Enumeration of the Soldiers of the Late War
Who Served in Wisconsin Regiments and Batteries, Etc., and Reported by the
Government as Residing in Wisconsin on June 20, 1895.

transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Mary Triplett, Susan Geist







Haag, Crof. Private I 1 Infantry Scott
Haack, August Private E 1 Heavy Art. Oconomowoc
Haag, John Private B 26 Infantry Boyd
Haaiker, John Private C 2 Infantry Black Earth
Haas, Ankrew Private A 50 Infantry Medina
Haas, C. Private C 47 Infantry Elroy
Haas, Henry Private A 13 Infantry Milwaukee
Haas, S. Herman Private F 27 Infantry Hingham
Haas, John Sergeant K 35 Infantry Burlington
Haas, J. K. Private F 1 Heavy Art. Racine
Haas, Wm. Private A 16 Infantry Adell
Habaskon, Jos. Private I 7 Infantry Watertown
Habeck, John Corporal K 2 Infantry Kewaskum
Habercorn. Wm. Corporal A 35 Infantry Milwaukee
Habhegger, John Corporal D 23 Infantry Watertown
Haburn, Chris Private F 22 Infantry Racine
Hacke, Rudolph Private F 19 Infantry Fond du Lac
Hackett, Charles Private K 46 Infantry De Soto
Hackett, Frank Private F 3 Cavalry North Freedom
Hackett, James Private G 24 Infantry Watertown
Hadfield, Samuel Private H 18 Infantry Waukesha
Hadley, Ben Private D 5 Infantry Merrill
Hadley, Dan R. Private G 25 Infantry Mondovi
Hadley, H. S. Private I 30 Infantry Rice Lake
Hadley, L. Private K 49 Infantry Richmond
Hadley, Romeo E. Private G 11 Infantry Viroqua
Hadlock, A. W. Private E 30 Infantry Fennimore
Hadrath, Fred Private E 45 Infantry Manitowoe
Haehfeldt, Henry Private I 9 Infantry Cedarburg
Haenk, Chas. Private F 6 Infantry National Home
Haenni, Chris Private F 9 Infantry Monroe
Haertley, Andrew Private F 5 Infantry Marshfield
Haertle, Mathias Private E 26 Infantry Mayville
Haese, Fred Private F 26 Infantry Reedsville
Haesle, Henry Private K 2 Infantry New Glarus
Haeslen, John Private L 4 Cavalry Berthelet
Hafer, Adam Private K 24 Infantry Marshfield
Haffney, Michael Private C 33 Infantry South Rauge
Hafner, Joe Private D 14 Infantry La Crosse
Hagamon, Charles Corporal A 3 Infantry Mauston
Hagan, Thos. Private A 3 Infantry Erin
Hagar, Alfred Private K 33 Infantry Avoca
Hageman, Christian Sergeant E 26 Infantry New Holstein
Hageman, John Private C 45 Infantry Marxville
Hagen, Hug Private I 32 Infantry Hortonville
Hagen, James S. Corporal G 3 Infantry Babcock
Hagen, W. J. Private I 32 Infantry Eland
Hager, Chas. P. Private D 24 Infantry La Crosse
Hager, J. N. Private A 12 Infantry Maiden Rock
Hager, John Private A 17 Infantry Chaseburg
Hagermann, August Private C 6 Infantry Mauston
Hagerty, J. H. Private A 52 Infantry Sylvan
Haggerty, David Private I 17 Infantry Hurlbut
Haggerty, H. B. Private D 25 & 12 Infantry Pine Hill
Hagman, N. Private K 1 Heavy Art. Reesville
Haught, H. B. Private E 28 Infantry Burlington
Haines, Daniel J. Private M 1 Heavy Art. Columbus
Haire, William F. Private I 1 Heavy Art. Weyauwega
Haizler, Henry Private D 51 Infantry Boltonville
Hake, Simon Private G 47 Infantry Jefferson
Hakes, Joseph S. Private G 25 Infantry Rock Falls
Hakes, W. H. Corporal K 3 Infantry Edgerton
Hale, Alonzo Private I 25 Infantry Georgetown
Hale, Chas. H. Sergeant I 30 Infantry Augusta
Hale. E. A. Private F 21 Infantry Lamertine
Hale. George 1st Lieut. H 33 Infantry Kenosha
Hale, Isaac Private D 2 Cavalry Osceola Mills
Hale, Louis Private H 12 Infantry Abrams
Hale, Luke Private D 14 Infantry La Crosse
Hale, N. D. Sergeant A 25 Infantry Readstown
Hale, O. C. Private I 49 Infantry Tomah
Hales, B. L. Private K 29 Infantry Hancock
Haley, George Private A 47 Infantry Hortonville
Haley, Wm. Private A 31 Infantry Madison
Halgerson, Nels. Private G 16 Infantry Black Earth
Hall, Albert Private B 43 Infantry Ellenboro
Hall, Albert O. Private C 1 Infantry Appleton
Hall, A. G. Private I 4 Cavalry Prairie Farm
Hall, Benj. F. Private G 21 Infantry Pardeeville
Hall, Benson Corporal C 37 Infantry Alma Center
Hall, Charles Private H 39 Infantry Oconto
Hall, David S. Private F 30 Infantry River Falls
Hall, Elihu Corporal C 46 Infantry Oshkosh
Hall, Franklin J. Private B 6 Infantry River Falls
Hall, George Private G 28 Infantry Duplainville
Hall, George Private E 37 Infantry Watertown
Hall, Geo. S. Private D 6 Infantry Milwaukee
Hall, H. Private K 18 Infantry Spring Bluff
Hall, Harmon Private B 46 Infantry Marathon
Hall, H. K. Private G 13 Infantry Burlington
Hall, Hugh Private G 23 Infantry Portage
Hall, James Sergeant B 39 Infantry Whitewater
Hall, Jason W. Captain B 13 Infantry Racine
Hall, Jerome A. Private B 6 Infantry Beldenville
Hall, Jno. Private F 34 Infantry Cedar Creek
Hall, Joseph H. Private H 39 Infantry Oconto
Hall, Josiah D. Corporal K 22 Infantry Brodhead
Hall, B. C. Sergeant B 6 Infantry River Falls
Hall, O. A. Private G 18 Infantry Cataract
Hall, R. H. Private G 12 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Hall, Thomas L. Private D 1 Heavy Art. Auroraville
Hall, William B. Private C 35 Infantry Medford
Hall, William H. Private H 13 Infantry Eagle
Hall, William M. Private C 18 Infantry Genoa
Hall, W. G. Private D 8 Infantry Sparta
Hall, Wm. Private H 47 Infantry Mendota
Hall, Wm. R. Private M 2 Cavalry Brodhead
Hall, W. W. Private F 30 Infantry Big River
Halladay, Wm. S. Private A 3 Cavalry Combined Locks
Hallahan, D. Sergeant E 16 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Hallihan, J. Private A 21 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Halliwell, Henry J. Private G 5 Infantry Poysippi
Halliwell, Martin T. Musician B 47 Infantry Hayes
Halmka, Fred Private F 25 Infantry Tomah
Halstead, L. C. Surgeon   7 Battery Wauzeka
Halstead, David W Corporal A 2 Cavalry Sheboygan
Halstinson, Gilbert Private C 12 Infantry Black Earth
Halsy, Sabin Musician N C S 41 Infantry Janeville
Halverson, Andrew Private F 44 Infantry Mishicott
Halverson, Claus Private D 50 Infantry Milwaukee
Halverson, Eagel Private E 16 Infantry Deerfield
Halverson, Gunder Private B 5 Infantry Utica
Halverson, Ole Private B 51 Infantry Stevens Point
Halverson, Sever Private H 3 Infantry Rube
Halvorson, Soren Private K 3 Infantry River Falls
Halvorson, Chris Corporal D 15 Infantry Arkdale
Halvorson, ?. O. Corporal D 15 Infantry Stevens Point
Halvorson, Lars Private I 15 Infantry New Hope
Halvorson, Martin Private D 15 Infantry Strong's Prairie
Halvorson, Ole Private B 38 Infantry Elroy
Ham, Corneilus Corporal I 1 Heavy Art. Hancock
Ham, Frank Sr. Private D 9 Infantry Rudolph
Ham, Jerry Corporal H 8 Infantry Union
Ham, J. D. Private B 1 Infantry Shiocton
Haman, S. H. Private H 3 Infantry Monroe
Hamblin, H. Private H 14 Infantry Sugar Bush
Hambright, C. M. Private B 53 Infantry Racine
Hambright, W. D. Private K 29 Infantry Beaver Dam
Hamden, Marsh Private B 43 Infantry Beloit
Hame, A. T. Private K 21 Infantry Greenleaf
Hamel, Peter Private G 30 Infantry Hancock
Hamer, George 1st Sergt F 36 Infantry Princeton
Hamilton, Alex Private D 1 Heavy Art. Midland
Hamilton, Alfred D. Corporal D 36 Infantry Hancock
Hamilton, Benedict Private A 48 Infantry Omro
Hamilton, F. B. Private H 18 Infantry Hancock
Hamilton, G. F. Corporal C 37 Infantry Augusta
Hamilton, Henry Private D 1 Cavalry Seneca
Hamilton, Henry W. Corporal C 11 Infantry Evansville
Hamilton, J. Private B 44 Infantry Muscoda
Hamilton, James Private G 3 Cavalry Kaukauna
Hamilton, John Private K 1 Cavalry Avoca
Hamilton, J. S. Private G 4 Cavalry Cumberland
Hamilton, Peter Private E 6 Infantry Richland Center
Hamilton, Robert Private D 45 Infantry Flintville
Hamilton, R. H. 1st Lieut F 2 Cavalry Richland Center
Hamilton, Samuel Private G 48 Infantry Eau Claire
Hamilton, W. J. Sergeant F 14 Infantry Marinette
Hamilton, Wm. Private G 47 Infantry Boscobel
Hamilton, W. W. Private I 2 Cavalry Darlington
Hamlin, John B Private A 44 Infantry Hudson
Hamm, P. A. Private G 21 Infantry Crystal Lake
Hammen, John Private K 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Hammer, A. H. Private A 2 Cavalry Brothertown
Hammer, Chas. Private B 3 Infantry Racine
Hammer, John Private D 41 Infantry Menasha
Hammerling, Julius Colonel   17 Infantry Milwaukee
Hammerly, Frederick Private G 29 Infantry Black Earth
Hammerschmidt, E. C. C. Private E 27 Infantry Johnsonville
Hammon, J. Private A 14 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Hammond, Anthony Private A 22 Infantry Lake Geneva
