Enumeration of the Soldiers of the Late War
Who Served in Organizations of Other States and Reported by the
Enumerators as Residing in Wisconsin on June 20, 1895.

* All names of soldiers returned by the enumerators with the company, regiment or state omitted, will be found in this list.

transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Susan Geist, Rhonda Hill, Tammy Clark, Mary Saggio, Veneta McKinney, Heather Turner







Gabel, Godfrey Private K 23 Indiana National Home
Gabelman, Jos. Private K 4 New York Milwaukee
Gabinnson, Hans Private G 2 Colorado Necedah
Gable, Sample P. Private F 9 Pennsylvania National Home
Gabriel, And. Private K 62 Pennsylvania National Home
Gaeuer, Silas Private A 130 Indiana Petersburg
Gaeusslen, Chas. Private F 177 New York Milwaukee
Gaeton, John -- -- -- -- Appleton
Gaffney, Terrance Private G 6 Iowa National Home
Gaffron, Joe. Private I 92 Illinois Plymouth
Gage, Alonzo Corporal A 134 New York Racine
Gage, Lucan R. Private A 1 Michigan Milwaukee
Gale, Henry Private F 30 Indiana Wausau
Gallagher, Hugh Private K 37 Illinois National Home
Gallager, Roger Private L 1 Illinois Abrams
Gallop, Fred Private B 91 New York Hudson
Galloway, G. W. Private E 51 Pennsylvania Wildwood
Galloway, J. B. Corporal K 142 Illinois Poynette
Galloway, W. D. Private H 5 Minnesota Durand
Galloway, W. K. Private E 125 New York Eau Claire
Galloway, John M. Private D 10 New York Milwaukee
Gallup, W. H. 1st. Lieut. 14 Kentucky Janesville
Galom, Mich. Private L 3 Michigan National Home
Gamache, Peter Private E 11 Minnesota Turtle Lake
Gamble, Harry Private C 39 Illinois Pleasant Prairie
Gammon, E. M. Musician -- 39 Maine Beloit
Gammon, R. H. Private E 16 Maine Brodhead
Gang, Christian Private -- 1 Minn. Bat. Nero
Gano, R. C. Private F 31 New Jersey De Pere
Ganoe, J. P. Private G 1 Michigan Arkansaw
Garcia, E. Private B 2 Kentucky La Crosse
Gardiner, John Private F 1 Colorado Spencer
Gardner, C. -- -- -- -- Berlin
Gardner, Edward Private E 150 Ohio Endeavor
Gardner, Edward R. Private M 17 Ill. Cav. Reedsburg
Gardner, Geo. E. Band. -- 14 New York National Home
Gardner, George R. Private E 48 New York Grand Rapids
Gardner, John Private G 46 Illinois  Knapp
Gardner, Victor Corporal K 88 Illinois Milwaukee
Gardner, W. E. 1st. Sergt. K & C 5 & 12 Iowa Centralia
Garka, J. N. Private I 1 N. Y. Eng. Augusta
Garland, Daniel Private D 26 Maine Amery
Garland, Wm. H. Private H 16 Mas'chusetts. National Home
Garlick, G. L. Private K 74 Illinois Beloit
Garlie, Horace R. Private I 9 Michigan Alderley
Garlock, F. R. Corporal B 108 New York Racine
Garloes, B. -- -- -- -- Green Bay
Garman, W. A. Private G 46 Illinois Beloit
Garner, J. W. Act. Lieut. G 57 Indiana Westport
Garner, W. R. Private G 57 Indiana Westport
Garnett, J. S. Private K 14 Maine Porter's Mills
Garnett, H. S. Private D 85 New York Eau Claire
Garaughty, James  Private C 53 Pennsylvania Elroy
Garret, John -- F 3 N. York. Cav. Horicon
Garrett, Perry Private F 104 Indiana Burr
