Enumeration of the Soldiers of the Late War
Who Served in Organizations of Other States and Reported by the
Enumerators as Residing in Wisconsin on June 20, 1895.

* All names of soldiers returned by the enumerators with the company, regiment or state omitted, will be found in this list.

transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Susan Geist, Rhonda Hill, Tammy Clark, Mary Saggio, Veneta McKinney, Heather Turner







Haaken, E. Johnson Private C 2 Cal. Cav Utica
Hass, Andrew Corporal H 27 Issouri Burlington
Hasse, Wm Private F 2 Tennessee Milwaukee
Haba, Ferd Private G 6 Ohio National Home 
Haben, Peter Private A 113 Illinois National Home 
Hack, Antonie Private E 7 Minnesota Hebron
Hack, Mat Private G 12 Indiana New Richmond
Hackett, Pierce Private L 6 New York National Home 
Hadley, Andrew A Corporal C 185 New York Janesville
Hadley, Wm Private A 2 Colorado Bloomington
Haerter, Fred Corporal A 22 Illinois Milwaukee
Haffoldt, Geo Private H 2 Delaware Milwaukee
Hafner, Fred Private K 2 Missouri National Home 
Haften, Alex Corporal A 187 New York Plymouth
Hager, Wm. Private I 34 Illinois Prairie Farm
Hagen, Nils Private C 55 iIllinois Orfordville
Hagene, Thomas Corporal A 54 Ohio Oshkosh
Hagerty, John Private F 1 Tennessee Hingham
Hagerty, John Private A 14 New York National Home 
Haggerty, James Private K 116 New York Darlington
Haggett, Wm. F Private L 1 New Mexico National Home 
Hahn, Allan W Private I 3 New York National Home 
Hahn, Fred. C Private E 6 Minnesota National Home 
Haight, Geo. C Private K 1 Illinois Cav Hanover
Haight, T.W. 1st Lieut K 24 New York Waukesha
Haight, William  Private H 8 Ohio Little Wolf
Hailey, Daniel Private B 52 New York Menomonie
Hainlin, Frank Private E 23 Illinois Kenosha
Haisingo, Wm. H Private A 55 Pennsylvania National Home 
Hakes, J.C. Private K 207 Pennsylvania Chippewa Falls
Hakes, W.D. Engineer B 50 New York  Arkdale
Halder, Chas. Private G 5 Pennsylvania National Home 
Hale, Jas Private H 10 Illinois National Home 
Hale, Levi Private G 1 Michigan Lena
Hale, Richard Private G 25 New York National Home 
Hales, Willard Corporal B 68 New York  Eau Claire
Haley, J.C. Private A 20 Mas'chusetts National Home 
Hall, A.F. Private F 50 New York Janesville
Hall, Abe Private I 15 Illinois Darlington
Hall, Albert Sergeant/Lieutenant D & G 2 & 11 Minnesota Knapp
Hall, Atwater Private C 89 Illinois National Home 
Hall, C.J. Private E 14 New York Spring Lake
Hall, Calvin Private E 36 Ohio Sylvan
Hall, Chas Private E 3 Pennsylvania National Home 
Hall, Chas. H Private K 52 Pennsylvania National Home 
Hall, D.K. Corporal C 2 Dist. Col Unity
Hall, Frank Private I 19 Maine Stockbridge
Hall, Geo. A Drummer   13 Illinois Lake Geneva
Hall, Harley S Private K 8 Illinois National Home 
Hall, Ira Private I 93 New York  National Home 
Hall, J.J. Private K 13 Michigan Drywood
Hall, J.W. Corporal F 14 New York Sparta
Hall, John S Private L 2 Minn. Cav North Freedom
Hall, Joseph Private F & C 39 & 104 Illinois Altoona
Hall, R.A. Private F 30 Ohio West Lima
Hall, Sam         West Superior
Hall, William   E 29 Michigan Poynette
Hall, William Private C 20 Indiana Eau Claire
Hall, Wm. G Private I 2 Illinois National Home 
Halleck, John Sergeant E 11 New York Fond du Lac
Hallock, W. E. Private I 15 Illinois Juneau
Halloran, John  Private H 3 New York National Home 
Halls, T.E. Private K 135 Illinois Beloit
Hallstead, S.B. Private A 74 Illinois Janesville
Hallsworth, James Private H 17 Mas'chusetts Pepin
Halse, Douglas Private C 91 New York Milwaukee
Halsey, George Private E 9 Iowa Cav Oshkosh
Halsey, O.C. Private B 9 Iowa Cav Saxville
Halstead, C.E. Private K 28 New York Lena
Halstead, Wm. Saddler L 1 Ohio Cavalry Sturgeon Bay
Halteman, david E Chaplain   15 Illinois Delavan
Hamilton, Chas. E Private C 7 Connecticut National Home 
Hamilton, Christopher Sergeant   89 New York La Crosse
Hamilton, Eugene E Q.M.S.   13 Mich. Bat Milwaukee
Hamilton, G.F. Private F 1 Maine Cav Wis Vet Home
Hamilton, G.W. 2d Lieut A 173 Ohio La Farge
Hamilton, George Private D & G 28 New York Portage
Hamilton, Henry Private K 8 Minnesota National Home 
Hamilton, J.A. Private E 2 Wast. Cav Ellsworth
