Enumeration of the Soldiers of the Late War
Who Served in Organizations of Other States and Reported by the
Enumerators as Residing in Wisconsin on June 20, 1895.

* All names of soldiers returned by the enumerators with the company, regiment or state omitted, will be found in this list.

transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Susan Geist, Rhonda Hill, Tammy Clark, Mary Saggio, Veneta McKinney, Heather Turner







La Bar, Silas Private H 145 Pennsylvania Iola
La Barre, Andrew 2d Lieut G 109 New York Milwaukee
La Bric, Augustus Private C 95 Illinois Ludington
La Brot, Charles Private L 5 Mo. Cav Centralia
La Clare, Peter Private L 16 Mich. Cav Perkinstown
Laclone, Mart Private I 2 Minnesota National Home
Lacost, John Private H 63 Illinois National Home
Ladd, Bryon Private A 14 New York Chase
Ladd, Calvin Private M 4 Missouri Patch Grove
Ladd, W. E. Sergeant I 7 Vermont Boscobel
Lademann, Otto C Captain F 3 Missouri Milwaukee
La Fevre, Robert Private K 95 Illinois Delavan
Lafout, David Private - 1 Minn. Bat Wolf Creek
Lagrave, Eli Sergeant A 92 New York Augusta
Lagrave, Jos Private F 106 New York Augusta
Lagrave, Wm Private A 92 New York Augusta
La Gree, Joseph Private C 9 Minnesota Tunnel City
Lahn, Horace R. Captain C 14 New York Appleton
Liadner, Richard Private A 12 Michigan Oconomowoc
Laine, Isaac Musician - 11 Illinois Waupun
Laing, Wm. H Private H 12 Illinois Racine
Laisure, Sr., Jas Private C 60 New York Peshtigo
Laisure, Jr., Jas Private A 60 New York Peshtigo
Laker, William Private C 17 Michigan Shiocton
Lally, Dav Private I 147 New York National Home
Lambodin, W. T. Private B 4 Indiana New Richmond
Lamberson, J. C. Private K 3 Minnesota Whitehall
Lambert, C. W. Private D 1 Minn. Cav Oshkosh
Lambert, Joseph Private D 27 Michigan Milwaukee
Lambert, W. S Private E 2 Michigan Racine
Lamm, Andy Private B 127 Pennsylvania Milwaukee
Lamont, John Private K 49 Pennsylvania National Home
Lamont, Oliver Private F 84 New York Flintville
Lamouche, Nicholas Private B 36 New York Fond du Lac
Lampher, W Private B 194 New York Kenosha
Lampman, Granville Private G 184 New York Chase
Lampman, W. H Private H 14 N. Y. H. Art Plover
Lamson, A. T Lieutenant A 104 New York Madison
Lamson, D. N Private G 20 Ohio Roberts
Landfried, Phil Private F 54 Illinois Mequon
Landon, Chas Private G 36 Illinois Racine
Landreth, John Private - - Michigan Sheboygan
Lane, Alb. G Private A 6 West Va National Home
Lane, Geo Private E 19 Maine Bloomer
Lane, Jerry Private I 131 New York Necedah
Lane, Orin Private D 28 Ohio Platteville
Lane, Thos. M Private G 3 Pennsylvania National Home
Lang, Peter Sergeant K 96 New York Buckbee
Lang, Robt. B Corporal A 164 New York Racine
Langan, James Private D 56 Pennsylvania River Falls
Langdale, Horace Private G 16 New Hamp Eau Claire
Langdon, J. H Private - - Michigan Cav Eau Claire
Langenhager, Jac Private B 72 Illinois National Home
Langley, Geo. W Private A 16 Michigan Merrill
Langley, Harvey Private - 2 Virginia Cav. Madison
Langley, John L Private - 17 Indiana Bat. Shell Lake
Langley, M. B.  Private F 2 Virginia   Madison
Langner, John G. Private D 21 Pennsylvania National Home
Lanig, Wm Private K 3 New Jersey Antigo
Lannan, Wm Private I 154 New York National Home
Lanner, Henry E Private C 49 Pennsylvania Brodhead
LaPointe, Geo. W Colonel - 7 Michigan Menomonie
LaPointe, Wm Private E 11 Mich. Cav Beloit
Layporte, John Private I 151 Illinois Glenflora
Larabee, Andrew Private - 4 Iowa Stevens Point
Larabee, S. U Private H 2 Mass. Art Hayward
