Enumeration of the Soldiers of the Late War
Who Served in Organizations of Other States and Reported by the
Enumerators as Residing in Wisconsin on June 20, 1895.

* All names of soldiers returned by the enumerators with the company, regiment or state omitted, will be found in this list.

transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Susan Geist, Rhonda Hill, Tammy Clark, Mary Saggio, Veneta McKinney, Heather Turner







Raap, Ant Private D 4 Indiana National Home
Rabbitt, Robert Private I 57 Illinois Viola
Racey, E. B. Corporal K 123 New York Marion
Radtker, Wm. J Private C   28 New York Bangor
Raetz, John Private F 74 Pennsylvania National Home
Rafety, Robert Private L 16 New York Waupaca
Raibb, Mark Private D 95 Illinois   National Home
Raine, Geo Private   3 Iowa Bat Burton
Rainville, E Private D Hatch Minn. Cav Wis Vet Home
Ralston, E Private B 143 New York Melrose
Rambusch, W. T. Private K 51 New York Juneau
Ramsey, J. W. Private D 27 Michigan Plainfield
Ramsey, Jas Private E 123 Pennsylvania National Home
Ramsey, John M Private F 26 Kentucky Milwaukee
Rand, Albert Y Private K 19 Maine West Superior
Rand, Commodore R Private A 92 Illinois   Boscobel
Rand, H. C. Private F 1 Ohio Greenwood
Randall, E Private G 76 New York Chippewa Falls
Randall, George Private E 28 New York Hudson
Randolph, Wm Private C 147 Ohio Eau Claire
Rank, John Private I 50 Pennsylvania Delavan
Rannci, J. S. Private A   Minn. Cav. Ellsworth
Ranney, John Private H 13 Connecticut National Home
Rapp, Ludw Private F 41 New York National Home
Rappeleye, Harrison Private C   126 New York Oconto
Rappelje, Jasper S Private K 3 California National Home
Rapple, John Private A 136 Indiana National Home
Rasenbush, Wm Private D 42 Ohio Turtle Lake
Rass, T. A. Corporal C   6 Tennessee Rice Lake
Rassmussen, R. N. Q. M. Dpart        
Rath, Peter Private H 111 Pennsylvania Manawa
Rathbun, R. A. Private A 2 Illinois   Mondovi
Rathbun, Robert B Private I 74 New York Minnesung
Ratliff, Salanthiel Private B 86 Indiana Richland City
Rau, Jno Private H 106 Ohio Cavalry Newburg
Raube, Aug Private A 3 Ohio   National Home
Rausier, H. D. Private B 3 New York Menomonie
Raven, John Private B 193 New York Bloomer
Ravens, Dick Private K 5 Ohio   Blanding
Rawling, John Private F 157 New York Sheboygan
Ray, A. J. Musician   10 Mas'chusetts Janesville
Ray, Amos W Private G 16 Indiana National Home
Ray, D Private   2 Iowa Cavalry West Superior
Ray, Jilson Private B 7 Kansas National Home
Ray, Leander Private I 154 Indiana Reedsburg
Raycraft, John Private K 8 New York National Home
Rayhauser, N. C. A. Private H 42 Indiana La Crosse
Raymer, J. A. Private B 14 Illinois   Martintown
Raymond, Albert Private K 3 Minnesota Bloomer
Raymond, George Private K 189 New York Wausau
Raymond, Henry A Private A 14 New York Stevens Point
Raymond, Nelson Private M 9 N. Y. Cav Durand
Raymond, P Private A 147 New York Hersey
Raymond, S. B. Private G 15 New York Aztalan
Raymond, Wm Private F 7 Iowa   Cadott
Raynor, Alfred Private B 16 Maine Hayward
Raynor, Champ Private A 121 New York Waukesha
Reamer, R. J. Sergeant D 75 New York Waterloo
Reardon, Henry Private I 69 New York National Home
Reardon, John Private I 6 Michigan National Home
Reardon, M. W. Private F 2 Ohio Cavalry Chetek
Reardon, Thomas Private F 2 Ohio Cavalry Chetek
Reas, William H Private B 44 New York Weyauwega