Hamilton, John F Private I 10 New Jersey Beloit
Hamilton, John M Private F 17 Illinois Cav Milwaukee
Hamilton, John S         Waukesha
Hamilton, Ransom Private E 193 Pennsylvania Waukesha
Hamilton, S.L. Corporal A 80 Illinois Ellsworth
Hamilton, Ziba Corporal H 1 Cal. Cav Berlin
Hamlin, H.A. Private C 58 illinois  Glendale
Hamm, Adam Private E 158 New York National Home 
Hamman, Abraham Private I 41 Indiana Sparta
Hamman, Martin Private A 3 Illinois Milwaukee
Hammer, J.S. Private K 31 New Jersey West Superior
Hammer, Ralph Private F 186 Ohio National Home 
Hammiappel, Ant Private A 9 New Jersey National Home 
Hammond, G.V. Private A & B 1 Missouri Saratoga
Hammond, John Private A 118 Pennsylvania Cambria
Hammond, W.C. Sergeant G 92 New York Durand
Hammond, W.P. Private M 2 New York National Home 
Hammond, Wm. Bugler B 20 New York  Milwaukee
Hammond, Zeph Private M 11 Penn. Cav Antigo
Hammonds, Thomas Private I & I 25 & 48 Missouri Boscobel
Hampson, Geo Private I 13 Illinois National Home 
Hampton, George Private D & G 41 Ohi Pewaukee
Hamstedt, August Private K 2 Maine Dorchester
Hanchett, J.D. Corporal D & G 147 New York Appleton
Hand, A.J. Private G 12 Iowa Warner
Handley, John Sergeant H 2 Illinois Hazel Green
Handy, Peter Private K 58 Illinois National Home 
Haney, Hern Private F 10 New York National Home 
Haney, John Private F 7 Ohio Cavalry Hayward
Hanks, Buell F Private G 95 Illinois National Home 
Hanmier, George Private L 9 Illinois La Crosse
Hanna, John Private   49 New York  Oregon
Hannan, John Private H 1 Ohio National Home 
Hannon, Jas Private B 57 Illinois Milwaukee
Hannon, Wm. C Corporal B 12 Maine Houlton
Hanover, F.A. Private H 52 Illinois Merrill
Hascombe, Wm.  Private I 25 Maine Waupun
Hansel, Robt Private K 17 Illinois National Home 
Hansen, August Private L 5 Illinois Dacada
Hansen, Christ Private L 1 Minnesota Rhinelander
Hansen, Fred Private C 12 Iowa Fond du Lac
Hansen, Geo Private     Chi. B.T. Bat National Home 
Hansen, John Private   1 Maine Bat Strand
Hanson, Peter Corporal K 25 Ohio Bloomingdale
Hanson, Peter Private K 42 Illinois National Home 
Hanson, Wm. L Private I 20 New York Poynette
Hapeman, M.V. Private H 3 Michigan Necedah
Hapgood, F Private 13 Michigan Twin Bluffs
Harberger, John Private   48 New York Williamsburg
Hard, Horace B Private K 84 New York  Milwaukee
Harden, Michael Private F 193 New York Augusta
Harden, Washington Corporal A 60 New York Weyauwega
Harder, Jas. A Private F 4 Michigan Ashland
Harder, O.L. Private B 21 N.Y. Cav Green Bay
Harding, G.H. Corporal F 23 Michigan Sough Range
Hardman, John Private C 64 Ohio Platteville
Hardy, A Private M 1 Michigan La Crosse
Hardy, C.C. Private I 2 Minnesota Diamond Bluff
Hardy, Henry Private A 1 Colorado National Home 
Hardy, Geo. G Q.M.      Missouri Browntown
Hardy, Ira M Private E 26 Michigan Oshkosh
Hardy, S Private F 38 Illinois Sturgeon Bay
Hardy, Wm. Private A 8 N. Hampshire West Superior
Hare, Corn Private A 5 New York National Home 
Haring, C.L. Sergeant F 88 Illinois Ashland
Harkins, August Private A 151 Ohio North Freedom
Harland, D.P. Private G 72 Indiana Blanchardville
Harley, Wm. Private F 13 N.Y.H. Art. Milwaukee
Harman, F.B. Private I 171 Ohio Hempel
Harman, Isaac Private C 8 Ohio Connorsville
Harmer, Ruegen Private D 140 New York  Rogersville 
Harmon, A Private B 10 Illinois Elroy
Harmond, Andrew  Private E 8 Michigan Cav Medford
Harn, J.D. Private K 187 Ohio Ash Ridge
Harn, Thomas Private   7 Virginia Sylvan
Harper, Jerome W Private D 7 California National Home 
Harper, John Sergeant F 154 New York Woodstock
Harper, Lucius Private A 1 Maine Cumberland
Harper, Peter Private E 160 Illinois Amery
Harr, JOhn Private H 97 Pennsylvania So Wayne
Harrigan, Mike  Private E 2 Minnesota Arkansaw
Harriman, A.M. Corporal G 3 Maine Neillsville
Harriman, James W Private A 1 Minn. Cav Necedah
Harrington, A Private     New York Cav Eau Claire
Harrington, Jas Private F 7 Illinois National Home 
Harrington, John A Private M & C 10 Illinois Baraboo
Harrington, John W Captain G 9 Tenn. Cav Spring Lake
Harrington, I.M. Corporal B 117 New York Janesville
Harrington, Mich Private I 51 Pennsylvania National Home 
