Enumeration of the Soldiers of the Late War
Who Served in Wisconsin Regiments and Batteries, Etc., and Reported by the
Government as Residing in Wisconsin on June 20, 1895.

transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Mary Saggio, Heather Turner, Tammy Clark, Mary Triplett, Sharon Witt





Branch of Service


Daane, Adrian Sergant F 27 Infantry Fairwater
Daane, Peter 1st Lieut F 27 Infantry Oostburg
Daehling, Wm Private B 1 Infantry Milwaukee
Dagelon, Frank Private I 48 Infantry Milwaukee
Daggett, Chas. M Sergeant B 44 Infantry Green Bay
Daggett, S. S Sergeant G 5 Infantry Eureka
Dahalke, John F Private D 45 Infantry Ellisville
Dahl, Gulbrand A Private E 15 Infantry Hollandale
Dahlk, Chas Private I 42 Infantry Middleton
Dahlke, Gottlieb Private F 6 Infantry Neshkoro
Dahlmann, Chas Private B 9 Veterans Manitowoc
Dahlstrain, John Private D 32 Infantry Winchester
Dahm, Julius Private A 18 Infantry South Farmingt'n
Dahm, Peter Private A 18 Infantry Fond du Lac
Dahmen, Christian Private E 52 Infantry Ashton
Dailey, Edward Private E 13 Infantry Argyle
Dailey, Geo. F 1st. Sergeant K 3 Infantry Colby
Dailey, Michael Private H 24 Infantry Calhoun
Dailey, W.G Private E 51 Infantry Hudson
Daily, J. T Private H 25 Infantry Lancaster
Daily, John G 1st Lieut C 16 Infantry Wauwatosa
Dake, Charles Private D 20 Infantry Stevens Point
Dake, J. F Private A 16 Infantry Parfreyville
Dake, J. R Private E 13 Infantry Parfreyville
Dake, R. P Private D 47 Infantry Dayton
Dakens, Ezra Private B 37 Infantry McDill
Dale, James Private 5 Battery Browntown
Dale, John P Private A 21 Infantry National Home
Dale, Lars L Private H 49 Infantry Deerfield
Dalebraux, Michael Private C 14 Infantry Thiry Daems
Daley, Joseph Private I 51 Infantry De Pere
Dalrymple, Hamilton S. Corporal F 47 Infantry Lake Geneva
Dalrymple, Hilar H Private K 49 Infantry Lake Geneva
Dalton, E Sergeant G 35 Infantry Downing
Dalton, Geo. H Private 1 Battery La Crosse
Dalton, H. J Corporal A 1 Cavalry East Delavan
Dalton, J. W Private 1 Battery Blair
Dalton, Lysander Musician A 25 Infantry Valley
Daly, Edward Private F 30 Infantry River Falls
Daly, M Private D 51 Infantry Wauwatosa
Damann, Fred Private E 17 Infantry Forestville
Damboch, Math Private B 26 Infantry Fountain City
Damm, Peter Private K 45 Infantry Sauk City
Damon, Chas. A. J Private K 23 Infantry Mazomanie
Damp, Lafayette Private B 1 Cavalry Clyman
Damuth, D. S Sergeant D 29 Infantry Fort Atkinson
Damuth, John Private I 49 Infantry Fort Atkinson
Danabaugh, A. J. Private B 18 Infantry Basswood
Dane, August Private A 1 Infantry Iron Mountain
Daneker, Nicholas Corporal H 9 Infantry Milwaukee
Daney, George Private 13 Battery Palmyra
Danforth, Norman Private K 18 Infantry Plover
Danforth, Q. A Sergeant C 4 Cavalry Meeme
Daniel, Fred Private B 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Daniels, Armenius S Private F 51 Infantry West Salem
Daniels, Frank Private G 17 Infantry Green Bay
Daniels, Frank B Private H 25 Infantry British Hollow
Daniels, James Private E 47 Infantry Fairchild
Daniels, Jason 1st Lieut 3 Cavalry Oxford
Daniels, John Corporal A 17 Infantry Beaver Dam
Daniels, W. N Private K 3 Cavalry Mosinee
Danielson, Christopher Private K 1 Cavalry Waupaca
Dann, T. J. Private D 3 Infantry Footville
Danniels, Henry A Private - 10 Infantry Colfax
Dannser, John Private G 31 Infantry Doelle
Dappen, Peter Private I 45 Infantry National Home
Darling, Abner Private G 22 Infantry Neillsville
Darling, B. F Private G 5 Infantry Wautoma
Darling, Charles E 1st Lieut D 30 Infantry Hudson
Darling, Morrill Private C 1 Infantry Neillsville
Darling, Nelson Sergeant G 22 Infantry Monroe
Darling, Philo Private B 35 Infantry Wild Rose
Darling, Solon Private D 12 Infantry Spring Valley
Darling, Wm Private E 6 Infantry Fish Creek
Darling, William Private C 17 Infantry Lake Mills
Darmsteadt, Anton Private E 6 Infantry Prairie du Chien
Darnad, J.S Private M 3 Cavalry Black River Falls
Darrow, Alf. M Corporal C 1 Heavy Art National Home
Darrow, D Corporal I 39 Infantry Mauston
Darrow, Henry Private A 48 Infantry Tomahawk
Darrow, N Private E 12 Infantry Reedsburg
Darrow, Wm. H Private I 6 Infantry Necedah
Darton, A. E Private D 45 Infantry Loyal
Dartt, Ambrose Private E 1 Heavy Art East Troy
Darrtt, Erastus J Private F 7 Infantry Packwaukee
Darwin, Henry Corporal A 48 Infantry Tomahawk
Darwin, S.N. Private D 25 Infantry Tunnel City
Cary, John Private D 11 Infantry Sylvan
Dasham, Edw 1st Sergeant G 14 Infantry Antigo
Dasher, George Private K 26 Infantry Independence
Dashner, Frank Private D 14 Infantry Wausaukee
Dashon, Fred Private F 3 Infantry Mineral Point
Daskam, John Private K 1 Cavalry Antigo
Dasslar, Ernst Private B 9 Infantry St. Wendel
Dasson, Henry Private K 14 Infantry Sheboygan Falls
Dasson, John Private G 36 Infantry Sheboygan Falls
Dates, W.W. Private B 52 Infantry Thurman
