Enumeration of the Soldiers of the Late War
Who Served in Wisconsin Regiments and Batteries, Etc., and Reported by the
Government as Residing in Wisconsin on June 20, 1895.

transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Mary Saggio, Heather Turner, Tammy Clark, Mary Triplett, Sharon Witt





Branch of Service


Caborn, Richard Corporal G 43 Infantry National Home
Cade, George B Private I 42 Infantry Liberty Pole
Cade, J.D. Private I 42 Infantry Bristow
Cadie, Charles Private A & D 8 & 5 Infantry Stevens Point
Cadman, Charles Private A 4 Cavalry Whitewater
Cadott, Wm. Private K 30 Infantry Flambeaux
Cady, Benjamin A Private I 37 Infantry Birnamwood
Cady, Hiram P Corporal H 5 Infantry De Pere
Cady, P.H. Private K 37 Infantry Oshkosh
Cahill, James Private H 28 Infantry Boardman
Cain, Peter Private B 7 Infantry Burns
Caine, Robert Private D 3 Infantry Juneau
Caldwell, George Private A 44 Infantry Hudson
Caldwell, Geo. F Corporal I 16 Infantry Augusta
Caldwell, J.G. Private I 1 Infantry Hingham
Caldwell, Jas. Private A 43 Infantry Janesville
Caldwell, Samuel Private E 38 Infantry Oakley
Calhoun, John Private K 14 Infantry New Cassel
Calkins, A.J. Corporal G 21 Infantry Antigo
Calkins, Albert Private C 36 Infantry Chetek
Calkins, David Private C 18 Infantry Newton
Calkins, H Private I 29 Infantry Tomah
Calkins, Henry Private G 21 Infantry Bear Creek
Calkins, W.P. Private I 1 Cavalry Waukesha
Call, Prentice E Private D 1 Heavy Art Evansville
Call, Ryley Private E 1 Heavy Art Indian Ford
Callahan, James Private G 44 Infantry Cottage Grove
Callahan, Peter Private H 35 Infantry Glenmore
Callender, Richard Corporal I 31 Infantry Racine
Callis, John B. Sr. Brig. Gen.     Infantry Lancaster
Calloway, Archilbald Private K 43 Infantry West Lima
Calvert, George Private D 3 Infantry Spooner
Calvert, Mark Corporal C 7 Infantry Rewey
Calvert, W.H. 2d Lieut B 22 Infantry Beloit
Calvin, Theo Sergeant H 7 Infantry Lancaster
Cameron, Frank Private G 31 Infantry Polk
Camp, M.T. Private C 7 Infantry Platteville
Camp, Thomas P Musician   11 Infantry Portage
Campbell, A.J. Private     Perm. Party Richland Center
Campbell, Alex. B Private A 13 Infantry Albion
Campbell, Archie Sergeant A 49 Infantry Middlebury
Campbell, Chas Private I & B 5 Infantry Hammond
Campbell, D.D. Private D 38 Infantry Oxford
Campbell, E.J. Corporal C 19 Infantry Cashton
Campbell, George Private D 22 Infantry Oakland
Campbell, Geo. Captain C 43 Infantry Kilbourn
Campbell, Geo. P.B. Private H 25 Infantry Chetek
Campbell, Henry K Private I 49 Infantry Loyd
Campbell, J.C. Private B 44 Infantry Wequiock
Campbell, J.P. 1st Sergeant D 5 Infantry Rhienlander
Campbell, J.R. Private H 46 Infantry Viola
Campbell, John Private I 6 Infantry Ferryville
Campbell, Mason Private D 32 Infantry Oshkosh
Campbell, Milo Private G 38 Infantry Edgerton
Campbell, Peter S Sergeant C 18 Infantry De Soto
Campbell, Porter H 1st Sergeant B 44 Infantry Green Bay
Campbell, Robert Private K 49 Infantry Elkhorn
Campbell, Robert Private   13 Battery Dexterville
Campbell, Samuel Private B 1 Cavalry Kekoosa
Campbell, Seth. J Private F 39 Infantry Clinton
Campbell, The. J Private C 14 Infantry Omro
Campbell, William C Private A 16 Infantry Ash Ridge
Campbell, William B Private H 38 Infantry Neillsville
Campfield, John Private F 51 Infantry Poysippi
Cample, Barney Private I 5 Infantry Spring Valley
Campton, J Private   5 Battery Wiota
Canary, Timothy Private C 16 Infantry Beaver Dam
Cancher, Andrew Private H 51 Infantry National Home
Candler, Gustav Private C 25 Infantry Cassville
Canem, M Private B 21 Infantry Winneconne
Canfield, Daniel Private I 6 Infantry Sparta
Canfield, N.T. Private K 50 Infantry Lynxvile
Canfield, Zenus Private H 43 Infantry Halder
Cannon, I.J. Private C 23 Infantry Marion
Cannon, John Private E 3 Infantry Rathburn
Cannon, Horace Private I 14 Infantry Loyal
Canon, James Sergeant A 26 Infantry Valton
Canterburg, James B Private D 5 Infantry La Crosse
Cantwell, M.J. Captain C 12 Infantry Madison
Cantwell, Michael Private L 3 Cavalry Milwaukee
Canutesen, Canute Private B 28 Infantry Arcadia
Capen James Corporal I 14 Infantry Darien
Capin, R.W. Corporal/Sergeant I 14 & 48 Infantry Black River Falls
Cappelle, Chas. Private C 14 Infantry Milwaukee
Carberry, Chas. Sergeant C 17 Infantry Fond du Lac
Carden, Ed Private G 1 Heavy Art Eau Claire
Carden, Geo Private D 52 Cavalry Riley
Carden, Henry Musician F 1 Heavy Art Eau Claire
Cardinal, Joseph Private G 2 Infantry Oconto
Cardo, John Private   22 Infantry Montello
Cardy, James H Private C 6 Infantry British Hollow
Cardy, John B Private C 1 Infantry British Hollow
Carew, James Private F 1 Heavy Art Royalton
Carey, Benjamin A Private C 38 Infantry Waupaca
Carey, Chas Private F 16 Infantry Mauston
Carey, D.E. Corporal K 25 Infantry Grand Rapids
Carey, J.B. Private G 3 Cavalry Appleton
Carey, J.M. Private C 22 Infantry Genoa Junction
Carey, N Private B 13 Infantry Tomah
Carey, S.A. Private F 16 Infantry Janesville
Carhart, John W Private C 2 Infantry  
Carl, Edward Captain K 26 Infantry Merrill
Carl, Wm Corporal E 32 Infantry Baraboo
Carl, J.F. Private K 3 Infantry Albany
Carley, David W Asst. Surgeon   33 Infantry Boscobel
Carley, Milo Private F 21 Infantry Wis. Vet. Hom
Carley, Simon Sergeant G 7 Infantry Buenal Vista
Carlile, J Private B 34 Infantry Wis. Vet. Hom
Carlile, W Private C 7 Infantry Platteville
Carlin, Henry Private C 42 Infantry Wauwatosa
Carlin, Jno Corporal F 17 Infantry Racine
Carlin, Micahel Private E 29 Infantry Fall River
Carlin, Micahel Private F 2 Infantry National Home
Carlin, Patrick Private G 47 Infantry Boscobel
Carlin, Patrick Private K 49 Infantry National Home
Carlisle, Isaiah Corporal M 1 Heavy Art Rolling Prairie
Carlisle, James Private D 1 Cavalry West Green Bay
Carlson, O.W. Private A 28 Infantry Milwaukee
Carlson, W.J. Private D 14 Infantry Independence
Carman, C.J. Corporal K 32 Infantry Grand Rapids
Carman, James Private E 21 Infantry Neenah
Carmody, Thomas Private I 43 Infantry Egg Harbor
Carnahan, Andrew Private G 10 Infantry Sparta
Carnes, C.E. Private I 9 Infantry Eau Claire
Carnes, J Private H 13 Infantry Fort Atkinson
Carney, Jeremiah Private F 12 Infantry Erb
Carpenter, A.B. Corporal F 2 Cavalry Arthur
Carpenter, Alma Private A 1 Heavy Art Westfield
Carpenter, Amos Private C 4 Cavalry Sheboygan
Carpenter, Cal. C Private K 44 Infantry Milwaukee
Carpenter, E.L. Private E 32 Infantry Almond
Carpenter, Edward Private B 43 Infantry Birnamwood
