Enumeration of the Soldiers of the Late War
Who Served in Organizations of Other States and Reported by the
Enumerators as Residing in Wisconsin on June 20, 1895.

* All names of soldiers returned by the enumerators with the company, regiment or state omitted, will be found in this list.

transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Susan Geist, Rhonda Hill, Tammy Clark, Mary Saggio, Veneta McKinney, Heather Turner







Babbatz, William Private B 12 Indiana Stoddard
Babbitt, Sylvester Private F 13 Illinois Cav. Beloit
Babcock, A. H. Private F 19 Maine Mills Center
Babcock, Chas. Private H 10 Pennsylvania Chetek
Babcock, G. C. 1st. Lieut. K 27 Iowa Clinton
Babcock, O. Private G 9 New York Cav. Unity
Babcock, Valentine Private E 157 New York   Manchester
Babson, Wash. Private E 25 Maine National Home
Baby, Alex. J. Private G 1 New York National Home
Bache, Chas. Private D 100 New York National Home
Backus, A. J. Sergeant B 24 New York Baldwin
Backus, A. J. Lieutenant D 184    
Bacon, Chris Private B 50 New York Blaine
Bacon, E. R. Private D 37 Iowa New Lisbon
Bacon, Jas. F. Private I 84 Illinois   National Home
Bacon, Nelson Private 141 New York Burke
Baer, George Private E 73 Illinois Thiensville
Bagley, C. 1st. Lieut. L 1 Illinois H. A. Oconto Falls
Bagley, George Private D 16 Maine Eau Claire
Bailey, A. F. Sergeant 9 Illinois Cav. Waupaca
Bailey, Charles Private H 191 Ohio Hersey
Bailey, Franklin Private E 3 Indiana Durand
Bailey, John Private D 151 Ohio El Salem
Bailey, John Private H 38 Ohio Richland Center
Bailey, L. S. 2d. Lieut. F 112 New York Oconto
Bailey, Mead. Private F 19 Michigan Elmand
Bailey, Pat. Private C 64 Illinois National Home
Bailey, Robt. L. Private G 8 New York Cav. Plover
Bailey, W. F. Captain K 95 New York Eau Claire
Bailey, Wallace W. Private D 6 Iowa Cav. La Crosse
Bailey, William C. Corporal C 12 Maryland Oshkosh
Rainder, Rob. Private B 27 Iowa National Home
Baine, Rob. E. Private K 40 New York National Home
Baines, A. S. -- -- -- -- Prairie du Chien
Baird, And. Private E 19 Illinois National Home
Baird, Jacob W. Private K 11 Minnesota Ross
Baise, Fred Private L 6 Kentucky National Home
Bake, Ole Private -- 16 Illinois Mendota
Baker, Alb. Private K 2 New York National Home
Baker, Albert P. Private H 184 New York Beaver Dam
Baker, Deloss Sergeant F H. I. B. T. Cav. Minn. Diamond Bluff
Baker, Elijah Q. M. Sergt. -- 47 New York National Home
Baker, Geo. Private -- -- -- Stockbridge
Baker, George Private K 23 New York Harshaw
Baker, Geo. C. Private B 89 New York Soldiers' Grove
Baker, Gustave Private I 14 New York Cadott
Baker, H. D. Private F 4 New York Waupun
Baker, H. J. Private D 12 Michigan National Home
Baker, Havilla D. Private F 4 N. Y. H. Art. Portage
Baker, Henry Private F 145 Pennsylvania Clam Falls
Baker, Henry Private C 101 Pennsylvania Tell
Baker, J. I. Major -- 1 D. C. Cav. St Croix Falls
Baker, James Private H 39 Kentucky Ludington
Baker, Jas. H. Private I 1 Maryland National Home
Baker, James H. Private K 3 Iowa Avalanche
Baker, Jas. T. Private 21 Illinois National Home
Baker, Jos. Private M 3 Michigan National Home
Baker, Ole Private -- -- Illinois Plainfield
Baker, Thomas Sergeant D 22 N. York Cav. Hayton
Balch, J. M. Private H -- N. Hampshire Eau Claire
Baldridge, William Private B 90 Illinois Hazel Green
Baldwin, Alex. Private -- 2 Minn. Batt. Shell Lake
Baldwin, Andrew Sergeant F 6 Iowa Viroqua
Baldwin, Geo. A. 1st. Lieut. K 8 Maine Oconto
Baldwin, N. M. Private B 130 Indiana Ontario
Baldwin, Josiah Private K 2 Vermont Unity
Baldwin, Philander R. Private L 22 New York Cav. Lime Ridge
Baleman, S. G. Private K 127 Illinois Ellsworth
Ball, Chas. H. Private D 20 Indiana National Home
Ball, H. W. Corporal B 126 Ohio Madison
Ball, Theo. Private B 145 Illinois Milwaukee
Ballard, H. B. Private B 146 New York Chippewa Falls
Ballard, J. A. Sergeant B 17 Maine La Crosse
Ballard, J. A. 1st. Sergeant E 1 Maine H. A. La Crosse
Ballow, Weston Private H 4 N. Hampshire Wauwatosa
Balsley, E. R. Musician 6 New York Fayetteville
Balthaser, Conrad Private 106 Ohio National Home
Balts, Wm. Private M 8 Illinois Chippewa Falls
Baltus, Michael Private D 12 Illinois Auburndale
Balyea, Frank M. Private B & C 21 & 27 New York Minocqua
Bamart, Thos. Private I 3 New York Cav. Saxon
Bamberg, William Private I 89 Illinois La Crosse
Bancroft, F. Corporal F 1 Vermont Cav. Sparta
Bancroft, Joel B. Private E 14 New York Gravesville
Bander, G. W. Private G 13 & 35 New York Cav. Menasha
Baney, Lewis Private E 5 Iowa Cav. Big Patch
Banfill, Geo. M. Sergeant E 10 Michigan Turtle Lake
Banghman, F. S. Private C 8 Ohio National Home
Bangs, H. M. Private E 147 Illinois Twin Grove
Banker, Charles Private -- -- Ind. N. Y. Bat. Wis Vet Home
Banks, D. G. Private G 1 Conn. H. Art. Kilbourn
Banner, William E. Private A 8 Delaware El Salem
Banta, John C. Private M 12 Illinois Cav. Abrams
Banty, John C. Private A 14 Iowa   El Salem
Barbe, Louis Private B   2 Pennsylvania National Home
Barber, Albert W. Sergeant D 93 New York Suamico
Barber, Cyrus 1st. Sergeant L 1 Ark. Cav. Verona