Daubler, Fred Private D 1 Cavalry Rochester
Daubner, George Private A 28 Infantry Brookfield
Dauffenbach, Christ Corporal A 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Dauffenbach, Jacob Private A 35 Infantry Juneau
Daugherty, Jacob Private E 35 Infantry Boydtown
Daugherty, James Private C 1 Infantry Shamrock
Daul, Bernard Private G 26 Infantry Greenleaf
Dauphenet, Alexander Private G 17 Infantry Oconto
Davenport, B Private H 46 Infantry Soldiers Grove
Davenport, C.A. Private H 30 Infantry Auroraville
Davenport, James Private B 50 Infantry Freeman
Davenport, Louis Private E 6 Infantry Soldiers Grove
Davids, Henry Private A 3 Infantry Unity
Davids, Jonas Private A 2 Cavalry Gresham
Davidson, E Private F 4 Cavalry Lake Geneva
Davidson, James Private B 48 Infantry Templeton
Davidson, John E Private E 22 Infantry Milton
Davidson, N.S. Captain B 37 Infantry Sun Prairie
Davidson, R.R. Private H 30 Infantry Almond
Davidson, W.J. Private   1 Battery La Crosse
Davies, D.H. Sergeant F 22 Infantry Wautoma
Davies, David Private K 1 Infantry Meeme
Davies, David Private F 32 Infantry Wild Rose
Davies, Enoch Private K 3 Infantry Wild Rose
Davies, J.C. Corporal E 28 Infantry Wautoma
Davies, John H Sergeant F 22 Infantry Wild Rose
Davies, Joseph Private F 22 Infantry South Milwaukee
Davis, B.P. Private   8 Battery Stevens Point
Davis, Bannister Private K 32 Infantry National Home
Davis, C.B. Private D 51 Infantry Appleton
Davis, Chas Private C 14 Infantry National Home
Davis, Charles Private H 12 Infantry Wrightstown
Davis, Chas. H Private F 3 Cavalry Baraboo
Davis, D.D. Private D 34 Infantry Waupaca
Davis, Daniel H Private K 21 Infantry Mill Center
Davis, Daniel J Private   6 Battery Spring Green
Davis, David Farrieer G 4 Cavalry Amery
Davis, David Private K 1 Infantry Meeme
Davis, David Lieutenant E 49 Infantry Spring Green
Davis, E.D. Private I 21 Infantry Oshkosh
Davis, Ed Private B 12 Infantry Reedsburg
Davis, Eli Private B 35 Infantry Wautoma
Davis, Elias Private K 5 Infantry Menomonie
Davis, Ellis Private I 1 Heavy Art. Wild Rose
Davis, Frank Sergeant G 1 Infantry Eau Claire
Davis, Geo Private A 20 Infantry Maiden Rock
Davis, Geo. W Sergeant B 18 Infantry Oakley
Davis, Geo. W Private G 46 Infantry Mill Creek
Davis, H.S. Private F & E 25 & 12 Infantry Irving
Davis, Henry L Private I 22 Infantry Warrens
Davis, Isaac Private A 12 Infantry Mineral Point
Davis, James Private B 33 Infantry Excelsior
Davis, James D Private B 18 Infantry Oakley
Davis, James R Private C 30 Infantry Arcadia
Davis, Jerome Sergeant I 17 Infantry New London
Davis, John Private D 5 Infantry Phillips
Davis, John Private C 2 Cavalry Patch Grove
Davis, John Private C 27 Infantry Hawkins
Davis, John Corporal B 44 Infantry Chilton
Davis, John D Private C 49 Infantry Ridgeway
Davis, John D Private A 37 Infantry Spring Green
Davis, John E 1st Lieut K 21 Infantry Madison
Davis, John W Corporal B 6 Infantry Midland
Davis, L.C. Private C 18 Infantry Viroqua
Davis, M.L. Corporal C 15 Infantry Dodge Corners
Davis, Newton Corporal I 3 Cavalry Wyocena
Davis, Othello M Private H 2 Infantry National Home
Davis, Paul Private F 22 Infantry Oshkosh
Davis, Phillip A Private D 11 Infantry Harmony
Davis, R.C. Private B 14 Infantry Parfreyville
Davis, Rugby Corporal B 32 Infantry Bloomer
Davis, S.J. Private C 32 Infantry Colby
Davis, S.P. Private K 1 Heavy Art. North Bend
Davis, Samuel Private E 11 Infantry Beloit
Davis, Samuel Corporal I 42 Infantry Fargo
Davis, T.B. Corporal I 47 Infantry Darford
Davis, Thomas Private K 38 Infantry Centralia
Davis, Thos. B Private C 31 Infantry Dogdeville
Davis, W.A. Private D 11 Infantry Richland Center
Davis, W.G. 1st Lieut A 25 Infantry Retreat
Davis, W.W. Private C 7 Infantry Platteville
Davis, Wellington E Private A 16 Infantry Kendall
Davis, Wm Corporal C 19 Infantry Ferryville
Davis, Wm. E Corporal F 39 Infantry Racine
Davis, Wm. H Private F 13 Infantry Emerald Grove
Davis, William T Private G 2 Infantry Grand Rapids
Davison, A.S. Sergeant D 8 Infantry Waupun
Davison, J.T. Sergeant B 43 Infantry Platteville
Davison, M.N. Private K 4 Cavalry Merrillan
Davolt, William Private A 36 Infantry Loyd
Daw, Theodore Private A 50 Infantry Becker
Dawley, E.W. Private A 30 Infantry New Richmond
Dawley, William Private D 28 Infantry Whitewater
Daws, John Sergeant E 52 Infantry Stoughton
Daws, Robert N Private C 36 Infantry Cataract
Dawson, Edward Private K 17 Infantry New London
Dawson, James Private G 43 Infantry Raymond
Dawson, W.H. 2d Lieut D 11 Infantry Balmoral
Dawson, Wesley Private H 21 Infantry New London
Dawton, J Private   12 Battery Wis. Vet. Home
Daxtaller, W Private G 19 Infantry Wis. Vet. Home
Day, Archibald C Corporal G 5 Infantry Neillsville
Day, Benjamin Private G 4 Cavalry Hammond
Day, Calvin P Private G 21 Infantry Eldron
Day, E.W. Private A 30 Infantry Hudson
Day, Geo. W Sergeant I 20 Infantry Mount Hope
