Enumeration of the Soldiers of the Late War
Who Served in Wisconsin Regiments and Batteries, Etc., and Reported by the
Government as Residing in Wisconsin on June 20, 1895.

transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Tammy Clark, Heather Turner





Branch of Service


Gabreg, Georg Corporal G 49 Infantry Attica
Gabriel, Hiram Private I 46 Infantry Stewart
Gaertner, Henry Private E 27 Infantry National Home
Gaetsch, Leo Private F 6 Infantry Paynesville
Gaettinger, Joachim Private K 25 Infantry Cochrane
Gaffney, John Sergeant D 10 Infantry Briggsville
Gaffney, Thomas Private A 21 Infantry Marshfield
Gagan, Patrick Private B & E 3 & 5 Infantry Medford
Gage, C.D. Private D 22 Infantry Richmond
Gage, George L Private C 3 Cavalry Packwaukee
Gage, M.R. Surgeon   25 Infantry Sparta
Gage, S.R. Private D 6 Infantry Hustler
Gaham, L Private A 1 Infantry Phillips
Gahart, Philip Private B 43 Infantry Platteville
Galagher, Martin Private B 17 Infantry Verona
Gale, Asa Private A 49 Infantry La Valle
Gale, E.J. Private I 3 Infantry Kendall
Gale, Joe Private D 31 Infantry La Crosse
Gales, Matthias Private H 33 Infantry Kenosha
Gallagher, A.J. Private G 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Gallagher, Alexander Private D 43 Infantry Auburndale
Gallaghe, Bernard Private B 1 Infantry Namekagon
Gallagher, Frank Private G 3 Cavalry Appleton
Gallagher, John Private A 23 Infantry Madison
Gallagher, Martin Private B 17 Infantry Verona
Gallagher, R Sergeant C 52 Infantry Wautoma
Gallagher, John Private D 14 Infantry Darlington
Gallenberger, Anton Private H 3 Infantry Kewaunee
Gallien, Abram Corporal F 1 Heavy Art. Racine
Galligan, Ezra W Private H 14 Infantry Antigo
Galligan, Seymour Private H 14 Infantry Armstrong
Gallogly, Thomas Private D 27 Infantry Chilton
Galloway, Charles Private -- 3 Battery Marshfield
Galloway, Harvey Private A 29 Infantry Tomah
Galpin, A Private H 1 Infantry Appleton
Galpin, Alfred Private C 1 Infantry Appleton
Galpin, Harold Private D 21 Infantry Appleton
Gamble, John Private D 19 Infantry Wyocena
Gamble, James Private E 2 Cavalry Leon
Gamell, James Private F 21 Infantry Waupun
Gander, Henry Private G 1 Infantry Adney
Garfoot, John Private B 30 Infantry Cross Plains
Gandrei, Fred Private E 6 Infantry Milwaukee
Ganerke, John Private F 34 Infantry Morrison
Ganes, J. W. Private D 1 Cavalry Lowell
Ganger, Henry Private C 17 Infantry National Home
Ganskee, August Private H 29 Infantry Beaver Dam
Ganzel, C. H. Private D 51 Infantry Boyd
Gapen, Wm. R Private -- 5 Battery Monroe
Garber, Peter Private B 31 Infantry South Wayne
Garber, Samuel Private B 23 Infantry Tomahawk
Garbutt, Geo Corporal I 13 Infantry Palmyra
Garbutt, John Private I 13 Infantry Darien
Garbutt, Joseph Private I 13 Infantry Orfordville
Gardinear, George Private B 41 Infantry Coloma Station
Gardineer, Schuyler Private A 8 Infantry Manawa
Gardiner, Jas Private I 33 Infantry Somers
Gardinier, Jeremiah Private A 2 Cavalry Hayward
Gardner, Almond Private G 1 Cavalry Stevens Point
Gardner, A a C Private -- 3 Battery Aztalan
Gardner, D Private C 19 Infantry Dallas
Gardner, F. W. Private B 30 Infantry La Valle
Gardner, Henry A. Private B 3 Infantry Milwaukee
Gardner, J. B. Private I 29 Infantry Ellsworth
Gardner, Reuben Private A 37 Infantry Plymouth
Gardner, Silas E Captain C 3 Infantry Monroe
Gardner, Silas E Private C 3 Infantry National Home
Gardner, Sol Private I 1 Heavy Art. Seymour
Gardner, Thomas Private B 30 Infantry Mineral Point
Gardner, Thomas Private E 30 Infantry Linden
Gardner, W. D. S. Private C 42 Infantry Lodi
Gardner, Wm Private F 35 Infantry Linden
Gardnier, Martin Private G 21 Infantry Chelsea
Garfield, Eli W Saddler L 3 Cavalry Elkhorn
Garity, Geo. L 1st Lieut K 53 Infantry Rome
Garland, Richard H. Private D 14 Infantry West Salem
Garlock, B. T. Private D 1 Cavalry Green Bay
Garlock, John J Sergeant E 4 Cavalry Hebron
Garlt, Fred Private A 12 Infantry Janesville
Garner, Alexander Private C 25 Infantry Cassville
Garner, D Private H 25 Infantry Lancaster
Garner, Samuel R Private C 2 Cavalry Cassville
Garland, William Private D 6 Infantry Tomah
Garner, Wm. Private -- 4 Battery Green Bay
Garner, William Private E 2 Cavalry Kingston
Garnett, James Private A 2 Cavalry Unity
Garrett, George Private B 3 Cavalry Stassburg
Garrison, Orra B. Private E 22 Infantry Oshkosh
Garrison, W. A. Private K 1 Cavalry Lone Rock
Garthwait, Geo. Private K 25 Infantry Easton
Garthwait, S. Private H 6 Infantry Easton
Garthwaite, H. L. Private K 13 Infantry Whitewater
Garthwaite, Isaac Private H 43 Infantry Lancaster
Gathwaite, John G Private C 2 Cavalry Bloomington
Garthewaite, Orson C. Private K 13 Infantry Milton Junction
Gartman, Alex Private D 34 Infantry Hartford
Gartman, Alex Private C 35 Infantry Hartford
Gartner, Adam Private K 33 Infantry Onalaska
Garvey, Geo. W. Private A 33 Infantry Muscoda
Garville, Xavier Private A 1 Heavy Art. Belleville
Garvin, John Private C 1 Infantry Waldo
Gaspart, Alfred -- Un. 17 Infantry Darbellay
Gasper, Chas. Drummer -- 28 Infantry Waukesha
Gasper, Peter Private C 52 Infantry Cazenovia
Gass, Fred Private L 3 Cavalry Appleton
Gassmann, Andrew Captain D 50 Infantry Weyauwega
Gassor, Geo Private H 37 Infantry Sauk City
Gastyer, John P Private K 17 Infantry Eau Galle
Gates, Albert A 1st Sergeant. H 18 Infantry South Kaukauna
Gates, Alonzo B Private F 43 Infantry Packwaukee
Gates, H. M. Corporal K 14 Infantry Fox Lake
