Enumeration of the Soldiers of the Late War
Who Served in Wisconsin Regiments and Batteries, Etc., and Reported by the
Government as Residing in Wisconsin on June 20, 1895.

transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Mary Saggio, Heather Turner





Branch of Service


Baasch, Math. Private   2 Battery National Home
Baatz, Julius Private I 3 Infantry Butternut
Baatz, Wm. Private I 26 Infantry Butternut
Babb, Sam Private D 29 Infantry Mendota
Babbitt, W. C. Private E 1 Cavalry Monroe
Babcock, Byron Private   6 Battery Lone Rock
Babcock, Charles W. Private E 7 Infantry Packwaukee
Babcock, D. G.. Private K 38 Infantry Day
Babcock, D. R.. Corporal K 5 Infantry Augusta
Babcock, E. P. Private K 13 Infantry Clinton
Babcock, Elorus W. Private A 13 Infantry Angelo
Babcock, Geo. W. Private F 1 Infantry Barron
Babcock, H. A. Private H 42 Infantry Evansville
Babcock, Hosea. Private I 13 Infantry Little Prairie
Babcock, J. C. Private E 1 Heavy Art Troy Center
Babcock, J. G. Private D 13 Infantry Evansville
Babcock, J. H. Private G 10&44 Infantry Merrillan
Babcock, J. S. 2nd Lieut H 49 Infantry Fall River
Babcock, J. T. Private K 50 Infantry Norway Ridge
Babcock, James. Private I 13 Infantry Whitewater
Babcock, Joseph Private G 28 Infantry Wonewoc
Babcock, L. A. Corporal E 10 Infantry Beaver Dam
Babcock, Ralph Private A 20 Infantry Elroy
Babcock, Silas Private I 17 Infantry New London
Babcock, Simon Private F 1 Infantry New Centerville
Babler, Oswald Corporal I 46 Infantry New Glarus
Bach, Carl Private D 17 Infantry Madison
Bach, Henry Private G 7 Infantry Port Washington
Back, Palmer. Private K 46 Infantry Independence
Backhaul, Aug. F. Corporal D 51 Infantry Kewaskum
Backhaus, Fred Private K 9 Infantry National Home
Backus, W.E. Private G 13 Infantry National Home
Backup, W.E. Private K 30 Infantry Chippewa Falls
Bacon, H.L. Private K 21 Infantry Oshkosh
Bacon, James F Private G 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Bacon, John Private F 20 Infantry Greenleaf
Bacon, Lorton P. Private E 36 Infantry Fond du Lac
Bacon, M. A.. Private E 14 Infantry Salem
Bacon, Marvin Private H 5 Infantry Kenosha
Bacon, R. A. Private E 28 Infantry Oakdale
Bacon, Thomas G. Private E 18 Infantry Towne
Bacon, Wm. Private A 49 Infantry Easton
Bader, Franz Sergeant G 45 Infantry Milwaukee
Badger, W. D. Com Sergt   32 Infantry Antigo
Baenen, Frank Private F 50 Infantry Weqiuock
Baer, Christoph Private I 45 Infantry Cedar Creek
Baer, John. Private C 34 Infantry Neosho
Baehr, Alfred F. Captain E 20 Infantry Oshkosh
Baericko, Max. Sergeant I 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Baertsch, John. Private H 6 Infantry Fountain City
Baetz, Henry. Major   26 Infantry Milwaukee
Baetzhold, Gottfred Private G 51 Infantry Two Rivers
Bages, James Private E 16 Infantry Templeton
Bagley, Michael Private A 44 Infantry Hurlbut
Bagley, Wm. Private D 3 Cavalry National Home
Bahm, John Private G 11 Infantry Fox Lake
Bahr, Fred Private K 21 Infantry Manitowoc
Bahr, John. Private A 13 Infantry Magnolia
Baier, Joseph Private E 37 Infantry Eau Galic
Bailey, A. W Private B 53 Infantry Rice Lake
Bailey, Ammon Private D 25 Infantry Reedsburg
Bailey, Burr Private H 18 Infantry Poysippi
Bailoy, Daniel. Corporal A 18 Infantry Centralia
Baiioy, Erskine Private G 32 Infantry Little Rapids
Bailey, Geo. Private E 41 Infantry Merrimack
Bailey, George Private B 12 Infantry Hudson
Bailey, H. D. Private F 18 Infantry Eureka
Bailey, Herrick Private F&C 16 Infantry Mauston
Bailey, J.. Private H 35 Infantry Cobb
Bailey, I. G. S. Private G 43 Infantry Racine
Bailey, J. H. Sergeant G 30 Infantry Wantoma
Bailey, James Private E 3 Infantry Darlington
Bailey, James A. Private F 18 Infantry Berlin
Bailey, James H. Corporal   6 Infantry Prairie du Sac
Bailey, John Private C 39 Infantry Kenosha
Bailey, John L. Corporal E 49 Infantry Baraboo
Bailey, Joseph Private B 29 Infantry Little Suamico
Bailey, Joseph Corporal H 49 Infantry Whitewater
Bailey, Morel Private A 1 Heavy Art Oshkosh
Bailey, N. R. Private M 1 Infantry Burke
Bailey, S. W. 1st. Srgt F 16 Infantry Boaz
Bailey, Patrick Private F 50 Infantry De Pere
Bains, John. Private I 18 Infantry Hogarty
Baird, G. W. Private G 41 Infantry Florence
Baird, James Private H 37 Infantry Marion
Baird, John. Private D 1 Heavy Art Monroe
Baker, A. S. Private H 2 Infantry Evansville
Baker, Abisha Private G 5 Infantry Darlinstoa
Baker, Alexander. Private E 10 Infantry Juneau
Baker, Anson P. Private A 1 Heavy Art Fontana
Baker, Barney Private I 28 Infantry National Home
Baker, Calvin. Capt.&A.Q.M     Infantry Columbus
Baker, Chas. T. Private   17 Infantry Cranberry Center
Baker, D. F.. Sergeant G 5 Infantry Milton
Baker, D. H.. Private F 30 Infantry Trimbelle
Baker, David Private D 49 Infantry Stetsonville
Baker, Digory H. Private B 30 Infantry Edmund
Baker, E 0. Surgeon   30 Infantry Menomonie
Baker, Florence. Private G 12 Infantry Trimbelle
Baker, Franklin. Private G 42 Infantry Delavan
Baker, Geo.. Private E 46 Infantry Elkhorn
Baker, Geo. B Private D 35 Infantry Sun Prairie
Baker, Geo. H. Sergeant G 11 Infantry Chilton
Baker, Geo. R. Private I&A 4 Cavalry Loveland
Baker, George W. Private I 5 Infantry Albany
Baker, Geo. W. Private G 19 Infantry Madison
Baker, George W. Private G 12 Infantry Grand Rapids
Baker, Henry. Private A 1 Infantry Bear Creek
Baker, Hugh Sevgeaut C 4 Cavalry Loveland
Baker, Isaac Private E 50 Infantry Seneca
Baker, Israel Private H 29 Infantry Marshfield
Baker, Israel Private K 3 Cavalry Glen Flora
Baker, J. C. Private   5 Battery Monroe
Baker, J. H. Private D 2 Cavalry Clayton
Baker, J. H. 1st Sergeant G 13 Infantry West Green Bay
Baker, J. S. Private C 21 Infantry Appleton
Baker, J. W. Private I 29 Infantry Ono
Baker, Jacob Private M 3 Cavalry National Home
Baker, John Corporal C 36 Infantry Cataract
Baker, John Private -- 8 Battery Plainfield
Baker, Josiah Private C 37 Infantry Loyal
Baker, M. A. Private G 1 Infantry Kenosha
Baker, Nathaniel Private G 5 Infantry Plainfield
Baker, Peter Private E 31 Infantry Shullsburg
Baker, Silas W. Private B 13 Infantry Milton Junction
Baker, Stephen J. Private D 13 Infantry Evansville
Baker, T. F. Private G 13 Infantry Janesville
Baker, W. H. 1st Lieut. D 23 Infantry Oshkosh
Baker, William Private -- 3 Battery Royalton
Baker, Wm. Private D 1 Infantry Bear Creek
Baker, Wm. A. Corporal E 4 Cavalry Hancock
Balch, C. D. Private F 16 Infantry Milton Junction
Baldauf, Conrad Private C 41 Infantry Menasha
Baldick, Louis Private F 12 Infantry Dunbar
Baldock, J. W. Private K 18 Infantry Chilton
Baldridge, E. F. Private E 50 Infantry Footville
Baldridge, S. C. Private B 12 Infantry Lochiel
Baldridge, Wm. Private D 50 Infantry Hillsboro
Baldry, J. J. Private A 50 Infantry Eureka
Baldwin, Almon Private -- 4 Battery Clinton
Baldwin, Asa J. Private -- 12 Battery Rudolph
Baldwin, B. B. Private E 5 Infantry Waupun
Baldwin, C. W. Private A 27 Infantry Ahnapee
Baldwin, Francis A. Private G 37 Infantry Troy Center
Baldwin, Geo. Private C 38 Infantry Brothertown
Baldwin, H. D. Private I 3 Infantry Shullsburg
Baldwin, I. C. Q. S. Sergt. -- 10 Battery Mauston
Baldwin, James Private D 28 Infantry Allen's Grove
Baldwin, John A. Private G 41 Infantry Green Bay
Baldwin, Nate Private E 32 Infantry Waupaca
Baldwin, T. H. Corporal D 35 Infantry Fond du Lac
Ball, Geo. W. Private -- 9 Battery Greenbush
Ball, James Corporal K 31 Infantry Yorkville
Ball, Michael Private G 6 Infantry Boardman
Ball, Thomas Private H 49 Infantry Hunting
Ballard, A. W. Private D 21 Infantry Omro
Ballard, Adam Corporal A 42 Infantry Waupaca
Ballard, Alfred W. Private B 1 Heavy Art. Oshkosh
Ballard, Barton Private C 1 Infantry Kenosha
Ballard, Benjamin Private E & H 1 & 36 Infantry Hingham
Ballard, E. O. Private E 44 Infantry Fairchild
Ballard, George A. Private B 1 Heavy Art. Troy Center
Ballheim, Fred Private K 51 Infantry Seymour
Ballhorn, John Private H 26 Infantry Sheboygan
Balliet, Henry Private A 47 Infantry Lodi
Ballou, A. B. Private C 10 Infantry Day
Ballschmider, Louis Private B 27 Infantry Sheboygan Falls
Balser, John H. Private E 49 Infantry Cassel
Balsley, Oscar F. Private H 22 Infantry North Cape
Baltes, Geo. Private F 6 Infantry Wauwatosa
Balthazar, Joe Private D 31 Infantry Fond du Lac
Baltus, Jos. Private F 19 Infantry Milwaukee
Bambrick, James Private H 4 Cavalry Wauwatosa
Bamerick, James Private H 4 Cavalry National Home
Banch, John Private -- 11 Infantry Whitefish Bay
Bancroft, Ransom L. Private I 31 Infantry Menomonee Falls
Bandel, Jos. 2d Lieut. H 37 Infantry Plain
Banderob, John Sergeant E 2 Infantry Oshkosh
Bandheim, Joseph Private B 52 Infantry Sturgeon Bay
Bandli, Michael Private H 1 Infantry Buffalo City
Bangs, Edwin D. Private C 1 Cavalry Milwaukee
Banker, Fred Private E 17 Infantry Ontario
Banker, Geo. Private D 1 Infantry Berlin
Banker, George Private I 18 Infantry Richland Center
Banker, Henry Private E 12 Infantry Humbird
Banker, John Private D 5 Infantry Berlin
Banker, Van Buren Private B 6 Infantry Buck Creek
Banks, E. J. Private I 19 Infantry Chetek
Bankes, L. S. Private C 18 Infantry North Clayton
Bannister, Charles Private E 46 Infantry Troy Center
Bannister, Geo. Private L 2 Cavalry Altoona
Banson, Gilbert Private H 42 Infantry National Home
Banta, R. L. Private I 17 Infantry Soldier's Grove
Bantley, B. Drummer -- 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Baptist, Arnold Private H 12 Infantry Sturgeon Bay
Baptist, Benj. T. Private A 27 Infantry Tornado
Barber, A. H. Private C 2 Infantry Waukesha
Barber, F. W. Private G 7 Infantry Chetek
Barber, James Private D 40 Infantry Milwaukee
Barber, J. L. Private D 16 Infantry Christie
Barber, Lafayette Private I 19 Infantry Madison
Barber, S. C. Private I 1 Heavy Art. Cedar Falls
Barber, W. A. Private B 37 Infantry Warrens
Barber, W. D. Private A 42 Infantry Waupaca
Barber, Wm. G. Private B 27 Infantry Butternut
Barclay, Angus Private I 12 Infantry Ash Ridge
Barcume, J. Private K 6 Infantry Bloomer
Bar?enwerper, L. W. Artificer -- 7 Battery Wauwatosa
Bardwell, Henry G. 1st Lieut. C 13 Infantry Sharon
Barelman, Fred Private E 16 Infantry Milwaukee
Barfoot, Samuel Private G 40 Infantry Fort Atkinson
Barfoth, Ernest Private E 9 Infantry Wauwatosa
Barge, John Private I 5 Infantry Gratiot
Barhydt, L. H. Private B 16 Infantry East Troy
Barker, Benj. Private F 12 Infantry Abrams
Barker, D. D. Com. Sergt. I 3 Cavalry Abrams
Barker, George W. Sergeant A 18 Infantry Manitowoc
Barker, Ira Private G 18 Infantry Stevens Point
Barker, Jonathan Private -- 8 Battery Menasha
Barker, Joseph Private C 21 Infantry Fisk
Barker, Julius Private G 1 Heavy Art. Westfield
Barker, Lauren Sergeant A 28 Infantry Brookfield