Barber, O. E. Private H 9 Minnesota Hancock
Barber, S. J. Private D 127 Illinois Shullsburg
Barber, Solon Private F 106 New York Augusta
Barlow, Horace. Private C 12 Vermont   Hudson
Barlow, S. W.  Private K 153 Illinois Greeleaf
Barnard, E. C. Corporal K 150 Ohio Whitewater
Barnard, H. J. Sergeant K 5 New York Art. Beloit
Barnard, Jos. Private B 93 New York National Home
Barner, C. L. Hosp. Stew. -- 15 Connecticut Racine
Barnes, Caleb A. Private H 92 New York Milwaukee
Barnes, J. H. Private G 7 Minnesota  Hager City
Barnes, Wm. C. Private H & F 23 Ohio Eau Claire
Barnes, Jerome Private K 86 New York National Home
Barnett, Alfred M. Private E 83 Pennsylvania Omro
Barnard, Jerome. Private E 191 Pennsylvania Coloma Station
Barney, James Private H 20 New York Cav. Brookside
Barney, Martin H. Private K 10 Vermont Cumberland
Barney, Wm. Sergeant H 33 Mas'chusetts Soldiers' Grove
Barker, John A. Private H 34 New York Nelson
Barker, J. M. Private I 1 N. Y. Drag'us Lake Geneva
Barker, W. L. Private G 10 Missouri Black Earth
Barkley, D. F. S. Private G 9 Indiana Boscobel
Barkman, John W. Private K 1 New Jersey National Home
Barnsdorf, Conrad Private -- 13 New York Bat. Plum City
Baron, Amos Corporal H 13 New Jersey Baraboo
Barr, E. L. Private G 141 New York West Superior
Barr, James H. 1st. Sergeant B 4 Illinois Cav. Oshkosh
Barrett, D. W. -- -- -- -- East Farmington
Barrett, Rev. F. F. Chaplain C 137 Illinois Prairie du Sac
Barrett, James Private K 139 New York Unity
Barrett, John Private B -- -- Arcadia
Barrick, F. W. Private C 141 Illinois Wiota
Barron, Joseph Private I 5 Illinois Milwaukee
Barry, Geo. A. Private E -- Indiana Art.  Eau Claire
Barry, Geo. D. Private D 27 Michigan National Home
Barry, Jas. Private B 1 California National Home
Barry, Jas. M. Private D 4 Illinois National Home
Barry, M. F. Private H 1 N. York L. A. Hammond
Barry, Mich. Private D 47 New York National Home
Barth, Wm. Private G 29 New York National Home
Barthol, Theo. Private K 155 New York National Home
Bartholomew, A. J. Private B 4 California Boscobel
Barthum, Wm. Private G 14 Illinois National Home
Bartlett, C. A. Sergeant G 1 Vermont La Crosse
Bartlett, H. C. Private B 6 Maine Bat. Galesville
Bartlett, R. M. Private D 45 Ohio Eau Galle
Bartlett, Wm. K. Private H 134 Illinois National Home
Bartley, Patrick Private G 5 Missouri Cav. Bloomington
Barton, A. J. Private 8 Missouri National Home
Bartow, Isaac Private F 74 Indiana Barron
Bartow, Ed. Private A 24 Ohio Bell Center
Barstow, Benjamin Private I 12 Illinois Cav. Hollendale
Bashaw, Joseph Private I 60 New York Arkansaw
Bashaw, Peter Private I 60 New York Arkansaw
Bashford, E. Private I 12 Indiana Edson
Basse, Wm. Hosp. Stew. -- 2 Missouri. National Home
Bassett, E. Private B 8 Illinois Cav. Rice Lake
Bassett, John Private H 15 Illinois National Home
Bassindale, Geo. Private A 156 Illinois Racine
Bassler, And. Private K 8 Illinois National Home
Bastin, E. J. Private G 98 New York Manawa
Bastine, D. C. Private E 106 New York Menomonie
Batchelder, W. N. Corporal I 112 New York La Crosse
Batcheldor, Arestes Private D 123 New York Marinette
Bates, Abner Private A 67 New York Amery
Bates, Wm. Private B 27 Iowa. Ferryville
Battermann, John C. Private G 100 Illinois Milwaukee
Battiese, John Private E 67 Illinois Fairwater
Bauberber, Miles Private L 1 Illinois Cav. National Home
Bauer, John Private F 1 California National Home
Bauerfiend, Henry Private G 193 New York Shawano
Baumann, John Private H 67 Missouri Oshkosh
Baumann, Geo. 2d. Off. G 98 Pennsylvania Milwaukee
Baumank, Henry Private A 302 Illinois National Home
Baumgaertner, Aloil Private A 37 Ohio National Home
Baumgartner, Adam Private B 202 Pennsylvania National Home
Baxter, Ira Private G 53 Pennsylvania Emerald
Baxter, J. B. Captain F 45 Illinois Eidsvold
Baxter, L. A. Private M 1 Iowa Columbia
Baxter, Leslie F Private F 45 Illinois Brule
Baxter, Milo Private I 21 Michigan Hammond
Baxter, Ralph A. Private K 53 Illinois Brule
Baxter, Wm. Private B 48 Indiana National Home
Bayless, Wm. Private C 1 W. Virginia National Home
Beach, Alfrord Private G 23 Michigan Wausaukee
Beach, Geo. R. Private I 54 Illinois Wauwatosa
Beach, Geo. J. Private A 1 Michigan Suamico
Beach, Geo. R. Private I 4 Illinois National Home
Beach, Geo. S. Private I 54 Illinois Wauwatosa
Beach, Orange A. Private C 90 New York Windsor
Beach, W. H. Lieutenant B 1 N. Y. Cavalry Beloit
Beach, Wm. Private C 90 Illinois National Home
Beadell, Henry Sergeant C 21 Iowa Fairfield
Beadlester, Charles Private H 30 Illinois Waupaca
Beal, Henry Private G 2 Dis. Col. Hayward
Beal, Thomas 2d. Lieut. B 17 New York Hancock
Beal, Wm. Private I 88 Illinois Bay View
Beals, Dudley W. Private F 34 Ohio National Home
Beals, Henry L. Private I 5 N. Y. H. Art. Ashland
Beals, Mich. Private E 3 Mas'chusetts National Home
Beam, Lewis Private -- 5 N. Y. Battery Beaver Dam
Bean, Peter S. Private D 6 Iowa Cavalry Cadott
Beander, D. B. Corporal D 22 Illinois Abrams
Bear, Alb. B. Private F 163 Pennsylvania Milwaukee
Bear, Daniel Private C 142 Indiana Wausau
Bear, John M. Sergeant H 120 Ohio Appleton