Carpenter, H Private A 18 Infantry Antigo
Carpenter, J.H. Sergeant G 1 Heavy Art White Mound
Carpenter, John Corporal C 18 Infantry Romance
Carpenter, John D Private E 30 Infantry Rewey
Carpenter, Joseph D Private B 21 Infantry Birnamwood
Carpenter, Justin Private K 1 Heavy Art Spring Green
Carpenter, Levi S Private D 6 Infantry National Home
Carpenter, Lewis Private D 28 Infantry Whitewater
Carpenter, M.F. Private B 1 Heavy Art Fond du Lac
Carpenter, Orea Private H 10 Infantry New Lisbon
Carpenter, R.B. Private   6 Battery North Freedom
Carpenter, S.B. Captain B 14 Infantry Stevens Point
Carpenter, S.L. Private H 16 Infantry Rockbridge
Carpenter, W.A. Sergeant C 15 Infantry Waterford
Carpenter, W.H. Private E 44 Infantry Aniwa
Carpunkie, Victor Private D 4 Cavalry Mauston
Carr, E.B. Corporal G 42 Infantry Weyerhauser
Carr, Jeremiah Private B 28 Infantry Eagle
Carr, L.G. Private B 12 Infantry Stevens Point
Carr, L.L. Private K 1 Cavalry Milwaukee
Carr, Robert Private G 49 Infantry Edgerton
Carr, Thos Private C 28 Infantry National Home
Carre, Wm. Private C 1 Heavy Art Racine
Carrier, Z.L. Private K 1 Heavy Art Stoughton
Carrington, M.F. Private D 52 Infantry Bailey's Harbor
Carrington, P Private B 41 Infantry Waupun
Carroll, Edward Private K 21 Infantry Milwaukee
Carroll, Edward Corporal   4 Battery Beloit
Carroll, Patrick Private K 16 Infantry Amberg
Carroll, William Private F 41 Infantry Pine Knob
Carroll, Wm. H. Private C 35 Infantry Janesville
Carsley, D.C. Private D 30 Infantry Cumberland
Carsley, S.H. Private I 28 Infantry Cumberland
Carson, David Sergeant H 14 Infantry St. Cloud
Carston, Christian Private I 3 Infantry Newtonburgh
Carswell, O Private F 40 Infantry Elkhorn
Carter, Amos Sergeant C 14 Infantry Omro
Carter, A.A. Sergeant I 33 Infantry Kenosha
Carter, Andrew Private M 2 Cavalry Wonewoc
Carter, David Private I 44 Infantry Johnstown Center
Carter, Frank B Private I 11 Infantry Terrill
Carter, Geo. Private K 6 Infantry New Lisbon
Carter, Geo. B Captain C 33 Infantry Lancaster
Carter, Geo. W Captain B 4 Cavalry Ripon
Carter, Jacob Private E 38 Infantry Brandon
Carter, James Private K 5 Infantry Berlin
Carter, James E Private D 19 Infantry Knapp
Carter, John Private B 20 Infantry West Lima
Carter, John Private C 50 Infantry Benton
Carter, John R Private H 16 Infantry Augusta
Carter, Joseph Corporal K 32 Infantry Adams Center
Carter, Myron Private A 16 Infantry Waukau
Carter, Nelson B Private D 28 Infantry Clintonville
Carter, Richard 1st Lieut I 5 Infantry Dodgeville
Carter, F.M. Musician F 49 Infantry Greenwood
Carter, W.L. Private C 3 Infantry Eagle River
Carter, W.W. Private G 3 Cavalry Elroy
Cartwright, C.S. Private L 1 Heavy Art Rome
Cartwright, D.J. Private L 1 Heavy Art Cartwright
Cartwright, John E Private G 21 Infantry Waupaca
Cartwright, P.W. Private L 1 Cavalry Rome
Cartwright, William Private E 3 Cavalry Winneconne
Carty, Thomas Private F 38 Infantry Dotyville
Caruthers, John Sergeant A 12 Infantry River Falls
Carver, James Private A 28 Infantry Brookfield
Carver, Horace Private B 52 Infantry Loyal
Carver, Levi Private C 40 Infantry Elroy
Carver, Z Private F 51 Infantry Reedsburg
Cary, C.A. Corporal G 36 Infantry Manitowoc
Cary, Edward Sr. Private C 18 Infantry Fairplay
Cary, Jas. A 2d Lieut K 8 Infantry Racine
Cary, John Private E 2 Infantry Oshkosh
Cary, Wm. Private B 8 Infantry Banner
Case, Edwin D Private   3 Battery Milwaukee
Case, F.B. Captain G 18 Infantry Junction City
Case, G.W. 2d Lieut K 42 Infantry Eau Claire
Case, H.J. Private F 3 Cavalry Baraboo
Case, John Private E 44 Infantry Irving
Case, Simeon A Private H 16 Infantry Wautoma
Case, W.W. Private E 46 Infantry Baraboo
Case, Wellington Corporal M 2 Cavalry Fort Atkinson
Casebeer, Fred Private E 16 Infantry Verona
Casebeer, John Private A 8 Infantry Amherst
Casey, Daniel Private D 6 Infantry Wales
Casey, E.E. Private C 19 Infantry Necedah
Casey, Edson Private A 47 Infantry Blaine
Casey, James W Private A 47 Infantry Royalton
Casey, James Private I 51 Infantry Erin
Casey, John Private D 30 Infantry Boardman
Cash, W.H.H. Private   10 Battery New Lisbon
Casler, E.S. Sergeant B 37 Infantry Evansville
Cass, Halsey P Private K 1 Cavalry Bangor
Cass, J.E. Private B 7 Infantry Eau Claire
Cassebaum, C.W. Private G 35 Infantry Plymouth
Cassels, W.B. Private K 43 Infantry Tomah
Cassidy, James Private J 20 Infantry Poysippi
Cassidy, Terrance Private F 12 Infantry National Home
Castelle, Baltzer Private C 41 Infantry Hartford
Castle, B Corporal C 1 Cavalry Eau Claire
Castle, Julius Corporal A 19 Infantry Dallas
Caston, J.B. Private K 30 Infantry Liddell
Cate, D.W. Private H 30 Infantry Auroraville
Cater, John Private F 21 Infantry Knowlton
Cathcart, J.W. Private K 25 Infantry Mondovi
Catlin, Aaron Private   10 Battery Loyal
Catlin, C.L. Private D 2 Cavalry Superior
Catlin, H.B. Com Sergt. E 1 Cavalry Mazomanie
Cauffmann, John C Private I 20 Infantry Mount Hope
Caughey, Louis R Private K 22 Infantry Belmont
Cavandaugh, Morris Private H 25 Infantry British Hollow
Cavart, Chas Private I 3 Cavalry Appleton
Cavenaugh, John Private C 7 Infantry Wonewoc
Caves, John Private G 30 Infantry Richford
Caya, Charles Private C 45 Infantry Prairie du Chien
Cayan, Triefley Private G 2 Cavalry Green Bay
Canfield, John D Private H 25 Infantry Potosi
Chadbourn, H.L. Drummer I 47 Infantry Ripon
Chadwick, E.S. Private B 40 Infantry Janesville
Chadwick, Elijah Private F 39 Infantry Racine
Chadwick, Wm Private K 49 Infantry Racine
Chadwick, Wm. W Sergeant K 22 Infantry Monroe
Chady, Wincell Private G 21 Infantry Waupaca
Chadsey, J Com Sergt.   3 Cavalry Sparta
Chafee, Calvin Private G 30 Infantry Rhinelander
Chafey, C.W. Private I 22 Infantry Melrose
Chaffe, Wallace W Private C 28 Infantry National Home
Chaffee, Horace R Private E 1 Infantry Kenosha
Chamberlain, Add Private A 4 Cavalry Whitewater
Chamberlain, Albert Private H 1 Infantry Stevens Point
Chamberlain, A.H. Private D 2 Cavalry Madison
Chamberlain, Cheser B Private H 1 Heavy Art Prescott
Chamberlain, E.T. 2d Lieut H 18 Infantry Berlin
Chamberlain, Frank Private K 23 Infantry Merrillan
Chamberlain, H.B. Drum Maj   16 Infantry Shullsburg
Chamberlain, H.H. Private L 2 Cavalry Rock Falls
Chamberlain, John H 1st Serg't A 42 Infantry Kaukauna
Chamberlain, J.W. Private E 13 Infantry Brodhead
Chamberlain, L.E. Corporal F 44 Infantry Oxford
Chamberlain, Luke Wagon Mast'r I 1 Infantry Downing
Chamberlain, Melvin O Private K 13 Infantry Milton Junct.