Barker, Stephen D. Private A 14 Infantry National Home
Barker, W. E. Private C 30 Infantry Elroy
Barker, William B. Private C 1 Cavalry Ellsworth
Barker, Wm. H. Private B 14 Infantry Stevens Point
Barkman, Peter J. Private C 46 Infantry Portage
Barland, J. Private H 16 Infantry Eau Claire
Barlanend, Geo. Private F 32 Infantry Marinette
Barlin, F. Private K 2 Infantry Black Hawk
Barlow, George Private D 32 Infantry Plover
Barlow, Joseph Private D 25 Infantry Northport
Barlow, Richard Private D 35 Infantry Monticello
Barnard, Benjamin Private E 21 Infantry Omro
Barnard, D. N. Private F 1 Cavalry Wis Vet Home
Barnard, Simeon T. Private K 4 Cavalry Omro
Barnekow, Fred Private E 24 Infantry Wauwatosa
Barnes, B. M. Corporal I 7 Infantry Wautoma
Barnes, Cyrus B. Private I 7 Infantry Omro
Barnes, Evans Private E 23 Infantry Platteville
Barnes, Henry Private D 27 Infantry Manitowoc
Barnes, Henry D. Musician I 28 Infantry Elkhorn
Barnes, H. L. Surgeon -- 21 Infantry Ripon
Barnes, Jerry Corporal G 38 Infantry Whitewater
Barnes, John V. Corporal I 20 Infantry Neillsville
Barnes, W. Private F 50 Infantry Edgerton
Barnes, W. J. Private I 22 Infantry Avon
Barnes, Wm. J. Private H 14 Infantry Fond du Lac
Barnes, Wm. M. Private H 5 Infantry Boaz
Barnett, Hiram W. Private E 21 Infantry Christie
Barnett, J. R. 1st Lieut. I 1 Cavalry Neenah
Barnett, S. C. Private B 12 Infantry Twin Bluffs
Barnett, Wm. Private H 46 Infantry Rockton
Barney, C. W. Private A 22 Infantry Mauston
Barney, Daniel Corporal E 42 Infantry Mauston
Barney, David Corporal G 44 Infantry New Rome
Barney, J. L. Corporal K 6 Infantry Mauston
Barney, John A. Captain B 10 Infantry Mayville
Barnhardt, James Private A 44 Infantry Star Prairie
Barnhardt, Julius Private B 7 Infantry Forestville
Barnum, D. F. Private F 49 Infantry Fennimore
Barnum, J. W. Private G 25 Infantry Eau Claire
  Private F 1? Infantry  
Barnum, Joseph B. Private B 1 Cavalry Stephensville
Barnum, M. H. Private G & I 5 Infantry Wausau
Barnum, Wm. H. Private B 7 Infantry National Home
Barr, A. C. Private F 21 Infantry Fairchild
Barr, H. M. Sergeant G 6 Infantry Beloit
Barr, R. A. Private H 42 Infantry Avon
Barr, Samuel 2d Lieut. H 47 Infantry Beloit
Barr, Wm. Private I 7 Infantry Fremont
Barr, William T. Private C 32 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Barrager, W. B. Private H 14 Infantry Greenbush
Barrand, Geo. Private F 1 Cavalry Ahnapee
Barrand, Wm. Private K 6 Infantry Ahnapee
Barrett, Anthony Private G 50 Infantry Erin
Barrett, David Private C 37 Infantry Platteville
Barrett, Eugene Private C 29 Infantry Mayville
Barrett, E. S. Sergeant C 32 Infantry Darien
Barrett, Geo. W. Private D 49 Infantry Milton Junction
Barrett, Henry Private I 51 Infantry New Richmond
Barrett, James Private C 32 Infantry Fond du Lac
Barrett, Robinson P. Private D 2 Infantry National Home
Barringer, John J. Sergeant I 32 Infantry Fish Creek
Barrington, R. Private F 12 Infantry Wautoma
Barron, George Private G 37 Infantry La Crosse
Barrow, Joseph Private C 25 Infantry Cassville
Barrows, H. C. Musician D 53 Infantry Mondovi
Barry, John Private K 19 Infantry Milwaukee
Barry, M. A. Private F 2 Infantry Lodi
Barry, M. P. Q. M. Sergt. F 2 Infantry Rice Lake
Barry, Samuel Private B 11 Infantry Verona
Barsness, John H. Private G 16 Infantry Black Earth
Bart, James Sergeant E 21 Infantry Loyal
Bart, Joseph Private E 21 Infantry Neenah
Bartch, Enoch Private E 5 Infantry Saxville
Bartels, F. J. Captain F 12 Infantry Crivitz
Bartels, Fred Musician C 12 Infantry Madison
Bartels, William Private K 27 Infantry Marshfield
Barth, Erastus Private A 7 Infantry Cashton
Barth, Ernst Private E 52 Infantry Port Washington
Barth, John Private K 1 Infantry Kenosha
Barth, Joseph Private G 12 Infantry Brillion
Barth, Peter Private C 34 Infantry Mequon
Barthel, August Private B 45 Infantry Cleveland
Barthels, John Private K 51 Infantry Oshkosh
Bartholomew, A. W. Private A 25 Infantry Boscobel
Bartholomew, B. J. Sergeant K 25 Infantry Spooner
Batholomew, Peter D. Private A 25 Infantry De Soto
Batholomew, Samuel Sergeant F 3 Infantry Boscobel
Bartholomew, Wm. Private D 2 Infantry Madison
Bartle, Chas. Private E 25 Infantry Platteville
Bartlein, John Private A 51 Infantry Menasha
Bartler, Lucius Private D 37 Infantry Cudahy
Bartles, Chas. Private F 11 Infantry Fountain City
Bartlett, Albert B. Private K 46 Infantry Rice Lake
Bartlett, E. M. Lieut. Col. -- 30 Infantry Eau Claire
Bartlett, H. Private A 53 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Bartlett, Julius Sergeant B 29 Infantry Watertown
Bartlett, L. C. 1st Lieut. C 4 Cavalry Cascade
Barto, John Private I 46 Infantry Camp Douglas
Barto, William Private B 16 Infantry Woodstock
Bartol, Peter Private K 11 Infantry Princeton
Barton, Daniel A. Private G 21 Infantry Oshkosh
Barton, George Private B 49 Infantry Albany
Barton, Ole Private D 23 Infantry Mount Vernon
Barton, Stephen Private K 25 Infantry Alma
Barton, Thos. Private G 38 Infantry Sumner
Barton, W. H. Private I 1 Cavalry Hancock
Bartow, J. V. Private G 36 Infantry Omro
Bartz, Aug. Private G 48 Infantry Fall Creek
Bartz, Edwin Private D 8 Infantry Fall Creek
Bartz, L. Private G 48 Infantry Fall Creek
Baseman, Carl Private -- 19 Infantry Christie
Basing, Joseph Private C 52 Infantry Wautoma
Baskin, Wm. Private I 18 Infantry Eau Galle
Bass, Benage Private F 10 Infantry Beetown
Bass, C. H. Private D 25 Infantry Warrens
Bass, C. W. Private G 49 Infantry Reedsburg
Bass, Henry Private I 20 Infantry Beetown
Bass, S. O. Private G 49 Infantry Mauston
Bassett, E. B. Private A 14 Infantry Hein
Bastam, Alex Private A 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Batchelder, Hiram Corporal C 48 Infantry Prairie du Chien
Batchelder, P. Private C 28 Infantry Wheeler
Batchelder, S. L. 2d Lieut. K 32 Infantry Fall River
Batcheller, G. W. Corporal -- 1 Battery West Superior
Batchelor, W. Private E 25 Infantry Platteville
Bate, W. A. Private B 1 Infantry Milwaukee
Bates, Butler H. Private E 3 Infantry Lamartine
Bates, Conrad Private K 6 Infantry Clyde
Bates, Edgar Private D 17 Infantry Milwaukee
Bates, John T. Private -- 4 Battery Liberty Pole
Bates, Luther Private G 3 Cavalry Oshkosh
Bates, Robert J. 1st Sergeant G 10 Infantry Alma Center
Bates, S. R. Private C 49 Infantry Ludington
Bates, W. H. Private D 6 Infantry Oakfield
Bathrick, F. S. Private G 10 Infantry Black River Falls
Batke, J. Private K 51 Infantry Atwater
Batson, Richard Corporal G 2 Infantry Cadott
Battalia, Christ Private A 53 Infantry Clifton
Baubehan, Miles Private -- 1 Infantry Spring Green
Bauer, C. F. Private C 47 Infantry Hillsboro
Bauer, F. Private D 46 Infantry Kilbourn
Bauer, J. A. Private C 1 Heavy Art. Wis Vet Home
Bauer, Jacob Private H 11 Infantry Portage
Bauer, Jacob Private I 6 Infantry Newburg
Bauer, John Private F 5 Infantry Schliesingerville
Bauer, John Private K 7 Infantry Barton
Bauer, Joseph Private A 7 Infantry Chippewa Falls
Bauer, Reinhardt Private F 15 Infantry Manitowoc
Bauers, Anton Private K 48 Infantry Fountain City
Baum, Daniel Private C 22 Infantry Beaver Dam
Baum, Geo. Private F 27 Infantry Scott
Baum, Julius Private M 1 Cavalry South Osborn
Baum, Oscar Private D 48 Infantry Two Rivers
Bauman, Anton Private C 27 Infantry Plymouth
Bauman, George 1st Lieut. A 22 Infantry Oshkosh
Baumann, Jacob Private K 25 Infantry Fountain City
Baumbach, Charles Major -- 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Baumgarten, Henry Private K 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Baumgartner, Henry Private H 29 Infantry Hebron
Baumgartner, John Private B 11 Infantry Hale's Corners
Bax, Henry Private K 3 Cavalry Jefferson
Baxter, Benjamin T. Private I 49 Infantry Bangor
Baxter, C. H. Captain K 47 Infantry Lancaster
Baxter, Chas. Private H 8 Infantry Monticello
Baxter, D. W. Private K 47 Infantry Fennimore
Baxter, Elisha Private I 1 Heavy Art. Black Creek
Baxter, H. D. Private H 30 Infantry Wautoma
Baxter, James Private H 30 Infantry Waupaca
Baxter, Phillip Private B 30 Infantry Linden
Bayard, Myron Sergeant F 5 Infantry Eau Claire
Baycraft, John Private C 17 Infantry Brookfield
Bayersdorf, C. F. Private A 14 Infantry Reedsville
Bayle, Jas. L. Private D 12 Infantry National Home
Bayrhoffer, Chas. Private A 46 Infantry Monroe
Bazinet, Charles Private H 25 Infantry Cuba City
Beach, A. M. Private F 8 Infantry Prairie du Chien
Beach, E. J. Corporal H 49 Infantry Fort Atkinson
Beach, Emrie Private E 21 Infantry Dundas
Beach, Jas. D. Sergeant B 14 Infantry Plover
Beach, John Corporal B 14 Infantry Keene
Beach, L. C. Private C 52 Infantry Plover
Beach, Zenas 1st Lieut. F 8 Infantry Eastman
Beadle, Flavel Corporal E 18 Infantry Grand Rapids
Beadle, Isaac Private G 7 Infantry Hull
Beagle, Daniel Corporal B 11 Infantry Chetek
Beal, Alex. W. Corporal A 49 Infantry New Richmond
Beals, Charles Private I 49 Infantry Elroy
Beals, Ira J. Corporal I 21 Infantry Oshkosh
Beaman, Alonzo Private D 1 Heavy Art. Auroraville
Bean, Albertus C. Private I 3 Infantry Bridgeport
Bean, D. H. Sergeant B 20 Infantry La Farge
Bean, Enoch G. Private D 5 Infantry Osceola Mills
Bean, Henry M. Private B 50 Infantry De Soto
Bean, Irving M. Captain F 5 Infantry Milwaukee
Bean, Ira V. Private C 3 Infantry Delavan
Bean, James Private K 3 Infantry Prairie du Chien
Bean, P. F. Sergeant I 1 Cavalry Hanson
Bear, D. W. Private E 47 Infantry Mauston
Beard, Arch Private A 52 Infantry National Home
Beard, Orlander H. Private D 32 Infantry Antigo
Beardsley, Alvah S. Private A 12 Infantry Trimbelle
Beardsley, Geo. L. Private I 4 Cavalry Neillsville
Beardsley, Geo. W. Private F 30 Infantry Trimbelle
Beardsley, Hiram Private L 1 Cavalry Bracklin
Beardsley, Homer Private D 33 Infantry Bloomington
Beardsley, Jerome Private B 6 Infantry Beldenville
Beardsley, John Corporal G 50 Infantry Trimbelle
Beardsley, Jasper H. Private A 38 Infantry Tomah
Beardsley, Leroy Private A 32 Infantry Waupun
Beardsley, Martin Private A 43 Infantry Waterford
Beardsley, S. D. Private H 17 Infantry Neillsville
Beasant, Walt. J. Com. Sergt. -- 29 Infantry Milwaukee
Beattie, C. M. 1st Lieut. F 14 Infantry Antigo
Beattie, Wm. Private C 11 Infantry Portage
Beatty, J. S. Private G 50 Infantry Brookville
Beatty, Patrick Private I 14 Infantry Hixton
Beaudreau, Frank B. Private K 7 Infantry Fond du Lac
Beaumont, Esau Private -- 3 Battery Merton
Beaumont, Frederick Private G 11 Infantry Lone Rock
Beaumont, George H. Private C 31 Infantry Dodgeville
Beaupre, Wm. Captain G 17 Infantry Green Bay
Beaver, Sampson Private -- 6 Battery Reedsburg
Beber, Christ Private C 18 Infantry Root Creek
Becher, Joseph T. Private K 51 Infantry Briarton
Bechto?, John Private -- 5 Battery Browntown
Beck, Chris Private F 1 Cavalry Merrillan
