Enumeration of the Soldiers of the Late War
Who Served in Organizations of Other States and Reported by the
Enumerators as Residing in Wisconsin on June 20, 1895.

* All names of soldiers returned by the enumerators with the company, regiment or state omitted, will be found in this list.

transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Susan Geist, Rhonda Hill, Tammy Clark, Mary Saggio, Veneta McKinney, Heather Turner







Dack, L.J. Private L 10 New York Potosi
Dadrick, John Private I 45 Pennsylvania Clinton
Dago, A.B. Private C 15 New York Winneconne
Dahmeyer, Aug Private C 15 Illinois Willaimsburg
Dailey, John Private A 5 N.Y.H.A. Pardeeville
Daily, Thos Private E 64 Illinois National Home
Daily, Thos Private D 47 Illinois National Home
Daines, Harley Private G 141 Ohio Dell
Dake, C.B. Sergt.Major L 10 Illinois Cav Newton
Dake, Eugene Private - 23 N.Y.Bat Wonewoc
Dake, Royal E Private B 33 New York Baraboo
Dake, Royal E Sergeant B 1 N.Y.Cav Baraboo
Dale, George Private L 2 Illinois Iola
Daley, Dennis Private E 11 Mas'chusetts National Home
Daley, Jeremiah Private L 1 Illinois Art SoKaukanna
Dallimer, Chas Private Q 15 Missouri National Home
Dalrymple, E.P. Private B 1 N.Y.Dragoons Menomonie
Dalton, Thos Private - 28 New York National Home
Dalton, William Private K 69 New York Hub City
Dalzin, Mart Private Brac kett's Bat.Minn.Cav National Home
Dames, Chas Private E 27 Iowa National Home
Damon, J.L. Private C 28 Maine Spencer
Danburin, James - - - - Princeton
Danel, S.C. - D 12 Illinois West Superior
Dand, Rudolphus Corporal G 153 Illinois Milwaukee
Danforth, C.J. Private C 63 Ohio Viola
Danforth, Edw Private I 5 Michigan National Home
Dangle, L.N. Private A 92 New York Augusta
Daniels, Chas F Private F 8 New York National Home
Daniels, Chas. J Corporal F 193 New York Wautoma
Daniels, J.W. Private D 7 Michigan WisVetHome
Daniels, John E Private H 9 Michigan National Home
Daniels, John J Sergeant - 288 Illinois New Lisbon
Daniels, Judson Private D 23 Massachus'ts Oshkosh
Daniels, Langdon R Private A 6 N.Y.H Art Trimbelle
Daniels, Louis A Private C 12 Vermont National Home
Daniels, C.J. Private E 9 N.Hampsh'e Poplar
Danley, Mart Private A 3 New York National Home
Danslap, B.C. Private D 26 Connecticut La Valle
Darby, Edw Private G 96 Illinois Beloit
Darcy, John Private F 3 Rhode Island National Home
Darling, James Private F 8 Iowa Genoa Junction
Darrell, Bela Private A 15 Illinois Brantwood
Dartt, Royal Private C 3 New York Kingston
Dasykowski, Val Private - 2&6 Minnesota Milwaukee
Dates, H Private G 105&94 New York WisVet home
Davenport, Wm.H. Private G 91 New York WisVet home
Davidson, Daniel Private K 153 Pennsylvania Wilcox
Davidson, Edward Private B 34 New York Baraboo
Davidson, James  Sergeant D 4 Illinois Delavan
Davidson, John Private G 132 New York Maple
Davie, John -- -- -- Pennsylvania Milwaukee
Davies, T. J. 2d. Lieut. D 2 New York Madison
Davis, A. C. Corporal H 9 New Hamp. Merrillan
Davis, A. J. Musician -- -- Mo. Reg. New Richmond
Davis, A. P. Private I 20 N. Y. Cav. New London
Davis, Ben. Private G 9 Illinois National Home
Davis, Benj. R. Private H 16 Illinois Tillinghast
