Enumeration of the Soldiers of the Late War
Who Served in Organizations of Other States and Reported by the
Enumerators as Residing in Wisconsin on June 20, 1895.

* All names of soldiers returned by the enumerators with the company, regiment or state omitted, will be found in this list.

transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Susan Geist, Rhonda Hill, Tammy Clark, Mary Saggio, Veneta McKinney, Heather Turner







Cable, Seth Sergeant G 46 Illinois St Croix Falls
Caddin, Mich. Private I 52 Pennsylvania National Home
Cade, Warren M. Private I 95 Illinois Dexterville
Cadwell, Eugene Private F 1 Minnesota Sprague
Caffery, T. F. Private F 144 New York Merrill
Caffery, Thos. F. Private H 144 New York La Crosse
Cagney, John Private C 82 Pennsylvania National Home
Cahill, Francis Sergeant C 1 New Hamp. High Bridge
Cahill, Pat. Private H 9 New Jersey National Home
Cain, G. F. Private C 21 Michigan Hogarty
Caldwell, Walters  Captain H 9 New York Oshkosh
Calhoun, John C. Private G 2 Illinois L. A. Big Wausaukee
Call, H. M. Captain F -- W. Virginia Oshkosh
Call, Ira E. Private H & I 13 & 3 N. Y. Cav. Merrillan
Callahan, John Private B 53 Illinois L. A. National Home
Calura, Louis Private I 142 New York Arkansaw
Camann, Fred A. Private K 28 New York Milwaukee
Cameron, Alex. Private C 5 Michigan National Home
Cameron, Hugh Private A 23 Ohio River Falls
Camp, Jas. H. Private H 24 Mas'chusetts. National Home
Campbell, Chas. Private I 52 Illinois National Home
Campbell, Cornelius Private E 47 Illinois National Home
Campbell, Harrison Private -- 12 Ohio L. Art. Clarno
Campbell, Horace Private F 35 New York Milwaukee
Campbell, Ira Private K 9 Michigan West Lima
Campbell, Jas. Private F 23 Illinois National Home
Campbell, James Private G 153 Illinois Neillsville
Campbell, Jesse Private A 120 Indiana Wilton
Campbell, John Private I 52 Illinois Cushing
Campbell, John Private -- 13 Penn. Vol. La Crosse
Campbell, John     77    
Campbell, John C. Private I 4 Mich. Cav. Cadott
Campbell, Lewis E. Private C 179 New York Lew Lisbon
Campbell, S. W. Private E 13 Pennsylvania Prairie Farm
Campbell, Thomas 1st. Sergt.  -- 27 Michigan S. S. Medina
Campbell, William Private I 45 Illinois Humbird
Campbell, Wm. H. Private D 17 Mas'chusetts. Janesville
Canaday, David A. Sergeant C 7 Minnesota Grantsburg
Canar, Thomas Sergeant C 27 New Jersey Darlington
Canghey, Wm. Private I 125 Ohio National Home
Cannavan, Edw. F. Private I 22 N. York Cav. Milwaukee
Canning, James A. Sergeant A 85 New York Martell
Cantley, W. H. Private -- 4 Ind. Lt. Art. Shell Lake
Cantrill, Martin Private B 60 Indiana Bloomington
Cantwell, John J. Private D 15 Pennsylvania National Home
Capper, James  Sergeant C 3 Rhode Island West Salem
Cappins, William Private C 4 California Fort Atkinson
Capron, James H. Private I 16 Vermont Delavan
Cardell, Sam'l Private D 5 New York Neillsville
Cardle, S. Private B 5 New York Wis Vet Home
Cardy, Emanuel Private B 16 Michigan S. S. Jacksonport
Carey, Geo. Private K 9 Connecticut National Home
Carey, J. C. Sergeant D 148 Pennsylvania Lochiel
Carey, Thos. Private L 9 Illinois National Home
Cargill, Harry Private A 2 New York Milwaukee
Carl, Frank Private H 38 Ohio Fifield
Carl, Mich. Private H 9 Indiana National Home
Carl, O. Private B 4 Vermont Hub City
Carl, William Private H 36 Illinois Wis Vet Home
Carleton, T. V. Corporal C 1 Mas'chusetts. Neillsville
Carley, G. W. Musician E 9 Minnesota Holway
Carlino, Henry Private C 92 New York Eau Claire
Carlino, Henry   K 18    
Carlisle, Benjamin Corporal C 60 New York Sparta
Carlsburger, Max Private C 2 Kentucky National Home
Carlson, F. A. Private G 4 Minnesota Apple River
Carlton, Henry Private C 50 Mas'chusetts. Beloit
Carlton, John F. Private E 15 Vermont Amherst
Carman, Wm. Private K 76 Illinois Racine
Carner, John W. Sergeant -- 152 New York Spring Green
Carner, John W.   A 43    
Carney, John Private G 33 New York National Home
Carney, M. Private A 19 Indiana Florence