Beck, Henry Private D 48 Infantry Two Rivers
Beck, Henry C. Private G 3 Cavalry Oshkosh
Beck, John Private Un 22 Infantry Benton
Beck, L. Private H 26 Infantry Kiel
Beck, M. Private A 25 Infantry Henrietta
Beckel, Fred A. Chaplain -- 34 Infantry Sheboygan
Becker, Alb. Q. Master -- 45 Infantry Milwaukee
Becker, August Private E 9 Infantry Hazel Green
Becker, Carl Private G 51 Infantry Barre Mills
Becker, Fred Captain B 9 Infantry Milwaukee
Becker, H. B. Private H 37 Infantry Sheboygan
Becker, Henry Private F 6 Infantry Delafield
Becker, Henry Private H 1 Heavy Art. Neenah
Becker, J. W. Private H 18 Infantry Whitehall
Becker, Jacob Private E 51 Infantry Marshfield
Becker, Louis Private G 22 Infantry Monroe
Becker, Peter Private F 19 Infantry Butte des Morts
Becker, Wm. Private H 3 Infantry Fountain City
Beckman, Charles Private C 24 Infantry Grafton
Beckman, Wm. J. Private E 8 Infantry West Salem
Beckwith, Ed. S. Private A 1 Heavy Art. Elkhorn
Beckwith, Wm. Private E 47 Infantry Gay's Mill
Bedell, E. S. Private G 32 Infantry Manitowoc
Bedell, J. W. Musician -- 18 Infantry Appleton
Beebe, John W. Private E 18 Infantry Wautoma
Beebe, Ole J. Private A 47 Infantry Winchester
Beebe, Robert S. Private -- 10 Battery Cylon
Beebe, S. G. Sergeant E 30 Infantry Wiota
Beebe, S. S. Private G 4 Cavalry New Richmond
Beebe, W. H. Captain K 44 Infantry Platteville
Beecher, Henry W. Private I 14 Infantry Alma
  Private E 29 Infantry  
Beede, William Private F 21 Infantry Shell Lake
Beehan, Jere Private H 29 Infantry National Home
Beeman, L. Private K 5 Infantry Augusta
Beemer, Austin S. Private A 53 Infantry Cataract
Beer, Jacob M. Sergeant D 33 Infantry Bradtville
Beers, F. A. Private B 11 Infantry Lime Ridge
Beers, Lee Corporal A 40 Infantry Janesville
Beeston, Reuben Private E 17 Infantry Spring Creek
Begent, Francis Private I 2 Cavalry National Home
Beggabroad, James Private H 18 Infantry Oshkosh
Beghun, Joseph Private D 1 Cavalry Menomonie
Beguhn, Chris Private K 5 Infantry Menomonie
Behling, Chas. Private K 26 Infantry National Home
Behling, Fred i E 16 Infantry Wausau
Behling, Gotlieb Private E 16 Infantry Menomonie
Behlmann, John Private D 6 Infantry Pewaukee
Behlmer, Henry Sergeant F 6 Infantry Fountain City
Behm, F. W. Private G 10 Infantry Melrose
Behnke, Frederick Private E 52 Infantry Kewaskum
Behren, Carl Corporal K 45 Infantry Sauk City
Behrend, Anton Private K 3 Cavalry Janesville
Behrend, Gustav Private C 1 Heavy Art. Oshkosh
Behrends, Hieronymus Private L 4 Cavalry National Home
Behrens, Frederick Private H 26 Infantry Loganville
Beibel, Frank Private H 4 Cavalry Green Bay
Beidler, Edward Private I 20 Infantry Millville
Beidler, Louis Private C 2 Infantry Lancaster
Beier, Julius Private C 29 Infantry Burnett Junction
Beierle, Joseph Private D 48 Infantry Manitowoc
Beighl, T. R. Private I 12 Infantry Sylvan
Beiswanger, G. Private C 12 Infantry Prairie Farm
Beitz, August Private A 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Beitz, Wm. Private E 51 Infantry Lomira
Belcher, John H. Corporal -- 10 Battery Camp Douglas
Belden, A. O. Private D 39 Infantry Rochester
Belden, Henry W. Captain C 37 Infantry Milwaukee
Belknapp, Geo. R. Private E 42 Infantry Omro
Bell, A. C. Private H 5 Infantry Drywood
Bell, Anthony Private B 45 Infantry National Home
Bell, Archibald W. 1st Lieut. K 44 Infantry Milwaukee
Bell, D. J. Private A 2 Cavalry Marinette
Bell, David Private B 11 Infantry Browntown
Bell, Ed Private H 39 Infantry Eau Claire
Bell, Enoch N. Private K 12 Infantry Chippewa Falls
Bell, George T. 1st Sergeant H 48 Infantry Rockbridge
Bell, J. S. Private D 14 Infantry Brooklyn
Bell, John W. Private I 2 Infantry New Prospect
Bell, John Private F 21 Infantry Fond du Lac
Bell, Joseph Private K 17 Infantry Bear Creek
Bell, Mark Private B 12 Infantry Wonewoc
Bell, N. C. Private A 2 Cavalry Fond du Lac
Bell, Obed Sergeant A 1 Cavalry Wonewoc
Bell, Peter Private K 33 Infantry Albany
Bell, Robert Private B 5 Infantry Columbus
Bell, Robt. Private C 25 Infantry Ellenboro
Bell, S. Surgeon -- 15 Infantry Beloit
Bell, Samuel R. Sergeant I 28 Infantry Milwaukee
Bell, Walter D. Private F 25 Infantry La Crosse
Bell, William Corporal D 36 Infantry Grand Rapids
Bell, Wm. M. Private I 30 Infantry Eau Claire
Bellew, M. Private H 12 Infantry Hersey
Bellinger, Jas. H. Private G 37 Infantry Stevens Point
Bellinger, Michael Private I 3 Infantry Shullsburg
Belrichard, Alf Private C 43 Infantry Eastman
Belrose, Joseph Private A 14 Infantry Mishicott
Belscamper, B. Private K 43 Infantry Stitzer
Belway, Geo. W. Private G 3 Infantry National Home
Bemis, A. Private D 29 Infantry Downing
Bemis, J. G. Sergeant A 47 Infantry Waupaca
Bemis, Geo. W. Private I 3 Cavalry Antigo
Bemis, L. A. Private -- 9 Battery Lyons
Bemis, Levi J. Private B 12 Infantry Parfreyville
Bemis, M. W. Private A 50 Infantry Elroy
Bemis, W. S. Private A 47 Infantry Waupaca
Bemm, Bruno Private H 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Bence, George Private A 28 Infantry Oconomowoc
Bender, August Corporal E 34 Infantry Theresa
Bender, Balthasar Private E 12 Infantry Ellis
Bender, Chas. Private K 23 Infantry Baraboo
Bender, Chas. A. Private H 1 Cavalry Centralia
Bender, E. P. Private I 12 Infantry Viola
Bender, Elias E. Private H 46 Infantry Viola
Bender, Franklin Corporal B 28 Infantry Galesville
Bender, William H. Private G 11 Infantry Viola
Bendrick, C. G. Private E 10 Infantry Antigo
Bendickson, Benj. Private I 15 Infantry Colebrook
Bendixen, Ole N. Sergeant D 15 Infantry Lewiston
Bendler, August Private A 9 Infantry Sheboygan
Benedict, A. Private A 21 Infantry Wilcox
Benedict, Cyrus Private C 1 Heavy Art. Butte des Morts
Benedict, Henry Private K 8 Infantry Genoa Junction
Benedict, Manford Musician B 21 Infantry Butte des Morts
Benedict, O. J. Private C 39 Infantry Bristol
Benedict, Rufus Pr. Musician -- 21 Infantry Butte des Morts
Benedict, Wm. E. Private K 14 Infantry Stevens Point
Benjamin, David Sergeant -- 9 Battery Hortonia
Benjamin, Gaylord Private D 37 Infantry Mauston
Benjamin, S. C. Private F 11 Infantry Osceola Mills
Benjamin, S. F. Private G 16 Infantry Eau Claire
Benjamin, V. L. Com. Sergt. -- 46 Infantry Fond du Lac
Benkelman, John Private D 49 Infantry Portage
Benlen, James Private I 11 Infantry Crandon
Benlin, Palmer Private K 5 Infantry Eureka
Benn, Jacob Private I 12 Infantry Viola
Benner, Geo. Sergeant K 47 Infantry Wauzeka
Bennett, A. R. Private G 31 Infantry Albany
Bennett, Andrew J. Private H 3 Infantry River Falls
Bennett, David Private I 5 Infantry Port Hope
Bennett, E. Private E 12 Infantry Kilbourn City
Bennett, Ephraim Sergeant F 51 Infantry National Home
Bennett, F. A. 1st Lieut. B 28 Infantry Janesville
Bennett, Franklin Private F 31 Infantry Albany
Bennett, George P. 2d Lieut. G 43 Infantry Clintonville
Bennett, George W. Sergeant A 20 Infantry Belndenville
Bennett, H. H. Private E 12 Infantry Kilbourn City

Bennett, H. W. Corporal E 36 Infantry Rhinelander
Bennett, James Private I 21 Infantry Neenah
Bennett, James 1st Sergeant D 37 Infantry Madison
Bennett, Jay Private E 32 Infantry Buena Vista
Bennett, Joel Private A 20 Infantry Beldenville
Bennett, Louis Private F 12 Infantry Marshfield
Bennett, L. M. Private A 21 Infantry Rhinelander
Bennett, Noys D. Private K 7 Infantry Milwaukee
Bennett, Phil Private E 11 Infantry Lancaster
Bennett, Van S. Captain I 12 Infantry Rockton
Bennett, W. H. Private E 11 Infantry Mineral Point
Bennett, W. J. Private K 13 Infantry Reedsburg
Bennett, Wash Private K 3 Infantry Gratiot
Bennett, Wm. Private I 35 Infantry Glenbeulah
Benoit, Odilon Private G 4 Cavalry Wis Vet Home
Benolich, Hans Private G 3 Infantry Waupaca
Benoy, Thomas Private K 14 Infantry Highland
Benrul, J. R. Aid de Camp -- 22 Infantry Beloit
Benscoter, C. M. Private G 13 Infantry Brodhead
Benson, Edward Corporal F 42 Infantry Oshkosh
Benson, James Private K 1 Cavalry Monroe
Benson, John Private G 13 Infantry Winchester
Benson, Richard Private E 27 Infantry Elkhart
Bentil, Christian Private A 49 Infantry Mazomanie
Bentley, A. R. Private G 4 Cavalry New Richmond
Bentley, Chas. Private C 32 Infantry Milwaukee
Bentley, David P. Private -- 8 Battery Scofield
Bentley, F. H. Private F 35 Infantry Cambria
Bentley, Gebhard Private Un. 14 Infantry Manitowoc
Bentley, George Private B 3 Infantry Lomira
Bentley, S. R. Corporal K 42 Infantry Mazomanie
Bentliff, Al Private -- 5 Battery Janesville
Benton, George Private B 11 Infantry Buck Creek
Benton, Jos. Private H 46 Infantry Richland Center
Bentz, Chas. C. Private H 4 Cavalry Oconto
  Private H 39 Infantry  
Bentz, John Private C 26 Infantry Kenosha
Benway, Henry S. Private D 13 Infantry Belle Center
Benway, Martin C. Private F 42 Infantry Union
Benz, Herman Private C 15 Infantry Wauwatosa
Benzie, James Private H 31 Infantry Burns
Benzinger, Fried Private B 19 Infantry Mishicott
Bercham, Isaac M. C. Private A 25 Infantry Newton
Berdsley, C. L. Private F 30 Infantry Pleasant Valley
Berend, Jos. Private C 17 Infantry Barton
Berendes, Frank Private L 1 Heavy Art. Rapp
Beres, Chris. Private C 26 Infantry Union Center
Beres, John Private C 26 Infantry Racine
Berg, Gustavus W. Private G 44 Infantry West Salem
Berg, Henry Private K 48 Infantry Buffalo City
Berg, Mikkel Private E 31 Infantry Perry
Berg, Peter Private C 28 Infantry Oconomowoc
Berge, Fred Private F 32 Infantry Sawyer
Berge, Iver O. Private E 32 Infantry Eaton
Berge, Ole O. Private E 19 Infantry Eaton
Berger, C. B. Private -- 6 Battery Richland Center
Berger, Christian Private G 9 Infantry Waterford
Berger, Henry Private G 44 Infantry Twin Bluffs
Berger, J. N. Private E 9 Infantry Genoa Junction
Berger, Jos. Private -- 7 Battery Milwaukee
Bergeron, Benjamin Private D 2 Cavalry Dresser Junction
Bergerson, Abraham Private A 12 Infantry Blair
Berges, Henry Private -- 7 Battery National Home
Bergmann, Christ Private B 47 Infantry Watertown
Bergmann, Fred Private I 45 Infantry National Home
Bergmann, John F. Private D 27 Infantry Cato
Bergmann, Richard Private H 9 Infantry Bolt
Bergsbakken, Ole O. Private H 45 Infantry Eaton
Berkholz, Wm. Private E 22 Infantry Concord
Berkley, John Private F 1 Cavalry Baraboo
Berkner, Carl Private F 44 Infantry Rosencrans
Berkner, Wm. Private G 19 Infantry Fond du Lac
Berkshire, Jos. Private I 46 Infantry Richland Center
Berlage, Arth. J. Private A 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Bermingham, Eugene Private D 22 Infantry Sturgeon Bay
Bermiston, Geo. A. Sergeant C 38 Infantry Argyle
Bernam, Frank Private A 7 Infantry Wuertsburg
Bernard, John P. Private A 45 Infantry Knowles
Bernardy, Frank Private I 37 Infantry Porterfield
Bernaman, Herman Private H 50 Infantry Cazenovia