Davis, Calvin M. Private F 191 Ohio Albion
Davis, Chas. H. Private C 1 Conn. Art. Omro
Davis, D. C. Corporal A 7 Iowa Cav. La Crosse
Davis, David R. Private C 3 N. Y. Lt. Art. La Crosse
Davis, Eb. Private A 11 Indiana National Home
Davis, E. L. Private F 1 Minnesota Ellsworth
Davis, E. L. Private E 1 Minnesota Racine
Drvis, Frederick Private E 37 New York Briggsville
Davis, Geo. R. Private K 1 Minnesota Randolph
Davis, H. P. Private -- -- Minn. Range's  New Richmond
Davis, Harry Private F 4 Mas'chusetts Hartland
Davis, Henry Private F 11 Connecticut National Home
Davis, Henry A. Private C & A 21 & 140 Connecticut Montfort
Davis, I. W. Private I 42 Illinois La Crosse
Davis, J. W. Lieutenant A 115 New York Emerald Grove
Davis, James Private L 26 N. Y. Cav. Bear Creek
Davis, Jay C. Private C 12 Iowa   Marshfield
Davis, Jeremiah M. Lieutenant -- 98 New York Rusk Lake
Davis, John W. 1st. Lieut. C 20 Iowa Clear Lake
Davis, John W. Private B 36 Illinois Milwaukee
Davis, Levi Private D 189 Ohio Randall
Davis, Lloyd J. Private D 95 Illinois National Home
Davis, Orlando P. Private G 42 Pennsylvania Brasington
Davis, R. L. Private C 116 New York La Crosse
Davis, R. T. Drummer -- 122 New York Burlington
Davis, S. V. Sergeant C 3 Iowa Clinton
Davis, Saml. Corporal F 42 Illinois Chetek
Davis, Thos. Private B 1 New York National Home
Davis, T. W. Private B 16 New York Granton
Davis, Thos. Private B 1 New York Milwaukee
Davison, John Private D 82 Illinois Westfield
Davison, John A. Private E 211 Pennsylvania Clear Lake
Dawson, F. N. Captain C 20 Indiana Hatchville
Dawson, John Private L 16 Michigan Kenosha
Dawson, William Corporal D 29 & 73 Indiana Hatchville
Day, Alfred Private K 23 Ohio Mondovi
Day, Byron Private G 153 Indiana Valton
Day, D. W. Surgeon -- 154 New York Eau Claire
Day, H. L. Surgeon -- 78 New York Eau Claire
Day, Hiram C. Private A 33 Iowa Stevens Point
Day, J. E. Private F 1 Mich. Cav. Waupaca
Day, W. P. Private C 7 Illinois Cav. Pardeeville
Dayton, Albion Private I 14 Vermont So Kaukauna
Dayton, Andrew Corporal G 97 New York Cataract
Dean, C. Werden Major C 6 Mich. Cav. Antigo
Dean, Dana E. Sergeant A 109 New York Merrill
Dean, R. B. Private B 3 Minnesota Knapp
Dearborn, R. T. Private K 26 New York Rockdale
Dearman, William -- -- -- -- Ottervale
Deaver, Jonas N. Private D 31 Ohio Viroqua
Deaver, Wm. Private K 73 Pennsylvania National Home
Debar, Jered Private D 14 Michigan Wold Creek
Debesiche, Chas. Private D 37 Illinois National Home
Decanter, A. Private G 20 N. Y. Cav. Wis Vet Home
Decanter, Chas. Private A 10 N. Y. H. Art. Rhinelander
Decker, E. F. Captain L 1 Mich. Cav. Embarrass
Decker, J. A. Private E 5 N. Y. H. Art. Baldwin
Decker, Joseph Private A 2 Tennessee Sylvan
Decker, Mike Private E 3 Missouri Burlington
Deckers, John -- -- -- -- Wautoma
De Coster, A. L. Private G 30 Maine Deronda
Deering, Jos. Private G 24 Mas'chusetts National Home
Deestan, Alfred Private G 23 Maine Portage
DeFane, Jas. Private -- -- New York Milwaukee
Degitz, Geo. Private K 121 Pennsylvania Hixton
DeGraw, Edw. Private M 7 W. Virginia National Home
DeGroat, Charles Private I 15 New York Rib Lake
DeGroff, L. D. Private K 17 Illinois Cav.  Beloit
