Enumeration of the Soldiers of the Late War
Who Served in Organizations of Other States and Reported by the
Enumerators as Residing in Wisconsin on June 20, 1895.

* All names of soldiers returned by the enumerators with the company, regiment or state omitted, will be found in this list.

transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Susan Geist, Rhonda Hill, Tammy Clark, Mary Saggio, Veneta McKinney, Heather Turner







Macarty, Isel W Private K 79 Pennsylvania Milwaukee
Machia, Jos Private A 10 New York Forestville
Machold, Thos Private C 180 Ohio National Home
Mack, Charles Corporal E & I 20 N. Y. Cavalry Boltonville
Mack, Jonas Private H 55 New York Milwaukee
Mack, Sam Private G 6 Penn. Art St Croix Falls
Mackie, John R Private G 13 Maryland National Home
Mackin, Thos Private A 122 New York Janesville
Macomber, Ephriam Private F 3 Iowa Ludington
Macomber, Ishabod Sergeant A 6 Maine Brodhead
Madden, Jas Private C 17 Maine National Home
Maddler, Jacob Private G 9 Michigan St Johns
Maddux, W Private B 64 Ohio Thorp
Magee, Jas Private K 62 Pennsylvania National Home
Maggley, J. M. Private H 20 Illinois Menomonie
Magill, Henry Private F 5 W. Virginia National Home
Mahaney, Wm. G Private G 92 Illinois Janesville
Mahoney, Daniel Private K 16 Indiana Fond du Lac
Mahoney, David Private K 9 New York National Home
Mahoney, Timothy Private I 90 Illinois National Home
Main, George Private B 26 Illinois Stevens Point
Main, Nelson L Private C 176 New York National Home
Malcolm, John Private C 6 Minnesota National Home
Maldoon, P. S. Private M 1 Michigan Eau Claire
Malley, Mich. Private B 71 Pennsylvania National Home
Mallon, Pat Private H 66 New York National Home
Mallow, A. P. Private C 60 Ohio Hillsboro
Mallow, John Private B 1 Kansas National Home
Malloy, Michael Private B 71 Pennsylvania Milwaukee
Malone, G. D. Private K 151 Indiana Downing
Malone, Jas Private G 1 Tennessee National Home
Malone, Thos. J. Private F 72 Illinois Milwaukee
Maloney, J Private G 1 Tenn. L. Art Wis Vet Home
Maloney, John Private G 65 Ohio National Home
Malott, Silas Private I 67 Ohio Argyle
Maltby, S. D. Private D 185 New York Stockbridge
Manchester, A Private K 9 Maine Eau Claire
Manchester, A. G. Corporal D 1 Illinois Cav Oakley
Mann, C. H. Private I 11 Penn. Cav. Beloit
Mann, Chas. S. Private   13 Illinois Milwaukee
Mann, I. G. Private E 44 Mas'chusetts Troy Center
Mann, Pat Private D 83 New York National Home
Mann, T. H. Private D 3 New Jersey Beloit
Manndt, Chas. Private I 2 New York Fountain City
Mannel, George Private H 4 N. York H. A. Norwalk
Manning, Wm. F Private G 40 Missouri National Home
Manny, James H Private M 9 New York Weyauwega
Manor, Joseph Private K 4 Illinois Cav Arkansaw
Manson, Chas Private H 56 New York National Home
Manthe, Ignatz Private C 58 New York National Home
Manypenny, H Private D 70 New York National Home
Manzer, Nat. H Private G 121 New York Racine
Marbis, John Private G 3 New York National Home
Marble, Wm. H Private A 9 New Hamp Morris
Marcell, Simon Private I 27 New Jersey Delton
Marcena, Eugene Private B 12 Michigan Rudolph
March, Jas Private G 42 Illinois National Home
March, T. H. Private K 110 New York Moon
Margms, F. R. Private C 87 Ohio National Home
Margret, John Private D 67 Ohio National Home
Marin, Geo. W Private I 1 Maine National Home
Marisan, alias Nelson, O Private I 2 Maine Cav Cameron
Markee, Frank Private B 79 New York Rhinelander
Markham, Curtis Private A 35 Indiana Greenwood
Markham, J. G. Corporal I 7 New Hamp Ironton
Markley, Abraham Private D 124 Ohio Woodstock
Marlin, Andrew W Corporal   12 Mass. Bat Fond du Lac
Marks, David Private F 1 New York Milwaukee
Marks, Jac Captain D 1   Milwaukee
Marks, M. L. Private F 4 Pennsylvania National Home
Marlett, John Private C 2 Minnesota Boyceville
Marlette, S. P. Private A 1 Minnesota Maple
Marlin, Joseph S Private I 7 Vermont Arkansaw
Maroney, John Private H 68 Pennsylvania National Home
Marquard, C Private G 8 Iowa Paskin
Marquette, Wm. H Private A 14 N. Y. H. A. Hayward
Marrin, Archibald Private I 10 New York Plainfield
Marsh, Daniel Private I 102 Pennsylvania Wilmot
Marsh, E. N. Private E 21 Mas'chusetts Baraboo
Marsh, Edwin Private F 86 New York Unity