Chamberlain, Nelson Private F 13 Infantry Milton
Chamberlain, S.W. 1st Serg't G 21 Infantry Antigo
Chamberlain, W.H. Private K 1 Heavy Art Cataract
Chamberlin, A.A. Private G 30 Infantry Plainfield
Chamberlin, Geo Private F 46 Infantry Big Bend
Chamberlin, H.F. Private Un. 7 Infantry Vernon
Chambers, Andrew Sergeant G 16 Infantry Eau Claire
Chambers, Frederick Private K 48 Infantry Spring Valley
Chambers, John A Corporal K 22 Infantry Monroe
Chambers, Joseph Private G 2 Cavalry Bloomington
Chambers, Thomas Private F 3 Cavalry Baraboo
Chambers, William S Private A 25 Infantry De Soto
Champaign, Bazile Private B 1 Infantry Duck Creek
Champion, Robert Private F 21 Infantry Golden Lake
Champlin, G.C. Private   8 Battery Kendall
Chandler, Daniel Private K 12 Infantry Merrill
Chandler, Gil Private F 48 Infantry Plymouth
Chandler, Henry 1st Lieut D 1 Infantry Milwaukee
Chandler, K.T. Private C 44 Infantry Waupaca
Chandler, S.S. Jr. Sergeant G 21 Infantry Waupaca
Chandler, W.J. Private F 1 Cavalry Black River Falls
Chandler, Wm Private I 16 Infantry Hazel Green
Chandler, Woody Private G 5 Infantry Loyal
Chapek, Alois Private A 27 Infantry Ahnapee
Chapel, James F Sergeant D 4 Cavalry Markesan
Chapel, J.M. 2d Lieut A 2 Infantry Dartford
Chapel, Stephen Private H 5 Infantry Hancock
Chapin, Geo. K Corporal D 7 Infantry Hersey
Chapin, Hiram W Private E 21 Infantry Fond du Lac
Chapin, Oscar W Private F 1 Heavy Art Oxford
Chaplin, Wm. Sergeant E 36 Infantry Plymouth
Chapman, A.B. Private F 49 Infantry Burton
Chapman, Alfred Private C 12 Infantry Potage
Chapman, C.P. Hosp. Stew'd   6 Infantry Madison
Chapman, Collins Private F 7 Infantry Cassville
Chapman, George Private H 50 Infantry Seneca
Chapman, H.L. Q.M.A. A 51 Infantry Fox Lake
Chapman, Isaac Private K 34 Infantry Bailey's Harbor
Chapman, James Private C 33 Infantry Stevens Point
Chapman, Jesse Private E 44 Infantry Tomah
Chapman, L.L. Private I 51 Infantry Black River Falls
Chapman, Menzo W Corporal D 22 Infantry Sharon
Chapman, Stephen Private A 29 Infantry National Home
Chapman, Thomas G Private K 24 Infantry Kewaunee
Chapman, W.W. Sergeant E 10 Infantry Horicon
Chappel, Darius D Captain E 30 Infantry Galesville
Charles, C Private   2 Battery New Lisbon
Charles, Murray Private A 21 Infantry Stockbridge
Charleton, Wm. Captain B 11 Infantry Madison
Charnley, Isaac Private K 1 Infantry Racine
Charnley, Albert W Private A 39 Infantry Delton
Chase, A.P Private L 1 Cavalry Riverside
Chase, B.F. Sergeant C 19 Infantry Waukesha
Chase, C.C. Private A 43 Infantry Prairie du Chien
Chase, Charles Sergeant C 1 Cavalry Greenleaf
Chase, Chas. M Private   7 Battery Grand Rapids
Chase, Edwin H Private A 52 Infantry Madison
Chase, Emroy Private D 27 Infantry Cooperstown
Chase, Ezekiel W Private I 52 Infantry Osseo
Chase, F.M. Private I 2 Infantry Weyauwega
Chase, Geo. W Sergeant F 31 Infantry Brodhead
Chase, H.A. Captain A 31 Infantry Marshfield
Chase, Harmon Sergeant G 49 Infantry Plainfield
Chase, Horace S Corporal A 1 Cavalry Granton
Chase, Jonathan Private D 37 Infantry Bloomer
Chase, John F Corporal K 20 Infantry Oshkosh
Chase, N.S. Private H 39 Infantry Brookside
Chase, O.T. 2d Lieut K 46 Infantry Oshkosh
Chase, P.F. Private D 33 Infantry Monroe
Chase, Sherwood Private A 1 Heavy Art Fort Atkinson
Chase, Thomas Private L 3 Cavalry Dale
Chase, Wm. H. Sergeant   10 Battery Necedah
Chatterton, John Private B 49 Infantry Madison
Chatterton, John corporal D 27 Infantry Oshkosh
Chatterton, W.W. Private H 8 Infantry Basco
Chatwood, Wm. Corporal C 8 Infantry Mondovi
Cheek, Philip Private A 6 Infantry Baraboo
Cheesbro, E.W. Private G 49 Infantry Schultz
Cheesman, William Private G 2 Cavalry Milwaukee
Chermerhorn, S. Private B 13 Infantry Janesville
Cheney, Warren Private D 5 Infantry Barron
Cheney, William Private B 13 Infantry Delavan
Cherry, F.A. Private I 16 Infantry Wiota
Chesebro, E.M. Private I 11 Infantry Markesan
Chesebro, F.B. Private H 17 Infantry Chilton
Chesebro, Thomas Private A 41 Infantry Muscado
Chesebro, Wm. Private D 16 Infantry Gravesville
Chesemore, Dwight Private D 11 Infantry Cazenovia
Chesemore, Newton Private B 25 Infantry Rockbridge
Chessner, Anthony Private F 1 Calvary Chilton
Chester, O.B. Sergeant H 10 Infantry New Lisbon
Chestetson, Sever Private C 12 Infantry Barber
Chevington, C.J. Private B 42 Infantry Viroqua
Chewning, Geo. W. Sergeant F 47 Infantry Platteville
Chicester, M.L. Private A 16 Infantry Wis. Vet Home
Chickering, Daniel Private K 4 Calvary Kilbourn
Chilcote, Henry Private H 2 Infantry Rosendale
Childs, Calvin Sergeant D 40 Infantry Milwaukee
Childs, Clinton D. 1st Sergeant A 4 Calvary Janesville
Chinnock, Geo. W. Sergeant F 37 Infantry River Falls
Chipman, Leroy W Private I 11 Infantry Terrill
Chipman, Theo S 1st Sergeant I 11 Infantry Terrill
Chittenden, Albert Private C 22 Infantry Lake Geneva
Chittenden, C.C. Musician / 11 Infantry Madison
Chitterling, John A. Private H 21 Infantry Fond du Lac
Choak, Chas Corporal C 1 Infantry Kansasville
Chols, Charles Private C 11 Infantry Larrabee
Chrisholm, J.F. Private I 20 Infantry Lancaster
Chrisler, Austin Corporal C 42 Infantry Nix Corners
Christ, Christian Private F 6 Infantry Hayward
Christ, Jacob Private G 33 Infantry Boscobel
Christensen, C.S.O. Private I 21 Infantry Ogdensburg
Christensen, Claus Private B 41 Infantry Ogdensburg
Christensen, Hans P Private G 3 Infantry West Denmark
Christensen, Ole Private A 3 Infantry Ettrick
Christian, Aug Private B 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Christian, C.W. Corporal B 7 Infantry Nekoosa
Christian, C.W. Private H 20 Infantry Thorp
Christian, Peter Private I 3 Calvary Abrams
Christiansen, John Private B 3 Infantry Milwaukee
Christiansen, O.C. Private E 3 Infantry Carlton
Christianson, C. Private H 1 Heavy Art Winneconne
Christianson, Chris Private A 17 Infantry Westby
Christianson, Derick Private E 3 Infantry Bolt
Christianson, Gunter T Private H 27 Infantry London
Christianson, Lars Private B 50 Infantry Springville
Christianson, Mons Private E 18 Infantry Holeman
Christie, John Private / 10 Battery Dresser Junction
Christman, Geo. Private H 42 Infantry Magnolia
Christman, H.P. Private G 1 Infantry Menomonee Falls
Christman, John Private G 36 Infantry Medford
Christopherson, Ole Private K 25 Infantry Prairie Farm
Christopherson, Andres Private B 6 Infantry Bloomer
Christopherson, C. Private I 51 Infantry Strum
Christopherson, Lars Private I 51 Infantry Hammond
Chubbuck, Thos. E. Sergeant E 5 Infantry Seymour
Church, A.I. Private K 18 Infantry Jefferson
Church, C.B. Private H 5 Infantry Wis. Vet Home
Church, David M Private B 38 Infantry Clear Lake
Church, Leonard C. Private L 3 Calvary Walworth
Church, Rufus M. Private E 42 Infantry Farrs Corners