Garrett, Wm. Private C 122 Ohio Chippewa Falls
Garnt, Wm. Private D 1 Ind. Cav. Racine
Garrity, John Private F 43 New York Elroy
Garrity, Owen Private M 3 Kentucky Cylon
Garst, Morrison Corporal K 67 Iowa Kenosha
Gaskill, James E. Private A 171 Ohio La Crosse
Gaspard, Wm. H. Private D 134 Illinois La Crosse
Gaston, Theron R. Private H 2 California National Home
Gates, A. L. Private E 50 N. Y. Eng. Buena Vista
Gates, Atlas Private B 22 New York National Home
Gates, Charles Private H 22 Illinois Sprague
Gates, Frank Corporal M 1 Maine Cav. Sherry
Gates, Peleg Surgeon L 14 Illinois Cav. Clear Lake
Gault, S. D. Private B 16 Ohio Bloom City
Gault, S. D.   H 152 Indiana  
Gavin, John Private B 13 Indiana Bat. National Home
Gavin, Pat. Private B 35 Indiana National Home
Gay, Floyd Private H 92 Illinois Spooner
Gay, Frank Private L 9 Illinois National Home
Gay, Ralph Sergeant G 12 Maine   White Birch
Gaylord, L. O. Private A 1 Minnesota Mt Tabor
Gayott, Turnish -- -- -- -- Mosinee
Geary, John Corporal G 78 Ohio Newton
Geats, Jos. Private G 7 New York Milwaukee
Gebhardt, Albert Sergeant E 13 Indiana Lamertine
Gedds, Geo. Private G 106 New York Peshtigo
Gee, B. F. Private G 144 New York Wis Vet Home
Gee, Harvey Private -- -- -- Centralia
Geer, Alexander Private B & G 18 Ohio Misha Mokwa
Geer, N. Private D 1 Pennsylvania Greenwood
Geer, W. E. Corporal G 1 Connecticut Maiden Rock
Geer, William Private B 28 New York Clintonville
Gehler, Fred Private G 49 -- Johnson's Creek
Gehman, Henry H. Private B 51 Pennsylvania National Home
Geibel, John Private K 1 Mich. L. A. Waukesha
Geis, George Private B 178 New York National Home
Geise, Gust. Sergeant D 84 Illinois Milwaukee
Geissbuehler, John Private H 82 Illinois Alma
Geizen, Math. Private D 28 New York Nevins
Gemaric, John Private D 14 Ohio National Home
Genin, Aug. Private -- -- -- Belleville
Gennelt, Chas. Private C 33 Illinois Kenosha
Gennug, Warren Sergeant B 153 Illinois Pine Hill
Gensen, Neals Peter Private H 3 Illinois Horicon
Gentes, Chas. Private E 2 Maryland National Home
Gentis, Daniel Private I 2 N. Y. Cav. Eau Claire
Geobhardt, John Sergeant G 149 New York Rome
George, Forrest Sergeant -- 4 Mass. H. Art. Chetek
George, John Private H 67 Illinois Beloit
George, W. H. Private G 80 Ohio Hancock
Geoss, D. Private C 9 Illinois Cav. Lake Geneva
Gerard, Wm. Corporal F 10 New York Eidsvold
Gergueseson, Lars Corporal -- -- -- Iowa
Gerlach, Fred. W. Private A 8 New York National Home
Gerndt, Fred W. Private C 82 Illinois National Home
Gerth, W. Private -- -- -- Norwalk
Gerughtz, P. Private F 49 Pennsylvania Neenah
Gesall, Gerhard Private A -- Minn. Br. Bat. Alma
Getchell, F. W. Private -- -- Minnesota River Falls
Getcham, Frank Private C 2 Illinois Kenosha
Gettes, William Private -- -- -- Sherry
Ghoca, G. W. Captain C 1 New York Waupaca
Gibbons, Ira Private E 106 New York Sheridan
Gibbons, Richard Private -- -- -- Sextonville
Gibbs, A. V. Private 34 New York Balmoral