Marsh, Geo. R Private C 82 Pennsylvania Durand
Marsh, Henry Private F 86 New York Menomonie
Marshal, Cyrus Private A 13 Iowa Cadott
Marshall, A. K. Private C 172 Ohio West Lima
Marshall, Edward Private B 22 N. Hampshire Oshkosh
Marshall, Frank Private C 23 Ohio Racine
Marshall, J. W. Lieutenant I 88 Illinois New Lisbon
Marshall, James Private I 1 Maine H. A. Eleva
Marshall, James Private   63 Ohio Rockton
Marshall, John Corporal K 1 Vermont Menasha
Marshall, Louis Private   54 New York Milwaukee
Marshall, Thos Private A 12 Connecticut National Home
Marshall, W. B. Private G 9 Maine Eau Claire
Marshall, Wm Private D 15 Illinois Sturgeon Bay
Marston, D. W. Drummer D 9 Maine La Crosse
Martan, August Private B 11 Minnesota Eastman
Martel, Math Private G 66 Illinois National Home
Marten, C., Sr Private C 15 Missouri Plum City
Martens, Adrian Private B 8 Kansas De Pere
Martin, Haman Private C 47 Indiana Bloom City
Martin, Henry R Private C 89 Illinois National Home
Martin, J. W. Private H 89 Indiana Manitowoc
Martin, Jas Private   5 New York National Home
Martin, Jerry Sergeant H 6 Mich. Cav Kaukauna
Martin, John Private F 111 New York Watertown
Martin, Ozias C Private A 3 Michigan National Home
Martin, Rob. F Private C 35 New York National Home
Martin, S. M. Private E 42 Illinois Racine
Martin, Thos Private F 12 Illinois National Home
Martin, Wm Private C 8 New York Loganville
Marthiney, August Private A 85 New York Baraboo
Martz, C Private K   Illinois Green Bay
Marvin, H. P. Private I 5 Iowa Chippewa Falls
Marvin, J. C. Sergeant C 52 Illinois Fairchild
Marx, Frank C Captain B 13 Illinois Cav Milwaukee
Marxman, Henry Private D 8 Illinois Cav. Reedsburg
Maser, Casper Private D 144 Illinois   Plum City
Maser, John J. Private E 144 Illinois Plum City
Mask, Nathaniel Private F -- New York Madison
Mason, A. J. Private A 31 Mas'chusetts. New London
Mason, D. Sergeant G 2 Iowa Cav. Whitefish Bay
Mason, Dewitt C. Private L 10 Illinois Cav. Newton
Mason, Dewitt   Private G 2 Iowa   National Home
Mason, James S. Private C 2 Iowa  La Farge
Mason, John Private G 100 Illinois Durand
Mason, M. C. Private G 6 Iowa Barron City
Massie, B. Private C 173 Ohio Dallas
Masters, Wm. Private E 1 California National Home
Masury, W. H. Private I 16 Indiana Antigo
Matchett, E. J. Private G 16 Maine Osseo
Mathews, Billings Private M 3 Michigan Black River Falls
Mathews, G. K. Private C 26 Michigan National Home
Mathews, Milt. Private C 61 Pennsylvania National Home
Mathews, William S. Private C 13 Michigan Black River Falls
Matravers, John Private D 39 Illinois Oconto
Matteson, Leroy W. Private F 10 N. Y. Cav. Morris
Mattice, Jno. H. Private G 46 New York Fargoville
Mattice, W. G. Private A 92 New York Augusta
Mattoon, Geo. B. Private F 1 Vermont Sheboygan
Mattoon, Louis S. Private G 118 New York Glenflora
Mawney, John G. 1st. Sergeant D 95 Illinois Mazomanie
Maxfield, Chas. W. Sergeant F 39 Michigan Onalaska
Maxim, A. A. 1st. Lieut. -- 10 Michigan Superior
Maxson, P. C. Private D 35 New York New Richmond
Maxson, S. L. Private Un. 88 New York Milton
Maxwell, David B. Private I 7 Iowa Neillsville
Maxwell, G. W. Private -- 3 Iowa Battery Hudson
Maxwell, Martin M. 2d. Lieut. C 110 Pennsylvania Ono
Maxwell, Wm. Private L 17 Illinois National Home
May, Chas. Private L 13 New York National Home
May, John Private C 41 New York National Home
May, R. Colonel -- 7 Kentucky Viroqua
Mayer, August Private C 32 Iowa Manitowoc
Mayer, Danl Private M 2 Cal. Cavalry Milwaukee
Mayhew, W. A. Sergeant M 10 N. Y. H. A. Clinton
Mayn, Michael Private E 142 Illinois Darlington
Maynard, F. A. Captain & Provost Marsh.     -- Portage
Maynard, Hubbard Private H 145 Pennsylvania Galesville
Mayo, Henry Private C 33 New York Poplar
Mayo, Peter Private C 91 New York Bear Creek
Mayo, John Private C 120 Illinois Turtle Lake
McAdams, S. Private E 2 Missouri Barron
McAllen, Alex. Private A 3 Illinois National Home
McAllister, Jno. Corporal C 26 Mas'chusetts. Bailey's Harbor
McAlpin, A. J. Sergeant M 2 Illinois Bat. Beloit
McAndrews, Mich. Private I 90 Illinois National Home
McArthur, C. H. 1st. Lieut. E 98 New York Sparta
McAuliff, Pat. Private G 12 Maine National Home
McBain, James Private D 80 Ohio Bloom City