Gates, Hubbard Sergeant B 13 Infantry Mondovi
Gates, John Private E 12 Infantry Elk Creek
Gates, Oscar J Private L 2 Cavalry Minneapolis
Gates, P. J. Private I 3 Cavalry Hortonville
Gates, Barney Private I 13 Infantry Palmyra
Gatfield, Geo Private K 2 Infantry Raymond
Ganbatz, Reinhard Private E 26 Infantry Chilton
Gault, Wm. Private D 39 Infantry Waukesha
Gauslin, George Private G 39 Infantry Oshkosh
Gautheir, Adolph Private A 3 Infantry Casco
Gauthier, Anton Private G 27 Infantry Two Rivers
Gauthier, Carlos Private G 27 Infantry Two Rivers
Gauthier, Michael F Private I 48 Infantry Chippewa Falls
Gauthier?, Nicholas Private I 16 Infantry Waucousta
Gautsch, John Corporal D 14 Infantry La Crosse
Gavin, John Private E 17 Infantry Erin
Gavin, John Private I 18 Infantry Cartwright
Gavin, Peter Private A 37 Infantry Erin
Gay, James Private B 2 Cavalry Burr Oak
Gay, Lot Private G 23 Infantry Seneca
Gay, Maurice 1st Lieut H 18 Infantry Waukau
Gaylord, Henry E Private C 52 Infantry Terrid
Gaylord, J.D.C. Private K 28 Infantry Kilbourn
Gearn, Edw Private A 13 Infantry National Home
Geary, Jas Private H 24 Infantry National Home
Geb, Jacob Private -- 2 Battery Racine
Gebhard, Peter Private L 4 Cavalry Eau Claire
Geohardt, Henry Musician C 26 Infantry Jefferson
Gebhardt, J.B. Private K 51 Infantry Menomonie
Gee, G. W. Corporal B 32 Infantry Brandon
Gee, Hiram Corporal I 1 Cavalry Stevens Point
Geese, Wm. Private H 31 Infantry Rome
Gehrnig John Private B 32 Infantry Apple Creek
Geibel, John Private A 47 Infantry Dale
Geiger, J.F. Private H 49 Infantry Ft Atkinson
Geigler, George Private I 10 Infantry Ellenboro
Geise, Kourad Private K 3 Cavalry Tornado
Geisenheimer, John C Corporal D 20 Infantry Kneeland
Geisinger, Martin Private C 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Geisler, Adolph Private D 23 Infantry Sheboygan
Geisler, John Private F 9 Infantry La Crosse
Geisman, Peter Private F 11 Infantry Sheboygan
Gelgann, John Private B 3 Infantry Harrisville
Gelhart, Ferdinand Private H 51 Infantry Fox Lake
Gellis, Michael Corporal A 21 Infantry Fond du Lac
Generich, Fred Private A 9 Infantry Milwaukee
Genett, Jefferson Private D 42 Infantry Spencer
Genin, Olympe Private A 1 Heavy Art. Belleville
Gens, Christian Private H 48 Infantry Milwaukee
Gentgen, Wm Private E 14 Infantry Manitowoc
Gentges, Wm Private K 24 Infantry St Martins
George, Chas. Private F 21 Infantry Sheboygan Falls
George, D. H. Private F 16 Infantry Mauston
George, David Private A 17 Infantry Gay's Mill
George, F. Private F 16 Infantry Mauston
George, F.J. Private D 4 Cavalry Prairie Farm
George, John Private H 3 Infantry Darlington
George, Marvin P Private F 21 Infantry Sheboygan Falls
George, Samuel Private K 1 Heavy Art. Racine
Georgi, Ottomer Private E 17 Infantry Green Bay
Geradine, Augustave Private F 14 Infantry Sniderville
Gerard, Joseph Private F 4 Cavalry Beetown
Gerardin, Levi Private G 1 Infantry De Pere
Gerardin, Louis Private F 14 Infantry De Pere
Gerardin, Theo Private F 14 Infantry De Pere
Gerber, Ralph Private I 33 Infantry Ashland
Gerber, Wm Private C 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Gergen, William Private H 35 Infantry Neillsville
Gerhart, Ch Private -- 6 Battery Chelsea
Gerhartz, Mathias Private G 26 Infantry Calumetville
Gerhauser, Jno. G Private D 26 Infantry Racine
Gerish, John Private A 3 Infantry Northport
Gerlach, Chas., Sr. Private H 45 Infantry Milwaukee
Gerlach, Geo Private F 18 Infantry Portage
Gerlach, John Private A 9 Infantry National Home
German, Danl Corporal G 31 Infantry Monroe
Gerow, Edward. Private F 14 Infantry Medford
Gersemehl, Aug Private F 27 Infantry Adell
Gessert, Fred Private F 19 Infantry Bakerville
Getchell, Wyman Private F 1 Cavalry Lodi
Gethers, Henry Private E 7 Infantry Coloma
Getler, Benjamin Private D 14 Infantry Red Mound
Getman, Hiram Private I 4 Cavalry Tomah
Getter, W. J. Private B 50 Infantry Liberty Pole
Gettman, John Private A 51 Infantry West Granville
Getts, Geo. M Private H 31 Infantry Madison
Getts, W. H. Private H 31 Infantry Centralia
Getzman, Wm Private K 51 Infantry Horicon
Gherece, Wm Private D 9 Infantry Wauzeka
Gibbans, Chas Private F 11 Infantry Valton
Gibbans, Edward Private C 3 Cavalry Montello
Gibbard, John Corporal B 47 Infantry Green Lake
Gibbard, Joseph Private D 1 Heavy Art. Berlin
Gibbel, Wm. Private I 16 Infantry Worley
Gibbert, C.S. Private A 5 Infantry Clark's Mills
Gibbons, I.H. Corporal H 43 Infantry Mount Ida
Gibbons, Geo. B Com. Sergt. A 19 Infantry Baraboo
Gibbons, J.H. Corporal -- 8 Battery Sun Prairie
Gibbons, Jas. A. Private A 3 Cavalry National Home
Gibbs, Cyrus C. Private C 40 Infantry Heart Prairie
Gibbs, J.J. Lieutenant E 1 Heavy Art. Waukesha
Gibbs, J.S. Private B 50 Infantry Retreat
Gibbs, Noah P. Private B 29 Infantry Beldenville
Gibbs, M.H. Private F 35 Infantry Janesville
Gibbs, T.J. Private G 47 Infantry Boscobel
Gibson, Andrew D Private G 19 Infantry Cataract
Gibson, Archie Private F 51 Infantry Genesee
Gibson, Frank A. Private G 1 Infantry Racine
Gibson, Frank J. Corporal A 22 Infantry Racine
Gibson, Geo. Private H 29 Infantry Fox Lake
Gibson, H.A. Private C 1 Cavalry Hudson
Gibson, Henry Lieutenant E 7 Infantry Westfield
Gibson, Hollis Sergeant D 50 Infantry Lind
Gibson, James Private K 4 Cavalry Oshkosh
Gibson, James Private I 47 Infantry Centralia
Gibson, John Corporal F 43 Infantry Trempealeau
Gibson, John Private B 44 Infantry Wequieck?