Hammond, Daniel Private E 16 Infantry Monroe Center
Hammond, Daniel M. Private I 32 Infantry Black Creek
Hammond, David Private D 1 Infantry Westfield
Hammond, Enoch Private C 46 Infantry Omro
Hammond, Gilbert S. Corporal K 21 Infantry Boscobal
Hammond, Jno. Private F 21 Infantry Poygan
Hammond, J. R. Private E 16 Infantry Spring Creek
Hammond, J. W. Private E 16 Infantry Kilbourn
Hammond, Lyman P. Private E 42 Infantry Oshkosh
Hammond, M. F. Private E 16 Infantry Strong's Prairie
Hammond, R. A. Private   6 Battery Sextonville
Hammond, Solomon Private F 1 Heavy Art. Wyocena
Hammond, T. J. Private C & H 3 Cavalry Mauston
Hamon, Joel Private G 25 Infantry Mondovi
Hampton, Abner Private I 48 Infantry Beaver Dam
Hampton, Robert Private I 20 Infantry Diamond Bluff
Hampton, Robt. J. Private D 30 Infantry New Centerville
Hampton, Wm. G. Private H 32 Infantry Morley
Hampton, Wm. J. Private H 32 Infantry Morley
Hamshire, Frank Private G 34 Infantry Tisch Mills
Hanawalt, Wm. H. Private I 1 Heavy Art. Spring Water
Hanchett, F. P. Private D 40 Infantry Madison
Hanchett, John J. 1st Sergeant A 48 Infantry Sheboygan
Hanchett, Sidney D. Private H 1 Infantry Sheboygan
Hancker, William Private D 45 Infantry Manitowoc
Hancock, E. Sergeant E 13 Infantry Cataract
Hancock, F. H. Private H 11 Infantry Tomah
Hancock, G. Private I 12 Infantry Valley Junction
Hancock, John Private K 16 Infantry Appleton
Hand, Ed Private G 4 Cavalry Star Prairie
Hand, J. W. Corporal   9 Battery Lyons
Hand, Lacon J. Private C 22 Infantry Lake Geneva
Handryhan, James Corporal C 2 Infantry Sheboygan
Hanehany, Eric Private H 49 Infantry Deerfield
Haner, Geo. Private   10 Battery Cedar Creek
Hanes, H. F. Private B 16 Infantry Oconto
Hanes, J. S. Private D 20 Infantry Wildwood
  Private C 35    
Haney, Chas. Private F 11 Infantry Verona
Haney, John Private H 11 Infantry Prairie du Chien
Haney, Robt. Private K 3 Cavalry Platteville
Haney, Wm. Private D 2 Cavalry National Home
Hanford, John P. Private F 48 Infantry Sheboygan
Hangarten, Chas. Private G 39 Infantry Manitowoc
Hanke, Magnus Private L 4 Cavalry Ahnapee
Hankie, Christ Private H 1 Cavalry Wautoma
Hankins, Jeff M. Private I 1 Heavy Art. Richland Center
Hankins, John H. Private I 12 Infantry Ferryville
Hanks, David Private C & H 3 Cavalry Baraboo
Hankes, Wm. Private H 33 Infantry Winthrop Harbor
Hanley, Pat Private H 28 Infantry Neenah
Hanley, Thomas Private C 10 Infantry Wis Vet Home
  Private D 44 Infantry  
Hanly, Jere F. Private I 24 Infantry National Home
Hanmer, Frank E. Private B 1 Infantry Milwaukee
Hannon, F. Private G 17 Infantry De Pere
Hannon, J. J. Private D 53 Infantry De Pere
Hannon, Jos. Private G 18 Infantry Champion
Hannon, Joseph Private G 17 Infantry Darbellay
Hannon, Patrick Private G 25 Infantry Cadott
Hannon, Phil Private C 1 Infantry Kenosha
Hanrahan, John Corporal B 23 Infantry Darlington
Hanschild, Chas. Private C 24 Infantry National Home
Hancom, Samuel C. Private K 36 Infantry Mondovi
Hansen, August Lieutenant E 21 Infantry New Holstein
Hansen, Hans Private H 49 Infantry Lake Mills
Hansen, Jens P. Corporal F 1 Heavy Art. Racine
Hansen, Jens Private I 3 Infantry Appleton
  Private I 21    
Hansen, John Private F 5 Infantry Spooner
Hansen, J. W. Private D 29 Infantry Lake Mills
Hanses, J. M. Private E 1 & 21 Infantry Kenosha
Hansinger, John Private A 45 Infantry Knowles
Hanson, Amon Private E 17 Infantry Portland
Hanson, A. Private I 15 Infantry National Home
Hanson, Andrew Private G 31 Infantry Blanchardville
Hanson, Andrew Private I 15 Infantry Mt Morris
Hanson, Carl Private E 46 Infantry Alma Center
Hanson, Ewen Private E 18 Infantry Beaver Creek
Hanson, Halvor Private B 46 Infantry Nelsonville
Hanson, Hans Private H 27 Infantry Durand
Hanson, Hans, Jr. Private H 1 Heavy Art. Crete
Hanson, Hans C. Private A 15 Infantry Viroqua
Hanson, Henry Private   17 Infantry National Home
Hanson, Henry Private A 48 Infantry Northfield
Hanson, James Private G 21 Infantry Waupaca
Hanson, James P. Sergeant D 53 Infantry Oshkosh
Hanson, John Private G 16 Infantry Black Earth
Hanson, John Private G 22 Infantry Hollandale
Hanson, J. T. Sergeant C 47 Infantry Mauston
Hanson, Nelson Private E 11 Infantry Liberty Pole
Hanson, Ole Private H 3 Infantry Lawton
Hanson, Peter Private K 12 Infantry Peru
Hanson, Torger Private A 2 Infantry Menomonie
Hanvelt, John Private G 50 Infantry Waverly
Harden, Alfred Private D 39 Infantry Mukwonago
Harden, Amasa Lieutenant F 39 Infantry Racine
Harder, Frank Private H 12 Infantry Green Bay
Harding, A. G. Corporal K 49 Infantry Racine
Harding, Jno. C. Private F 39 Infantry Racine
Harding, Theodore Private K 38 Infantry Mt Sterling
Harding, Wm. Private L 1 Heavy Art. Chili
Hardtke, Leopold Private D 12 Infantry Medford
Hardy, Casper Corporal C 33 Infantry Cuba
Hare, A. B. Private I 13 Infantry Richmond
Hare, A. E. Private A 40 Infantry Monroe
Hare, D. C. Private I 8 Infantry Independence
Hare, Frank Corporal B 6 Infantry Galesville
Hare, Stephen Private K 2 Cavalry Darien
Harger, C. W. Private B 29 Infantry Wausau
Harget, Henry Private A 3 Infantry Nelson
Hargrave, W. O. Serg. Maj.   1 Cavalry Ripon
Hargraves, F. Private B 47 Infantry Honey Creek
Harker, Joseph Sergeant H 5 Infantry Rewey
Harkins, Bernard Sergeant C 17 Infantry Fond du Lac
Harkins, Patrick Private C 17 Infantry Marshfield
Harkins, Thomas Asst. Surgeon   44 Infantry Muscoda
Harle, Christ Private K 3 Infantry Waneka
Harling, Patrick Private E 1 Infantry Eden
Harlis, H. D. Private K 1 Heavy Art. Racine
Harloff, Fred Private K 45 Infantry Cross Plains
Harlos, Phil Private I 45 Infantry National Home
Harlow, E. G. 1st Lieut.   12 Battery Janesville
Harlson, Peter Private   17 Infantry Mount Vernon
Harmer, Peter S. Private F 4 Cavalry Disco
Harmon, Joseph Private E 23 Infantry Mt Horeb
Harmon, N. R. Corporal C 2 Infantry Merrill
Harmony, D. D. Private M 3 Cavalry Prairie Farm
Harmony, Noah S. Private C 12 Infantry Prairie Farm
Harden, Edward Private L 1 Heavy Art. Palmyra
Harnden, Henry Lt. Col.   1 Cavalry Madison
  Brev. Gen.        
Harnden, J. W. Private E 36 Infantry Cascade
Harp, William Corporal H 10 Infantry Kirby
Harr, A. J. Private C 49 Infantry East Delavan
Harre, Ernst Private E 45 Infantry Milwaukee
Harriman, H. S. Private F 1 Infantry Somerset
Harriman, Manly Private H 17 Infantry Pleasant Valley
Harrington, A. D. Private D 18 Infantry Cashton
Harrington, Alonzo Private E 48 Infantry Hersey
Harrington, C. O. Private E 5 Infantry Stoughton
Harrington, G. E. Sergeant G 33 Infantry Prairie du Chien
Harrington, Geo. Private K 38 Infantry Easton
Harrington, Geo. H. Private K 31 Infantry Prairie du Chien
Harrington, Jeremiah Private A 1 Cavalry Shiocton
Harrington, J. H. 1st Lieut. G 4 Cavalry Hudson
Harrington, Joseph Private E 7 Infantry Burlington
Harrington, Michael Private I 51 Infantry New Richmond
Harrington, Michael Corporal F 1 Cavalry New London
Harrington, Pat Private K 33 Infantry National Home
Harrington, Timothy Private B 34 Infantry Eau Claire
Harrington, William Private B 22 Infantry Cazenovia
Harrington, Wm. Private C 13 Infantry Milwaukee
Harris, A. B. Private H 17 Infantry Menomonie
Harris, A. C. Private B 36 Infantry Reedsburg
Harris, B. F. Private G 42 Infantry Palmyra
Harris, Chauncy Sergeant A 37 Infantry Albion
Harris, Chas. E. Private A 1 Heavy Art. Palmyra
Harris, Daniel Private E 16 Infantry Turtle Lake
Harris, D. C. Private A 33 Infantry Barron
Harris, Edward Private A 19 Infantry Chetak
Harris, E. J. Private K 46 Infantry Fairchild
Harris, Francis Private B 20 Infantry Richland Center
Harris, George Private I 2 Infantry Mineral Point
Harris, George Private G 21 Infantry Clintonville
Harris, Gilbert Private G 3 Infantry Mertell
Harris, Hazelton Private A 42 Infantry Waupaca
Harris, Hugh Private K 5 Infantry Knapp
Harris, William H. Lieutenant K 23 Infantry Spring Green
Harris, I. Private B 10 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Harris, James R. Private A 1 Heavy Art. Palmyra
Harris, J. C. Private G 21 Infantry Reams
Harris, J. E. Private H 12 Infantry Bud
Harris, J. P. Private B 30 Infantry Mineral Point
Harris, J. W. Private K 25 Infantry Kilbourn City