Harrington, Pat Private K 10 Iowa National Home 
Harris, C.W. Private F 111 Ohio Colby
Harris, Charles Private   3 New York Platteville
Harris, Chas. L Private   134 New York  Milwaukee
Harris, D.W. Private A 31 Maine Oshkosh
Harris, Henry Private I & G 1 & 2 Nebraksa Hersey
Harris, Henry Private D 60 New York Baraboo
Harris, Leonard A Private L 1 Maine Cav Shell Lake
Harris, O Corporal E 124 New York Juneau
Harris, S Private C 74 Illinois New Lisbon
Harrison, Baxter Private G 29 Indiana Milwaukee
Harrison, Rob Private K 147 New York  National Home 
Harrison, Wm. H Private B 26 New York National Home 
Harsley, Wm. H Private D 3 New York National Home 
Hart, John G Bugler F 14 Penn. Cav Lindsay
Hart, Pat Private C 161 New York National Home 
Hart, Simpson B Corporal F 14 Pennsylvania Bakerville
Harth, A.K.M. Private E 158 Ohio Pittsville
Hartley, A Private K 4 Ohio Baruum
Hartman, Chas Private E 124 Illinois National Home 
Hartman, Jacob Private C 53 Illinois Brodhead
Hartman, W.W. Private A 22 Pennsylvania Brodhead
Hartshorn, Wm. Private C 2 W. Virginia Downing
Hartson, Jarvis Private I 2 New Jersey National Home 
Hartsough, Geo. Sr Private G 93 Illinois So Wayne
Harvey, E Private I 11 Indiana Excelsier
Harvey, Jas Private A 58 Illinois National Home 
Harvey, Lemuel Private M 2 Minn. Cav Winchester
Harvey, Sam Private K 76 Ohio National Home 
Harvey, Sam C Sergeant F 173 Illinois St Croix Falls
Harvey, Wm Private A 35 New Jersey Brodhead
Haseltine, Albert E sergeant E 25 Ohio National Home 
Haskell, Hiram Private I 2 Minnesota West Superior
Haskell, J.W. Private C 6 N.Y.H. Art. Excelsier
Haksins, E Private A 59 Illinois Milwaukee
Hasselbrick, John Private C 3 Missouri Wis Vet Home
Hasselruns, Wm Private C 98 Pennsylvania  
Hassey, Rol Private C 55 Pennsylvania National Home
Hassig, John Private G 15 New York National Home
Hastings, Ira Private -- 10 N. Y., H. Art. Clinton
Hastings, J. Q. Private A 92 Illinois Browntown
Hastings, Thos. Private B 17 Iowa Alma
Hatch, Elisha P. Private E 1 Vermont National Home
Hatch, Fred Sergeant H 4 Mich. Cav. Onalaska
Hatch, G. J. 2nd Lieut. K 5 Vermont Marinette
Hatch, Geo. W. Private E 6 Maine Drywood
Hathaway, Chas. Private M 8 N. Y. Cav. Aztalan
Hathaway, G. B. Private A 7 Mich. Cavalry Merrill
Hathaway, John Private C 3 Michigan National Home
Hathaway, William Private C 5 N. Y. Cav. Weyauwega
Hatter, Chas. Private B 35 New Jersey National Home
Hatton, A. R. Private B 5 Mich. Cav. Hanover
Haughwont, B. S. Private F 149 Penn. & U. S. Sig. Corps Elkhorn
Hauk, Philip Private I 29 Ohio Dale
Haun, Chas. Private H 56 Pennsylvania Marinette
Haupt, Jas. Private K 188 Pennsylvania National Home
Hausleman, Geo. Private A -- Michigan National Home
Hausman, Botll Private C 12 Pennsylvania National Home
Hausman, Henry Private -- -- -- Augusta
Hauten, Jac Private D 41 Indiana National Home
Havens, Cornelius Private C 131 New York Milwaukee
Havens, Harlow Private F 93 New York Mindoro
Hawkins, Abe Private -- -- -- Fond du Lac
Hawkins, J. Private D 198 Ohio Richland Center
Hawley, Noble Private B 59 Ohio Amery
Hawn, Peter Private L 8 Illinois Kenosha
Hawthorn, Wm. Private C 97 New York National Home
Hay, Daniel Private K 13 Indiana Menomonie
Hay, M. Private C 17 Illinois Connorsville
Haybinger, Aug. Private B 15 Michigan South Milwaukee
Haycock, Weston Corporal F 22 Maine Mondovi
Hayden, H. H. Sergeant H 36 Illinois Eau Claire
Hayer, John Sergeant E 4 Iowa Tisch Mills
Hayes, Dan Private E 98 Illinois National Home
Hayes, Edw. Private F 41 New York National Home
Hayes, John T. Hos. Steward. S 10 H. Y. H. A. Oregon
Hayes, Mich. Private H 72 Illinois National Home
Hayes, Mich. Private B 4 Illinois National Home
Hayes, W. E. Private C 1 Minnesota Durand
Hayes, Wm. Private C 10 Illinois National Home
Hayford, Chas. W. Private C 105 New York National Home
Hayman, Lucius H. Private F 174 Ohio Boscobel
Haynes, B. F. Private B 100 Ohio St Croix Falls
Haynes, David Private D 62 Pennsylvania Linden
Haynes, George Private C 19 New York Menasha
Haynes, W. Private A 92 Illinois Madison
Haytt, Sabin Private -- -- -- Monroe
Hayward, Albert Private F 95 Illinois Oconto
