Enumeration of the Soldiers of the Late War
Who Served in Organizations of Other States and Reported by the
Enumerators as Residing in Wisconsin on June 20, 1895.

* All names of soldiers returned by the enumerators with the company, regiment or state omitted, will be found in this list.

transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Susan Geist, Rhonda Hill, Tammy Clark, Mary Saggio, Veneta McKinney, Heather Turner







Abbott, S. W. Private B 3 New Hamp. Merrilan
Abbott, Spencer Private G 45 Illinois Strong's Prairie
Abbott, William Private A 94 New York Warrens,
Abbs, Henry Private C 43 New York Bloom City,
Abby, Wm. H. H. Private C 107 New York National Home
Abeel, A. H. Private E 126 New York Sun Prairie
Abell, Seth C. Private C 14 Illinois National Home
Abers, S. M. Private F 6 Illinois Cascade
Abrams, Albert Private K 115 New York Centralia
Abrams, Chas. Private I 5 Michigan National Home
Abrams, Steven Sergeant F 30 Indiana Edson
Acheson, Robert Private M 15 New York Janesville
Achilles, Vic. Private E 3 Missouri National Home
Acker, Peter Private G 57 Illinois National Home
Ackerman, R. H. Private A 15 Iowa Porterfield
Ackley, W. S. Corporal E 36 Ohio Chippewa Falls
Acton, W. H. Private F 2 Dist. of Col. National Home
Adams, A. A. Private M 4 Missouri Mount Hope
Adams, A. A. Private G 5    
Adams, Albert Private K 11 Illinois Romance
Adams, Allen Sergeant A Hatch Batt'n Minn. Red Wing, Minn
Adams, Allen B. Captain C 21 New York Milwaukee
Adams, Aurelius J. Private I 12 New York Perkinstown
Adams, Aurelius J. Sergeant K 141 Pennsylvania  
Adams, A. W. Private B 13 Illinois Almond
Adams, Frank Private C 14 New York National Home
Adams, Geo. W. Private I 58 Pennsylvania Necedah
Adams, H. J. Sergeant -- -- -- West Superior
Adams, Henry Private I 1 Illinois National Home
Adams, Irby Private A 52 Indiana Lena
Adams, J. Private I 61 Pennsylvania Thorp
Adams, J. B. Sergeant B 4 Pennsylvania New Lisbon
Adams, John Private H 3 Michigan Hurley
Adams, John Private K 214 Pennsylvania Mondovi
Adams, Richard Private C 94 Ohio Hersey
Adelman, Mart. Private F 35 Indiana National Home
Adkins, Wm. C. Private -- 1 Ind. H. Art. Platteville
Adkins, Wm. C. Sergeant D 21 Indiana  
Adler, Emil Private F 96 New York National Home
Adrian, Michael Private D 27 Iowa Chippewa Falls
Ady, J. F. Private A 43 Ohio Springville
Agen, J. H. Private C 1 New York West Superior
Ainsworth, Rufus Private -- 24 N.Y. Ind. Bat. Arkansaw
Akan, John Private B 8 Missouri Richland Center
Akers, Peter Private H 1 Minn. H. Art.  Spring Valley
Albee, James E. Corporal H 52 Pennsylvania Clam Falls
Albers, W. T. Captain C 35 Iowa Cleveland
Albertson, Henry Private G 169 New York National Home
Albiser, Jos. Private C 24 Illinois National Home
Alderman, A. L. Private I -- Ohio Humbird
Aldin, Edwin Private C 102 New York Sparta
Aldrich, Chas. Private E 20 Indiana National Home
Aldrich, Edwin Private K 142 Indiana Oconto
Alert, Geo. Private C 24 Illinois National Home
Alexander, F. M. Private D 194 Pennsylvania Hixton
Alexander, Geo. Private L 8 Illinois New Richmond
Alexander, Henry Private K 49 Pennsylvania Ableman