Bear, John M. 1st. Lieut. K 114    
Bear, John M. Captain E 48    
Beard, C. M. Private E 1 Nevada Elroy
Beard, Reuben A. Private C 124 Illinois National Home
Beaty, Jesse Private D 185 Ohio Woodstock
Beaty, Marion Private G 174 Ohio West Lima
Beaty, S. Private H 36 Pennsylvania Maiden Rock
Bechaud, A. R. Private A 11 Michigan Jefferson
Bechaud, Adolph G. Captain B 13 Illinois Fond du Lac
Bechaud, John B. Private D 1 Michigan Fond du Lac
Bechtel, John Private G 5 Missouri Cav. Wauwatosa
Bechtol, Andrew Private I 76 Pennsylvania Browntown
Beck, Christ Private E 1 Missouri National Home
Beck, Fred Private C 20 New York Glenbeulah
Beck, John Private G 4 Missouri Milwaukee
Becker, Chas. Private A 8 New York National Home
Becker, Dan. Private A 49 Illinois National Home
Becker, Ernst Private D 82 Illinois National Home
Becker, John Private B 7 New York National Home
Becker, Lawrence Private -- 2 Ohio National Home
Becker, Mich. Private M 10 Mich. Cav National Home
Beckett, E. Private E 4 Ark. Cav. Janesville
Beckner, Levi L. Private E 152 Indiana Hastings
Beckwith, A. C. Corporal -- 1 Iowa Lt. Bat. Elkhorn
Beckwith, John C. Captain D 187 New York Barron
Becroft, Jake Private C -- -- Marquette
Bedell, Chas. Artificer -- 9 Ohio Battery Beloit
Bedeman, Louis Private G 52 Illinois Chase
Bedford, Jos., Jr. Private A 61 Mas'chusetts Reedsburg
Beebe, D. C. Surgeon -- 4 N. Y. Cavalry Sparta
Beebe, Jefferson D. Private M 10 N. Y. H. A. Fontana
Beebe, John Private K 12 Indiana Wausau
Beebe, L. B. Private G 2 Ill. Lt. Art. Evansville
Beebe, Oscar Private A 18 Iowa Arkansaw
Beecher, Theo. Private I 8 Iowa National Home
Beemokes, John Private H 27 Illinois Waupun
Beeman, John Private D 83 Pennsylvania Trempealeau
Beers, Freeman Private G 7 Minnesota Spooner
Behland, Adam Private G 6 Missouri National Home
Behrens, Gustaff Private H 20 New York Lyndon Station
Beidelman, John Private -- 2 Pa. Cavalry Janesville
Beidelman, Wallace Private K 49 Ohio Edson
Beier, William Private -- -- -- Rush Lake
Bejorkmann, Peter Private A -- Minn. Irreg. Marshland
Belcher, C. H. Private B 10 N. Y. H. A. Wilton
Belden, N. S. Private I 1 Minnesota Durand
Belknap, Lewis H. Private H 76 New York Wonewoc

Bell, A. H. Private F 5 Minnesota La Pointe
Bell, Earl Private D 11 Michigan Glidden
Bell, Emery S. Private H 2 Illinois National Home
Bell, Freeman F. Sergeant -- 23 Indiana Bat.  Mt Sterling
Bell, George Private G 1 Ill. Lt. Batty. Waterloo
Bell, Henry Private K 7 New York Sparta
Bell, James I Private F 57 Pennsylvania Eau Claire
Bell, Robert Sergeant A 12 New York Racine
Bell, Stephen Private G 1 Michigan Johnsburg
Bellows, Albert D. Private A 110 New York Mt Sterling
Bement, B. S. Private -- -- Michigan Kilbourn
Bemis, E. E. Private E 1 Mass. Bat. Oshkosh
Bemway, Geo. Private G 2 Mass. Cav. Waupun
Bender, E. W. Private C 35 Iowa Ableman
Benedict, A. Private C 25 New York National Home
Benerman, Fred Private K 5 Michigan National Home
Benjamin, Andrew Private L 5 Minnesota Shell Lake
Benjamin, Ava Private B 2 Ohio Sparta
Benjamin, E. J. Private H 2 Minnesota Birnamwood
Benjamin, Edw. W. Private E 37 Illinois National Home
Benner, Ferd Private A 9 Pennsylvania National Home
Bennett, A. C. Private I 1 Minn. H. Art. Clear Lake
Bennett, A. F. Private E 104 New York Mauston
Beunett, Alf Private B 14 Indiana National Home
Bennett, Allen Private B 153 Illinois Janesville
Bennett, B. B. Private F 17 Illinois Cav. South Wayne
Bennett, Coleman Private F -- Minn. Cav. & 4 Ind. Bat. Cumberland
Bennett, D. C. Sergeant A 3 Ohio Art. Curry
Bennett, Edward F. Private B 2 Maine   Chippewa Falls
Bennett, Geo. Private B 61 Pennsylvania De Pere
Bennett, Jesse Private G 27 Michigan National Home
Bennett, K. B. Private F 6 Maine Dallas
Bennett, M. L. Private K 92 Illinois South Wayne
Bennett, Mason S. Private G 82 Pennsylvania Hatchville
Bennett, Theo. Private L 10 N. Y. Cav. Milton
Bensler, Jac. Private D 4 Michigan National Home
Benson, Amos H. Private G 16 New York National Home
Benson, Fred Private G 13 New York National Home
Bent, Amos P. Private E 16 Mas'chusetts National Home
Bentley, Chas. Private K 91 New York Appleton
Bentley, George -- -- -- Kentucky Green Bay
Bentley, S. Private -- 1 N. Y. Vet. Cav. Plainfield
Benton, Solomon Private C 26 Iowa Arkansaw
Benz, Benjamin Private D 73 Indiana Hatchville
Bentz, Rudolph Private G 140 New York Appleton
Benzie, A. R. Q. M. Sergt. A 1 Col. Cav. Sparta
Berendt, John Private E 15 Missouri National Home
Berens, R. H. Private F 1 Minnesota River Falls
Berg, John A. Private K 4 New Hamp. National Home
Berger, Chas. Private F 9 Ohio National Home
Berger, Dav. Private A 25 Michigan National Home
Berghend, Olof Musician D 48 Indiana Darlington
Beringham, F. M. C. Private C 1 New York Woodville
Berkhardt, Gottfried Private H 1 Minnesota Menomonie
Bernard, Chas., Sr. -- H 2 New York Art. Madison
Bernhart, S. H. Private E 74 Indiana Appleton
Bernicer, Frank Private A 5 Minnesota Bay City
Berrell, Wm. Private D 2 N. Y. H. Art. Janesville
Berry, C. H. Private H 16 New York La Crosse
Berry, H. Private B 36 Indiana Union