Hayward, Geo. W. Private G 9 Vermont Evansville
Hazelton, Frank Private E 12 Ind. Cav. Cuba City
Hazelton, Henry Private K 15 Indiana National Home
Hazer, Barney Corporal M 10 New York Northport
Head, E. S. Private A 21 Maine Janesville
Headley, James T. Private D 116 Ohio Bloomingdale
Heal, William Private H 12 Indiana Kickapoo
Heald, B. F. Lieutenant -- 9 Maine Sheboygan Falls
Healey, Wm. Private A 3 Vt. Lt. Bat. Racine
Healey, Wm. Private F 1 Minn. National Home
Healicka, Wm. Private C 7 Minn. Cav. West Superior
Heany, Wm. Private A 11 New York National Home
Heard, James Corporal A 124 Illinois Sturgeon Bay
Hearn, A. S. Corporal -- 180 Ohio Dodgeville
Heath, A. W. Private B 5 Vermont Chippewa Falls
Heath, C. C. Lieutenant I 61 New York Waupaca
Heath, Charles K. Private K 4 Iowa Millston
Heath, Henry A. Private C 137 Illinois Milwaukee
Heath, Martin Private G 106 New York Plainfield
Heather, John Private M 5 Michigan Fox Lake
Hebard, Chas. Hosp. Stew'd. -- 94 New York Mondovi
Hebberd, S. S. Captain D 13 Iowa La Crosse
Heberlin, John F. Private K 50 Ohio Fennimore
Heck, John Private K 98 Ohio Fulton
Heckel, Edward Private I 1 Michigan Menasha
Heckerson, Joel A. Corporal C 7 Minnesota Grantsburg
Heckerson, Newton Private D 21 Ohio Grantsburg
Heckerson, Perry D. Private C 7 Minnesota Grantsburg
Hedrington, John Private I 16 Illinois Chippewa Falls
Hefferman, Jas. C. Private A 129 New York National Home
Heffner, Paul Private H 2 Missouri March
Hefling, Thos. Private B 46 New York Milwaukee
Hegel, Lawrence Private F 193 Ohio New London
Heggins, P. L. Captain C 112 Pennsylvania New Richmond
Heidel, Hans Private M 7 Illinois Cav. Thiensville
Heidenrich, S. F. Private B 8 Illinois Cav. Omro
Hein, Wm. Private I 1 Connecticut March
Heine, Henry Private K 15 New York National Home
Heineman, Fred Lieutenant C 7 Kansas Appleton
Heineman, Henry Private E 113 Illinois Chase
Heiners, Henry Private G 9 Pennsylvania National Home
Heinkel, M. Private I 52 New York Mauston
Heise, Frederick Private E 16 Michigan Sheboygan
Heitzman, Virgil Private A 31 Mas'chusetts St Nazianz
Helden, H. S. Private I 32 Illinois Baraboo
Heller, Elias Private A 150 Illinois Janesville
Heller, T. S. Private I 10 Iowa Menomonie
Helm, William Private E 101 Indiana Boaz
Helmer, Chas. Private B 8 Ohio National Home
Helms, Joseph Private C 124 New York Shell Lake
Helms, Melvin W. Private B 98 New York Cumberland
Helwig, I. H. Corporal C 35 Iowa Hayward
Helwig, Philip Corporal C 10 N. Y. Cav. Prairie du Chien
Helwig, Theodore Engineer D -- Michigan Art. Morris
Hemerly, William Private E 5 Penn. H. A. Kendall
Hemmingway, Chas. Private G 7 New York National Home
Hemmerling, John Private B 107 Ohio National Home
Hemphill, William B. Corporal K 84 Pennsylvania La Crosse
Hench, Charles Private M 3 New York Little Wolf
Henderson, Alexander F. Private B 141 New York Boscobel
Henderson, David A. Private B 7 Connecticut Fond du Lac
Henderson, Dick Teamster A 125 Illinois La Crosse
Henderson, Edwin Private C 24 N. Y. Cav. West Green Bay
Henderson, G. W. Private M 1 Minnesota Marshfield
Henderson, James Private A 111 Pennsylvania Rice Lake
Henderson, Robert Private H 100 New York West Green Bay
Henderson, Samuel Private M 14 New York Stiles
Hendrickson, Antone Private B 46 Illinois Orfordville
Hendrix, Henry W. Musician H 23 Illinois Muscoda
Hendrix, James Private B 22 Iowa Hub City
Henke, John Private K 1 Michigan Stettin
Henkhouse, Wm. F. Private C 1 Maryland National Home
Hennewell, Wm. Private E 102 Pennsylvania Rice Lake
Henning, Henry Private E 8 Iowa National Home
Henrich, Fred. W. S. Private D 8 Iowa Janesville
Henrigelles, Jos. Corporal B 1 Mo. Cav. De Pere
Henry, Addison J. Private A 3 New York National Home
Henry, Albert F. Corporal I 10 Mas'chusetts Fox Lake
Henry, Charles Private M 2 California Jefferson
Henry, Chas. P. Private K 1 New York Milwaukee
Henry, Chas. P. Private K 9 N. Y. Cav. Milwaukee
Henry, David Private D 73 Indiana National Home
Henry, John Private E 8 Illinois Mt Calvery
Henry, John Private B 91 New York Clam Falls
Henscher, Herman Corporal B 4 Mo. Cav. Manitowoc
Henthorn, William Private I 194 Ohio Sylvan