Church, W.H. Private B 2 Calvary Mondovi
Church, Wm Private 1 6 Infantry Wonewoc
Churches, Samuel Private E 1 Infantry Fish Creek
Churchil, J.B. Private K 4 Calvary St. Croix Falls
Churchill, Christopher Private E 38 Infantry Whitewater
Churchill, W.T. Sergeant G 32 Infantry Endeavor
Churchill, J. Private I 12 Infantry Valley Junction
Churchill, W.C. Private H 51 Infantry Oshkosh
Claber, Phil Private F 35 Infantry National Home
Clafflin, L.S. Corporal F 16 Infantry Mauston
Claflin, Wm. J. Private F 32 Infantry Little Sturgeon
Clancy, Joseph 2d Lieut I 14 Infantry Black River Falls
Clancy, David Private / / Perm. Party Boaz
Clancy, John Private I 42 Infantry Readstown
Clapp, Edwin O. Private K 25 Infantry Adams Center
Clapp, Henry J. Private F 38 Infantry Oshkosh
Clapper, James Private / 8 Battery Heller
Claridge, George Private A 36 Infantry White Mound
Claridge, W. Private A 36 Infantry Reedsburg
Clark, Albert Private G 32 Infantry Lindsey
Clark, Alexander Private / 3 Battery Belleville
Clark, B Corporal D 49 Infantry Richmond
Clark, C.F. Private Un 47 Infantry Augusta
Clark, C.L. Sergeant I 1 Infantry Spencer
Clark, Charles Private D 32 Infantry Oshkosh
Clark, Charles P Private C 16 Infantry Beaver Dam
Claik, Cyrus Private G 6 Infantry Brodhead
Clark, D.S. Private F 1 Infantry Knapp
Clark, D.W. Corporal F 40 Infantry Dodgeville
Clark, Daniel Private K 8 Infantry Cadott
Clark, David Sergeant E 47 Infantry Byrd's Creek
Clark, Daniel E Musician B 4 Calvary Omro
Clark, David S. Sergeant G 14 Infantry Modena
Clark, E. Private I 14 Infantry Black River Falls
Clark, F.C. Musician H 30 Infantry Auroraville
Clark, Frank Private D 27 Infantry Antigo
Clark, Frank Private F 28 Infantry Milwaukee
Clark, Frank H. Private / 1 Battery Oshkosh
Clark, G.J. Private K 39 Infantry Mayville
    I 44    
Clark, G.W. Corporal H 1 Infantry Sheboygan Falls
Clark, George Private H 46 Infantry Woodstock
Clark, George C. Corporal D 10 Infantry Delavan
Clark, Geo. S. Private / 1 Battery National Home
Clark, H.F. Private C 25 Infantry Mount Ida
Clark, Harvey Private C 20 Infantry Boscobel
Clark, Henry Private B 35 Infantry Oconto
  Sergeant E 10    
Clark, Henry Private C 21 Infantry Oshkosh
Clark, Henry H Sergeant D 3 Calvary Genesee Valley
Clark, Henry P Private K 13 Infantry Brodhead
Clark, H.W. Private E 1 Calvary Hawthorne
Clark, Hugh Private F 17 Infantry Prairie du Chien
Clark, Isaac H Corporal G 51 Infantry Anthony
Clark, J.C. Corporal K 39 Infantry Lowell
Clark, J.D. Private C 7 Infantry Loyal
Clark, J.H. Private I 14 Infantry Merrillan
Clark, James Private F 1 Heavy Art Portage
Clark, James Private A 32 Infantry Fond du Lac
Clark, James Private A 23 Infantry Wannakee
Clark, Job Private D 3 Infantry Fond du Lac
Clark, John Sergeant F 50 Infantry Oshkosh
Clark, John Private K 16 Infantry Northport
Clark, John G. Colonel / 50 Infantry Lancaster
Clark, Joshua Private H 46 Infantry Bloom City
Clark, Marcus Corporal C 1 Calvary Merrillan
Clark, M.B. Private H 42 Infantry Rock Prairie
Clark, Matthew Private F 16 Infantry Mauston
Clark, Michael Private K 10 Infantry Arnott
Clark, Noah Private D 18 Infantry Hustler
Clark, Norman Private H 44 Infantry British Hollow
Clark, Norman B Private G 41 Infantry Appleton
Clark, Oscar Corporal I 7 Infantry Poysippi
Clark, Owen C Private C 3 Infantry Stevens Point
Clark, Reuben Private A 42 Infantry Embarrass
Clark, Robert E Sergeant A 17 Infantry West Superior
Clark, Rufus Private A 3 Infantry Barron
Clark, S.D. Private C 47 Infantry Plover
Clark, Stephen Private C 25 Infantry Muscodo
Clark, Thomas W Private E 18 Infantry Schofield
Clark, Walter E Private A 1 Calvary Glidden
Clark, William M Private G 27 Infantry Chippewa Falls
Clark, Willis P 1st Lieut. K 13 Infantry Milton
Clark, Wm Corporal H 12 Infantry Plum City
Clark, Wm A. Corporal H 7 Infantry Fennimore
Clark, Wm. G. Private F 23 Infantry Merrimack
Clark, Zenas T. Private B 42 Infantry DeSoto
Clarke, Corydon L. Private H 13 Infantry Milton
Clarke, Oliver P Private K 13 Infantry Walworth
Clarno, Wm. Private C 3 Infantry Browntown
Clary, A.C. Private E 12 Infantry Dell
Clary, William Private E 52 Infantry Cazenovia
Clason, Rufus L Private E 1 Calvary Beaver Dam
Clason, Wm. L Private B 25 Infantry Sugar Grove
Classon, Alandon Private K 27 Infantry Oconto
Classon, W.I. Private K 27 Infantry Oconto
Clauder, William Private C 24 Infantry National Home
Clausing, Fred Private E 52 Infantry Maquoa
Clavitor, William Corporal F 19 Infantry Medford
Clawater, William Sergeant I 6 Infantry Liberty Pole
Clawson, Adam Private A 37 Infantry Mauston
Clawson, E.E. Sergeant G 33 Infantry Excelsior
Clawson, Lester Corporal / 12 Battery Dartford
Clawson, P.J. First Lieut. A 20 Infantry Monroe
Clawson, Robt. C. Private K 22 Infantry Brodhead
Clay, W.H. Private A 6 Infantry Cumberland
Clayson, A.B. Private I 1 Calvary Deronda
Clayson, J.W. Private K 51 Infantry Sparta
Cleary, - Dr. Private F 33 Infantry Kenosha
Cleary, Martin Private H 4 Calvary Elkhorn
Cleaves, Horace Private / / Perm. Party Iola
Cleghorn, J.G. Corporal H 16 Infantry Pleasant Valley
Clemand, Wm. Private A 7 Infantry Lodi
Clemens, Geo.S. Corporal G 1 Calvary Oshkosh
Clemens, Joseph Private A 49 Infantry Dane
Clement, Florian Corporal D 9 Infantry Sauk City
Clement, L.D. Private E 12 Infantry Delton
Clements, Robert Corporal G 44 Infantry Richland Center
Clements, Stephen Private C 42 Infantry Lodi
Clements, Wm. Private C 1 Heavy Art Neenah
Clemmons, David Private A 1 Infantry Necedah
Clemons, Darius A Q.M. Serg't. G 1 Calvary National Home
Clemons, Harvey Private G 40 Infantry Eagle
Clemons, Samuel B. Musician / 13 Infantry Janesville
Cleveland, Charles Corporal K 46 Infantry Trempealean
Cleveland, Chas. O. Private G 39 Infantry Fond du Lac
Cleveland, D.A. Private G 44 Infantry Hudson
Cleveland, Daniel F Private D 12 Infantry National Home
Cleveland. E.W. Private B 1 Heavy Art Waukesha
Cleveland, G. Private I 49 Infantry Norwalk
Cleveland, George F Private C 21 Infantry Clintonville
Cleveland, T.J. Private K 6 Infantry West Superior
Cleveland, Moses W Private I 21 Infantry Neenah
Cleveland, Paul Private H 10 Infantry Tomah
Cleveland, Wm. H Private H 10 Infantry Stevens Point
Cliebenstein, Chris Private E 25 Infantry Platteville
Clifford, J.B. Private L 1 Heavy Art Kenosha
Clift, Laal Private I 12 Infantry Viola
Clift, W.P. Private I 12 Infantry Viola
Clifton, L.N. Private E 25 Infantry Platteville
Cline, Chris Private C 13 Infantry Sharon
Cline, Jacob Private F 23 Infantry Baraboo
Cline, Wm. Private K 45 Infantry Dane
Clinton, Henry Private B 46 Infantry Amherst Junct'n
Clinton, O.P. Lieutenant B 1 Calvary Waukesha
Clintsman, L Private D 3 Infantry Wautoma
Clithero, Henry Private E 2 Calvary Poynette
Close, Jerry Private E 3 Infantry Woodhull