McBee, Thos. Private B 22 Ohio National Home
McBrarty, Wm. McB Private D 25 New York National Home
McCabe, James Private E 98 New York National Home
McCain, Jos. Private H 32 Michigan Lamartine
McCall, Robt. Private A 73 New York Madison
McCandlass, B. T. Corporal G 6 Vermont Hayward
McCann, Francis Private K 91 New York National Home
McCann, Jas. Private A 96 Illinois Shullsburg
McCann, John Private G 110 Pennsylvania Milwaukee
McCann, Robt. Private A 1 New York National Home
McCann, Thomas Private A 21 Pennsylvania Rock Praire
McCaffery, Terence Private F 142 Illinois Avon
McCaffrey Private K 25 New York National Home
McCarthy, Denis Private B 23 Illinois National Home
McCarthy, Jas. Private H 9 Connecticut National Home
McCarty, W. H. Private G 14 Michigan Colby
McCartney, Robt. Private C 11 Ohio Lancaster
McCarty, John Private I 23 Illinois National Home
McCarty, Mich. Private E 12 New York National Home
McCarty, Walt. Private A 23 Illinois National Home
McCarron, Chas. Private C 10 Tennessee National Home
McCaully, Aug. Private E 8 Tennessee Beaver Dam
McChesney, Jas. P Lieutenant A 112 Illinois Turtle Lake
McChesney, L. M. Private A 161 New York Whitewater
McClaine, And. W. Private D 138 Indiana National Home
McClarey, William Private C 26 Ohio Stevens Point
McClench, D. W. Private L 31 Maine Rice Lake
McClosky, Jas. Private K 5 New York National Home
McClosky, Pat. Private C 1 Delaware National Home
McClosky, Wm. Private H 39 New York National Home
McClure, F. J. Private I 7 Iowa North Prairie
McClure, Geo. A. Private E 2 Maine Suamico
MeClure, Jas. W. Private H 23 Illinois National Home
McCombs, Wm. Private Tel. Ry. Cor. Pennsylvania Superior
McConnell, Wilkie Private G 33 Indiana Babcock
McCormick, Dan. Private I 1 Ohio Poysippi
McCormick, Fred Private C 2 Minnesota Towerville
McCormick, George Private -- 3 Illinois Hayward
McCormick, John Private C 114 New York Marquette
McCormick, Jodn Private K 46 Iowa National Home
McCormick, John Private G 29 Indiana National Home
McCormick, Pat. Private C 110 Pennsylvania National Home
McCormick, Wm. Private D 48 Indiana National Home
McCort, George Private A 16 New York Lake Mills
McCoy, J. B. Private K 10 Vermont Madison
McCoy, John Private A 56 Pennsylvania Granton
McCoy, W. J. Private D 53 Indiana Muscoda
McCray, Chancey Private G 83 Pennsylvania Clear Lake
McCray, W. H. Private C 1 Ohio Knapp
McCready, W. L. Private K 17 Iowa National Home
McCue, John Private C 31 Missouri National Home
McCue, John G. Private K 30 Iowa Poysippi
McCue, W. D. Private K 71 Ohio Madison
McCulaugh, James Private F 175 Pennsylvania Augusta
McCulloch, John I Private I 135 Indiana Knapp
McCullough, J. C. Private G 1 Pennsylvania National Home
McCumber, Geo. Private C 5 Pennsylvania Greenwood
McCumber, Geo. M. Private K 126 New York La Crosse
McCune, Jas. Private F 7 Indiana National Home
McCurdy, J. M. Private H 40 Ohio Tomah
McCurdy, W. H. Drummer A 118 Illinois Combined Locks
McCurdy, William Private F 37 Illinois National Home
McCuskers, Cornelius Private B 96 Illinois Oshkosh
McDaniel, James Private D 18 Ohio Dell
McDaniel, Samuel Private D 75 Ohio Bloomingdale
McDaniels, A. J. Private F 9 Iowa National Home
McDermott, Thomas Private I 6 Minnesota Eau Claire
McDevitt, Sam S. Private G 18 Ohio National Home
McDonald, A. S. Private G 12 Indiana Marion
McDonald, A. W. Private I 17 Pennsylvania La Crosse
McDonald, And. C. Private C 56 Ohio National Home
McDonald, Austin J. Private C 6 Illinois National Home
McDonald, David Private E 8 Missouri Springville
McDonald, H. J. Sergeant B 8 N. Y. H. A. La Crosse
McDonald, John Private K 91 Pennsylvania National Home
McDonald, John Private G 88 Illinois Sturgeon Bay
McDonald, John Private A 145 New York National Home
McDonald, John Private F 19 Massachus'ts National Home
McDonald, M. J. Private C 31 Massachus'ts Superior
McDonald, Marion 2d. Lieut. E 2 Ohio H. Art. Janesville
McDonald, Rabel Private F 5 New York National Home
McDonnell, Corn Private B 15 New York National Home
McDonough, J. H. Private E 2 Rhode Island Norrie
McDonogh, Michael Sergeant H 1 Arkansas Loyd
McDonogh, Michael   D 7 Texas Cav.  
McDonough, Wm. Private H 101 New York Portage
McDonough, Wm.     5 N. York Art.  