Deidrich, Fred J. Private I 1 Iowa Menomonie
Deidrich, John Private I 45 Pennsylvania National Home
Deitz, M. Private K 52 New York Green Bay
Delahanty, Jas. Private H 2 New York National Home
De Land, Charles Corporal K 18 Michigan Fond du Lac
Delane, Peter Private I 24 Mas'chusetts Neillsville
DeLaney, Francis Private I 10 Vermont Greenbush
Delaney, Mich. Private C 9 Mas'chusetts National Home
Delaney, Wm. Private K 144 Illinois National Home
Delano, James Private K 56 Illinois Pittsville
DeLapp, Ephraim J. Private B 107 New York Humbird
DeLeur, Albert Colonel -- 116 Pennsylvania Hartland
Dells, John Private D 12 Ohio Milwaukee
Delmaddy, Thomas Private B 1 Delaware Bancroft
Delno, L. G. Drummer A 5 Minnesota Eau Claire
De Long, H. B. Private C 19 N. Y. H. A. Janesville
De Long, Thomas B. Private D 77 Ohio Turtle Lake
Delp, Geo. Private E 135 Pennsylvania National Home
Delph, Geo. W. Private F 147 New York National Home
Deltman, Fritz Private I 29 Michigan Plymouth
Demarest, Jas. H. Private H 8 New Jersey National Home
Demell, Fred Private H 18 N. Y. Cavalry La Crosse
Demerest, Edsol Private B 85 Ohio Waupaca
Demerest, Edsol   F 155    
Demis, Aug. Private B 10 Missouri National Home
Demlein, John Private F 39 Illinois National Home
Demmick, Matthew Private B 1 New York Minoag
Demmon, Elias H. Private -- 194 New York Omro
Demmons, Oliver Private B 5 Michigan Merrill
Deng, John M. Corporal -- 30 Ohio Milwaukee
Denham, O. E. Private F 25 Iowa La Crosse
Dening, Charles Private C 31 New York Lake Mills
Denkler, John Private E 69 Illinois National Home
Denn, Ralph Private E 128 New York Tigerton
Denney, James A. Private G 71 Pennsylvania Denny
Denning, Austin Private F 4 Minnesota Star Prairie
Dennis, Cyrenus Private C 75 Illinois Oconomowoc
Dennis, Stephan Private K 17 Indiana National Home
Dennison, Chas. Private E 27 Mas'chusetts Beloit
Dennison, Theodore Private K 14 Illinois Cav. Green Bay
Denny, Mich. Private G 117 New York National Home
Densmore, J. A. Captain A 10 Minnesota Racine
Denson, T. B. Private F 1 N. York Cav. Augusta
Denton, Isaac C. Private B 8 Illinois Kendall
DePue, M. L. Private G 59 New York Fond du Lac
DerMotte, Edwin L. Private E 7 Mich Cav. Clintonville
DerMotte, Edwin L.   C 8    
DeSmidt, John Sergeant F 8 Michigan Greenbash
Desmond, John Private M 16 New York La Crosse
DeTreaux, Fred Private I 98 Pennsylvania National Home
Detrickson, Christian Private B 47 Illinois Avalanche
Deveney, Pat. Private A 10 Illinois National Home
Devere, Fred W. Private H 9 Michigan Milwaukee
Devine, Olivet Private K 1 Maine National Home
Devine, Peter Private G 29 Connecticut Mazomanie
Devlin, Michael Private A 90 Illinois Shawano
Devlin, Neill Private L 2 New Jersey National Home
Dewey, John H. Private E 7 Michigan National Home
Dexon, Jas. A. Private E 18 Illinois National Home
Dibert, Isaac K. Private D 142 Pennsylvania National Home
Dick, Fred Private -- -- -- Sheboygan
Dick, Phil G. Private K 6 Indiana National Home
Dickenson, Decatur 1st. Lieut. I 45 Pennsylvania Neillsville
Dickenson, Jas. W. Private H 23 Mas'chusetts Milwaukee
Dickerson, John Private C 19 Virginia Eau Claire
Dickey, Jac. Private I 31 Illinois National Home