Rebble, John M Private A 9 Ohio Milwaukee
Reckie, Peter E Private B 47 Illinois National Home
Rector, F. E. Private D 92 Illinois   Fennimore
Rector, Oscar Corporal C 96 Illinois Kenosha
Redlick, J. B. Private H 187 New York New Lisbon
Redmond, G. K. Corporal F 20 Maine Neillsville
Redmond, Richard Private G 15 New York National Home
Redwine, James Private H 86 Indiana Greenwood
Reed, Ben R Private L 12 New York National Home
Reed, Cyrus Sergeant G 1 Maine Cav St Francis
Reed, David J Private F & E 73 & 29 Indiana Hatchville
Reed, Douglas Private   11 Ky. Cav New Richmond
Reed, E. T. Bugler I 14 Ohio   Barneveld
Reed, Ezra W Private A 27 Iowa   National Home
Reed, Francis M Private E 125 Illinois National Home
Reed, Geo W Private F 17 Pennsylvania National Home
Reed, J. M. Sergeant C   105 New York Beldenville
Reed, Jas. E Private K 21 New York National Home
Reed, John Private I 76 Pennsylvania National Home
Reed, John Sergeant G 53 Pennsylvania Hempel
Reed, John Private I 19 Kansas Hazelhurst
Reed, John M Private K 109 Pennsylvania National Home
Reed, John P Private A 4 N. Y. H. Art Pine River
Reed, Michael Private E 14 New York Cicero
Reed, Miner Private H 87 Ohio   West Lima
Reed, Richard Captain C   43 New York Oshkosh
Reed, Stephen Private I 9 Indiana Pittsville
Reed, Thomas Private I 155 Indiana Clear Lake
Reed, Wm T Private G 21 Iowa   La Crosse
Reekee, Wm Private A 16 Michigan Milwaukee
Reese, J. D. Private E 82 Ohio   Appleton
Reese, Wm Private B 12 Illinois Cav. Le Roy
Reeves, Fred Private I 1 New York Chelsea
Reeves, Fred Private G 141 Pennsylvania Chelsea
Reeves, James Private H 104 Pennsylvania Medford
Regner, G. A. Private F 40 Missouri National Home
Rehder, Fred Private E 2 California Ogema
Reibs, James   E 35 Indiana Milwaukee
Reichard, Francis Private I 5 Missouri Wauwatosa
Reichle, Michael Private   7 Michigan Milwaukee
Reichter, F. A. Sergeant E   New Jersey Butternut
Reid, Alex Private H 1 New York National Home
Reid, B. E. Private   3 Iowa Bat Chippewa Falls
Reid, Robt. W 1st Sergeant A 16 Indiana Milwaukee
Reid, Robt. W Private H 28 Kentucky National Home
Reiger, Carl Private H 27 Illinois National Home
Reinboldt, Joseph Private F   101 Ohio   Marinette
Reiners, Adolph Private     Illinois   Misha Mokwa
Reinhimer, Chas Private I 45 New York White Creek
Relph, C. N. Sergeant I 13 Missouri Menomonie
Remhardt, Alb Private I 13 Massachus'ts National Home
Remington, Charles W Asst. Surg   13 Michigan Westfield
Remington, T. D. Private B Double Sq. Mich. Cav. Monroe
Remlinger, Frank Private K 27 Pennsylvania National Home
Rennie, John Private B 59 New York Trempealeau
Renicke, Theo Private A 39 New York Milwaukee
Renlenburger, Otto Private F   46 New York National Home
Renner, Jac Private B 5 Ohio National Home
Renond, Wm Private G 109 New York Wausau
Ress, Bern Private G 29 New York National Home
Rethwish, Henry Private A 2 Illinois   National Home
Rettmann, Leo. A Corporal       Milwaukee
Reucher, John Private E 37 Illinois   National Home
Reuchin, Frank Private D 12 Iowa   National Home
Reusch, Frank G Private I 9 Illinois Cav  Altdorf
Rex, Owen A Private D 51 Pennsylvania Milwaukee
Reynolds, Alva Private K 101 New York Delton
Reynolds, Charles Private E 95 Illinois Norway Ridge
Reynolds, Frank Private I 118 New York Dorchester
Reynolds, Gordon Private F   13 Vermont Montello