McDorman, Residen Private A 7 Indiana Knapp
McDougall, John Private B 13 New Jersey National Home
McDougall, Jas. Private A 10 Michigan Glidden
McDowell, M. Private D 7 W. Virginia Sylvan
McDowell, W. H. Sergeant D 18 Iowa West Superior
McEathron, John 1st. Sergeant A 192 Illinois Milwaukee
McElderry, S. W. Private I 45 Iowa La Crosse
McElhose, Abraham Private F 77 Ohio Bloomingdale
McElroy, Hugh Private C 104 New York National Home
McEwen, James Private E 74 Illinois Shawano
McFall, J. Private C 16 N. Y. Art.  Waupaca
McFarland, J. Private H 16 Ohio Baraboo
McFarland, Bern Private C 22 Mas'chusetts. National Home
McFarland, Robt. Private F 1 New York National Home
McFee, John Private B 1 New York National Home
McGann, James Private E 15 California Baraboo
McGarrigle, Dan. Private B 10 Maryland National Home
McGarrity, Wm. Private B 46 Pennsylvania National Home
McGarry, Patrick H. Private K 30 Ohio Ross
McGill, James Private F 169 New York Stevens Point
DcGill, Pat. Private M 5 New York National Home
McGinn, John Private F 5 Ohio Milwaukee
McGinn, Pat. Private K 22 Michigan National Home
McGinnis, Thos. Private K -- Illinois Cartwright
McGleneson, John Private G 3 Ohio Milwaukee
McGlynn, Patrick Private E 5 Pennsylvania Evansville
McGowan, Edw. Private K 28 Mas'chusetts. National Home
McGraham, Owen Private H 117 New York National Home
McGrath, J. T. Private H 1 New York Eau Claire
McGrath, John Private C 7 Missouri Hub City
McGraw, Wm. H. Private E 22 N. Y. Cav. Oregon
McGregor, Alex. Private E 10 New York Berlin
McGuire, B. Private C 146 Illinois Lake Geneva
McGuire, Morgan Private K 29 Indiana National Home
McGuire, Thomas Private G 2 New York Raymond
McIllroy, Dav. H. Private F 31 Ohio National Home
McIntire, Ira Private A 149 Pennsylvania Neillsville
McIntosh, James Private C 23 Ohio Kewaunee
McIntyre, Geo. Lieutenant E 105 Ohio Milwaukee
McIntyre, Levi Private H 9 New York Hancock
McIntyre, Neil Private G 13 Maryland National Home
McIntyre, O. L. Artificer F 50 New York West Superior
McIntyre, Timothy Private I 90 Illinois Kenosha
McIver, Michael Private G 1 Illinois Stiles
McKane, James Private B 3 Vermont Tomah
McKay, D. L. Private B 99 New York Chippewa Falls
McKee, John Private A 7 Missouri National Home
McKee, William Private C 18 Ohio Bloomingdale
McKeen, Ripley Sergeant G 64 New York Eau Claire
McKeever, Arth. Private F 76 Pennsylvania National Home
McKenna, Pat. Private B 25 New York National Home
McKeon, John Private B 23 Illinois National Home
McKie, Joseph Private D 1 New York Sand Creek
McKinley, John Private D 9 Maine Fremont
McKinley, W. A. Private D 193 New York Abrams
McKinney, Alb. Private E 189 Ohio National Home
McKinney, Daniel Sergeant B 1 Maine Oshkosh
McKnight, Marshal Private H 6 Illinois National Home
McKorn, Thomas Private D 129 Ohio Rewey
McLanie, John Private I 29 Michigan National Home
McLaughlin, A. Private D 2 New York Wis Vet Home
McLaughlin, Dugal Private -- 21 N. Y. In. B. L. A. Sturgeon Bay
McLaughlin, I. P. Private I 12 Maine Janesville
McLaughlin, J. F. Private G 136 Illinois Hartland
McLaughlin, Pat. Private B 2 Illinois National Home
McLaughlin, Peter Private G 26 Iowa National Home
McLaughlin, Wallace Private -- 51 New York Baldwin
McLean, George Private I 4 Missouri National Home
MeLean, Laughlin Private K 65 Illinois National Home
MeLean, Wm. Private G 76 New York Seymour
McMahon, Felix J. Private E 11 Mas'chusetts. National Home
McMahon, J. Corporal K 10 New York Grand Marsh
McMahon, James Private I 1 Ver. Cav. Fond du Lac
McMahon, Owen Private G 12 Illinois Clyde
McMahon, Peter Private H 6 W. Virginia National Home
McMamee, Patrick Private C 89 Illinois Rosendale
McMamey, Bernard Private D 5 Iowa Milwaukee
McMaster, Cole Private C 8 Missouri Cox
McMaster, H. H. B. Sergeant Maj. -- 1 Minn. H. Art. Eau Claire
McMath, Adonis Private C 15 Ohio National Home
McMath, Adonis Private C 15 Illinois North Greenfield
McMichael, Robert 1st. Lieut. B 117 Illinois Milwaukee
McMillan, D. Private I 14 Michigan West Superior
McMillan, Duncan Sergeant B 1 Minnesota Eau Claire
McMillan, Wm Private A 1 Michigan National Home
McMillen, August Sergeant -- -- -- Milwaukee
McMiller, John B. Private G 148 Illinois Soldiers' Grove
McMiller, John B.   I 101 Indiana  
McMiller, Wm. Private D 153 New York National Home
McMurry, T. S. Private B 2 Penn. Cav. Cecil
McNabb, Orlande. Corporal A 155 Indiana Glidden
McNaight, Carrl. Private D 151 Pennsylvania Juda
McNalley, F. N. Private D 49 New York Plymouth
McNalley, David Sergeant A 3 Cal. Cavalry Walworth
McNalley, Jas. Private D 37 Illinois Milton
McNally, John Private G 60 New York National Home
McNally, Pat. Private B 182 Ohio National Home
McNamara, Chris Private E 3 Mass. Cav. Racine
McNamara, Thos. Private E 3 Mas'chusetts. National Home