Carpenter, Albert Sergeant F 20 Illinois Fond du Lac
Carpenter, Albert Private C 1 C. V. S. N. Y. Eureka
Carpente, C. B. Sergeant L 8 N. Y. H. A. La Crosse
Carpenter, C. W. Captain C 15 Vermont Brodhead
Carpenter, Chas.  Private A 10 Illinois National Home
Carpenter, David Private C 141 Pennsylvania Leeman
Carpenter, Horace Private C 1 Minn. H. A. Eau Claire
Carpenter, J. E. Sergeant E 186 New York Rosendale
Carpenter, Jerry Private C 1 New York Stinson
Carpenter, W. H. Sergeant C 100 New York Fond du Lac
Carpenter, William Private I 13 Illinois Cav. Waukesha
Carpenter, Wm. Private H 78 & 102 New York Trimbelle
Carpenter, Wm. H. Private D 117 New York Eldorado
Carr, Daniel T. Private G 11 Penn. Cav. Viroqua
Carr, Geo. Private C 12 Illinois Cav. La Crosse
Carr, Geo. Private K 196 Ohio National Home
Carr, Wellington F. Lieutenant B 27 Michigan Commonwealth
Carrington, H. K. Corporal A 10 Ohio Fall City
Carroll, Chas. Private H 13 Indiana National Home
Carroll, Ed. Bugler K 7 Michigan Wausau
Carroll, Frank Private D 38 Iowa Prescott
Carroll, Frank Private B 14 Tennessee West Superior
Carroll, J. P. Private A 147 Indiana River Falls
Carroll, Mathew Private B 90 Illinois Benton
Carroll, Max Captain F 1 West Va. Milwaukee
Carroll, Pat. Private A 140 New York National Home
Carroll, Peter J. Private E 5 N. Y. H. Art. Nelson
Carroll, Thos. L. Private C 139 Indiana National Home
Carson, D. Private I 4 Michigan Wis Vet Home
Carson, J. H. 1st. Sergeant C 1 Pa. Cav. Maiden Rock
Carson, Luther C. 2d. Lieut. M 16 Pennsylvania Maiden Rock
Carson, Wm. H. Private F 54 Illinois National Home
Carter, Albert  Private E 10 N. H. H. Art. Spring Lake
Carter, Amos C. Cook C 1 Minnesota La Crosse
Carter, B. M. Sergeant B 154 New York Mauston
Carter, E. Sergeant C 27 Ma'schusetts. Janesville
Carter, Geo. W. Drummer F -- Maryland Milwaukee
Carter, H. O. Private C 64 New York Mauston
Cartwright, E. Sergeant D 2 Michigan Eau Claire
Cartwright, Henry Private A 8 Michigan National Home
Cartwright, J. H. Private E 128 Ohio Dodgeville
Cartwright, J. H. Private C 99    
Carver, Sam'l L. Sergeant H 36 Illinois Omro
Carver, J. W. 1st. Lieut. I 20 Iowa Albany
Cary, C. W. Private E 29 Ohio Baraboo
Cary, Wm. Private L 1 Ohio National Home
Case, Chas. N. Private B 15 Illinois National Home
Case, John Private G 39 New Jersey Arcadia
Case, John W. Private A 6 Minnesota Necedah
Case, Mich. Private H 2 Missouri National Home
Casey, Mathew Private C 111 New York Hayward
Casey, Patrick Private H 15 Illinois Mauston
Casey, Richard Private D 9 Mas'chusetts. Milwaukee
Caspers, Jos. Private G 17 Illinois National Home
Cass, William Private D 18 Ohio Rockton
Cassell, Wm. Private H 21 Iowa Eau Gaiie
Cassidy, Jas. Private H 6 Mas'chusetts. National Home
Cassidy, Pat. Private -- 4 New York National Home
Cassidy, W.  Sargeant F 12 Michigan Beloit
Casterline, J. B. Sargeant A 9 N. Y. H. Art. Wautoma
Castillion, Herman Private D 76 N. Y. H. Art. Hortonville
Castle, H. S. Private A 11 Vt. H. Art. Ogdensburg
Castor, John B. Private L 1 Minnesota National Home
Caswell, Allen B. Private H 2 New York Hale
Caswell, Clinton Private L 21 New York National Home
Caswell, John A. Private G 1 Minnesota National Home
Caswell, Stoddard Private C 138 Indiana National Home
Catarach, Nelson Private H 13 Vermont Arkansaw
Cater, John Private A 16 New York Plainfield
Cater, John Private I 4 Michigan Glenwood
Cates, J. E. Private F 87 Indiana Chetek
Cather, Joseph Private D 194 Ohio La Farge
Catherwood, Edwin C. Colonel -- -- -- Oconomowoc
Catlin, Geo. E. Sergeant B 101 Pennsylvania Lake Geneva
Catlen, Owen Private D 26 Illinois National Home
Catlin, Solomon Private H 15 Iowa Omro
Caton, Thos. Private I 127 Illinois National Home
Catt, F. Private C 43 Indiana Meridian
Catura, Frank Private H 106 New York Arkansaw
Cavanaugh, John C. Private E 39 Illinois National Home
Cavanaugh, Terrence -- -- -- -- Madison
Cavanaugh, Wilson Private A 104 Pennsylvania National Home
Cavanaugh, Pat. Private -- -- Kentucky Packwaukee