Day, Isaac Private E 30 Infantry Mifflin
Day, Jehial Private B 1 Infantry Hurlbut
Day, Jessie Private F 33 Infantry Rock Falls
Day, M.V. Private B 14 Infantry Parfreyville
Day, Philadner Corporal H 20 Infantry Greenleaf
Day, Rufus M Private I 20 Infantry Mount Hope
Dayton, Almond Private H 36 Infantry West Salem
Dayton, Hiram Corporal K 51 Infantry Sheboygan Falls
Dean, A.O. Private E 1 Heavy Art. Briggsville
Dean, Benjammin Private C 1 Cavalry Royalton
Dean, C.F. Private F 7 Infantry Ellenboro
Dean, Edwin C Private C 14 Infantry Brairton
Dean, Elisha A Private B 7 Infantry Fall River
Dean, Hamen Private G 33 Infantry Boscobel
Dean, Henry Private G 20 Infantry West Bend
Dean, J.W. Sergeant G 3 Infantry New London
Dean, J.W. Sergeant A 30 Infantry Clear Lake
Dean, John S Private E 25 Infantry Platteville
Dean, Jos Private F 5 Infantry Madison
Dean, M.M. Private E 25 Infantry Ellenboro
Dean, Thomas Private F 1 Heavy Art. Stevens Point
Dean, Wm. J Private C 21 Infantry Oshkosh
Deane, Joseph Private H 4 Cavalry Green Bay
Dearbor, B.B. Private F 22 Infantry Lochiel
Dearborn, Charles Private M 1 Cavalry Spooner
Dearing, Willard Private A 42 Infantry Towne
Dearolf, Derdrick Private C 5 Infantry Milwaukee
Dearth, Hiram M Private A 42 Infantry Little Wolf
Deasch, Joe Private F 12 Infantry Green Bay
Deavenport, Simon Private F 46 Infantry Albany
De Bar, Daniel M Private B 10 Infantry Kendall
Debecker, Leopold Private G 18 Infantry Champion
De Brien, Peter Private E 18 Infantry Little Chute
De Bruine, JOhn Private I 27 Infantry Cedar Grove
Decaire, Felix Private F 17 Infantry Chippew Falls
DeCaster, Joseph Private G 3 Infantry Champion
Decelbe, Francois Private G 16 Infantry Lincoln
Dechaine, Eugene Private A 14 Infantry Merrill
Decerk, Daniel Private C 25 Infantry Fennimore
Decker, Henry Private C 27 Infantry Greenwood
Decker, Henry 2d Lieut A 2 Cavalry National Home
Decker, Henry C Private A & I 14 & 11 Infantry Berlin
Decker, J.M. Musician A 3 Cavalry Tomah
Decker, Samuel Private F 48 Infantry Rio Creek
Decker, Wm. H Private A 39 Infantry Racine
Decremer, Peter Private D & C 1 & 46 Infantry Birnamwood
De Deimer, Louis Private E 1 Infantry Kenosha
Dederich, John F Private C 32 Infantry Terrill
Deets, Abraham Private H 46 Infantry Bloom City
Deets, Leonard Private H 38 Infantry Martinstown
Deffoe, Joe Private E 14 Infantry Sturgeon Bay
Deford, Joseph Private D 11 Infantry West Lima
Degal, Jacob Private A 47 Infantry Dale
Degenhart, George Private G 51 Infantry Manitowoc
Degler, Joseph Private C 4 Cavalry East Farmington
Degner, Friedrich Private F 44 Infantry Athens
Degnitz, Charles Private C 45 Infantry Fillmore
DeGolyer, John Private   9 Battery Fond du Lac
DeGroat, Chas. H Colonel   32 Infantry Fond du Lac
DeGroff, A.H. Private G & F 25 & 12 Infantry Nelson
DeGroff, J.W. Private G 25 Infantry Marshfield
DeGroff, Wm Private G 1 Heavy Art. Sheboygan Falls
Dehrenberger, Jno Private B 45 Infantry West Bend
Deiderich, J Private D 25 Infantry Elmhurst
Deigl, John Private E 34 Infantry Bloomer
Deistler, F.C. Corporal A 20 Infantry Wittenberg
Deitrich, Felix Private G 9 Infantry National Home
Deitrich, Henry Private F 26 Infantry National Home
Deitz, Anton Private D 48 Infantry Two Rivers
Deitz, Henry Private I 43 Infantry Neenah
Deitz, Jacob Private D 1 Heavy Art. Monroe
Deitzman, David Corporal E 30 Infantry Rewey
Deitzman, J.H. Private E 30 Infantry Lime Bridge
Deitzman, Noah Private G 46 Infantry Arthur
DeKelyer, Wm Private A 27 Infantry Menasha
DeLaba, James Private A 11 Infantry Wis. Vet. Home
DeLacy, thomas Private A 31 Infantry De Soto
DeLa Mater, Rufus S Private K 3 Infantry Gay's Mill
Delane, james Private   1 Battery Neillsville
Delaney, Chas. W Corporal G 2 Infantry Poynette
Delaney, Isaac Bugler   3 Battery Eureka
Delaney, James Chaplain   18 Infantry Whitewater
Delaney, Martin Private K 23 Infantry Racine
Delaney, Patrick Private F 17 Infantry Janesville
Delaney, Thomas Private B 32 Infantry Waupaca
Delaney, Thomas Private F 17 Infantry Delavan
Delaney, Wm. H Private F 1 Heavy Art. Rio
Delano, Edgar Private G 38 Infantry Brookside
Delano, Geo. W Sergeant J 39 Infantry Abrams
Delano, H.W. Private D 32 Infantry Ostrander
Delano, William Private F 12 Infantry Brookside
Delany, E 2d Lieut I 21 Infantry Fond du Lac
Delany, Thomas Private B 32 Infantry Wis. Vet. Home
Delap, George W Corporal K 43 Infantry Ontario
Delap, Henry Private K 49 Infantry Lake Geneva
Delap, Holland Private D 46 Infantry Baraboo
Delap, John H Corporal H 11 Infantry Prairie du Chien
Delap, Russel 1st Sergeant D 46 Infantry Baraboo
Delap, W.R. Private K 43 Infantry Viroqua
Delaport, Chas Private G 3 Cavalry Green Bay
Delarnelle, Vital Private G 17 Infantry Walhain
Delforge, Eugene Private H 34 Infantry Rosiere
De Line, Amos Private I 23 Infantry Sun Prairie
De Line, W.W. Private E 47 Infantry Augusta