Harris, Joseph 2d Lieut K 36 Infantry Sturgeon Bay
Harris, Joseph Private B 50 Infantry Manning
Harris, Milo Private K 25 Infantry Oxford
Harris, Richard Private K 51 Infantry Roberts
Harris, Samuel Private B 42 Infantry McGrew
Harris, Sylvester Private B 4 Cavalry Ellsworth
Harris, W. L. Private G 21 Infantry Clintonville
Harrison, D. B. Private G 40 Infantry La Crosse
Harrison, Henry Private F 14 Infantry De Pere
Harrison, James Private K 18 Infantry Ironton
Harrison, John Private F 41 Infantry Eleva
Harrison, John Private E 7 Infantry Centralia
Harrison, O. N. Private C 22 Infantry Genoa Junction
Harrison, Richard Private F 14 Infantry De Pere
Harrison, W. H. Private I 3 Infantry Platteville
Harrison, Wm. H. Private K 8 Infantry Genoa Junction
Harroune, Edward Private   3 Battery Princeton
Harshaw, Chas. G. Private F 47 Infantry National Home
Harshaw, H. B. 2d Lieut E 2 Infantry Oshkosh
Harshaw, W. D. 1st Serg't E 5 Infantry Oshkosh
Harshbarger, John Corporal F 3 Infantry Lancaster
Harshman, J. O. Private A 30 Infantry Lost Creek
Hart, A. S. Private C 1 Cavalry Greenleaf
Hart, Corn. S. Private C 12 Infantry National Home
Hart, Conrad Private G 50 Infantry Diamond Bluff
Hart, Edward Sergeant G 49 Infantry Marshall
Hart, Edward Private K 32 Infantry Neenah
Hart, Edward G. Sergeant A 18 Infantry Gravesville
Hart, Henry Private K 1 Infantry Milwaukee
Hart, James Private K 11 Infantry Merrill
Hart, J. G. Corporal   7 Battery Waukesha
Hart, John Private E 1 Cavalry Wild Rose
Hart, John A. Private M 2 Cavalry Evansville
Hart, John H. Musician   2 Infantry National Home
Hart, Joseph Blacksmith   9 Infantry Knapp
Hart, Levi Private   43 Infantry Boaz
Hart, Lewis Private I 6 Infantry Ontario
Hart, Perry A. Sergeant A 18 Infantry Amherst
Hart, Robert Corporal A 3 Infantry Waupun
Hart, Seth Private I 42 Infantry Mindoro
Hart, Sid Corporal F 2 Infantry Whitewater
  Sergeant E 1    
Hart, Theodore F. Sergeant C 18 Infantry Wyalusing
  Private C 25    
Hart, Thomas Private K 11 Infantry Wild Rose
Hart, W. Private E 42 Infantry Burr
Harte, Jacob Corporal B 6 Infantry Wales
Harteau, David M. Private C 47 Infantry Green Bay
Harter, D. M. Private C 29 Infantry Hartford
Hartford, John F. Private I 7 Infantry Wautoma
Hartford, M. P. Private B 1 Cavalry Spencer
Harth, Con Private F 24 Infantry Mayfield
Hartley, Thos. Private A 25 Infantry Mondovi
Hartman, Chas. Private G 16 Infantry Wauwatosa
Hartman, Conrad Private K 26 Infantry Mondovi
Hartman, Geo. W. Private I 3 Cavalry Dale
Hartman, H. Private D 1 Infantry Clintonville
Hartman, Jos. Private D 16 Infantry Menomonie
Hartman, Leonard Private D 3 Infantry Whitewater
Hartman, M. W. Private G 2 Infantry National Home
Hartman, Phil Private H 26 Infantry Rhine
Hartson, Orrin Private C 36 Infantry Neillsville
Hartung, Chas. Captain C 24 Infantry Green Bay
Hartung, Geo. H. Private I 45 Infantry National Home
Hartung, Louis Private B 9 Infantry Two River
Hartwell, Jos. Private D 7 Infantry National Home
Hartwick, Wilhelm Private E 38 Infantry Montello
Hartwig, Charles Private C 9 Infantry Oshkosh
Hartwig, Chas. Private C 14 Infantry Cecil
Hartwig, Wm. Private D 37 Infantry Random Lake
Hartzworm, Paul Private E 46 Infantry Binghampton
Harvard, Thos. Private E 2 Infantry National Home
Harvey, Alex Private G 25 Infantry Mondovi
Harvey, Bernard Private H 17 Infantry Lyndon\Sta
Harvey, E. N. Private -- 3 Battery Lake Mills
Harvey, Enoch Private C 2 Cavalry Sechlerville
Harvey, Frank Private B 2 Cavalry New Lisbon
Harvey, J. P. Corporal C 21 Infantry Colby
Harvey, John Private K 1 Cavalry Sheridan
Harvey, John S. Private I 43 Infantry Chase
Harvey, Jos. Private K 36 Infantry Mondovi
Harvey, Jos. Private K 3 Infantry Sherwood
Harvey, Robt. Private H 18 Infantry Wautoma
Harvey. Wm. Hosp. Steward -- 41 Infantry LaValle
Harville, John Private F 7 Infantry Bagley
Harwood, H. M. Private G 47 Infantry Richland Center
Harwood, Private C 5 Infantry Plainfield
Hasbrouck, G. M. Private E 2 Infantry Oshkosh
Hasenstein, Carl Private H 14 Infantry Sheboygan
Haskell, C. C. Corporal D 50 Infantry Ontario
Haskins, LeRoy Private K 38 Infantry Soldiers Grove
Haskins, C. A. Corporal D 38 Infantry Delton
Haskins, C. W. Private E 3 Infantry Oxford
Haskins, D. S. Private K 38 Infantry Coloma
Haskins, Ed. Private I 19 Infantry Augusta
Haskins, Frank Private C 42 Infantry Centralia
Haskins, Henry Private G 19 Infantry Wis V Junct
Haskins, I. S. Private G 1 Cavalry Glenmore
Haskins, Lafayette Private A 7 Infantry Cadott
Haskins, M. H. Private B 10 Infantry Lakeside
Haskins, R. F. Private K 31 Infantry Haney
Haskins, Thacther Private D 50 Infantry Stevens Point
Hass, Englebert Private A 17 Infantry Rhinelander
Hassel, Andrew Private D 12 Infantry Ellisville
Hassenfoss, Chas. Private C 23 Infantry Wausau
Hasshold, Louis Private K 28 Infantry East Troy
Hassler, Henry Private H 16 Infantry Stevens Point
Hassmer, Peter Private D 1 Infantry Jackson
Hastings, James Private I 1 Infantry Waldo
Hastings, John Corporal I 7 Infantry Symco
Hastings, Orlando Private F 25 Infantry Tunnel City
Hastings, Willis Private H 3 Infantry Genoa
Hastrawser, J Private I 4 Cavalry Trout
Hastreiter, Robert* Drummer I 20 Infantry Madison
Hatch, Chas. Private K 10 Infantry Stockbridge
Hatch, Delos Private K 10 Infantry Oakfield
Hatch, Geo. H. Sergeant F 21 Infantry Omro
Hatch, Harlon P. Corporal C 44 Infantry Tomahawk
Hatch, Julius M Private A 48 Infantry Leeman
Hatch, Lester M. Musician I 37 Infantry Loyd
Hatch, Wm. B. Private G 4 Cavalry Hudson
Hatcher, Geo. Private -- 13 Battery Fox Lake
Hathaway, A. C. Private F 30 Infantry Eau Claire
Hathaway, Charles E. Private D 16 Infantry Shell Lake
Hathaway, Warren A. Sergeant G 11 Infantry Spring Green
Hatsket, A. C. Private A 38 Infantry Clam Falls
Hattery, John Private C 3 Infantry Ludington
Hatsnug, John Private B 52 Infantry St Lawrence
Haucker, William Private D 45 Infantry Manitowoe
Haufner, John Private G 2 Infantry National Home
Haug, Christopher Private G 27 Infantry New Cassel
Haughton, Joshua J. Private I 32 Infantry Chippewa Falls
Haughton, L. E. Private I 36 Infantry Juneau
Hauk, Wm. Private C 19 Infantry Cassville
Haunchild, Henry Private G 25 Infantry Mondovi
Haup, Simon Private G 44 Infantry Port Washington
Hauser, Frank Private D 12 Infantry Jefferson
Hauser, Wm. Corporal C 24 Infantry Madison
Hausleck, Martin Private -- 8 Battery Wonewoe
Hauzlick, W. J. Musician H 6 Infantry Ironton
Haven, John W. Private G 3 Cavalry Omro
Havens, H. B. Private K 12 Infantry Boscobel
Haw, John Private E 40 Infantry Greenwood
Hawes, E. L. Private G 49 Infantry Kilbourn City
Hawes, Joseph K. 1st. Lieut. D 47 Infantry Baraboo
Hawk, Geo. 1st. Lieut. Un, 3 Infantry Platteville
Hawk, W. Corporal I & F 10 & 21 Infantry Platteville
Hawkins, Albert Private D 24 Infantry Madison
Hawkins, Geo. E. Private B 53 Infantry Onalaska
Hawkins, Hiram H. Private B 12 Infantry Ironton
Hawkins, J. M. Private B 2 Infantry Towne
Hawkins, M. D. Private D 11 Infantry Richland Center
Hawkins, Peter Corporal I 51 Infantry Roberts
Hawkins, S. N. Private I 51 Infantry New Richmond
Hawkins, T. B. Private F 35 Infantry Ironton
Hawkins, T. C. Sergeant C 4 Cavalry Sheboygan Falls
Hawks, Milo Private A 7 Infantry Curtis
Hawley, A. G. Private E 31 Infantry Argyle
Hawley, C. A. Private A 30 Infantry River Falls
Hawley, David S. Private F 14 Infantry Oshkosh
Hawley, F. M. Private H 30 Infantry Poysippi
Hawley, Frank W. Private -- 7 Battery Milwaukee
Hawley, Jeremiah Private F 13 Infantry Shopiere
Hawley, O. D. Private G 1 U. S. S. S. Mauston
Hawley, Samuel Private A 49 Infantry Mazomanie
Hawley, Wm. Private K 1 Cavalry Stockbridge
Hawley, Wm. Private A 49 Infantry Mazomanie
Hawxhurst, Sidney Sergeant -- 6 Battery Milwaukee
Hay, Geo. A. Corporal A 6 Infantry Baraboo
Hay, John Private H 22 Infantry Yorkville
Hay, J. S. Private K 21 Infantry Sturgeon Bay
Hay, Jonathan Private B 50 Infantry Viroqua
Hay, Orrin Private C 23 Infantry Humbird
Hayden, Benjamin Private F 7 Infantry Beetown
Hayden, Geo. W. Corporal H 12 Infantry Flintville
Hayden, James Private H 47 Infantry Martell
Hayden, James M. Private C 25 Infantry Beetown
Hayden, T. C. Private G 40 Infantry Sun Prairie
Hayden, Sylvester Private I 1 Infantry Butternut
Haydon, Franklin Private F 11 Infantry Appleton