Gibson, Jos. Private G 12 Infantry Longwood
Gibson, Pembroke E Private D 12 Infantry Wauwatosa
Gibson, R. W. Private D 38 Infantry Pilot Knob
Gibson, William R. K. Private G 4 Cavalry Cylon
Giddings, Ephraim Captain G 3 Infantry Neenah
Giddings, Henry Private G 6 Infantry Hurlbut
Giddings, W. A. Private B 1 Cavalry Omro
Gierhart, J. Private -- 5 Battery Argyle
Giffey, Herman Private I 17 Infantry Brandon
Giffey, John Private H 35 Infantry Brandon
Giffin, John H. Private C 25 Infantry Mount Ida
Giffin, John H. Private B 12 Infantry Mount Ida
Gifford, A. O. Private B 13 Infantry Milton
Gifford, David B. Private A 25 Infantry Tarrant
Gifford, Geo. Private H 5 Infantry Eureka
Gifford, J.M. Private D 37 Infantry Whitewater
Gifford, Peter Private K 3 Infantry Wausau
Gifford, Sidney Private F 1 Heavy Art. Portage
Giese, Herman Private A 45 Infantry Theresa
Geissen, Christ Private D 51 Infantry St John
Gigstate, Knud Oleson Private F 11 Infantry Vigness
Gilbert,C.F. Corporal C 40 Infantry Hanerville
Gilbert, C.J. Private A 5 Infantry Clark's Mills
Gilbert, Charles Private D 23 Infantry Brodhead
Gilbert, J.B. Private -- 13 Battery Madison
Gilbert, J.W. Private H 16 Infantry Eau Claire
Gilbert, James 1st Lieut E 8 Infantry Fitchburg
Gilbert, James Private -- 13 Battery Sun Prairie
Gilbert, John Private B 45 Infantry National Home
Gilbert, John S. Private C 40 Infantry Milton Junction
Gilbert, Louis Private K 2 Infantry Hingham
Gilbert, N.B. Private L 3 Cavalry Wis Vet Home
Gilbert, N. J. Lieutenant F 15 Infantry Eleva
Gilbert, S. A. Private D 47 Infantry Lancaster
Gilbert, Wm. Private A 17 Infantry Boscobel
Gilbertson, G. Private H 48 Infantry La Crosse
Gilboy, Wm. Private E 17 Infantry Dundee
Gilcrece, Samuel. Private I 27 Infantry Glenmore
Giles, Frederick Private B 12 Infantry Loganville
Giles, Harvey Private E 48 Infantry Waterloo
Giles, Henry Private -- 8 Battery Coloma
Gilham, F. Private D 5 Infantry Wausau
Gilkey, Geo. W. Sergeant K 36 Infantry Eau Claire
Gill, E. C. Private B 47 Infantry North Freedom
Gill, Michael Private C 17 Infantry Milwaukee
Gill, T.J. Private A 4 Cavalry Whitewater
Gillard, Chas. A. Private D 16 Infantry East Troy
Gillard, Seth A. Sergeant K 13 Infantry East Troy
Gillen, Edw. Private F 22 Infantry Racine
Gillen, John Private F 1 Heavy Art. Lind
Giller, Robt. Private H 23 Infantry Portage
Gillett, B.L. Private A 25 Infantry Warrens
Gillett, Lyman B Private D 39 Infantry Fond du Lac
Gillett, Orlando Private K 30 Infantry Chippewa Falls
Gillett, Robert Private A 11 Infantry Mazomanie
Gillette, R. A. Captain R 43 Infantry Milwaukee
Gillette, Wm. Private A 11 Infantry Madison
Gillies, James Private C 30 Infantry Trempealeau
Gillingham, William Private D 11 Infantry Gillingham
Gillispe, Neil Private I 44 Infantry Janesville
Gillitt, Andrew J. Private C 30 Infantry Necedah
Gillman, Peter Private F 36 Infantry Kenosha
Gillmore, Abram Private G 2 Cavalry Yorkville
Gillson, James Private H 32 Infantry Lone Rock
Gillson, D. L. Private D 19 Infantry Lone Rock
Gilman, A. Private E 44 Infantry Tomah
Gilman, Arthur Private B 27 Infantry Plymouth
Gilman, J. W. Private A 25 Infantry Viroqua
Gilmon, Edward Private H 14 Infantry Greenbush
Gilmore, H. Private I 25 Infantry Platteville
Gilmore, Hiram Private M 1 Heavy Art. Cambria
Gilmore, T. S. Private G 50 Infantry Hager
Gilmore, W.S. Private E 1 Heavy Art. Mauston
Gilroy, James Private F 1 Infantry Ulyses
Gilson, Chas. Private I 5 Infantry Greenbush
Gilson, Gilbert Private K 10 Infantry Scandinavia
Gilson, Orin Private G 12 Infantry Tunnel City
Gilstad, Hans Private A 12 Infantry Deer Park
Gilston, Wm. E Private I 40 Infantry Warrens
Ginder, John Private A 16 Infantry Rice Lake
Ginrisch, Fred Private G 45 Infantry Menomonie
Ginsdach, Matt Private A 2 Infantry La Crosse
Ginter, Gottfield Private K 24 Infantry Caledonia
Girdler, Frank B. Private K 12 Infantry Gay's Mill
Girth, Goddfred Private K 46 Infantry Westfield
Gitzen, Joseph Private H 24 Infantry Port Washington
Gladson, John Private I 8 Infantry Trempealeau
Glaege, Herman L Private B 31 Infantry Monroe
Glamm, Albert Private C 20 Infantry Golden Lake
Glanville, John Corporal I 2 Infantry Linden
Glass, John H. Private C 21 Infantry Oshkosh
Glasscote, Arch F. Private -- 12 Battery Monroe
Glasshoff, Peter Private E 21 Infantry Thorp
Glassman, August Private A 34 Infantry Marquette
Glassner, Jacob Private K 16 Infantry National Home
Glazier, Mich. Private E 6 Infantry Milwaukee