Deline, Z Private F 13 Infantry Menomonie
Dell, Martin Private K 4 Cavalry Roaring Creek
Dell, Zachary O Private B 8 Infantry Glenbulah
Delmar, Peter Private F 17 Infantry Madison
Delmbach, Peter Private G 26 Infantry Sawyer
Delmeter, Albert B Private K 4 Cavalry Onalaska
De Long, Charles Private K 1 Infantry Angelo
Delong, Elias Private G 37 Infantry Eau Claire
Delang, Robert Corporal A 1 Cavalry Shiocton
Delong, Wm Private E 37 Infantry Eau Claire
Demain, Guilaume Private A 27 Infantry Thiry Daems
De Mara, Baptiste Private B 1 Infantry Hayward
Demarth, Nicholas Private I 6 Infantry saukvile
De Master, Mathew Corporal H 1 Infantry Cedar Grove
Demaster, William Private D 45 Infantry Hammond
Deming, Aaron Private B 1 Infantry Hartford
Deming, D.E. Private   4 Battery Beloit
Demmer, Herman Private   6 Battery Richland Center
De Moe, E.C. 1st Lieut C 44 Infantry Madison
Demoe, Henry Private D 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Demouth, Jacob Private E 21 Infantry Christie
Dempsey, Silas Private B 38 Infantry Fennimore
Dempsey, Wm. V Private   1 Cavalry West Superior
Demulling, Henry Private F 4 Cavalry East Farmington
Demulling, John Private G 18 Infantry East Farmington
Denearest, J.B. Lieutenant C 8 Infantry Eau Claire
Denio, Aaron Sergeant D 31 Infantry Prairie du Chien
Denis, B Private H 34 Infantry Green Bay
Denis, Eliott Private C 32 Infantry Waushara
Deniston, W.H. Private A 14 Infantry Rudolph
Denman, Joseph Private E 6 Infantry Richland Center
Denney, I.M. Private D 22 Infantry Martinstown
Dennis, J.B. Private H 34 Infantry Green Bay
Dennis, John Private F 3 Cavalry Baraboo
Dennis, William Private C 31 Infantry Mazomanie
Denniston, G.C. Lieutenant A 14 Infantry Burlington
Denniston, Hardy 1st Lieut D 17 Infantry La Crosse
Denniston, S.S. Private G 36 Infantry Fond du Lac
Denny, Abe Private H 5 Infantry Green Bay
Denny, Alfred Sergeant E 27 Infantry Milwaukee
Denny, Isaac C Private   7 Battery Portage
Denny, John Private C 1 Cavalry Stockbridge
Densmore, Joseph W Private A 53 Infantry Blair
Densmore, W.N. Private G 4 Cavalry New Richmond
Denson, Obadiah F Private E 8 Infantry Verona
Deuster, Peter J Private D 27 Infantry National Home
Denton, Isaac Sergeant E 28 Infantry Oconomowoc
Denton, J.L. Private I 32 Infantry Janesville
Deprince, Antoine Private B 6 Infantry Dykesville
De Puy, Edwin M Sergeant K 28 Infantry Waukesha
Dering, C.L. 1st Lieut B 3 Infantry Portage
Dering, Oscar L Captain C 50 Infantry Columbus
Derino, Joseph Private I 51 Infantry Hixton
Derosier, O Private B 14 Infantry Arnott
Derro, Thomas Private D 10 Infantry New Centerville
Desallier, Oliver Private F 14 Infantry De Pere
Debry,Henry Private A 2 Cavalry Little Suamico
Desch, William J. Sr. Private K 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Des Forges, Geo Corporal D 4 Cavalry Milwaukee
Deshamp, A Corporal I 48 Infantry Chippew Falls
Desjardin, Ernest Private F 38 Infantry Ellsworth
De smidt, C Private H 1 Infantry Cedar Grove
Dessaint, Peter Private H 10 Infantry Grand Rapids
De Steese, W Corporal D 38 Infantry Fond du Lac
Deston, Joseph Private H 34 Infantry Appleton
Detart, August Private E 1 Cavalry Neshkoro
Deteimore, J.B. Private B 27 Infantry Green Bay
Detloff, A.F. Private K 2 Infantry Madison
Devand, Lewis Private C 1 Cavalry Marion
Devany, John Private H 3 Cavalry Waunakee
Devendorf, Daniel B Surgeon   19 Infantry Delavan
Deveraux, Nick Private F 28 Infantry Waukesha
Deveraux, Thomas Private B 28 Infantry Eagle
Devere, Gideon F Private G 16 & 18 Infantry National Home
Devereaux, A. S. Private H 16 Infantry Marshfield
Devine, Jas Private A 51 infantry National Home
Devine, Patrick Corporal D 12 Infantry Dundee
Devins, John Private F 33 Infantry Footville
Devlin, J. R. Private H 8 Infantry Merrimack
Devlin, Jos Private C 17 Infantry National Home
De Voe, Amos Private L 1 Infantry Boscobel
De Voe, Amos 2d Lieut H 50 Infantry Boscobel
De Voe, W. W. Sergeant   8 Battery Wausau
De Voin, C. S. Private A 42 Infantry Waupaca
Devoloe, Chas. Private B 40 Infantry Evansville
Devone, William J Private A 10 Infantry Delavan
Dewalt, John Private D 25 Infantry Bloomington
De Werth, John Private A 51 Infantry Milwaukee
Dewey, A. E. Private B 47 Infantry Tomah
Dewey, Benj. F Corporal G 1 Heavy Art Spring Green
Dewey, Edward Private H 14 Infantry Wausau
Dewey, Fred Corporal A 36 Infantry Poysippi
Dewey, H. W. Private C 30 Infantry Kirkwood
Dewey, Myron Private G 21 Infantry Ahnapee
Dewey, Wellington Private H 1 Cavalry Hartford
Dewill, Noah Private H 48 Infantry Black River Falls
Dewing, Nelson H Corporal M & D 3 Cavalry Elkhorn
De Witt, Alfred Private I 37 Infantry Phillips
De Witt, Isaac Sergeant F 20 Infantry Montfort
Dewitt, Thomas P Private I 42 Infantry Ross
Dewitt, Lyman A Private   4 Battery Avoca
Dewitz, Wm Corporal C 24 Infantry Milwaukee
De Wolf, James Sergeant I 21 Infantry Menasha