Cayle, Isidore Private B 1 Vermont La Crosse
Center, John W. Private K 27 Maine National Home
Centre, David Private G 153 New York Dorchester
Chadderdon, James Y. Private K 3 N. Y. Lt. Art. Whitewater
Chadwick, Olonzo D. Private I 113 Illinois Boscobel
Chaffee, Geo. Private E 19 New York Kingston
Chamberlain, Araon Private B 149 New York Reedsburg
Chamberlain, E. W. Private E 18 Maine La Crosse
Chamberlain, J. H. Private C 10 Minnesota Boyceville
Chamberlin, David Private B 95 Illinois Baraboo
Chamberlin, Henry Private H 69 Illinois Fairfield
Chambers, L. H. Asst. Surg. C 14 Iowa Fox Lake
Chambers, Nelson Sergeant M 6 Penn. Art. Whitehall
Chamness, Wm. Private D 69 Indiana Valton
Chandler, E. L. Private D 119 N. Y. Cav. Merrill
Chandler, Socrates Private E 26 Ohio Glen Haven
Chapel, W. M. Private E 7 California Kingston
Chapin, David Private E 106 New York Prairie Farm
Chapin, E. J. Private A 76 Ohio Martintown
Chapin, Fred Private I 27 Massachus'ts Fond du Lac
Chapin, Milo Private L 14 New York East Wrightstown
Chapin, N. S. Private D 28 Connecticut Trempealeau
Chaple, N. A. Sergeant H 4 Iowa New London
Chapman, A. Sergeant F 68 New York Adell
Chapman, E. W. Corporal K 62 Ohio Boyd Town
Chapman, Frank Corporal B 74 Illinois Stevens Point
Chapman, Henry Private B 151 Ohio Richland Center
Chapman, Ira Private D 21 Iowa Thorp
Chapman, John Private B 77 New York National Home
Chapman, Joseph A. Sergeant G 26 Connecticut Bay City
Chapman, N. Private C 68 Indiana Baraboo
Chapman, Warren D. Private H 13 New York Burkhardt
Chappell, E. Private G 32 New York Wis Vet Home
Charbenan, F. X. Private B 48 New York Green Bay
Charton, Wm. Private A 95 New York Spencer
Chase, C. H. Sergeant F 14 Maine Anson
Chase, D. L. Private E 9 Minnesota Lancaster
Chase, Ira B. Corporal A 2 Illinois Hersey
Chase, John L. Major I 3 N. Y. Cav. Janesville
Chase, R. Quarterm'ter -- 1 Minn. H. A. Madison
Chase, S. A. Private B 146 Illinois Stoughton
Chase, S. P. Private G 2 Maine Cav. Wis Vet Home
Chase, Samuel Private G 6 Maine Milwaukee
Chase, T. C. Private F 122 Ohio Eau Claire
Chase, William B. Corporal B 8 Minnesota Hutchins
Chase, Wm. H. Private F 32 Massachus'ts Milwaukee
Chase, Wm. H. Private K 34 Missouri National Home
Chattell, John Private E 1 N. Y. Art. Abrams
Chatfield, Chas. A. 2d. Lieut. E 113 Illinois La Crosse
Chatfield, Theo. E. Lieutenant B 5 Iowa Milwaukee
Chatten, W. F. Private -- 24 Indiana Bat. West Lima
Cheesboro, Jerome Private I 136 New York Eau Claire
Cheesbrough, Emory Private I 136 New York Badger Mills
Cheever, Orlo Sergeant E 94 New York Aniwa
Cheney, C. S. Private C 1 New Hamp. Downing
Cheney, John W. Private K 2 Missouri National Home
Cheney, Oscar F. Private D 1 Minnesota National Home
Cheney, Robert Private I 28 Vermont Fayetteville
Chesley, A. B. Private D 1 Iowa Cav. Plover
Chesley, J. P. Corporal F 8 Mich. Cav. Stevens Point
Chesterman, Jno. Private D 6 Michigan Loyal
Chevalier, Joseph Private A 29 Illinois Marion
Chevilier, Jos. Private L 1 Illinois Art. Marinette
Chidester, Z. Private D 2 W. Va. Cav. River Falls
Chilston, D. Private C 95 Illinois Appleton
Chittenden, W. J. Private E 13 Illinois National Home
Christie, Anthony Private C 2 West Virginia Spooner
Christie, J. Lute 1st. Lieut. H 1 Minn. H. A. Superior
Christinson, Hans Private C 8 Minn. H. A. Baldwin
Christnock, Math. Private L 5 Iowa National Home
Chrystal, Wm. Private I 9 Illinois Eagleton
Church, N. W. Private A 24 Iowa Pewaukee
Church, Peter Private C 23 Illinois National Home
Church, Samuel C. Private C 114 Ohio Eau Claire
Church, William Private I 11 Minnesota Trempealeau
Churchill, Alfred Private A 42 Ohio Elkhorn
Churchill, D. C. Private H 189 New York Marion
Churchill, Geo. W. Sergeant A 92 Illinois Eau Claire
Churchill, Oliver Private H 92 Illinois Loyal
Churchill, Wm. Private A 149 Pennsylvania Marion
Churick, David Private D 30 Ohio North Clayton
Chute, Wm. A. Private C 147 Illinois Lodi
Cimmers, John Private E 37 New York National Home