Gleare, Jas. Sergeant F 1 Heavy Art. Evansville
Gleason, H. J. Hosp. Stew. -- 1 Cavalry Neenah
Gleason, Jacob Private K 49 Infantry Lyons
Gleason, John S. Private I 24 Infantry National Home
Gleason, Salem Private B 4 Cavalry Bloomville
Gleason, Wm. Private C 2 Infantry Verona
Gleitzman, Adam Private I 45 Infantry Cedarburg
Glenn, Edwin Private K 31 Infantry Wyalusing
Glenn, J. L. Private D 35 Infantry Viroqua
Glenn, W. C. Private A 33 Infantry Arthur
Glice, John Private A 1 Infantry Tomah
Glidden, Darwin H. Sergeant B 11 Infantry Evansville
Gliebkie, Aug. Private H 31 Infantry Wausau
Glines, B. B. Private H 32 Infantry Centralia
Glines, Perry Private L 3 Cavalry Omro
Glock, Adam Private A 22 Infantry National Home
Glover, Chas. A. Private B 53 Infantry Onalaska
Glynn, G. A. Corporal G 38 Infantry Hickory
Goddard, John H. Private F 12 Infantry Brookside
Godfrey, Gardner Private B 30 Infantry Lone Rock
Godfrey, John Private H 14 Infantry Merrill
Godfrey, Wingel Private C 22 Infantry Rube
Goehring, Fred B. Private A 9 Infantry Silver Creek
Goeller, Conrad Private C 5 Infantry National Home
Goeres, Theodore Corporal B 4 Cavalry Wausau
Goesbeck, Gile Private B 10 Infantry Oakfield
Goethe, John, Sr. Private K 7 Infantry Melvina
Goettinger, John Drum Major -- 45 Infantry Kiel
Goetz, Wm. Private A 45 Infantry Hartford
Goetzmann, Gust. Sergeant H 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Goff, E. Sergeant D 30 Infantry Boyceville
Goff, E. R. Sergeant D 16 Infantry Chilton
Goff, S. D. Private H 51 Infantry Tunnel City
Goff, Spencer S. Private D 25 Infantry Onalaska
Goff, Wallace Lieutenant H 28 Infantry Vernon
Goggin, John Private D 35 Infantry Milwaukee
Goggin, Michael Private F 27 Infantry Brant
Goggin, P. Corporal H 8 Infantry Mount Vernon
Gogin, Richard Private B 16 Infantry Pine River
Gohlke, L. Private C 5 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Gokey, Chas. Private E 21 Infantry Janesville
Gokey, Frank Private D 49 Infantry Marshfield
Goldberg, Peter T. Private C 6 Infantry Westby
Goldenstedt, Ferdinand Private D 48 Infantry Manitowoe
Goldner, Ernst Private E 37 Infantry Plymouth
Goldsborough, Jos. C. Private G 3 Infantry Menasha
Goldsmith, Christ Private C 11 Infantry Fontenoy
Goldsworthy, William Private C 2 Cavalry Cuba
Goldthrope, J. C. Musician E 35 Infantry Cobb
Goldthorpe, Chas. Corporal B 30 Infantry Mineral Point
Golterman, William Lieutenant F 6 Infantry Thiensville
Goman, John Corporal F 23 Infantry Delton
Gonion, A. B. Private G 41 Infantry Wequinock
Gonyo, Moses Private C 32 Infantry Fargoville
Gooch, Geo. Private A 13 Infantry Footville
Good, A. Private B 9 Infantry National Home
Good, Abraham Private I 11 Infantry Valton
Good, Benj. F. Private F 51 Infantry Neshkoro
Goode, John 2d. Lieut. C 18 Infantry Manning
Goodell, Alfred Private C 49 Infantry Reedsburg
Goodell, Andrew Private B 12 Infantry Wheeler
Goodell, Chauncey Private E 17 Infantry Wheeler
Goodell, Orrin Private E 49 Infantry Sandusky
Goodell, Rich. N. Q. M. Sergt. K 4 Cavalry Oshkosh
Goodenough, Frank Private G 5 Infantry Black River Falls
Goodenough, Theo. Private G 1 Cavalry Black River Falls
Goodhue, Wm. F. Private C 3 Infantry Wauwatosa
Goodman, Henry Private A 23 Infantry Monticello
Goodman, Louis Private F 9 Infantry Waunakee
Goodman, Page Private A 1 Heavy Art. Whitewater
Goodnoe, Moses Private A 30 Infantry Roberts
Goodnough, L. D. Private -- 7 Battery Cumberland
Goodrich, C. P. Adjutant -- 1 Cavalry Fort Atkinson
Goodrich, Chas. H. Corporal B 13 Infantry Milton
Goodrich, D. D. 1st. Lieut. D 24 Infantry LaCrosse
Goodrich, Henry C. Private F 43 Infantry Elkhorn
Goodrich, Mark Private H 7 Infantry Mount Ida
Goodrich, William Private L 2 Cavalry Durand
Goodsall, Henry Lieutenant G 3 Cavalry Lake Geneva
Goodson, Joseph Private G 42 Infantry Menomonie
Goodwin, A. D. Private -- 6 Battery Richland Center
Goodwin, C. Private B 3 Cavalry Bloomville
Goodwin, E. O. Private K 1 Heavy Art. Embarrass
Goodwin, John 2nd. Lieut. I 6 Infantry Elroy
Goodwin, M. P. Private I 1 Heavy Art. New Richmond
Goom, Jacob H. Private G 36 Infantry Rhinelander
Gorden, George Private I 11 Infantry Warrens
Gordon, James Corporal E 42 Infantry Ontario
Gordon, Peter Corporal -- 8 Battery Stevens Point
Gordon, Thos. Corporal -- 10 Battery National Home
Gordon, Thomas Corporal G 50 Infantry Trimbelle
Gore, Jacob Corporal I 32 Infantry Neenah
Gore, John L. Corporal F 1 Cavalry Winchester
Goreded, Jas. Private G 1 Infantry Elroy