Hepburn, J. P. Private B 8 Penn. Cav. Prairie Farm
Hepbourn, Orvil Private C 177 Ohio Hancock
Heppe, John W. Private I 1 Michigan National Home
Herberger, Urban Private C 15 Missouri National Home
Herbert, H. Private F 17 Vermont Chippewa Falls
Herbst, Godfred Private H 151 New York Northport
Heritage, Helms Private H 3 New Jersey Walworth
Hermon, Edw. Private E 49 Illinois National Home
Herold, John Private F 68 New York National Home
Heren, Wm. Private B 83 Indiana Ripon
Herr, John J. Private A 20 Illinois National Home
Herreman, Orlando A. Private G 5 Michigan Rio
Herrick, Caryll Private C 86 New York National Home
Herrick, Chas. Private B 1 Illinois Ellsworth
Herring, E. E. Private B 1 Minnesota Amery
Herring, Lewis Private I 67 Illinois Janesville
Herris, Samuel F. Private M 1 Mo. Cav. Medford
Herron, Jonathan Private B 6 Iowa Eau Claire
Herwig, Conrad Private B 27 Michigan Sheboygan
Herziger, Herman Private C 34 Michigan Sheboygan
Hess, Wm. H. Private G 154 Pennsylvania Onalaska
Hessar, J. Private H 97 Pennsylvania Wis Vet Home
Hesseling, G. H. Captain C 68 New York Menomonie
Hetherington, F. B. Private B 8 Minnesota National Home
Hethington, S. H. Private I 10 Illinois New Richmond
Hetrick, David Private C 103 Pennsylvania Nelson
Hetrick, Geo. Private C 103 Pennsylvania Nelson
Hetrick, Peter W. Private C 103 Pennsylvania Nelson
Hetzler, Chas. Private I 16 Minnesota National Home
Hewett, John S. Private I 3 Kentucky National Home
Hey, Jasper Private C 20 Illinois National Home
Heyers, Barney, J. Private A 189 New York National Home
Heyworth, Solomon Private C 6 Iowa Loveland
Hiall, J. F. Private K 118 Indiana Harshaw
Hibbard, E. T. 1st Sergeant G 187 Ohio Lake Geneva
  Private C 26    
Hibbs, Edw. Private -- 93 Indiana National Home
Hickert, Joseph Private E 186 Ohio Rhinelander
Hickey, Jas. Private B 7 New York National Home
Hickey, Jere Private K 10 Ohio National Home
Hickey, John Private D 29 Pennsylvania Prescott
Hickman, Adam Private G 7 Michigan National Home
Hickman, Jeremiah Private H 2 Minnesota Fremont
Hickok, G. C. Private C 5 New York Curtis
Hickox, Alb. Private I 101 Illinois National Home
Hickox, George F. Private E 52 Illinois Kirby
Hicks, Geo. Private A 5 Connecticut National Home
Hicks, M. Private K 39 Illinois Waupaca
Hicks, Wm. Private A 117 New York Little Sturgeon
Higbee, Frank Sergeant B 64 New York Friendship
Higby, S. S. Private K 5 N. Y. H. Art. Janesville
Higgim, W. P. Private H 26 Maine Oconto
Higgins, Andrew Private B 43 Mas'chusetts National Home
Higgins, Matt Private I 23 Illinois National Home
Higgins, Mich. Private C 51 New York National Home
Higgins, P. C. -- -- -- Tennessee Madison
Higginson, Henry C. Private K 19 Illinois National Home
Highley, Henry Surgeon -- 3 Missouri Cav. Sharon
Hilbert, Jas. J. Private G 18 New York National Home
Hilbert, Lawrence Private B 10 Michigan Chase
Hildebrandt, L. S. Corporal D 44 New York Janesville
Hildreth, Edmund Captain A 94 New York Stevens Point
Hiles, A. D. Sergeant F 1 Nebraska Palmyra
Hill, D. W. Private E 30 Illinois Cav. Ono
Hill, E. S. Private I 10 Iowa Waupun
Hill, Ira A. Sergeant A 15 New Hamp. Sparta
Hill, I. V. Corporal I 186 Ohio Dell
Hill, James Private -- -- Ohio Soldier's Grove
Hill, John A. Private H 30 Illinois National Home
Hill, Joseph Private A 116 Ohio Soldier's Grove
Hill, Joseph Private A 61 Pennsylvania Fennimore
Hill, O. P. 1st Lieut. I 63 Ohio Viroqua
Hill, Smith Private F 114 New York Bancroft
Hill, Thomas Private B 52 New York Arkansaw
Hiller, Fred Private E 1 California National Home
Hilliard, L. Private -- 193 New York Arbor Vitae
Hillenbrand, Math. Private I 2 Missouri National Home
Hillman, T. H. Private H 65 Illinois Spooner
Hilson, Frank Private E 15 Michigan New London
Hilt, Peter Private G 15 New York National Home
Hilton, A. Private E 1 Maine Dallas
Hilton, Albert Sergeant E -- Mo. Cav. Oshkosh
Hilton, W. H. Private A 1 New Hamp. Loyal
Hilts, C. H. Private G 122 New York Sechlerville
Hirsch, Charles Private C 2 Ohio Alabama
Himes, Alonzo 1st Sergeant F 19 Ohio Craft
Hinch, J. A. Private I 24 New York Dudley
Hinns, H. H. Sergeant I 116 New York Purdy
Hines, James Private F 126 Ohio Woodstock