Gibeaut, A. A. Sergeant E 122 Ohio Beloit
Giberson, James Private H 12 New York Lake Geneva
Gibson, W. D. Private E 138 Ohio Appleton
Gicks, Henry Private C -- -- Bloomer
Giddings, Henry Private A 13 Michigan National Home
Giebel, Henry Private G 3 Missouri Clintonville
Giertz, Fred Private F 145 New York National Home
Giesey, Albert Private B 22 Penn. Cav. Whitewater
Giett, Albert Private A 67 Illinois Pound
Gietzen, Joseph Private G 1 Illinois Saukville
Giffin, David G. Sergeant D 61 New York Neenah
Gifford, Andrew Private K 3 Maine Appleton
Gifford, D. T. Captain C 2 Minn. Cav. Geona Junction
Gifford, E. P. Private K 153 Illinois Geona Junction
Gifford, John S. Sergeant F 18 New York Morgan
Gilbert, Chas. C. Private H 1 Illinois L. A. Alban
Gilbert, Erastus Private B 8 California Wyocena
Gilbert, Henry Captain C 100 Ohio Osseo
Gilbert, Isaac Private E 77 Ohio Knapp
Gilbert, John Private K 27 Iowa Augusta
Gilbert, John T. Private I 118 New York Poynette
Gilbert, Joseph Private B 85 New York Chetek
Gilbert, Leon Private F 153 New York Kenosha
Gilbert, Thomas Private B 151 Indiana Stevens Point
Gilbert, Thomas     138    
Gilbert, W. H. Private A 19 Illinois Clinton
Gilbrath, Thos. Private H 6 Mas'chusetts Milwaukee
Gill, Admiram R. Private K 151 Indiana Sheboygan
Gill, Jno. Private H 58 Pennsylvania Day
Gill, Myron Private C 8 Illinois Oshkosh
Gill, Roswell Private K 95 Illinois Sharon
Gillan, John Private C 1 California Baraboo
Gillett, Geo. H. Private A 16 Michigan Tomahawk
Gillett, W. W. Private A 18 Michigan Plainfield
Gillette, Orville 1st. Lieut. I 3 Michigan Milwaukee
Gillispe, Edw. Private E 27 Missouri Janesville
Gillispie, John Private D 79 New York National Home
Gillispie, Joseph Private E 64 Pennsylvania Bay City
Gillispie, Wm. W. Private -- 2 Minn. Battery Clam Falls
Gilman, M. F. Private A 9 Michigan Armenia
Gilmore, Jas. Private L 10 Ohio Art. National Home
Giloon, John Private C 7 Illinois Waukesha
Gilpatrick, Jeremaih H. Private C 6 Maine Bat. Nelson
Gilson, Samuel H. Private L 15 N. York. Cav. Wyocena
Gingles, Wilson Private -- 1 Illinois Bat. Waterloo
Ginther, Chas. A. Private L 2 N. York H. A. Portage
Ginther, Henry Private C 4 New Jersey Superior
Girard, F. X. Private K 4 Mich. Cav. Wis Vet Home
Givlen, Wm. H. Private F 126 Pennsylvania Eagleton
Glacken, Edw. F. Private H 17 Illinois National Home
Gladon, W. W. Private F 27 Ohio Buck Creek
Glass, Dav. A. Private C 63 Pennsylvania National Home
Glass, Louis J. Private H 61 Illinois Neillsville
Glassford, Hugh Private B 23 Illinois National Home
Gleason, Geo. Private I 135 Indiana National Home
Gleason, Geo. W. Private K 60 New York Humbird
Gleason, H. C. Private D 196 Ohio Lancaster
Gleason, Henry Private G 96 Illinois La Crosse
Gleason, J. W. Private H 7 Ohio Lancaster
Gleason, Mike Private G 24 Pennsylvania Milwaukee
Gleason, Nathan Corporal E 10 New York Art. Milwaukee
Glenert, Aug. Private L 5 Ohio National Home