Reynolds, Jas Private I 103 Ohio   National Home
Reynolds, James Private B 123 New York Oshkosh
Reynolds, John F Private B 34 Illinois   National Home
Reynolds, Joseph Private F   36 Indiana Rice Lake
Reynolds, Phil Corporal I 105 Ohio   Byron
Reynolds, W. S. Private I 4 Penn. Cav Tomah
Reynolds, W. S. Sergeant B 122 New York Reedsburg
Rhiel, John Private E 24 Illinois   Plum City
Rhoads, Wm Private E 17 Indiana Phlox
Rhode, Henry Private H 62 New York Sturgeon Bay
Rhoden, Wm. H. H. Private C   17 Ohio   Rice Lake
Rhodenizer, John Private B 13 Penn. Cav Misha Mokwa
Rhodes, Alb. E Private F   12 Illinois   National Home
Rhodes, Henry J Private   153 Illinois   Stoughton
Rhodes, Jacob Private L 1 Ohio   Barron
Rhodes, Mathias P Private H 71 Illinois   Browntown
Rhodes, Wm Private F   73 Indiana National Home
Rhodes, W. B. Private   151 New York Poysippi
Rhoeder, Aug Private       Augusta
Rhone, L Private I 136 Pennsylvania Ontario
Rhoweder, Claus Private H   Minnesota Marshland
Rhyner, J Private D 21 Minnesota Wis Vet Home
Riant, A Private C   154 New York Daney
Rice, E. J. Corporal K 75 Illinois   Loyal
Rice, G. M. Private   10 Kansas Allen's Grove
Rice, H. K. Private I 7 Illinois   National Home
Rice, H. S. Private K 7 Minnesota Downing
Rice, Ira Private G 10 Vermont Commonwealth
Rice, Jacob Private A 83 Pennsylvania Rice Lake
Rice, Jas. S Private F   1 Michigan National Home
Rice, James M Private C   4 Minnesota Omro
Rice, John L Private G 3 Minnesota Rock Elm
Rice, Jos Private M 102 Pennsylvania National Home
Rice, S. N. Private C   142 Pennsylvania Kilbourn
Rice, Samuel D Private F   1 Illinois   Grantsburg
Rice, Wm Private D 166 Ohio   North Freedom
Rice, L. C. Private C   118 New York Omro
Richard, Albert Private C   18 N. Y. Cav Green Bay
Richards, J Private       Eau Claire
Richards, J. W. Private B 126 Illinois   Norwalk
Richards, John Private D 10 Minnesota Cross Plains
Richards, Joseph Private F   106 New York Hillsdale
Richards, T. E. Private G 8 New Hamp Rice Lake
Richards, T. W. Private F   92 New York New Richmond
Richards, W. H. Private H 9 Ohio Cav  Loyal
Richards, W. S. Private D 140 New York National Home
Richardsen, Wade H Lieutenant   1 Florida Cav Milwaukee
Richardson, E. O. Private C   1 N. Y. S. S. Menasha
Richardson, Edw Private C   109 New York Lyndon
Richardson, G. L. Private B 7 Minnesota Wis Vet Home
Richardson, G. W. Private E 2 Colorado Hub City
Richardson, Geo Private H 9 Illinois   Shullsburg
Richardson, Geo F Private A 33 Mas'chusetts Bear Creek
Richardson, H. Stone Chaplain   76 New York  Oshkosh
Richardson, J. B. Lieutenant D 10 Maryland Milwaukee
Richardson, L. S. Private G 10 Ohio   National Home
Richardson, Monroe Private A 33 Mas'chusetts Birnamwood
Richardson, Paschal Private M 7 Mich. Cav Stevens Point
Richardson, Wm Private F   10 New York Cadott
Richart, John Private I 45 Illinois Dickeyville
Richart, Philip H Private A 4 Minnesota Eagle  
Richelt, Jacob Sergeant C   13 Ohio   Milwaukee
Richey, D Private C   4 Pennsylvania Milwaukee
Richmond, Ed Private F   21 Pennsylvania Ahnapee
Richter, Herm Private C   52 New York   Milwaukee
Rick, Mich Private I 1 New Jersey National Home
Ricker, H. D. Private E 5 Maine Cav Gordon
Ricker, Wm Private A 156 Illinois   Stockbridge
Ridler, Geo. C Private I 1 Minn. Art Deronda
Rief, John Private D 8 Illinois Cav  De Pere