Berry, H. Private A 8 Indiana  
Berry, John S. Private A 21 Michigan National Home
Berryman, A. R. Private I 95 Illinois National Home
Berrie, William Private E 56 Illinois Green Bay
Bertand, J. B. Private H 1 Minnesota Mather
Bertin, Edw. Private G 95 New York National Home
Bertrand, Isaac C. Private D 7 Minnesota Mather
Besaw, Henry Private G 84 New York New London
Besaw, Oliver Corporal C 35 Indiana Bear Creek
Best, J. N. Private D 10 Ohio Downing
Best, S. F. Private A 2 Kansas Connorsville
Beth, John Private K 24 Illinois Green Bay
Betts, Charles Private G 4 Iowa Spring Valley
Betts, Theodore Private H 1 Mich. Cav La Crosse
Bevins, Chas. F. Private H 25 Connecticut National Home
Beyer, Peter Private D 13 Illinois National Home
Beyries, Chas Private B 46 New York Dorchester
Bgerstedt, Chas. Private G 4 Minnesota River Falls
Bice, Asher Private G 134 New York Berlin
Bickardike, Richard Private H 73 Illinois Balsam Lake
Bickford, M. L. Private C 2 Minnesota Grantsburg
Bidwell, Geo. Private F 16 Iowa Evansville
Bidwell, T. H. Private B 24 New York Janesville
Bidwell, V. A. Private K 3 Minnesota Adams Center
Bierbaum, J. H. H. Private E 85 Missouri Cecil
Bigger, M. A. Private H 4 Iowa Cav. Merrillan
Bigger, Thomas Engineer -- -- Iowa Chetek
Bigley, John Private A 4 Pennsylvania Soldiers' Grove
Bigley, John   H 8    
Bigley, Miles Private F 46 Pennsylvania Marshfield
Bill, A. W. Hospit'l Stew. -- 66 Illinois Milwaukee
Billiard, James Private I 11 Indiana Victory
Billig, C. V. Private G 145 Pennsylvania Fennimore
Billings, Dan. E. Private B 1 Michigan National Home
Billings, Geo. Private A 6 N. Y. H. A. Edgerton
Billings, Isaac Private 28 Connecticut Beaver Dam
Billings, John Private C 19 Illinois National Home
Bingenheimer, Val. Private H 104 Illinois Fond du Lac
Bingham, Chas. H. Private D 94 Illinois Nekoosa
Bingham, Wm. Private C 2 Minnesota Beloit
Birchard, Nathan E. Corporal I 171 Ohio Boscobel
Bird, Sam. W. Adjutant -- 35 Illinois Horicon
Birmingham, Pat. Private E 2 Connecticut National Home
Birmingham, Solomon Private K 19 New York Sturgeon Bay
Birth, Jas. Private K 2 Kentucky National Home
Bishm, Peter Private I 29 Michigan Sturgeon Bay
Bishop, Geo. Private B 5 Michigan National Home
Bishop, H. D. Private G 136 New York Beloit
Bishop, Jonathan Private E 83 Pennsylvania Bracklin
Bissell, Leonard C. Private A 19 Connecticut Fond du Lac
Bixby, H. L. Lieutenant D 9 Maine Star Prairie
Bixby, W. H. Private K 5 Vermont Eau Claire
Bixby, W. H. Corporal F 9    
Bixler, Moses Private I 1 Minnesota Baldwin
Black, Edgar B. Private I 18 Mass. Cav. National Home
Black, James 2d. Lieut. A 2 West. Va. Suamico
Black, James D. Sergeant H 34 Illinois Racine
Black, John Private E 24 Michigan Racine
Black, John D. Private F 127 New York National Home
Black, M. E. Private K 9 Iowa National Home
Black, R. L. Corporal H 179 New York Gilmanton
Black, Samuel Captain C 85 Illinois Menomonie
Black, Wm. Private D 30 Indiana Lynxville
Black, Wm. N. Private G -- Mississippi Prairie du Chien
Blackburn, D. W. Private I 54 Indiana Hillsdale
Blackburn, John T. Sergeant I 1 Minnesota Shall Lake
Blads, Henry -- -- -- -- Antigo
Blahn, Pat. Private I 153 Illinois National Home
Blam, Stephen Private B 23 Illinois Rutland
Blair, William W. Private A 1 Iowa Cav. Wis Vet Home
Blaisdell, J. C. Private B 31 Mas'chusetts. South Wayne
Blaisdell, W. E. Private B 31 Mas'chusetts. South Wayne
Blake, Jas. Private H 13 New York National Home
Blake, Josiah Private D 9 Illinois Evansville
Blake, Phil. 1st. Sergeant L 14 N. Y. H. A. Oshkosh
Blake, Thos. Private K 9 Illinois National Home
Blakely, Caleb T. Private E 79 New York Janesville
Blakely, J. M. Private K 20 Ohio Boyceville
Blakely, N. L. Private C 145 Pennsylvania Boyceville
Blakeslee, W. W. Private B 77 Illinois New Lisbon
Blakestee, Newton Private B 85 Ohio Milwaukee
Blanberg, Claus. Private G 2 New York West Superior
Blanchard, Bradford Private E 24 Michigan Boardman
Blanchet, C. S. Private D 113 Illinois Baraboo
Blank, Michael Private L 25 New York Milwaukee
Blankart, Peter Private E 21 Pennsylvania National Home
Blase, Wm. F. Private E 13 Ohio National Home
Blasingham, Thomas A. Private D 73 Indiana Barron
Blatchly, Orin H. Private B 102 New York Camp Douglas
Bleekman, E. A. Private A 2 Ohio La Crosse
Blick, Nicholas Private D 58 Illinois Belgium
Blinn, Wm. H. Private C 9 New York Antigo
Bliss, E. O. Private I 15 Illinois Columbia
Bliss, John Private K 20 Indiana Hatchville
Bliss, M. N. Sergeant I 77 New York Baraboo
Bliss, Oliver Private D 12 Illinois Brodhead
Block, O. W. Captain F 24 Illinois Oconto
Block, Sevdore Private K 16 Michigan National Home
Blockmer, Horatio Private A 145 Ohio Pound
Bloemen, John Private G 17 New York Downsville
Blodgett, L. M. Private C 72 Illinois Taylor
Blodgett, W. H. Private B 5 Minnesota Whitehall
Blome, Edward Private A Fremont's Guards, Mo. Sheboygan
Blood, G. P. Private H 139 Illinois Downing
Bloom, Fred Private D 90 Illinois National Home
Bloom, Jas. W. Private B 1 Illinois National Home
Bloomer, Andrew J. Private I 3 Michigan Omro
