Enumeration of the Soldiers of the Late War
Who Served in Organizations of Other States and Reported by the
Enumerators as Residing in Wisconsin on June 20, 1895.

* All names of soldiers returned by the enumerators with the company, regiment or state omitted, will be found in this list.

transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Susan Geist, Rhonda Hill, Tammy Clark, Mary Saggio, Veneta McKinney, Heather Turner







Sabene, Geo. C. Private M 1 Maine National Home
Sachtig, Louis Private B 11 New Jersey Milwaukee
Sadler, Thos. Private E 7 New York National Home
Saffengton, C. H. Private E 147 Illinois Pleasant Valley
Sage, Geo. Private H 42 New York Beloit
Sairs, Jeremiah Private E 13 Kansas National Home
Sairs, Theodore L. Private G 144 New York Wrightstown
Sala, Orlando Private A 1 Iowa Cavalry Bloomington
Salsbury, David Private F 14 Michigan Elroy
Salsburry, J. J. Private D 7 W. Virginia North Clayton
Salley, Joel Private H 1 Minnesota Ellsworth
Sallie, D. D. Private F 11 Maine Wolf Creek
Saloday, H. G. Private -- 31 New Jersey Winneconne
Sampler, Wm. Private K 35 New York De Pere
Sampson, Levi Private H 111 New York Fall City
Sanborn, Chas. P. Corporal K 27 Maine La Crosse
Sanborn, John M. Private B 3 Michigan Mather
Sanborn, R. W. 2d. Lieut. D 2 Minn. Cav. Superior
Sanburn, Edmund B. Private B 2 New Hamp. Oshkosh
Sandberg, L. W. Private I 29 Michigan Baraboo
Sander, Carl Private K 74 Ohio Plymouth
Sanders, Arthur Private A 16 Michigan White Birch
Sanders, E. M. Private C 72 Ohio Cataract
Sanders, H. C. Private F 18 Ohio Rockton
Sanders, Henry Private I 9 Illinois Hayward
Sanders, J. A. Private A 105 Illinois Rhinelander
Sanders, J. T. Private F 77 Ohio Dell
Sanders, John B. Private H 7 Michigan Saxon
Sanders, Morgan L. Private D 6 N. York Cav. Whitewater
Sanders, Wm. 2d. Lieut. F 1 W. Virginia Moon
Sanderson, I. J. Private C 121 New York Black Earth
Sanderson, John M. Private C 11 N. Y. Ind. Bat. Portage
Sanderson, Wm. Private F 106 New York Sturgeon Bay
Sands, John Private C 30 Maine  Fifield
Sands, Richard Private I 1 Vt. H. Art. Marshfield
Sanford, J. B. Private G 17 Illinois Cav. Clear Lake
Sanford, Jno. Private I 76 Pennsylvania Greenwood
Sanner, Adam Private G 69 Illinois Janesville
Sargent, George H. Corporal K 137 Illinois Ellsworth
Sargent, N. Sergeant -- 3 Pennsylvania Plymouth
Sargent, Tracy Private K 10 New York Ripon
Sarmann, Christopher Private G 97 Ohio Sheboygan
Saubscher, Benedict Private I 9 Illinois Wonewoc
Saulton, Henry Private A 3 Michigan Amery
Saunders, F. P. Sergeant E 72 Illinois Marinette
Saunders, Wm. H. Private B 1 Mass. B. H. A. Cambria
Saunier, A. S. 2d. Lieut. B 48 Missouri Prentice
Saute, Alex Private -- -- -- Fairchild
Savage, Dav. L. Private A 33 Mas'chusetts. National Home
Savoy, F. H. Private G 18 New Hamp. Pewaukee
Sawtell, J. R. Private F 9 Minnesota Stevens Point
Sawyer, A. P. Private G 52 Illinois Green Bay
Sawyer, Simon Private D 141 Illinois Bloomington
Saxton, Chas. G. Private B 13 New York National Home
Saylor, Henry Private -- 4 Ohio Mosinee
Saylor, Peter H. Private D 109 Illinois Green Bay
Scales, C. E. Private E 12 Vermont West Superior
Scanlan, Wm. Private B 2 Kentucky National Home
Scantlin, Hanibal Corporal I 4 Virginia Plainfield
Schadel, S. P. Private A 46 Illinois Monroe
Schaefer, John Private H 97 Pennsylvania National Home
Schall, Henry Private B 13 Penn. Cav. Mauston
Schaller, Frank Private A 15 Illinois La Crosse
Schallem, O. -- -- 2 -- Ripon
Schamberger, Adam Private K 21 New York National Home
Schanel, Joseph Private C 1 Missouri Black Earth
Scharfenburger, Jac. Private D 39 New York National Home
Scharp, John Private K 1 Michigan National Home
Schattenberg, Fred Private L 15 New York Oslo
Schartz, Hy. Private D 11 Indiana Jackson
Scheets, Daniel Corporal I 4 California Milwaukee
Scheib, John, Sr. Private H 12 Ohio Ada
Scheibel, John Private G 12 Missouri National Home
Schelling, Henry Corporal A 9 New York Williamsburg
Schellinger, Almon A. Captain K 95 Illinois Sharon
Schenck, Samuel Private D 13 Ohio Baraboo
Scherer, Jac. Private A 1 Missouri National Home
Scherff, Peter Private I 32 Iowa   National Home
Scherm, John Private I 6 Iowa National Home
Scherschel, Peter -- H 152 Indiana Juneau
Schibler, Alois Private F 74 Pennsylvania National Home
Schilling, Ernest Private E 28 Ohio National Home
Schimmelpfining, Frank Private M 8 Illinois Cav. Oconomowoc
Schimmer, Bernhardt Private E 156 Illinois Clintonville
Schlegel, Osw. Private F 10 Illinois National Home
Schleier, John Private F 12 Illinois Cassville
Schleier, Mathias Private C 3 Iowa Cassville
Schleifer, Fred Private B 1 New York Cedarburg
      1 N. Y. Ind. B.  
Schlessman, John Private E 45 Illinois Racine
Schlicht, Adolph Lieutenant G 16 Iowa Milwaukee
Schlicht, John Private I 23 Michigan Marshfield
Schlick, Chas. Private C 24 Illinois National Home
Schloemer, Hy Private B 2 Missouri Cav. West Bend
Schlotterbeck, Gottl. Private E 214 Pennsylvania National Home
Schmidt, Ant. Private G 68 Pennsylvania National Home