Hayer, John Corporal D 15 Infantry Arkdale
Hayes, A. A. Private -- 3 Battery Boyceville
Hayes, A. W. Lieutenant B 28 Infantry Boyceville
Hayes, Dennis Private A 43 Infantry National Home
Hayes, H. Lt. Cl. & Q. M. -- -- -- West Superior
Hayes, Hiram 1st. Lieut. D 28 Infantry Whitewater
Hays, J. M. Sergeant I 1 Heavy Art. Pardeeville
Hayes, Robt. L. Private -- 13 Battery Milwaukee
Hayes, Thomas Sergeant K 40 Infantry Mazomanie
Hayes, Watson T Private -- 6 Battery Spring Green
Hayford, S. W. Private E 42 Infantry Wrighstown
Haylett, Fred Private D 1 Heavy Art. Neenah
Hayman, William Sergeant H 2 Cavalry La Crosse
Hayne, Jacob Private F 49 Infantry Lancaster
Haynes, A. D. Private G 49 Infantry Fort Atkinson
Haynes, Jas. Private G 6 Infantry National Home
Haynes, M. H. Private D 7 Infantry Brooklyn
Haynes, L. M. Private G 30 Infantry Downing
Haynes, S. J. Private -- 9 Battery Raymond
Hays, Wm. Corporal D 35 Infantry Iron Mountain
Hayter, Henry 1st. Sergeant B 3 Infantry Shawano
Hayter, W. P. Private F 37 Infantry Viroqua
Hayward, George W. Corporal C 3 Cavalry Angelo
Hayward, J. K. Private C 21 Infantry Spencer
Hayward, Preston K. Sergeant A 8 Infantry Royalton
Hayward, Wm. Private H 25 Infantry Boscobel
Hazard, John Private -- 6 Battery Grand Rapids
Hazeltine, W. B. Private A 22 Infantry Baraboo
Hazen, Amos Corporal C 43 Infantry Mount Hope
Hazen, D. Private K 5 Infantry Eau Claire
Hazen, G. K. Private H 36 Infantry Viroqua
Hazen, James, G. Private G 16 Infantry Badger Mills
Hazen, John 2d Lieut. D 16 Infantry Baraboo
Hazen, L. E. Musician G 16 Infantry Fond du Lac
Head, D. W. Private C 36 Infantry Superior
Head, Orlando Private D 18 Infantry Neillsville
Headstream, Chas. Private E 12 Infantry Mauston
Headt, Mathias Private F 18 Infantry Omro
Heagon, Martin W. Private B 13 Infantry Hanersville
Heal, W. S. Private H 8 Infantry Dayton
Healey, Sidney Private G 2 Infantry National Home
Healey, Simon Private F 29 Infantry Knapp
Healey, C. Private A 2 Cavalry Unity
Healey, Ezra Private A 30 Infantry River Falls
Heaphy, Pat Private G 43 Infantry Kenosha
Hearl, Henry A. Private G 4 Cavalry Albion
Heath, E. L. Private I 2 Cavalry Augusta
Heath, James H. Private E 40 Infantry New London
Heath, Joel Musician E 13 Infantry Brodhead
Heath, John F. Private F 5 Infantry Kendall
Heathcock, Jos. J. Sergeant H 7 Infantry Linden
Heaveren, Geo. W. Corporal I 42 Infantry Appolonia
Hebard, L. J. Private K 4 Cavalry Parfreyville
Heberle, Aug. Private C 45 Infantry Milwaukee
Hebl, Frank Private A 29 Infantry Marshall
Hecht, Aug. Private C 17 Infantry Milwaukee
Heck, Henry Private F 19 Infantry Kansasville
Heckendorn, Benj. E. Private B 11 Infantry Richland Center
Heckendorn, D. Private D 11 Infantry Yuba
Hecker, John Private E 1 Heavy Art. Sun Prairie
Hecker, John Private K 1 Heavy Art. Dorchester
Heckert, Chas. Private B 1 Infantry Mayville
Heder, Nic. Private B 45 Infantry Wauwatosa
Hedges, John Private K 1 Heavy Art. Shawano
Hedrich, George Private G 1 Heavy Art. Harrisville
Hedstrom, G. F. Private A 1 Infantry Stockholm
Heffernon, John R. Sergeant C 52 Infantry Spring Lake
Heffner, Jacob Private D 36 Infantry Muscoda
Heffron, Christ Private A 38 Infantry Whitewater
Heffron, James Private E 30 Infantry Mifflin
Heffron, Jas. Sr. Private B 7 Infantry Omro
Heffron, Pat Private C 14 Infantry Omro
Hefty, Adam Private A 46 Infantry Monroe
Hefty, Fabian Private I 46 Infantry New Glarus
Heg, John T. Private A 12 Infantry New Centerville
Hegenow, Christ Private E 14 Infantry Kings Bridge
Helgen, Mathias Private F 28 Infantry Hartland
Heibner, Fred Private C 1 Infantry National Home
Heide, Henry Private H 13 Infantry Sheboygan Falls
Heiden, Hartwig Private K 50 Infantry Sheboygan
Heiden, Henry Private H 28 Infantry National Home
Heidenworth, David Corporal F 12 Infantry Peshtigo
Heil, Constantine Private K 17 Infantry Stevens Point
Heilbach, Theodore Private C 9 Infantry Menasha
Heilig, Fred Private I 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Heim, John Private K 18 Infantry Plum City
Heiman, John W. Private K 7 Infantry Eau Claire
Heimebough, A. L. Sergeant G 25 Infantry West Superior
Heimerman, Chas. Private B 1 Infantry El Paso
Hein, Aug. Private B 27 Infantry Plymouth
Hein, Jos. Private E 51 Infantry St Nazianz
Hein, Nicholus Private F 44 Infantry Wrightstown
Hein, Peter Private C 35 Infantry Milwaukee
Heindrickson, Peter Private B 40 Infantry Albion
Heinel, Andrew Private -- 17 Infantry Beecher
Heingarten, Chas. Private G 39 Infantry Manitowoe
Heineman, Joseph Private K 2 Cavalry Wausau
Heinen, Grades Private F 27 Infantry Oostburg
Heinrich, Emil Sergeant I 4 Cavalry Milwaukee
Heintzen, Anton Private D 48 Infantry Sheboygan
Heinz, Peter Private B 45 Infantry Hika
Heipp, Franz Private G 9 Infantry National Home
Heipp, Philip Sergeant D 45 Infantry West Bend
Heirmann, Charles Private E 24 Infantry Antigo
Heitmann, Ed. Sergeant C 5 Infantry Milwaukee
Heitmann, John Private E 9 Infantry Milwaukee
Heitpas, Albert Private E 18 Infantry Little Chute
Heitz, Frank Private K 3 Cavalry Navan
Heitz, Paul Private K 2 Infantry National Home
Helbing, John Corporal E 9 Infantry Dickeyville
Helbing, John Private C 10 Infantry Black River Falls
Helching, Henry Private F 17 Infantry Racine
Held, Chas. Private F 18 Infantry Richfield
Helfricht, Wm. Private E 4 Cavalry National Home
Helgeson, Carl Private -- 1 Battery Holman
Helgeson, Halvor Private I 12 Infantry Blair
Helgeson, Henry Private E 13 Infantry River Falls
Heligass, D. L. Private C 45 Infantry Lynxville
Helland, Erick M. Private G 46 Infantry Perry
Hellbach, Theo. Private C 9 Infantry National Home
Heller, Jake Drummer K 28 Infantry Janesville
Heller, John Private C 1 Cavalry Stockbridge
Hellman, Fred Private K 17 Infantry Kaukauna
Helm, Louis Private E 23 Infantry Madison
Helm, Wm. Private E 1 Infantry Madison
Helmenstem, William Private A 49 Infantry Blue Mounds
Helmer, Alva F. Private B 32 Infantry Trimbelle
Helmer, Louis Private B 27 Infantry Plymouth
Helmer, M. E. Private H 32 Infantry Campbellsport
Helmer, S. H. Corporal E 10 Infantry Hartford
Helmholz, Wm. Corporal I 43 Infantry Salona
Helmke, Joseph Private F 44 Infantry Gillett
Helwig, Chas. Sergeant H 28 Infantry Alma Center
Hemming, Henry Private M 2 Cavalry Janesville
Hemingway, Edward C. Private E 4 Cavalry Oconomowoe
Hempel, G. C. Private A 12 Infantry Hempel
Hempke, Henry Private D 27 Infantry Two Rivers
Hemple, Wm. F. Private F 22 Infantry Racine
Henchel, Bern Private I 51 Infantry Sheboygan
Henderleter, Sam'l, Sr. Private H 17 Infantry Highland
Hendee, S. F. Private -- 4 Battery Orfordville
Hendershot, James Private A 50 Infantry Platteville
Henderson, A. T. Private B 33 Infantry Annaton
Henderson, B. C. Private G 40 Infantry Victory
Henderson, Chas. R. Private K 39 Infantry Mayville
Henderson, Jas. A. Private K 1 Cavalry Ripon
Henderson, John Corporal M 1 Cavalry Racine
Henderson, William A. Private F 38 Infantry Whitewater
Hendricks, Henry H. Private K 11 Infantry Florence
Hendricks, Lucian Private E 42 Infantry Wrightstown
Hendrickson, Gr'enb'r'y Private K 35 Infantry Ironton
Hendrickson, Hans Private D 14 Infantry Onalaska
Hendrickson, Ole Private F 25 Infantry West Salem
Hengen, Charles Jr. Private B 28 Infantry Delafield
Henke, Franz Private A 7 Infantry Mackville
Henkel, Andrew Private A 9 Infantry National Home
Henkel, Gothlieh Private F 26 Infantry National Home
Henkel, John Private A 9 Infantry Colby
Henkle, P. Private C 25 Infantry Lancaster
Hennan, Fred Private E 1 Cavalry Le Roy
Henniug, Traugott Private F 6 Infantry Fillmore
Henninger, Jacob Private E 2 Infantry Mazomanie
Henrich, Fredrich Private H 32 Infantry Woodhull
Henrich, Jacob Private -- 12 Battery Kasson
Henry, David Private I 38 Infantry Richland City
Henry, J. A. Private M 4 Cavalry Easton
Henry, John Private G 46 Infantry Shullsburg
Henry, Lewis Private I 38 Infantry Richland Center
Henry, S. F. Private I 21 Infantry Neenah
Henry, Thomas Private K 48 Infantry Anchorage
Henry, Valentine Private F 9 Infantry Merrill
Henry, Welcome Private L 1 Heavy Art. Waukesha
Henry, William 2d Lieut. D 27 Infantry Two Rivers
Henry, Wm. Private K 48 Infantry Lake Geneva
Henry, Wm. J. Private I 13 Infantry Poynette
Hensel, A.W. Private F 25 Infantry Arcadia