Gorham, Wm. C. Private I 45 Infantry Monroe
Gorman, C. D. Private B 8 Infantry Olivet
Gorman, Leonard Private D 1 Heavy Art. Genoa
Gorman, Martin L. Captain F 2 Infantry Racine
Gorman, Michael Private E 3 Infantry Berlin
Gorman, Michael Private D 6 Infantry Adneys
Gormiller, Casp. Private F 6 Infantry Milwaukee
Gormley, Alex Private A 44 Infantry National Home
Gormley, Henry Private A 44 Infantry National Home
Gormly, Patrick Private A 44 Infantry Oshkosh
Gorrell, Theodore Private C 19 Infantry Liberty Pole
Gorry, John Private D 45 Infantry Armstrong
Gorshie, Frank Private K 31 Infantry Wabasha
Gortmier, Christ Private E 12 Infantry Yorkville
Gortz, Jas. Private C 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Gosh, Jacob Private I 1 Infantry Hull
Gosling, H. C. Private C 19 Infantry Viroqua
Goss, Jas. Private I 31 Infantry Fond du Lac
Gosse, William Private B 6 Infantry Mosel
Gossel, John Private C 6 Infantry Eastman
Gosset, Abraham Corporal A 20 Infantry Elmwood
Gotchy, Francis Private I 5 Infantry Stevens Point
Gotehy, I. Corporal K 1 Infantry Colby
Gotham, Daniel Private D 47 Infantry Weyauwega
Gothe, Frederick Private H 12 Infantry Kunesh
Gott, W. W. Sergt. Major I 25 Infantry Viroqua
Gottschalk, Charles Private B 26 Infantry Cedarburg
Gotz, C. Private I 22 Infantry Richfield
Gough, John Sergeant K 16 Infantry Saukville
Gould, Chas. Private C 11 Infantry Green Bay
Gould, Chas. D. Private K 30 Infantry Chippewa Falls
Gould, George E. Private F 18 Infantry Sheboygan Falls
Gould, Huron Private I 20 Infantry Millville
Gould, J. P. Sergeant I 29 Infantry Hartford
Gould, M. S. Private M 2 Cavalry Lake Geneva
Gould, W. W. Private E 13 Infantry Winneconne
Goult, G. W. Private -- 8 Battery Plainfield
Gove, R. L. Adjutant -- 1 Cavalry Waukesha
Grab, Arimond Corporal H 35 Infantry Ashford
Grab, Christian Private H 14 Infantry Keil
Grace, John Private B 30 Infantry Dodgeville
Grady, Michael Private G 5 Infantry Portage
Grady, Thomas Private -- 12 Battery Chippewa Falls
Graef, Jacob Private I 51 Infantry Marinette
Graefe, August Private H 26 Infantry Sheboygan
Graf, Christ Private C 35 Infantry Fredonia
Graff, Giles Private E 19 Infantry Valley Junction
Graff, Laurence Private -- 52 Infantry Tomah
Gragg, Hiram Private H 1 Heavy Art. Plainfield
Graham, C. L. Private A 48 Infantry Burlington
Graham, G. Private G 37 Infantry Tomah
Graham, Jas. Private K 22 & 29 Infantry Colby
Graham, James Private D 7 Infantry Stoughton
Graham, James L. Corporal F 20 Infantry Georgetown
Graham, John Private K 8 Infantry Packwaukee
Graham, John M. Private H 14 Infantry Spring Valley
Graham, L. Private I 6 Infantry Springville
Graham, Robt. 1st. Sergeant A 41 Infantry Platteville
Graham, Thomas Private F 1 Cavalry Richland Center
Graham, Wm. A. Private H 3 Infantry National Home
Grahame, Frank Private A 6 Infantry Milwaukee
Gralle, Anton Private H 45 Infantry Whitelaw
Grambert, Fred Private -- 2 Battery Green Grove
Grams, Christ Private K 26 Infantry Williamsburg
Granger, E. E. Private H 48 Infantry Chilton
Granger, Francis Sergeant D 12 Infantry Woodhull
Granger, Josiah Private -- 9 Battery Racine
Grannis, Eli Corporal F 5 Infantry Bancroft
Granold, Gottlieb Corporal E 27 Infantry Sheboygan Falls
Grant, Alert N. Private H 51 Infantry Beaver Dam
Grant, Avery C. Private I 32 Infantry Kaukauna
Grant, Charles Private A 52 Infantry Milton
Grant, Charles Private D 5 Infantry Elroy
Grant, Chas. Private F 30 Infantry River Falls
Grant, E. B. Private B 46 Infantry Stevens Point
Grant, J. W. Private G 38 Infantry Eleva
Grant, Jas. Private C 27 Infantry Milwaukee
Grant, James Private H 7 Infantry Boscobel
Grant, James D. Private D 6 Infantry Eau Claire
Grant, John Private A 7 Infantry Wonewoe
Grant, John Sergeant D 28 Infantry Whitewater
Grant, Luther Private B 46 Infantry Wautoma
Grant, William Private D 47 Infantry Waupaca
Granum, Peter N. Private I 17 Infantry Bristow
Graper, John Private C 16 Infantry Rome
Grascher, Oswald Private C 45 Infantry Milwaukee
Grasse, Chas. Corporal H 26 Infantry Sheboygan
Grassman, Lewis Corporal M 1 Cavalry Neptune
Gratsig, Henry Private H 3 Infantry Janesville
Gratz, Christ Private C 34 Infantry Grafton
Gratz, Henry Private K 44 Infantry Stitzer
Graupman, John Private B 18 Infantry Kirkwood
Graves, A. B. Private F 46 Infantry Magnolia
Graves, A. P. Private C 41 Infantry Spencer
Graves, Benj. Private K 41 Infantry Platteville
Graves, Ed. V. Private F 37 Infantry Omro
Graves, Frank Private -- 4 Battery Beloit