Large, Alfred Private F 7 Michigan Port Washington
Larkin, Arad Private H 1 N. Y. Cav. Planfield
Larkin, Jas. M Private H 18 New York Milwaukee
Larkin, John Private B 90 Illinois National Home
Larkins, L. F Private I 11 Illinois Millston
    E 95    
    E 47    
Larnos, Chas Private K 22 Mas'chusetts National Home
LaRock, Paul Private I 26 New York Sparta
Larsen, And Private A 8 Missouri National Home
Larson, Gunder Private H 74 Illinois Luck
Larson, Gunder Private E 42 Illinois Clinton
Larson, Peter Private C 8 Missouri Centerville
Latamore, John Private D 63 Ohio Genoa
Latham, Jas F Private E 164 New York Prairie Du Sac
Latham, John Private C 48 Indiana Kilbourn
Lathe, Milo L Private F 33 Mas'chusetts Cumberland
Lathrop, P. A Private B 112 New York Haney
Lathrop, Thos Sergeant G 8 Iowa Cav Argyle
Lathrope, N. B Private H 2 Vermont Burr
Latta, George Private B 160 Ohio Readstown
Latta, Josiah Private C 62 Ohio Viroqua
Lattimer, J. O Musician F 156 Illinois Ashland
Lattimore, Isaac Corporal B 75 Ohio Ferryville
Lau, Chas. H Private A 119 New York National Home
Laub, Aug Private G 117 Illinois National Home
Laub, Chas Private B 48 Pennsylvania National Home
Lauer, Jonn T Private B 1 Illinois National Home
Laughlin, John Private B 16 New York Fond du Lac
Laughlin, Madison Private F 30 Indiana Merrillan
Laupher, Wm Private B 97 Pennsylvania National Home
Lauslaman, Ernst Private H 35 Masc'husetts National Home
Lautz, P. F Private D 24 Michigan Longwood
Laux, Geo. Private B 12 Illinois Sturgeon Bay
Laux, John A Private E 151 New York National Home
La Vaunaway, J. J. Private B 17 Illinois Melrose
Law, Charles Private D 1 N. Y. Drag Chippewa Falls
Law, M. B Corporal - 56 Ohio West Superior
Law, Thos. M Private C 3 Pennsylvania Waukesha
Lawler, Ed Private F 125 New York Mills Center
Lawler, John Private H 6 Iowa National Home
Lawrence, C. C Private D 66 Illinois Monroe
Lawrence, Geo Private C 91 New York National Home
Lawrence, Harlow Private D 12 Maine Oshkosh
Lawrence, Jno Private B 29 Indiana Pleasant Valley
Lawrence, John T Private D 9 New York National Home
Lawrenz, Ed Private M 10 New York Rudolph
Lawson, John Private E 14 New Jersey Hudson
Lawson, Lewis Private B 17 Illinois National Home
Lawyer, George Private G 92 Illinois Browntown
Laycock, Henry Private C 8 Illinois Cav Eau Claire
Layear, William Sergeant G 15 Michigan Oshkosh
Layton, Chas Private A 3 Illinois National Home
Lazott, Ephram Private C 12 New York Neillsville
Lea, H Private F 14 N. Y. H. Art Tomah
Leach, Cam R Lieutenant - - Pennsylvania West Superior
Leach, Harvey Private A 2 Illinois Oshkosh
Leahan, Mich Private G 45 Illinois National Home
Leamon, George Private B 101 New York Pound
Leander, Chas Private D 37 Illinois National Home
Leaning, Clarence Private D 16 New York Delavan
Leanna, N Private I 1 Michigan Bear Creek
Leany, Dennis Private H 1 Minnesota National Home
Learmont, J. B Private I 9 Maine Wis Vet Home
Leary, Jos Private D 1 Michigan National Home
Leary, Thos Private A 1 New York National Home
Lease, Wm Private C 1 Cal. Bat Wiota
Leach, Wm Private F 29 Indiana Menomonie
Leathem, Robert Private E 5 Michigan Sturgeon Bay
Leatherdale, Luke Private A 15 Illinois Spokeville
Le Barron, Seth A Private F 8 Illinois National Home
Le Blanc, J. G. A Captain G 6 Connecticut West Superior
Ledman, John Private A 78 Ohio Burr
Ledwick, James Private C 73 Indiana Racine
Ledyard, Chas Private I 50 New York National Home
Ledyard, D. F Sergeant F 42 Illinois Howe
Lee, A. B Serg. Staff Commissary - 54 Mas'chusetts Milton
Lee, Albert M 1st Lieut E 31 Mas'chusetts Lime Ridge