Berngesser, John Corporal B 52 Infantry Weyauwega
Bernhard, Adam Private C 9 Infantry Calhoun
Bernhard, Fisher Private E 20 Infantry Watertown
Bernhardt, Carl Private G 35 Infantry National Home
Bernier, F. Private B 46 Infantry Germantown
Berray, W. H. Private E 37 Infantry Terrill
Berrigan, Nicholas 2d Lieut. C 17 Infantry Fox Lake
Berron, John Private C 42 Infantry Merrimack
Berry, E. E. Hosp. Stew'd -- 33 Infantry Platteville
Berry, E. E. Sergeant I 43 Infantry Oshkosh
Berry, F. S. Private H & I 16 Infantry Wautoma
Berry, George A. Private K 51 Infantry Richland Center
Berry, George Private G 1 Heavy Art. Sheboygan Falls
Berry, J. S. Private E 6 Infantry Hixton
Berry, James Private H 18 Infantry Neshkoro
Berry, Lewis M. Private D 11 Infantry Boaz
Berry, Peter Private I 30 Infantry Augusta
Berry, Thomas Private D 11 Infantry Muscoda
Berry, Thos. Private E 36 Infantry Wautoma
Bersch, Jno. Private E 2 Infantry Winneconne
Bersch, N. Private K 24 Infantry Winneconne
Bertrand, Francis Private H 34 Infantry Tonet
Berts, L. W. Corporal B 36 Infantry Hixton
Bertz, Phil Musician B 21 Infantry Milwaukee
Berwald, Charles Private E 35 Infantry Wausau
Besat, Alexander Private D 3 Infantry Neenah
Besaw, Alex Private F 14 Infrantry De Pere
Besaw, Irvin Private A 38 Infantry Rhinelander
Beslin, Irvin Private I 12 Infantry Ross
Beson, Peter Private K 27 Infantry Appleton
Besserdich, F. D. Private I 22 Infantry Kewannee
Bessett, Fred Private H 37 Infantry Ripon
Best, E. T. Corporal D 10 Infantry Connorsville
Best, J. H. Private D 7 Infantry Belleville
Beste, John Private A 6 Infantry Sheboygan
Beth, Joseph Private H 9 Infantry Green Bay
Betker, Herman Private G 28 Infantry Waukesha
Betts, A.A. Private C 3 Infantry Kilbourn City
Betts, James Private H 12 Infantry Abrams
Betts, Wm. C Sergeant H 4 Cavalry Washington
Betz, Geo Sergeant G 48 Infantry Porter's Mills
Bevans, Johnson Private A 33 Infantry Arthur
Beyer, Fred Private F 12 Infantry National Home
Beyer, George 2d Lieut H 39 Infantry Oconto
Beyer, H. F. Private B 43 Infantry Fillmore
Beyersdorf, Wm Private B 51 Infantry Milwaukee
Beyersdorfer, E Private G 1 Infantry Kenosha
Beyler, O. H. 1st Lieut B 43 Infantry Madison
Bibbins, Silas Private B 22 Infantry Beloit
Bible,Geo. W Private I 35 Infantry Cazenovia
Bible, Joshua Sergeant F 3 Cavalry Cazenovia
Biddlecom, L. F. Private K 1 Heavy Art Fairchild
Bidgood, B Private E 1 Heavy Art Lancaster
Bidwell, Jas. Private K 38 Infantry Easton
Bieberman, Carl Private D 45 Infantry Juneau
Bieck. J. M. Private L 1 Heavy Art Rome
Biederman, Louis Private C 3 Infantry Prairie du Chien
Biehler, Henry Private H 24 Infantry Port Washington
Bielefeld, Aug Sergeant A 26 Infantry Mackville
Bierce, Austin A Sergeant K 21 Infantry Iola
Bierman, Henry Corporal A 9 Infantry New Holstein
Bigbie, Daniel Private   1 Battery Omalaska
Bigelow, Daniel W Private I 49 Infantry Kirby
Bigelow, Frank A Sergeant I 13 Infantry La Crosse
Bigford, Rollin O Private   1 Battery Fond du Lac
Biggert, James A Captain A 16 Infantry Berlin
Bigler, Lafayette Private C 50 Infantry Darlington
Bigley, John Private A 32 Infantry Fond du Lac
Biglow, H. O. Private H 10 Infantry Tomah
Biglow, J. C. Private B 16 Infantry Janesville
Billdoe, Alex Private K 18 Infantry Balsam Lake
Billing, Geo. W Private G 34 Infantry Oshkosh
Billing, Geo. W Private H 37 Infantry Oshkosh
Billings, Alonzo Private K 25 Infantry Fond du Luc
Billings, Chrles Private D 52 Infantry Stoddard
Billings, Frank Private   3 Battery Madison
Billings, Fred Private K 3 Calvalry Mendota
Billings, John Private F 4 Calvalry National Home
Billings, Levi J Captain K 28 Infantry Rhinelander
Bills, Albert Private G 18 Infantry Big Spring
Bills, Edward C Private E 52 Infantry Berlin
Bills, Orland Private H 5 Infantry Waupaca
Bills, W. D. Private G 42 Infantry Arena
Bills, W. M. Private F 21 Infantry Omro
Binder, Jocob Private K 24 Infantry Silver Spring
Bindrich, Chas F Sergeant   2 Battery Milwaukee
Bingen, Franz Sergeant B 9 Infantry National Home
Binger, Solomon Sergeant K 16 Infantry Browntown
Bingham, E. G. Corporal D 30 Infantry Richland Center
Bingham, John Private   4 Battery National Home
Bingham, W. A. Q. M. Sergt   1 Calvalry West De Pere
Bingham, Isaac Private A 19 Infantry Burr
Binner, Paul 1st Sergeant F 35 Infantry Milwaukee
Bins, John Private F 11 Infantry Green Bay
Bintliff, James Brig. General   22 & 38 Infantry Darlington
Birchler, Martin Private A 9 Infantry Milwaukee
Bird, Fred H Q. M. Sergt.   11 Infantry Madison
Bird, Fred H Captain B 20 Infantry Madison
Bird, G. W. 2d Lieut D 42 Infantry Madison
Bird, H. R. Drummer D 23 Infantry Arena
Bird, R. B. Private I 23 Infantry Madison
Bird, W. J. Private E 31 Infantry Darlington
Bird, Wm. D. Corporal A 1 Heavy Art Madison
Bird, Wm. W Captain E 47 Infantry Milwaukee
Birk, Albert Private A 45 Infantry Knowles
Birkenmeyer, Joseph Private A 46 Infantry Stockbridge
Birkholzy, Robert Private E 16 Infantry Racine
Birnie, A. G. Private I 3 Infantry Tomah
Bisbee, John Private B 17 Infantry Berryville
Bisch, Charles Private H 24 Infantry Port Washington
Bischoff, W. H Private I 39 Infantry Fond du Lac
Bischoff, Wm. Private F 48 Infantry Tess Corners
Bishop, Ansel A Private I 39 Infantry Fond du Lac
Bishop, David S 1st Lieut K 17 Infantry New London
Bishop, Frank, Jr Private C 4 Cavalry Milwaukee
Bishop, Frederick Private D 6 Infantry Montfort
Bishop, Isaac T Private C 22 Infantry Somers
Bishop, Joseph Private M 2 Cavalry Brodhead
Bishop, L. F. Private H 16 Infantry Coloma Station
Bishop, M. A. Corporal B 34 Infantry Platteville
Bishop, O. D. Private C 10 Infantry Hilbert
Bishop, Richard Private A 44 Infantry Hudson
Bishop, Rufus Private   7 Battery Merrill
Bishop, W. M. Private A 52 Infantry Kilbourn City
Bishop, W. R. Private A 30 Infantry Hammond
Bishop, Walter J Private A 48 Infantry Oshkosh
Bissell, Henry H Private H 23 Infantry Morrisonville
Bissett, John Private F 29 Infantry Milford
Bitney, Alfred Private E 8 Infantry Madison
Bittinger, Philip Private   2 Battery Muscoda
Bixby, Charles Private C 10 Infantry Menasha
Bixler, George P Private I 4 Cavalry Richland City
Blachley, James Private D 46 Infantry North Freedom
Blachley, W. B. Private D 46 Infantry Baraboo
Black, Charles Private D 17 Infantry Kewaskum
Black, Guy Private E 44 Infantry Cambridge
Black, James Private H 24 Infantry Clinton
Black, John B Private H 21 Infantry Shopiere
Black, Joseph Z Private C 1 Cavalry Eau Claire
Blackburn, John Private F 7 Infantry Lancaster
Blackburn, Robert Private H 1 Heavy Art Kansasville
Blackburn, W. H. Private D 6 Infantry New Lisbon
Blackman, A Private I 18 Infantry West Point
Blackman, Horace Sergeant I 1 Cavalry Pleasant Prairie
Blackman, Wm. Private I 17 Infantry Lime Ridge,
Blackmer, Dempster Private H 47 Infantry National Home
Blackner, Chas Private D 41 Infantry Mill Center
Blackstone, Joseph 2nd Lieut B 20 Infantry Shullsburg
Blades, William Private   Per. P. Infantry Benton
Blaesdell, Franklin Private D 8 Infantry Brushville
Blaine, Anion Private   35 Infantry Rusk
Blair, Frank Private I 25 Infantry Coloma Station
Blair, Henry Private B 38 Infantry Madely
Blair, Horace Corporal G 1 Heavy Art Sun Prairie
Blair, Hugh Private   49 Infantry Mosinee
Blair, James Private   1 Battery Berlin
Blair, John Private   1 Battery Poysippi
Blair, Joseph Corporal I 37 Infantry Berlin
Blair, Joseph F Private G 10 Infantry Wolf Creek
Blair, L. G. Musician M 1 Cavalry Boscobel
Blair, Leander Private B 32 Infantry Plainfield
Blair, Louis Private I 2 Infantry Chippewa Falls
Blair, Thomas 1st Lieut K & A 5 Infantry Blairmoore
Blaisdell, Elijah Private A 12 Infantry Spring Valley
Blaisdell, Geo Private C 49 Infantry Milton
Blaisdell, I. W. Sergeant D 50 Infantry Whitewater
Blaisdell, J. J. Chaplain   40 Infantry Beloit
Blaisdell, Nathan Private A 12 Infantry Eau Claire
Blake, C. M. Sergeant F 23 Infantry Baraboo
Blake, Chas Private K 31 Infantry Ridgeway
Blake, E. R. Private B 18 Infantry Blanchardville
Blake, E. W. Corporal A 20 Infantry New Centerville
Blake, Edward R 1st Lieut H 24 Infantry Port Washington
Blake, Henry Private K 14 Infantry Madison
Blake, L. A. Private I 3 Cavalry Hayward
Blake, L. E. Private C 46 Infantry Waukau
Blake, S. D. 1st Sergt   1 Battery Black River Falls
Blake, Simon S Private B 25 Infantry Richland Center
Blakeley, John A Private D 43 Infantry Platteville
Blakely, Carlisle Private H 11 Infantry Viola
Blakely, Edwin Corporal I 44 Infantry Evansville
Blakely, Milton H Private L 1 Heavy Art Hebron
Blakely, Walton Private G 11 Infantry Bloom City
Blakeslee, Ephraim Captain H 12 Infantry Ironton
Blakesley, Charles Sergeant G 19 Infantry Oshkosh
Blakley, C. W. Private F 46 Infantry Union Center
Blanchard, Adolph Private B 36 Infantry Brooklyn
Blanchard, Chas. C Private D 22 Infantry Delavan
Blanchard, Chas. C Hosp. Stewart   40-49 Infantry Delavan
Blanchard, Emery Private E 25 Infantry Fennimore
Blanchard, Geo. W Private E 21 Infantry Abrams
Blanchard, Joseph Private G 1 Infantry Turtle Lake
Blanchard, Levi P Private I 2 Infantry Rosendale
Blanchard, Louis Private   4 Battery Colton
Blanchard, R Private B 29 Infantry Poysippi
Blaunding, John H Sergeant D 30 Infantry St Croix Falls
Blandon, John Private   2 Battery National Home
Blank, Edward Private E 52 Infantry Cedarburg
Blanke, Chris Private H 3 Infantry Plymouth
Blanker, Henry Sergeant B 26 Infantry Sherwood
Blankley, Andrew J Private I 44 Infantry Onalaska
Blankley, John Private D 14 Infantry Onalaska
Blashke, Joseph Private A 29 Infantry Waterloo
Blashke, Wenzer Private A 29 Infantry Marshall
Blatchford, Saml. N Private A 11 Infantry West Superior
Blatchly, Washburn Private K 10 Infantry Neesdah
Blecha, Jno Corporal I 34 Infantry Greenwood
Blessing, August Private I 48 Infantry Elm Grove
Blessinger, Jos Private D 17 Infantry Kewaunee
Bessinger, Louis Sergeant E 3 Cavalry Wauesha
Bley, Edw. P Private E 5 Infantry National Home
Bliefernicht, Fred 1st Sergeant E 3 Cavalry Watertown
Blihoode, Simon T Private D 47 Infantry New Hope
Blish, Harvey Corporal K 1 Heavy Art Racine
Bliss, A. J. Private L 3 Cavalry Troy
Bliss, Charles Private C 3 Cavalry Portage
Bliss, Daniel Private F 1 Infantry Waupaca
Bliss, Irving 2d Lieut E 27 Infantry Milwaukee
Bliss, James H Private F 13 Infantry Janesville
Bliss, Wm. Corporal C 16 Infantry Rice Lake
Blitsch, Jacob Corporal E 45 Infantry Hartland
Bliven, Nathaniel Private K 42 Infantry North Freedom
Block, Aug Private I 30 Infantry Fall Creek
Block, Frederick Private   5 Battery Monroe
Block, Henry Private F 23 Infantry Baraboo
Block, Joseph Private A 2 Infantry Fond du Lac
Blockman, Christian Private H 23 Infantry Waterford
Blocksidge, William Private H 33 Infantry Marshfield