Hensel, Julius Private F 25 Infantry Arcadia
Hensel, Wm. Private F 18 Infantry Henrysville
Hensel, Chas D. Private E 4 Calvary Jefferson
Henthorn, Adam Private I 22 Infantry Sylvan
Henthorn, Geo. W. Private E 5 Infantry Pardeeville
Hentz, Mich Private G 1 Infantry Kenosha
Hephner, Marshall Private D 1 Calvary Chilton
Hepp, Phillip Private E 48 Infantry Wankesha
Heppack, Franz Private K 35 Infantry National Home
Heppes, Peter Private L 4 Calvary Milwaukee
Herb, John E. Private C 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Herb, Wm. Private C 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Herbert, August Private I 37 Infantry Sheyboygan
Herbert, Henry Private F 17 Infantry Milwaukee
Herbert, Jacob Private G 21 Infantry Ogdensburg
Herbst, Frederick Private A 47 Infantry Dale
Hercher, Frederick Private A 21 Infantry Menasha
Herdenworth, Christ Private F 12 Infantry Peshtigo
Herick, J.I. Chaplin / 29 Infantry Mauston
Herkimer, Horace Private M 2 Calvary Janesville
Herling, Theo Corporal K 1 Infantry Fon du Lac
Herman, Jno. K. Private K 11 Infantry St Lawrence
Herman, John Private E 27 Infantry Erdman
Herman, Thos. Sergeant H 17 Infantry Merrimack
Hermann, Chr Private F 6 Infantry Jackson
Hermann, Mich Private C 24 Infantry West Bend
Hermansen, H.E. Private A 42 Infantry Ogdensburg
Hermanson, J. Private A 42 Infantry Iola
Herning, William B. Private I 1 Heavy Art. Rose Lawn
Herning, Wilson P Private I 1 Heavy Art. Pulcifer
Herold, John Corporal A 31 Infantry Prairie du Chie
Herold, Michael Private / 10 Battery Osceola Mills
Herren, E.R. Major / 4 Calvary Fond du Lac
Herrick, Geo. L. Private / 1 Battery W Superior
Herrick, George Private D 21 Infantry Appleton
Herrick, I.C. Corporal D 36 Infantry Plainfield
Herrick, L.C. Musician D 18 Infantry Sparta
Herrick, M. 1st Lieut. K 48 Infantry Hudson
Herrick, S.S. Sergeant B 22 Infantry Beloit
Herriman, Nicholas Corporal A 50 Infantry Appleton
Herring, A.J. Sergeant I 18 Infantry Tomah
Herring, Carl Private K 3 Infantry Chippewa Falls
Herring, John Private F 18 Infantry Durham
Herring, Joseph Private I 24 Infantry Spring Green
Herrman, Chas. Sergeant E 26 Infantry Brandon
Herron, Andrew Private / 6 Battery Prairie du Sac
Herteg, John Private H 6 Infantry Oshkosh
Hertwig, W.H Private F 50 Infantry Green Bay
Hesford, A Private H 17 Infantry Nora
Hess, Adam Private G 1 Heavy Art. Spring Green
Hess, David Private B 3 Infantry National Home
Hess, Henry Private D 49 Infantry Dale
Hess, James Corporal H 18 Infantry Eureka
Hess, L.H. Private D 26 Infantry Olivet
Hess, N.M. Private E 1 Heavy Art. New Lisbon
Hesse, Fred Private G 51 Infantry National Home
Hessler, Christian Private K 50 Infantry Sheyboygan
Hessler, T.E. Private B 36 Infantry Balmoral
Heth, Chas Sergeant B 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Herrick, G.F. Private D 37 Infantry Junction City
Hettman, Jacob R Private G 19 Infantry Woodman
Hetzburg, Otto Private C 4 Calvary Sheyboygan Falls
Hetzel, John Private B 46 Infantry Almond
Heup, Fred Private D 41 Infantry Frostville
Heutchen, Herman Sergeant B 4 Calvary Manitowoc
Hever, Heinrich Private K 51 Infantry Zittau
Hewett, Isaac Private I 8 Infantry Chetek
Hewett, J.C. Corporal / 1 Battery Frenchville
Hewett, J.C. Private I 8 Infantry Sparta
    B 2 Calvary  
Hewett, William E Private I 8 Infantry Sparta
Heyer, Christ Private / 2 Battery Sheboygan
Heyer, Christian Lieutenant C 15 Infantry Fox Lake
Heyer, William Private E 47 Infantry Oshkosh
Hewey, C.H. Private H 21 Infantry Eau Claire
Hewitt, H.G. Blacksmith C 2 Calvary Richland Center
Hewitt, H.R. Captain E 13 Infantry Albany
Hewitt, Merrill Private B 37 Infantry Rural
Hewitt, S. Private H 18 Infantry Delton
Hewitt, Wm Corporal H 25 Infantry Potosi
Heydon, Ephriam Captain I 36 Infantry La Crosse
Heyer, Fred Private E 14 Infantry Ahnapee
Heyerdahl, Chr.G.N. Corporal I 38 Infantry Martell
Hibbard, Andrew Private F 14 Infantry De Pere
Hibbard, Chas Private G 18 Infantry De Pere
Hibbard, Stephen Private H 48 Infantry Brillion
Hibek, Frank Private A 16 Infantry Kewaunee
Hicken, David Private D 6 Infantry Pewaukee
Hickens, Geo Private G 14 Infantry Fond du Lac
Hicketheir, Charles Private K 51 Infantry Bloomer
Hickey, John Private D 1 Heavy Art. Richwood
Hickman, Chas. Corporal D 24 Infantry National Home
Hickock, A. Private K 30 Infantry Tomah
Hickock, Legrand Private C 18 Infantry De Soto
Hickock, Griffin Private F 7 Infantry Bloomington
Hickock, Miner Private H 45 Infantry Bloomington
Hickox, Clark Private K 6 Infantry Dodgeville
Hicks, Edwin R Sergeant B 1 Calvary East Troy
Hicks, Geo. W Private 1 51 Infantry Rice Lake
Hicks, John Private B 11 Infantry Fall River
Hicks, John B Private H 6 Infantry Mazomanie
Hicks, Wm. R. Private E 21 Infantry Stockbridge
Hiddie, Frank Private A 42 Infantry Hortonville
Hide, Oscar F Private D 3 Infantry New Lisbon
Hidemeister, Ernst Private F 1 Infantry Sheboygan Falls
Hiebing, John Private I 45 Infantry National Home
Hieronymors, Fred Private A 9 Infantry Sheboygan
Higbee, J. M. Sergeant K 25 Infantry Plainville
Higbey, James Private G 47 Infantry Rome
Higgins, Allen Serg, Maj. / 33 Infantry Sturgeon Bay
Higgins, E.R. Private C 29 Infantry Carlisle
Higgins, Isaac Private C 20 Infantry National Home
Higgins, Jas. Private K 4 Calvary Chilton
Higgins, John Private B 30 Infantry Mineral Point
Higgins, John Private F 42 Infantry Janesville
Higgins, Samuel Corporal B 21 Infantry Weyauwega
Higgins, Thomas Musician / 7 Battery Beaver Dam
High, George Private A 39 Infantry Erickson
Higiet, Theodore Private H 34 Infantry Lincoln
Hildahl, Maguens Corporal D 47 Infantry Okauliee
Hildebrandt, Anton Private D 9 Infantry Prairie du Sac
Hildebrandt, Aug Private D 9 Infantry Merrimack
Hildebrandt, James Private A 46 Infantry Browntown
Hildeman, Henry Private G 20 Infantry Watertown
Hildemann, John Private E 20 Infantry Juneau
Hilderman, Frank Private E 20 Infantry Manawa
Hiiditsch, Wm Private / 7 Battery Horicon
Hildreth, Arnold Private / 3 Battery Lake Mills
Hildreth, Charles L Private E 32 Infantry La Crosse
Hildreth, Milton M Private E 12 Infantry La Crosse
Hileman, Adam Private I 26 Infantry Sawyer
Hilfert, C.H Corporal D 21 Infantry Appleton
Hilgendorf, Chas F Sergeant D 51 Infantry Milwaukee
Hilger, Henry Corporal L 3 Calvary Phlox
Hilger, Paul Private K 17 Infantry National Home
Hilger, Peter Private / 17 Infantry Phlox
Hilkey, Fred Private D 24 Infantry Richwood
Hill, Andrew Private C 14 Infantry Bruce
Hill, C Private B 21 Infantry Waupaca
Hill, D.K. Private F 37 Infantry Menomie
Hill, David Private B 28 Infantry Mukwango
Hill, E.K. Private K 14 Infantry Baraboo
  Corporal / 6 Battery  
Hill, Edgar P Lieut. Col. / 23 Infantry National Home
Hill, H.P. Private B 30 Infantry Afton
Hill, Herman Private I 8 Infantry Black River Falls
Hill, J Sergeant H 20 Infantry Ripon
Hill, J.B. Sergeant H 6 Infantry West Superior
Hill, J.M. Private H 50 Infantry Retreat
Hill, James A. Private A 36 Infantry Loyd
Hill, John Private I 22 Infantry Beloit
Hill, S.J. Private B 16 Infantry Pleasant Prairie
Hill, L.P. Private F 33 Infantry Clinton
Hill, Martin Private F 30 Infantry Clam Falls
Hill, Norman Private K 16 Infantry Monroe
Hill, Oscar Private I 49 Infantry Pardeeville
Hill, Richard Private F 17 Infantry National Home
Hill, Robert Captain C 1 Infantry Milwaukee
Hill, S.K. Private I 31 Infantry Moundville
Hill, Silas Private C & H 33 Infantry Darlington
Hill, Stephen Corporal I 1 Heavy Art. Moundville
Hill, S. Private D 18 Infantry Honey Creek
Hill, Thomas Private D 30 Infantry River Falls
Hill, Thomas B Private A 1 Calvary LaPointe
Hill, Thomas J Wagon Mast. C 8 Infantry Eau Claire
Hill, V.G. Private C 52 Infantry Dakota
Hill, W.A. Private H 2 Infantry Tillinghast
Hill, William 1st Lieut. D 11 Infantry Richland Center
Hill, Wm. Corporal A 52 Infantry Wonewoc
Hill, Wm. E. Musician G 25 Infantry Durand
Hill, Wm. H. Private D 37 Infantry National Home
Hiller, E. Private I 6 Infantry Barton
Hilliard, A. Private G 25 Infantry Mondovi
Hillier, Frederick Private I 22 Infantry Neillsville
Hillier, Wm. H Private K 37 Infantry Poynette
Hillit, Jos Private C 11 Infantry Springfield Cor
Hillman, W. Private K 2 Calvary Bloomer
Hillman, E. Private K 17 Infantry Kirchhyan