Glenn, Albert 1st. Sergeant H 26 Indiana Janesville
Glenn, David G. Private H 17 Pennsylvania Milwaukee
Glenn, L. H. Private A 160 Ohio Dell
Glenn, Lewis B. Corporal F 31 Ohio Dell
Glidden, Wesley Private I 7 N. Hampshire National Home
Glover, John H. Private F 7 Vermont Oshkosh
Glover, A. G. Corporal K 11 Mas'chusetts Baraboo
Goben, Allen Private D 85 Illinois Durand
Goddard, A. L. Private I 96 Illinois Standley
Goddard, Lewis W. Private C 49 Mas'chusetts National Home
Godfrey, H. K. Private E 40 Mas'chusetts River Falls
Godfrey, H. Y. Musician B 33 Illinois Fontana
Goeller, Wm. Private F 72 Illinois National Home
Goetz, Adolph Private I 1 Illinois National Home
Goff, E. R. Private -- 15 Maine Marinette
Goff, Warren W. Sergeant C 141 Pennsylvania Stevens Point
Goffart, Fred. J. Private G 22 Iowa De Pere
Gohlke, John Private D 16 Illinois National Home
Gokey, Joseph Private D 34 New York Coleman
Golden, Addison Corporal H 55 Ohio Durand
Golden, Edward Private L 2 Illinois L. Art. Marinette
Golden, Fenell Private E 7 Kansas Ashland
Goldsmith, Albert Musician H 21 Iowa Prescott
Goldsmith, H. Private E 76 Pennsylvania Hixton
Gologly, Pat. Private C 55 Illinois National Home
Golz, Hugo Private A 47 Indiana National Home
Goncher, R. H. Farrier K 11 N. Y. Cavalry Merrillan
Gondi, Jas. Private A 1 Michigan National Home
Gonesman, Jacob Private B 1 Minnesota Houlton
Gonia, Frank Private E 60 New York Fond du Lac
Gonzallas, Mortimer Private G 61 New York National Home
Good, John Private H 87 & 100 Pennsylvania Martinstown
Goodal, Henry Sergeant D 2 Illinois Cav. Cavour
Goodell, David Private A 61 Massachus'ts Eau Galle
Goodell, H. N. Private A 3 Mich. Cav. La Crosse
Goodell, L. E. Private A 3 Michigan La Crosse
Goodell, Thos. Private I 4 Michigan National Home
Goodell, W. H. Private I 97 Illinois Superior
Goodhue, D. M. Private -- 24 N. Y. Bat. Wauwatosa
Goodison, Benj. Private A 14 New York Downing
Goodman, James B. -- -- -- -- Marinette
Goodman, Jeremiah Private G 210 Penn Cadiz
Goodman, William Private C 144 New York Newton

Goodnough, Thurman B. Corporal B 127 Illinois Black River Falls
Goodnow, Charles H. Private I 26 New York Weyauwega
Goodrich, Elisha S. Private K 40 Missouri National Home
Goodrich, John H. Private I 1 Maine Chippewa Falls
Goodrich, T. D. Private F 91 New York Lancaster
Goodsell, T. W. Private C 95 Illinois Baraboo
Goodwin, Jacob H. Sergeant H 2 Iowa Eau Claire
Goodwin, John Private G 109 New York New London
Goolsby, Anson Private C 7 Minnesota Onalaska
Goran, Samuel Private G 3 Michigan Milwaukee
Gordon, Abram Private K 81 New York Loyal
Gordon, Jno. Private K 81 New York Loyal
Gordineer, James Private I 115 New York Frazer
Gordon, A. J. Private F 182 Ohio Brodhead
Gordon, Cephas Private A 9 Tennessee National Home
Gordon, Chas. B. Corporal I 135 Illinois De Soto
Gordon, D. K. Private I 9 Maine Holman
Gordon, Dan. Private D 29 Indiana Hatchville
Gordon, Edward Corporal D 4 Minnesota Haywood
Gordon, John Captain C 34 Ohio Merrill