Dexheimer, Henry Private E 1 Heavy Art Fort Atkinson
Dexheimer, John Private E 1 Heavy Art Fort Atkinson
Dexheimer, Martin Private H 35 Infantry Fort Atkinson
Dexter, A. H. Private H 38 Infantry Monroe
Dexter, F. Z. Private I 5 Infantry Lone Rock
Dey, John Sergeant D 21 Infantry Hortonville
Dey, Richard V Corporal D 36 infantry Wyocena
Dey, Richard V Private G 2 Infantry Wyocena
Diamond, James Private A 17 Infantry South Milwaukee
Dibble, Edward Private B 48 Infantry Montello
Dibble, Geo. W Private F 16 Infantry Evansville
Dibble, James W Private F 3 Infantry Baraboo
Dibble, Leonard Private B 36 Infantry Packwaukee
Dibble, Martin Z Private C 43 Infantry Oconomowoc
Dick, E. M. Private F 21 Infantry Brothertown
Dick, John Private F 31 Infantry Brooklyn
Dick, Lucius Private K 4 Cavalry Brothertown
Dick, Wm Private F 42 Infantry Dayton
Dickins, L.D. Private B 12 Infantry Eau Claire
Dickenson, John 1st Sergeant G 3 Cavalry Wittenberg
Dickersheid, Martin Private C 8 Infantry Badger Mills
Dickey, John Private C 42 Infantry Fremont
Dickey, Robert Private H 37 Infantry Morgan
Dickhoff, Fred Private K 18 Infantry Jefferson
Dickinson, Chas. H Sergeant C 22 Infantry Edgerton
Dickman, E. C. Private A 9 Infantry Vet Home
Dickman, Geo Private H 12 Infantry National Home
Dickerson, Chas E. Private H 3 Infantry Sawyer
Dickson, J. A. 2d Lieut I 46 Infantry Viroqua
Dickson, Samuel Private D 49 Infantry Wausaukee
Dickson, Walter E Private H 47 Infantry Wyocena
Diedrichs, Carl Private C 17 Infantry Timothy
Diehl, Peter Private D 3 Infantry Sherwood
De Diemer, Benj. F Private B 21 Infantry Kenosha
Dienberg, Wm Private G 35 Infantry Menomonee Falls
Diener, Henry J Private A 1 Cavalry Stephensville
Dieterle, John Corporal B 9 Infantry Denzer
Dietrich, Alfred D Corporal G 33 Infantry Cassville
Dietrich, Geo Private C 11 Infantry Chippewa Falls
Dietzler, Joseph Private D 1 Cavalry Little Black
Diegmann, F S Private F 2 Cavalry Stratford
Dignin, Wm Private G 19 Infantry Brothertown
Dikenson, Geo Private H 18 Infantry Pleasant Valley
Dickman, John Corporal D 4 Calvary La Crosse
Dill, Daniel G Colonel   30 Infantry Prescott
Dill, Orpheus Private E 14 Infantry Fond du Lac
Dill, Wm. S Private   7 Battery National Home
Dille, George Private K 10 Infantry Oakfield
Dille, Marshall Private D 3 Infantry Stevens Point
Dilley, Ira T Private K 12 Infantry Excelsior
Dilley, Robert Private G 17 Infantry Excelsior
Dillon, J. J. Private E 6 Infantry Ripon
Dillon, John Private H 7 Infantry Fennimore
Dillon, John Corporal F 49 Infantry Blue River
Dillon, John Private D 3 Infantry National Home
Dillon, Michael Private A 44 Infantry Hammond
Dillon, Patrick Private D 2 Cavalry De Pere
Dillon, Thos Sergeant C 1 Cavalry Abbotsford
Dimmick, L. L. Private G 10 Infantry Black River Falls
Dimnent, Geo Private E 4 Cavalry Milwaukee
Dingledein, George Private F 28 Infantry Stoddard
Dingman, Jerry Private H 11 Infantry Byrd's Creek
Dingman, Julian Private F 48 Infantry Waukesha
Dingman, W Private I 23 Infantry Janesville
Dinser, John Private E 52 Infantry Beechwood
Dinsmore, Albert G Captain B 49 Infantry Oshkosh
Dinsmore, H. F. Private A 30 Infantry Hudson
Dinnwoodie, D Private G 7 Infantry Dancy
Dippel, Franz Private H 19 Infantry Silver Spring
Dipple, Conrad Private I 37 Infantry Watertown
Disbrow, E Private A 48 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Disch, Martin Private I 46 Infantry New Glarus
Disch, Peter Private K 9 Infantry New Glarus
Discher, Chas Private C 29 Infantry Horicon
Dishmaker, John Private A 27 Infantry Carlton
Dissit, Fred Private E 16 Infantry Dillman
Dite, F., Rev Private   2 Battery Eau Claire
Ditschler, Jacob Corporal B 1 Infantry Watertown
Dittmar, John Private I 34 Infantry Milwaukee
Dittmar, Martin Private K 3 Infantry Milwaukee
Divan, James M Private   5 Battery Browntown
Dix, James Corporal I 46 Infantry Richland Center
Dix, John P Musician   21 Infantry Milwaukee
Dix, Peter Private I 45 Infantry Sheboygan
Dixon, A. M. Corporal H 35 Infantry Darlington
Dixon, Alexander Private L 1 Heavy Art Kendall
Dixon, Ed. B Corporal E 25 Infantry Rewey
Dixon, John Private B 42 Infantry Belmont
Dixon, N Private E 19 Infantry Eau Galle
Doan, N. R. Captain I 11 Infantry Stoughton
Doane, E. F. Private D 14 Infantry La Crosse
Doane, Fayette Private H 17 Infantry Fall City
Doane, Hiram H Corporal H 10 Infantry Stoughton
Dobberfuhl, Chas Corporal K 35 Infantry Zittau
Dobbert, Fred Private B 45 Infantry School Hill
Dobberstine, Fred Private F 14 Infantry Little Rapids
Dobert, Carl Private C 17 Infantry National Home
Dobson, T. L. Private I 12 Infantry Viola
Dochnahl, Joseph Private C 31 Infantry Dodgeville
Dockham, J. A. Private E 49 Infantry Baraboo
Dodd, Geo. D Private L 3 Cavalry Baraboo
Dodds, J. J. Corporal D 42 Infantry Woodman
Dodge, Abner Sergeant B 48 Infantry Albertville