Dickinson, Egbert O. Private C 4 Michigan Racine
Dickinson, T. F. Private -- 24 Michigan Sparta
Dickinson, R. H. 1st. Lieut. D 53 Illinois Colby
Dickinson, Wm. Private G 12 Illinois Durand
Diehl, Jno. Sergeant H 74 Pennsylvania Racine
Diehl, W. P. Private -- -- Pennsylvania Necedah
Dies, Baldison Private B 45 Illinois National Home
Dietz, Michael Private K 52 New York Green Bay
Dike, H. B. Private F 5 Minnesota Osceola Mills
Dillenbeck, Chas. M. Private B 106 New York Mukwonago
Dilley, E. V. R. Private F 2 Minnesota Lucas
Dilley, Lewis C. Private F 15 Illinois Symco
Dillon, Chas. Private B 6 Iowa National Home
Dillon, Edw. Private B 23 Ohio National Home
Dillree, Webster Private G 8 Michigan Cav. Monroe
Dilly, S. B. 1st. Sergeant I 1 Minnesota Rosendale
Dinger, Leonard Private F 12 Illinois Clam Falls
Dingman, Gideon Private E 92 Illinois Cav. Stevens Point
Dinueln, Patrick Private A 105 Pennsylvania Elroy
Dischler, Casper Private D 39 New York Racine
Dischler, Joseph Private H 41 New York Racine
Dissinger, A. D. Private C 195 Pennsylvania Monroe
Dix, David Private L 9 Penn. Cav. Antigo
Dixon, Henry J. Private D 17 Illinois Chetek
Dobbins, George Private B 11 Vermont Tunnel City
Dobbins, Pat. Private A 164 New York Auroraville
Docherty, James Private E 2 Iowa Cav. Madely
Doctor, Peter Private C 9 Illinois Weber
Dodd, Thomas M. 1st. Lieut. C 7 Indiana Sunrise City, Minn
Dodge, Benjamin Private H 14 New York Larrabee
Dodge, John Private E 100 Illinois National Home
Dodge, L. D. Private A 1 Missouri Fond du Lac
Dodge, R. H. Private H 64 Michigan Bay City
Dodge, R. S. Sergeant K 16 New York Sparta
Dodsworth, H. Private E 198 Ohio Union Center
Doerge, Chas. Private D 12 Missouri National Home
Doerre, Frank Private H 14 Maine La Crosse
Doherty, Thos. Private B 4 Illinois National Home
Dohms, Ludwig Private A 71 Illinois Neshkere
Dolan, James T. Private G 61 Ohio Oshkosh
Dolan, John Private F 69 Pennsylvania National Home
Dolan, Pat. Private G 22 New York National Home
Doll, Jac. Private B 144 Indiana National Home
Dona, T. Private D 123 New York Winneconne
Donahue, John Private G 3 Missouri National Home
Donahue, John J. Private K 3 Ohio National Home
Donald, Geo. Private H 39 Illinois Milwaukee
Donaldson, J. J. Private C 11 Mas'chusetts Cameron
Donaldson, James Corporal C 5 New Hamp. Cadott
Donegan, Mich. Private B 17 New York National Home
Donnelly, Ed. Private -- 59 New York Whitewater
Donnelly, Ed.   K 11 Indiana  
Donnelly, John Private E 18 New York National Home
Donnelly, Pat. Private F 47 Illinois National Home
Donnelly, Peter Private B 90 Illinois National Home
Doney, Ira Private B 15 New York Stiles
Donovan, Anthony Private A 76 Pennsylvania Madison
Donovan, John Private I 5 Michigan National Home
Donovan, Samuel Sergeant I 21 Mas'chusetts Grand Rapids
Donovan, Tim. Private H 9 Illinois National Home
Doody, Jas. Private F 23 Illinois National Home
Doolittle, James M. Corporal G 148 New York Oregon
Doolittle, John Private G 148 New York Stoughton
Dopp, Cyrus B. Private G 19 Michigan Wausau
Dorathy, Christ Private K 2 New York Kenosha
Dorgan, Michael Private K 5 Minnesota Hudson