Cissler, W. Private A 2 Iowa National Home
Clamanns, Chas. Private I 50 New York National Home
Clancy, Jas. Private A -- Michigan National Home
Clancy, John Private I 104 New York National Home
Clapland, Amos A. Private B 110 New York Green Bay
Clark, A. T. Private I 152 Indiana Racine
Clark, Almon Asst. Surg. -- 1 Vermont Sheboygan
Clark, Barrett C. Private D 16 Michigan National Home
Clark, C. C. Private I 7 Ohio Thorpe
Clark, C. D. Private G 9 New York De Pere
Clark, C. T. Private I 194 New York Hatchville
Clark, Dan'l Private D 11 Illinois Cav. La Crosse
Clark, David Private F 2 N. Y. Cav. Plainfield
Clark, E. T. Private E 77 Pennsylvania Anson
Clark, Edw. Private E 52 Illinois National Home
Clark, Elijah Private C 171 Pennsylvania New Richmond
Clark, Frank Private -- 1 Minn. Batt. Emerald
Clark, G. J. Private B 16 New York Chetek
Clark, G. W. Private D 198 Ohio Menomonie
Clark, George W. Private E 151 Indiana Pleasant Prairie
Clark, H. C. Sergeant C 11 Kansas Cav. Baraboo
Clark, Haymond W. Private I 13 Indiana National Home
Clark, Henry Private M 2 Illinois National Home
Clark, Henry W. Private A 100 Illinois Janesville
Clark, J. Private A 75 Illinois Barron
Clark, J. M. Private B 15 Indiana Viola
Clark, Jas.  Private A 124 Ohio Bloomer
Clark, Jas. B. Private E 11 N. Y. Cav. Augusta
Clark, John W. Private H 61 Mas'chusetts. Brodhead
Clark, Lewis Private F 86 New York Black River Falls
Clark, Lewis N. Private D 121 Ohio Cumberland
Clark, Owen -- -- -- -- Prairie du Chien
Clark. R. H. Private H 114 New York Coloma
Clark, Rob. H. Private D 116 New York National Home
Clark, Sam. Private B 15 Illinois Black River Falls
Clark, Sylvester Artificer C 4 N. Y. Cav. La Crosse
Clark. Wm. 2d. Lieut. G 8 Michigan Cav. Milwaukee
Clark, Wm. O. Private B 1 R. I. Art. Mineral Point
Clarke, Almon Surgeon -- 1 Vermont Cav. National Home
Clarke, E.  Private A 114 Pennsylvania La Crosse
Clarke, L. W. Ass't. Surg. -- 13 Connecticut Cambridge
Clarke, Miles P. Musician A 4 Minnesota West Superior
Clarke, R. W. Sergeant M 1 R. I. Cav. Hudson
Clarkson, Charles V. Private -- 1 Maine Cav. Neenah
Clary, Patrick -- K 5 West Va. Cav. Green Bay
Clausen, James R. -- -- -- -- Marinette
Clawson, Anderson Private -- 101 Pennsylvania Mauston
Clay, Patrick Private -- 5 West Va. Cav. Green Bay
Clayton, John E. Private E 23 Michigan Milwaukee
Cleary, Richmond Private L 2 Ohio National Home
Cleghorn, J. F. Captain B 20 Illinois Clinton
Cleland, Thos. Private A 69 New York National Home
Clemence, Wm.  Corporal H 169 New York Wausau
Clements, John Private D 9 Pennsylvania Lancaster
Clement, Henry F. Private Un. 31 Maine Janesville
Clement, John Private I 142 New York Baraboo
Clement, Michael Private C 2 Missouri Sheboygan
Clements, Jas. Private H 55 Illinois National Home
Clements, Jas. W. Private E 154 New York Platteville
Clemons, Henry Private M 2 N. York M. R. Oshkosh
Cleveland, C. D. Lieut. Col. -- 2 Conn. Art. Oshkosh
Cleveland, C. H. Private F 100 Illinois Rice Lake
Cleveland, Edmund F. Private E 184 New York Omro
Cleveland, Erwin Private -- 1 N. Y. Eng. Bat. Morgan
Cleveland, John H. Private F 33 Illinois National Home
Cleveland, Levi Private -- 1 N. Y. Eng. Bat. Morgan
Clifford, D. C. Private E 20 Michigan Plum City
Clifford, Frank Private B 8 Illinois National Home
Clifford, John W. Private K 11 Illinois National Home
Clifford, Rice Private C 2 Rhode Island Menasha
Clifford, Rob. Private F 40 New York National Home
Clifford, Thos. Private A 19 Michigan National Home
Clifford, Wm. A. Private I 7 New Hamp. Omro
Cline, Adam Private D 2 N. York Art. Packwaukee
Clobes, Frank Private F 35 Mas'chusetts. La Crosse
Cloflin, Geo. Private -- 7 Mass. Bat. National Home
Clough, D. W. Sergeant H 27 Illinois Royceville
Clough, F. M. Sergeant C 75 New York Eau Claire
Clute, S. V. Private C 1 Minnesota Loveland
Coach, Chris Private H 75 Illinois Eau Claire
Coady, Wm. Private B 121 New York Dixon
Coakley, Samuel S. Private I 142 Illinois Beloit