Schmidt, Carl Private D 1 Minnesota Menomonie
Schmidt, Chas. Private A 16 Illinois Cav. Milwaukee
Schmidt, Christ. G. F. Private I 5 Penn. Art. Milwaukee
Schmidt, Fred. E. Private A 23 Pennsylvania Milwaukee
Schmidt, Henry Private E 29 Mas'chusetts National Home
Schmidt, John Private C 3 New Jersey National Home
Schmidt, John, Sr. Private G 15 Connecticut Durand
Schneider, Christ Private B 27 Iowa National Home
Schneider, Fred Private E 72 Ohio Alma
Schneider, Gottfried Private B 12 Illinois Cav. Two Rivers
Schneider, J. Private C 24 Illinois Wis Vet Home
Schneider, John Private L 9 Illinois National Home
Schneider, John A. Private K 106 Ohio National Home
Schneider, Louis Corporal F 71 Pennsylvania Milwaukee
Schneider, Nich. Private D 24 Illinois National Home
Schneider, William Private B 2 Arkansas Whitewater
Schnell, Geo. H. Corporal B 52 Illinois Milwaukee
Schnell, Wm. Private B 52 Illinois Milwaukee
Schneller, Edw. Private I 17 Missouri National Home
Schneskenberger, Louis Private G 6 Michigan National Home
Stchoefer, J. Private B 49 New York Sturgeon Bay
Schoefer, John Private H 188 Ohio National Home
Schoen, Charles Private G 15 Indiana Oconomowoc
Schoenig, Alex Private G 37 Ohio National Home
Schoenleber, Paul Private B 2 Pennsylvania National Home
Schofield, C. N. Private B 1 R. I. Cav. Oshkosh
Schofield, Charles Private E 1 Iowa Watertown
Schofield, Robert Major -- 1 Vermont Cav. Kilbourn
Schoknecht, Joachim Private B 102 Illinois Marcy
Scholl, Philip Private B 11 Illinois Richland Center
Schonberg, Conrad Q. Master -- 4 A. C. Howard
Schooty, Chas. Private A 26 Michigan National Home
Schottle, Chas. J. Private D 12 Illinois Janesville
Schram, John Private I 58 New York Manitowoc
Schram, Julius Private A 16 Michigan Green Bay
Schratke, Hugo Private F 20 New York Oshkosh
Schreiber, Edward Captain C 1 New York Milwaukee
Schremp, Geo. Private G 6 -- Marathon City
Schrieber, Aug. Private H 32 Illinois National Home
Schroeder, Charles Private D 13 Illinois Cav. Oconomowoc
Schroeder, Hubert Private F 5 Minnesota Thorp
Schroeder, John Private E 9 Illinois Burlington
Schroeder, Louis R. Private -- 10 Indiana National Home
Schroeder, Peter Private K 2 Minnesota Thorp
Schroeder, Theo Private H 106 Ohio National Home
Schroeder, Vic Private L 1 Mas'chusetts National Home
Schuering, Stephen Private E 5 Iowa Cassville
Schuesi, Carl Private K 56 Illinois Pine Grove
Schuetle, Hy -- -- -- -- West Bend
Schuetz, John Private L 17 Illinois National Home
Schufeldt, James Lieutenant E 10 Vermont Antigo
Schug, Louis Private B 185 New York National Home
Schultheis, Chas. Private A 24 Illinois National Home
Schultz, Adolph Private H 10 New York National Home
Schultz, August -- -- -- -- Lowell
Schultz, Carl Private H 11 New York National Home
Schultz, Chas. Private K 94 New York National Home
Schultz, Charles Private I 19 Illinois Boscobel
Schultz, Daniel Private E 21 New York Manitowoc
Schultz, Mart Private I 132 New York National Home
Schultz, Rudolph Private C 54 Pennsylvania North Bristol
Schultz, Wm. C. Private K 3 Illinois Cav. Boscobel
Schultz, Jacob Private C 11 Mo. Cav. Monroe
Schulz, Val Private C 39 Illinois Granville Center
Schumacher, Jac Private I 29 Michigan National Home
Schumacher, Jac Private D 22 Ohio National Home
Schumacher, Jac Private I 23 Michigan Milwaukee
Schumann, Chas. F. Private D 39 Illinois Cedarburg
Schumer, Nic Private I 78 New York National Home
Schumway, J. B. Private B 6 Vermont Baraboo
Schuttler, John Private B 127 Illinois National Home
Schutzler, Chas. Private G 46 Ohio National Home
Schwalu, Fred Private H 6 New York Florence
Schwantes, Wm. Private I 23 Michigan Two Rivers
Schwartz, Herm -- -- -- -- Milwaukee
Schwedes, Christ Sergeant C 2 Virginia Alma
Schweiss, Geo. Private -- 3 Indiana Cav. National Home
Schweizer, Simon 1st Lieut. E 2 Kentucky Milwaukee
Schwindling, Peter Private K 37 Michigan Sheboygan
Scofield, Edward Captain K 11 Penn. Res. Oconto
Scofield, Francis M. Private E 3 Mich. Cav. Eldron
Schrldering, John Private D 4 Minnesota West De Pere
Scott, Charles Private C 112 New York Medford
Scott, C. E. Sergeant D 10 N. Y. Art. Whitehall
Scott, Geo. F. Musician -- 25 Maine Oshkosh
Scott, Graham Private M 6 Michigan Milwaukee
Scott, J. B. Private E 106 Michigan Shamrock
Scott, J. O. Lieutenant D 34 Michigan Waupaca
Scott, J. R. Private B 47 Illinois Edson
Scott, James H. Private G 118 Indiana Richland Center
Scott, John Private D 7 Illinois National Home
Scott, Samuel Private G 32 N. Y. Cav. Racine
Scott, Walter Private -- 16 Michigan National Home
Scovel, Jno. Private F 1 Minnesota Greenwood
Scovell, Rev. A. B. Private E 46 Illinois Reedsburg
Scoville, C. W. Corporal B 151 Illinois Wautoma
Scoville, Eugene Private B 112 New York La Crosse
Scranton, T. M. Private A 30 Iowa Neillsville
Scribner, Luke Private K 38 Ohio Woodstock
Seaman, Chas. Private G 137 New York Eau Claire
Seaman, Edw. Private D 16 Illinois National Home
Seammon, John Private K 2 Maine Brookville
    A 14    