Hillon, Peter Private A 22 Infantry Racine
Hills, Thos S. Private K 6 Infantry Waupaca
Hills, William Private D 43 Infantry Oshkosh
Hilt, B.R. Private E 22 Infantry Janesville
Hilton, Henry Private E 44 Infantry Galesville
Hilton, J.T. Private I 46 Infantry Madison
Hilton, Wm. Private K 21 Infantry Ahnapee
Hilts, W.H. Musician H 48 Infantry Hixton
Himmelsbach, Barney Private K 5 Infantry Chippewa Falls
Hinchleffe, Joe E Private A 46 Infantry Milwaukee
Hinchliffe, Thomas Private E 17 Infantry Monroe
Hinckley, C.G. Private / 8 Battery Monroe Center
Hincomon, M.C. Private B 49 Infantry Wauzeka
Hind, John Private I 13 Infantry National Home
Hindes, Elijah B Corporal A 7 Infantry Lodi
Hindermaster, Jacob Private H 48 Infantry Chilton
Hinds, S.H Private F 1 Heavy Art. Pickett
Hinds, Lemuel P Private C 42 Infantry Lodi
Hine, W.S. Private I 4 Calvary Osseo
Hiner, J. L, Private I 18 Infantry Kendall
Hines, Francis Private G 33 Infantry Wheatville
Hines, Fred Private G 23 Infantry Lake Mills
Hines, G.W. Corporal E 24 Infantry Fond du Lac
Hines, Wm. Private H 17 Infantry Knapp
Hinkforth, John Sergeant H 45 Infantry Milwaukee
Hinkley, Albert Private E 46 Infantry Eagle
Hinkley, Ed Private B 37 Infantry Fremont
Hinkley, Edward P Private G 28 Infantry Eagle
Hinkley, L.D. 1st Lieut. K 10 Infantry Waupun
Hinkley, Leonard Private A 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Hinks, Peter Private A 45 Infantry Le Roy
Hinman, Chas E Private G 36 Infantry Fond du Lac
Hinman, P.G. Private H 14 Infantry Downing
Hinske, E.R. Private C 18 Infantry Watertown
Hinsman, John Corporal B 2 Infantry Lamberton
Hinson, Joseph Private G 3 Calvary Rockville
Hinton, Geo Sergeant B 38 Infantry New Lisbon
Hinton, T.J. Corporal B 38 Infantry New Lisbon
Hintz, Fred Private D 50 Infantry New Lisbon
Hintzman, Wm Private C 16 Infantry Menomonie
Hinderand, Wm Private F 48 Infantry Sheboygan Falls
Hirsh, Vincent Corporal H 32 Infantry Medford
Hirst, Thomas Private G 30 Infantry Hancock
Hirst, Wm. Private A 9 Infantry Sheboygan
Hisse, Frank Corporal F 50 Infantry Fontenoy
Hitchcock, Amos H, Jr. Sergeant A 10 Infantry Walworth
Hitchcock, R.D. Private F 16 Infantry Mauston
Hitchcock, J.W. Captain K 37 Infantry Barron
Hitchcock, Rufus J Com. Sergt. / H Infantry Antigo
Hitsman, Wm. A. Private B 35 Infantry Manitowoc
Hitz, Herman Private C 46 Infantry Oshkosh
Hoag, Geo. Sergeant F 28 Infantry Waukesha
Hoaglin, John 2nd Lieut C 46 Infantry Oshkosh
Hoard, Orange B Private E 17 Infantry Friendship
Hoard, W.D. Private E 4 Calvary Ft Atkinson
Hoare, James A Private C 37 Infantry Mineral Point
Hobart, Charles Private B 38 Infantry Wildwood
Hobart, W.C. Captain B 7 Infantry Fall River
Hobart, Harrison C Brig. Gen. / / Infantry Milwaukee
Hobbs, Abram Private A 20 Infantry Beldenville
Hobbs, Andrew J Private D 1 Calvary Lynxville
Hobbs, Clarence B Private D 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Hobbs, Delos Private D 8 Infantry Stanley
Hobbs, Frank T 1st Lieut. A 1 Calvary Prairie du Chien
Hobbs, John Private B 2 Calvary LaCrosse
Hobersatt, Henry Private A 3 Infantry Nelson
Hoberg, Louis Private K 14 Infantry Sheboygan
Hobert, Abner L Private A 42 Infantry Royalton
Hobert, B.F. Private B 12 Infantry Lone Rock
Hochstein, Mat Corporal I 45 Infantry Milwaukee
Hockenbery, Wm. Henry Private I 30 Infantry Ripon
Hocking, Samuel Private C 12 Infantry Mineral Point
Hocking, Wm Private D 3 Infantry Burlington
Hodge, Jason Private E 3 Calvary Oxford
Hodge, Naaman Private E 1 Calvary Denny
Hodges, Mason Private C 47 Infantry Camp Douglas
Hodgin, John Private E 51 Infantry Hudson
Hodgkin, Edward Private I 4 Calvary West Salem
Hodgkins, Edward Private / 1 Battery Rockland
Hodgson, Dempster Private M 1 Heavy Art. Berlin
Hodson, Thos Private E 5 Infantry National Home
Hoefer, F.W. Private G 2 Calvary Appleton
Hoefer, Hy Private B 1 Infantry Richfield
Hoefner, William Private K 22 Infantry New Munster
Hoefs, Ludwig Private C 16 Infantry Loganville
Hoeft, Aug Sergeant I 45 Infantry Milwaukee
Hoehn, Henry Captain K 9 Infantry Monroe
Hoehne, Chas Private C 17 Infantry Kirkwood
Hoelzl, Kavier Private A 45 Infantry Barton
Hoening, John Private D 45 Infantry Kaukauna
Hoenrich, John M Private F 9 Infantry Alma
Hofberger, John Private D 52 Infantry Orihula
Hofer, John Private F 22 Infantry Waterford
Hoff, August Private B 17 Infantry Nugart
Hoff, Matthew Private H 32 Infantry Stetsonville
Hoffcutt, H.C. Private A 22 Infantry Waupaca
Hoffmaister, Henry Private G 17 Infantry Potosi
Hoffman, Andrew Private B 13 Infantry Charlesburg
Hoffman, Chas Private D 8 Infantry Concord
Hoffman, Gilber O Private K 3 Calvary Janesville
Hoffman, Heinrich Private C 35 Infantry National Home
Hoffman, Henry Private B 21 Infantry Winneconne
Hoffman, Henry Private E 42 Infantry Oshkosh
Hoffman, Herman H Corporal E 7 Infantry Amherst
Hoffman, John Private E 21 Infantry Stockbridge
Hoffman, Math Private M 2 Calvary National Home
Hoffman, Philip Private I 23 Infantry Nora
Hoffman, Valentine Private A 27 Infantry Kewaunee
Hoffman, William Private K 47 Infantry Beetown
Hoffmann, Albert Private E 51 Infantry St Anna
Hoffmann, Frederick Private D 6 Infantry Cedar Creek
Hoffmann, John Private G 32 Infantry National Home
Hoffmann, Peter Private C 26 Infantry St Wendel
Hoffman, Wm Private A 35 Infantry Milwaukee
Hoare, James A Private C 37 Infantry Mineral Point
Hofmeister, Joseph Private A 45 Infantry Knowles
Hogan, John Private G 41 Infantry Green Bay
Hogan, Michael Private E 8 Infantry Lake View
Hogarty, John C. Private D 5 Infantry Hogarty
Hogarty, Mich. Private H 12 Infantry National Home
Hogeboom, J. H. Private F 37 Infantry Rice Lake
Hogeboom, W. H. Private F 37 Infantry Barron
Hogan, P. H. Private I 5 Infantry Wiota
Hoger, John Private C 17 Infantry Cooperstown
Hogin, Samuel Private I 44 Infantry Strum
Hogle, W. H. H. Private M 1 Heavy Art. Hancock
Hogue, C. P. Corporal H 10 Infantry Watertown
Hogue, Hugh T. Sergeant A 3 Cavalry Sparta
Hohmann, Henry Private I 45 Infantry Watertown
Hohnberger, Chas. Private C 14 Infantry National Home
Hoisington, Geo. Private E 46 Infantry Kilbourn
Hoisington, J. E. Private E 12 Infantry Evansville
Hoke, J. M. Private M 2 Cavalry Sandusky
Holanshelt, Isreal Private F 30 Infantry Hanover
Holbrook, Daniel Private -- 12 Battery Woodstock
Holbrook, Marcus Corporal H 1 Cavalry Milton
Holcomb, Dan Private G 11 Infantry National Home
Holcomb, Henry E. Private E 21 Infantry West Superior
Holcomb, Hiram Musician E 32 Infantry Royalton
Holcomb, J. H. 1st. Lieut. C 7 Infantry Madison
Holcomb, Anton B. Private H 5 Infantry Terril
Holcomb, W. S. Private B & I 29 & 6 Infantry Hancock
Holden, E. M. Private H 48 Infantry Neillsville
Holden, S. R. Private E 2 Cavalry Elkhorn
Holden, Wm. Sergeant G 2 Infantry Portage
Holden, Wm. J. Private C 40 Infantry Heart Prairie
Holden, Zebina Private G 1 Heavy Art. Sheboygan Falls
Holdenriedt, Joseph Private -- 2 Battery New Holstein
Holderness, Wm. H. Private E 1 Infantry Kenosha
Holdorff, Carl Private C 17 Infantry Rube
Holdridge, Samuel A Musician G 23 Infantry Lodi
Holdenbeck, P. H. Private E 4 Cavalry Oakdale
Holetz, Jos. Private A 18 Infantry National Home
Holford, Leinan Private C 6 Infantry Bloomington
Holford, William Private D 33 Infantry Bloomington
Holgan, Nicholas Private C 23 Infantry Medina
Holland, George W. Private A 17 Infantry Oshkosh
Holland, John Private D 44 Infantry Mayville
Holland, John Private E 2 Infantry Dudley
Holland, Lot Private F 21 Infantry South Byron
Holland, Robt. Private C 41 Infantry National Home
Holland, William Private E 2 Infantry Dudley
Hollander, Adam Private I 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Hollasbush, J. Private E 47 Infantry Dayton
Holle, C. W. Private H 1 Infantry Cedar Grove
Hollenbach, Samuel Private E 48 Infantry Calhoun
Hollenbeck, C. E. Private H 11 Infantry Alma Center
Hollenbeck, Ephraim Private H 39 Infantry Pittsville
Hollenbeck, F. M. Private G 3 Cavalry New Richmond
Hollenbeck, Gilbert Private E 14 Infantry Manitowoe
Hollenbeck, H. D. Private K 3 Cavalry Sparta
Hollenbeck, John Private H 29 Infantry Auroraville
Holling, Claus Private B 45 Infantry Sheboygan
Hollister, A. H. Private F 22 Infantry Madison
  1st. Lieut. K 30 U. S. C. T's.  