Coalburn, C. F. Private G 47 Illinois Hurlbut
Coater, John T. Private D 1 Minnesota Milwaukee
Coater, John T.   D 2 Minn. U. S. Sh'psh'ters  
Coats, Geo. Private E 1 N. Y. Dragoons Springwater
Coats, John R. Private I 1 Pennsylvania Eau Claire
Coats, Joseph Private G 150 Pennsylvania Cartwright
Cobb, Alb. T. Private I 58 Illinois National Home
Cobb, Edgar Private B 111 Pennsylvania Colby
Cobb, Geo. Corporal E 143 New York Kimball
Cobb, Lucius J. Private A 3 Michigan National Home
Cobban, S. C. F. Corporal C 8 Vermont Chippewa Falls
Cochran J. W. Private A 188 New York Centralia
Cochran, W. H. Private A 44 New York Centralia
Cochrane, T. B. Private F 9 New York Eau Claire
Code, Warren M. Private I 95 Illinois Dexterville
Cody, James Private C 4 Mas'chusetts. West Superior
Coersineyer, Henry Private A 142 New York National Home
Coffman, J. G. Musician -- 15 Illinois Cav. Fond du Lac
Coggswell, Fred Private F 33 Mas'chusetts. National Home
Colahan, Jas Private I 57 New York Doylestown
Colburn, C. C. Private C 13 Vermont Pardeeville
Colburn, Henry C. Private I 81 New York Gay's Mill
Colburn, James Private F 1 Maine Marinette
Colby, John S. Private H 7 Mas'chusetts. Prescott
Colby, W. J. Serg't Major -- 128 Illinois Unity
Colcord, A. H. Private E 46 Illinois Centralia
Cole, A. C. Corporal F 142 New York Sparta
Cole, A. R. Corporal E 120 New York Marshfield
Cole, Andrew Private H 88 Indiana Plum City
Cole, C. C. Sergeant A 115 New York Mountain
Cole, C. F. Private E 52 Illinois Trempealeau
Cole, Calvin Private H 9 New York Milwaukee
Cole, Christian F. Corporal C 34 Indiana Cadott
Cole, George B. Private D 1 New York De Pere
Cole, Geo. W. Private C 45 Mas'chusetts. National Home
Cole, H. B. Surgeon -- 128 New York Black River Falls
Cole, I. L. Private C 195 Ohio Colby
Cole, J. M. Private F 1 Minnesota Waupun
Cole, Jas. Private B 94 New York National Home
Cole, Joseph Private G 9 Illinois Racine
Cole, L. I. Private A 11 N. Y. Cav. Fairchild
Cole, Melvin A. Sergeant I 1 Maine Cav. Appleton
Cole, O. F. Private E 53 Pennsylvania Pound
Cole, Robert C. Private H 3 New York L. A. Pembine
Cole, Taylor Private D 14 Ohio Janesville
Cole, Tobias Sergeant D 176 Ohio Mosinee
Cole, W. C. Private G 3 New York Art. Hudson
Coleman, J. L. Private D 108 New York Whitewater
Coleman, J. L.   K 22 N. Y. Cav.  
Coleman, John Private K 17 Indiana National Home
Coleman, Levi Private G 152 Indiana North Clayton
Coleman, Stephen Private G 54 New York Milwaukee
Coleman, Thos. Private B 1 Iowa National Home
Coleman, W. P. Private K 173 Ohio Ottervale
Coleman, Chas. H. Ord. Sergeant C 39 Ohio Turtle Lake
Colione, Chas. Private H 8 Minnesota National Home
Collamore, Elias E. Private K 12 Maine Hager
Collins, Benjamin Private A 15 Michigan Beloit
Collins, Francis M. Private I 134 Pennsylvania National Home
Collins, Henry Private B 2 Mich. Cavalry National Home
Collins, Henry Private B 98 New York Stoughton
Collins, John Private G 46 Illinois National Home
Collins, John Private C 2 Dist. Col. National Home
Collins, John Private I 20 Michigan Racine
Collins,W. H. Private A 117 W. Virginia Barron
Collins, Wm. Private F 10 New York National Home
Collums, Chas. Private F 20 Maine Milwaukee
Colton, Peter Private F 67 Ohio Antigo
Comans, Richards Private M 2 New York Armstrong
Combes, John Private B 99 New York Marinette
Combs, J. Allen Private -- -- California Madison
Combs, Thomas Private E 3 Pennsylvania Stevens Point
Comfort, Ezra Private G 5 Delaware Custer
Comfort, Thos. Private H 27 Michigan National Home
Compston, W. H. Private C 142 Illinois Durand
Compton, Theodore Private I 112 New York Merrill
Comter, C. L. Private B 189 New York Arkdale
Condeacon, Henry Private K 1 Michigan Odanah
Condoa, Thos. Private B 30 Missouri National Home
Condon, Timothy Private -- -- New York Namakagon
Cone, Geo. L. Private I 6 Michigan Janesville
Coney, Martin Corporal H 11 Minnesota Stevens Point
Congdon, H. E. Private H 5 Minnesota Whitehall