Searl, Ambrose Private E 177 Ohio Augusta
Searl, John D. Private E 27 Mas'chusetts Clintonville
Searle, John Private I 23 Michigan National Home
Searles, Gillman E. Private K 177 Ohio Evansville
Searles, L. M. Private I 75 New York Superior
Searles, R. D. Private C 21 Michigan Sylvester
Searls, William Private B 92 Ohio Sylvan
Sears, Wm. Private H 59 Indiana Wilmot
Sears, Wm. W. 2d Lieut. E 28 Michigan Badger Mills
Sebold, Geo. Sergeant I 6 Mich. Cav. Milwaukee
Secord, Joseph Private F 3 Michigan Hatfield
Secore, Joseph Private D 6 Illinois Rice Lake
Sedgwick, G. G. Sergeant B 105 Illinois Manitowoc
Sedgwick, Thos. Private B 36 Illinois Whitewater
Sedgewick, I. T. -- -- -- -- Antigo
Seeley, A. R. Private L 2 Pennsylvania Eau Claire
Seeley, B. E. -- -- -- -- Stanley
Seeter, John D. Corporal B 12 Illinois Plum City
Segebarth, Johan Private C 112 Missouri Cedarburg
Seibert, James Private F 149 New York Dodge
Seibert, John Private E 3 Pennsylvania National Home
Seip, Jac Private H 15 New York National Home
Seizer, John D. Private M 9 Illinois National Home
Selden, Geo. Private A 157 New York West Superior
Selle, Fred Private I 45 Illinois Tustin
Selleck, George Jr. Private G 13 Iowa Benton
Selleck, Washington F. Private M ?4 Missouri Cav. Millville
Seller, John Private -- 16 New York Bat. National Home
Sellers, Alex Private D 27 Michigan National Home
Sellers, John Private A 98 New York Stevens Point
Seltzer, R. H. Sergeant B 94 Illinois Waukesha
Sercomb, Chas. A. Private K 132 Illinois Milwaukee
Serene, Samuel L. Private H 78 Pennsylvania Pepin
Sergent, John P. Private C 4 Michigan St Croix Falls
Settle, Wm. Private C 60 Iowa Monroe
Sevenson, Ole Private B 5 Minnesota Prairie Farm
Severance, Henry Private F 184 New York National Home
Severance, Rodney Private B 197 Ohio Mauston
Severson, J. L. Private E 13 Iowa Cambridge
Sevy, Warren J. Private A 8 Minnesota Osceola Mills
Seymour, Frank Major E 22 Connecticut Milwaukee
Seymour, G. F. Private D 156 New York Retreat
Seymour, W. J. Private G 57 New York Downing
Shafer, Aaron Corporal G 106 New York Neillsville
Shafer, Phalon L. Private G 131 Pennsylvania Badger Mills
Shafer, W. Corporal E 20 Michigan Ft Atkinson
Shaffer, Enoch Private K 38 & 68 Iowa Minong
Shaffner, F. S. Private G 72 New York Amery
Shaffner, Richard Private B 12 Iowa Eau Galle
Shaffner, T. R. Sergeant K 94 New York Amery
Shanahan, H. M. Corporal M 4 Michigan Kilbourn
Shannahan, Timothy Private K 4 Vermont Delavan
Shannon, John Private B 90 Illinois Plum City
Shannone, William Private D 50 New York Weyauwega
Shappee, F. E. Sergeant I 24 N. J. Cav. Independence
Shappell, Chas. Private K 7 Kansas Beetown
Sharkey, Chas. Private D 5 Delaware Lone Pine
Sharp, H. J. Private F 6 New York Hager City
Sharp, J. F. -- -- -- -- Marinette
Sharp, W. C. Private G 198 Ohio Barron
Sharpe, Levi Private L 1 N. Y. L. A. Waldo
Shatlie, Warner Private A 26 Missouri National Home
Shattick, M. A. Private I 9 Illinois Cav. Dancy
Shattuck, A. W. Private D 10 N. Y. H. A. Clinton
Shattuck, G. W. Corporal H 6 Ohio Cav. La Farge
Shaw, Albison Private B 146 New York Morrisonville
Shaw, Elias J. Private G 23 Illinois National Home
Shaw, Henry Private G 21 Iowa Valley Junction
Shaw, Jos. Private D 36 Illinois National Home
Shaw, W. K. Private A 5 Connecticut St Francis
Shaw, William Private D 91 Illinois Waupaca
Shaw, William Private G 153 New York Buckbee
Shaw, Wm. W. Private G 9 Iowa Steuben
Shawen, Jas. W. Private F 114 Illinois National Home
Sheall, John B. Private C 81 New York National Home
Shean, Jas. Private H 35 New Jersey National Home
Sheehan, Jas. Private F 8 Pennsylvania National Home
Sheffield, Chas. M. Private H 19 Mas'chusetts National Home
Sheffield, E. P. Private E 52 Illinois Janesville
Sheifer, Frank Private A 6 Ohio National Home
Sheldon, Arthur Private K 136 New York Greenbush
Sheldon, Fred J. Sergeant B 2 Michigan Longwood
Sheldon, H. H. Private I 2 Iowa Greenbush
Sheldon, I. L. Private -- -- -- Unity
Sheldon, J. R. Private G 14 Connecticut Clintonville
Sheldon, alias Seaton W. Lieutenant C -- New York Madison
Shelton, M. S. Private A 56 Ohio West Superior
Sheneker, John Private D 44 Illinois Clifton
Shepard, Chas. Private E 17 Illinois Cav. Janesville
Shepard, Harry Private A 1 N. Y. M. R. Neenah
Shepard, J. R. Corporal -- 6 Ohio Ind. Bat Ashland
Shepard, O. W. Drummer D 146 Illinois Oshkosh
Shepard, Edwin R. 1st Sergeant B 3 N. York Cav. Madison
Shephard, Richard Private F 89 Indiana Richland Center
Sherman, Elkanah Private F 27 Iowa National Home
Sherman, F. M. Private H 4 Maine Windsor
Sherman, Hiram Private E 3 New York National Home
Sherman, Ira Private M 12 Ind. Cav. Appleton
Sherman, M. L. Private K 52 Illinois Richland Center
Sherman, R. R. Private B 110 New York Janesville
Sherman, Sam E. Private A 17 Vermont National Home
Sherman, Stuckley Private A 5 California Richland Center
Sherman, Wm. Private C 3 Michigan Dorchester
Sherman, William H. Private B 14 New York Angelo
    G 117 New York  
    D 10 V. R. C.  