Dorothy, F. B. Private A 106 New York St Croix Falls
Dorr, B. F. Private G 2 Iowa Cav. Antigo
Dorsey, Michael Private E 17 Illinois Cav. Oshkosh
Doty, E. S. Private A 1 Vt. Cav. New Richmond
Doty, Thos. Private F 4 W. Va. Cav. Sharon
Doty, Thos.   H 61 Pennsylvania  
Doty, W. H. Bugler F & E 3 N. Y. Art. Merrillan
Doty, W. H.   -- 105 Ohio  
Doud, A. C. Private A 14 New York Loyal
Doudell, Otto Private D 2 New York La Crosse
Dougan, S. W. Private C 50 Minnesota Danville
Dougerty, John Sergeant A 9 Illinois Brookfield
Dougherty, A. F. Private I 20 Iowa Warrens
Dougherty, Chas. Private K 2 New York National Home
Dougherty, Edward Private G 69 Pennsylvania Hurlbut
Dougherty, Jas. Private K 53 Ohio National Home
Dougherty, John Private A 9 Illinois National Home
Dougherty, John Private C 153 Illinois Minocqua
Dougherty, John Private K 14 Maine Oconto
Douglass, J. A. Private G 45 Pennsylvania Liddell
Douglass, Jas. A. Private M 80 Maine National Home
Douglass, John Private B 151 Ohio West Lima
Douglas, Lyman Sergeant C 12 Pennsylvania Anson
Dousey, Henry Private B 1 Kentuck. Cav. Marinette
Douthett, Billings O. Private I 104 Ohio Hersey
Dove, E. A. Private H 13 New York Richland Center
Dowey, Nathan Private C 10 N. Y. H. A. Manawa
Dawney, Bernard F. Private -- 16 Ohio National Home
Downey, Geo. Private A 8 Illinois Appleton
Downey, Jos. A. W. Private F 25 New York National Home
Downey, Nate. Private I 81 Pennsylvania Fairchild
Downie, Chas. Private C 40 Tennessee Waukesha
Downing, James Private K 6 Minnesota Downing
Downing, John H. Private F 1 Penn. Lt. Art. Cadott
Downing, Timothy Private F 3 Delaware Elroy
Downing, Wm. Private A 13 New York Poysippi
Dowsey, Francis Private L 1 Illinois Bat. Porterfield
Dox, S. Sergeant H 23 New York Waupaca
Dox, S. Sergeant H 24 N. Y. Cav.  
Doylan, W. M. Private A 186 Pennsylvania Waukesha
Doyle, Arthur Sergeant B 90 Illinois Cuba
Doyle, John Private A 18 Illinois National Home
Doyle, Marcus Private E 8 New York Minocqua
Doyle, T. M. Private I 95 Illinois Wausau
Drake, C. R. Private -- -- Connecticut Andrus
Drake, Fred'k Private E -- New York Harward
Drake, Geo. F. Private K 3 New York Andrus
Drake, R. P. Private K 59 Illinois Martintown
Draper, Geo. Private H 122 Ohio National Home
Draper, H. Private B 166 Ohio Loyal
Draper, John Private F 3 Minnesota Burns
Dreghorn, Fred Private A 42 Illinois National Home
Drennan, Jas. Private G 90 Illinois National Home
Dresden, H. F. Private I 1 Minnesota Loyal
Drew, Jos. P. Captain F 1 Pennsylvania Baraboo
Drew, R. S. Private H 1 Minnesota Bloomville
Drew, Thomas, W Private A 2 Illinois Art. Portage
Drew, Z. B. Private D 14 Illinois La Crosse
Drick, Geo. F. Private K 7 New York National Home
Driscoll, Corn. Private K 19 Illinois National Home
Driscoll, J. Private H -- Indiana La Crosse
Driscoll, Wm. Private I 82 Ohio National Home
Drown, Chas. Private C 3 Cal. Cav. Oconto
Drown, Geo. W. Private K 8 Vermont Oshkosh
Drumm, William Private B 16 Indiana Kendall
Drummond, Frank 1st. Lieut. M 43 Illinois Cav. Calamine
Drury, Ossian S. Engineer L 1 Minnesota Hersey
Duaray, Charles Private -- -- -- Dodgeville
Ducat, Henry A. Private C 14 Michigan Milwaukee