McNaughton, Alex. Corporal C 13 Illinois Janesville
McNeal, Arch. Private M 1 Michigan National Home
McNees, J. H. Private A 84 Indiana Richland Center
McNeil, James Private A 66 Ohio Clintonville
McNeil, Jas. Private E 188 Ohio National Home
McNinch, Calvin Private C 136 New York Big Falls
McOmber, Oscar L. Private D 136 Pennsylvania Sparta
McPeak, M. Private E 1 Minnesota Sparta
McPhail, Jasper W. Private A 44 Iowa British Hollow
McQuarters, Henry Private B 1 Missouri Reedsburg
McQuillan, Dan Private F 30 Michigan National Home
McSweeny, E. Private K 153 New York Excelsior
McThurstan, James Private L 2 Iowa Barron City
McVaine, Orson Private F 2 N. Y. Cav. Fond du Lac
McVey, Lewis Private F 189 Ohio Rockton
McWar, James S. Private -- 7 New York Milwaukee
McWilliams, Edward -- -- -- -- Reedsburg
Meacham, S. A. Private F 184 New York National Home
Meacham, Wm. G. Asst. Surgeon -- 162 New York Racine
Mead, Alonzo Private I 158 New York Waupaca
Mead, Alonzo     100    
Mead, Geo. C. Private D 1 Michigan National Home
Mead, Ralph E. Private -- 77 New York National Home
Meade, Russell Private C 17 Michigan Janesville
Meader, Benjamin L. Sergeant E 2 Vermont Glenwood
Meagher, Mich. Private F 1 New York National Home
Meagher, Pat. Private I 23 Illinois National Home
Means, D. E. Private -- 1 Minn. Battery Grantsburg
Meara, John Private   58 Illinois Wis Vet Home
Meckien, Adolph Private C 68 New York National Home
Meddough, Bronson Lieutenant B 1 Mich. Art. Milwaukee
Medirmatt, John Private F 4 New York Hortonville
Medlor, Frank Private B 1 Minnesota Prescott
Meehan, John Private A 4 Vermont Chippewa Falls
Megahey, John Private F 179 Ohio National Home
Megrey, John Private G 67 Ohio Oconto
Mehan, John Private K 5 Ohio Cav. Darlington
Meigh, R. P. H. Private K 40 New York Plainfield
Meihle, Bernard Musician -- 4 Illinois National Home
Meilantz, Gust. Private G 41 Missouri National Home
Meilike, Chas. Private B 22 New York National Home
Meilly, John M. Private F 122 Pennsylvania National Home
Meinhart, August Private D 23 Illinois Sheboygan
Meives, Joseph Private D 5 Miss. Art. Sheboygan
Melcher, J. J. Private B 87 Indiana Sparta
Melcher, J. J.   A 135    
Meljell, (?) Private F 109 Pennsylvania De Pere
Mellen, S. A. Private B 34 Illinois Retreat
Mellon, John Private E 19 New York National Home
Melms, Albert Private K 24 Illinois Wauwatosa
Melody, Thos. Private B 26 Illinois National Home
Melrose, Chas. Private B 179 Ohio National Home
Melville, Wm. G. Private H 153 Illinois National Home
Mendenhaler, Edw. Private D 38 New York National Home
Menke, Henry Private C 147 Indiana Plum City
Menner, John Private C 9 New York Fond du Lac
Mennet, E Captain D 59 Illinois Centralia
Mennicke, Wm Private C 1 Mass Cav Portage
Menzener, John Private I 2 Minnesota La Crosse
Mercer, John A Private H 53 Ohio Minocqua
Merchant, M D Private K 1 NY Dragoons Alma Center
Mericle, Lawrence Private E 15 Michigan Menasha
Merney, Richd A Private I 2 Ohio National Home
Merrill, Chauncey Private A 5 New York Chippewa Falls
Merriam, C P Private E 1 Ohio Cav La Crosse
Merrill, Albert Private H 153 Illinois Camp Lake
Merrill, C W Private B 2 Colorado Tomah
Merrill, Chas M Private B 60 Massachusetts National Home
Merrill, E. S Private A 14 New York Fond du Lac
Merrill, S R Private G 136 Ohio Beliot
Merrill, Wm Private * * Michigan Chetek
Merriman, D B 1st Lieut E 5 New York Eau Claire
Merriman, Dan'l W Private E 5 N Y Cav Eau Claire
Merriman, Dan'l W   L 6 N Y H A  
Merriman, G W Sergeant C 67 New York Eau Claire
Merritt, Orason Private K 13 New York Sparta
Mertiz, Charley Corporal D 8 Illinois Kewaskum
Mertle, Val Private B 21 Pennsylvania Sauk City
Merville, Hiram P Private C 1 New York Milwaukee
Merz, John Private E 2 Missouri National Home
Mesick, John E Private I 91 New York National Home
Metcalf, Andrew Private K 144 Ohio Neillsville
Metcalf, J. J. Private A 95 Illinois Trempealeau
Metten, Wm Private D 41 Missouri National Home
Metzelder, D Private I 1 Minnesota National Home
Metzgar, Michael 1st Lieut M 8 N Y Art Glenbeulah
Meurer, Math Private D 4 Missouri National Home
Meyer, A Private F 4 Ohio National Home
Meyer, Carl Private D 17 Illinois National Home
Meyer, D Private H 21 Iowa Clintonville
Meyer, Fred Private F 9 New Hampshire National Home
Meyer, Gerh Private C 106 Ohio National Home
Meyer, Gust E L Private L 4 Michigan National Home
Meyer, Henry Private I 8 Illinois National Home
Meyer, John B Private B 63 Pennsylvania Modena
Meyer, Louis Private G 194 New York National Home
Myer, Martin Corporal C 9 New York Milwaukee
Meyer, Wm Private F 9 Illinois National Home
Meyer, Chas Private A 16 Illinois National Home
Meyers, Dan E Corporal D 27 Iowa National Home
Meyers, Eli C Private G 154 New York Boscobel
Meyers, Joseph Private H 2 New York Weyauwega