Blodgett, A. M. Private C 12 Infantry Banner
Blodgett, Benjamin Corporal E 4 Cavalry Jefferson
Blodgett, James Private D 8 Infantry Ripon
Blodgett, P. H. Private D 5 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Blodgett, Paul Private E 1 Infantry Dundee
Bloomer, Tobias       Unassigned Oostburgh
Blomely, John Private E 28 Infantry Madison
Blood, Calvin Private D 5 Infantry Ogdensburgh
Blood, Chas Private G 1 Infantry Kenosha
Blood, Frank Private C 23 Infantry Stevens Point
Blood, I. P. Private C 23 Infantry Dallas
Blood, J. M. Private A 1 Cavalry Dallas
Bloodgood, Edw Colonel   22 Infantry Milwaukee
Bloom, C. L. V. Private K 4 Cavalry Chilton
Bloom, Fred Private G 3 Infantry Monroe
Bloom, Geo Private D 9 Infantry Baraboo
Bloom, Henry Private C 19 Infantry Tomah
Bloom, John Private F 41 Infantry Mineral Point
Bloom, John Private B 32 Infantry Waupun
Bloomer, Chas. H Private D 1 Infantry Delavan
Bloomfield, Wm. Private F 22 Infantry Roaring Creek
Bloomfield Wm. R Private D 24 Infantry National Home
Bloquelle, Gustav Private B 9 Infantry Mantowoe
Bloss, G. E. Private H 50 Infantry Westfield
Blount, Luke D Private D 7 Infantry National Home
Blowers, J. J Private B 7 Infantry Portage
Blubaugh, David Private G 5 Infantry Gratiot
Bluett, John Private L 1 Heavy Art Troy Center
Blum, Chas Private G 28 Infantry Powaukee
Blum, John Private B 1 Infantry National Home
Blume, Peter Private B 52 Infantry Hartford
Blumer, Ezra Private K 16 Infantry Farmers Grove
Blumer, J. J. Private K 3 Infantry New Glarus
Blumer, John Sergeant K 9 Infantry Monroe
Blundell, Wm. P Private E 30 Infantry Rewey
Blunk, George Private   4 Battery Afton
Blunt, Francis Private K 49 Infantry Johnstown
Blunt, James E Private C 3 Infantry Monroe
Bly, Ed. P Private E 5 Infantry Janesville
Blynn, Louis Private A 49 Infantry Mazomanie
Blyton, Thomas Private C 19 Infantry Hillsdale
Blyton, W. H. 1st. Lieut C 19 Infantry Sparta
Boar, John Corporal K 27 Infantry Antigo
Board, F. W. Private M 1 Cavalry Union Center
Board, Stephen Private K 1 Cavalry Union Center
Boardman, N. C. Private A 44 Infantry Cylon
Boardman, Wm. T Private A 40 Infantry Mazomanie
Bobbe, William Private D 47 Infantry Amherst
Boch, John H Private K 23 Infantry Spring Green
Boch, Michael Private D 27 Infantry Watertown
Bochter, Wolfgang Private I 40 Infantry National Home
Bock, Phillip Private B 51 Infantry Cedarburg
Bockmaster, Wm Private H 12 Infantry Shelby
Boclo, Hugo Private D 26 Infantry Cedarburg
Bodah, Chas Private A 21 Infantry Bear Creek
Bodenstab, Julius Lieutenant I 27 Infantry Milwaukee
Bodette, Peter Private B 28 Infantry Boyceville
Bodine, Wm Private E 25 Infantry Plattville
Bodmer, John Private H 35 Infantry Kaukauna
Bodoh, Julius Private A 2 Cavalry Green Bay
Boebel, Hans Lieut. Col   26 Infantry Miwaukee
Boecher, Reinhold Private B 16 Infantry Plymouth
Boeck, Alb Private F 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Boeckman, Otto Ord. Serg I 26 Infantry Park Falls
Boehm,David Private A 23 Infantry Bellfountain
Boehme, Louis Private H 2 Cavalry Milwaukee
Boehn, Sylvester Private G 7 Infanry Green Bay
Boesler, Christian Corporal F 4 Cavalry Racine
Boettcher, Carl Private C 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Boettcher, Chas Private G 17 Infantry Concord
Boettcher, Frank Private C 27 Infantry Gravesville
Boettcher, Peter Private B 44 Infantry Watertown
Boettcher, Wm Private B 9 Infantry Reedsville
Boetzel, George Private D 9 Infantry Diamond Bluff
Boetzel, Gottlieb F Private D 29 Infantry Wilton
Bogan, Patrick Private F 44 Infantry Wilson
Bogardus, P. J. Private L 3 Cavalry Janesville
Bogart, A. L Private C 28 Infantry Monterey
Bogk, Wm Private A 26 Infantry National Home
Bohag, Alfred Private E 2 Cavalry Portage
Bohamon, Samuel Private E 1 Infantry Kenosha
Bohler, Chas Private B 24 Infantry Racine
Bohlmann, Frederick Private D 51 Infantry New London
Bohm, Freidrich Private B 37 Infantry Orihula
Bohm, Chas Private I 6 Infantry Wonewoe
Bohm, Ernst Private D 9 Infantry Mt Horeb
Bohm, Fred Henry Private F 9 Infantry Weston
Bohm, H Private F 9 Infantry Yuba
Bohm, John Private F 5 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Bohn, Jacob Lieutenant D 9 Infantry Sauk City
Bohri, Gottlieb Lieutenant K 48 Infantry Bohri
Bohrman, Gottlieb Lieutenant F 28 Infantry Merton
Bohrnstedt, John Lieutenant C 30 Infantry Trempealeau
Name Rank Co. Regt. Branch of Service Post-Office
Boingrabir, Wm Private K 51 Infantry Mayville
Bolderson, Henry Private H 51 Infantry Neshkoro
Boldin, W.L. Private I 6 Infantry Ontario
Bolding, Thos Captain K 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Boldt, John C Private C 7 Infantry Platteville
Boles, Samuel Private C 52 Infantry Centralia
Boldt, Wm. Private D 17 Infantry Waupun
Bolinger, Jacob Corporal G 25 Infantry Alma
Boller, Franz Private A 9 Infantry Lake Geneva
Bollow, Henry Private E 20 Infantry Mauston
Bolson, Wm. H Private B 16 Infantry Oconomowoc
Balton, William Private B 53 Infantry De Pere
Baltes, Adam Private C 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Boltzendohl, William Private A 3 Infantry Kings Bridge
Bomier, Godfrey Corporal G 41 Infantry Appleton
Bonack, Gotfried Private E 34 Infantry Kekoskee
Bond, Richard H Sergeant F 41 Infantry Viola
Bond, L.G. Private K 13 Infantry Milton
Bonell, E.J. Corporal A 16 Infantry Wilton
Bonell, Edwin R Private K 5 Infantry Berlin
Bonell, Wm. Private F 1 Heavy Art. Eau Claire
Bonnell, David T Private E 38 Infantry Point Bluff
Bonnell, Thos. C Private D 36 Infantry Terrill
Bonney, A.A. Private E 47 Infantry Soldiers Grove
Bonney, Oliver Private A 13 Infantry National Home
Booth, C.A. Lieutenant G 22 Infantry Monroe
Booth, Amos H Private H 20 Infantry National Home
Booth, D Private E 1 Cavalry Plainfield
Booth, George Private C 2 Infantry Wolf Creek
Booth, J.H. Private C 52 Infantry Shiocton
Booth, Wm. Private C 23 Infantry Pardeeville
Booth, Wm. Private D 29 Infantry Waukesha
Borcherdt, Emil Private B 7 Infantry Manitowoc
Borcherdt, F.W. Captain E 2 Infantry Manitowoc
Borchert, Carl Private E 20 Infantry Watertown
Borchsenius, H Adjutant   15 Infantry Baldwin
Borden, Eben Private I 3 Infantry Loyal
Borden, Wm. H Surgeon   1 Heavy Art. Milton
Borges, Stephen K Private B 30 Infantry Anthony
Boring, L First Sergeant I 4 Cavalry Ontario
Borkenhagen, W Private E 6 Infantry Random Lake
Borland, John Private A 5 Infantry Rusk
Born, Ole O Private F 46 Infantry Lookout
Born, Ole Oleson Jr. Private C 38 Infantry Lookout
Borne, Ole H Private H 15 Infantry Westby
Bornheimer, John Private G 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Borst, Daniel Private I 7 Infantry Pine River
Boss, Albert Private D 29 Infantry Sparta
Bossert, Andrew Private C 6 Infantry Cassville
Bossi, John A Private I 43 Infantry Bradtville
Bostwick, E.P. Private A 40 Infantry Shopiere
Boswell, M.E. Private A 4 Cavalry Milwaukee
Boswine, Peter Private D 6 Infantry Oshkosh
Both, Martin Private F 50 Infantry Pine Grove
Botkin, W.W. Private G 12 Infantry National Home
Botrell, Richard 2d Lieut. I 32 Infantry Dale
Botsford, A.F. 2d Lieut. I 1 Heavy Art. Racine
Botsford, James Sergeant E 13 Infantry Altoona
Bottler, Frederick Private B 51 Infantry Watertown
Bottrell, Richard Private I 13 Infantry Milwaukee
Botzen, Conrad Private A 35 Infantry National Home
Botzet, Peter Private C 26 Infantry Elm Grove
Botzen, John Sergeant E 51 Infantry Eden
Boucher, Cyrell M Sergeant G 4 Cavalry Dresser Junction
Bouck, Gabe Colonel   18 Infantry Oshkosh
Boner, J.R. Lieutenant H 22 Infantry Franksville
Boughton, J.W. Private C 46 Infantry Oshkosh
Boughton, Joel Private B 47 Infantry Fall River
Boughton, O.A. Private A 3 Infantry New London
Boulin, Charles Private   4 Battery Galesville
Bound, Frank S Private I 1 Heavy Art. Plainfield
Bound, Freeman T Private   8 Battery Plainfield
Bound, Job Private   8 Battery Plainfield
Bourn, Henry C Private B 28 Infantry Downing
Bourne, Frank Private D 1 Infantry Manitowoc
Boursier, Theophilus Private E 18 Infantry Buena Vista
Bousch, Anton Private C 41 Infantry Cassville
Bovee, Albert Private G 37 Infantry Palmyra
Bovee, C Private A 1 Infantry Fairchild
Bovee, Nelson Private E 11 Infantry Mineral Point
Bovee, T.A. Private G 5 Infantry Richardson
Bowden, John C Private H 7 Infantry Montfort
Bowden, Sam Private A 3 Infantry National Home
Bowe, Henry Private I 37 Infantry Sheboygan
Bowe, James Private F 21 Infantry Fond du Lac
Bowe, W.H. Corporal E 35 Infantry Fond du Lac
Bowen, A.C. Private I & B 5 Infantry Danville
Bowen, Charles Com. Sergt. I 5 Infantry Grand Rapids
Bowen, David C Private D 12 Infantry Westfield
Bowen, E.H. Private D 21 Infantry Poysippi
Bowen, Edward Private I 14 Infantry Oshkosh
Bowen, J.R. Private D 28 Infantry Stoops
Bowen, O.H.P Private C 29 Infantry Melrose
Bowen, W.H. Private   3 Battery Auroraville
Bower, Julius Private C 1 Heavy Art. Green Bay
Bower, Wm. H Private I 23 Infantry Spring Green
Bowers, Benjamin Private E 36 Infantry Plymouth
Bowers, C.W. Private G 42 Infantry Milton
Bowers, G.F. Private G 28 Infantry Muskego
Bowers, Hiram Private B 27 Infantry Plymouth
Bowers, J.N. Private H 4 Cavalry Lena
Bowers, Luman Private K 36 Infantry Bloomer
Bowers, Nicholas Private I 35 Infantry Norrie
Bowers, Nicholas G Private F & B 4 & 1 Cavalry & Infantry Elkhorn
Bowers, R Private K 36 Infantry Eleva
Bowers, Thomas A Sergeant F 49 Infantry Platteville
Bowers, Wm. Private K 13 Infantry Lima
Bowles, C.E. 2d Lieut. I 42 Infantry Janesville
Bowles, Lewis N Private K 1 Heavy Art. Knapp
Bowles, T.I. Private D 8 Infantry Orfordville
Bowman, Christian Private K 18 Infantry Greenville
Bowman, E.A. Private E 3 Cavalry Edgerton
Bowman, E.D. Private K 39 Infantry Loyal
Bowman, Fred Private K 18 Infantry Greenville
Bowman, Geo Private D 8 Infantry Ripon
Bowman, James I Private E 12 Infantry Madison
Bowman, Jesse Private I 18 Infantry New Lisbon
Bowman, John Private K 14 Infantry Joel
Bowman, Jonathan Private D 11 Infantry Joel
Bowman, Joseph Private K 14 Infantry Fairchild
Bowron, Henry Private C 28 Infantry Waterville
Bowron, S.G. Corporal I 51 Infantry Roberts
Bowson, E Private C 21 Infantry Winnebago
Box, F Private   9 Battery Spencer
Boxler, Walter First Sergeant A 50 Infantry Kendall
Boy, Carles First Sergeant B 41 Infantry Westfield
Boyce, Jas First Sergeant E 37 Infantry National Home
Boyce, James First Sergeant C 32 Infantry Dartford
Boyce, Robt First Sergeant B 2 Cavalry La Crosse
Boyce, Volney First Sergeant C 13 Infantry Sharon
Boyce, Wm First Sergeant B 33 Infantry Janesville
Boyd, Kingsley R First Sergeant G 33 Infantry Woodman
Boyd, Robt. M First Sergeant E 24 Infantry Racine
Boyd, William H Corporal E 2 Infantry Oshkosh