Blowers, Theo. Private H 83 Pennsylvania National Home
Blue, J. J. Private C 134 Ohio Ettrick
Bluehdorn, Ernst Private A 3 Iowa   Theresa
Blum, Louis Private F 82 Illinois National Home
Blum, William Private D 5 Iowa Cav. Mishicott
Blunt, Jessie Private C 11 Maine Milwaukee
Boardman, N. Captain M 2 Missouri L. A. Fond du Lac
Boardman, Robt. D. Private -- 1 Minn. H. A. Hayward
Bocharet, August Private A 9 Illinois Eau Galle
Bock, John Private E 5 Missouri   Alma Center
Bock, Rud. Private -- 30 New York National Home
Bockhouse, W. F. Private H 200 Pennsylvania Mauston
Bodamer, And. Private D 106 Ohio National Home
Bode, Henry Private A 6 Missouri National Home
Bode, Joseph Private B 2 Mich. Art. Dickeyville
Bodenhaugen, Fred Private C 7 Illinois Wauwatosa
Boehuing, Ernst Private K 8 Louisiana Montello
Boesewetter, O. Private C 9 Illinois West Bend
Bogley, Dan. Private K 6 Maine Porter's Mills
Bogue, William Private E 65 Illinois Menomonee Falls
Bohlinger, Frank Private B 58 Indiana Montana
Bohn, Christopher Private C 6 Ohio Cav. Lime Ridge
Bohn, Peter Corporal G 9 Michigan Sheboygan Falls
Bolden, Samuel L. Private G 39 Indiana Ontario
Boldon, Eli. Private B 13 Indiana Ontario
Bolenbough, Sylvester Private C 11 Indiana National Home
Bolle, Fred Private M 9 Illinois Kenosha
Bolton, James Private K 1 Iowa Cav. Racine
Bolton, Wm. E. Private K 6 Michigan Granville Station
Bombach, Wm. Private G 4 V. R. C. National Home
Bombard, O. T. Private G 4 New York Excelsior
Bonafantus, Paul Private C 11 Maine Cadott
Bond, Rice F. Private E 24 Michigan National Home
Bone, Frederick Private K 3 New Jersey Middleton
Bonefeld, Cornelius -- -- -- --- Port Edwards
Bonhl, John H. Private G 127 Illinois National Home
Bonner, Francis Private K 71 Pennsylvania National Home
Booker, H. D. Private C 172 Ohio Waupun
Boomer, C. C. Private B 17 Michigan Tomah
Boone, Daniel L. Private D 44 Illinois Racine
Booth, Andrew J. Private B 151 Indiana Stevens Point
Booth, Palmer H. Private C 15 Indiana Taylor
Borchert, Herm. Corporal G 41 New York Milwaukee
Borden, B. B. Private -- 11 Penn. Cav. Plainfield
Borden, Genos I. (alias) Curvin, James Private B 40 New York Burnett Junc
Borden, Lysander Private G 1 Minnesota Columbus
Bordwell, W. W. Private K 74 Illinois Rice Lake
Boreen, Pete Corporal F 3 Minnesota Menomonie
Bort, A. N. Private -- 21 N. York Batt. Beloit
Bort, A. K. Sergeant B 12 Iowa Viroqua
Bosten, William Private D 51 Illinois Millville
Bostwick, C. M. Private H 60 New York Eau Claire
Bouldrie, M. Private F 25 Illinois Marshfield
Bounds, Nelson Corporal D 23 Michigan Taylor
Bourne, W. R. Captain K 44 New York Shell Lake
Boutelle, Daniel Private D 141 Illinois Genoa Junction
Boven, L. D. Private H 16 Vermont Fairchild
Bowan, Mich. Private B 9 Connecticut National Home
Bowchie, Joseph Private B 92 New York Suamico
Bowe, Seth A. Sergeant B 66 Ilinois S. S. Oshkosh
Bowel, A. J. Private D 73 Indiana Hatchville
Bowen, J. Private B 59 New York Edgerton
Bowen, Michael Corporal H 57 Massachus'ts Afton
Bower, J. F. Private H 8 Indiana Ellsworth
Bower, Oscar Private G 121 New York National Home
Bowers, Dav. Private H 72 Illinois National Home
Bowers, John Private F 28 Illinois Montfort
Bowman, T. O. Private E 18 Illinois Hudson
Bowman, Thomas Private E 18 Illinois Eau Claire
Bown, J. M. Private E 9 Michigan National Home
Bownan, Jos. J. Private D 41 Missouri National Home
Bowler, John Private E 1 Tenn. Bat. Waverly
Bowyer, Samuel Private F 141 Ohio Star
Boyce, John Private D 5 New York National Home
Boyd, Hugh Private H 3 Michigan National Home
Boyd, Jehiel N. Private C 6 Minnesota National Home
Boyd, R. K. Private F 6 Minnesota Eau Claire
Boyd, Thos. Private D 125 New York National Home
Boyd, Wm. Private I 31 New York National Home
Boyd, Wm. Private M 14 Illinois National Home
Boyden, Horatio W. Private E 61 Massachus'ts National Home
Boyden, W. H. Private H 2 Ohio. H. A. Ogdensburg
Boyell, Elias Private I 12 Indiana Montfort
Boyington, A. D. Private H 12 Illinois National Home
Boyle, Pat. Private D 2 Illinois Patch Grove
Braat, Wm. Private G 186 New York National Home
Brace, Hiram Private E 1 N. Y. Vet. Cav. Tigerton
Brace, L. A. Private K 28 New York Eau Claire
Bracey, Henry Private A 147 New York Appleton
Brackett, Henry C. Private -- -- Chi. Mer. Bat. National Home
Bradford, Oliver K. Private G 6 Mas'chusetts. National Home
Bradford, Robt. E. Sergeant -- 16 Ohio Chippewa Falls
Bradley, Geo. W. Private K 2 New York National Home
Bradley, Isaac Newton Private C 1 Minnesota Bradtville
Bradley, Sam. Private E 22 New York Spencer
Bradley, T. B. Private L 9 Penn. Cav. Beloit
Bradshaw, G. W. Private C 1 Illinois Burlington
Brady, Jas. Private B 1 Delaware National Home
Brady, Sylvester Private I 10 Mas'chus'ts Clintonville
Brady, Sylvester Sergt. Maj. K 128 New York  
Brady, Thos. Private E 153 Illinois National Home
Brady, Thos. Private A 71 New York National Home
Braeger, Aug. Private G 3 Heavy Art. Watertown
Bradford, S. S. Sergeant H 4 Mich. Cav. Durand
Bragg, Seneca S. Private B 120 New York National Home
Brainard, E. C. Private -- -- -- Prairie du Chien
