private E 27 Infantry Mishicott
Trotter, James C. Private A 23 Infantry Oregon
Trottmann, Geo. Private C 51 Infantry Richfield
Trout, John J. Private A 16 Infantry Rio
Trovittiet, Joseph Private E 27 Infantry Larrabee
Trowbridge, E. N. Corporal -- 1 Battery Whitehall
Trowbridge, George Private D 25 Infantry Tomah
Trowbridge, H. H. Private G 1 Infantry Waupun
Trowbridge, Hiram I. Corporal C 30 Infantry Trempealeau
Troy, Edward Private D 28 Infantry National Home
Truckey, F. Private G 41 Infantry Wequiock
Trudell, Alex. Private A 27 Infantry Luxemburg
Trudell, Oliver F. Private I 21 Infantry Oconto
True, H. W. Private I 5 Infantry Gratiot
Truettschel, Ernest Private C 27 Infantry Mosel
Trull, Thomas L. Private D 47 Infantry Parfreyville
Truman, John Private C 30 Infantry Arcadia
Truman, W. A. Private C 30 Infantry Delton
Truman, Wm. Private E 33 Infantry Lima
Trumbell, A. Private C 22 Infantry Weyerhauser
Trumble, Edw. Private F 16 Infantry North Freedom
Trumbull, Elisha Private B 10 Infantry Spencer
Trumbull, Russet S. Private F 40 Infantry Delavan
Trumbull, Simeon Private -- 4 Battery Quincy
Trumm, Daniel Private C 43 Infantry Woodman
Trust, Adam Private B 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Truttschel, Ferdinand Corporal C 27 Infantry Mosel
Tscharner, Lutze Sergeant F 9 Infantry Alma
Tubas, Halvor Private C 44 Infantry Iola
Tubbs, B. B. Private H 5 Infantry Byron
Tubbs, J. A. Private D 17 Infantry Fall City
Tubbs, John H. Private C 1 Cavalry Wausau
Tubbs, Peter Private I 29 Infantry Seymour
Tubman, Edward Private A 12 Infantry Hammond
Tucheck, Joseph Private F 9 Infantry La Crosse
Tubman, Noble Private K 30 Infantry Hammond
Tucker, A. L. 1st. Lieut. C 32 Infantry Berlin
Tucker, A. T. Private K 35 Infantry Madison
Tucker, F. J. Private H 31 Infantry South Wayne
Tucker, Frank Private F 36 Infantry Princeton
Tucker, Henry Private K 14 Infantry Baraboo
Tucker, Moses B. Private I 4 Cavalry Waupun
Tucker, P. K. 1st. Sergeant C 28 Infantry Oconomowoc
Tucker, Thomas Private K 31 Infantry Steuben
Tucker, Wm. L. Private E 5 Infantry Minong
Tuckwood, Thomas Private C 25 Infantry Lancaster
Tudjins, John Private E 21 Infantry Hilbert
Tuffley, Geo. Corporal K 12 Infantry Boscobel
Tuffley, Thos. H. Private K 12 Infantry Boscobel
Tuller, Sidney B. 1st. Lieut. B 16 Infantry East Troy
Tuniff, Robt. Private F 14 Infantry West De Pere
Tunks, William Private C 14 Infantry Waupaca
Tupper, G. L. Private G 1 Heavy Art. Sheboygan Falls
Turck, Albert Private I 18 Infantry Oshkosh
Turiff, Thomas Corporal F 14 Infantry West De Pere
Turk, Samuel Private A 43 Infantry Bell Center
Turnbull, Andrew 2d. Lieut. D 5 Infantry Grand Rapids
Turnbull, John Private G 4 Cavalry St Croix Falls
Turnbull, R. A. Private F 7 Infantry Dresser Junction
Turner, Asa Private I 36 Infantry La Crosse
Turner, Edwin 2d. Lieut. I 31 Infantry Amherst
Turner, George Private A 4 Cavalry Eau Claire
Turner, Geo. W. Corporal C 48 Infantry Fort Atkinson
Turner, Granville Private C 3 Cavalry Oshkosh
Turner, Henry Private L 1 Heavy Art. Rome
Turner, James Private E 33 Infantry Viroqua
Turner, John S. Sergeant B 4 Cavalry Blaine
Turner, John W. Com. Sergt. L 3 Cavalry Oxford
Turner, Jonathan Private H 46 Infantry Viola
Turner, Madison Private A 6 Infantry Cassville
Turner, Nelson W. Private H 3 Infantry Black River Falls
Turner, Newton Private H 25 Infantry Potosi
Turner, O. M. Private K 1 Infantry Stoughton
Turner, Robt. B. Private H 25 Infantry Waupun
Turner, Sampson Corporal B 50 Infantry Towerville
Turner, Stephen W. Corporal H 20 Infantry Oshkosh
Turner, Thomas Private H 1 Cavalry Barron
Turner, Warren Private G 36 Infantry Madison
Turner, Wm. J. Corporal C 14 Infantry Cedar Grove
Turney, Ira J. J. Private L 3 Cavalry New London
Turney, James C. Sergeant L 3 Cavalry New London
Turney, John Private L 3 Cavalry New London
Turnipseed, William Corporal H 46 Infantry Buckeye
Turville, John Corporal D 44 Infantry Beaver Dam
Tusken, Frank Private C 48 Infantry Eau Claire
Tuttle, B. B. Corporal D 30 Infantry St Croix Falls
Tuttle, Albert C. Private A 19 Infantry Baraboo
Tuttle, John P. Private D 53 Infantry Knapp
Tuttle, Ransler Private B 31 Infantry Waupaca
Tuttle, S. D. Sergeant E 6 Infantry Curtis
Twettan, H. A. Corporal A 42 Infantry Scandinvia
Twiny, W. A. Private Un. 6 Infantry Adney
Twining, David Private D 31 Infantry Gay's Mill
Twinning, Geo. R. Corporal C 6 Infantry Gay's Mill
Twycross, Joseph Sergeant G 2 Infantry Portage
Tyack, J. H. Private E 30 Infantry Mineral Point
Tyler, Fred. W. Private G 7 Infantry Wausau
Tyler, James M. Sergeant E 14 Infantry Niles
Tyler, Luellan A. Private K 50 Infantry Patch Grove
Tyler, S. W. Private A 52 Infantry Plainville
Tylle, Wm. Private A 35 Infantry National Home
Tyrer, Elisha Private H 31 Infantry Dodgeville


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