Lee, Edward Private G 115 Ohio Pardeeville
Lee, James S Corporal F 37 Illinois Milwaukee
Lee, John W Private C 42 Illinois Milwaukee
Lee, Phil Private D 7 Minnesota La Crosse
Lee, Wm Private A 36 New York Milwaukee
Leech, George Private B 149 Pennsylvania Arkansaw
Lees, E. G Private I 62 Ohio Marshfield
  Sergeant K 161    
Leesman, C. P Private L 7 Illinois Cav Alma Center
Leffingwell, Bird Private A 147 Illinois Beloit
Leffingwell, Samuel Private H 9 Illinois Cav Wonowoc
Legg, Wm Private M 1 Ohio Cav Marinette
Lehmkuhl, Wm Private H 45 New York National Home
Leighton, Alex Private C 6 Minnesota Racine
Leighton, John Private A 15 Maine Washburn
Leighty, Abraham Private C 92 Ohio Ellenboro
Leighty, Jacob Private C 141 Ohio Ellenboro
Leiner, Frank Corporal K 115 New York Appleton
Leisch, Anton Private D 4 Minnesota Alma  
Leitch, George W Com. Sergt - 35 Ohio Bloomingdale
Lembke, John Com. Sergt K 104 Illinois Watertown
Lemcke, Hugo Private H 68 New York National Home
Lemmon, Hyde Private E 11 W. Virginia National Home
Lenahan, James Private I 122 New York Argyle
Lenare, Hugo Private H 108 Ohio National Home
Lench, John Private G 2 Ohio National Home
Lendenberg, Henry Private G 1 Michigan National Home
Leng, Geo. E Private K 87 Indiana Connersville
Leng, J. J Private H 23 Indiana Connersville
Leng, John A Private B 128 Indiana Connersville
Leng, John C Private A 4 New York Milwaukee
Lent, A. N Quartermas'r - 92 Indiana West Superior
Lent, John D Private C 7 Penn. Cav. Rice Lake
Lenthart, Thos Private K 82 Illinois National Home
Lentz, Herman Private C 3 New York National Home
Leny, Fred Private E 1 California National Home
Leonard, H. J. Sergeant - 1 Iowa Cav Beloit
Leonard, John Private E 95 New York South Milwaukee
Leonard, T. H. Private K 197 Ohio National Home
La Page, Joseph Private H 9 Vermont Baldwin
Leroy, Henry Private B 36 Illinois National Home
Leroy, L. M. 1st Sergeant - 8 N. Y. Sharp's Loyal
Lessing, J. M Private D 67 Pennsylvania Rudolph
Lessing, John L Private - 27 N. Y. L. Art. Milwaukee
Lesslie, Alex Private F 9 Illinois National Home
Lester, C. F. Private D 3 Michigan Janesville
Lester, Frank Private C 122 New York National Home
Lester, Wm. B Private A 9 Michigan Milwaukee
Letson, Geo Private D 129 New York Loyal
Levally, Chris Private   7 Connecticut Milwaukee
Levayea, Henry Private G 36 Illinois Racine
Levens, Edward Private B 162 New York Nowell
Levingstone, J. C. Private I 19 Indiana Beldenville
Levisce, Orrin S Private D 72 Ohio Weston
Levurus, J. Q. Corporal G 37 Illinois Pittsville
Lewes, Thomas Private E 8 Pennsylvania National Home
Lewis, A. J. Private F 11 Indiana Bloomingdale
Lewis, Frank L Private H 6 Vermont Green Bay
Lewis, John H Private A 6 Iowa Cav Plainfield
Lewis, Jonathan Private E 19 Indiana Woodstock
Lewis, L. R. Sergeant L 15 N. Y. Cavalry Racine
Lewis, Mark Private I 57 Indiana Barron
Lewis, Peter Corporal I 27 & 12 Iowa Lund
Lewis, Philander H Corporal L 11 Ohio Cav Juneau
Lewis, Seymour Private I 8 New York National Home
Lewis, Soloman E Private L 7 Michigan Friendship
Lewis, Summer Private   14 New Hamp Juneau
Lewis, W. H. Musician   14 New York La Crosse
Lewis, Wm. H Private C 143 Illinois National Home
Lewis, William H Private G 9 Michigan Adams
Lex, Nicholas Private D 6 N. Hampshire Chilton
Liberty, Peter Private E 1 Mas'chusetts Stetsonville
Lidle, Chas Private D 14 Illinois National Home
Liebrecht, Chas Private K 49 Missouri National Home
Lies, Alvin Private F 8 Illinois National Home
Light, Dewitt Private E 10 Michigan Cav Wauwatosa