Brainard, John Private E 152 New York Lone Rock
Brainerd, Sylvanus Private -- -- Ill. Bat. A. Delavan
Brainard, Thos. Private B 207 Pennsylvania Green Bay
Brainerd, Cartos M. Private A 118 New York Appleton
Bramer, Henry Private C 1 Missouri Bat. Hustisford
Brand, Y. R. Private H 122 New York Beloit
Brandt, Chas. Private K 1 New York National Home
Brandt, Joseph Private D 42 New York Milwaukee
Brassard, Eugene Private D 10 New York National Home
Braun, H. A. Corporal -- 32 Indiana Milwaukee
Braun, Wm. Private D 8 Illinois National Home
Braunen, Chas. Corporal F 12 Ky. H. Art. Fox Lake
Braunen, Michael P. Captain B 69 New York Milwaukee
Braunies, Franz Private F 2 Missouri National Home
Brayton, E. C. Sergeant B 44 New York Marquette
Breckinridge, D. M. Private H 148 Ohio Prairie du Chien
Breed, A. K. Lieut. Col. -- 15 Illinois St Louis
Breed, C. E. Sergeant H 16 Illinois Cav. Whitehall
Green, Peter Private F 1 California National Home
Breger, Nicolas Private A -- Minn. Bt. & Cv. Arcadia
Brendemnehl, Frank Private I 6 Minnesota Prescott
Brendge, N. Private D 8 Michigan Waupaca
Brennan, Nevins Private K 13 Illinois National Home
Brenneman, Sam. Private C 12 Pennsylvania Joel
Brenizer, W. H. Private A 174 Ohio Lime Ridge
Brenton, Sam. Private K 6 Indiana National Home
Bresdel, Ed. Corporal F 4 Ohio Cav. Sturgeon Bay
Bresland, Joseph Private G 5 New Hamp. National Home
Bressnahan, J. Private K 42 Illinois Oxford
Bresselow, Chas. Private B 3 New Jersey National Home
Bresuaham, John Private H 162 New York National Home
Bretung, A. A. -- -- -- -- Appleton
Brettz, J. A. Sergeant K 2 Minn. Cav. Dedham
Brewer, John M. Private F 27 Illinois National Home
Brewer, Lasalle C. Captain K 30 Michigan Evansville
Brewer, Peter Private I 2 New York Wis Vet Home
Brewer, Peter W. Q. M. E 2 Tennessee Albany
Brewer, Robt. N. Private B 147 Illinois Eau Claire
Brewster, Charles Private C 60 New York Rose Lawn
Brewster, Jas. Private K 33 Illinois National Home
Breyer, Clarence A. Private I 4 New Hamp. Cumberland
Brick, Pat. Private H 12 Illinois National Home
Brickner, Richard -- -- -- -- Plymouth
Brickwell, Joseph Private F -- Mo. Cav. Briggsville
Bridgeman, E. P. Private G 37 Mas'chusetts. Antigo
Briggs, A. Private E 10 Michigan Delton
Briggs, G. W. Corporal I 1 Penn. Cav. Gordon
Briggs, Geo. W. Private K 11 N. Y. Cav. Oshkosh
Briggs, Henry Private D 132 Illinois Eau Claire
Briggs, M. A. Private D 94 New York Valley Junction
Brigham, N. W. Private F 50 New York Reedstown
Bright, Allan Corporal E 17 Illinois Cav. Galesville
Bright, John T. Private I 13 Pennsylvania Knapp
Brightman, G. E. Corporal E 9 N. Y. Cav. Milton Junction
Brill, Wm. Private E 188 Ohio Berlin
Brimer, Ed. Private C 125 Ohio Menomonie
Brineman, Jacob Private C 13 Oh Unity
Bringer, Henry Private E 2 Missouri National Home
Brink, Charles Corporal K 9 Michigan Hartford
Bristols, John W. Private A 3 Iowa Portage
Bristol, W. T. Wagoner E 4 Michigan West Superior
Britell, Harry Private G 7 Minnesota Rock Elm
Brithan, John Private A 1 Michigan National Home
Brizzee, W. A. Private C 3 Mass. Lt. Art. La Crosse
Brizzee, Wm. A. Private B 27 Mas'chusetts. National Home
Brockay, Charles Private G 155 Indiana Fall City
Brockleff, Jos. Private M 1 Ohio National Home
Brockway, Sam. Private F 183 Pennsylvania National Home
Brodard, Jos. Private D 23 Illinois National Home
Brokaw, John H. Corporal G 155 Indiana St Croix Falls
Brolt, Albert Private B 83 Illinois Viroqua
Bromley, Aleck Private I 7 Mich. Cav. Clayton
Brond, Frank Private A 7 Ohio Iron Belt
Bronson, C. D. Captain I 153 Illinois Rhinelander
Bronson, Theo. W.  Private G 2 Pennsylvania National Home
Brooks, A. S. Private -- 2 Penn. Art. Reesburg
Brooks, Charles Private A 52 Ohio Rockton
Brooks, D. W. Private G 8 Iowa Eau Claire
Brooks, Dav. B. Private I 38 Mas'chusetts. National Home
Brooks, H. L. Private F 211 Pennsylvania Marshfield
Brotherton, R. W. Private D 14 N. Y. H. Art. Colby
Brotzmann, Sam'l Private F 107 Pennsylvania Urne
Brower, Andrew Private H 95 New York Kaukauna
Brower, Geo. W. Captain B 137 Indiana Tomahawk
Browes, A. Private D 115 Indiana Nekoosa
Brown, Alf. M. Private H 6 Pennsylvania National Home
Brown, B. S. Sergeant H 23 Ohio La Crosse
Brown, Benj. Private K 35 New York Bloomer
Brown, Benjamin F. Private K 185 New York Briarton
Brown, C. W. Sergeant K 14 Rhode Island Waukesha
Brown, Chas. Private K 7 New York National Home
Brown, Charles, Sr. Private M 3 New York Art. Richland City
Brown, Chas. E. Private E 15 Maine Janesville
Brown, Chancy Private G 23 New York National Home
Brown, E. Private A 174 Ohio Elroy
Brown, Edw. Private H 11 New York National Home
Brown, Edwin Private G 1 Minn. Art. Downsville
Brown, Edw. A. Private A 3 Pennsylvania National Home
Brown, Eli. Private H 13 Vermont Durand
Brown, Erastus L. Private B 38 Iowa Wis Vet Home
Brown, F. Private A 96 New York Omro
Brown, F. T. Captain E 11 Connecticut Chippewa Falls
Brown, Francis C. Private H 119 Pennsylvania National Home
Brown, Freeman Private F 4 Minnesota Ontario
Brown, G. R. Private D 81 New York Lookout