Conklin, Chas. Private K 141 Illinois De Soto
Conklin, David Private K 100 New York Embarrass
Conklin, F. T. Private E 31 Ohio Lime Ridge
Conklin, Geo. E. Private H 13 Illinois De Soto
Conklin, Henry C. -- -- 2 Michigan Burlington
Conklin, John R. Private -- -- Chi. B. of T. Bt. National Home
Conklin, Wm. Private 2 Maine Waukesha
Conklin, William W. Sergeant L 2 N. Y. Cav. Oshkosh
Conley, Hiram Private A 1 Missouri National Home
Conn, F. R. Private H 3 Minnesota Rice Lake
Connell, Jas.D Private D 34 Kentucky National Home
Connell, Matt Private A 13 Missouri National Home
Connelly, Mich Private F 32 New York National Home
Conner, A Private K 20 Illinois Bear Creek
Conner, J Private B 1 New York Glendale
Conner, Jas A Private A 1 ......... Delavan
Conner, Mich Private C 8 New York National Home
Conners, Jas Private D 105 Illinois National Home
Connolly, Francis ...... F 24 Massachus'ts Fond du Lac
Connor, Henry Captain E 118 Pennsylvania Viroqua
Connor, Jos Private E 52 Illinois National Home
Connor, Mich Private A 26 Illinois National Home
Connor, Wiliam Private G 18 Ohio Ross
Connor, C.R. Corporal D 25 New Jersey Sparta
Conrad, Charles Private I 2 Michigan Eau Claire
Conrad, Sigmund Private E 52 New York Granton
Conrey, Benjamin Private A 33 Illinois Bloomer
Constantine, D.L. Sergeant E 116 New York Madison
Constantine, Peter Private E 101 New York Sandusky
Constantine, Peter Private A 40 New York Sandusky
Contell, Chas Private F 7 Iowa Prairie du Chien
Conture, Philip Private B 6 Minnesota Boyd
Converse, C.E. Private D 3 ......... Connorsville
Converse, Frederick L Sergeant E 1 Ohio Art Angelo
Convin, Theophilus Private I 107 New York Eau Claire
Conway, Daniel Private C 7 Missouri Elroy
Conway, Ezra Private D 5 Indiana Victory
Cook, Adam Private A 88 New York National Home
Cook, Adolph Private E 12 Iowa Stevens Point
Cook, Albert H Corporal D 34 New York Madison
Cook, C.W. Private G 76 New York Janesvile
Cook, C.W. Private C 18 Indiana Arthur
Cook, Charles H Private E 11 New York MtMorris
Cook, Homer Private K 1 Md.H.Art Superior
Cook, John Sergeant B ..... Dist.Col.Bat Milwaukee
Cook, Jos.N Private G 83 New York Augusta
Cook, M.M. Private E 29 Ohio Neillsville
Cook, Richard Asst.Surg ...... 12 Maine Sturgeon Bay
Cook, Sam. Private C 2 New Jersey National Home
Cook, Sam Private F 1 New Jersey Milwaukee
Cook, Sidney Private C 5 Minnesota National Home
Cook, Sylvester Private F 8 Iowa Brady
Cook, T Private I 106 New York Edgerton
Cook, Thos.E Private A 12 Illinois Janesville
Cook, Timothy Private E 153 Illinois Meeker's Grove
Cook, W.H. Private H 25 Michigan Baraboo
Cook, Walter Private F 2 N.Y. Mounted Riflemen Richland City
Cooke, George W Private H 12 New York Independence
Cooley, Oscar Private F 48 Pennsylvania De Pere
Coolidge, W.H.H Sergeant E 106 New York Augusta
Coombs, Jas.A Private I 19 Mas'chusetts National Home
Coon, Philip R Private C 87 Indiana Indian Ford
Coon, Selon Private A 125 New York Albion
Cooney, Francis Private I 90 Illinois National Home
Cope, Chas.B Private D 77 Pennsylvania Omro
Copeland, B.F. 1st Lieut A 11 Indiana La Crosse
Copeland, John Private H 4 California Shullsburg
Copeland, Robt.S. Private B 37 New Jersey Milwaukee
Cooper, Henry Private B 133 Pennsylvania National Home
Cooper, T.J. Private B 34 Illinois Centralia
Copps, E.M. Captain D 98 New York Stevens Point
Coram, A.J. Private I 6 N.Y.Art Black River Falls
Corbellay, Edw Private B 18 New York National Home
Corbett, Jas Private B 1 Illinois National Home
Corbin, Morris Private K 143 Pennsylvania National Home
Corbin, V.P. Private D 6 Iowa Spooner
Corcoran, James Private D 19 New York Cumberland
Corcoran, Phil Private A 12 Mas'chusetts National Home
Cordova, John Private C 15 New York National Home
Corkins, J.B. Private G 50 New York Augusta
Corkins, John Private E 7 Kansas Cav. WisVet home
Cormmeser, Augustave Private D 13 Penn.Cav. Rock Elm
Cornell, E.W. Corporal F 17 Michigan Knapp
Soldiers of the Late War          
Cornelle, Jos.S Private B 105 Illinois Wash'ton Harbor