Hines, James A. Private H 15 N. Y. Cav. Mountain
Hinkle, John H. Private B 9 Missouri National Home
Hinkley, Wm. Private H 14 Vermont North Bend
Hirn, Jos. Private D 2 Illinois National Home
Hirt, Geo. Private G 57 Illinois National Home
Hissony, John Private A 155 Indiana Menomonie
    E 87 Indiana  
Hitchcock, G. J. Hosp. Stew A 52 Illinois Janesville
Hitchcock, H. W. Sergeant -- 45 & 63 Ohio Neillsville
Hitchcock, Sidney Private K 12 Indiana Rewey
Hixon, Geo. H. Private M 11 Illinois National Home
Hoag, Wm. Private B 6 New Jersey National Home
Hoagland, John R. Sergeant I 1 Michigan Glenwood
Hoagland, Mich. Private C 52 Illinois National Home
Hoan, D. W. Sergeant F 193 New York Waukesha
Hobart, Thos. Private C 80 New York National Home
Hobbs, Allen P. Private I 2 Illinois L. A. Ontario
Hobbs, James C. Sergeant D 94 New York Medford
Hobbs, William Sergeant B 8 New York Lauderdale
Hoben, John F. Private E 90 Illinois National Home
Hobden, Theodore Private G 21 Mas'chusetts Fort Atkinson
Hobson, Thomas Private I 96 Illinois Sparta
Hochstatter, Wm. Private -- 5 Maryland Milwaukee
Hockenberry, John Private I 118 Ohio Viroqua
Hockenbrock, John Private C 51 Ohio Chippewa Falls
Hockie, Henry Private -- -- -- Milwaukee
Hodge, A. D. Corporal A 11 Pennsylvania Lamartine
Hodge, George Private G 15 New York Bradtville
Hodge, Holden H. Private E 2 Vermont S. S. Mazomanie
Hodge, William Private G 46 Pennsylvania Victory
Hodson, Jesse M. -- -- 59 Indiana Necedah
Hoeflinger, Henry Private D 74 Pennsylvania National Home
Hoeger, Peter Private B 158 New York Milwaukee
Hoehle, Henry Private D 2 Missouri National Home
Hoer, O. S. Private B 1 New York Baraboo
Hoffer, Fred Private H 1 Pennsylvania National Home
Hoffman, Chas. Private I 12 Missouri National Home
Hoffman, Frank Private D 4 Mas'chusetts National Home
Hoffman, Henry Private A 2 New York National Home
Hoffman, J. H. Private I 84 Indiana Hancock
Hoffman, Nicholas Private E 5 Iowa Jamestown
Hoffman, Paul Private H 75 Illinois National Home
Hoffman, Samuel Private A 11 Minnesota Potosi
Hoffmann, Edw. Private D 7 New York National Home
Hoftell, L. Private B 141 New York Hancock
Hogan, David R. Private H 11 Ohio Cav. Fond du Lac
Hogan, Peter Private F 12 Maine Clintonville
Hogbin, W. Private E 88 Illinois Madison
Hogue, Henry Lieutenant B 1 Minn. Art. Pepin
Hohl, George Private F -- Pennsylvania La Crosse
Holbrook, Charles Corporal B 12 Michigan Junction City
Holcomb, B. F. Private E 47 Iowa Mondovi
Holden, Isaac Private K 6 Mas'chusetts Baraboo
Holden, J. M. Private A 2 N. Hampshire Port Washington
Holden, Theo. A. Private G 21 Mas'chusetts National Home
Holdemers, Frank Private C 10 New York Kenosha
Hole, Charles Private D 79 Indiana Richland Center
Holeton, Geo. A. 2d Lieut. G 23 Ohio Abbotsford
Holgate, Amos Private D 15 Illinois Marinette
Holland, John H. Private H 95 Illinois Genoa Junction
Holland, Reuben W. Private H 5 Vermont National Home
Holland, Thos. Private D 55 Mas'chusetts National Home
Holland, Thomas Private A 16 New York West Superior
Hollenbeck, S. Private K 189 New York Plainfield
Holley, Thomas Private E 142 Illinois Ridgeway
Hollfelder, John Private C 113 Illinois National Home
Hollingshead, Sr., G. W. 1st Lieut. H 48 Indiana Phillips
Hollis, Loren 1st Sergeant -- 33 N. Y. Lt. Art. Craft
Hollister, A. E. Private E 19 Michigan Tomah
Hollister, Clark P. Private I 1 Michigan Fontana
Hollister, E. O. Private -- 5 Illinois Bat. Beloit
Holloway, E. W. Private A 13 Illinois   Beloit
Hollshapple, Michael Private I 133 Pennsylvania Monroe
Holly, A. J. Private F 4 New York Waupaca
Holly, Flory Private G 90 Pennsylvania National Home
Holly, Edw. M. Private K 24 New York Milwaukee
Holmann, John Private D 82 Illinois Watertown
Holmes, James Private H 147 New York Fond du Lac
Holmes, John Private K 2 N. Y. Mtd. Rfls. Miller
Holmes, Jonathan B. Lieutenant B 6 Ohio Sharon
Holmes, L. O. Sergeant E 1 N. Hampsh'e Baraboo
Holmes, Wesley Private B 1 Mich. Lt. Art. Neenah
Holmes, Wm. E. Private K 8 Illinois Cav. Racine
Holmes, Wm. S. Private A 96 Illinois La Crosse
Holsaple, James Private C 101 Ohio Hillsboro
Holsinger, Levi Private A 23 Michigan Palmyra