Hollister, Geo. A. Private F 39 Infantry Racine
Hollister, H. F. Private F 40 Infantry Clinton
Hollister, John Private I 13 Infantry Norrie
Hollister, Junius W. Private F 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Hollister, Kinner N. Captain I 40 Infantry Delavan
Hollister, S. W. Private B 3 Cavalry Oshkosh
Hollman, Christian Private C 49 Infantry Arena
Holloway, Frank H. Corporal F 36 Infantry Montello
Holloway, Jay Private F 36 Infantry Evansville
Holly, Chas. C. Corporal K 37 Infantry Rio
Holly, Wm. C. Private B 46 Infantry Amherst
Holman, Charles Private D 13 Infantry Lime Ridge
Holman, Clark E. Corporal E 16 Infantry Waupaca
Holman, Hollis N. Private A 12 Infantry Prescott
Holmes, Alfred Private D 10 Infantry Portage
Holmes, Asa Sergeant A 32 Infantry Phlox
Holmes, D. M. Private I 28 Infantry Kendall
Holmes, Edwin A. Private M 1 Heavy Art. Spencer
Holmes, Frank Corporal E 3 Cavalry Fort Atkinson
Holmes, Geo. Private C & M 2 Cavalry Janesville
Holmes, George W. Private A 28 Infantry Whitewater
Holmes, George W. Private K 17 Infantry Waukesha
Holmes, Ira Private G 14 Infantry Appleton
Holmes, J. H. Corporal C 23 Infantry Portage
Holmes, John C. Corporal F 47 Infantry Platteville
Holmes, Wm. Corporal F 3 Infantry Big Patch
Holp, Louis Private I 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Holseter, Christian Private M 1 Heavy Art. Deerfield
Holshutter, Wm. Private G 23 Infantry London
Holsten, Jens. Private G 37 Infantry Menomonie
Holsworth, John Private E 20 Infantry Poysippi
Holt, Edmund Private F 28 Infantry Rock Elm
Holt, Geo. Private E 46 Infantry Madison
Holt, Henry Private C 13 Infantry Sharon
Holt, James Private K 30 Infantry Cedarburg
Holt, M. A. Private E 46 Infantry Madison
Holt, M. C. Private -- 10 Battery Ono
Holt, W. Private L 3 Cavalry Bear Creek
Holt, Warren Corporal E 21 Infantry Morley
Holton, Richard Corporal -- 9 Battery East Troy
Holtz, Frederick Private G 45 Infantry Neptune
Holtz, Herman Private A 3 Infantry Rio Creek
Holtz, Henry Private I 3 Infantry National Home
Holz, John Private I 40 Infantry Wilton
Holzer, Nick Private H 19 & 28 Infantry Appleton
Homby, Rasmus Private F 22 Infantry Neenah
Homes, Hiram W. Private F 30 Infantry National Home
Homrighausen, John G. Private G 17 Infantry Black Creek
Homuth, Christian Private K 3 Infantry Mt Sterling
Honeycomb, W. J. Private B 31 Infantry Shullsburg
Honobel, John Private I 39 Infantry Fall Creek
Hood, Alex Sergeant -- 6 Battery Muscoda
Hood, Nathan B. Sergeant E 49 Infantry Spring Green
Hood, Wilson Private B 22 Infantry Spring Green
Hooff, Rudolph Corporal K 3 Cavalry Watertown
Hook, A. Private F 42 Infantry Baraboo
Hook, Stephen Private F 42 Infantry Madison
Hooker, S. J. 1st. Lieut. H 31 Infantry Milwaukee
Hoomiston, Forbes Private K 10 Infantry Milwaukee
Hoose, Mike Private D 37 Infantry Berlin
Hoover, Austin Corporal G 50 Infantry Wolf Creek
Hoover, E. H. Sergeant F 1 Infantry Wolf Creek
Hoover, Mortimer Private E & G 41 &47 Infantry Kings Coruers
Hooverson, Hover Corporal K 12 Infantry Towerville
Hope, David C. R. Q. M. F & S 25 Infantry Sparta
Hope, William Private A 14 Infantry Oshkosh
Hopf, George Private E 3 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Hopkins, A. H. Private H 46 Infantry Sugar Grove
Hopkins, C. B. Private F 3 Infantry Fennimore
Hopkins, Charles W. Private G 1 Heavy Art. Binghampton
Hopkins, E. M. Private K 7 Infantry Shopiere
Hopkins, I. S. Sergeant I 48 Infantry Fox Lake
Hopkins, James Private A 19 Infantry Baraboo
Hopkins, Perry Private E 37 Infantry Amherst Junction
Hopkins, Sherman R. Musician -- 7 Infantry Dale
Hopkins, W. H. Private F 44 Infantry Ogdensburg
Hoppe, Conrad Private C 27 Infantry Medford
Hoppe, Fred Private G 11 Infantry Rio Creek
Hopper, John H. Sergeant E 7 Infantry Coloma Station
Hopper, William Private E 16 Infantry Friendship
Hoopwood, Elijah Private I 1 Heavy Art. Endeavor
Hore, John B. Private F 1 Cavalry Lancaster
Horn, Albert Private C 1 Infantry Oak Grove
Horn, Carl Corporal -- 2 Battery Woodland
Horn, Fred Private K 47 Infantry Platteville
Horn, John Corporal A 51 Infantry Menomonee Falls
Horn, John Private E 13 Infantry Brillion
Hornback, C. A. Private I 25 Infantry Cornelia
Horner, Joel Private I 31 Infantry Franksville
Horner, Jonathan Private H 44 Infantry British Hollow
Horner, Rodger Private H 44 Infantry Rockville
Horsfall, John W. Private C 25 Infantry Millville
Horsley, Henry Private H 43 Infantry Benton
Horst, John Private H 48 Infantry Chilton
Horswill, Geo. Private D 14 Infantry Black River Falls
Horton, Chas. Private E 7 Infantry Necedah
Horton, D. W. Private H 17 Infantry Viroqua
Horton, G. H. Private K 47 Infantry Fennimore
Horton, Jasper L. Private E 32 Infantry Richland Center
Horton, John Private G 36 Infantry Oasis
Horton, Wm. Private G 36 Infantry Oasis
Horton, W. C. Private I 1 Cavalry Miller
Hose, Henry Private E 20 Infantry Watertown
Hosig, Nic. Private I & B 24 & 52 Infantry Hartford
Hosken, John Private F 42 Infantry Belleville
Hosking, James Private F 2 Cavalry Dodgeville
Hoskins, Henry Private E 5 Infantry Embarrass
Hoskins, Joseph Private H 17 Infantry Knapp
Hoskins, Olney Private H 46 Infantry Gillingham
Hoskins, William Private I 33 Infantry Shullsburg
Host, Andrew J. Private E 9 Infantry Milwaukee
Host, Martin Private D 31 Infantry De Soto
Hotaling, Samuel Lieutenant A 21 Infantry Fond du Lac
Hotaling, Stephen Private I 35 Infantry National Home
Hotchkin, Albert Private E 13 Infantry Wauwatosa
Hotchkiss, Alonzo I. Private A 30 Infantry Glenwood
Hotchkiss, David Private C 13 Infantry Sharoa
Hotchkiss, Florentine Private C 3 Cavalry Packwaukee
Hotchkiss, John Sergeant F 4 Cavalry Fox Lake
Hotchkiss, Moses Private E 46 Infantry Milwaukee
Hotter, Alois Private K 3 Cavalry Jefferson
Hotton, James Private B 47 Infantry East Troy
Houbrech, Louis Sergeant H 34 Infantry Tonet
Hougen, T. K. Private E 19 Infantry St Nazianz
Hough, Joseph Private G 44 Infantry Richland Center
Houghtaling, Aaron Corporal D 4 Cavalry Oxford
Houghtaling, D. Private F 3 Infantry Rusk
Houghtaling, Ira Corporal K 10 Infantry Cedar Falls
Houghtaiing, George Private H 35 Infantry Menomonie
Honghtaling, Henry Private D 25 Infantry Sparta
Houghtaling, John Private A 3 Cavalry Sparta
Hougton, E. P. Corporal I 14 Infantry Humbird
Houk, Oliver B. Private I 8 Infantry Mindoro
Houlahan, Michael Private B 1 Heavy Art. Milwaukee
Houie, Gabriel Private F 50 Infantry Hayes
Houlle, Eph. Private D 5 Infantry National Home
House, E. Private E 38 Infantry Hancock
House, Jake Private D 51 Infantry Menomonie
Houser, R. E. Private -- 1 Battery La Crosse
Houser, Theodore Private E 3 Infantry Onalaska
Houston, William Private I 44 Infantry Nekoosa
Houts, Levi Captain H 44 Infantry Muscoda
Howard, Alvin H. Private B 2 Cavalry Elmwood
Howard, A. M. 1st. Sergeant I 27 Infantry Burr Oak
Howard, Augustus H. Private I 3 Cavalry Oshkosh
Howard, C. Private E 47 Infantry Blue River
Howard, Francis Private D 13 Infantry Albany
Howard, G. C. Private B 53 Infantry Thorpe
Howard, Geo. Private E 17 Infantry Sheboygan
Howard, H. A. Private A 28 Infantry White Creek
Howard, H. R. Lieutenant I 19 Infantry Eau Claire
Howard, H. R., Jr. 1st. Lieut. B 19 Infantry Elk Mound
Howard, H. W. Private I 30 Infantry Waukesha
Howard, I. M. Private E 33 Infantry Edgerton
Howard, J. B. Private C 36 Infantry Shamrock
Howard, Jay D. Sergeant F 36 Infantry Berlin
Howard, J. H. Private -- 9 Battery West Superior
Howard, John Private C 7 Infantry Platteville
Howard, John W. Private I 31 Infantry Milwaukee
  Lieutenant K 43    
Howard, O. T. Private H 46 Infantry Fort Atkinson
Howard, Phillip P. Private H 32 Infantry Greenwood
Howard, Reuben Corporal D 10 Infantry Sparta
Howard, Walter W. Private F 46 Infantry Chetek
Howard, W. M. Private E 1 Heavy Art. Big Bend
Howe, A. H. Private I 38 Infantry Browntown
Howe, A. K. Private F 21 Infantry Antigo
Howe, H. S. Private D 3 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Howe, Chas. Private E 2 Infantry Shawano
Howe, Benjamin Musician E 30 Infantry Fisk
Howe, Geo. W. Private E 21 Infantry Stockbridge
Howe, G. W. Private C 17 Infantry Oshkosh
Howe, John B. Sergeant A 23 Infantry Oshkosh
Howe, Martin L. Private K 36 Infantry Elkmound
Howe, Orrin, K. Private E 10 Infantry National Home
Howell, Hans Private C 44 Infantry Iola
Howery, Wm. T. Private K 33 Infantry Blue Mounds
Howey, J. A. Private E 21 Infantry Fond du Lac
Howie, D. W. Private B 5 Infantry Elm Grove
Howk, Geo. Private G 3 Infantry Greenleaf
Howland, Jerome Private -- 12 Battery Janesville
Howland, Levi Major -- 1 Cavalry Green Bay
Howlett, George Private G 21 Infantry Waupaca
Howlett, Wm. Private C 46 Infantry Van Dyne
Hoxie, Wm. Sergeant H 17 Infantry Baraboo
Hoy, Albert H. Hosp. Stew. -- 19 Infantry Racine
Hoyer, Joseph Private D 36 Infantry Brillion
Hoyt, A. Private E 42 Infantry Wonewoc
Hoyt, A. J. Private B 25 Infantry Muscoda
Hoyt, C. C. 2nd Lieut. I 38 Infantry West Superior
Hoyt, C. 2nd Lieut. C 23 Infantry Madison
Hoyt, Charles E. 1st. Lieut. H 1 Heavy Art. Madison
Hoyt, Chas. E. Corporal A 22 Infantry Racine
Hoyt, Frank A. Private A 3 Cavalry Minocqua
Hoyt, S. D. Private E 44 Infantry Rockland
Hoyt, Samuel Private C 47 Infantry Hillsboro
Hoyt, Wm. H. Private -- 8 Battery Durand
Huard, Wm. Private C 45 Infantry Lynxville
Hubbard, Chas. H. Private I 39 Infantry Milwaukee
Hubbard, E. Private D 23 Infantry Madison
Hubbard, Frederick C. Private B 39 Infantry Ontario
Hubbard, Geo. L. Private A 32 Infantry Poynette
Hubbard, Geo. W. Private E 3 Infantry Clam Falls
Hubbard, H. H. Private H 12 Infantry Green Bay
Hubbard, J. H. Captain B 11 Infantry Waupaca
Hubbard, James K. P. Corporal D 5 Infantry Stevens Point
Hubbard, Jas. F. Private K 2 Cavalry Evansville
Hubbard, Jonas Private I 12 Infantry Mt Tabor
Hubbard, M. A. Private A 4 Cavalry North Bend