Cornwall, Wm Private K 6 New York National Home
Cornell, Oscar Private F 10 New York Eidsvold
Corp, Wallace Private - - Illinois North Greenfield
Corrigan, Bryan Private E 25 Ohio National Home
Corson, Alonzo V Captain E 1 California National Home
Corson, Geo Private E 1 California Janesville
Corthell, Joseph Private I 6 N.Y. Cav Hudson
Corvell, Chas Private F 9 New York Canton
Corwin, John Private H 85 New York Pleasant Valley
Cosgriff, Richard Private L 4 Iowa Chippewa Falls
Coshun, Joshua Private B 2 - Kenosha
Costello, Jas Private D 188 Ohio National Home
Cotes, Henry Private F 2 - Lyle
Cothren, Elbridge Private A 4 Mass.H.A. Pine River
Cotter, Hugh - - - - Cambria
Cotter, Wm Private E 1 - National Home
Cotton, D Private D 146 New York Oxford
Cotton, Henry C Asst.Surgeon - 29 Maine Prescott
Cotton, R.G. Private B 20 Maine WisVet home
Cottrell, Frank M Private A 14 New York Parrish
Cottrell, Geo Private B 108 Illinois National Home
Couch, Theodore S Private A 12 Illinois Milwaukee
Couch, Wm W Private G - Indiana National Home
Couee, John Private C 122 Ohio Star
Coughlin, Pat Private L 2 New York National Home
Coughlin, Steve Private K 20 Iowa Eau Claire
Coulter, George Private D 20 N.Y. Cav Dale
Courtney, Day Private D 23 Illinois National Home
Courtney, Wm Private C 42 New York National Home
Couse, F.H. Cap and        
Couse, F.H. Brevet Maj B 83 Pennsylvania Madison
Couse, Harry H Private F 2 Ohio Milwaukee
Couyne, Eugene A Private I 3 N.Y. Cav Gratiot
Covell, Seth Private H 154 New York Cameron
Covert, Chas Private I 203 Pennsylvania Cartwright
Cowan, Hiram Sergeant F 42 Mas'chusetts Janesville
Cowan,James Private E 31 Illinois Mauston
Cowan, Joseph 2d Lieut A 141 Ohio S ar
Cowan, M Private G 154 Illinois National Home
Cowle, F Private I 1 Minnesota Red Wing, Minn
Cowles, Calvin Private F 12 Michigan National Home
Cowles, John R Sergeant A 6 Mich.Inf Wittenberg
Cox, D.M. Private D 4 Iowa Wickware
Cox, Daniel W Private B 193 New York Fond du Lac
Cox, Henry C Private C 69 Indiana Staadt
Cox, J.H. Private D 92 Ohio Byrd's Creek
Cox, John Private A 136 Ohio Ash Ridge
Cox, John Private B 1 Kentucky National Home
Cox, John E Private E 1 Ohio L.A Wyocena
Cox, Levi Sergeant B 22 Ohio L.A Ontario
Cox, Pat Private I 5 Minnesota National Home
Cox, Robert Private B 98 New York Cox
Cox, Thomas Private G 1 New York Mt Tabor
Coxiel, Horace Private H 8 Iowa National Home
Coy, Andrew ......... ...... 2 N.Y.Cavalry La Crosse
Coyer, Alexander Private K 10 New York New London
Coyle, Chas Private B 34 New Jersey National Home
Crabb, Christian Private I 34 Illinois Alaska
Craig, David Private K 92 Ohio Excelsior
Craig, David Corporal K 24 Iowa Palmyra
Craig, Walton R Private F 2 New York Royalton
Crain, Ladore Private Un - - Durand
Cramer, Jonathan Private D 48 Indiana Rock Falls
Cramer, Lorenzo Corporal D 60 New York Colby
Crampton, Thomas Private H 63 Pennsylvania National Home
Crandall, L.P. Private H 1 New York Eau Claire
Crandle, Francis M Private E 2 Mich.Cavalry Wales
Crane, G.W. Private I 11 Michigan Cav Bunyan
Crane, James Private A 6 Michigan Cav Balsam Lake
Crane, Jessie Private B 179 Pennsylvania Greenwood
Crane, Joseph Private A 6 Michigan Cav Bunyan
Crane, Pat Private L 1 Illinois Art Pence
Craven, Wm Private F 102 Ohio Platteville
Craven, Wm Private G 84 Pennsylvania National Home
Crawford, James C Corporal C 57 Pennsylvania Milwaukee
Crawford, L.G. Captain H 3 Michigan Oshkosh
Crawford, W.J. Private H 74 Illinois Evansville
Crawford, Wm.H. Private A 4 Illinois National Home
Creagan, Mich Private B 146 New York National Home
Creasey, Abram Private M 1 N.Y.Vet.Cav Plover
Creekpaum, Eli Private A 9 Indiana Woodstock
Crego, Hilance J Private E 13 Michigan Shell Lake
Cremere. A Private - 9 ......... Green Bay
Cressen, Robt D Private F 137 New York Albion
Cressey, Geo.A Private D 6 Minnesota Rhinelander
Cressey, Geo.A Private D 6 Minnesota River Falls
Crevelling, Geo.R Private B 31 New York National Home