Brown, Geo. Private B 63 Illinois National Home
Brown, Geo. Private D 10 Illinois National Home
Brown, Geo. G. Private H 7 Kansas National Home
Brown, Geo. S. Private A -- Penn. L. A. National Home
Brown, George W. -- -- -- -- Neenah
Brown, H. C. Private D 19 New York Wilton
Brown, H. S. Private C 86 Illinois Milton
Brown, Henry A.  Private C 16 New York National Home
Brown, Henry L. Private A 167 Ohio Eagle
Brown, Homer Private B 10 Illinois Dobie
Brown, Isaac C. Private F 1 Pennsylvania National Home
Brown, Jac. Private C 1 Louisiana Milwaukee
Brown, Jessie Private M 14 Ill. Cavalry Bailey's Harbor
Brown, John Private E 10 Illinois National Home
Brown, John Private K 15 Kansas National Home
Brown, John Private D 46 Illinois Monroe
Brown, John Private A 16 Vermont Elkhorn
Brown, John Private D 15 Illinois Fish Creek
Brown, John M. Private K 6 Pennsylvania Abbotsford
Brown, John M. Private B 1 New Hamp. National Home
Brown, John W. Sergeant D 4 Virginia Viroqua
Brown, Jos. Private B 10 New York National Home
Brown, Jos. Private B 145 Pennsylvania Hancock
Brown, Joseph Private I 7 Ohio Cav. Ottervale
Brown, Joseph Wag. Mas. E 26 Illinois Cadott
Brown, Justice Private E 21 Mas'chusetts. Estella
Brown, Louis Private L 2 New Jersey National Home
Brown, Luther A. Private M 5 New York National Home
Brown, Lyman Private F 141 New York Delavan
Brown, Manly S. Private A 1 Maine Shall Lake
Brown, O. M. Private M 1 Michigan Unity
Brown, Peter Private B 24 Illinois Beaver Dam
Brown, Peter Private -- 17 Iowa National Home
Brown, S. C. Private H 55 Ohio St Croix Falls
Brown, S. R. Sergeant E 8 Maine Ludington
Brown, Thomas Private B 132 Indiana Wis Vet Home
Brown, Thomas   F 148 Indiana  
Brown, Thomas Private B 132 Indiana Kilbourn
Brown, Thomas A. Private C 2 N. Y. Cav. New Centerville
Brown, Vernam Private A 149 New York Coloma Station
Brown, Wm. Private E 1 Michigan National Home
Brown, Wm. Private C 44 Iowa New Lisbon
Brown, William Private A 95 Illinois Delavan
Brown, William P. 1st. Serg't D 18 Ohio Avalanche
Brown, Wright H. Private K 14 Vermont Lime Ridge
Brownell, Frank Private G 6 Iowa Racine
Brownell, Geo. Private F 16 New York Palmyra
Brownell, James C. Private -- -- Ind. Chi. Bat. Milwaukee
Brownell, L. S. Private G 112 New York Mauston
Brownell, Otis Private -- -- Chi. Mer. Bat. Milwaukee
Brownell, T. W. Private A 20 Michigan Hayes
Brownlee, C. H. Private E 45 Pennsylvania Mills
Brownlee, Jas. T. Sergeant F 6 Vermont Mondovi
Brows, Andre Private K 11 Maine Porter's Mills
Bruce, J. H. Lieutenant A 4 Kansas Darlington
Bruce, N. C. Private B 16 New York Shawano
Bruce, Robt. Private A 134 Pennsylvania National Home
Brucke, Ernst Private F 15 Missouri National Home
Bruin, John Corporal C 69 New York Sparta
Brum, Louis Private F 11 New Hamp. Amery
Brundage, Samuel -- -- 52 New York Evansville
Bruse, C. H. Private F 9 Iowa Darlington
Brust, Harry Private G 46 New Jersey Milwaukee
Bryan, J. R. Sergeant H 5 Minnesota Sparta
Bryand, Chas. D. Private D 7 Ohio Elmwood
Bryandt, B. F. Captain A 101 Ohio La Crosse
Bryant, J. H. Private C 16 Vermont Colby
Bryant, J. W. Artificer E 1 Penn. Bat. Buck Creek
Bryant, James A. Private K 43 Mas'chusetts. Wis Vet Home
Bryant, James A. Private I 60    
Bryant, W. F. Private -- -- Kansas Fond du Lac
Bryden, Thos. H. Private E 101 New York Milwaukee
Bryon, J. E. Private F 6 New Jersey Fall Creek
Bryson, James Private I 15 Illinois Darlington
Buchan, Edward Private G 153 Illinois Union Grove
Buchannan, Jas. Private G 10 New York National Home
Buchanan, Leroy H. Private D 66 Illinois Tomahawk
Buchanan, T. P. Private E 71 Illinois Beloit
Buchanan, Wm. Private B 53 Illinois Excelsior
Buchanan, W. R. Captain C 16 Ohio Barron
Bucher, Seb. Private B 15 Missouri National Home
Buchman, W. M. 1st. Lieut. F 12 Iowa La Crosse
Buck, E. P. Private E 1 Minnesota Grantsburg
Buck, Jos. Lieutenant G 5 Iowa Milwaukee
Buck, Jos. Private G 5 Iowa National Home
Buck, Wm. A. Private I 2 Michigan National Home
Buckalien, Chas. Private F 9 New Jersey Omro
Bucker, James Private -- 2 Maine Porter's Mills
Buckley, Ben. Private F 140 Pennsylvania National Home
Buckley, Jas. B. Private F 2 Louisiana National Home
Buckley, Jere. Private C 54 Indiana National Home
Buckley, John Private F 110 Pennsylvania National Home
Buckley, Pat. Private C 65 Illinois Milwaukee
Buckley, Pat. Private A 1 New York National Home
Buckley, Pat. Private I 8 Pennsylvania National Home
Buckmeinster, Chas. Private E 72 Illinois Kilbourn
Buckner, -- Private I 2 W. Va. Cav. La Crosse
Buell, Rodolphus Private D 98 New York La Crosse
Buerger, Casper Private H 104 New York Lomira
Buettner, Henry Private B 82 Illinois National Home
Bugbee, Carl Private D 14 Vermont Trempealeau
Bullard, F. C. Private A 23 New York Baraboo
Bullard, Jas. S. Private K 10 Ohio National Home
Bullard, M. S. Private B 52 Illinois National Home
Bullis, Chas. W. Private K 23 Illinois National Home
Bullmer, Adam Private F 20 Massachus's National Home
Bullock, Alonzo Q. M. Sergt. E 10 New York Art. South Milwaukee
Bunce, C. A. Private K 11 Massachus's Rice Lake