Graves, Geo. W. 1st. Lieut. A 16 Infantry Berlin
Graves, Joab Private H 36 Infantry Ellenboro
Graves, M. G. Private I 21 Infantry Brownsville
Graves, Michael Private D 45 Infantry Neillsville
Graves, Oscar Private F 16 Infantry Beloit
Graves, Richard Private C 2 Infantry Beetown
Graves, Weyman E. Private F 33 Infantry Neenah
Gray, Abraham Private H 1 Heavy Art. Prescott
Gray, Albert Private I 1 Infantry Marshfield
Gray, Alonzo Private F 37 Infantry Menomonie
Gray, E. B. Captain C 4 Cavalry Madison
Gray, E. B. Colonel -- 28 Infantry Madison
Gray, Edward Sergeant A 31 Infantry Gay's Mill
Gray, Eli Private D 10 Infantry DeKora
Gray, Elihu W. Corporal C 22 Infantry Elkhorn
Gray, Enoch, Sr. Private F 25 Infantry Richland Center
Gray, Geo. Private -- 6 Battery North Freedom
Gray, Henry Private -- 4 Battery Westport
Gray, Ira Sergeant F 44 Infantry Briggsville
Gray, James Corporal C 32 Infantry Marquette
Gray, James Private D 43 Infantry Sherwood
Gray, Jas. H. Private B 3 Infantry Bristol
Gray, John Private A 38 Infantry Eden
Gray, John Private F 1 Infantry Waukesha
Gray, Orin 1st Sergeant A 16 Infantry Grand Rapids
Gray, Robert Private F 2 Cavalry Oconomowoe
Gray, Tillbery Private -- 5 Battery Albany
Gredzer, John Private C 27 Infantry Milwaukee
Greeley, Ephraim Private C 47 Infantry Hillsboro
Greeley, Gilson Private I 1 Infantry Cadott
Greely, A. J. Private C 47 Infantry Hillsboro
Greely, James Private G 5 Infantry Stockbridge
Greemore, John Private C 48 Infantry Prairie du Chien
Green, A. G. Private F 1 Heavy Art. Stoughton
Green, A. J. Private F 7 Infantry Potosi
Green, A. M. Private I 5 Infantry Winneconne
Green, A. M. Private B 18 Infantry Monroe
Green, C. A. 1st. Sergeant B 50 Infantry Hancock
Green, C. W. Private G 20 Infantry Elroy
Green, Calvin Private A 1 Heavy Art. Hebron
Green, C. Witter Private D 49 Infantry Milton
Green, Charles Private E 3 Cavalry Fall River
Green, Charles W. Private I 21 Infantry Kaukauna
Green, D. A. Private B 4 Cavalry Hancock
Green, D. C. Private K 13 Infantry Baraboo
Green, G. W. Private K 29 Infantry South Kaukauna
Green, H. P. Private F 7 Infantry Lancaster
Green, H. P. Private C 37 Infantry Hixton
Green, Hilton Private D 1 Infantry Lost Creek
Green, Hiram Private B 16 Infantry Baldwin's Mills
Green, J. B. Private I 16 Infantry Janesville
Green, J. C. Private A 8 Infantry Parfreyville
Green, John C. Private A 38 Infantry Neillsville
Green, John J. Private F 16 Infantry Racine
Green, Joseph Private F 17 Infantry Oconomowoe
Green, Joseph Asst. Surgeon -- 11 Infantry Whitewater
Green, L. C. Private B 29 Infantry Watertown
Green, Louis Private D 10 Infantry Wyocena
Green, M. L. Private A 3 Cavalry Elroy
Green, Peter Private K 18 Infantry Sparta
Green, T. T. Private K 13 Infantry Lake Geneva
Green, Theo. Corporal H 8 Infantry Albion
Green. W. R. Private M 2 Cavalry Evansville
Green, Walter Private B 2 Cavalry West Salem
Green, Wm. Private B 28 Infantry National Home
Green, William Private H 17 Infantry Lyndon Station
Green, William M. Private H 50 Infantry De Soto
Green, William O. Ser E 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Greene, G. G. Corporal I 3 Cavalry Albion
Greene, John R. Private H 1 Infantry Big Wausaukee
Greene, L. G. Private A 44 Infantry Hudson
Greene, Thomas Private G 47 Infantry Boscobel
Greenfield, Allen D. Private G 47 Infantry Boscobel
Greenfield, John W. Corporal D 37 Infantry Plainfield
Greengo, James Sergeant G 1 Infantry Menomonee Falls
Greenlaw, L. B. Corporal -- 9 Battery Sugar Bush
Greenleaf, Alanson C. Sergeant C 3 Cavalry Portage
Greenleaf, L. E. Private A 39 Infantry Milwaukee
Greenlee, Ira Private D 53 Infantry Sparta
Greenlow, R. H. Private L 3 Cavalry Wis Vet Home
Greenman, James Private K 2 Cavalry Lake Mills
Greenman, James Private I 4 Cavalry Angelo
Greenman, Lorenzo Private K 2 Cavalry Walworth
Greenwald, August Private A 47 Infantry Readfield
Greenwood, John Private F 3 Cavalry Reedsburg
Greenwood, Joseph Private F 32 Infantry Velp
Greenwood, Joseph Private I 43 Infantry Belleville
Greenwood, Michael Private G 38 Infantry Bay Settlement
Greenwood, Robert Private F 3 Cavalry Reedsburg
Greenwood, William Private B 16 Infantry Oshkosh
Greer, William Private C 16 Infantry Rock Elm
Gregg, Cornelius M. Musician -- 5 Infantry La Crosse
Gregg, Martin Private C 16 Infantry McGrew
Gregg, Wm. E. Private D 1 Infantry Milwaukee
Greggett, Chas. Private D 44 Infantry Mayville
Gregnon, Marshall Private B 21 Infantry Winneconne