Gordon, W. A. Q. M. Sergt. K 1 Md. Cav. Oshkosh
Gordon, Wm. I. Private D 5 Ohio National Home
Gorjus, Phil Private E 58 Illinois National Home
Gorman, Henry Private E 183 Pennsylvania National Home
Gorman, R. Private C 150 New York Burkhardt
Gorman, W. H. Private E 142 Illinois National Home
Gosha, Charles Private E 4 New Hamp. Appleton
Goss, Wm. B. Private D 45 Illinois Potosi
Gossage. Adam Private C 26 Ohio Wausau
Gossett, A. Private A 2 Ohio Lindsay
Gossnelt, John E. Private H 4 Kentucky National Home
Gough, Phil Private M 2 New York National Home
Gould, John Private C 104 New York Little Prairie
Gould Joseph Private C 127 Illinois Sparta
Gourlie, James Private K 84 Pennsylvania Hager City
Gouyd, A. S. Private D 12 N. Y. Cav. Whitewater
Gowdey, James Private E 1 N. Y. Drag'ns Chelsea
Gowdry, Edward F. Private A 126 New York La Crosse
Gower, Owen Private G 215 Pennsylvania Afton
Gowran, James A. Private I 16 N. Y. H. A. Portage
Goyer, Joseph Private F 89 Illinois Readstown
Gozitte, Peter Private -- -- -- Milwaukee
Grab, Geo. Private E 53 Pennsylvania Black River Falls
Grace, Jas. Private D 1 Dist. Col. National Home
Grady, Mich. Private K 88 Illinois National Home
Grady, Pat. Private E 47 Illinois National Home
Grady, Robt. Private K 19 Illinois National Home
Graessli, Fred Private M 4 Missouri Cav. Milwaukee
Graf, Frederick Private B 12 Mas'chusetts Black Hawk
Graf, Samuel Private F 5 Iowa Cav. Portage
Graff, Jas. D. Private K 25 Missouri National Home
Graham, Chas. H. Private D 105 Pennsylvania Eau Claire
Graham, H. Colonel -- 22 Iowa Manitowoc
Graham, Ira S. Private H 14 Missouri National Home
Graham, John Private B 1 Illinois National Home
Graicher, F. W. Private C 18 Mas'chusetts Marshfield
Grandy, Henry J. Private I 4 Illinois Cav. Sturgeon Bay
Granger, Eli. Corporal B 21 New York Prescott
Granger, J. M. Private D 4 N. Y. H. A. Merrillan
Granger, James Private E 111 Illinois West Lima
Granger, James C. Private B 111 New York Milwaukee
Granger, L. E. Private F 3 Michigan Omro
Grant, F. J. Private B -- N. Y. Eng. C. West Superior
Grant, Hartley Corporal H 30 Maine Rice Lake
Grant, Wm. Private -- 11 N. Y. Bat. Wautoma
Gratiot, C. C. Private D 140 Illinois Shullsburg
Gratiot, H. R. Private D 144 Illinois Gratiot
Gratz, Bernhardt Private C 3 Mich. Cav. Ashland
Graves, James Private C 142 New York Eau Galle
Graves, Jas. R. Private B 10 Illinois National Home
Graves, L. P. Corporal -- 121 Ohio Hancock
Graves, L. S. Private H 17 New York Shopiere
Graves, Malo. Private C 3 New York National Home
Graves, Theo. Private G 1 Mich. Eng. Antigo
Graves, Wash. Private H 107 New York Milwaukee
Gray, A. C. Private D 58 Mas'chusetts Evansville
Gray, Allen Private I 155 New York Hatchville
Gray, Charles F. Private A 1 New Jersey Oconto
Gary, Hans Private E 33 Illinois National Home
Gray, John Private B 1 Dist. Col. National Home
Gray, Joseph Sergeant I 1 Minn. Bat. Clear Lake
Gray, O. H. Private H 58 Arkansaw Arkansaw