Sherman, Wm. L. Private I 2 Minnesota National Home
Sherwood, A. C. -- -- 4 Vermont Kenosha
Sherwood, C. E. Private F 6 Minnesota Grant
Shew, Lorenzo M. Private K 10 New York Woodruff
Shew, William M. Private E 35 New York Woodruff
Shields, David Private H 48 Illinois Brodhead
Shields, Geo. Private F 25 Illinois National Home
Shields, Jas. Private F 13 New York National Home
Shields, Pat Private F 153 Illinois Kenosha
Shiemate, Jefferson Private D 91 Ohio Rockton
Shifflebine, Godfrey Private -- -- -- Reedsburg
Shilling, Jos. Private A 7 Maryland National Home
Shindler, W. Private K 8 Illinois Cav. Platteville
Shine, Wm. Private F 3 Missouri Madison
Shingler, Warren Corporal C 8 N. H. H. Art. Waupaca
Shipner, Chas. H. Private F 1 Pennsylvania National Home
Shock, Charles Private E 81 Ohio Lake Geneva
Shoemaker, A. H. 1st Sergeant B 4 New York Greenwood
Shoemaker, Chas. Private B 12 Maine National Home
Shoemaker, Jacob Private D 33 Indiana Ellsworth
Shoemaker, James Private C 13 Iowa Lynxville
Shook, John Jr. Private B 12 Missouri National Home
Shookman, Phillip Private H 152 Indiana Neptune
Shords, William J. Sergeant C 62 Ohio Valton
Shores, Levi K. Private C 156 New York Stiles
Short, Geo. L. Private C 8 Illinois Cav. La Crosse
Short, J. B. Q. M. Sergt. A 8 Iowa Cav. Beloit
Short, James Private B 193 Ohio Sabin
Short, Isaac Private A 155 Ohio Wonewoc
Shoughlers, Mike Private I 14 New York Colfax
Shouk, Sam F. Private C 10 Tennessee Racine
Shrader, Henry Private H 10 Iowa National Home
Shroder, Frederick Private A 2 Minn. Cav. Turtle Lake
Shubert, Aug. H. Private A 38 Connecticut National Home
Shue, B. H. Corporal D 186 Pennsylvania Hayward
Shufeldt, Sheldon Private H 2 Minnesota Antigo
Shurman, Frank Private B 2 Illinois Cav. Estella
Shuman, Peter Private A 9 Penn. Cav. La Crosse
Shumway, J. B. Private B 6 Vermont Baraboo
Shupe, Aaron Musician -- 57 Illinois Racine
Shuler, Geo. Captain G 98 Pennsylvania National Home
Shultz, Jacob Private E 31 Ohio Downsville
Sickler, Isaac Private B 134 New York Lime Ridge
Siebert, Wm. Private G 52 New York National Home
Sieser, John Private M 9 Illinois Cav. Brodhead
Silbaugh, William B. Private G 147 Indiana Viroqua
Silk, Charles T. Private D 14 N. Y. H. A. Galesville
Silvernail, Chas. H. Private I 8 Iowa Phillips
Silvernail, I. A. Private G 128 New York Oshkosh
Silvernail, Wm. E. Private H 1 Michigan Bat. Hudson
Silvers, Joseph Private A 147 Indiana Boyd Town
Simbach, Chas. Private G 92 -- Princeton
Simmons, Dan Private D 101 Illinois National Home
Simmons, Edw. Private F 2 Mas'chusetts National Home
Simmons, J. N. Sergeant B 60 Indiana Warner
Simmons, Thos. Private D 14 Michigan National Home
Simmons, W. Private K 131 Indiana Boyceville
Simmons Wm. M. Private D 7 Illinois Elkhorn
  Private I 3 Missouri  
Simon, Fred Private B 74 Pennsylvania Ableman
Simon, John Private B 1 Louisiana National Home
Simon, Pitt Private A 3 Ohio Green Bay
Simpson, Geo. Captain -- 142 New York Oshkosh
Simpson, H. -- -- -- -- Burlington
Simpson, R. -- -- -- -- West Superior
Simpson, Wm. Private E 119 Illinois Chippewa Falls
Simpson, Wm. H. Private C 140 Illinois Milwaukee
Sims, John B. Private A 15 Iowa National Home
Sincenbeaux, Ira Corporal F 2 New York Prairie Farm
Sinclair, Alex Private F 91 New York Portage
Sinclair, James H. Private A 9 Minnesota Marshfield
Sinclair, John W. Private C 30 Ohio Ontario
Sinclaire, Edward Private B 10 Illinois Chippewa Falls
Sincula, Frank Private F 24 Illinois National Home
Singer, Dav Private H 6 Ohio National Home
Singler, George Private B 159 New York Stephensville
Singleton, W. -- -- -- -- West Superior
Sinter, W. F. Surgeon .. 95 Illinois La Crosse
Sippy, Lewis Private B 40 Indiana Richland Center
Sitser, A. J. Sergeant A 1 Mich. Cav Oxford
Siver, Jno. R. Private A 153 Illinois Racine
Siverton, John Private D 2 New York Bat Lake Nebagam'n
Skeelis, H. S. Private G 13 New York   Eau Claire
Skeels, Hiram Private I 94 New York Attica
Skelley, Rob Private C 170 New York National Home
Skidmore, D. L. Private F 2 Ohio National Home
Skidmore, Gard Private K 30 Maine Diamond Bluff
Skinner, Patrick Private C 14 Illinois Hempel
Skinner, Harry S. Private A 6 Michigan National Home
Skinner, James, alias Young Private - 53 Pennsylvania Pepin
Skinner, Otis S. Private E 100 - National Home
Slack, William H. Private E 137 New York Liberty Pole
Sladts, Levi B. Corporal C 67 Illinois Onalaska
Slagle, Lewis Private D 91 Ohio Star
Slandinger, Jos. Private G 95 New York National Home
Slater, Cornelius Private - 5 New York Regina
Slater, George W. Private K & E 39 & 40 Illinois Minong
Slick, W. B. Private A 27 Iowa Rice Lake
Slisson, Frank Private B 49 Mas'chusetts Kenosha
Slocum, Alfred Private E 193 Ohio Minocqua
Slocum, Chas. A. Private D 12 Illinois Cav. Chetek
Slocum, Elizer Private B 115 Illinois National Home
Slocum, Geo. Private D 12 Illinois Cav. Tyrone
Slocum, Geo. F. Private A 2 Minn. Cav Berlin
  Corporal F 2 Minn. Cav  
Sloniker, J. M. V Private K 57 Indiana Wonewoc
Slusser, Francs M. Chaplain - 33 Iowa National Home
Small, Albert Private K 69 Illinois Minong
Smallwood, Geo. E. Private E 22 Mas'chusetts National Home
Smallwood, Wm Private D 95 Illinois National Home
Smart, Charles Private E 6 Maine Colby
Smart, J. M. Private B 21 Maine Plainfield
Smiley, A. H. Private D 2 Minn Cav Beloit
Smith, A. J. Private D 99 Illinois Marinette
Smith, Abram Private A 65 New York Dexterville
Smith, Albert Drum Maj H 156 Illinois Pittsville
Smith, Amos Private D 101 Pennsylvania Juda
Smith, Asa Corporal F 6 Michigan Pardeville
Smith B. F. Private K 7 Iowa Cav Rhinelander
Smith, C. E. Private K 4 Minnesota Chippewa Falls
  Surgeon - - U.S.  