Riese, Jos Private D 2 New Jersey Milwaukee
Riggs, Geo Private M 1 Conn. H. Art Ripon
Riley, G. W. Corporal C   64 Indiana Valton
Riley, James Private I 1 Michigan Corwin
Riley, John Private E 20 Indiana Wrightstown
Riley, Patrick Private I 41 Minnesota Janesville
Riley, Wm. Private C 55 Illinois Beloit
Riley, Edm. D. Private B 18 New York National Home
Rimer, Val. K. Private B 81 Pennsylvania Birnamwood
Rinke, Jacob Private -- 2 N. Y. Lt. Bat. Racine
Ripley, Geo. W. Private A 122 New York New Richmond
Risen, T. D. Private I 1 Ohio Viola
Riseley, J. B. Sergeant A 68 New York Merrimack
Ritchie, William Private D 79 New York Byrd's Creek
Ritter, Frank Private H 5 Rhode Island National Home
Ritter, Henry Private H 180 Ohio National Home
Ritter, W. R. Private -- 50 Illinois Chippewa Falls
Rittmann, H. Private G 117 Illinois National Home
Rivers, Charles Drum Major B 93 Pennsylvania New London
Roach, J. S. Private G 8 Iowa Cav. Mauston
Roaer, Geo. Private H 155 Indiana Barron
Robbins, Chas. Private M 2 Mas'chusetts. National Home
Robbins, Egbert Private G 199 Pennsylvania Shawano
Robbins, F. S. Private F 3 Michigan Rhinelander
Robbins, John Private H 16 Iowa   Rock Falls
Robbins, M. S. 1st. Lieut. L 2 Illinois Batty. Mondovi
Robbins, Oscar Private H 96 Illinois Warren, Ill
Robbinson, Wm. Private B 14 Pennsylvania Chippewa City
Roberts, C. A. Sergeant R 61 New York Viroqua
Roberts, E. A. Private H 18 New York Wilton
Roberts, Enoch W. Private C 8 Indiana National Home
Roberts, James L. Private D 1 Minn. Art. Bracy
Roberts, Octave Private C 91 New York White Birch
Roberts, W. J. Private E 75 Ohio Ottervale
Roberts, Wm. Private E 14 New York Iron Ridge
Robertson, Geo. Private D 61 New York Eau Claire
Robins, Amos Private K 21 Iowa Cassville
Robinson, A. M. Private I 34 New York Phlox
Robinson, A. P. Private B 22 Mas'chusetts. Neshkoro
Robinson, B. F. Private G 2 Maine Cav. Trempealeau
Robinson, Barney Private C 86 New York Pittsville
Robinson, C. A. Private A 8 Iowa River Falls
Robinson, D. W. Corporal A 5 N. Hampsh'e Wautoma
Robinson, D. W.   D 1 N. Hampsh'e  
Robinson, George Private B 1 New York Appleton
Robinson, George Private H 13 Illinois Eau Claire
Robinson, H. H. Private C 203 Pennsylvania Edgerton
Robinson, H. S. Private A 1 Michigan Trempealeau
Robinson, James Private D 3 Kentucky Oshkosh
Robinson, James Private F 1 Missouri Prairie du Chien
Robinson, James R. Private 173 Ohio La Crosse
Robinson, John Private C 192 New York National Home
Robinson, John T. Private D 50 New York National Home
Robinson, Joseph Private B 207 Pennsylvania Pittsville
Robinson, M. S. Private F 10 New York Mondovi
Robinson, Oscar B. Bugler -- 9 Illinois Burlington
Robinson, Robert Private K 95 Illinois Portage
Robinson, S. Pearl Private D 10 Vermont Fond du Lac
Robinson, T. E. Ord. Sergt. D 45 Indiana Palmyra
Rock, Garrett Private G 97 New York Fond du Lac
Rock, S. W. Corporal E 34 Indiana Davis
Rockabrand, Chas. Private D 53 Illinois National Home
Rackafellow, C. T. Private K 15 New York Fall River
Rockford, Jas. Private G 24 Mas'chusetts. National Home
Rockwell, Asa L. Private L 5 Iowa Bennett Siding
Rockwell, W. A. Private D 3 Lousiana Fort Atkinson
Rockwood, John B. Private I 55 Illinois Beloit
Rodawaldt, W. J. Private K 95 Illinois Sharon
Rodecka, Chas. Private K 92 Illinois Bracy
Rodecker, C. W. Sergeant D 49 Illinois Cav. Wonewoc