Gregor, Frank Private G 39 Infantry Rosiere
Gregor, Frank Private D 52 Infantry Rosiere
Gregorson, Peter Private C 44 Infantry Iola
Greiber, Herman Z. Private F 1 Cavalry Roxbury
Gremore, Joseph Private I 48 Infantry Prairie du Chien
Greson, Charles Private I 4 Cavalry Tomah
Greve, Henry 1st Lieut F 26 Infantry Manitowoe
Grey, George Private G 42 Infantry Palmyra
Grey, Samuel Private K 43 Infantry La Farge
Gribble, Irvine 2nd Lieut I 12 Infantry Viola
Gribble, Joseph Private I 16 Infantry Boscobel
Gribble, William Private I 16 Infantry Worley
Griebling, Wm. Private D 45 Infantry Green Bay
Grier, Robert Private F 1 Heavy Art. Portage
Griese, Wm. Private K 1 Cavalry Plymouth
Griffin, Abraham Private K 35 Infantry Ironton
Griffin, Alvarno N. Private E 12 Infantry Kilbourn
Griffin, Charles Private I 12 Infantry Warrens
Griffin, David Private G 16 Infantry Kickapoo
Griffin, George P. Private B 42 Infantry Victory
Griffin, John Private K 20 Infantry Shullsburg
Griffin, John Private G 11 Infantry Viroqua
Griffin, John Private E 12 Infantry Lyndon Station
Griffin, M. Lieutenant E 12 Infantry Eau Claire
Griffin, Mills R. Private G 16 Infantry West Lima
Griffin, Patrick Private B 23 Infantry National Home
Griffin, Patrick Private D 49 Infantry Janesville
Griffin, Peleg Corporal D 30 Infantry Trimbelle
Griffin, Valentine Private C 36 Infantry Kriby
Grifiths, D.W. Private A 51 Infantry Cambria
Griffiths, John D Private D 44 Infantry Prion
Griffiths, L. Private C 1 Cavalry Spokeville
Griffiths, Saml. Private E 25 Infantry Platteville
Griffiths, Saml. D. Private E 6 Infantry Dodgeville
Grigde, Alex Private H 12 Infantry Milwaukee
Grignon, Andrew Private B 21 Infantry Winneconne
Grignon, Chas. D. Private D 41 Infantry Green Bay
Grignon, Ignace Private G 12 Infantry Necedah
Grignon, John Private E 42 Infantry Grand Rapids
Grilley, Henry Private I 8 Infantry Union Center
Grim, Nathan Private H 11 Infantry Sylvan
Grimm, Conrad Private -- 2 Battery Muscoda
Grimm, Geo. Private F 31 Infantry Plainfield
Grimm, John Private G 5 Infantry Stevens Point
Grimmer, F. E. Musician -- 12 Infantry Mauston
Grimmer, Frederick Private B 45 Infantry South Kaukauna
Grindell, John 1st Lieut A 41 Infantry Platteville
Grindell, W. F. Corporal A 41 Infantry Platteville
Grinfield, Gorman Private A 8 Infantry Porter's Mills
Grinnell, Jas. Private G 31 Infantry Monroe
Grinnell, Wm. H. Private F 35 Infantry Beloit
Grinsteadt, Ole Corporal C 12 Infantry Perry
Grist, Thomas H. Corporal A 7 Infantry Hayward
Griswold, C.E. Private I 49 Infantry Tomah
Griswold, E. N. Q. M. Sergt. L & I 1 Cavalry Valley Junction
Gritzmacher, William Private C 5 Infantry Milwaukee
Groat, E. M. Sergeant D 39 Infantry Waterford
Groat, F. J. Private B 12 Infantry Ironton
Groat, Fred O. Private A 22 Infantry Gravesville
Groat, Robert S. Corporal A 43 Infantry Rock Elm
Groat, Simon P. Private B 1 Heavy Art. Rock Elm
Grochowsky, Charles Private I 1 Infantry Monroe
Grochowsky, Charles Sergeant K 26 Infantry Monroe
Groelle, Gotfried Private A 3 Infantry Unity
Grof, Wm. Private E 26 Infantry Menomonee Falls
Grogen, Peter Private G 42 Infantry Green Bay
Groh, Peter Private G 1 Infantry Meeme
Grokowsky, Fred Private H 45 Infantry Milwaukee
Groll, William Private A 51 Infantry Manitowoe
Gronert, Michael Private C 43 Infantry Eastman
Groone, Elijah Private C 25 Infantry Boscobel
Groose, Chas. Private B 34 Infantry Concord
Groose, Frederick Private F 5 Infantry Plainfield
Gropp, Henry Corporal H 26 Infantry Marshfield
Groshong, Wm. Private C 15 Infantry Milwaukee
Grordzinsky, Franz Private D 9 Infantry Milwaukee
Grosnickal, P. Private C 27 Infantry Green Bay
Gross, Charles Private I 9 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Gross, Geo. Private B 2 Infantry Millston
Gross, John Private C 19 Infantry National Home
Gross, John L. Private E 26 Infantry Durham
Gross, Joseph Private -- 2 Battery Potosi
Gross, Wm. H. Private B 41 Infantry Knapp
Grossman, August Private A 47 Infantry Dale
Grostnek, August Corporal B 9 Infantry Manitowoe
Grote, Henry Corporal A 19 Infantry Reedsburg
Grotendorst, Herman Sergeant D 1 Cavalry Oconto
Grotophorst, Dietrich Private E 40 Infantry Prairie du Sac
Grover, E. A. Private -- 6 Battery La Valle
Grover, Henry C. Private M 2 Cavalry Loyd
Grover, I. Private B 32 Infantry Pardeeville
Grover, Sanford Corporal K 24 Infantry South Milwaukee
Groves, Chas. Private B 44 Infantry Milwaukee
Groves, I. N. Private F 8 Infantry Springville