Close, John W. Private I 30 Infantry Craft
Close, Richard D. Sergeant D 3 Infantry Eldorado
Closson, Bazaleel Private G 33 Infantry Boscobel
Closson, Jonas Private F 3 Infantry National Home
Clough, Charles S Private I 17 Infantry Fox Lake
Clough, Orrison Private C 25 Infantry Lancaster
Clough, Silvender Private G 3 Calvary Sniderville
Clouse, Henry Private G 46 Infantry Shullsburg
Clow, Chas W. Private / 9 Battery New Lisbon
Clow, James Private A 52 Infantry New Lisbon
Cloyne, John Private K 53 Infantry Racine
Clute, J. Private / 10 Battery Dexterville
Cluty, Frank H Private B 7 Infantry National Home
Clymont, Jas. Private B 47 Infantry National Home
Cond, Wm. Private F 41 Infantry Mineral Point
Coats, Francis M Private D 11 Infantry Estella
Coats, H.E. Private B 1 Calvary Neenah
Coats, I.L. Private C 21 Infantry Hein
Coats, J.A. Private E 49 Infantry Merrimack
Coats, Lester Private B 16 Infantry Springwater
Coats, N.C. Private D 41 Infantry Neenah
Coats,S.D. Private H 17 Infantry Merrimack
Coats, S.T. Private D 1 Calvary Neenah
Cobb, Abe Private E 48 Infantry Wauwatosa
Cobb, I J Private A 23 Infantry Kenosha
Cobb, S.C. Major / 13 Infantry Janesville
Cochems, Mathias Private H 2 Calvary Sturgeon Bay
Cochenet, Frank Private D 27 Infantry Antigo
Cochrane, William A Private B 40 Infantry Delavan
Cockerill, Wm Private C 6 Infantry Berlin
Codding, G.B. Private E 13 Infantry Colona
Coe, E.D. Corporal A 1 Calvary Whitewater
Coe, John Private I 29 Infantry Horicon
Coe, William Private H 36 Infantry Viroqua
Coffey, Christ Private C 21 Infantry Wauwatosa
Coffin, E.D. Private B 40 Infantry Beloit
Coffin, William Sergeant C 21 Infantry Oshkosh
Coffman, Henry Private H 18 Infantry Waukau
Coggins, D Private G 30 Infantry Hancock
Coggswell, A.A. Private G 30 Infantry Wautoma
Cohun, John Musician C 2 Infantry Manitowac
Coker, Samuel Corporal I 2 Infantry Edmund
Colbert, W.T. Private B 3 Infantry Cheteck
Colborn, Avery Private / 6 Battery Baraboo
Colborn, Frank Private H 11 Infantry Chippewa Falls
Colborn, Henry F Private E 1 Calvary Wonewoc
Colburn, J.P. Private C 23 Infantry Briggsville
Colburn, Mahlon Musician F 40 Infantry Walworth
Colburn, Sherman Private K 38 Infantry Point Bluff
Colburn, Theo Private D 53 Infantry De Pere
Colby, David Private I 46 Infantry Tyrone
Colby, H.R. Private / 4 Battery Beloit
Colby, Hart Private / 4 Battery Beloit
Colby, R.H. Private G 36 Infantry Strong
Colby, S.T. Corporal A 28 Infantry Easton
Colby, Seymour Private A 42 Infantry Ogdensburg
Colby, W.W. Private / 4 Battery Superior
Coldren, Wm Private K 22 Infantry Brodhead
Cole, Alson Private K 39 Infantry Centralia
Cole, Austin B Private B 16 Infantry Beaver Dam
Cole, Byron Sergeant I 7 Infantry Colebrook
Cole, C.M. Sergeant G 32 Infantry Appleton
Cole, Christopher Private A 52 Infantry Portage
Cole, D.H. Sergeant / 9 Battery Lyons
Cole, D.W. Private C 36 Infantry Fairchild
Cole, Frank Private C 13 Infantry Sharon
Cole, Geo. H. Sergeant D 7 Infantry Milwaukee
Cole, Henry E Private G 48 Infantry Eau Claire
Cole, J.B. Private K 10 Infantry Oxford
Cole, J.D. Private H 22 Infantry Beloit
Cole, Jesse Private C 22 Infantry Brodhead
Cole, John Private C 50 Infantry New Diggings
Cole, John M Private C 40 Infantry Evansville
Cole, Nathan 1 st Lieut. K 20 Infantry Sheboygan
Cole, Wallace Private G 1 Infantry Waupun
Cole, Wm. Sergeant K 13 Infantry Milton
Coleman, A. Private E 12 Infantry Reedsburg
Coleman, Chas Private B 12 Infantry Baraboo
Coleman, D.B. Private B 23 Infantry Eureka
Coleman, E.H. Sergeant K 30 Infantry Chippewa Falls
Coleman, Edw Colonel / 49 Infantry Racine
Coleman, Elihu Musician / 1 Calvary Fond du Lac
Name Rank Co. Regt. Branch of Service Post-Office
Coleman, John Private D 31 Infantry Bell Center
Coleman, H Private D 3 Infantry Bell Center
Coleman, J.L. Private B 47 Infantry Kendall
Coleman, John M Private H 1 Heavy Art Wis. Vet. Home
Coleman, Phil H Private   4 Battery Mauston
Coles, J.E. Private H 10 Infantry Glendale
Coleson, N.E. Private I 3 Infantry Mills Center
Coley, Joseph Captain G 18 Infantry Grand Rapids
Collar, Daniel Private C 47 Infantry Kanasaville
Collar, Desseire Private G 17 Infantry Green Bay
Collar, Martin S Private H 1 Cavalry Marquette
Collen, John T Private   8 Battery Traf
Colllier, Arthur Private E 5 Infantry Pittsville
Collier, D Private H 16 Infantry Parfreyville
Collier, George 1st Lieut E 18 Infantry Colby
Collier, H.J. Private E 5 Infantry Curtis
Collier, John M Private A 42 Infantry Blaine
Collin, Antoine Private G 3 Infantry Dyckesville
Collingwood, W.H. Private C 31 Infantry Dodgeville
Collins, A. Private A 48 Infantry Wis. Vet. Home
Collins, A.W. Private C 10 Infantry Neenah
Collins, Benj. W Private B 27 Infantry Sheboygan
Collins, C.M. Private A 37 Infantry Basswood
Collins, D.W. Private G 43 Infantry Colby
Collins, Daniel Private H 13 Infantry Lima
Collins, George Private H 17 Infantry Chippewa Falls
Collins, J Private C 23 Infantry Vet. Home
Collins, J.A. Private K 6 Infantry Tavera
Collins, J Wesley Private A 1 Cavalry Necedah
Collins, Jaen Jos Private H 34 Infantry Champion
Collins, John Private H 13 Infantry Lima
Collins, John N Private A 43 Infantry Gay's Mill
Collins, Joseph 1st Segeant D 3 Infantry Oak Mill
Collins, Milo Corporal C 49 Infantry Edgerton
Collins, Neal Private K 43 Infantry Hillsboro
Collins, P Private F 13 Infantry Edgerton
Collins, Patrick Private F 13 Infantry Nat. Home
Collins, R.S.W. Private D 2 Cavalry Dodgeville
Coleman, Thomas Private B 1 Cavalry Waushara
Colonius, Chas. A Sergeant C 3 Cavalry Portage
Colt, Ad Corporal H 18 Infantry Plainville
Colt, R.P. Captain H 18 Infantry Poysippi
Colton, Almon Private L 3 Cavalry Grand Rapids
Colton, E Private K 49 Infantry Lyons
Colton, E.H. Private A 34 Infantry La Crosse
Colville, Wm Private A 52 Infantry Fall River
Colvin, Delos Private B 25 Infantry Wonewoc
Colvin, Edward Private K 33 Infantry Wis. Vet. Home
Colvin, H Private E 41 Infantry New Lisbon
Colvin, Molby Private F 23 Infantry Loganville
Colvin, William Private I 2 Cavalry Kewaskum
Comar, B.F. Private K 32 Infantry Richland Center
Combs, Elias Private B 18 Infantry Brodhead
Combs, George Private G 28 Infantry Waukesha
Combs, Wm. E Private K 7 Infantry Evansville
Commen, Isaac Private F 27 Infantry New London
Commerce, David Private C & H 31 & 16 Infantry Winneconne
Compton, B.F. Corporal G 38 Infantry Stoughton
Compton, John Private M 2 Cavalry Monroe
Compty, Henry Private K 1 Heavy Art Racine
Comran, Theodore Private I 8 Infantry Onalaska
Comstock, Chas. I Private A 18 Infantry Humbird
Comstock, W.W. Private I 49 Infantry Bellfountain
Comstock, Wm. M Private E 21 Infantry Humbird
Con, Ezra S Private E 4 Cavalry Lake Mills
Conant, J.A. Private B 1 Cavalry Oshkosh
Conant, Shumway Private A 10 Infantry Beloit