Lightcap, Wm. H Private I 5 Iowa Cavalry Hazel Green
Lighthall, John Private B 7 Minnesota Kingston
Likes, C. C. Sergeant E 122 Ohio Kenosha
Lillie, Frank Private   2 Ohio Antigo
Lillis, H. C. Private K 141 Illinois Viroqua
Lillis, John Private H 25 New York National Home
Lince, George Private K 10 N. Y. Art Brookside
Lince, James Private I 10 New York Abrams
Linck, Eli Private D 13 Michigan National Home
Linder, Chas Private H 27 Pennsylvania National Home
Linderman, John Private B 9 Indiana National Home
Lindner, Aug Private E 14 New Jersey National Home
Lindsay, D. W. Private B 1 New York National Home
Lindsay, James J Private B 99 Pennsylvania Oregon
Lindsay, Louis Private L 2 Illinois Weyerhauser
Lindsay, W. W. Private C 11 Minnesota Spooner
Lindsley, Samuel Private K 4 Minn. Art Beldenville
Lindsley, W. R. Private D 142 Indiana Barron
Lingenfelder, John Private C 15 Connecticut Milwaukee
Link, Henry Private F 15 Missouri National Home
Linn, Geo Private G 3 New York Beloit
Linski, Wm Private F 100 New York National Home
Linton, G. H. Private D 15 New York Eau Claire
Linton, Geo. A Private K 39 Illinois National Home
Lintz, G. L. Sergeant H 18 N. Y. Cav La Crosse
Linwood, Chas Captain A 5 Massachus'ts Crivitz
Lindzey, James D Private D 2 Illinois Cav Brodhead
Lippencott, Thomas W Captain I 6 Illinois Cav Boscobel
Liscomb, Dorr Private I 10 New York Tunnel City
Liskum, Lowell Private A 56 Illinois Amherst
Lisle, Alexander Corporal B 12 Indiana Milwaukee
Liston, Rich'd Private A 90 Illinois National Home
Little, John Private B 2 Louisiana National Home
Little, L. H. Private A 12 Illinois Minocqua
Little, L. W. Private E 4 Iowa Cav Hudson
Little, R. F. 1st Lieut   18 Michigan Richardson
Little, Robert Private C 144 New York Waldo
Little, Wm Private D 115 New York National Home
Littlefield, George Private   4 Indiana Burlington
Livingston, A. F. Private D 105 Pennsylvania Porcupine
Livingston, Jas 2d Lieut E 113 New York Milwaukee
Livingston, John Private G 1 Ohio Oconto
Livingston, Alex Private B 2 Illinois National Home
Livingstone, Alonzo Private   5 Ill.Lt.Art Beloit
Livingstone, James Corporal K 10 Ohio Cav Rice Lake
Livsey, Robt Captain   2 Tennessee Madison
Lloyd, Chas. E Private E 14 New York National Home
Lloyd, Robt. E Private       Hillside
Lloyd, Thos Private D 5 Rhode Island Milwaukee
Loan, John H Private B 60 New York Shawano
Lochman, Christian Private C 20 Mas'chusetts Neillsville
Lochsmid, Ad Private   7 Indiana Bat Becker
Locke, Jonathan M Private K 57 Pennsylvania Beldenville
Lockhart, B. F. Private A 36 Illinois Elo
Lockridge, G. A. Private E 5 Indiana Cav Elkhorn
Lockwood, Robt Private C 184 New York Baraboo
Loderhose, Jos Private A 23 Missouri National Home
Lodge, John Private A 56 Ohio Ironton
Loeiller, W. C. Private F 7 New York National Home
Loftos, Thos Private E 76 Illinois Waupun
Loftus, Carl R Private C 17 Michigan La Pointe
Logan, Jas. A Private C   Penn. Lt. Art National Home
Logan, Wm. C Sergeant B 202 Pennsylvania Lake Geneva
Lohman, John Private G 82 Illinois National Home
Lohn, A Private D 124 Illinois National Home
Lohness, Elisha Private D 77 New York Delavan
Lohrey, C Bugler C Hatches Ind. Battery   West Superior
Lomane, Wm Private H 2 Michigan National Home
Lonater, Harry Sergeant F 1 Hatches Cav Rock Elm
Long, Casper Private G 46 Illinois Browntown
Long, Frank P Private C 58 Illinois National Home
Long, Jessie Private F 93 Illinois Menomonie
Long, John Private C 47 Indiana West Lima
Long, Lewis Private H 89 Indiana Bloom City