Rodee, Alb. C. Private B 118 New York Milwaukee
Rodenbuech, John 1st. Sergeant C 30 Missouri Merrill
Rodgers, Frank Private D 31 Ohio Seneca
Rod, J. B. Chaplain -- 49 New York Oshkosh
Roecker, Hugo Private A 68 New York National Home
Roestrop, John P. Private K 42 Illinois National Home
Roettger, Frederick Private D 49 Illinois Somerset
Rogers, A. T. Corporal -- 1 Minn. L. A. Trempealeau
Rogers, A. W. Private B 132 Illinois Rice Lake
Rogers, B. F. Chaplain -- 15 Illinois Fort Atkinson
Rogers, Benjamin Private G 18 Ohio Viroqua
Rogers, Chas. Private H 10 Illinois Janesville
Rogers, George Private B 86 Indiana Barron
Rogers, Geo. G. Private I 98 New York La Crosse
Rogers, Geo. W. Corporal I 7 Iowa Ladoga
Rogers, H. R. Private B 1 Illinois National Home
Rogers, John Private H 2 N. Y. Art. Fond du Lac
Rogers, W. H. 1st. Lieut. B 15 Illinois Ft Atkinson
Rogers, Wm. Corporal G 4 Missouri Mt Hope
Rogge, Fred Private E 38 Ohio National Home
Roggenthin, Frank Private A 45 Illinois Shullsburg
Roggin, Fred Private D 12 Maine   National Home
Rollens, S. M. Private I 16 New York Fairchild
Roller, John Private -- 13 N. Y. Bat. La Crosse
Romain, Francis -- -- -- -- National Home
Romanowitz, Jos. Private B 5 Ohio National Home
Romer, John Private H 3 Missouri National Home
Ronan, John Private F 8 N. Y. Cav. Florence
Rone, O. H. Private C 187 New York Waupaca
Rood, Oliver Private G 8 Vermont National Home
Rooft, W. W. Private M 2 Ohio Eau Claire
Rooney, Pat. Private M 2 New York National Home
Rooney, Patrick Private A 129 Pennsylvania Calamine
Roosa, Peter H. Private F 156 New York National Home
Root, C. D. 1st. Lieut. D -- Michigan Lake Mills
Roreo, George Private H 3 Col. Cav. Crandon
Rosche, Phil Private L 25 New York National Home
Roscoe, Joseph Private H 4 New York Art. Egg Harbor
Rose, Alex. S. Private -- 11 New York Art. Milwaukee
Rose, C. N. Private I 3 Indiana Kirby
Rose, C. P. Private E 49 New York Kenosha
Rose, Irving W. Private B 169 New York National Home
Rose, L. H. Private B 85 New York Wis Vet Home
Rose, M. B. Corporal B 20 Illinois Auroraville
Rose, W. F. Private B 27 Iowa Prairie du Chien
Rosecrantz, Jas. Private F 70 New York National Home
Rosenkrans, O. L. -- -- 28 N. Y. H. Art. Oconomwoc
Rosenthal, Chas. Private F 8 California Milwaukee
Rosenthal, Henry A. Private A 96 Illinois Rockville
Roseman, Geo. W. Private B 97 Pennsylvania Monroe
Rosmanlin, P. J. Private I 153 Illinois Green Bay
Ross, Chas. H. Major -- 13 Indiana Milwaukee
Ross, Duncan Private I 73 Ohio Balsam Lake
Ross, Ezekiel Musician B 5 Minnesota Hersey
Ross, Jas. Private H 102 Michigan Milwaukee
Ross, M. V. Sergeant L 11 Michigan Sun Prairie
Ross, T. J. Private B 94 Ohio Hersey
Ross, Wm. Private F 18 Michigan Houlton
Ross, William Private D 39 New York Little Wolf
Rosser, L. J. Private G 12 Michigan Debello
Rosten, Theo. Private E 16 New York Phillips
Rastrom, Elijah Private E 1 Minn. H. A. Ellsworth
Rote, F. Sergeant C 52 Pennsylvania Baraboo
Roth, Fred Private D 2 Mo. Cav. Grafton
Roth, John Private B 18 New York National Home
Roth, Lorenzo Private A 22 New York National Home
Rothfuss, Dav. Private K 12 Missouri National Home
Rothwell, W. A. Corporal K 74 Illinois So Kaukauna
Rounce, Wm. D. Private A 7 Minn. Trimbelle
Rounds, G. R. Private B 3 Ohio Belle Center
Rounds, J. J. Private B 177 Ohio Baraboo