Hubbard, Orville Private M 1 Heavy Art. Mazomanie
Hubbard, Peter Private C 31 Infantry Hyde
Hubbard, S. D. Captain F 27 Infantry Mondovi
Hubbard, W. C. Lieutenant C 21 Infantry Oshkosh
Hubbard, W. W. Private A 3 Cavalry Sparta
Hubbell, Edwin Private K 2 Cavalry Janesville
Hubbell, G. W. Private H 5 Infantry Hancock
Hubbell, R. W. Major -- 1 Heavy Art. Wautoma
Hubberty, Peter Private D 1 Cavalry Appleton
Hubble, D. T. Corporal F 17 Cavalry Boscobel
Hubbs, C. G. Private -- 8 Battery Friendship
Hubenthal, Mort. Private A 51 Infantry Milwaukee
Huber, Adam Private G 50 Infantry Ellsworth
Huber, Geo. Private D 3 Infantry Granville Station
Huber, John Private A 45 Infantry Le Roy
Huber, Urban Private B 45 Infantry Oxford
Hubert, Jacob Private H 28 Infantry Madison
Hubner, Ferdinand Private B 26 Infantry Oconomowoc
Hubner, Fred Private G 14 Infantry Waterloo
Hudnell, R. M. Private D 47 Infantry Parfreyville
Hudson, Adolphus Private K 27 Infantry Mishicott
Hudson, Albert Private K 30 Infantry Waukesha
Hudson, C. L. Private C 22 Infantry Lyons
Hudson, Chas. Private L & D 3 Cavalry Vernon
Hudson, Chas. Private E 44 Infantry Portage
Hudson, Elijah Corporal K 13 Infantry Milton
Hudson, J. S. Private K 30 Infantry Vernon
Hudson, J. D. Private G 14 Infantry West Green Bay
Hudson, J. K. Private G 12 & 50 Infantry New Centerville
Hudson, James R Private E 25 Infantry Livingston
Hudson, John Private D 46 Infantry Green Bay
Hudson, John W. Private D 23 Infantry Madison
Hudson, Richard Private B 3 Cavalry Oshkosh
Hudson, Thomas Private E 2 Infantry Beetown
Huebner, Frederick Private K 17 Infantry Milwaukee
Huebner, John Private C 44 Infantry New London
Huesselmann, Louis Private A 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Huet, Celesten Private C 29 Infantry Knowles
Huey, Albert Private A 7 Infantry Badger Mills
Huff, Alason J. Corporal B 1 Heavy Art. Clintonville
Huff, C. D. Private A 52 Infantry Wonewoe
Huff, Isaac Sergeant K 14 Infantry Wonewoe
Huff, Peter J. Corporal D 14 Infantry Ettrick
Huff, William L. Corporal F 20 Infantry Boscobel
Huffnail. Geo. W. Corporal F 3 Cavalry Dallas
Huftill, Richard Private F 7 Infantry Lancaster
Hugaboom, Hosea Musician E 16 Infantry Dorchester
Hughard, D. R. Private I 46 Infantry Woodstock
Hughbanks, David Private -- 27 Infantry Richland Center
Hughbanks, James Private L 2 Cavalry Richland Center
Hughes, Eleazer M. Private G 4 Cavalry Boardman
    A 44 Infantry  
Hughes, George Private I 2 Cavalry Darlington
Hughes, Hugh Private K 21 Infantry Waupaca
Hughes, James Corporal C 2 Infantry Beetown
Hughes, John Private A 27 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Hughes, John E. Corporal D 3 Cavalry Hartland
Hughes, John B. Private B 4 Cavalry Campbellsport
Hughes, John J. Private I 1 Heavy Art. Spring Water
Hughes, Jos. Private F 2 Infantry Racine
Hughes, Thos. Private E 17 Infantry Racine
Hughes, Richard M. Private F 36 Infantry Plover
Hughes, W. H. Sergeant F 22 Infantry Racine
Hughes, Wm. K. 2d Lieutenant D 1 Infantry Milwaukee
Hughite, James Private C 24 Infantry Hudson
Hughston, James E. Sergeant G 3 Infantry Neenah
Huginin, Chester M. Private E 2 Infantry Clintonville
Hughey, T. B. Private -- 8 Battery Centralia
Huhn, Herman Private B 45 Infantry St Wendel
Huie, O. L. Private E 23 Infantry Neenah
Hulbert, August A. Private F 21 Infantry Leeman
Hulbert, George Hos. Stewart. A 1 Heavy Art. Waterford
Hulburt, A. Private B 25 Infantry Byrd's Creek
Hulburt, Oscar A. Private B 25 Infantry Baraboo
Hulett, A. H. Private H 1 Heavy Art. Racine
Hulett, Ben Private G 5 Infantry Northfield
Hull, A. P. Private B 8 Infantry Antigo
Hull, Calvin Corporal D 49 Infantry Milton Junction
Hull, Daniel B. Corporal H 3 Cavalry Stevens Point
Hull, H. H. Private I 1 Heavy Art. Montello
Hull, H. W. Private I 1 Heavy Art. Montello
Hull, M. B. Corporal E 6 Infantry Clintonville
Hull, Michael Private C 36 Infantry Sylvan
Humbert, Jerry J. Sergeant G 35 Infantry Waldwick
Hume, James Private F 1 Heavy Art. Port Hope
Hume, Robt. W. Private C 23 Infantry Portage
Humes, George Private B 52 Infantry Little Wolf
Humiston, Ira T. Com. Sergt. I 2 Cavalry Monticello
Hummell, Charles Private L 3 Cavalry Fort Atkinson
Hummell, John Private E 1 Heavy Art. Fort Atkinson
Hummell, Rudolph Private G 10 Infantry Greenwood
Humphrey, A. Corporal H 1 Infantry Sheboygan Falls
Humphrey, John Private A 4 Cavalry Cylon
Humphrey, Norman 1st. Lieut. B 29 Infantry Watertown
Humphrey, Thomas Private H 1 Infantry Cylon
Hund, Haver Corporal K 48 Infantry Fountain City
Hungerford, Addison M. Private E 47 Infantry Madison
Hungerford, Bele S. Private G 13 Infantry Orfordville
Hungerford, M. U. Private -- 6 Battery Blue River
Hungerford, N. Private A 16 Infantry Plainfield
Hunsicker, John Private A 47 Infantry Dale
Hunstable, S. L. Sergeant D 14 Infantry Ella
Hunt, Charles A. Captain A 25 Infantry Melvina
Hunt, Chas. A. Private -- 2 Battery Beloit
Hunt, Chas. P. Private -- 13 Battery River Falls
Hunt, E. C. Private D 10 Infantry Menomonie
Hunt, H. T. Private -- 3 Battery Hortonville
Hunt, Henry Private I 22 Infantry Beloit
Hunt, Henry C. Private D 22 Infantry Delavan
Hunt, T. W. Adjutant -- 11 Infantry Neenah
Hunt, John Private C 23 Infantry Pardeeville
Hunt, Peter Private D 38 Infantry Berlin
Hunter, Allen J. Corporal D 8 Infantry Birnamwood
Hunter, David Adjutant -- 35 Infantry Lake Beulah
Hnnter, Isaac A. Private G 48 Infantry Loyal
Hunter, J. M. Sergeant K 20 Infantry Sheboygan Falls
Hunter, James Private K 1 Heavy Art. Raymond
Hunter, John Private A 12 Infantry Coomer
Hunter, John Private G 32 Infantry Fifield
Hunter, Luther Private F 5 Infantry Stockton
Hunter, Robert B. Private C 14 Infantry Omro
Hunter, Samuel Private A 48 Infantry Birnanwood
Hunter, Wm. Private C 31 Infantry Dodgeville
Hunter, William Sr. Private E 1 Cavalry Kingston
Hunter, William Private G 50 Infantry Beldenville
Hunter, William W. Private D 1 Heavy Art. Kingston
Huntington, B. B. Private G 32 Infantry Shawano
Huntington, H. J. 1st. Lieut. A 6 Infantry Green Bay
Huntington, William Private D 12 Infantry Mauston
Huntly, Wm. Private G 51 Infantry Neillsville
Huntress, Merrit Private K 2 Cavalry Lake Geneva
Huntress, S. D. Private D 20 Infantry Elkhorn
    B 1 Heavy Art.  
Huntsinger, Chester Private E 37 Infantry Hurley
Huntz, Michael Sergeant D 26 Infantry Chilton
Hunzicker, Rudolph Private C 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Hurd, Albert Private M 1 Heavy Art. Merrill
Hurd, Christopher C. Sergeant E 1 Cavalry Fox Lake
Hurd, D. S. Private -- 3 Battery Eau Claire
Hurd, F. E. Private E 41 Infantry New Lisbon
Hurd, Jas. Private B 13 Infantry Milton Junction
Hurd, Levi Private I 47 Infantry Ripon
Hurd, Sidney Private B 13 Infantry Milton
Hurd, W. W. Private C 30 Infantry La Crosse
Hurlburt, John R. Private G 25 Infantry Black River Falls
Hurlburt, M. W. 2d. Lieut. K 14 Infantry Fond du Lac
Hurlburt, Mamre Corporal A 20 Infantry Urne
Hurlburt, Orville S. Sergeant H 2 & 48 Infantry Cameron
Hurlburt, Warren Private C 1 Infantry Whitewater
Hurlbut, Henry W. Lieutenant F 2 Infantry Racine
Hurley, Allen Private -- 4 Battery Beloit
Hurtgen, John A. Sergeant H 28 Infantry Oconomowoe
Hursh, Wm. J. Sergeant I 7 Infantry Wild Rose
Hurst, Bernard Sergeant C 6 Infantry Burton
Hurst, John Sergeant D 42 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Hursh, J. W. Sergeant A 16 Infantry Oshkosh
Hurst, William Sergeant D 27 Infantry Two Rivers
Huse, August Private D 9 Infantry Oshkosh
Huse, John Sergeant I 19 Infantry Rewey
Husher, T. Private A 3 Infantry Elroy
Huson, A. D. Corporal C 4 Cavalry Sheboygan Falls
Huston, D. W. Private K 3 Cavalry Vilas
Huston, Henry Private A 32 Infantry National Home
Huston, Walter Private D 8 Infantry Fisk
Hutchcroft, William Sr. Private C 2 Cavalry Beetown
Hutchcroft, William Jr. Private C 2 Cavalry North Andover
Hutchins, J. Private E 18 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Hutchins, Leonard Private C 19 Infantry Black River Falls
Hutchins, W. W. Private G 39 Infantry Loyal
Hutchinson, A. T. Private E 12 Infantry Mauston
Hutchinson, B. E. Capt. & C. S. -- -- -- Madison
Hutchinson, Cyrus Corporal B 1 Cavalry Colby
Hutchinson, Geo. Private K 17 Infantry New London
Hutchinson, Geo. Private E 7 Infantry Hancock
Hutchinson, J. C. Private -- 4 Battery Necedah
Hutchinson, James Private I 29 Infantry Ontario
Hutchinson, John W. Corporal G 41 Infantry Elo
Hutchinson, Jos. Private K 8 Infantry National Home
Hutchinson, Wm. Private K 36 Infantry Sioska
Hutchinson, William Corporal I 17 Infantry Readstown
Hutchinson, William Private G 50 Infantry Diamond Bluff
Hutson, John C. Private B 30 Infantry Spring Green
Hutson, Thomas Private D 25 Infantry Sparta
Hutton, Joseph Private H 50 Infantry Boscobel
Hyatt, Alanson Private H 31 Infantry Sheboygan Falls
Hyatt, D. B. Private A 12 Infantry River Falls
Hyatt, Lewis Private H 42 Infantry Brodhead
Hyatt, S. C. Sergeant F 41 Infantry Richland Center
Hyatt, Sidney G Private C 12 Infantry Hager City
Hyde, Willis Corporal K 7 Infantry Genoa Junction
Hyde, Andrew J. Private H 21 Infantry Fond du Lac
Hyde, C. R. Private C 52 Infantry Spooner
Hyde, Calvin Private H 20 Infantry Ripon
Hyde, Chas. W. Captain B 1 Heavy Art. Milwaukee
Hyde, E. B. Sergeant K 29 Infantry Retreat
Hyde, John T. Private F 1 Heavy Art. Woodman
Hyde, Louis Private H 20 Infantry West Rosendale
Hyde, Newton Private C 13 Infantry Genoa Junction
Hyde, Orange Private G 32 Infantry Packwaukee
Hyde, Thomas Private D 38 Infantry Stevens Point
Hyde, Wm. R. Private C 32 Infantry Friendship
Hyde, W. T. Private K 1 Infantry Richland Center
Hyde, Welcome Captain K 17 Infantry Appleton
Hyland, Thos. Private H 11 Infantry National Home
Hynes, Patrick Private A 22 Infantry Tavera
Hyszenveld, Wm. Private K 18 Infantry De Pere



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