Conant, W.T. Private E 32 Infantry Waupam
Conaway, John Sergeant F 43 Infantry Bloomingdale
Condit, Charles H Private I 35 Infantry Rock Elm
Cone, Ela Private C 22 Infantry Sheboygan
Cone, Elijah Private K 4 Cavalry Fond du Lac
Cone, John Prin. Musican C 22 Infantry Manitowoc
Cone, L.D. Private D 16 Infantry Morley
Conell, Chas Private   6 Battery Drywood
Coney, Henry Private G 33 Infantry Hurlbut
Coney, James Private G 33 Infantry Cadott
Conine,Wm Private D 52 Infantry Milwaukee
Confer, Joseph Private I 47 Infantry Plainfield
Congdon, Hannibal Private L 1 Cavalry National Home
Congdon, Sylvester Private B 1 Heavy Art Jefferson
Conger, David 2d Lieut B 8 Infantry Janesville
Conger, Ephraim Private H 14 Infantry Greenbush
Conger, H.A. Private H 19 Infantry Oxford
Conger, Wm. F Sergeant G 42 Infantry Prairie du Sac
Conine, Chas Private E 19 Infantry Evansville
Conkle, D.J. Private B 11 Infantry Boaz
Conkle, J.J. Private D 11 Infantry McGrew
Conklin, Daniel Private C 38 Infantry Jacksonport
Conklin, Thos. H Private A 39 Infantry East Troy
Conkling, S.J. Private I 28 Infantry East Troy
Conlan, James Private K 1 Heavy Art Milwaukee
Conley, Andrew Private K 17 Infantry New London
Conley, Lewis Private E 19 Infantry Soldiers Grove
Conley, Patrick Private I 44 Infantry Brodhead
Conlin, Matthew Private K 47 Infantry Whitewater
Connard, John B Private F 12 Infantry Gardner
Connell, Jas. O Sergeant E 42 Infantry Manitowoc
Connell, W.C. Private E 5 Infantry Shiocton
Connors, James Private F 14 Infantry Rhinelander
Connors, Henry Private H 18 Infantry Amery
Connors, John Private B 43 Infantry Cottage Grove
Connors, Wm Private A 15 Infantry Lowell
Conolly, Patrick Private H 16 Infantry Erin
Conrad, Mike Private B 51 Infantry Milwaukee
Conroe, Geo. C Sergeant D 20 Infantry Racine
Conroy, Patrick Sergeant C 10 Infantry Appleton
Conry, Hiram Private F 16 Infantry Evansville
Constance, C.E. Private G 21 Infantry Waupaca
Conto, James Private D 2 Cavalry La Crosse
Converse, Chauncy W Private A 1 Cavalry Milton
Conway, Anthony Private E 35 Infantry National Home
Coodway, Tuft Private K 21 Infantry Manitowoc
Cook, A.L. Private F 1 Cavalry Lancaster
Cook, Arastus Private I 18 Infantry Fox Lake
Cook, Atwell Sergeant H 6 Infantry Chamberlin
Cook, C.P. Sergeant G 3 Cavalry Boycville
Cook, Charles Private A 30 Infantry Star Prairie
Cook, Chas. F Corporal F 23 Infantry Baraboo
Cook, G.V. Private F 1 Heavy Art Marcellon
Cook, G.W. Corporal I 4 Cavalry Black River Falls
Cook, Herman Private C 25 Infantry Lancaster
Cook, Henry Private E & B 10 & 52 Infantry Hartford
Cook, Ira T Private C 39 Infantry Kenosha
Cook, J.A. Corporal D 11 Infantry Sylvan
Cook, J.H. Captain I & B 5 Infantry Appleton
Cook, John Private I 18 Infantry National Home
Cook, John Corporal I 46 Infantry Mill Creek
Cook, John Private B 44 Infantry Neillsville
Cook, John H Private H 43 Infantry beetown
Cook, Kneeland B Corporal B 52 Infantry Portage
Cook, Lyman Private K 31 Infantry Boscobel
Cook, Martin A Private F 1 Heavy Art Pardeeville
Cook, Morton F Color Sergt. C 29 Infantry Stevens Point
Cook, Myron G Private F 16 Infantry Hancock
Cook, Pizarro Private A 31 Infantry Mt. Sterling
Cook, Ransom B Private E 38 Infantry Clintonville
Cook, S.A. Private E 2 Infantry Randolph
Cook, S.A. Private A 2 Cavalry Neenah
Cook, Solomon Private H 50 Infantry Mondovi
Cook, Walter Captain I 33 Infantry Kenosha
Cook, Webster Private F 7 Infantry Bloomington
Cook, Wm. Private F 10 Infantry Boscobel
Cook, Wm. H Corporal D 3 Infantry Burnett Junct'n
Cooke, C.W. Private G 25 Infantry Lookout
Cooley, Alfred Corporal A 1 Heavy Art Heart Prairie
Cooley, C.F. Private G 23 Infantry Madison
Cooley, H.C. Private I 20 Infantry Lancaster
Cooley, Henry Private A 1 Heavy Art Heart Prairie
Cooley, Reuben Private D 31 Infantry Fennimore
Cooley, T.F. Private I 3 Cavalry Appleton
Cooley, W.W. Corporal C 41 Infantry Fredonia
Coon, Caleb Private C 19 Infantry Olivet
Coon, Delos R Private G 30 Infantry Auburndale
Coon, E.B. Private D 16 Infantry Big Springs
Coon, F.H. Corporal K 32 Infantry Fall River
Coon, Geo Private F 1 Heavy Art Mazomanie
Coon, J.D. Private A 14 Infantry Fond du Lac
Coon, John A Private H 11 Infantry Oxford
Coon, John H Private I 35 Infantry Hillsdale
Coon, Marquis L Sergeant L 2 Cavalry Chippewa Falls
Coon, O.N. Private A 1 Heavy Art Fulton
Coon, T.B. Private C 8 Infantry Kilbourn
Coone, Martin Private F 50 Infantry Darboy
Cooney, James Private E 32 Infantry Badger
Coonrad, J Private F 25 Infantry Trout
Coonrod, August Private L 1 Heavy Art La Granget
Coons, Peter Private G 28 Infantry Sheboygan Falls
Cooper, A.G. Private F 1 Cavalry Baraboo
Cooper, Aaron Corporal E 48 Infantry Marshall
Cooper, E.H. Private H 1 Cavalry Bangor
Cooper, Ely M 2d Lieut F 3 Cavalry Waunakee
Cooper, Frank Sergeant C 37 Infantry Black River Falls
Cooper, G.W. Private A 19 Infantry Boaz
Cooper, J.D. Private K 36 Infantry Eleva
Cooper, Jacob Private F 32 Infantry Green Bay
Cooper, John Corporal I 16 Infantry Muscoda
Cooper, Jos Private K 2 Cavalry Racine
Cooper, M.M. Sergeant C 42 Infantry Merrimack
Cooper, Nattie Private E 6 Infantry Oakfield
Cooper, William Private B 28 Infantry Waukesha
Cooper, William Corporal K 24 Infantry Eagle Corners
Cooper Wm. H Corporal B 43 Infantry Cuba City
Cooper, Wm. L Corporal G 43 Infantry Hammond
Cooper, Wm. W Corporal F 1 Heavy Art Portage
Coovey, Sylvester Private I 8 Infantry La Crosse
Cope, Wm. H Private I 11 Infantry Colebrook
Copeland, F.A. 2d Lieut K 3 Cavalry La Crosse
Copeland, William Private B 47 Infantry Troy
Coppens, John Private E 50 Infantry New Franklin
Coppiers, George Private G 42 Infantry Fort Atkinson
Copple, Fred Corporal D 53 Infantry Osseo
Copsey, John Private A 43 Infantry Mt. Sterling
Corbet, W.H. Private B 8 Infantry Phestigo
Corbett, Chas Private B 8 Infantry Greenbush
Corbett, Dan'l C Private F 5 Infantry Mondovi
Corbett, John Private C 17 Infantry Fond du Lac
Corbett, John Private G 16 Infantry Cumberland
Corbett, John Private   13 Infantry Whitewater
Corbett, L.M. Private H 14 Infantry Greenbush
Corbett, Patrick Private I 33 Infantry Ring
Corbett, R Sergeant G 16 Infantry Warner
Conbin, Jacob Private H 8 Infantry Blanchardville
Corbin, Ambrose Private K 36 Infantry Flambeau
Corbin, Seneca Private B 36 Infantry Reedsburg
Corbine, Chas Private D 8 Infantry Island Lake
Corcoran, R Private C 6 Infantry Wis. Vet. Home
Cordes, Carl Corporal I 32 Infantry Black Creek
Cordes, John P Private H 9 Infantry Belleville
Corey, Thoomas G Private D 16 Infantry Cumberland
Cormican, A.C. Private G 21 Infantry Waupaca
Cormine, Erastus Private K 21 Infantry Milwaukee
Cornell, John E Private D 33 Infantry Bloomington
Cornelison, Aaro Sr. Private D 1 Heavy Art Trimbelle