Rounds, Louis A. Captain C 4 Ohio Boscobel
Rounserville, L. S. Sergeant -- 10 Mich. Cav. River Falls
Rourk, John Private D 1 Pennsylvania National Home
Rourke, Mich. Private M 3 Massachus'ts National Home
Rourke, Peter Private C 40 Illinois La Crosse
Rouse, A. Y. Private K 23 Michigan Barron
Rouse, I. D. Private E 28 Michigan Rhinelander
Rouser, Phil. Sen. Private B 5 Penn. H. A. Alma
Rousseau, John Sergeant A 22 New York Northport
Rowan, Durak Private K 3 New York National Home
Rowan, Martin W. Private A 49 New York Hurlbut
Rowe, Adna G. Private C 16 Connecticut National Home
Rowe, H. H. Captain F 102 Ohio Chippewa Falls
Rowe, James Private E 1 Illinois Eau Claire
Rowe, John H. Private M 10 Illinois National Home
Rowell, Geo. Private A 11 Illinois Milwaukee
Rowland, John C. Private A 112 New York Barron
Rowland, Jos. B. Private D 22 Indiana National Home
Rowland, Smith B. Private F 114 New York Augusta
Rowley, Charles D. Sergeant E 24 N. York Cav. Lone Rock
Rowley, M. S. Adjutant -- 11 Mich. Cav. Madison
Royal, Luther M. Private C 1 Maine Somerset
Royce, C. A. Private F 94 New York Turtle
Roycraft, J. C. Private C 104 New York Chippewa Falls
Roys, Walter  Sergeant G 98 New York Ironton
Rudy, Jacob Corporal I 66 Indiana Montana
Rue, C. W., Sr. Private B 45 Illinois Muscoda
Rueger, Sam. Private E 144 Illinois National Home
Ruegger, Fred Private D 59 Illinois National Home
Rugg, Geo. W. Corporal M 5 N. York Cav. Oconto
Ruggles, J. M. Private B 138 Indiana Superior
Rundle, Fred Private F 124 New York Neillsville
Rundle, Horace B. Private E 11 Minnesota Wheeler
Runkel, Henry Private K 15 Illinois Burlington
Rupno, J. F. Private F 37 Illinois Weyauwega
Rupp, Aug. Private I 42 Illinois Madison
Rush, Henry Private F 3 Ohio Martinstown
Rush, John B. Private H 15 New Jersey Chippewa Falls
Rushenburg, John A. Private B 111 New Jersey Durand
Rushpler, Theo. Private H 6 Iowa National Home
Rusk, Calvin Private D 75 Ohio Dell
Russel, Abel L. Private D 1 Michigan Elmhurst
Russel, Benj. F. Private E 5 Rhode Island East Troy
Russell, C. M. Private E 118 New York Three Lakes
Russell, John Serg't Major -- 8 Illinois Neenah
Russell, John F. Sergeant G 16 New York La Crosse
Russell, Nelson Private K 11 N. Y. Cav. Augusta
Russell, Royal Private A 92 New York Augusta
Russell, Samuel Private D 98 New York Cox
Russell, Wm. W. Private F 64 New York National Home
Rust, Henry Private G 68 Ohio Wis Vet Home
Rutter, Wm. H. Private B 75 Ohio Ferryville
Ruty, Henry Private H 68 New York National Home
Rutzen, Henry Corporal F 45 Illinois Fort Atkinson
Ryan, Chas. Private I 10 New York National Home
Ryan, I. A. Private F 193 New York Lake Geneva
Ryan, Jas. Private D 7 Missouri National Home
Ryan, James Private G 1 Minn. Cav. Boardman
Ryan, John Private C 6 New York National Home
Ryan, John Private I 94 New York National Home
Ryan, Mich. Private F 2 Iowa National Home
Ryan, M. O. Sergeant H 4 Missouri Arena
Ryan, Mich. F. Private G 63 New York National Home
Ryan, Patrick Private L 1 Ill. Lt. Art. Green Bay
Ryan, Thos. H. Private F 15 Illinois National Home
Ryan, Timothy Private G 90 Illinois National Home
Ryan, Wm. F. Private -- 59 Pennsylvania National Home
Ryanders, J. P. Private H 50 New York Rice Lake
Ryley, Amos Corporal M 2 Mas'chusetts. Milwaukee
Ryma, David -- -- -- -- Edson



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