Gray, Sam. Private F 171 Pennsylvania Warren, Ill
Graybill, Dan. Private I 13 Ohio National Home
Greek, Wm. Private G 50 Pennsylvania Delton
Greeley, A. H. Private A 1 Iowa Cav. Wis Vet Home
Greeley, A. H.   E 9 Iowa  
Green, E. T. W. Private M 2 Minn. Cav. Downing
Green, Edw. B. Private E 95 Pennsylvania National Home
Green, Fred R. Sergeant D 160 New York Mountain
Green, Geo. P. Private H 2 Kentucky Ralph
Green, J. S. Private E 93 New York Altoona
Green, Jacob Private B 15 Ind. Cav. Viroqua
Green, Jas. Private B 186 Ohio Beloit
Green, John L. Private C 60 New York National Home
Green, Rob. R. Private -- 2 Ohio Bat. National Home
Green, W. L. Private G 196 Ohio Readstown
Green, Walter Private L 5 New York Augusta
Green, Wm. Private D 111 Pennsylvania Gordon
Greene, Chas. Private F 23 Indiana Barnum
Greene, Frank H. Musician -- 74 Ohio Eau Claire
Greene, William F. Private G 12 Connecticut Lone Rock
Greene, Wm. H. Private A 97 New York Milwaukee
Greenleaf, Harlow J. Private K 132 Illinois Portage
Greeno, C. S. W. Private F 16 N. Y. Cavalry Sparta
Greeno, C. S. W.   E 98    
Greenwalt, John Private F 12 Illinois Fair Play
Greenwood, Alfred Private H 50 New York Marinette
Greenwood, John T. Private I 13 Michigan Beloit
Gregary, Livingstone Private F 189 New York Milwaukee
Gregg, D. B. Private K 135 Ohio Wauwatosa
Gregord, Chas. R. Private F 75 Illinois National Home
Gregory, Harvey Private K 141 Pennsylvania Seymour
Gregory, M. J. Private E 76 Ohio Monroe
Greifenhahn, Fred Private I 177 New York National Home
Grenier, Jac. Private I 15 New York National Home
Greve, Alb. Private C 37 Ohio National Home
Greveldinger, John Private -- 82 Illinois Fredonia
Grey, Chas. A. Private H 46 Pennsylvania Graytown
Grey, Wm. Private I 78 Pennsylvania Millston
Gribin, John Private G 3 N. Y. Lt. Art. Stevens Point
Griebel, Laurence Private G 25 Illinois Milwaukee
Gries, Casper Private G 82 Illinois National Home 
Griffa, Rufus Private K 4 Ohio Cavalry Wonewoc
Griffin, Hollis B Private I 17 Vermont Arkansas
Griffin, James A Corporal D 13 Illinois Cav Medford
Griffin, Michael Private A 88 New York Janesville
Griffin, Mich  Private A 88 New York National Home 
Griffin, P Private G 45 Illinois Lake Geneva
Griffin, Thos Private D 65 Illinois Thompson
Griffith, Chas Private B 133 Pennsylvania National Home 
Griffith, Fred Private G 117 Ohio   Rockton
Griffith, Hobert Private C 11 Michigan South Byron
Griffith, I.H. Private K 89 New York New London
Griffith, J.R. Captain B 85 Illinois Keuosha
Griffith, John Private A 22 Illinois National Home 
Griffiths, J.H. Musician   15 New York McDill
Griffiths, Walter Private D 186 New York Randolph
Griffiths, Wm. Q Private A 14 New York Milwaukee
Grigg, Darius Q Private H 1 Michigan National Home 
Griggs, James P Private C 74 Pennsylvania Beldenville
Grilley, D.S. Private E 113 Illinios Sioska
Grimes, B.F. Private G 8 Iowa Minong
Grimes, Elias Private G 150 Pennsylvania Clear Lake
Grimes, James Private L 1 Illinois Stiles
