Enumeration of the Soldiers of the Late War
Who Served in Wisconsin Regiments and Batteries, Etc., and Reported by the
Government as Residing in Wisconsin on June 20, 1895.

transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Susan Geist, Rhonda Hill, Veneta McKinney





Branch of Service

Post Office

Iankow, Fred Private A 9 Infantry Campbellsport
Ide, Chas. Private K 1 Heavy Art. Honey Creek
Ihde, Chas. Bugler E 3 Cavalry Waupun
Ihle, Rheinhardt Private D 17 Infantry Eau Claire
Ihlenfeld, John Sergeant A 2 Cavalry Ahnapee
Ihlenfeldt, Christ Private I 14 Infantry Mishicott
Ihling, John Private -- 7 Battery Milwaukee
Ihling, Valentine Private -- 7 Battery Milwaukee
Ilgen, Julius B. Corporal C 30 Infantry Trempealeau
Illian, Fred Private G 37 Infantry Scott
Illig, August Private A 6 Infantry Mosel
Illion, Gared Private A 28 Infantry Merrillan
Imans, A. M. H. Private H 17 Infantry National Home
Imig, Henry Private B 28 Infantry Oakland
Ingalls, J. B. Private E 6 Infantry Galesville
Ingalls, Wm. R. Sergeant B 7 Infantry Clear Lake
Ingebretson, Julius Private I 15 Infantry Iola
Ingenheimer, Peter Private A 9 Infantry Kiel
Ingersoll, George 1st. Lieut. H 10 Infantry Prairie Farm
Ingersoll, H. G. Corporal K 18 Infantry Plover
Ingersoll, J. W. Private E 43 Infantry Belmont
Ingersoll, James Private F 1 Infantry Merrill
Ingersoll, W. W. Private F 18 Infantry Manawa
Ingham, William Private D 4 Cavalry Tomah
Ingle, James Private F 35 Infantry Janesville
Ingraham, Jay D. Private I 1 Heavy Art. Westfield
Irish, H. A. Private H 18 Infantry Plainfield
Irish, H. P. Private C 2 Cavalry Lancaster
Irmscher, Chas. Sergeant K 48 Infantry Fountain City
Irvin, James Private I 5 Infantry Wyocena
Irvin, Peter C. Private G 2 Infantry Wyocena
Irving, Samuel Private A 30 Infantry Hager City
Irwin, Jesse Private G 1 Cavalry Ontario
Irwin, William L. Private F 3 Infantry Hurricane Grove
Isabel, Chas. Corporal K 17 Infantry Fremont
Isham, Albert S Sergeant G -- U. S. S. S. Clinton
Isham, F. W. Corporal D 7 Infantry Stoughton
Ishmael, Richard Private I 20 Infantry Prairie du Chien
Islip, Thos. Corporal K 42 Infantry Baraboo
Isreal, G. W. Private F 20 Infantry Dickeyville
Iverson, Iver Sergeant B 45 Infantry Eaton
Iverson, Iver Private A 30 Infantry Martell
Iverson, Iver Private C 28 Infantry Martell
Iverson, Jacob Corporal D 30 Infantry Martell
Iverson, John Corporal H 50 Infantry Mt Sterling
Iverson, John Private H 22 Infantry Wolf Creek
Iverson, Martin Private C 28 Infantry River Falls
Iverson, Simon Private D 47 Infantry Amherst
Ivey, Alex. Sr. Sergeant D 7 Infantry Lancaster