Bunce, Frances Private I 21 Missouri National Home
Bunce, Wm. H. Private K 19 Illinois National Home
Bunn, James C. Private L 16 Penn. Cav. Portage
Burand, Wm. D. Private D 43 Illinois La Crosse
Burce, Charles Private H 14 Maine Porter's Mills
Burch, John Private B 2 N. Y. Cavalry Appleton
Burch, Lyman P. Private F 1 Illinois National Home
Burch, N. Corporal E 154 New York Menomonie
Burch, Roswell Private F 10 Minnesota Lochiel
Burchadine, Richard Private -- 3 Minn. Battery Hudson
Burchell, Zachary Private K 144 Illinois National Home
Burdette, Frank Private A 6 Minnesota La Crosse
Burdick, Alfred D. 2d. Lieut. C 27 Mas'chusetts. Milton
Burdick, H. P. Private E 1 Minn. H. A. Osceola Mills
Burdick, Joel B. Private F 106 New York National Home
Burdick, I. R. Private A 26 Illinois Stiles
Burdy, Levi Private I 117 Ohio Lime Ridge
Burchandt, Robert Private F 74 Pennsylvania Fountain City
Burge, L. W. Private A 38 Indiana Black River Falls
Burger, Wm. R. Private -- 19 Ohio National Home
Burgess, Henry C. Private D 23 Ohio East Troy
Burgess, Seth (Wing) Private E 9 Vermont Pardeeville
Burget, John Private F 9 Indiana Grand Rapids
Burgett, A. S. Private F 74 Indiana Menomonie
Burghard, Herm. Private G 41 New York National Home
Berghardt, G. Private G 5 Missouri Cav. Fond du Lac
Burgun, Samuel Private I 32 Ohio West Superior
Burk, Peter Private D 79 New York Cadott
Burke, B. Private G 200 Pennsylvania Cumberland
Burke, Joseph Bagler -- 15 Ohio In. Bat. Centralia
Burke, S. H. Drummer C 1 Massachus'ts Star Prairie
Burkhert, Jno. Sergeant F 2 New Yor Racine
Burlick, Albert C. Sergeant G 5 Connecticut Albion
Burlingame, Jas. E. Private D 3 Rhode Island National Home
Burnett, James Private B 23 New York Pound
Burnett, W. W. Drummer I 186 New York Eau Claire
Burnette, J. C. Private -- -- Elgin Bat. Oakfield
Burnham, A. Sergeant I 42 N. York Art. Sophiere
Burnham, J. E. Private G 40 Massachus'ts. Madison
Burnham, John R. Private F 115 New York Tunnel City
Burnlly, C. T. Private C 18 New York Hudson
Burnes, Dan. Private I 37 Massachus'ts. Eau Galle
Burnes, George Private C 15 Indiana Menomonie
Burnes, George   C 17 Indiana  
Burns, C. Private A 27 Michigan Florence
Burns, C. A. Private H 92 New York National Home
Burns, Eli. Sergeant K 29 Indiana Menomonie
Burns, Emanual Private E 13 Maryland Abrams
Burns, James Private H 101 Indiana Knapp's Creek
Burns, John Private L 2 New York National Home
Burns, Mart. W. Private F 184 New York National Home
Burns, Mich. Private L 198 Pennsylvania National Home
Burns, Peter Private E 88 Illinois National Home
Burnside, James Private I 117 Ohio Spencer
Burroughs, John Private K 57 Illinois National Home
Burroughs, John Private K 12 Illinois Milwaukee
Burrows, John Private I 31 Missouri National Home
Burse, James Private H 14 Maine Eau Claire
Burt, Chas. M. Private K 27 New York Little Rapids
Burt, Geo. W. Private A 60 New York Little Rapids
Burt, Thomas Private I 9 Pennsylvania Independence
Burt, William Private E 19 Indiana West Lima
Burton, Chas. H. Private F 65 Illinois Sharon
Burton, Wm. Private C 95 Illinois Reedsburg
Burwell, Geo. W. Private F 10 Vermont Oshkosh
Busby, E. Private D 129 Indiana Sparta
Busby, Thos. Private E 52 Illinois National Home
Buscher, Alonzo Private G 15 New York Eidsvold
Busekist, Chas. E. N. Private K 7 New York National Home
Bush, Jay Sergeant K 4 Michigan Nelson
Bush, John Private D 49 New York Ross
Bushaw, John Private D 28 Maine Medford
Bushey, J. B. 1st. Sergeant G 5 Vermont Appleton
Bushman, Peter Private A 32 Illinois Somers
Bushnell, Wellington Private E 9 Kansas National Home
Bushor, Wm. F. Private G 8 New York Cedar
Buskirk, John Private G 38 Iowa Black River Falls
Bussard, I. Private I 12 Indiana Barron
Bussey, Geo. W. Private K 11 Maine Omro
Bussey, Jas. H. Private A 6 Michigan National Home
Buswell, Silas Sergeant D 11 Maine Portage
Butcher, Wm. H. Private I 1 Indiana National Home
Butler, Chas. H. Private D 185 New York National Home
Butler, Eph. Private -- 136 Pennsylvania Modena
Butler, H. F. Private -- 6 Ohio Osceola Mills
Butler, J. B. Private A 14 New York Thorp
Butler, J. C. Private A 2 Minnesota Madison
Butler, Jason Sergeant E 92 New York Omro
Butler, John Private D 10 Illinois National Home
Butler, John F. Private D 62 Pennsylvania Nelson
Butler, John F. Corporal A 155    
Butler, Wash. J. Private C 1 Delaware National Home
Butterfield, G. A. Private A 2 Minnesota Wheeler
Butterfield, John W. Private E 11 New York Osseo
Butterfield, John W.   E 16    
Butterfield, L. J. Private L 8 Illinois Cav. Neenah
Butterfield, Wm. E. Private A 61 New York National Home
Button, Albert Private H 12 New York Roaring Creek
Button, J. L. Private H 12 New York Melrose
Button, W. F. Private H 71 New York Eau Claire
Button, W. F.   C 8    
Buxton, H. M. -- -- -- -- Racine
Buxton, L. H.  Private K 42 Illinois Appleton
Bwaks, John Private A 110 Pennsylvania Brule
Byard, William Private C 13 & 14 New York Tunnel City
Byer, John Sergeant -- -- Illinois Racine
Byers, Fred W. Sergeant -- 96 Illinois Monroe



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