Longstone, Wm. G Private C 32 Pennsylvania Milwaukee
Lonnon, J. P. Private F 48 Illinois Stevens Point
Lonsbury, Wm. A Sergeant D 146 Illinois Loyal
Looker, Charles Private B 189 Ohio Ash Ridge
Looker, David Private K 38 Ohio Ash Ridge
Loomis, Chester H Private K 12 Connecticut Platteville
Loomis, Orin P Private   12 N. Y. Battery National Home
Lord, Alb. A Private A 64 New York National Home
Lord, Alvin Private G 59 Mas'chusetts Gordon
Lord, George, H Private D 18 Ohio Ontario
Lord, John Private I 6 Maine Marinette
Lord, Wm. H Private I 6 Minnesota Cumberland
Lorenzen, Chas 1st Lieut H 13 Arkansas Milwaukee
Lorigan, Patrick Private A 158 New York Gratiot
Losey, Bellman Private K 9 Michigan National Home
Losey, John Private   1 N. J. L. A. Brodhead
Lossberg, Henry Private B 12 Illinois National Home
Lott, Aug Private B 16 New York Wauwatosa
Lott, Edw Private H 17 Illinois National Home
Loughrey, H Private G 60 New York Peshtigo
Louk, A Private H 6 N. Y. H. A. Wis Vet Home
Louk, Albert Sergeant M 6 New York Peshtigo
Love, Dave M Private G 29 Maryland National Home
Love, John Corporal E 18 Indiana Cadott
Love, Lehien Private B 36 Indiana National Home
Lovejoy, J. E. Private B 1 Michigan Towne
Lovejoy, Luther N Private E 1 Minnesota Mondovi
Lovekin, John Private B 23 Illinois National Home
Lovelace, Andrew Private D 12 Illinois Cav Wiota
Lovelace, Eli Private C 154 New York Knowlton
Loveless, J. W. Private F 7 Illinois Cav Wis Vet Home
Loveless, J. W. Private B 40 Illinois Wis Vet Home
Low, Wm. H Private E 14 Maine National Home
Lowe, John Private K 10 Mich. Cav Turtle Lake
Lowe, John Private I 43 New York Petersburg
Lowe, Thomas Private E 14 Michigan Coloma Station
Lowery, Chas 1st Sergeant K 13 Iowa Evansville
Lowrey, A. W. Private K 2 Ohio Excelsior
Lowrey, J. K. Private A 89 Illinois La Crosse
Loy, Gabriel Private B 1 Indiana Bat. Kekoskee
Lozier, Wm Private C 5 Illinois Cav Symco
Lucas, James Private   11 Ohio Fond du Lac
Luce, H. P. Private I 7 Minnesota Beloit
Luce, S. W. Private E 33 New York Tustin
Luce, W. H. Private A 1 Maine Cav Rice Lake
Luchsinger, Jacob Private G 2 Minnesota New Glarus
Lucius, Nicholas Private K 123 Ohio White Birch
Luckenbach, Wm Private K 7 New York National Home
Ludden, Samuel D Major   8 N. Y. H. A. Boscobel
Ludin, O. W. Drummer F 16 New York Chippewa Falls
Ludington, Geo A Private H 30 Ohio Neillsville
Ludorf, Henry Private K 20 New York Frostville
Luehring, Conrad Private D 100 Illinois Milwaukee
Luits, Chauncey G Hosp. St'ard. H 3 New York Medford
Lund, Mortimer Private C 2 Michigan Wausau
Lungwitz, Valentine Private C 14 Connecticut Berlin
Lusk, Dav. Private C 24 Indiana National Home
Luther, R. C. Private I 121 New York Madison
Luthrop, Ervin Private       Milwaukee
Luttman, Charles G 1st Sergeant   12 Illinois Neenah
Luttman, Charles G Private F 96 Illinois Neenah
Lutz, Jac Private C 23 Ohio Wauwatosa
Lutzen, Cor Private F 95 Illinois Saukville
Lybarger, L Private B 31 Indiana Lake Geneva
Lyle, John Private F 1 Illinois Art Beloit
Lynch, Henry Private G 15 Connecticut National Home
Lynch, Jos Private A 13 Indiana National Home
Lynch, Mart. T Private B   Illinois L. A. National Home
Lynch, Mathew Private L 7 New York Mills Center
Lynch, Michael Corporal M 3 Missouri Cav. Madely
Lyon, David Private B 119 New York National Home
Lyon, Thos Private I 3 Michigan National Home
Lyons, Eli Private A 66 Ill. W. W. S Waukesha
Lyons, Michael Private I 10 Connecticut National Home
Lyons, W. C. Private C 94 New York Clear Lake



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