Boyden, F.G. Private B 14 Infantry Wis. Vet. Home
Boyden, James Private B 2 Cavalry Cumberland
Boyden, Millard Private A,D & I 34, 53 & 51 Infantry Cumberland
Boye, John Private   2 Battery Edwards
Boyer, George Private A 47 Infantry Dale
Boyer, H.W. Private K 29 Infantry Merrill
Boyer, Louis P Private   8 Battery Merrill
Boyes, Thos Private C 25 Infantry Lancaster
Boyington, David Private I 32 Infantry New London
Boyington, George Private H 13 Infantry Tomah
Boyington, Orrin Private B 25 Infantry Wonewoc
Boyle, Charles Private C 26 Infantry Appleton
Boyle, Dan Private A 34 Infantry National Home
Boynton, Calvin E Private K 1 Heavy Art. Merrillan
Boynton, F.E. Private K 6 Infantry New Lisbon
Boynton, Horace S Private B 37 Infantry Oshkosh
Boynton, John Private C 30 Infantry Trempealeau
Boynton, John W Private K 21 Infantry Amherst
Boynton, Prescott Corporal K 21 Infantry Clark's Mills
Braasch, Frank Private C 34 Infantry Cato
Braband, Albert Sergeant E 27 Infantry Milwaukee
Brabazon, J.R. Private E 28 Infantry Delavan
Brabender, John Private E 52 Infantry Peshtigo
Brabazon, Wm. R Private D 22 Infantry Jacksonport
Brace, Thomas Private G 13 Infantry Brodhead
Bracht, Richard A.W. Corporal G 29 Infantry Colby
Bracket, John W Private H 7 Infantry Bloomington
Bracket, Stephen Corporal H 48 Infantry Sheboygan
Bradbury, Charles Private H 14 Infantry West Bloomfield
Bradbury, N Sergeant F 7 Infantry Madison
Brader, Alfred Private I 42 Infantry Mt. Vernon
Bradish, E.A. Private A 48 Infantry Eureka
Bradley, A.H. Private C 1 Heavy Art. Somers
Bradley, C.C. Private E 2 Cavalry Fairchild
Bradley, Geo. W Private B 4 Cavalry Menasha
Bradley, J.W. Private D 6 Infantry Mauston
Bradley, John Private A 3 Infantry National Home
Bradley, John Private F 7 Infantry Ellenboro
Bradley, L.S. Private B 43 Infantry Ellenboro
Bradley, Luke Private   5 Battery Big Falls
Bradley, N.C. Private D 38 Infantry Kendall
Bradley, S.M. Private L 1 Heavy Art. Oakley
Bradshaw, P.C. Private A 11 Infantry Augusta
Bradshaw, Warren Corporal F 37 Infantry Arkansaw
Bradshaw, W.W. Private E 5 Infantry Washington
Bradt, Andrew Private F 42 Infantry Tiffany
Bradt, H.H.G. Corporal   3 Battery Eureka
Bradt, Peter Fifer I 24 Infantry Danville
Bradt, Sheldon Private F 18 Infantry Northport
Bradt, W.L. Private A 10 Infantry East Delavan
Brady, Frank Private F 8 Infantry Eastman
Brady, John Private I 21 Infantry Cazenovia
Brady, Michael Private B 17 Infantry La Crosse
Brady, Owen Private I 2 Cavalry Winneconne
Brady, Peter Private A 19 Infantry Loganville
Braeger, Wm. Private I 45 Infantry Sheboygan
Braemer, Fred Private A 17 Infantry Ahnapee
Braeunlein, Michael Private I 17 Infantry National Home
Bragg, Edward S Colonel   6 Infantry Fond du Lac
Bragg, Harrison Sergeant I 3 Cavalry Gratiot
Brahm, Martin Private B 51 Infantry National Home
Brahmer, Frederick Private D 45 Infantry Milwaukee
Brainard, A.M. First Sergeant B 3 Cavalry Oshkosh
Brainard, B.F. Private F 21 Infantry Murry
Brainard, Calvin P Corporal B 33 Infantry Boscobel
Brainard, Mark Private K 20 Infantry Sheboygan Falls
Brainerd, D.F. Private F 25 Infantry Glendale
Braker, Henry Private K 5 Infantry Downsville
Bram, Mathias Private I 50 Infantry Alma
Bramow, C.C. Private F 1 Heavy Art. Racine
Bramshall, Elijah Orderly Serg. B 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Brand, Horace Private I 1 Heavy Art. Union Center
Brand, Robert Musician   5 Infantry Oshkosh
Brand, Wm. Private H 3 Infantry Milwaukee
Brandes, Henry Private I 20 Infantry Mount Hope
Brandis, Frederick Private D 31 Infantry Wauzeka
Brandon, John Private G 3 Infantry National Home
Brandstetter, Geo Private H & G 1 & 12 Infantry Adell
Brandt, A.S. First Asst. Surg.   45 Infantry Menomonee Falls
Brandt, August Private K 51 Infantry Oshkosh
Brandt, Ernst Private D 9 Infantry National Home
Brandt, Frederick Private L 4 Cavalry Thiensville
Brandt, Frederick Private C 53 Infantry Oshkosh
Brandt, I.V Private B 39 Infantry Fond du Lac
Brandt, James Corporal C 43 Infantry Mount Ida
Brannon, Patrick Private H 51 Infantry Tunnel City
Branstad, Ole C Private A 15 Infantry Grantsburg
Brant, A.J. Private C 7 Infantry Louisburg
Brant, Jacob Musician   3 Infantry Brodhead
Brant, Samuel Private E 38 Infantry Tyrone
Branton, Thomas Private I 26 Infantry Poynette
Brasch, August Private K 34 Infantry Oconto
Brasch, John Private M 3 Cavalry Wausau
Brasier, Jno Private I 1 Infantry Loyal
Bratley, James Private K 16 Infantry Cadiz
Bratt, Harrison Private B 52 Infantry Fredonia
Bratz, Richard Private   2 Battery Granton
Brauer, Fred Private K 45 Infantry Howard
Brauer, Mic Private I 45 Infantry Milwaukee
Braun, John N Corporal B 45 Infantry Sheboygan
Braunan, Thomas Private G 1 Heavy Art. Oconomowoc
Braunschweig, Wm. Private B 26 Infantry Lebanon
Brawley, Hugh J Private A 3 Cavalry Stevens Point
Bray, James Private F 13 Infantry Oshkosh
Braydon, S Private G 20 Infantry Waupaca
Brazee, C.J. Musician G,C & C 5,38 & 25 Infantry Merrill
Brazee, Joel Private C 25 Infantry National Home
Brecher, F Private E 27 Infantry Wis. Vet. Home
Breck, Lloyd Private C 28 Infantry Oconomowoc
Bredel, Christ Private D 17 Infantry Milwaukee
Bredman, Henry O Private F 25 Infantry Christie
Breece, James Private F 41 Infantry Buck Creek
Breed, Geo D Private H 48 Infantry Chilton
Breed, John E Private C 38 Infantry Clintonville
Breed, S.H. Private C 30 Infantry Whitehall
Breene, Paul Private K 30 Infantry Waterville
Bregger, Henry Private G 12 Infantry Luxemburg
Brechm, Joseph Private D 6 Infantry Menomonie
Breichan, Conrad Private F 49 Infantry Lancaster
Breidel, Wenzel Corporal C 9 Infantry La Crosse
Breidenbach, John Private B 17 Infantry Eagle
Breiggen, William Drummer C 17 Infantry St. Mary
Breitenger, John Private A 44 Infantry Martell
Breitengross, Richard Sergeant H 35 Infantry Fond du Lac
Breithaupt, L.A. Private C 25 Infantry Lancaster
Breitschneider, William Private C 34 Infantry Fillmore
Breitung, Wm Private B 27 Infantry Plymouth
Brellen, D Private I 45 Infantry Arlington
Breman, Peter Private G 14 Infantry New Cassel
Bremer, Charles Private C 19 Infantry Tomah
Bremer, John Corporal D 29 Infantry Baraboo
Bremer, Fred Private K 6 Infantry Grafton
Bremmer, Adolph Private   8 Battery Muscoda
Bremmer, Jas. A Private E 18 Infantry Stevens Point
Bremmer, John Private G 17 Infantry National Home
Bremmin, Hovel Private G 22 Infantry Gratiot
Bremser, Henry Private K 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Breneman, A.M. Private D 3 Infantry Richland Center
Brennaman, A.L. Private K 3 Infantry Excelsior
Brennan, B.P. Private F 40 Infantry Glenmore
Brennan, Patrick Private D 3 Cavalry Eau Claire
Brennen, Charles Private H 50 Infantry Dodgeville
Brenner, Anton Private I 36 Infantry Tarrant
Bresee, Levi Adjutant   12 Infantry Madison
Bretschneider, Aug Private I 45 Infantry Fillmore
Brett, Jas. E Private D 40 Infantry Springfield
Breuster, L.M. Private H 30 Infantry Plainfield
Brewer, Albert Private F 2 Cavalry Gillingham
Brewer, William Private B 3 Infantry Linden
Brewster, Aiken Private G 2 Cavalry Seymour
Brewster, E.H. Private G 16 Infantry Poysippi
Brewster, J.B. Private H 18 Infantry Stevens Point
Brewster, J.T. Private G 14 Infantry Wis. Vet. Home
Bricker, John Private B 27 Infantry Greenbush
Brickey, B.J. Private A 29 Infantry Rockland
Brickley, Michael Private G 4 Cavalry New Richmond
Name Rank Co. Regt. Branch of service Post-Office
Brickner, Carl Private F 1 Cavalry Sheboygan
Brickwell, William Private H 19 Infantry Milwaukee
Bridge, H Private D 32 Infantry Clintonville
Bridge, J. C. Private C 3 Infantry Brodhead
Bridgman, C. R. 2d Lieut E 31 Infantry Lamont
Bridgman, H. M. Private E 31 Infantry Lamont
Briedle, Joseph Private C 9 Infantry La Crosse
Brien, James Corporal K 11 Infantry Neenah
Brien, P. O. Private F 1 Cavalry Winneconne
Briemm, John Private C 5 Infantry Birnamwood
Brietag, Gottlieb Private K 1 Cavalry Theresa
Briggs, B. F. Private A 30 Infantry New Richmond
Briggs, C. F. Private E 12 Infantry Kilbourn
Briggs, Charles D. Private A 48 Infantry Glenwood
Briggs, Ed. F. Private C 32 Infantry Berlin
Briggs, Frank Private F 43 Infantry Plainfield
Briggs, Hiram E Private G 3 Infantry New London
Briggs, John P Private L 1 Cavalry Necedah
Briggs, Joseph Private D 22 Infantry Beloit
Briggs, L. A. Fife Major   2 Ind. Bat Appleton
Briggs, L. J. Private I 51 Infantry New Richmond
Briggs, L. W. Q. M. Sergt   7 Battery Oshkosh
Briggs, Martin Private C 23 Infantry Pardeeville
Briggs, Myron Sergeant C 8 Infantry Eau Claire
Briggs, R. C. Private I 22 Infantry Antigo
Briggs, R. M. Private D 30 Infantry River Falls
Briggs, Samuel Private C 2 Cavalry Bridgeport
Briggs, W. S. Private E 12 Infantry Kilbourn
Brigham, Cabb W Private I 35 Infantry New Castle
Brigham, Nelson Private H 30 Infantry Spring Water
Brightman, D. Corporal D 32 Infantry Winchester
Brighton, Richard Private F 14 Infantry De Pere
Brill, George Private G 25 Infantry Rock Falls
Brinaleson, Nelson Private G 37 Infantry Chippewa Falls
Brindley, William Private B 33 Infantry Boscobel
Brinker, John R Private F 12 Infantry Stevens Point
Brinkerhoff, George Private C 46 Infantry Allenville
Brinkman, August Private G 51 Infantry Manitowoc
Brinkman, Henry Private K 48 Infantry Herold
Brinley, Robert Private L 1 Cavalry Mount Ida
Brintwall, C. E. Private C 16 Infantry Elroy
Brintwell, H. N. Private   27 Infantry Mendota
Brisom, Squire Private A 1 Heavy Art Portage
Brisbin, W. L. Private C 3 Infantry Juda
Briscane, Wm. H 2d Lieut I 2 Cavalry Milwaukee
Briscoe, Henry Private D 46 Infantry Baraboo
Briscoe, Samuel Private G 3 Cavalry Baraboo
Brisque, Mitchell Private F 14 Infantry Wausaukee
Bristol, Ed Private A 27 Infantry Sturgeon Bay
Bristol, Edwin E Private A 36 Infantry Richland City
Bristol, George Private I 33 Infantry Pleasant Prairie
Bristor, Rice Private E 16 Infantry Bloomville
Briswold, Christian Private A 47 Infantry Dartford
Britt, B. C. Asst. Surg   21 Infantry Green Bay
Britt, Thomas Private I 31 Infantry Rest
Britton, O. A. Bugler A 3 Cavalry W. Superior
Britton, W. B. Colonel   8 Infantry Janesville
Britton, Willis S. Private I 50 Infantry Eau Claire
Broadhead, Jas. S Private D 16 Infantry Gravesville
Brobst, John F Private G 25 Infantry Modena
Brockel, Nicholas Private B 48 Infantry Wis. Vet. Home
Brockmann, Carl Private K 27 Infantry Pine Grove
Brockmann, Fred Private F 6 Infantry Appleton
Brockway, John C Private B 21 Infantry Oshkosh
Brockway, H Private H 1 Heavy Art Albany
Brockway, Lafayette Private B 1 Heavy Art Wauwatosa
Broderick, Michael Private F 43 Infantry Boaz
Broderick, Mich Private B 24 Infantry National Home
Brodhagen, Ferdinand Private D 50 Infantry Bonduel