Smith, C. R. Private F 7 Ohio Marinette
Smith, C. W.  Private D 8 Minnesota La Crosse
Smith, Calvin P. Private A 4 Minnesota Oconomowoc
Smith, Chas. B. Private D 22 Mas'chusetts Ashland
Smith, Christian Private I 65 Illinois Oshkosh
Smith, Dan Private D 39 New York Little Wolf
Smith, David Private D 13 Iowa Cylon
Smith, David Private H 37 Kentucky Arkansaw
Smith, Dexter J. Private G 88 Illinois National Home
Smith, E. C. Private C 20 Maine Osceola Mills
Smith, E. G. Private F 1 New H. Cav Fall River
Smith, E. H. Major - 2 Illinois Allen's Grove
Smith, E. R. Private H 2 Vermont Green Bay
Smith, Eugene M. Private D 126 New York Wauwatosa
Smith, Eben E. Private C 27 Maine Kewaunee
Smith, Edw Private G 107 New York National Home
Smith, Edward Private G 1 Maryland Rockton
Smith, Ephraim Private I 207 Pennsylvania Readfield
Smith, Erick D. Private C 125 New York Delavan
Smith, E W. Private G 11 Michigan Millston
Smith, F. W. Private B 9 Michigan Bell Center
Smith, Fayette Private H 15 Missouri National Home
Smith, Fred Private E 153 New York Milwaukee
Smith, G. B. Private I 20 N. Y. Cavalry Sparta
Smith, G. H. Q.M. & Supt. Mil. Tel. Gen. Halleck's staff West Superior
Smith, Geo. Private E 16 Illinois Racine
Smith, H. F. Private K 55 Illinois Palmyra
Smith, H. F. Private I 142 Illinois Neenah
Smith, H. G. Corporal G 18 Ohio Lone Pine
Smith, Henry Private C 13 Michigan Milwaukee
Smith, Henry Private H 2 N. Y. Cav. Antigo
Smith, Henry C. Private K 25 New York National Home
Smith, Horace 1st Lieut H 154 New York Mazomanie
Smith, Ira E. - - - - Waupaca
Smith, Isaac Private F 29 Illinois Cav National Home
Smith, J. B. Private M 2 Col. Cav Unity
Smith, J. B. Private E 123 Ohio Clinton
Smith, J. C. Private D 6 Iowa Wausau
Smith, J. J. Private F 65 Illinois Barron City
Smith, J. S. Private I 14 Maine Eau Claire
Smith, Jac Private C 15 New York National Home
Smith, Jas. Private I 44 Indiana National Home
Smith, James Private A 40 Indiana Rhinelander
Smith, James Private A 125 New York Flintville
Smith, James Private F 45 Pennsylvania Wausau
Smith, James A Private F 68 Ohio Viola
Smith, Jason Private A 9 Vermont National Home
Smith, Jesse Private D 4 Virginia Cav. Dell
Smith, John Corporal I 23 Kentucky Arkansaw
Smith, John Private C 39 Illinois Ahnapee
Smith, John Private H 40 New Jersey National Home
Smith, John Private I 7 California National Home
Smith, John Private B 6 Iowa National Home
Smith, John Private E 193 New York National Home
Smith, John Private K 9 Iowa La Crosse
Smith, John Corporal B 193 New York River Falls
Smith, John Private .. 14 Mich. Bat. Rockville
Smith, John Private G 114 Ohio New Cassel
Smith, John F. Private I 152 New York Cumberland
Smith, John R. Private 8 Indiana Excelsior
Smith, Jonah Private L 2 Pa. H. A. Seymour
Smith, Jos. A. Private A 38 Missouri National Home
Smith, Josiah Private D 99 Ohio Superior
Smith, L. Private I 110 Pennsylvania Wis Vet Home
Smith, L. C. - - - - Berlin
Smith, M. B. - C - Minn. Bt. Cv. Oshkosh
Smith, Martin L. Corporal B 2 Minnesota Eau Claire
Smith, Mich Private H 47 New York National Home
Smith, Morris Private E 142 Illinois Darlington
Smith, N. L. Corporal 8 N. Y. H. A. Merrill
Smith, N. P. Private L 7 N. Y. Art. Baraboo
Smith, Nelson Private H 152 Indiana Bloom City
Smith, O. B. Private C 10 New York Coomer
Smith, O. C. Private A 1 Ohio L. A. Stockbridge
Smith, P. Private A 1 N. Y. L. A. Centralia
Smith, Patrick S. Private D 23 Illinois Highland
Smith, Peter Private - 13 Kansas National Home
Smith, Philip Private I 78 Ohio Gillingham
Smith, Reuben Private A 18 Michigan Ontario
Smith, Rial Private H 95 Illinois Stevens Point
Smith, Richard F. Private E 23 Illinois National Home
Smith, Robt. H. Private H 3 Michigan Sturgeon Bay
Smith, Russell R. Private D 10 Michigan Shawano
Smith, S. M. 1st Sergeant M 108 New York Madison
Smith, Sam 2d Sergeant E 6 Maine Suamico
Smith, Sam C. Sergeant E 147 Illinois Racine
Smith, Sanford Private F 26 New York Auroraville
Smith, Sanford A. Private A 9 V. R. C. National Home
Smith, Scott Private G 44 Iowa Tiffany
Smith, Simon Private D 15 Illinois Beloit
Smith, T. Private A 35 New York Weyauwega
Smith, T. M. 1st Lieut B 173 Ohio Weyauwega
Smith, Thomas Private H 12 Iowa Cassville
Smith, Thomas G. Private F 210 Pennsylvania Chippewa Falls
Smith, Thomas J. Sergeant K 49 New York Stevens Point
Smith, W. H. Private G 13 Mas'chusetts Osceola Mills
Smith, H. J. Private C 84 New York National Home
Smith, W. P. Corporal A 4 Michigan Chelsea
Smith, W. W. Private P 8 Minnesota Clear Lake
Smith, William Private H 16 Michigan Milwaukee
Smith, Wm. W. Private C 30 New York National Home
Smithers, John Private G 3 Illinois National Home
Smithkamp, John Private K 13 Illinois Burlington
Smock, John Private E 1 N. York Drag. Irving
Smolk, L. A. Private K 103 Ohio Shiocton
Smolk, W. S. Sergeant I 2 Ohio Appleton
Snaye, Leon Private I 10 Michigan Tomahawk
Sneath, A. Private F 108 Pennsylvania Bloom City
Snell, George Lieutenant A 6 Mas'chusetts Oshkosh
Snider, L. M. Private A 183 Ohio Wausau
Snively, J. H. Private D 44 Iowa Menomonie
Snow, Reuben Private E 18 Ohio Star
Snyder, Chas Private F 147 Illinois National Home