Holston, W. H. Captain K 2 Michigan Walworth
Holt, Henry H. Private K 15 Illinois National Home
Holt, John A. Private I 12 Illinois Milwaukee
Holter, John Private A 39 Illinois National Home
Holtz, William Private H 124 Illinois Westfield
Holway, Watson Private E 8 Maine National Home
Holz, Alex. Private I 1 New York National Home
Holz, Jacob Private B 133 New York National Home
Holzer, Christian Private A 46 Ohio Preston
Holzniger, Leonard Private F 1 Michigan Wauwatosa
Honeywell, J. D. Sergeant -- 86 Illinois Monroe
Hooker, Andrew J. Private B 1 New York Pelican Lake
Hooker, Wm. Private D 73 Indiana Barron
Hoover, Allen Private G 25 Pennsylvania Lynn
Hoover, Allen Private G 188 Pennsylvania Waupaca
Hoover, Hiram Private D 6 Pennsylvania Lake Geneva
Hoover, J. L. Sergeant F 7 Minnesota Menomonie
Hoover, Jno. Private C 25 New York Lynn
Hoover, Waddy Private F 20 Indiana National Home
Hope, Thomas W. Private I 1 Minnesota Diamond Bluff
Hopkins, Alb. H. Private B 9 Minnesota National Home
Hopkins, C. H. Corporal K 117 Ohio Avon
Hopkins, Charles Private F 9 Michigan Cav. Wis Vet Home
Hopkins, Charles   C 2 Illinois  
Hopkins, David B. Private F 75 New York Necedah
Hopkins, E. T. Musician B 1 Iowa Cav. Baraboo
Hopkins, James Captain F 105 Pennsylvania Stevens Point
Hopkins, James M. Private C 29 Iowa   Black River Falls
Hopkins, John A. Private I 1 Connecticut Chippewa Falls
Hopkins, Perry Private G 10 Vermont Eagleton
Hopkins, Wilson Captain H 16 New York Eagle Point
Hopkinson, Jos. Private C 100 Illinois National Home
Horack, Jos. Private B 9 Illinois National Home
Horan, Pat. Private H 3 Michigan National Home
Horan, Thos. Wagoner G 15 Illinois Stevens Point
Horle, Jos. Private G 3 New York Art. Wauwatosa
Horman, Jas. Private C 5 Minnesota Reedsburg
Horn, Wm. Private B 8 Vermont Snamico
Horner, J. W. Private I 11 Minnesota Ahnapee
Horr, A. W. Private E 10 New York Pilot Knob
Horr, Henry Private A 94 New York Waukesha
Horton, T. W. Private G 1 Illinois New Rome
Horton, Daniel Private A 1 Penn. Cav. Grand Rapids
Horton, Geo. W. Chaplain -- 3 N. J. Cav. Poynette
Horton, Geo. W. Private B 13 N. Y. Cavalry  
Horton, J. D. Private L 76 Penn. Zuav's. West Green Bay
Hoskins, A. M. Corporal D 14 Maine Ashland
Hoskins, Chas. Sergeant B 4 Maine Ashland
Hosmer, Geo. S. Private K 151 New York Racine
Hotaling, Leonard G. Private F 6 New York National Home
Hotchkiss, Chas. Private A 8 Michigan National Home
Hotchkiss, L. P. 2d. Lieut. K 189 New Yerk Eau Claire
Hotchkiss, Smith Private E 21 Illinois Pittsville
Houck, Andrew Corporal K 125 New York Whitewater
Houck, Mont S. Private A 121 New York National Home
Houghton, Chas. H. Private K 12 Illinois Adams Center
Houghton, Peter Private B 37 New Jersey Whitewater
Houghton, William Private E 2 Michigan Phillips
Hourigan, James Private K 11 Missouri Wabasha, Minn
Houser, J. B. Private B 35 Ohio La Crosse
Houtz, John 1st. Sergeant D 47 Illinois Milwaukee
Hover, Iasiah Private F 20 Indiana Barron
Howard, A. E. 2d. Lieut. A 92 New York Sparta
Howard, A. E. 1st. Lieut. K 96    
Howard, A. P. Private I 64 New York Omro
Howard, Charles W. Private I 69 Illinois Neenah
Howard, E. Private K 5 Michigan Adams Center
Howard, Everett R. Private B 1 Illinois National Home
Howard, Geo. M. Private G 2 California Kingston
Howard, Jesse Private I 104 Pennsylvania Belle Plaine
Howard, Lyman M. Private C 187 New York Weyauwega
Howard, M. D. L. -- -- 14 Penn. Cav. Lone Rock
Howard, Oliver Sergeant E 2 Col. Cav. Pepin
Howder, Solomon Private B 202 New York National Home
Howe, B. F. Private D 12 Illinois Cav. Beloit
Howe, Cyrus W. Corporal E 57 Pennsylvania Beldenville
Howe, E. Private D 2 Iowa Darlington
Howe, Edward W. Corporal D 4 N. Y. H. Art. Madison
Howe, Robert -- F 8 Illinois Waukau
Howel, Darwin Private C 67 Illinois Centerville
Howell, Geo. H. Private H 1 New York National Home
Howell, J. S. Private B 17 Pennsylvania Plainfield
Howieson, W. H. Q. M. S. B & I 1 Vt. H. Art. Chippewa Falls
Howland, Hiram Private E 106 Pennsylvania Menomonie
Howland, Peter Private A 28 New York Janesville
Howland, Thos. Corporal A 144 New York Reedsburg
Hoxie, Chas. H. Private D 29 Mas'chusetts. National Home