Grimm, Nichlas Private H 12 New York National Home 
Gridel, Robert Private C 16 Maine Bear Creek
Grinder, Geo. Corporal H 1 Penn. Cav Nelson
Grindle, G.W. 1st Lieut H 197 Ohio Phillips
Grindle, Seth Private K 154 Ohio Edson
Grinnell, Ira Private K 189 New York Oakfield
Grisinger, Harry Private   15 Illinois Milwaukee
Griswold, George Corporal G 52 Illinois Oxford
Groezinger, G.F. Corporal K 35 Pennsylvania Chippewa Falls
Groezinger, Herman Lieubenant B 27 Iowa La Crosse
Grof, Gean Private C 9 Ohio Milwaukee
Groff, Chas. A Private C 7 Michigan Racine
Grogan, John Private Q 9 New York National Home 
Gronberg, JOhn Private B 36 Illinois National Home 
Groschell, Chas Private C 9 Ohio National Home 
Grose, Edward Private K 91 New York Kaukauna
Gross, Jacob, Sen. Private A 1 Minn. Cav Alma
Gross, Mich Private D 10 Illinois National Home 
Grossman, jac Private D 8 New York National Home 
Grove, Geo. M Private I 33 Mas'chusetts Milwaukee
Grove, John S Private B   Hat. Bat. Minn Alstad
Grover, Charles Private F 130 New York Menomonie
Grover, Daniel H Private G 19 N.Y. Cav Oconomowoc
Grover, Horace Private A 11 Indiana Cav. Beaver Dam
Grover, Lyman D Private C 58 Illinois Poynette
Grover, William Private A & I 1 & 2 Minnesota La Crosse
Grow, Jas. W Private C 19 Indiana    National Home 
Gruber, Perry Private C 4 Michigan Fond du Lac
Gruenwald, And. J Private F 3 Maryland National Home 
Gruhl, Henry Private C 27 Michigan Port Washington
Gsell, Albert Private H 2 Minnesota Janesville
Gudgeon, Arza Private H 56 Ohio Ottervale
Gudgeon, Stephen B Private G 1 Ohio H.A. Ottervale
Guelker, Fred Private K 14 Illinois Hayes
Guenther, Geo. H Major   24 Illinois Chilton
Guest, S.M. Private K 72 Illinois Clinton
Guffin, Pat Private B 51 Indiana National Home 
Guggenhan, Chas Private C 1 New Jersey National Home 
Guile, E.M. Corporal A 10 Minnesota Wauwatosa
Guilfoil, Mark Private F 60 New York National Home 
Guinan, Deunis Private G 5 New York National Home 
Guist, Isaiah Private   13 Ohio Cavalry Manning
Gulbranson, Torger Corporal I 15 Illinois Iola
Gumaer, Edw Private   23 New York Milwaukee
Gunerman, Mich Private F 46 Illinois Kieler
Gunderson, Thomas Private C 37 California Kingston
Gunn, Wm. Private F 145 Pennsylvania Janesville
Gunnison, E.L. Private A 29 Mas'chusetts Waupun
Gunshirt, Lawrence Private D 8 Illinois Cav Gratiot
Gunston, W.G. Private E 15 Mas'chusetts Racine
Guntert, Joseph Private A 27 Michigan Medford
Gunther, Charles Private D 9 New York Port Washington
Guolel, Philip Private Un.     De Pere
Gurensvald, John Private       Menasha
Gurslet, Henry         Waupaca
Gussmann, Charles Sergeant C 6 Kentucky Madison
Gatherie, S.W. Sergeant H 1 Penn Rifles Racine
Guthrn, R.P. Private D 21 Missouri Boscobel
Guy, R.A. Private   5 Illinois Cav New Richmond
Guyon, Wm Private C 97 New York National Home 
Gysin, Francis A Sergeant C 82 Illinois Milwaukee



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