Crilley, Jno Private K 134 Illinois Racine
Crissinger, Oliver Private C 11 Ohio National Home
Crist, D.P. Private A 17 Indiana Knapp
Cristman, Ezra G Surgeon - 52 Rhode Island Spring Green
Critchfield, David Private K 21 Ohio Hub City
Crittehitte, T.W. Private D - Mas'chusetts Markesau
Crocker, Jas. F Private A 1 Illinois National Home
Crocker, J.H. Private H 160 New York Amery
Crocket, B.B. Private I 16 Maine Carlisle
Crofoot, T.M. Private H 13 W.Virginia Victory
Crom, L.W. Private - 40 Ohio West Superior
Crompton, John - - - - Monroe
Cronega, Math Private G 6 Tennessee National Home
Cronk, John Private D 90 New York Waupun
Crook, Geo Adjutant B 21 Iowa Milwau ee
Crosby, H.W. Private C 8 Minnesota Hudson
Crosby, J.P. Captain M 4 Iowa Cay Black River Falls
Crosby, Jas Private K 23 Illinois National Home
Crosby, Louis Private C 1 New York Eau Claire
Crosby, Lyman B Private B 23 Illinois National Home
Crosby, Wm Private G 47 New York De Pere
Cross, D.H. Musician A 2 Vermont Shullsburg
Cross, Enoch Private I 1 Michigan De Pere
Crossman G.W. Private G 46 Illinois WisVet home
Croston, John R Private C 1 Mas'chusetts National Home
Crotteau, Israel Private C 1 Missouri Bat Sherry
Crotty, Thos Private 1 10 Ohio National Home
Crouch, Francis Private G 71 Ohio Ontario
Crouse, G.L. Private K 65 New York Beloit
Crow, J.T. Private A 44 Indiana West Port
Crow, John Private H 10 Missouri Cav Prairie du Chien
Crowell, A.B. Private F 23 Michigan WisVet home
Crowley, Dan Private I 68 New York Chippewa Falls
Crowley, Henry Private E 1 Illinois National Home
Crowley, Jere J Private A 22 Mas'chusetts National Home
Crowley, John Private A 1 Maine Amery
Crowley, Jno P Musician F 16 New York Augusta
Crowley, Pat Private E 31 Illinois National Home
Crueger, Henry C Private K 34 Indiana Waterloo
Crumbecker, A.M. Major - 32 Ohio Richland Center
Crumby, James - - - - La Valle
Crumilt, E.B. Private K 31 Maine Amery
Crumpton, Thomas Private I 21 Kentucky White Birch
Crutnan, Mathew Private A 10 Iowa Washburn
Cry, Joseph Private F 32 Indiana Boaz
Crye, Iasiah Private E 57 Indiana Knapp
Cubbans, Wm Private E 5 Michigan National Home
Cudney, Joseph H Sergeant A 120 New York Star Prairie
Culley, Frank Private F 8 Ohio Kenosha
Cully, Samuel Private E 55 Indiana Woodstock
Culver, Charles A Corporal A 93 New York Belle Plaine
Culver, Enos S Private G 35 Pennsylvania Eau Claire
Cumberlidge, James Captain - - New York Sheboygan
Cummings, H.D. Private A 189 New York Chetek
Cummins, John Private K 2 Kansas National Home
Cummings, John Corporal B 153 Illinois Janesville
Cummings, John W Private A 126 New York Chippewa Falls
Cummings, Jos Corporal K 17 Illinois Greenleaf
Cumpton, John  Private K 173 Ohio Rockton
Cupp, H.M. Private K - Indiana Bloom City
Curavo, William Private G 98 Pennsylvania Tomah
Curless, William Private I 60 Ohio Five Points
Curley, Malachi Private H 9 Mas'chusetts National Home
Curphy, W.J. Artificer D 12 N.Y. Cav Pewaukee
Curran, Arth Sergeant B 2 New York Milwaukee
Curran, Wm Private D 90 Illinois National Home
Currie, Dave Private G 24 Michigan National Home
Curry, H.C. Sergeant E 3 Minnesota Hager City
Curtis, C.D. Private F 8 Illinois Cav New Lisbon
Curtis, Gordon J Private B 68 New York Edgerton
Curtis, Coroden J Private C 72 New York National Home
Curtis, Dan Private G 12 Ohio Dunbar
Curtis, Daniel B Private C 2 Connecticut Hurlbut
Curtis, J.B. Corporal I 1 Maine Waupaca
Curtis, Moses S Private E 14 New Hamp Leeman
Curtice, Richard H Corporal C 89 Illinois Stevens Point
Curtiss, S.G. 1st Sergeant B 68 New York  Waukesha
Cuwell, Joseph Private L 12 Pennsylvania Milwaukee
Cushing, A.J. Private C 9 Mas'chusetts Boyceville
Cushing, Jas Private M 1 Maine National Home
Cushman, Rich'd Private B 67 Illinois National Home
Cutler, A.A. Private C 194 New York Eau Claire
Cutler, J.B. Private - 32 Illinois Cav Fond du Lac
Cutteridge, John Private H 91 New York Lake Geneva



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