Dodge, Bamford Corporal G 11 Infantry Mazomanie
Dodge, Darius Private B 12 Infantry Hillsboro
Dodge, E. G. Private K 50 Infantry Mauston
Dodge, E. J. Private G 4 Cavalry New Richmond
Dodge, Fred Corporal C 10 Infantry Shawano
Dodge, Fred Private K 1 Heav. Art Shawano
Dodge, G. W. Corporal G 3 Cavalry Menasha
Dodge, George Private G 11 Infantry Spring Green
Dodge, George E Private C 51 Infantry Chippewa Falls
Dodge, H Private E 50 Infantry Balmoral
Dodge, J. S. Private C 51 Infantry Chippewa Falls
Dodge, Jacob Private   8 Battery Hillsboro
Dodge, Jno. A Private C 49 Infantry Arena
Dodge, John M Private E 13 Infantry Albany
Dodge, O. R. Private D 28 Infantry Oxford
Dodge, S. W. Private F 4 Cavalry Wheeler
Dodge, Thomas Corporal K 14 Infantry Grant
Dodge, Wm Private G 12 Infantry Wausau
Dodgeson, Wm Private A 53 Infantry Fond du Lac
Doe, A Private K 51 Infantry River Falls
Doe, G Private A 30 Infantry River Falls
Doelle, August Private B 9 Infantry Doelle
Doelle, Engelhardt Private L 2 Cavalry Doelle
Doelz, Christian D Private K 44 Infantry Platteville
Doepke, Daniel Private B 51 Infantry Princeton
Doerflinger, Chas. H 1st Lieut B 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Doern, C. H. Private E 21 Infantry Marshfield
Doern, Philip Private I 17 Infantry Brothertown
Doersch, Michael Private E 45 Infantry Hika
Doescher, E. H. Corporal K 44 Infantry Platteville
Doge, William Private D 8 Infantry Westfield
Doherty, Con Private I 22 Infantry Glenmore
Dohm, John Private K 45 Infantry Madison
Dohme, Frederick W Private F 3 Infantry Boscobel
Dohn, Adam Private D 48 Infantry DePere
Dolan, Henry Sergeant A 2 Cavalry Fond du Lac
Dolan, John Private E 44 Infantry Fond du Lac
Dolan, Philip Corporal H 1 Cavalry Wonewoc
Dolensky, Frank Private A 27 Infantry Kewaunee
Dolin, John Corporal F 1 Infantry Cadott
Dollman, Wm Private C 17 Infantry Jackson
Dolphin, Lucius M Private D 14 Infantry La Crosse
Donke, Chas Private G 45 Infantry National Home
Donahue, Florence Private C 14 Infantry National Home
Donahue, John Sergeant F 3 Cavalry Madison
Donahue, Michael Sergeant C 43 Infantry Eastman
Donahue, Patrick Private D 30 Infantry Ontario
Donald, John Corporal H 1 Heavy Art Racine
Donald, Wm. H Private H 23 Infantry Baraboo
Donaldson, C. V. Private C 10 Infantry Menasha
Donath, August Private F 26 Infantry Keil
Donavan, Richard Corporal F 36 Infantry Alverno
Dondna, J. M. Private D 11 Infantry Sabin

Dour, A. H. Private H 36 Infantry Ithaca
Donehoe, Con Private B 18 Infantry De Pere
Doukle, Edward Private K 42 Infantry Madison
Doukle, Henry P Private F 11 Infantry Verona
Don Levey, Homer Private   11 Battery Oconto
Don Levey, James A Sergeant H 39 Infantry Oconto
Don Levey, Peter Private H 39 Infantry Oconto
Don Levey, William Private   11 Battery Oconto
Donnelly, Price Corporal C 17 Infantry Brownsville
Donnelly, F. J. Private L 1 Cavalry Wis Vet Home
Donovan, John Private A 29 Infantry Waterloo
Doolan, John W Sergeant K 21 Infantry Manitowoc
Dooley, Martin Private B 17 Infantry Rathbun
Doolittle, Charles E Private H 16 Infantry Spring Valley
Doolittle, E. L. Private G 37 Infantry Menomonie
Doolittle, Lafayette Private H 14 Infantry Shell Lake
Dopke, Fred Private C 26 Infantry Waterloo
Dopkins, Chas Private C 43 Infantry River Falls
Dopkins, W. H. Wagoner A 28 Infantry Seymour
Doppler, Joseph Private F 3 Cavalry Baraboo
Doran, John Private H 39 Infantry Flintville
Dorgan, James Private G 5 Infantry Hudson
Dorgan, P Private A 44 Infantry River Falls
Dorge, August Private D 44 Infantry Neshkoro
Dorling, F. H. Corporal   8 Battery Unity
Dornet, John Private E 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Dorwin, V. W. Captain G 25 Infantry Durand
Dosch, Edmund Private B 25 Infantry Excelsior
Dosch, J Corporal I 19 Infantry Boaz
Doscher, H. C. Private K 47 Infantry Platteville
Dott, John Private K 29 Infantry Norwalk
Doty, Henry Private A 1 Heavy Art Janesville
Doty, Isaac Private B 37 Infantry Berlin
Doty, John N Private B 3 Cavalry Egg Harbor
Doty, Milton H Captain G 8 Infantry Brodhead
Doty, T. E. Sergeant A 42 Infantry Marion
Dougali, Thomas H Private C 13 Infantry Sharon
Dougau, E. H. Private C 32 Infantry Auroraville
Dougherty, E. H. Private G 28 Infantry Pewaukee
Dougherty, J. W. Private A 1 Infantry Fond du Lac
Dougherty, Jas Private A 17 Infantry National Home
Doughty, Austin Private C 1 Heavy Art Winneconne
Doughty, Henry Private F 3 Infantry Durand
Douglas, A. S. Sergeant A 40 Infantry Monroe
Douglas, Asa Private F 1 Heavy Art Briggsville
Douglas, Chas Private F 1 Heavy Art Augusta
Douglas, F. W. Private K 10 Infantry Plainfield
Douglas, Henry Corporal F 1 Heavy Art Briggsville
Douglas, James Private B 18 Infantry Brodhead
Douglas, John Corporal F 37 Infantry New Centerville
Douglas, Oscar W Private K 28 Infantry Big Foot Prairie
Douglas, Andrew Sergeant D 2 Infantry Rock Prairie
Douglas, D. S. Sergeant K 30 Infantry Anson