Myers, L H Private E 146 Pennsylvania Thomas
Meyers, Nicholas Private F 95 Illinois Kewaskum
Meyers, T. C Private G 5 Minnesota Eau Galle
Michard, P Private B 156 Illinois Baraboo
Michelbach, Jos Private G 1 Oregon National Home
Michels, William A Private I 14 Illinois Cav Kaukauna
Middaugh, J Corporal C 11 Minnesota Waupun
Middleton, A H Private A 35 New York Merrill
Middleton, A H   L 20 N Y Cav  
Mieden, J P Private H 43 Ohio Kendall
Mielinz, Gustave Private * * * Milwaukee
Miles, A S Sergeant B 16 Kansas Augusta
Miles, J J Corporal I 32 Pennsylvania Milwaukee
Miles, Rudolph Corporal D 8 Maine Chippewa Falls
Miles, Wm Private A 22 Iowa Spokeville
Miles, William H Private I 5 Minnesota Rock Elm
Miles, William H Private F 7 New Hampshire Whitewater
Milland, A A Private H 12 Illinois Cav Wiota
Millaner, G Private E 4 Minnesota New Lisbon
Millard, Barron Private B 147 Illinois La Crosse
Millard, Frank Private B 5 Connecticutt Whitewater
Millard, H D Private B 141 Pennsylvania Mauston
Millard, Jacob Private C 210 Pennsylvania Baraboo
Millard, Robt A Private G 106 New York National Home
Millbach, Peter Private D 64 Illinois Brillion
Millbrandt, And Private H 1 Ohio Art Alma
Miller, A Private H 105 Pennsylvania Wis Vet Home
Miller, A. R. Sergeant H 128 Indiana Grand Rapids
Miller, Alexander Private G 60 New York Delavan
Miller, Aug Private G 4 New York Wauwatosa
Miller, August Sergeant K 5 Michigan Hempel
Miller, August A Bugler * 12 Missouri La Crosse
Miller, Benjamin Private K 92 Ohio Wheatville
Miller, Bert Private A 153 Illinois Wyocena
Miller, Chas Private H 146 Indiana Salter
Miller, Chas Private D 2 California National Home
Miller, Chas Private D 20 New York National Home
Miller, Charles Private A 44 Indiana Crystal Lake
Miller, Christ Private F 82 Pennsylvania National Home
Miller, Edward E Private D Hatches In Bt Minn Prescott
Miller, Ellis Private B 17 Michigan Marinette
Miller, F. A Private E 9 Minnesota Wittenberg
Miller, Frank Private F 189 Ohio Soldier's Grove
Miller, Frank Private D 21 New Jersey Hammond
Miller, Fred Private K 85 Illinois National Home
Miller, G. C. Private A 3 Colorado Waupaca
Miller, Geo Private C 15 Indiana National Home
Miller, George Private F 39 Indiana Clear Lake
Miller, H J 1st Sergeant E 18 New York Baraboo
Miller, Hamilton Private E 51 Ohio Alabama
Miller, Herman Private * * Missouri Valley Junction
Miller, Howard Private C 2 New York Coloma Junction
Miller, Isaac G Private C 2 Pennsylvania Warner
Miller, J B Private F 141 Illinois Alma Center
Miller, J D Private C 1 N Y Lt Artillery Wis Vet Home
Miller, Jacob Private I 18 Iowa Boscobel
Miller, Jas Private A 2 Illinois National Home
Miller, Jas Private D 133 Illinois National Home
Miller, Jefferson Private E 13 New Hamp Thorp
Miller, John Private D 8 Ohio Edson
Miller, John Private D 39 Illinois Two Rivers
Miller, John Private K 92 Iowa Soldier's Grove
Miller, John Private A 12 Kentucky Root Creek
Miller, John V Private A 58 Ohio National Home
Miller, Joseph P 1st Sergeant I 8 Pennsylvania Sharon
Miller, Joseph P   K 11 Pennsylvania Sharon
Miller, Joseph P   I 3 Pennsylvania Sharon
Miller, Math Private A 15 New York National Home
Miller, Mlles Private * 9 New York Waupaca
Miller, Orson Private C 40 New York Prairie du Chien
Miller, Peter Private F 23 Michigan Sheboygan
Miller, Peter Private G 1 Maryland National Home
Miller, Phillip Private F 3 Minnesota Rice Lake
Miller, Samuel Private D 12 Missouri National Home
Miller, Samuel Private C 51 Ohio Bloom City
Miller, Saul Private * 9 Penn Art Waupaca
Miller, T F Private D 164 New York Eureka
Miller, William Private G 92 New York Antigo
Miller, Wm C Q M S K 2 Minn Cav Rice Lake
Miller, Wm D Private D 128 Pennsylvania National Home
Miller, Wm G Private C 36 Missouri National Home
Miller, Wm J Private C 11 Minnesota National Home
Millhouse, Owen Private I 27 Pennsylvania National Home
Millins, Francis Sergeant A 3 Pennsylvania Marinette
Millions, C K Private H 122 New York Cadott
Millis, L Private E 24 New York Black River Falls
Mills, Chas B Private E 1 N Y Bat National Home
Mills, Maurice B Private C 74 Illinois Beldenville
Mills, Morgan Private L 9 Ind Cav La Crosse
Mills, Peter Private H 58 New York Shell Lake
Mills, Wm J Private E 3 Michigan National Home
Mills, William S 1st Lieut RQM 22 Indiana Stevens Point
Milton, W m Sergeant K 8 Minnesota Cadott
Mineau, Oliver Private H 11 New York St Croix Falls
Miner, C A Hosp'l Stew * 61 New York Janesville
Miner, H E Sergeant E 21 Connecticut Millon Junct
Miner, Wesley Corporal C 95 Illinois Lake Geneva
Minneck, Jacob F Private A 142 New York Brooksville
Minning, Wm Private F 45 Illinois Ashippun
Minninger, Jac Private C 110 Pennsylvania National Home
Miserez, P J Captain K 12 Kansas Darien
Mitchell, Samuel Private I 88 New York Edson