Conelison, John W Private F 30 Infantry Trimbelle
Cornelius, Abe Private B 17 Infantry Milwaukee
Cornelius, Charles P Sergeant D 32 Infantry Dale
Cornelius, Joseph Private E 34 Infantry Oostburg
Cornell, La Platta Private B 19 Infantry Misha Mokwa
Cornell, M.E. Private E 25 Infantry Burton
Corner, Chas Private A 13 Infantry Milwaukee
Corniel, Henry Private G 29 Infantry Black Earth
Corning, Ebenezer Private D 22 Infantry Briggsville
Corning, Joseph Private E 2 Cavalry Briggsville
Cornish, Adin Private A 14 Infantry Manawa
Cornish, B.L. Private B 32 Infantry Oshkosh
Cornell, Pelick Private A 10 Infantry Heart Prairie
Cornish, Ephriam B Private C 2 Cavalry Bloomington
Cornish, Gabriel W Private D 1 Cavalry New London
Cornish, James G Private E 12 Infantry Camp Douglas
Cornish, John H Private A 3 Cavalry Eau Claire
Cornwall, Stepehn Private B 8 Infantry River Falls
Cornwell, David Private B 43 Infantry Lancaster
Coronelf, Thos     21 Infantry Morley
Corsaw, M.M. Sergeant K 43 Infantry Union Center
Cory, Joseph Private F 4 Cavalry Osceola Mills
Cory, John 2d Lieut H 1 Heavy Art Madison
Cosper, Erasmus Private G 10 Infantry Nekoosa
Coss, Henry Private G 40 Infantry Palmyra
Cotanch, G.W Private G 5 Infantry Poysippi
Cote, Marcelle Private D 6 Infantry Chippewa Falls
Cotter, Edward Private G 5 Infantry Montello
Cotter, Wm Corporal E 1 Infantry Milwaukee
Cottington, A Wagoner F 51 Infantry Reedsburg
Cottington, J.P Sergeant D 4 Cavalry Dallas
Couch, Henry W Private B 27 Infantry Olivet
Couee, S.A. Private F 2 Cavalry Rockton
Coughlin, Wm. Private B 7 Infantry Necedah
Coullard, Geo Private C 2 Infantry National Home
Coulter, Calvin Private B 20 Infantry Sabin
Councilman, F Private K 18 Infantry Fall River
Couries, Henry Private E 18 Infantry McDill
Court, Thoms Private B 22 Infantry Parfreyville
Courter, Geo Corporal B 27 Infantry Thorp
Courtrer, James W Private A 52 Infantry LaValle
Cove, G.W. Corporal H 37 Infantry Boaz
Cove, John Private B 25 Infantry Boaz
Covert, J.M. Private K 22 Infantry Brodhead
Covey, E Private B 2 Cavalry Mauston
Coville, L.H. Private H 30 Infantry Fargoville
Coville, Wm. Private D 37 Infantry Berlin
Cowan, C Sergeant B 41 Infantry Ripon
Cowan, Wm. H Private F 1 Infantry Beldenville
Cowan, B.F. Lieutenant I 30 Infantry Colby
Cowing, Warren Private E 13 Infantry De Pere
Cowles, E.M. Private A 37 Infantry Tomah
Cowles, Henry Sergeant   2 Cavalry Baraboo
Cowling, John Private C 21 Infantry Oshkosh
Cox, Chas Private C 35 Infantry Mineral Point
Cox, Charles Private H 11 Infantry Troy
Cox, Charles Private K 37 Infantry Eagle
Cox, Edward Private B 39 Infantry Sturgeon Bay
Cox, Edward Private   1 Battery Genoa
Cox, Geo. G Private D 2 Cavalry Waldwick
Cox, Harry Corporal A 35 Infantry Waukesha
Cox, J.P. Sergeant H 25 Infantry Lancaster
Cox, J.T. Private D 2 Cavalry Ontario
Cox, Lemuel B Private K 2 Cavalry Farmington
Cox, W Private C 7 Infantry Platteville
Cox, Wm Private D 20 Infantry Whitehall
Cox, William Sergeant C 18 Infantry Viroqua
Coxchall Private/Corporal I & K 13 & 37 Infantry Beaver Dam
Coyle, D.D. Sergeant K 1 Cavalry Fayette
Coyne, Jno Private C 17 Infantry Fond du Lac
Coyne, Thomas P Drummer A 44 Infantry Madison
Craber, John Private B 45 Infantry Hika
Crabtree, Thomas Private I 31 Infantry Dartford
Craftsenburg, W 2d Lieut F 13 Infantry Janesville
Cragan, John Private F 37 Infantry Seneca
Craig, Azro Private I 40 Infantry Chippewa Falls
Craig, Casper C Private C 49 Infantry Burr Oaks
Craig, Clinton Private C 36 Infantry Boyd
Craig, Cutberth Private C 50 Infantry New Diggings
Craig, E.L. Private I 1 Cavalry Humbird
Craig, Geo Private E 18 Infantry Thorp

Craig, John Private .. 10 Battery Eau Claire
Craig, Wm Musician K 17 Infantry Appleton
Craigo, George W Private F 2 Cavalry Balmoral
Craigo, John M Private B 44 Infantry Towerville
Craigo, Lewis Private B 25 Infantry Byrd's Creek
Crain, Andrew J Private I 50 Infantry Farm Hill
Crain, Charles W Private I 50 Infantry Durand
Craine, Geo Private E 42 Infantry Mauston
Cram, B. F 1st Lieut F 5 Infantry Milwaukee
Cram, Frank Private F 5 Infantry Stevens Point
Cramer, Arnold Private I 22 Infantry Wyocena
Cramer, Henry Private H 2 Cavalry Milwaukee
Cramer, John Private K 30 Infantry Eau Claire
Cramer, Joseph Private E 24 Infantry Grafton
Cramer, Samuel Private E 49 Infantry Baraboo
Crampton, N. A Private F 36 Infantry Madison
Crandal, Wm. W Corporal A 7 Infantry Chippewa Falls
Crandall, A Private G 25 Infantry Mondovi
Crandall, Martin Private 3 Battery Stevens Point
Crandall, Paul B Private F 40 Infantry Walworth
Crane, A. W Private D 50 Infantry Milton
Crane, C. E Surgeon 5 Infantry Green Bay
Crane, W. W Corporal B 44 Infantry Weyauwega
Crane, Wm. A Private G 43 Infantry Racine
Crank, M. C Private F 51 Infantry Sparta
Crant, John P Private H 30 Infantry Blue River
Crapo, John B Private K 1 Cavalry National Home
Crary, M. E Private F 46 Infantry Hillsboro
Crary, M. B Private B 20 Infantry Hillsboro
Crary, O. F Sergeant E 2 Infantry Oshkosh
Crary, Oscar Private F 46 Infantry Dixon
Cravath, Pitt Private D 40 Infantry Whitewater
Craven, William A Corporal H 8 Infantry Clitonville
Crave, Paitre Private K 3 Infantry Beloit
Craford, C. A Sergeant K 6 Infantry Wyeville
Crawford, Henry Corporal I 1 Cavalry Waukesha
Crawford, James Sergeant A 1 Heavy Art Westfield
Crawford, James Bugler F 3 Cavalry  
Crawford, James Private G 19 Infantry Green Lake
Crawford, John Private C 1 Heavy Art Westfield
Crawford, Lucius Private G 14 Infantry Weyauwega
Crawford, Riley Private H 16 Infantry River Falls
Crawford, Robert Private F 36 Infantry Menasha
Crawford, Robert Private D 37 Infantry Plainfield
Cray, Parkman Wagoner I 4 Cavalry Alma Center
Creaser, R Private C 5 Infantry Downsville
Creasey, Wm. N Private G 7 Infantry Plover
Creed, L. H Private H 1 Cavalry Richland Center
Creek, Samuel Private D 2 Infantry Edgertown
Creiger, J. J Sergeant Maj 4 Cavalry Whitewater
Cretton, F. L. Private D 27 Infantry Mishicott
Cretton, Juston C Private D 27 Infantry East Gibson
Crimmings, M Private 3 or 8 Battery Berlin.
Crippen, A. N Sergeant A 12 Infantry Kilbourn.
Cripps, Edward Private G 1 Heavy Art Shennington.
Cripps, Elon. J Private A 29 Infantry Columbus.
Crist, Geo. B Corporal E 16 Infantry Jefferson.
Croak, Thos. Private E 3 Cavalry National Home.
Croaken, Patrick Private C 3 Cavalry Montello.
Crocker, Ara Private A 24 Infantry Sheboygan.
Crocker, S. G. H Private B 1 Cavalry Crocker's Landing
Crocker, Wm. H Sergeant A 5 Infantry Milwaukee.
Crockett, E. W Private I 30 Infantry Augusta.
Crowfoot, Alphonso Private A 42 Infantry Buena Vista.
Crofoot, Edwin B 1st Lieut A 32 Infantry Rhinelander.
Crofoot, William W Private A 32 Infantry Rose Lawn.
Croft, G. A Private F 13 Infantry Lima.
Croft, Geo. T Private I 1 Heavy Art Milwaukee.