Douglas, Geo. W Hosp. Stew B 23 Infantry Shullsburg
Douglas, James Private   22 Infantry Hortonville
Douglass, Wm. G Musician I 3 Infantry Shullsburg
Dousman, J. P. Private F 47 Infantry De Pere
Dove, James Musician   12 Infantry Richland Center
Dow, Chas. C Captain G 2 Infantry Portage
Dow, Loren Private K 10 Infantry Wilton
Dow, Thomas Private A 50 Infantry Hortonville
Dow, W Private E 16 Infantry Chili
Dowd, Chas. S Private M 1 Heavy Art Rio
Dowd, Gilbert 1st Sergeant D 10 Infantry Durand
Dowd, S Private C 30 Infantry Howe
Dowdna, Thomas Private I 46 Infantry Gillingham
Dowes, Jos. B Private I 21 Infantry De Pere
Dowesen, Ernest Private K 51 Infantry Iron Ridge
Dowing, W. J. Private K 1 Cavalry Ontario
Dowling, Wm Private B 30 Infantry Edmund
Downend, Robert Corporal D 2 Cavalry Osceola Mills
Downer, C. H. Private A 1 Heavy Art Viola
Downey, Edward Private H 4 Cavalvry Waukesha
Downey, Henry Private C 39 Infantry Mackville
Downey, J. J. Drum Major   23 Infantry Whitewater
Downey, M Private K 48 Infantry Sparta
Downing, George W Private K 6 Infantry Ontario
Downing, William Corporal G 19 Infantry Dexterville
Downs, D. L. Asst. Surgeon   46 Infantry Richland Center
Downs, John Sergeant D 32 Infantry Pickett
Dows, William Private A 18 Infantry Neillsville
Doyle, Bern W Private H 11 Infantry Milwaukee
Doyle, Daniel Private F 10 Infantry Lancaster
Doyle, James Private D 44 Infantry Menomonie
Doyle, James B Private A 27 Infantry Elkhorn
Doyle, M. A. Private G 29 Infantry Madison
Doyle, Patrick Private B 17 Infantry National Home
Doyle, Patrick Private D 49 Infantry Madison
Drager, Charles Private D 29 Infantry Waterloo
Dragger, August Private C 11 Infantry Waterloo
Draggs, John Private H 7 Infantry Fennimore
Drake, B. B. Private L 3 Cavalry Delavan
Drake, B. P. Private E 1 Heavy Art Clinton
Drake, Chris Private H 30 Infantry Mosinee
Drake, David M Private A 14 Infantry Green Bay
Drake, E. H. Private A 25 Infantry Eau Galle
Drake, Ferdinand H Private D 3 Cavalry Albion
Drake, Geo. K Private F 1 Heavy Art Pardeeville
Drake, H. S. G Private I 12 Infantry Esdaile
Drake, Harry Private B 7 Infantry Wausau
Drake, Hiram Private D 29 Infantry Fort Atkinson
Drake, Isaac P Private I 5 Infantry Eidsvold
Drake, James Private F 27 Infantry Green Bay
Drake, Robert Private E 38 Infantry Saxeville
Drake, Robert Private H 46 Infantry West Lima
Draper, Francis Private K 35 Infantry Platteville
Draper, Francis Private A 1 Heavy Art Eagle
Draper, T. S. Private K 1 Cavalry Cumberland
Name Rank Co. Regt. Branch of Service Post-Office
Dratt, Martin Private K 26 Infantry Butternut
Drauss, Frederick Private D 50 Infantry Readfield
Draves, Andrew Private D 17 Infantry Highland
Drayes, Peter Private H 34 Infantry Tonet
Drees, Joseph F Private F 12 Infantry Peshtigo
Dreher, Pius Captain D 1 Infantry Milwaukee
Drehfall, Wm Private H 2 Cavalry Wauwatosa
Dresen, bernard Private D 1 Heavy Art Mineral Point
Dressall, Phillip Sergeant K 31 Infantry Somers
Dressen, Adam Private K 45 Infantry Springfield
Dresser, J.G. Private I 1 Cavalry Berlin
Drew, Ezra A Private D 5 Infantry Plainfield
Drew, S.A. Private F 7 Infantry Lancaster
Drews, Fred Private E 27 Infantry Mishicott
Drews, Wm Private G 27 Infantry Avoca
Dricken, Peter Corporal I 27 Infantry St. Michaels
Driebach, Wm. Private F 11 Infantry Vernoa
Dries, Louis Private C 1 Cavalry Braudon
Drinkall, Thos 1st Lieut E 3 Cavalry Platteville
Drinks, Bernhard Private A 50 Infantry Becker
Drinkwine, Larry Private B 8 Infantry Greenwood
Drinkwine, Perry Private F 4 Cavalry Rock Falls
Driskoll, Obediah Corporal A 4 Cavalry Blue River
Driver, James Private H 3 Infantry Darlington
Drsterhyft, John Private H 16 Infantry Colebrook
Druen, John A Private H 25 Infantry Rockville
Drum, Peter Private I 14 Infantry Reedsville
Dryssee, Henry Private B 34 Infantry Mondovi
Dubois, John B 1st Lieut A 3 Infantry Oshkosh
Du Bois, Melvin Private E 3 Cavalry Oshkosh
Du Bois, Peter J Private   12 Battery Reedsburg
Dubois, Sylvester Private B 36 Infantry Barboo
Duboise, J.H. Private A 23 Infantry Elroy
Du Boise, Theo Private I 1 Heavy Art Oshkosh
Dubre, Hoskins Private H 44 Infantry Richland City
Duchain, J. Private B 21 Infantry Oshkosh
Duchow, Chas Private A 32 Infantry Potter
Dudley, Arsey Sergeant C 35 Infantry Hancock
Dudley, Chas 1st Lieut A 1 Infantry Milwaukee
Dudley, E.H. Private Co. 40 & 49 Infantry Janesville
Dudley, Fayette Private G 5 Infantry Alma Center
Dudley, G.B. Private E 21 Infantry Sextonville
Dudley, Geo. Private A 16 Infantry National Home
Dudley, Horace H Private B 36 Infantry Fremont
Dudley, J.S. Private A 31 Infantry Gay's Mill
Duebler, Jos Corporal D 45 Infantry Milwaukee
Duehring, Wm. Private B 26 Infantry Lebanon
Duenk, G.J. Private B 32 Infantry Cedar Grove
Dueno, August Private G 39 Infantry Manitowoc
Duern, Peter Private G 35 Infantry National Home