Alexander, Isaac  Lieutenant K 8 Ohio Fond du Lac
Alexander, S. E. Private A 105 Ohio Whitehall
Alexander, S. L. Private K 205 Pennsylvania Menomonie
Alford, B. C. Private E 197 Ohio Gordon
Alheib, Wm. Private K 10 Maryland National Home
Allan, Geo. S. Private -- 28 New York National Home
Allard, Napoleon Private A 176 New York National Home
Allen, A. Private E 60 New York La Crosse
Allen, A. S. Private M 3 N. Y. Cav. Milwaukee
Allen, B. H. Private F 142 New York National Home
Allen, Charles Private E 2 New Hamp. Kelley
Allen, D. F. Private I 112 New York Newton
Allen, Ethan D. Private I 5 N. Y. Heav. Art. Fond du Lac
Allen, George Private G 7 Missouri Eastman
Allen, George Private K 145 Pennsylvania Embarrass
Allen, H. R. Private D 184 New York Merrill
Allen, Henry Private -- 5 Chi. L. Art. National Home
Allen, Henry B. Private B 117 New York National Home
Allen, H. O. Private E 1 Mass. Cav. Madison
Allen, J. A. Private I 92 New York Shawano
Allen, Josiah Private I 112 New York Prairie du Chien
Allen, John C. Private A 9 Minnesota National Home
Allen, L. B. Bugler E 10 New York Waupaca
Allen, Nels. Private H 67 Illinois Viroqua
Allen, Richard J. Private A 3 New York National Home
Allen, Samuel Private F 26 Michigan Shiocton
Allen, Sydney G. -- -- -- Chi. L. Art. Delavan
Allen, W. H. Private -- 5 Michigan Menomonie
Allison, V. R. Sergeant L 86 N. Y. Cav. Drywood
Allison, W. O. Corporal K 74 Ohio Buckeye
Allo, Michael Private F 24 Illinois Seymour
Alloway, Marion Private B 36 Ohio Dell
Allyn, Wm. B. Private G 4 Massachus'tts Baldwin
Alshuler, Chas. Private I 133 Indiana Racine
Altman, Henry Private C 46 Illinois New Glarus
Alvord, A. J. Private G 177 Ohio Appleton
Alverson, Lafayette Private H 4 Michigan Merrill
Alverson, W. N. Private F 14 N. Y. Art'ly Tomah
Alverson, W. N.   H 24    
Ames, F. A. Private A 15 Vermont Clinton
Ames, Geo. G. Private H 1 N. H. H. Art. Leeman
Ames, H. E. Private F 6 Pennsylvania Medford
Ames, Jason F. Private K 45 Mass.   Waubeck
Ames, Milo Private K 83 Pennsylvania Flintville
Amgolt, Wm. H. Private A 30 Michigan Milwaukee
Anders, Charles Private E 58 Illinois Eagle
Anderson, A. W. Surgeon -- 3 Missouri Lake Geneva
Anderson, Chas. S. Private F 134 Illinois Baraboo
Anderson, D. L. Captain B 99 & 50 Ohio Merrill
Anderson, David R. Captain B 19 Michigan Oconomowoc
Anderson, Geo. P. Captain G 155 Indiana Balsam Lake
Anderson, Henry P. Private M 2 Minn. Cav. Osceola Mills
Anderson, Henry P.   I 6 Minnesota  
Anderson, John Private H 58 Mas'chusetts. National Home
Anderson, W. A. Surgeon -- 3 Missouri La Crosse
Andreas, Frank Private I 43 Illinois National Home
Andrews, Chester A. Private A 2 Minnesota Stevenstown
Andrews, Edw. W. Private B 5 New York National Home
Andrews, John Private -- 1 Vermont Prairie Farm
Andrews, Leonard Private B 52 Illinois Wayne
Andrews, R. F. Private A 92 New York Florence
Angel, Heber Private M 6 Mich. Cav. Cumberland
Angevine, James F. Private B 146 New York La Crosse
Angevine, Wm. F. Private -- 98 New York Milwaukee
Annes, Henry Private B 96 Illinois Columbus
Annes, Ira Private D 8 New Jersey Fort Atkinson
Ansell, Herm. Private G 1 Texas National Home