Croft, Jas Corporal 12 Battery Janesville.
Croft, Jas Sergeant G 8 Infantry Beloit.
Croft, Wm Private C 25 Infantry Lancaster.
Croft, Louis Private C 25 Infantry Lancaster.
Cromwell, Nathan Private D 5 Infantry Stevens Point
Cronan, T Private B 12 Infantry Wis. Vet. Home
Cronk, A. J Private F 14 Infantry Greenleaf.
Cronk, George Private A 16 Infantry Gillingham
Cronk, James Sergeant A 1 Cavalry Wis. Vet. Home
Cronk, O. B Private E 4 Cavalry Dancy.
Cron, Bowdevine Private F 49 Infantry Prairie du Chien.
Cronkhite, G. R Corporal H 30 Infantry Plainfield
Cronon, Edward Private I 8 Infantry La Crosse.
Crook, James Private I 11 Infantry Terrill.
Crook, Peter Private C 31 Infantry Dodgeville.
Crook, Walter B Private A 43 Infantry Albion.
Crooker, Geo. B Sergeant F 16 Infantry Pardeeville.
Crooks, George Private G 22 Infantry Stewart.
Cropley, Samuel B Private I 33 Infantry Kenosha.
Crosby, George Private A 14 Infantry Fond du Lac.
Crosby, Geo Private B 18 Infantry Brodhead.
Crosby, Stephen Private G 1 Heavy Art Sheboygan Falls.
Crosby, William Private H 1 Infantry Glenbeulah.
Crosen, John Sergeant H 6 Infantry Trempealeau.
Croser, Henry Private G 29 Infantry Fussville.
Crosier, L. A Private F 23 Infantry Kilbourn.
Cross, A.S Private B 4 Cavalry Ripon.
Cross, Chas Musician I 32 Infantry New London.
Cross, D. C Private B 4 Cavalry Winneconne.
Cross, Floyd Private H 16 Infantry Eureka.
Cross, Jerry Private C 36 Infantry Neillsville.
Cross, John Private D 49 Infantry Allenville.
Cross, Lemuel Private K 1 Cavalry Arkansaw.
Cross, Thomas Private E 44 Infantry Kings Bridge.
Cross, W.C Private G 43 Infantry Kneeland.
Cross, Wm Private E 50 Infantry Clear Lake.
Crossdale, Paul Private E 19 Infantry National Home.
Crosse, C. G Surgeon 50 Infantry Sun Prairie.
Crossen, Henry Sr. Private C 1 Cavalry Cataract.
Crossman, Chas. L Private A 28 Infantry Waukesha
Crossman, John Private M 1 Heavy Art Fall River.
Crossman, S. M Private I 18 Infantry Fall River.
Crotsenburg, Duane Sergeant F 13 Infantry Shopiere.
Crotsenburg, J. M Private F 13 Infantry Clinton.
Crotteau, Jasper Private D 41 Infantry Centralia.
Crouch, Frank Private H 22 Infantry Racine.
Crouch, Fred Private E 40 Infantry Baraboo
Crouch, Horace Private B 12 Infantry Rockton.
Crouch, Thomas Corporal A 53 Infantry Boscobel.
Crouch, Walter Private A 22 Infantry Racine.
Crow, Vincent Private K 30 Infantry Hayward.
Crowe, Richard R Private F 32 Infantry Winneconne.
Crowell, H. R Private A 2 Cavalry Spencer
Crowley, John Private G 2 Infantry Milwaukee
Crown, Moses E Corporal I 11 Infantry Markesan
Crownhart, N Sergeant D 35 Infantry Dallas
Crowns, J. G Private E 4 Cavalry River Falls
Crozier, Anson C Private B 19 Infantry Eidsvold
Crozier, James Private D 18 Infantry Newry
Crubaugh, John F Private I 20 Infantry Mount Hope
Crugum, Joseph Prin. Music'n . 1 Infantry Brookfield
Crulon, J. H Private D 5 Infantry Ripon.
Cruse, John Private I 38 Infantry Edgerton
Cudd, Able Private F 30 Infantry Ellsworth
Cudworth, Joel S Private H 14 Infantry Fond du Lac
Cuff, Henry Private K 32 Infantry Bellfountain
Cull, John Private I 20 Infantry Mount Hope
Cullen, James Private E 45 Infantry Port Washington
Cullen, John Private G 28 Infantry Menomonie
Cullen, Peter Private A 18 Infantry Medford
Culver, Edwin 2d Lieut E 1 Cavalry Madison
Culver, H Private B 10 Infantry Parfreyville
Culver, Harland Private D 29 Infantry Whitewater
Culver, L. D Private F 7 Infantry Ellenboro
Culver, Luke Corporal G 19 Infantry South Byron
Culver, Nathan Private D 18 Infantry Ontario
Cumming, John G. D Corporal B 28 Infantry Ottawa
Cummings, C. H Private C 30 Infantry Greenwood
Cummings, D. S Private C 41 Infantry Mineral Point
Cummings, Dennis Private K 3 Infantry Spring Green
Cummings, Edwin Sergeant I 36 Infantry Whitehall
Cummings, Jas Private E 3 Infantry Milwaukee
Cummings, Jos Private A 46 Infantry National Home
Cummings, Patrick Private F 44 Infantry Briggsville
Cummings, W. E Private D 36 Infantry Whitehall
Cummings, W. T Private A 25 Infantry Barron
Cummings, Wm Private B 7 Infantry Rube
Cummins, E. R Private K 5 Infantry Prairie Farm
Cummins, John R Private E 5 Infantry Prairie Farm
Cunningham, Andrew Private A 1 Heavy Art National Home
Cunningham, E Private K 4 Cavalry Elroy
Cunningham, H. H Private C 37 Infantry Rockbridge
Cunningham, John Private K 36 Infantry Rock Elm
Cunningham, M Hosp. Stew'd . 3 Cavalry Madison
Cunningham, M. H. Private B 18 Infantry Rockbridge
Cunningham, W Private D 1 Cavalry Green Bay
Cunningham, Wm Private I 3 Cavalry Antigo
Cuppel, Chas Private I 1 Infantry National Home
Curley, George Private D 35 Infantry Reedstown
Curran, Henry Captain G 5 Infantry Stevens Point
Curran, John D Private F 5 Infantry Stevens Point
Curran, John W Private G 5 Infantry Madison
Curran, Martin Lieutenant C 17 Infantry Fond du Lac
Curran, Samuel M Corporal H 48 Infantry Sechlerville
Curran, C Private E 14 Infantry West Superior
Curran, Timothy Private F 50 Infantry DePere
Currie, Phillip S Private E 8 Infantry Milwaukee
Currier, Alexander Private D 18 Infantry Cashton
Currier, G o Private G 52 Infantry Plainfield
Currier, John A Private A 28 Infantry Milwaukee
Currier, Samuel Private G 5 Infantry Cashton
Currin, Martin Private F 50 Infantry DePere
Curtice, Perry Private B 42 Infantry Purdy
Curtin, M. M 1st Sergeant A 51 Infantry Ontario
Curtis, A. A Sergeant K 36 Infantry Menomonie
Curtis, Chauncy Private D 15 Infantry Fond du Lac
Curtis, D. W Captain D 29 Infantry Fort Atkinson
Curtis, G. R Private G 47 Infantry Ellenboro
Curtis, H. C Sergeant K 13 Infantry Waupun
Curtis, H. S Private K 5 Infantry Fall City
Curtis, J. W Hosp. Stew F 12 Infantry Madison
Curtis, Jerome I Private R 27 Infantry  
Curtis, John Sergeant 1 Battery Trempealeau.
Curtis, L. C. V Private E 51 Infantry Boyd
Curtis, M. J. Private C 1 Cavalry Blaine
Curtis, S. G Private D 45 Infantry Richland Center
Curtis, Truman H Private B 1 Infantry Milwaukee
Curtis, Walter S Private I 47 Infantry Hancock
Curtis, Wheeler Private I 23 Infantry Neillsville.
Curtis, Wm H Private M 1 Heavy Art Columbus.
Curtiss, J. S. Private C & M 3 Cavalry Wis. Vet. Home
Cushing Wm. S. Sergeant G 6 Infantry De Soto
Cushman, Harvey Private E 35 Infantry Rewey
Cusley, Enoch Private C 25 Infantry Mount Hope
Cutler, Riley Private B 22 Infantry Milwaukee
Cutter, Riley H Private D 22 Infantry National Home
Cutting, F. H Corporal A 50 Infantry Bloomer
Cutting, H. P Private G 37 Infantry Grant
Czamburck, Mathias Private F 26 Infantry Gibson
Czarnecki, Lorenz Private L 4 Cavalry Medford
Czeskleba, Theodore W Private E 16 Infantry Amherst
Cziskowsky, Anton Corporal F 26 Infantry Manitowoc



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