Snyder, John Private H 123 New York National Home
Snyder, John Private I 3 Missouri Cav. Monroe
Snyder, John Private C 24 Illinois Three Lakes
Snyder, John H. Private C 106 New York Hadfield
Snyder, John W. Private C 30 Ohio Ottervale
Snyder, Joseph Private G 134 Indiana Wonewoc
Snyder, Jos. M. Private D 1 Michigan National Home
Snyder, Mart. V. Private H 30 Indiana National Home
Snyder, Peter Private D 26 Illinois National Home
Snyder, Richard Private F 111 Ohio Cadott
Soden, John W. Private A 28 Michigan Durand
Soles, James Private F 37 Illinois South Range
Soller, Henry Private B 20 New York National Home
Sommers, C. H.  Private K 16 S Carolina Stetsonville
Sommers, Gab Private A 15 Illinois National Home
Sontag, John Musician - 1 Div. 7 A. C. Wautoma
Soper, Geo. 1st Lieut K 3 R. I. H. Art. Rice Lake
Soper, John Private - 2 Missouri Bat. West Superior
Sopher, Ed Private I 1 Minnesota Superior
Sorg, Wm Private I 136 New York Cassell
Sorr, John Captain B 115 Ohio Pleasant Valley
Souders, William Private B 47 Pennsylvania Rockbridge
Southard, Asa V. Private K 11 Maine Neillsville
Southard, H. W. 2nd Lieut F 3 New York Baraboo
Southard, Nath Private D 2 Kentucky National Home
Southard, Warren Private K 9 Maine Neillsville
Southmayd, J. C. Sergeant H 150 New York Eau Claire
Southwell, Henry Private G 6 Michigan National Home
Sowle, E. B. Corporal B 1 Vermont Ripon
Spade, Eli Private H 163 New York Kilbourn City
Spafford, Julius F. Private C 5 Iowa Prescott
Spahr, Andrew J. Private A 94 Ohio North Freedom
Spall, Charles Private B 152 New York Berlin
Spalsbury, W. D. Private B 94 New York Salona
Spaman, Francis Private B 1 New York National Home
Sparks, Eugene Private F 104 New York Grand Rapids
Sparling, Alva E. Private H 8 N. Y. H. Art. Morse
Spaulding, August S. Private C 24 Maine Leeman
Spaulding, B. C. Private H 17 New York Stevens Point
Spaulding, Harrison Private I 34 Indiana Mauston
Spaulding, W. S. Private B 184 New York Clintonville
Spear, Edw Private - 15 Ohio Bat. National Home
Spear, Ezra Private B 2 Michigan De Pere
Spellbrink, Geo. Musician - 7 Illinois National Home
Spence, James A. Major - 26 Ohio Fond du Lac
Spence, John Adjutant - 42 Ohio Fond du Lac
Spelman, Dennis Private C 173 New York National Home
Spencer, Abner A. Sergeant A 9 Minnesota Oshkosh
Spencer, Alfred Private D 21 New York Mount Sterling
Spencer, Amos Private - 14 Maine Embarrass
Spencer, D. Private H 13 New York La Crosse
Spencer, J. R. Private F 52 Pennsylvania Waukesha
Spencer, John L. Private C 67 Ohio Albion
Spencer, Robt C. Private K 3 Missouri Milwaukee
Spencer, William Private H 4 Kentucky C'v Medford
Spenseley, Calvert Sergeant D 140 Illinois Mineral Point
Spicer, Asher Private D 11 Illinois La Crosse
Spicer, Thos Private C 46 Ohio National Home
Spindler, Chas Private A 1 Illinois Manitowoc
Speith, Wm. - A 90 Iowa Milwaukee
Spondable, E. E. Private E 95 Illinois Madison
Spooner, A. T. Private I 1 Minnesota Durand
Spoor, Arthur L. Private D 138 New York Woodhull
Sprague, Ava Private A 31 Mas'chusetts Oshkosh
Spriggle, William Artificer I 3 Pennsylvania Bay City
Spring, M. E. Private F 176 New York Baraboo
Springstead, Aaron Private K 102 New York Birnamwood
Sprosser, W. D. Private E 6 Minnesota Watertown
Spurior, John Private D 172 Ohio Wonewoc
Squires, William Private I 56 New York Pound
Stackle, Ruben Private E 15 Illinois South Wayne
Stacy, Louis A. Private A 69 Illinois National Home
Stafford, James Sergeant K 62 Ohio Sylvan
Stage, J. M. Private E 23 Illinois Racine
Stamer, J. Private - Un. - Star
Stahl, Aug Private F 32 Indiana National Home
Standish, C. N. Private D 64 New York National Home
Stang, F. A. Private B 1 N. York Eng. Wis Vet Home
Stange, Fred Private I 1 Louisiana Fremont
Stanhope, Abner Private F 193 New York Melrose
Stanhope, Sylvester Private D 98 New York Melrose
Stanley, Edward Private L 1 Illinois L. A. Neillsville
Stanton, James S. Private C 1 Missouri Eng. Neenah
Stanton, John A. Private E 5 Michigan Milwaukee
Stanton, Levi Private C 68 Ohio Rock Falls
Stanton, Wm Private A 10 New York National Home
Stanwood, Thos. Private A 1 Maine National Home
Stark, Chas. Private B 3 Michigan National Home
Starkey, Ira Private D 29 & 73 Indiana Hatchville
Starkey, James R. Sergeant M - Minn. M't'd Rangers Hayward
    E -    
Starkey, Jos. A. Private C 171 Ohio Milwaukee
Starks, Lucius Private - 153 New York Royalton
Starr, Jas. S. Private F 97 Pennsylvania National Home
Starret, Charles Private I 160 Ohio La Farge
Starring, Stephen S. Private F 1 New York National Home
Staten, W. H. Private F 2 Mas'chusetts Baraboo
Stauer, Edw. H. Private E 5 Ohio National Home
Stauff, Fred E. Private C 4 Minnesota West Superior
Staus, Robert Private D 16 Illinois Forestville
St. Claire, William Private H 43 Ohio Barron
Steadman, L. Private K 97 New York Wilton
Steadman, W. J. Private I 3 N. Y. Cav. Babcock
Stearns, Henry Lieutenant F 7 Vermont Eau Claire
Stearns, John R. Private F 1 Maine Cav. Oshkosh
Stearns, R. S. Private B 3 Michigan National Home
Stebbins, C. G. Private - 24 Ohio Battery Viroqua
Stebbins, Chas H. Private B 12 Penn  Mather
    B 2 New York  
Stebbins, Orrin Private D 1 Michigan National Home