Groves, John S. Private B 50 Infantry Viroqua
Groves, Joshua S. Private F 8 Infantry Ross
Groves, Samuel Private B 20 Infantry Muscoda
Grovesbeck, Lewis Private F 8 Infantry Sparta
Grube, Henry Private D 52 Infantry Hika
Gruber, N. Private G 10 Infantry Black River Falls
Gruener, Herman Private A 32 Infantry New London
Gruenwald, Fred Bugler -- 12 Battery Menasha
Gruett, Henry Private K 6 Infantry Potter
Gruetzmacher, Carl Private -- -- Perm. Party Manitowoe
Grumilich, Joseph Private B 46 Infantry Stevens Point
Grund, Andrew Private I 13 & 15 Infantry Pepin
Grund, John Private B 52 Infantry Hartford
Grunder, Hans O. Sergeant C 12 Infantry Perry
Grunder, Martin O. Private C 12 Infantry Perry
Grunderson, C. A. Private A 23 Infantry Whitewater
Grundke, John Private B 26 Infantry Cedarburg
Grundy, Jos. Corporal H 49 Infantry Janesville
Grunert, Henry Private B 44 Infantry Watertown
Grunert, Maurice F. Corporal D 21 Infantry Stephensville
Grunewald, John Private K 28 Infantry Waterford
Grunning, James H. 1st Sergeant K 40 Infantry Mazomanie
Grunshaw, Henry Private F 35 Infantry Ironton
Grupe, August Corporal B 9 Infantry Sheboygan
Grupp, Gustave A. Private F 17 Infantry Dousman
Guckinberger, S. Private C 26 Infantry South Milwaukee
Guensay, A. H. Surgeon -- 2 Cavalry Amherst
Guenther, John H. Corporal G 26 Infantry Theresa
Guess, Oliver Private G 20 Infantry Sabin
Guest, Milton C. Corporal B 36 Infantry Rock Elm
Guethlein, John Private B 28 Infantry Madison
Guettle, Albert Private H 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Guetzkow, Henry Private -- 4 Battery Tess Corners
Guetzlaff, John, Sr. Private K 17 Infantry Watertown
Gugler, Godfrey Private G 24 Infantry Cashton
Guimer, Anton Private I & D 27 Infantry Oconto
Guipe, John Private E 17 Infantry New Cassel
Guitze, H. Private I 50 Infantry Wauzeka
Gujer, Gottlieb Private G 6 Infantry Kilbourn
Gulbrandson, Hans Private E 18 Infantry Martell
Gulick, Gilbert H. Private D 34 Infantry Kenosha
Gulickson, Ole Private I 5 Infantry Colfax
Gulikson, August Private E & C 18 & 34 Infantry Rube
Gull, Noyes Private C 4 Cavalry Burlington
Gulley, James Private C 2 Cavalry Brodtville
Gullickson, Ole Private F 32 Infantry Sawyer
Gulliford, C. W. Private B 12 Infantry Reedsburg
Gulliford, Wm. Private C 20 Infantry Cumberland
Gumbert, Dan'l Private K 51 Infantry West Superior
Gumbert, Jerry Private H 51 Infantry Gilmanton
Gumm, Peter Private D 4 Cavalry Jackson
Gunderman, Jacob Private A 28 Infantry Wauwatosa
Gunderson, Bendik Private K 50 Infantry Mount Sterling
Gunderson, Erland Private D 47 Infantry Scandinavia
Gunderson, Knut Private A 42 Infantry Iola
Gunderson, O. Private C 49 Infantry Richmond
Gunderson, Ole Private B 6 Infantry New Richmond
Gunderson, Ole Private C 49 Infantry Arena
Gunderson, Swin Private D 48 Infantry National Home
Gunderson, Thomas Private D 47 Infantry Iola
Gunderson, Torbjen Private B 17 Infantry Amherst
Gundlach, Fred Private K 45 Infantry Menomonie
Gundry, Richard Private I 2 Infantry Wauwatosa
Gundy, Daniel Private -- 5 Battery National Home
Gundy, Richard Private I 4 Cavalry National Home
Guner, Edward Surgeon -- 47 Infantry Spring Green
Gunkle, Conrad 1st Lieut A 7 Infantry Chippewa Falls
Gunlach, Jacob Sergeant E 16 Infantry Platteville
Gunn, Abraham Sergeant E 11 Infantry La Crosse
Gunning, John W. Bugler -- 4 Cavalry Friendship
Gunter, Wm. Private G 43 Infantry Union Grove
Gunther, John Private K 45 Infantry Dane,
Guntley, John B Private K 2 Infantry Elmore
Gurley, J. S. Private G 21 Infantry Waupaca
Gurnee, B. M. Private F 43 Infantry Stephensville
Gurnee, W. T. Saddler -- 1 Cavalry Appleton
Gurnsey, Frank M. Captain E 32 Infantry Clintonville
Guscett, Ferdinand Private D 1 Heavy Art. Genoa
Gusst, S. S. Private I 34 Infantry Ellsworth
Gustin, J. H. Private B 35 Infantry Oasis
Gustin, R. M. Private G 30 Infantry Wautoma
Guswold, Jacob Private A 48 Infantry Omro
Gutchemoreiter, Jno. Private B 34 Infantry West Bend
Guth, Lorenzo, Jr. Private -- 17 Infantry Ackerville
Gutheil, L. Corporal A 9 Infantry Nekoosa
Gutherie, J. L. Private G -- Berdan's S. S. Oakdale
Gutman, Peter Private D 26 Infantry National Home
Gutschow, Fred Private K 11 Infantry Potter
Guttman, Carl Private B 19 Infantry Racine
Gutzman, Wm. Private A 17 Infantry Jackson
Guyon, Paul Private -- 3 Battery Chippewa Falls
Gwardzwiski, F. Private D 9 Infantry National Home
Gyler, John E. Private A 4 Cavalry National Home



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