Brodhagen, William Private I 37 Infantry Belle Plaine
Brodkorb, John Private C 27 Infantry Mishicott
Broker, Theodore Private A 46 Infantry La Grange
Bronson, G. A. Private C 10 Infantry Waupaca
Bronson, John C Private A 48 Infantry Winneconne
Bronson, Nelson Private M 1 Cavalry New Lisbon
Brooker, Edwin Private F 16 Infantry Janesville
Brooker, John C Lieutenant G 27 Infantry Racine
Brookins, Geo. W Private B 3 Cavalry Oshkosh
Brooks, A. C. Private   7 Battery New Lisbon
Brooks, A. J. Private G 19 Infantry Reedsburg
Brooks, Chas. E. Private H 17 Infantry Baraboo
Brooks, Edwin Private D 3 Cavalry Baraboo
Brooks, Enoch Corporal B 3 Cavalry Oshkosh
Brooks, Gardner R 1st Sergeant F 12 Infantry Marinette
Brooks, J Private A 32 Infantry Hortonville
Brooks, Jas. A Private H 12 Infantry Green Bay
Brooks, Lloyd Private K 2 Infantry Beaver Dam
Brooks, Martin Private M 1 Cavalry Lind
Brooks, S. E. Private I 49 Infantry Spencer
Brooks, Seth Private D 52 Infantry Sparta
Brooks, Thomas Private C 2 Infantry Bloomington
Brose, Carl Private L 2 Cavalry Auchorage
Brosius, Geo 2d Lieut E 35 Infantry Milwaukee
Brother, Philip Private F 7 Infantry Bloomington
Brothers, David J. 1st Lieut E 32 Infantry Kaukauna
Brothers, J. D. Corporal F 42 Infantry Osceola Mills
Brotherton, A. P. Private K 49 Infantry Racine
Brott, Chas Private K 16 Infantry Flintville
Brott, Joseph Private F 44 Infantry Barton
Broughton, Pliny W Private C 1 Heavy Art Kendall
Broughton, T. B. Private F 16 Infantry Kendall
Brouillet, Charles Private B 46 Infantry Chippewa Falls
Brounty, Samuel Private E 44 Infantry Rockdale
Brow, John A Sergeant E 21 Infantry Dobie
Brown, A. M. Private I 43 Infantry Baraboo
Brown, Adam Private   1 Battery West Bend
Brown, Alonzo Private E 4 Cavalry National Home
Brown, Amos Private B 16 Infantry Hancock
Brown, Amos Private K 38 Infantry Easton
Brown, Anson Private D 11 Infantry Mazomanie
Brown, Andrew Private C 8 Infantry Eau Claire
Brown, Anthony Private A 18 Infantry Dotyville
Brown, Asa. L Corporal E 2 Cavalry Briggsville
Brown, Augustus Private B 27 Infantry Cascade
Brown, B. J. Sergeant G 5 Infantry Thorp
Brown, B. O. Private I 17 Infantry Fort Atkinson
Brown, Balthasar Sergeant H 11 Infantry Prairie du Sac
Brown, C. A. Private M 1 Heavy Art Dartford
Brown, C. C. 1st Sergeant B 50 Infantry Viroqua
Brown, C. C. Private C 21 Infantry Eureka
Brown, C. D. Corporal B 52 Infantry Hartford
Brown, C. K. Private A 7 Infantry Chippewa Falls
Brown, Chas Private E 3 Cavalry Appleton
Brown, Chas Private I 30 Infantry Craft
Brown, Charles Private C 18 Infantry Red Mounds
Brown, Chester F Private F 11 Infantry Neenah
Brown, Charles C Private E 28 Infantry Hebron
Brown, Christopher Private B 6 Infantry Melvina
Brown, Daniel Private A 14 Infantry Fond du Lac
Brown, David Private H 11 Infantry Briggsville
Brown, E. R. Sergeant F 44 Infantry Portage
Brown, Edward Private I 30 Infantry Augusta
Brown, Frank Musician   28 & 40 Infantry Oshkosh
Brown, Fred Sergeant C 27 Infantry Franklin
Brown, Geo Corporal F 11 Infantry Baraboo
Brown, George Corporal D 42 Infantry Woodman
Brown, George C 1st Sergeant G 20 Infantry Milwaukee
Brown, G. W. Private F 20 Infantry Sparta
Brown, G. W. Private H 35 Infantry Sparta
Brown, Geo W Private A 25 Infantry Barron
Brown, H. D. Private D 43 Infantry Shopiere
Brown, H. F. Private A 16 Infantry Hancock
Brown, Henry Private G 14 Infantry New Cassel
Brown, Henry N Private G 38 Infantry Whitehall
Brown, J. A. Private A 32 Infantry Fairwater
Brown, J. D. Private C 47 Infantry Cottage Grove
Brown, J. F. Corporal A 4 Cavalry Whitewater
Brown, J. L. Private C 16 Infantry Beaver Dam
Brown, J. R. Private B 3 Infantry Lind
Brown, J. W. Private C 17 Infantry Dexterville
Brown, James Private   Unass Infantry Arbor Vitae
Brown, James Sergeant E 1 Heavy Art Lima
Brown, James C Private F 21 Infantry Fond du Lac
Brown, James E Corporal A 8 Infantry Whitefish Bay
Brown, John Sergeant H 30 Infantry Unity
Brown, John Sergeant K 1 Cavalry Waupun
Brown, John Private H 38 Infantry Richland City
Brown, John H Private B 48 Infantry Ryan
Brown, Jos Private F 11 Infantry Cazenovia
Brown, L. S. Sergeant C 11 Infantry Madison
Brown, Martin Private H 5 Infantry Appleton
Brown, O Private K 25 Infantry La Crosse
Brown, O. F. Corporal A 44 Infantry New Richmond
Brown, Oscar A Private B 21 Infantry National Home
Brown, Patrick Private K 35 Infantry Kenosha
Brown, Peter Private   1 Battery Larrabee
Brown, Phil Corporal C 49 Infantry Sparta
Brown, R. D. Private C 1 Cavalry Rock Falls
Brown, R. K. Private C 42 Infantry Lodi
Brown, Richard L. Private B 7 Infantry Lind
Brown, Rudolph Private K 23 Infantry Prairie du Sac
Brown, S. N. Corporal E 32 Infantry Almond
Brown, Sam A Private G 41 Infantry Green Bay
Brown, Sidney Sergeant G 3 Cavalry Christie
Brown, Simon Private H 51 Infantry Sparta
Brown, T. J. Corporal C 47 Infantry Mauston
Brown, Volney Private B 1 Cavalry West Rosendale
Brown, W. F. Private B 40 Infantry Beloit
Brown, W. J. 1st Lieut G 42 Infantry Marion
Brown, W. R. Private H 21 Infantry New Richmond
Brown, Washington Private E 14 Infantry Phlox
Brown, William Private G 12 Infantry Grand Rapids
Brown, Wilson Private D 13 Infantry Magnolia
Browne, Wm. A Private G 3 Infantry Racine
Brownell, Benjamin B Corporal F 31 Infantry Loyd
Brownell, Chas F Private C 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Brownell, R. T. Private D 32 Infantry Ogdenburg
Brownell, Russell Sergeant H 8 Infantry Sparta
Brownell, Wm. K Private A 35 Infantry Mondovi
Browning, C Private A 7 Infantry Winneconne
Browning, James Private F 17 Infantry Burlington
Brownlee, Wm Private A 20 Infantry Stockholm
Brownson, John W Private C 13 Infantry Sharon
Bruce, J. W. 2d Lieut K 7 Infantry Merrill
Bruce, John, Sr Private F 36 Infantry Sand Creek
Bruckner, John Private C 9 Infantry Hayton
Bruder, John M Private I 34 Infantry Manitowoc
Bruedler, Chas Private I 45 Infantry Cross Plains
Brueggemann, Fred Sergeant K 34 Infantry Thiensville
Bruess, Aug Private H 4 Cavalry National Home
Bruestla, Jos Private F 45 Infantry National Home
Bruette, Antoine Private F 12 Infantry Bay Settlement
Bruette, Louis Private B 46 Infantry Centralia
Brummels, John Private G 14 Infantry Cedar Grove
Brummer, Casper Private C 31 Infantry Spring Green
Brummer, Frederick Private D 27 Infantry Mishicott
Brummer, Julius Private C 27 Infantry Mishicott
Brummer, Louis Sergeant G 1 Infantry Kewaunee
Brummer, William Private I 3 Cavalry Mukwanago
Brummund, Aug Private G 48 Infantry Fall Creek
Brummund, Aug Private H 20 Infantry Marion
Brummund, Chris Private L 4 Cavalry Ludington
Brunette, David Private F 12 Infantry Green Bay
Brunette, John Corporal G 2 Cavalry Green Bay
Brunnell, Thos J Corporal B 48 Infantry Independence
Brunner, Gottlieb Private G 50 Infantry Porcupine
Brunner, John Private H 3 Infantry Norwalk
Brunner, Michael Private G 16 Infantry Plum City
Brunner, Franz Private B 9 Infantry New Glarus
Bruns, John Private D 45 Infantry Grafton
Brunson, Levi Private H 30 Infantry Poysippi
Bruntun, W. Private F 47 Infantry Platteville
Brunz, Fred Private A 9 Infantry Milwaukee
Brunzell, Peter Private F 17 Infantry Lone Rock
Bruss, Gottlieb Private I 37 Infantry Greenstreet
Bruyres, Harry L Lieutenant B 14 Infantry Fond du Lac
Bryan, Chas Lieutenant H 43 Infantry Patch Grove
Bryant, E. E. Lieut. Col   3 Infantry Madison
Bryant, E. P. Private A 39 Infantry Black River Falls
Bryant, George E Colonel   12 Infantry Madison
Bryant, Horace Private F 11 Infantry Black Earth
Bryant, W. C. 1st Sergeant E 2 Infantry Wautoma
Bryant, W. P. Musician F 48 Infantry Sheboygan Falls
Bryce, John Private K 1 Heavy Art Brodhead
Brynaldson, Topliff Private A 3 Infantry Taylor
Bub, George Private K 3 Cav & Navy Milwaukee
Bub, Jos Private C 5 Infantry Milwaukee
Bublitz, Albert Private D 1 Cavalry Menasha
Bublitz, William Private G 41 Infantry Weyauwega
Bublitz, William Private D 41 Infantry Oshkosh
Bubman, J Corporal C 24 Infantry Altoona
Buboltz, John Private D 21 Infantry New London
Bubolz, Daniel Private A 5 Infantry Reedsville
Bubolz, Frederick Private K 17 Infantry Reedsville
Buchanan, Chas Private H 17 Infantry Baraboo
Buchanan, Elijah Private K 27 Infantry Boltonville
Buchanan, Frank Private A 25 Infantry Genoa
Bucher, Rudolph Private G 6 Infantry Chilton
Buchner, Herman Lieutenant F 3 Infantry Lancaster
Bucholtz, Charles L Private D 21 Infantry Clintonville
Buck, Andrew Corporal G 47 Infantry Hortonville
Buck, Augustus Private D 32 Infantry Oshkosh
Buck, C. F. Private D 21 Infantry Hortonville
Buck, Daniel Private C 14 Infantry Weyauwega
Buck, E. L. Private H 18 Infantry Waupaca
Buck, Erastus Surgeon   18 Infantry Platteville
Buck, H. L. Private I 30 Infantry Eau Claire
Buck, H. T. Sergeant A 47 Infantry Hortonville
Buck, John Private E 52 Infantry Cedarburg
Buck, M. D. L. Private D 5 Infantry Wis. Vet. Home
Buck, Oscar Corporal D 32 Infantry Waukau
Buck, Orville M Private C 1 Heavy Art Waupaca
Buck, S. F. Private F 33 Infantry Shopiere
Buck, S. F. Private I 7 Infantry Footville
Buck, T. F. Private E 5 Infantry Shawano
Buckholz, Wilhelm Private F 6 Infantry Germania
Buckingham, Wm Private C 31 Infantry Ridgeway
Buckles, Robert Private D 49 Infantry Walworth
Buckley, Daniel Private E 24 Infantry National Home
Buckley, Daniel Private I 13 Infantry Oconomowoc
Buckley, Joseph Corporal C 18 Infantry Viroqua
Buckley, L. H. Private D 4 Cavalry Briggsville
Bucklin, B. M. Sergeant K 3 Infantry Janesville
Buckman, I. E. Private L 1 Heavy Art Antigo
Buckman, Ottman Sergeant A 47 Infantry Hortonville
Buckstaff, G. H. Sergeant A 1 Infantry Oshkosh
Buckwheat, David Private A 30 Infantry Hudson
Budahn, Wm Private A 34 Infantry Theresa
Budd, G. H. Private A 1 Infantry Oshkosh
Budd, Geo. E Private E 2 Cavalry Lancaster
Buechner, John Private I 48 Infantry Athens
Buehler, Leonard Private D 9 Infantry Sauk City
Buel, M. D. Private C 48 Infantry West Superior
Buell, James A Private L 3 Cavalry Lime Ridge
Buening, Louis Private H 49 Infantry Whitewater
Buerstaeder, Chas Private F 26 Infantry Manitowoc
Buesse, Philip Private F 11 Infantry Dotyville
Buetow, Henry Private K 28 Infantry Kirkwood
Buetow, John Drummer C 34 Infantry Milwaukee
Buettner, John Private C 34 Infantry Belgium
Buettner, John Private C 14 Infantry Alaska
Buettner, Joseph Corporal C 26 Infantry Sheboygan
Bug, Candid Private C 15 Infantry National Home
Bugbee, John Private F & H 6 Infantry Independence
Bugh, J. S. Paymaster       Wautoma
Buhl, Magnus Private F 10 Infantry Lancaster
Name Rank Co. Regt. Branch of Service Post-Office
Buker, Fred Corporal C 27 Infantry Greenwood
Bull, B.F. Private E 42 Infantry Poynette
Bull, Charles Private C 9 Infantry Manitowoc