Stechling, Alb Private G 14 Mo. Cav. Milwaukee
Steckle, O. F. Private H 1 New York Ripon
Stedman, H. H. Private H 35 New York Ontario
Steele, Chas. W. Private B 146 Illinois National Home
Steele, Eugene Corporal K 1 Conn. Cav White Creek
Steele, John Sergeant F 141 Illinois Lodi
  Lieutenant A 153    
Stehl, C. E. Corporal L 12 Penn. Cav. Arthur
  - D 27    
Steiger, Emil Surgeon - 39 New York Prairie du Chien
Steinberg, Theo Private K 7 Illinois National Home
Steinmitz, P. F. Private E 142 Pennsylvania West Lima
Stenske, Wm Private D 8 Illinois Cav. Cascade
Stenz, Frank Private A 36 New York National Home
Stephani, Chas Private F 89 Illinois National Home
Stephan, John Private K 23 Illinois   av. New Coeln
Stephen, James Private G 140 Ohio Newton
Stephens, B. L. - Henshaw's Bat. Illinois     Rice Lake
Stephens, Francis M. - A 151 Indiana Trimbelle
Stephens, E. B. - K 161 New York Wis Vet Home
Stephenson, Chas. - K 6 Michigan Rice Lake
Stephenson, Geo. - B 99 New York National Home
Stephenson, L. R. - C 74 Illinois Sturgeon Bay
Sterling, J. E. - A 56 Illinois Ogdensburg
Sterling, Jas. M. - C 2 Tennessee National Home
Sterling, Jos. - A 24 New York Egg Harbor
Stern, Jos. - A 35 Illinois National Home
Stetter, Stephen Private D 12 Illinois Langlade
Stettler, Henry Private G 84 Pennsylvania Menomonie
Steuble, Joseph Private E 8 Ohio Manitowoc
Steval, Jos. Private K 62 Pennsylvania National Home
Stevens, A. C. Corporal I 93 Illinois Beloit
Stevens, Adna Private F 2 California Menomonie
Stevens, Alonzo Private G 25 Pennsylvania Wausau
Stevens, Charles Sergeant E 136 New York Sparta
Stevens, Geo. Private A 102 New York Neillsville
Stevens, Henry P. Private F 7 Iowa National Home
Stevens, Hiram Z. Private A 2 Ohio Oshkosh
Stevens, J. Private A 101 Ohio Marshfield
Stevens, J. L. Private E 9 Illinois Greenwood
Stevens, John O. Private C 95 Illinois Hebron
Stevens, L. M. Private I 152 New York Sparta
Stevens, L. N. 1st. Lieut. A 5 N. Y. Cavalry Montello
Stevens, N. R. Sergeant I 1 Michigan Whitewater
Stevens, Ole Private I 17 Illinois Cav. Viroqua
Stevens, R. K. Private G 1 New York High Cliff
Stevens, Solomon Corporal E 141 Illinois Shawano
Stevens, W. E. Private A 12 Michigan Eau Claire
Stevenson, John Private B 91 New York National Home
Stevenson, John Private B 171 Ohio Petersburg
Stewart, A. N. Sergeant D 1 Vermont Cav. Wis Vet Home
Stewart, Bonheur S. Private B 56 Pennsylvania National Home
Stewart, E. S. Private H 15 Ohio Antigo
Stewart, Edwin 1st. Sergeant H 136 Illinois Brodhead
Stewart, Edw. J. Private C 55 Pennsylvania National Home
Stewart, H. M. Private H 6 Iowa Bloomer
Stewart, Ira Private L 6 New York Eau Claire
Stewart, Jacob Private I 109 New York Keene
Stewart, Jas. Private K 3 New Jersey National Home
Stewart, Jno. 1st. Lieut. C 9 Ohio Reedsburg
Stewart, Levi Private D 11 N. Y. Cav. Oconto
Stewart, Orange Private K 1 Oregon Sharon
Stewart, S. F. Lieutenant C 46 Pennsylvania Darlington
Stewart, S. F. Captain H 125    
Stewart, S. F.     184    
Stewart, Wm. S. Private A 1 Michigan National Home
Stewart, Wilton - - - - Milwaukee
Stilb, John A. - - - - Wauwatosa
Stickles, C. R. Private I 1 New York Eng. Winneconne
Stickles, E. R. Private H 118 New York Waupun
Sticknew, Chas. H. Private E 22 Maine Eagleton
Stickney, W. E. Private H 16 Mas'chusetts. National Home
Stiffes, Anthony Private H 1 Minnesota So Milwaukee
Still, Isaac Private F 93 Illinois De Soto
Stillman, E. R. - - - - Milwaukee
Stillman, T. L. Private G 1 R. I. Bat. Edgerton
Stillmann, W. D. Private C 44 New York Madison
Stimmger, Fred Private I 120 Illinois National Home
Stiner, Fred Private G 74 Indiana Dallas
Stites, G. W. Private B 71 Illinois Winslow, Ill
St. John, Wm. Private G 2 Ohio Art. Ironton
Stock, Henry Private F 57 Mass'chusetts Clintonville
Stockdale, Richmond Private C 23 Iowa Milwaukee
Stocker, Philip Private K 67 Pennsylvania Oakley
Stocking, J. B. Private M 1 Iowa Cav. Eau Claire
Stocklein, Ambrose Private F 10 Kansas National Home
Stockler, Louis Private G 81 Ohio Menomonie
Stockpole, Wm. Private -- 15 Mass. Bat. South Wayne
Stockpole, Wm.   -- 6    
Stockwell, S. J. Private A 20 N. Y. Cav. Allen's Grove
Stoddard, D. H. Private H 83 Pennsylvania Northfield
Stoddard, John Private G 161 New York Pilot Knob
Stoddard, S. B. Private -- 2 Missouri Rio
Stoffels, Jacob Private K 27 Michigan La Pointe
Stokes, Henry Private D 2 Minnesota Brodhead
Stokes, Nelson Private C 17 Indiana Brasington
Stokes, Septimus Private A 10 New Hamp. Florence
Stolen, Nick. Private A 13 Illinois Mosinee
Stoll, Jac. Private E 54 Missouri Milwaukee
Stoll, John J. Private C 2 Minnesota Nelson
Stolpf, A. R. Private A 9 Illinois Cav. Viroqua
Stoltz, Hubert L. Private H 11 Illinois Cav. Milwaukee
Stalzmann, Wm. Private A 11 Illinois St Wendell
Stone, B. M. Private A 136 New York Eau Claire
Stone, J. P. Lieutenant I 2 Vermont   Ripon
Stone, W. A. Private D 74 Illinois Clinton
Stone, W. M. Private A 3 Maine National Home
Stoneburner, And. Private K 69 Illinois National Home
Stoneman, Jas. A. Private -- 15 Michigan National Home
Storey, C. M. Private G 1 Minnesota Durand
Storey, Henry A. Private E 24 Wash. Ter. Appleton