Anson, Chas. H. Major E 1 Vermont Milwaukee
Anthony, John B. Private G 22 New York National Home
Appel, John Private B 34 New York Madison
Applebee, George Private E 1 Minn. Bat. Victory
Appradaris, Frank Private E 4 Ohio National Home
Archenbach, Aug. Private -- 9 New York National Home
Archer, John Private B 1 New York National Home
Archer, Lewis G. Private B 8 Missouri National Home
Arendt, Hugo Sergeant E 55 Illinois Cedarburg
Arentsen, A. J. Private E 7 Kansas Greenbush
Arhelger, George Private A 103 Ohio Vandyne
Armeale, John Private B 13 New York Kilbourn
Armour, Wm. J. Private H 22 Illinois National Home
Arms, James Private D 153 New York Loyal
Armstrong, E. R. Artificer I 50 New York Wausau
Armstrong, Edw. Private I 9 Pennsylvania National Home
Armstrong, Edwin Private I 50 New York Oshkosh
Armstrong, Geo. Private B 79 New York National Home
Armstrong, J. L. Sergeant G 11 Michigan West Superior
Armstrong, Noah G. Private G 46 Pennsylvania Angelo
Armstrong, Wm. Private -- 12 New York National Home
Armstrong, William Private E 145 Pennsylvania Oshkosh
Arndt, Henry Private D 95 Illinois Mosel
Arno, Andrew Private G 14 Kansas Neenah
Arnold, Edw. T. Private G 20 Ohio National Home
Arnold, Henry Corporal F 52 New York Manning
Arnold, Thos. Private C 16 New York Milwaukee
Arnott, Wm. Private B & H 7 & 1 Missouri Drywood
Artz, Louis Private C 82 Pennsylvania National Home
Arquette, Jos. Corporal C 58 Ohio Chili
Archittle, A. Private D 105 Pennsylvania Maiden Rock
Ash, Ed. B. Sergeant I 6 N. Hampshire Milwaukee
Ashley, Fayette Private A 6 N. Y. H. A. Rio
Ashley, J. B. 1st. Lieut. -- 7 N. Y. H. A. Baraboo
Ashley, John Private I 33 New York Milton Junction
Asper, Joseph Private E & H 5 & 11 Ohio Eau Claire
Assman, August Private B 32 Mas'chusetts. Three Lakes
Athern, Geo. W. Private K 2 Maine Cav. Oshkosh
Atkins, Geo. Private C 1 Michigan National Home
Atkins, W. B. Private G 6 Mas'chusetts. Durand
Atkinson, John Private L 1 Illinois Art. Green Bay
Atwater, John D. Teamster E 95 Illinois Black Creek
Atwater, Merritt B. Captain G 52 Illinois Wausau
Atwood, A. J. Captain -- 14 Ohio Bat. Hortonville
August, Noah Captain D 115 Ohio Barron
Augustine, Peter Captain B 6 Michigan Sheboygan
Auld, James Captain K 1 New Jersey Bloomington
Aurandt, Jonathan Captain I 5 Pennsylvania Misha Mokwa
Austin, E. P. Captain E 10 Illinois Rockbridge
Austin, G. O. Sergeant F 10 Missouri Waukesha
Austin, Geo. A. 1st. Lieut. A 15 Illinois Neillsville
Austin, J. D. Private K 19 Illinois Spooner
Autrim, Jeremiah F. Sergeant A 7 Illinois Beaver Dam
Austin, W. A. Private M 2 New York Art. Janesville
Austin, Wm. S. Private A 1 N. Y. Lt. Art. Evansville
Austin, R. S. Private D 14 Vermont Amery
Austin, S. W. Asst. Surg. -- 48 New York Cataract
Averill, H. Private H 107 Ohio Sparta
Avery, Eli. Private F 12 New York National Home
Avery, Sam. Private A 20 New York National Home
Axen, Peter Private E 82 Illinois Ziegler
Ayers, Danford Private A 5 Vermont Janesville
Ayers, M. Private K 41 New York Vandyne
Ayers, S. P. Private E 9 Maine   Beloit
Ayres, Jonathan D. Private C 34 Indiana National Home



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