Mitchell, Charles Private A 27 Iowa Platteville
Mitchell, Chas A Private C 8 Minnesota Shell Lake
Mitchell, Edw Private E 53 Pennsylvania National Home
Mitchell, Henry Private B 1 Iowa Porter's Mills
Mitchell, J I Private G 86 New York Barron
Mitchell, John A Sergeant K 5 Mass Cav Milwaukee
Mitchell, Jos Private B 2 Massachusetts National Home
Mitchell, Robt Private C 17 Illinois Commonwealth
Mitchell, Zac Private C 1 Nevada Milwaukee
Mitchell, Zachariah Private I 53 Illinois Haney
Mock, Almon Private H 129 Indiana Edson
Mock, William Private M 5 Penn H A Urne
Moffsher, Jacob J Private M 9 Penn Cav Oshkosh
Mohl, Con Private C 68 New York National Home
Mohr, Adam Private I 46 Ohio Bloomer
Mohr, John Lieutenant B 107 Ohio Wausau
Molden, John J 1st Lieut Qr Dept * Milwaukee
Molzberger Private B 105 Illinois Morley
Moneaux. A Private A * Michigan Clayton
Moneter, Fred Private C 2 Illinois National Home
Monlthroup, Wm A Private I 8 California Edgerton
Monroe, E J Private K 16 N Y H Art Shawano
Monroe, James Sergeant K 6 Penn Res Appleton
Monroe, Richard Private E 49 New York National Home
Montana, Joseph Private K 1 New York Eau Claire
Monte, D W Private H 27 Massachusetts Superior
Montgomery, Henry M Private * 3 Bat Minn Camp Douglas
Monts, John 1st Sergt B 29 Indiana Beloit
Moodie, P H Private F 63 Pennsylvania Beloit
Moodie, T L 1st Sergt C 14 Missouri Rhinelander
Moody, Frank Private D 4 Penn Art Brookside
Moody, Loren W Private A 13 Michigan Shell Lake
Moody, Russel R Private G 118 New York Omro
Moon, Chas B Private C 7 Penn Cav Plainfield
Moon, David Private L 2 New York Kekoskee
Moore, Abe Private C 179 Pennsylvania Sturgeon Bay
Moore, Abraham Private A 166 * Edson
Moore, Alfred * * * * West Salem
Moore, Allen C Private C 16 New York Milwaukee
Moore, Alonzo Private C 16 New York National Home
Moore, E B Private * 5 Illinois Bat Menomonie
Moore, Edward Private G 162 New York National Home
Moore, Geo R Private F 28 Connecticut National Home
Moore, Geo W Private C 2 Minnesota Pepin
Moore, H H 1st Sergent M 2 Mich Cav Plover
Moore, H H Captain D 27 Michigan  
Moore, H H Captain M 1 Cal Cav  
Moore, J H 1st Lieut * 2 Illinois L Art Lake Geneva
Moore, Jacob Private H 51 Ohio Boyd
Moore, Jefferson L Private F 75 Ohio National Home
Moore, Jessie Sergeant I 2 Penn H Art Friendship
Moore, John G Private C 19 Maine Onalaska
Moore, Luke C Private H 1 Rhode Island National Home
Moore, Orra H Private K 27 New York National Home
Moore, R C Private C 42 Pennsylvania Fayetteville
Moore, T Lieutenant F 39 Illinois Beloit
Moore, Thomas K Private F 10 Iowa Nelsonville
Moore, W H Private C 1 Cal Vet Neenah
Moore, Wm A Private B 17 Illinois Cav Durand
Moore, Wm J Private C 1 Minnesota St Martins
Moore, Wm T Lieutenant F 39 Illinois Turtle
Moorse, Wm C Private D 1 Minnesota National Home
Moos, Peter Private E 144 Illinois Plum City
Moran, John Captain D 37 Illinois Glidden
More, I. M. Corporal B 153 Illinois Humbird
Morehouse, A Private H 153 Illinois Antiock, Ill
Morehouse, Frank T Private * 2 Lt Bat Conn Oconomowoc
Morehouse, L Private D 74 Illinois Cav Beloit
Morey, Robert Private F 8 Illinois Cav Menomonie
Morey, T G W Private L 4 N Y H Art Wis Vet Home
Morford, W H Private E 102 Illinois Chippewa Falls
Morgan, Alvin Private A 10 Michigan Hatchville
Morgan, Charles Private I 42 Illinois Madison
Morgan, Charles W Private I 58 Indiana Cumberland
Morgan, Daniel Lieutenant K 23 Illinois Sanborn
Morgan, Daniel Private B 2 N Jersey Bat Veefkind
Morgan, Dav R Private M 2 New York National Home
Morgan, Ed Private E 140 New York Northport
Morgan, F S 1st Lieut I 1 Penn Cav Balmoral
Morgan, G W Private B 118 New York Excelsior
Morgan, Geo G Sergeant * 1 Ohio Art Reedsburg
Morgan, James Private B 12 W Virginia Platteville
Morgan, John Private C 20 Indiana Cumberland
Morgan, Leige Private B 44 & 8 Ohio Art Cumberland
Morgan, Peter Private D Hatches Ind Bat Minn Turtle Lake
Morgan, Wm Private B 1 Minnesota Reedsburg
Morgan, Wm Private B 1 Minnesota Hudson
Morgan, Wm A Private B 1 Minnesota National Home
Morley, John G Private B 95 Illinois National Home
Morley, M M Private F 2 Ohio Quincy
Morley, R A * * * Ohio Baraboo
Moriarity, Moses Private * 57 Kentucky Armstrong
Morin, Dennis Private M 1 N Y Lt Art Oconto
Morris, Albert Private B 48 Ohio La Crosse
Morris, Elihu Private D 20 Indiana Barron
Morris, H C Captain C 23 Illinois La Crosse
Morris, Harvey J Private I 1 N Y Drag Tomahawk
Morris, Henry Private * 23 N Y Bat Chippewa Falls
Morris. Herman Private * 36 Illinois Clayton Iowa
Morris, Leander W Private H 151 Indiana Wheeler
Morris, Samuel A Private H 49 New York Durand
Morrison, Frank Private F 9 New York Eau Claire
Morrison, G W Private D 8 Vermont La Crosse
Morrison, Hiram Private C 8 Vermont La Crosse
Morrison, J M Com Sergt D 168 New York West Superior