Ducate, M. H. Private D 9 Minnesota Unity
Ducher, Daniel W. Corporal I 6 Mich. Cav. Rock Elm
Duclon, Wm. Private K 14 N. Y., H. Art. Fish Creek
Dudgeon, Wm. Private B 138 Ohio National Home
Dudley, Edward Private G 17 Michigan Oshkosh
Dudley, H. O. Sergeant -- 5 Iowa Cav. Stockbridge
Dudley, James Sergeant A -- H. Minn. Cav. La Crosse
Dudley, Orson Sergeant B 15 Illinois Wautoma
Duellmann, Henry Corporal G 2 Iowa Fountain City
Duggan, John Private H 16 Michigan National Home
Dulin, B. L. Private K 113 Illinois Coloma Station
Dumas, Joseph Private G 13 N. York Cav. Dancy
Dumphy, Wm. Private D 155 Pennsylvania National Home
Dunaun, C. E. Private I 61 Massachus'ts Plover
Dunbar, Thomas Corporal F 23 Illinois Milwaukee
Duncan, J. A. Private L 2 Minnesota Chippewa Falls
Duncan, John Private A 6 Minnesota Hayward
Danahee, John Private H 59 Indiana Rock Falls
Duffy, Barney Private F 119 Pennsylvania National Home
Duffy, J. C. Private H 18 New York Thorp
Duffy, James Private K 10 Illinois Prairie du Chien
Duffy, John Private E 9 Illinois Wilmot
Duffy, John Private I 6 Minnesota National Home
Duffy, Math Private L 8 Illinois National Home
Dufore, Moses Private K 22 New York Rice Lake
Dufrane, Sam Sergeant B 7 Illinois Merrill
Duman, Frank         Wauwatosa
Dunham, J Private I 72 Pennsylvania Portage
Dunham, J. H. Private A 144 New York Kilbourn
Dunham, J. O. Private H 87 Indiana Rhinelander
Dunke, Aug. C Private B 9 Illinois Milwaukee
Dunke, John Private E 14 New York National Home
Dunn, Allen Private B 138 Indiana Stevens Point
Dunn, Bernard Private A 2 Iowa Cav La Crosse
Dunn, Edw Private F 25 Ohio National Home
Dunn, James Private F 140 New York River Falls
Dunn, James Private K 153 Illinois Oxford
Dunn, James Private A 76 Ohio Calamine
Dunn, John Private I 164 New York National Home
Dunn, Lewis Private A 170 New York National Home
Dunn, Theo Corporal B 126 Illinois Prentice
Dunnigan, John Private I 9 Illinois Cav Janesville
Dulton, C. J. Private G 13 N. Y. Cav Marinette
Dunwell, G. W. Private G 4 New York Jefferson
Dunwoodie, Wm Private F 33 New York Rhinelander
Durand, Jos Private F 92 New York Cudahy
Durbin, J. C. Teamster A 100 Indiana Janesville
Durfee, Frank Private K 12 New York Middle Inlet
Durfee, J. A. Private C 169 Pennsylvania Wis Vet Home
Durgs, David Private H 91 New York Milwaukee
Durnenberger, C     92 Illinois Antigo
Duross, Frank Musician I 27 1st S. S. Mich Saxon
Durpree, Geo Private E 98 New York Arkansas
Durrell, Freeman Private B 11 Minnesota Shell Lake
Duryea, John Private B 24 Michigan National Home
Dustin, Jonathan Private F 2 New Hamp Sparta
Dutcher, C Private G 152 Illinois Brodhead
Dutenberger, Seb Private B 62 Illinois Hartford
Dutter, Daniel Private F 202 Pennsylvania Pleasant Val
Dutton, H. W. Private A 157 New York Bloomer
Duval, Charles Private I 92 New York Cartwright
Duval, Jas. M Private E 9 Illinois National Home
Duval, William Private A 57 Illinois South Osborne
Duvall, Phil Private H 2 Massachus'ts National Home
Dwyer, Pat Private K 71 Pennsylvania National Home
Dyer, W. S. Private A 116 Ohio Westport
Dyke, Ebenezer Private D 5 Vermont Westfield



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