Stottinger, David Private A 184 New York Wonewoc
Stout, Ebenezer J. Lieutenant B 19 New York National Home
Stover, Fred Private K 5 Mich. Cav. Plover
Stow, B. A. Private E 4 Minnesota Barron
Stowe, James N. Private F 123 New York Friendship
Stowell, J. M. Corporal C 27 New York Viroqua
Stowell, J. M. Sergeant M 1    
Stowell, Oliver G. Private D 1 New York Delevan
Stoyles, Wm. Private K 53 Ohio National Home
Straeder, J. E. Captain H 127 New York West Superior
Straight, Forester Private H 2 Minnesota Mount Tabor
Straight, James Private H -- Minn. Cav. Richland Center
Straight, Merritt Private H 2 Minn. Cav. Necedah
Strains, Herman Private G 134 Illinois Sheboygan
Strang, A. W. Private F 3 Mich. Cav. Clinton
Strassman, A. Private E Knapp Bat. Pa. Art. Whitewater
Stratman, Rud. Private B 15 New York National Home
Stratton, Chas. N. Corporal E 106 New York National Home
Stratton, John Private -- 11 Indiana Bat. Marinette
Stranch, Henry Private I 1 Illinois Manitowoc
Stremm, Max Private G 16 Iowa National Home
Streving, Henry Private I 35 New Jersey National Home
Strickler, John Private H 52 Illinois Burr
Strickler, Peter Private E 127 Pennsylvania Janesville
Stringer, Fred Private F 3 Pennsylvania National Home
Stroebel, Gust. Private A 28 New York West Superior
Strone, Peter H. Private G 1 Maryland National Home
Strong, Horace Private C 6 Ohio Mondovi
Strong, Myron Private -- -- -- North Greenfield
Strothus, John Private I 18 Missouri Beloit
Strubb, Nelson Private L 2 Illinois National Home
Struck, Asa B. Private E 168 Pennsylvania Valton
Stuart, J. K. Sergeant D 2 Mich. Cav. Marion
Stubbs, Jas. Private B 26 Illinois National Home
Stuck, H. Private K 85 Pennsylvania Snow
Stumpf, Mich. Private A 39 Illinois National Home
Sturdevant, Clark Private E 27 New York Baraboo
Sturdevant, E. B. Private K 58 Pennsylvania Elroy
Sturzenegger, Jacob Private E 40 Missouri Nelson
Sturzman, Wm. Private A 88 Ohio Butte des Morts
Styers, Wm. Private B 17 Illinois Cav. Suamico
Styers, Geo. Private A 95 Illinois Beloit
Suits, Alfred Private M 3 New York Milwaukee
Sullivan, Chas. Private F 12 New Jersey National Home
Sullivan, Dennis Private A 131 New York National Home
Sullivan, Edw. Private E 69 New York National Home
Sullivan, Jere. Private K 2 Illinois National Home
Sullivan, John Private F 23 Illinois National Home
Sullivan, Mich. Private B 7 Missouri National Home
Sullivan, Terrence Private K 5 Minnesota Gordon
Sullivan, Wm. H. Corporal B 15 N. Y. Bat. Chilton
Sulton, John C. Private C 18 Ohio National Home
Sumner, Enos Private G 67 Ohio National Home
Summers, Chas. Private -- 39 Ohio National Home
Summers, Squire Private I 9 Illinois National Home
Surcluff, C. R. Private A 19 Massachus'ts Wautoma
Surtland, Geo. Private E 1 N. Carolina Neillsville
Surgury, John Private -- -- Indiana Barron
Surprise, Levi -- -- -- -- Fond du Lac
Susor, Joseph Private A 4 Michigan Wausau
Sutherland, Briggs Private C 94 Illinois Readstown
Sutherland, Geo. E. Captain -- 13 N. York Art. Milwaukee
Sutherland, Geo. W. Private C 14 N. York Art. Clintonville
Sutherland, Henry Private G 72 Ohio Manning
Sutherland, James Corporal F 97 New York Cadott
Sutherland, John H. Private D 5 Iowa National Home
Sutherland, Jos. Corporal I 13 New York Granton
Sutherland, Theodore Private C 32 New York Cadott
Sutter, John R. Private C 127 Illinois Ashland
Sutten, John S. Private H 134 Pennsylvania Merrillan
Sutter, Math. Private C 15 Missouri National Home
Sutton, Anton T. Private H 132 New York Oshkosh
Sutton, Charles F. Adjt. -- 33 New York Oconomowac
Sutton, Geo. Private F 1 Missouri Boscobel
Sutton, Mike Private F 37 New York Osceola Mills
Sutton, R. L. Captain D 24 New Jersey Oconto
Sutton, Reuben Private A 37 Indiana Richland Center
Swain, Wm. C. Captain B 93 New York Milwaukee
Swan, Chas. H. Sergeant B 25 -- Milwaukee
Swan, Thomas Bugler -- 12 New York Cav. Sturgeon Bay
Swan, Timothy Captain H 7 Maine Oshkosh
Swansby, Peter Private D 5 R. I. H. Art. Chetek
Swanson, Anton Private -- 3 Minn. Bat. Hudson
Swanson, Erric Private B 72 Illinois National Home
Swanson, John Private K 2 Minnesota River Falls
Swanson, Peter Private D 57 Illinois National Home
Swaartz, D. L. Private C 3 Pa. Reserves Portage
Swartz, Geo. H. Private G 104 Pennsylvania Brackett
Swazey, Walter Private I 1 N. Y. Cav. Fifield
Sweeney, Dan. Private K 64 Illinois Antigo
Sweeney, John Private C 5 Iowa Mondovi
Sweeney, John Private D 42 New York South Milwaukee
Sweeney, Mich. Private D 116 Pennsylvania National Home
Sweet, Chas. Private C 46 Ohio Darlington
Sweet, L. F. Private B 11 Vermont Tomah
Sweetland, Lucius Private -- 13 N. Y. Cavalry Mendota
Swetland, H. C. Private I 97 Illinois Cameron
Swetland, I. B. Sergeant B 7 Illinois Mauston
Swift, E. Lieutenant H 38 Mas'chusetts. Eau Claire
Swink, Seb. Private I 1 Virginia National Home
Swisher, A. W. Private E 1 Pennsylvania Wausau
Swope, Miles Private A 149 Pennsylvania Merrill
Sykes, Wm. Private I 9 New York Spring Valley
Sylvester, Albert Corporal K 1 Illinois Oconto
Symons, Wm. T. Corporal G 16 Maine La Crosse
Szulezenski, John Private C 31 Massachus's National Home



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