Morrison, Jas Private C 4 Illinois National Home
Morrison, James H Private F 14 Penn Cav Bakerville
Morrison, Joel N Private M 15 New York National Home
Morrison, Perry Private K 85 Pennsylvania Bakerville
Morrison, Rich Private F 17 New York National Home
Morrison, Wm Private L 2 Illinois National Home
Morrow, Jas Private G 74 Illinois National Home
Morrow, James Corporal B 12 Ohio Cav Viola
Morrow, James F Private E * R I Battery Spring Green
Morse, Alfred Private H 58 New York Milwaukee
Morse, C B Sergeant G 141 New York Chippewa Falls
Morse, James W Private E 1 New Hampshire Barron
Morse, Jas W Private K 10 New York Antigo
Morse, Levi P Private H 199 Pennsylvania Pittsville
Morse, S C Private C 12 Indiana Cav Sparta
Morton, J Private C 17 Kansas Eagle River
Morton, J L Private K 52 Massachusetts Wauwatosa
Morton, Jas Private B 24 Michigan National Home
Morton, John Sergeant * 2 Ohio Battery Liberty Pole
Morton, Wm F Corporal F 17 Massachusetts Sheboygan
Moses, M S Corporal E 81 New York Fort Atkinson
Mosher, Charles Private C 4 Illinois Deerbrook
Mosher, Charles Private C 95 Illinois Kirby
Mosher, George A Private A 3 New York Ogdensburg
Mosher, J F Private B 161 New York Florence
Moshka, Ant Private A 40 Missouri National Home
Mosier, P Saddler * 17 Army Corps Centralia
Moss, A Private I 30 Vermont Eau Claire
Moss, Edgar Private K 16 New York Oshkosh
Mossman, Theo Private E 53 Illinois National Home
Most, J F Musician E 37 Illinois Alma Center
Mott, Adelb J Private H 27 Michigan National Home
Moul, F W Private * * * Waupun
Mower, E L Private I 15 Illinois La Crosse
Mowrey, A W Private H 145 Pennsylvania Ashland
Moy, Nic Private A 4 Mo Cav Sparta
Moyer, David Private A 2 Iowa Grand Rapids
Mudt, Peter * * * * Dodgeville
Mueller, Alb Private E 2 Illinois National Home
Mueller, Carl H Private F 1 Michigan Wausaw
Mueller, Carl H Captain I 31 Michigan  
Mueller, Fred Private H 98 Pennsylvania National Home
Mueller, Fred H. Private C 70 New York Milwaukee
Mueller, Henry A. Private F 41 Missouri National Home
Mueller, M. J. Private I 32 Indiana Sparta
Mueller, Phil Private I 105 Illinois National Home
Mueller, Wm. Private E 2 Missouri National Home
Muir, J. C. Private B 146 Indiana Arcadia
Mulhean, Michael Private H 28 Michigan Nowell
Mullcency, C. J. Private B 13 Indiana Pardeeville
Mullen, Chas. -- -- -- -- Tachedah
Mullen, Jas. Private G 15 Illinois National Home
Mullenhower, Chas. Private G 8 Indiana National Home
Mullens, Mich. Private C 2 New Hamp. National Home
Mulligan, James Private E 1 Minnesota Menomonie
Mulligan, Wm. H. Private A 117 New York Janesville
Mulvaney, Charles Private I 1 Pennsylvania Cataract
Mumbrue, W. A. Corporal I 9 Michigan Cedar Lake
Mumm, Wm. Private A 16 Michigan Brillion
Mundt, Alb. Private K 2 Missouri National Home
Muney, L. T. Private E 42 Illinois Platteville
Munger, A. W. Private B 184 Pennsylvania Eau Claire
Munger, C. E. Private F 9 Iowa Rice Lake
Munger, Riley D. Private G 8 Missouri National Home
Munger, T. F. -- -- 20 Ohio L. A. Waupaca
Munich, John Private K 27 Pennsylvania National Home
Munn, Frank H. Private F 72 Illinois National Home
Munson, Aaron Private I 8 Illinois National Home
Munson, Geo. S. Private L 8 Illinois Cav. Hudson
Murdic, John Private C 6 New York Royalton
Murdock, Henry Sergeant -- 12 Mass. L. Art. Shawano
Murdock, Robert E. Private F 14 New Hamp. Shawano
Murphy, G. J. Private G 6 N. York Art. La Crosse
Murphy, Jas. Private K 3 New York National Home
Murphy, John Private D 3 Iowa National Home
Murphy, John Private K 2 Rhode Island Neshkoro
Murphy John M. Private H 46 Illinois National Home
Murphy, Pat Private D 1 New York National Home
Murphy, Pat Sergeant H 15 Mas'chusetts Wauwatosa
Murphy, Patrick Private F 184 New York Hoard
Murphy, Patrick H. Private E 110 New York Deer Brook
Murphy, W. G. Private B 71 Illinois National Home
Murphy, W. H. Private -- 69 New York Superior
Murphy, William Private D 2 New York Oconto
Murr, Isodoro Private G 62 -- Marathon City
Murray, And. Private E 17 Indiana Bat. National Home
Murray, James Private D 45 Illinois Fairplay
Murray, John Private C 153 New York National Home
Murray, Wm. Private E 142 New York National Home
Murray, Wm. M. Private C 6 Missouri National Home
Murry, James Private G 13 Michigan Farm Hill
Musser, E. C. Private A 21 Iowa River Falls
Mutschler, Mat. Private B 42 New York Aztalan
Muzzy, Art Private E 192 New York Brillion
Myers, Charles Private G 1 Minn. H. A. Porcupine
Myers, Nelson Private D 86 New York Colby
Myers, O. L. Private K 136 Indiana Wis Vet Home
Myers, Rufus Private F 68 New York Mauston
Myers, Thomas Private K 15 Maine Necedah
Myers, W. H. Private -- -- Missouri Mondovi
Myrick, J. J. Private F 20 Illinois Menomonie



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