Bull, J Private H 50 Infantry Prairie du Chien
Bull, James Private I 13 Infantry Madison
Bull, M.B. Private A 32 Infantry Coloma Station
Bull, Norman B Private A 32 Infantry Shell Lake
Bull, Norman S Lieutenant C 6 Infantry Prairie du Chien
Bullamore, George Private G 31 Infantry Spring Prairie
Bullard, A.J. Corporal D 12 Infantry Globe
Bullard, Geo. W Private I 27 Infantry Globe
Bullard, W.E. Private C 49 Infantry Evansville
Bullen, Benjamin Private A 3 Cavalry Cataract
Bullen, Jehiel Private M 1 Heavy Art Columbus
Bullen, Martin Private B 45 Infantry Richland Center
Bullen, Wm Private A 45 Infantry Sioska
Bullin, G.B. Private H 30 Infantry Clintonville
Bullis, Albert S Private I 38 Infantry Milton Junction
Bullis, David Private F 46 Infantry Avon
Bullis, E.L. Private A 52 Infantry Kilbourn
Bullis, Edgar S Private A 19 Infantry Kilbourn
Bullis, James Private B 48 Infantry Kansasville
Bullis, H.S. Private G 48 Infantry Augusta
Bullis, James H Corporal E 22 Infantry Milton Junction
Bullis, Lewis H Private A 48 Infantry Omro
Bulllock, A.W. Private B 22 Infantry Beloit
Bullock, C.H. Private B 22 Infantry Beloit
Bullock, Myron Private H 3 Infantry Ettrick
Bulman, Grisel Sergeant G 36 Infantry Hayton
Bulson, H.H. Private B 1 Infantry National Home
Bump, Edwin Private C 4 Cavalry Marshfield
Bump, Geo. W Private E 13 Infantry Fox Lake
Bump, H.C. Private E 31 Infantry Janesville
Bump, H.F. Private F 31 Infantry Waterloo
Bump, M.J. Musician A 1 Cavalry La Crosse
Bump, Manford Private A 6 Infantry Baraboo
Bunbury, Thos Private A 49 Infantry Barneveld
Bunce, Chauncey Private F 25 Infantry Angelo
Bunce, E.S. Private D 12 Infantry Merrillan
Bunce, S.W. Corporal F 13 Infantry Wis. Vet. Home
Bundy, David A Private C 19 Infantry Fargo
Bundy, James C Private F 12 Infantry Brookside
Bundy, W.R. Private E 42 Infantry Valley
Bundy, Wm. F Private B 12 Infantry Ironton
Bunell, J.G. Sergeant B 25 Infantry Richland Center
Bunn, Edw. A Private   7 Battery Milwaukee
Bunn, L.R. Private D 25 Infantry La Crosse
Bunnell, B.H. Private K 23 Infantry Boydtown
Bunten, A.A. Corporal A 1 Infantry Oshkosh
Burbank, R.S. Private A 8 Infantry Waupaca
Burchard, Geo. W Private E 29 Infantry Fort Atkinson
Burdick, Alfred E Private D 1 Infantry Bay View
Burdick, Alphonso D Lieutenant K 13 Infantry Walworth
Burdick, Bradford Sergeant F 13 Infantry Stoughton
Burdick, C.H. Private F 4 Cavalry Lake Geneva
Burdick, E.A.J. Private   6 Battery Long Rock
Burdick, Edgar O Private K 13 Infantry Walworth
Burdick, E.I Private F 33 Infantry Janesville
Burdick, Melvin W Private E 16 Infantry Packwaukee
Burdick, O.T. Private D 30 Infantry New Centerville
Burdick, Samuel Captain D 23 Infantry Albion
Burdick, Thomas J Private M 1 Cavalry Black Creek
Burdick, Wm. D Private D 22 Infantry National Home
Burds, Amable Private H 50 Infantry Big Wausaukee
Burg, A.J. Private C 41 Infantry Kenosha
Burgar, Fred Private A 51 Infantry Milwaukee
Burge, John Private D 36 Infantry Monroe
Burgemeister, Joseph Private K 14 Infantry LaCrosse
Burgess, C.H. Sergeant B 4 Cavalry Unity
Burgess, Chas. W Private G 42 Infantry Eau Claire
Burgess, Ithomer E Private A 31 Infantry Black River Falls
Burgess, Fred E Private D 3 Cavalry Fayette
Burgess, John Corporal F 42 Infantry Evansville
Burgess, John A Private A 16 Infantry Lowell
Burgess, Peleg Private F 2 Cavalry Ironton
Burgess, Wingitt Private D 28 Infantry Sheboygan Falls
Burgess, Wm. Corporal A 29 Infantry Eau Claire
Burgener, Christ Private D 52 Infantry Tustin
Burhans, James W Private C 49 Infantry Milton
Burk, Christian Private A 19 Infantry Sheboygan
Burk, Jacob A Corporal B 14 Infantry Weyauwega
Burk, John Private D 10 Infantry Sparta
Burk, William Private D 13 Infantry Evansville
Burke, Fred Corporal M 4 Cavalry Monroe
Burke, James Private G 30 Infantry Madison
Burke, Patrick Private B 23 Infantry Darlington
Burke, Philip Private C 8 Infantry Bob's Creek
Burke, Richard Private H 51 Infantry Reeseville
Burkhardt, Christ Private F 26 Infantry Thorp
Burkhardt, Philip Corporal C 27 Infantry Ada
Burkhart, Phelix Private F 26 Infantry Oconto
Burkholder, David Private I 10 Infantry Boscobel
Burkholder, Ezekiel Private C 7 Infantry Platteville
Burkholder, Jacob Corporal C 7 Infantry Platteville
Burkholz, Robt. A Private E 16 Infantry Racine
Burkum, Nels. Olson Private B 6 Infantry Towerville
Burlingame, E.C. Private   13 Battery Wis. Vet. Home
Burlingame, L.J. Private C 42 Infantry West Point
Burmingham, Jesse 1st Lieut L 3 Cavalry Abrams
Burmeister, Chas Private D 48 Infantry Two Rivers
Burmeister, Frederick Private G 14 Infantry Appleton
Burnett, C.T. Private G 30 Infantry Neillsville
Burnett, Chas. E Private K 30 Infantry River Falls
Burnett, Clarence Private F 1 Heavy Art Milwaukee
Burnett, Geo. M Private D 7 Infantry Stoughton
Burnett, Jno Corporal A 30 Infantry River Falls
Burnett, Robert Sergeant B 6 Infantry Diamond Bluff
Burnham, Edward B Musician A 48 Infantry Omro
Burnham, J.M. Private H 13 Infantry Hebron
Burnharm, O.J. Musician   6 Battery Richland Center
Burnham, T.G. Private K 38 Infantry Little Lake
Burnham, Samuel C Private A 40 Infantry Janesville
Burns, C.W. Captain F 31 Infantry Albany
Burns, John Sergeant H 42 Infantry Whitewater
Burns, John Private K 29 Infantry Amery
Burns, Joseph Private I 32 Infantry Shiocton
Burns, Moses Private F 1 Heavy Art Spring Valley
Burns, Patrick Private H 13 Infantry Richland Center
Burns, Peter Private F 2 Infantry Racine
Burns, Thomas Private E 33 Infantry Whitewater
Burns, Richard Private G 31 Infantry Albany
Burns, Wm. H Private A 3 Infantry National Home
Burns, W.H. Sergeant A 3 Infantry Milwaukee
Burnside, Henry Sergeant H 39 Infantry Stiles
Burr, Charles H Private A 10 Infantry East Delavan
Burr, E.O. Drummer G 5 Infantry Platteville
Burr, John Private E 8 Infantry Stewart
Burrabee, Joseph Private E 14 Infantry Lena
Burrington, Joseph Private G 10 Infantry Bloomer
Burrington, Lewis Private B 35 Infantry Wis. Vet. Home
Burrington, J.B. Private F 24 Infantry Bruce
Burrington Reuben Private D 1 Heavy Art Gratiot
Burris, John Private H 3 Cavalry Boscobel
Burris, Stephen Private G 47 Infantry Platteville
Burritt, John Private B 2 Cavalry Mauston
Burroughs, A.B. Q.M.S. B 4 Cavalry Standard
Burrows, C.A. Private B 46 Infantry Plainfield
Burrows, John Private A 11 Infantry Sparta
Burs, S.G. Private G 46 Infantry Darlington
Bursall, Thomas Private H 12 Infantry Flintville
Bursell, R.D. Private C 44 Infantry Almond
Burslem, Thomas Private I 21 Infantry Neenah
Burt, Frederick W Private G 7 Infantry Grand Rapids
Burt, George Private D 41 Infantry Antigo
Burt, George H Private D 27 Infantry Manitowoc
Burt, James Private A 40 Infantry Lodi
Burt, Wm. Sergeant H 22 Infantry Kenosha
Burton, Daniel Private C 2 Infantry Rome
Burton, James R Private D 33 Infantry Glen Haven
Burton, Joseph Private A 22 Infantry Annaton
Burton, James R Private D 33 Infantry Beetown
Burton, William Private A 30 Infantry Sparta
Burton, Wm. N Private C 49 Infantry Rocky Run
Burwell, A.W. Corporal H 5 Infantry Endeavor
Burwitz, C Private I 48 Infantry Richland Center
Buschbell, Henry Private F 49 Infantry Cassville
Buschmann, William Private K 32 Infantry Watertown
Bush, Alonzo N Private H 36 Infantry Prairie du Chien
Bush, Bedford Corporal F 8 Infantry Osseo
Bush, Chas Musician G 47 Infantry Abrams
Bush, D.L. Captain D 44 Infantry Brandon
Bush, Francis E Private B 32 Infantry Augusta
Bush, Geo Musician B 7 Infantry South Milwaukee
Bush, John H Private F 4 Cavalry Sauk City
Bush, Peter Corporal E 4 Cavalry National Home
Busha, Frank Private   4 Battery Green Bay
Bushaw, Phlip Private A 14 Infantry Merrill
Bushendorf, Wm Private E 3 Infantry Elk Mound
Bushey, G.P. Private   7 Battery Plainfield
Bushnell, A.R. Captain C 7 Infantry Madison
Bushnell, A.W. Private G 4 Cavalry New Richmond
Bushnell, Elijah Corporal C 7 Infantry Lafayette
Bushnell, Fred H Private G 4 Cavalry National Home
Bushnell, H.M. Private K 44 Infantry Platteville
Bushnell, R.S. Private B 43 Infantry Platteville
Busse, Aug Private D 13 Infantry Stark
Bussey, George W Sergeant D 1 Heavy Art Juda
Bussey, Malon I Private b 18 Infantry Juda
Bussey, Nelson Private B 31 Infantry Oakley
Buswell, Samuel Private K 43 Infantry Kendall
Butcher, Benj Private B 18 Infantry Magnolin
Butler, Burton Private G 31 Wisconsin Janesville
Butler, Cyrus H Private G 4 Cavalry Poynette
Butler, Daniel Private D 24 Infantry Waukesha
Butler, E.C. Sergeant H 4 Cavalry Waterford
Butler, Flovel Private E 1 Heavy Art Whitewater
Butler, G.M. Private G 7 Infantry Gilmanton
Butler, H.W. Private K 36 Infantry Eau Claire
Butler, J.T. Private K 49 Infantry Clinton
Butler, James Private F 49 Infantry Superior
Butler, John G Private F 30 Infantry Hanover
Butler, Kern Private K 17 Infantry Berlin
Butler, L.M. Corporal A 5 Infantry Eureka
Butler, Louis Private A 29 Infantry Lone Rock
Butler, P.G. Private L & D 2 Cavalry & Infantry Norway Ridge
Butler, Robert J Private   4 Battery National Home
Butler, Seth Private F 11 Infantry Richland Center
Butler, Thos. Private F 28 Infantry Delafield
Butler, Thos. Private G 31 Infantry Argyle
Butler, W.F. Private B 41 Infantry Ripon
Butler, W.H. Private F 13 Infantry Edgerton
Butler, W.S. Private C 47 Infantry Green Bay
Butt, C.M. Captain & Lieut. Co. A 25 & 48 Infantry Viroqua
Butterfield, Harry Private   1 Heavy Art Baraboo
Butterfield, Luther J Private K 6 Infantry National Home
Butterfield, M.L. Captain F 5 Infantry Waukesha
Butterfield, S.W. Private C 16 Infantry New Lisbon
Butterfield, W.A. Private G 1 Cavalry Token
Buttles, D.W. Private I 28 Infantry Waterford
Buttles, Marcus N Private A 1 Cavalry Onalaska
Button, C.L. Private H 21 Infantry Fond du Lac
Button, E.W. Private C 22 Infantry Genoa Junction
Button, J.B. Sergeant C 8 Infantry Eau Claire
Button, M Private I 12 Infantry Irving
Button, S.W. 1st Lieut F 1 Infantry Sparta
Buttrick, Nathan Private H 3 Cavalry Oshkosh
Butts, Henry Hamican Sergeant M 1 Cavalry Neptuen
Butts, Page N Private E 5 Infantry Luck
Buxton, Basil Sergeant E 30 Infantry Viroqua
Buzzell, G.H. Private D 24 Infantry Palmyra
Buzzell, Wm. Private G 50 Infantry Osseo
Byard, David Private A 22 Infantry Racine
Byers, Jackson Private E 6 Infantry Boscobel
Byington, A.C. Private A 1 Infantry Keuosha
Byington, Thos Private C 14 Infantry Keuosha
Byne, Jas. Corporal K 8 Infantry National Home
Byrge, N.W. Private K 28 Infantry Mount Vernon
Byron, Andrew Private H 17 Infantry Baraboo
Byron, Henry Private A 7 Infantry Iron Ridge
Byron, John Private I 3 Cavalry Baraboo
Bywater, John Private G 11 Infantry Mazomanie
Bywater, Thomas Private K & C 40 & 49 Infantry Mazomanie



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