Duerrwaechter, Wm Private B 9 Infantry Kiel
Duesing, John 1st Sergeant I 26 Infantry Cleveland
Duffey, Martin Private F 1 Heavy Art Racine
Du Four, Peter C Sergeant A 22 Infantry Racine
Dufrain, I Private A 2 Cavalry Rhinelander
Duffy, J Private F 13 Infantry Edgerton
Duffy, Martin Private I 29 Infantry National Home
Dugan, P Private I 1 Cavalry Oconto Falls
Dugdale, B.I. Private H 3 Cavalry Platteville
Duggan, John Private I 17 Infantry Milwaukee
Duheme, Elzord Private C 12 Infantry De Pere
Duirr, Phillip Private F 14 Infantry Hutchins
Duke, Jas Private D 6 Infantry National Home
Duke, Thomas Private B 24 Infantry Rice Lake
Dullea, Edward Private B 45 Infantry Boltonville
Dulmater, F.M. Private G 39 Infantry Baldwin
Dumas, Edward Private D 22 Infantry Marshfield
Dumas, John Private F 51 Infantry Brandon
Dumphy, Phil. H Private I 16 Infantry National Home
Dunbar, Albert Private L 2 Cavalry Arkansaw
Dunbar, Alfred Drummer C 36 Infantry Sparta
Dunbar, Jas Private C 33 Infantry Darlington
Dunbar, Wm Corporal H 33 Infantry Darlington
Duncan, Albert Private I 39 Infantry Boltonville
Duncan, Chas. L Sergeant E 4 Cavalry Centralia
Duncan, James Eugene Private A 16 Infantry Centralia
Duncan, Robert Corporal G 47 Infantry Platteville
Duncan, Solomon Private I 13 Infantry Whitewater
Dunck, Garrett Corporal D 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Dunham, J.S. Private F 29 Infantry Auroraville
Dunham, Spencer Private K 26 Infantry Greenleaf
Dunham, W.H. 1st Lieut G 23 Infantry Neenah
Dunham, Wm Private E 12 Infantry Delton
Dunlap, Eben B Private A 7 Infantry Lodi
Dunlap, G.A. Sergeant C 3 Cavalry Wonewoc
Dunlap, James Private H 12 Infantry Mills Center
Dunlap, R.B Private D 25 Infantry Kendall
Dunn, Daniel Private B 27 Infantry Hingham
Dunn, David Private B 49 Infantry Burke
Dunn, Dean Private F 13 Infantry Milwaukee
Dunn, Dominick Private G 34 Infantry Adell
Dunn, J.H. Private K 25 Infantry Darrow
Dunn, Jas Private C 16 Infantry Mauston
Dunn, James Private D 1 Infantry Fond du Lac
Dunn, James Private A 31 Infantry Rising Sun
Dunn, John Private D 44 Infantry National Home
Dunn, John Private G 48 Infantry Humbird
Dunn, Johnson Private F 13 Infantry Shopiere
Dunn, M Private H 33 Infantry South Wayne
Dunn, Michael Private K 3 Cavalry National Home
Dunn, Patrick Private F 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Dunn, S Private D 1 Heavy Art Wis. Vet. Home
Dunn, S.W. Asst. Surg.   32 Infantry Sparta
Dunn, T.V. Private C 3 Cavalry Fall River
Dunn, W Private H 33 Infantry Wis. Vet. Home
Dunn, Wm Musician I 31 Infantry Madison
Dunning, Ed. M Private D 32 Infantry Omro
Dunning, John D Corporal E 29 Infantry Brandon
Dunston, Antoine Private H 44 Infantry Richland Center
Dupless, Lewis Corporal G 6 Infantry Lyndon
Dupons, Abraham Private H 1 & 6 Infantry Kenosha
Dupont, Gregoire Private G 18 Infantry Champion
Duppler, Fred Private G 29 Infantry Lyle
Duquette, Mose Private C 48 Infantry Prairie du Chien
Durand, Frank Private K 39 Infantry Fond du Lac
Durand, Platt Private A 14 Infantry Campbellsport
Durand, W.H. 1st Lieut A 14 Infantry Fond du Lac
Durisch, John P Sergeant D 9 Infantry Mazomanie
Durkee, George Corporal K 43 Infantry Mt. Taber
Durkee, Stephen Private E 7 Infantry Schofield
Durkel, Albert Corporal A 25 Infantry Seymour
Durley, Wm. P Corporal C 7 Infantry Cornelia
Durlin, C.C. Corporal I 4 Cavalry Alma Center
Durnen, James Private F 2 Cavalry Montfort
Durr, Chas Private D 51 Infantry Milwaukee
Durrant, Thomas Private K 46 Infantry Sheridan
Durrie, George Private K 40 Infantry Leon
Durrow, D Private A 9 Infantry Tigerton
Durst, Elias Private F 3 Infantry Nelson
Durst, Sebastian Private D 9 Infantry Albany
Duryea, W.B. Private I 51 Infantry New Richmond
Dushane, Jos Private C 20 Infantry Mount Ida
Dustin, Miles G Private E 16 Infantry Necedah
Dutcher, H.D. Private   10 Battery Crandon
Dutcher, Horace Private B 37 Infantry Burr Oak
Dutcher, Wm. Sergeant A 1 Heavy Art Greenwood
Dutton, Alfred L Corporal H 39 Infantry Abrams
Dutton, O.N. Corporal E 22 Infantry Janesville
Duvall, Adolph Private A 27 Infantry Kewaunee
Dwellyn, Worden Private   4 Battery Necedah
Dwinell, Arunah B Sergeant F 5 Infantry Stevens Point
Dwinnell, C.H. Corporal D 5 Infantry Stevens Point
Dwinnell, Eugene A Sergeant A 19 Infantry Barboo
Dworschak, Peter Private I 26 Infantry Independence
Dyche, Wm. H Corporal C 16 Infantry Peshtigo
Dye, Albert A 2d Lieut A 38 Infantry Madison
Dye, Reason Corporal   6 Battery Richland City
Dyer, G.A. Private C & G & G 1 & 21 & 3 Infantry Mauston
Dyer, H.H. 2d Lieut E 12 Infantry Lewiston
Dyer, W.J. Private H 47 Infantry Lancaster
Dygert, James Private G 35 Infantry Butternut
Dyke, Wm. H Q.M. Sergt K 2 Cavalry Prairie du Chien
Dykeman, C Private G 13 Infantry Fairfield
Dyre, John Private K 20 Infantry Byron



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