Hoyt, Henry Private M 2 Minn. Cav. Porcupine
Hoyt, Joseph W. Private C 1 Vermont Hamburg
Hoyt, Oscar Private K 153 New York Stoops
Hoyt, Wm. R. Lieutenant A 10 Vermont Chippewa Falls
Hubbard, W. J. Private E 74 Illinois Unity
Hubbell, E. W. Private C 50 New York Wittenberg
Hubbell, George W. Captain E 179 Pennsylvania Fifield
Hubbell, Wm. Private H 7 Iowa Porters' Mills
Huber, Barney Private K 153 Illinois Sharon
Huck, Danl. Private H 12 Illinois Chase
Huck, Jacob Sergeant E 13 Pennsylvania Chase
Hudler, Chas. Corporal -- 2 Illinois Milwaukee
Hudson, G. E. Captain Ind. Scout 3 Virginia Cav. Beloit
Hudson, Ony Private B 13 New York National Home
Hudson, S. A. Private G 103 Illinois Valley Junction
Hudson, Willard M. Private K 114 New York Ludington
Huetlich, Fred Private F 82 Illinois National Home
Huff, O. Private K 21 N. Y. Cav. Florence
Huffman, G. D. Private I 109 New York Parfreyville
Huffman, T. L. Sergeant I 37 Illinois Sparta
Huggett, A. Private C 9 Illinois Sparta
Hughes, John B. Private B 17 Indiana National Home
Hughes, Michael Private K 161 New York Kingston
Hughes, Nelson Private G 94 New York Houlton
Hughes, Owen Private B 36 Illinois National Home
Hughes, Walkins A. -- -- Oneida Ind. Cav. National Home
Hughes, Wm. R. Private E 2 Minnesota National Home
Huhm, Henry 1st. Lieut. D 41 Missouri Milwaukee
Hulbert, John W. Private C 87 Indiana Muscoda
Hulbert, Oliver Private A 9 New York Cadott
Hull, G. A. Private C 1 Maine Bat. River Falls
Hull, G. M. Private K 11 Pennsylvania Black River Falls
Hull, James D. Asst. Surg. D 10 Connecticut Pratt Junction
Hull, Sam'l Private H 3 Kentucky Cadott
Hull, Wm. Private C 1 Maryland National Home
Humbert, Jos. Private A 1 Ohio National Home
Hummel, Val. B. Private F 20 Pennsylvania National Home
Hummiston, Jess Private M 2 New York Wilcox
Humphrey, Denis Private H 11 Illinois National Home
Humphrey, Geo. W. Private A 4 Illinois National Home
Hungerford, Asa Private -- 1 Minnesota Veefkind
Hunt, A. T. Private H 15 Vermont Barron
Hunt, D. A. Private E 50 Pennsylvania Independence
Hunt, Henry Private C 20 Illinois Reedsburg
Hunt, Henry Private C 20 New York National Home
Hunt, Isaac L. Lieutenant K 75 Illinois Fond du Lac
Hunt, J. B. Private C 187 New York Phillips
Hunter, Almon Private F 2 Kansas National Home
Hunter, Alvin Private F 1 Maine Flintville
Hunter, Eugene L. Private H 193 New York Baraboo
Hunter, Geo. W. Private H 11 Minnesota Pepin
Hunter, H. Private H 10 New York Merrill
Hunter, John Private I 3 Pennsylvania National Home
Hunter, John L. Private I 1 Minn. Cav. Cumberland
Hunter, R. L. Private H 2 Dist. Colum. W Superior
Hunter, Wm. A. Private B 41 Massachus'ts Boscobel
Hunter, Wm. F. Private -- -- New York Turtle Lake
Hunter, W. L. Private I 5 Minnesota Cumberland
Hunter, W. W. Private K 2 Maine Shiocton
Huntington, Henry D. Private C 5 Vermont Flintville
Huntington, L. Private H 1 Minnesota Flintville
Huntley, A. Private F 112 New York Plainfield
Huntly, Henry Private F 19 New York New London
Huntly, L. G. Private E 6 Ohio Cav. Glenbeulah
Huntley, O. H. Private L 11 Mich. Cav. Hayes
Hurd, Henry Sergeant H 34 New York Appleton
Hurd, Wm. Private E 15 Maine Fox Lake
Hurlburt, John S. Private D 137 New York Milwaukee
Hurlbut, Wm. Private G 53 Tennessee Plover
Hurman, J. V. Private B 2 Ohio Cav. Oconto
Hurtle, Chas. Private D 15 Illinois National Home
Husband, Robert Corporal F 137 Illinois Balsam Lake
Husk, L. W. Colonel -- 111 New York Waukesha
Husen, R. J. Colonel I 17 Maine Berlin
Hutchins, G. M. Private C 7 Pennsylvania Prescott
Hutchinson, L. M. Private G 96 Illinois Rhinelander
Hutson, Wm. J. Sergeant B 27 Iowa De Soto
Hutten, Hyatt Corporal I 14 Michigan Colby
Hutton, Wm. Private B 3 Minnesota Alma Center
Huwald, Henry S. Private -- 17 New York Marinette
Huxley, Silas U. Private D 3 Missouri National Home
Huyck, Alonzo Private D 10 Ohio Clam Falls
Huyck, S. E. Private C 38 Ohio Clam Falls
Hyde, Newton Private C 13 & 153 Illinois Genoa Junction
Hyde, W. N. Private I 15 Illinois Omro
Hysel, Jonathan Private K 173 Ohio Valley
Hysell, H. F. Private D 7 Minnesota Shopiere



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