J Surnames







Jacket, Victor Private D 12 Infantry Oshkosh
Jackle, Francis H. Private A 17 Infantry Spooner
Jackmann, Aug. Private H 9 Infantry Henryville
Jackson, A. S. Sergeant E 1 Cavalry Beloit
Jackson, Abraham Private E 29 Infantry Muscoda
Jackson, Andrew Private E 21 Infantry Sewart
Jackson, Dwight Lieutenant B 52 Infantry Hartford
Jackson, E. B. Private B 42 Infantry Oregon
Jackson, George Private G 50 Infantry Rock Elm
Jackson, George Captain I 43 Infantry Beloit
Jackson, Henry Private K 42 Infantry Paoli
Jackson, Henry Private C 48 Infantry Cambria
Jackson, Henry C. Sergeant D 33 Infantry Wyalusing
Jackson, J. A. Hos. Steward -- 8 Infantry Madison
Jackson, James H Private H 25 Infantry Potosi
Jackson, James A. Private H 12 Infantry Valton
Jackson, Jahiel Corporal E 4 Cavalry Columbus
Jackson, Lewis Private I 3 Infantry Mt Sterling
Jackson, Nelson Private C & H 4 & 1 Cavalry Hingham
Jackson, R. W. 1st. Lieut. C 21 Infantry Shawano
Jackson, Robert Private E 21 Infantry Appleton
Jackson, S. L. Sergeant C 3 Cavalry Racine
Jackson, Sylvester Private B 18 Infantry National Home
Jackson, W. C. Private A 14 Infantry Adell
Jackson, Wm. Private H 8 Infantry Paoli
Jackson, Wm. Sergeant A 27 Infantry Bailey's Harbor
Jacobi, C. Private G 28 Infantry Van Dyne
Jacobi, Gottleib Corporal B 45 Infantry Hika
Jacobs, A. C. Saddler F 4 Cavalry New Lisbon
Jacobs, Alden Private B 3 Infantry South Wayne
Jacobs, Daniel Private F 4 Cavalry Kendall
Jacobs, Edwin Private B 3 Infantry Argyle
Jacobs, F. Private C 46 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Jacobs. Jacob Private B 13 Infantry Sturgeon Bay
Jacobs, John F. Private I 43 Infantry Neenah
Jacobs, Leroy Private A 31 Infantry Wyalusing
Jacobs, Marion Private F 23 Infantry Reedsburg
Jacobs, Nathan J. Sergeant E 30 Infantry Linden
Jacobs, Robt. Musician I 2 Infantry Livingston
Jacobs, William C. 1st. Sergeant -- 12 Battery Neenah
Jacobs, Wm. H. Private D 1 Cavalry Prairie du Sac
Jacobson, Christian Private I 15 Infantry Iola
Jacobson, Eric Private C 41 Infantry Iola
Jacobson, H. C. Private I 49 Infantry Cambridge
Jacobson, John Private H 27 Infantry Clam Falls
Jacobson, Ole Lieutenant H 13 Infantry Elkhorn
Jacobson, Peter Private C 44 Infantry Oshkosh
Jacobson, Peter C. Private A 23 Infantry Appleton
Jacobson, Solomon Private C 15 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Jacobus, Fred Private H 11 Infantry New London
Jacobus, Peter Private A 25 Infantry Retreat
Jacques, D. L. Private E 21 Infantry Brothertown
Jacquot, Jos. Private B 10 Infantry Knowles
Jacquot, Louis Sergeant A 47 Infantry Hortonville
Jadin, Max Private A 27 Infantry Kewaunee
Jaeger, Charles Private B 26 Infantry Ixonia
Jaeger, Christopher Private K 3 Cavalry Jefferson
Jaeger, John Private G 7 Infantry Ridgeway
Jaeger, Jos. Private F 35 Infantry Milwaukee
Jaeger, William H. Private B 26 Infantry Watertown
Jaenig, Ernst F. Private F 26 Infantry St Wendel
Jager, Theodore 1st. Lieut. F 19 Infantry Winneconne
Jaeger, Fred Private K 6 Infantry Cooperstown.
Jagerson, Andrew Sergeant G 3 Infantry Neenah.
Jagger, H. B. Hospit'l Stew   30 Infantry Hudson.
Jahn, Michael Private E 3 Cavalry Jefferson.
Jahnke, Chas Private F 1 Cavalry Apple Creek.
Jahnson, P. A. Private K 51 Infantry Stockholm.
Jambois, Florente Private H 3 Infantry Genoa.
James, Charles Private B 1 Infantry Rochester.
James, D. G. Private F & C 16 Infantry Richland Center.
James, Edward R. Private D 31 Infantry Red Mound.
James, Jno. D Private A 22 Infantry Racine.
James, John N Musician M 1 Heavy Art Columbus.
James, M. B. Private F 22 Infantry Racine.
James, N. L. Private F 16 Infantry Richland Center.
James, Samuel Private A 53 Infantry Cataract.
James, William Private H 31 Infantry Belmont.
James, Wm Private C 16 Infantry Antigo.
James, Wm. H Private H 17 Infantry National Home.
Jameson, James Sergeant D 37 Infantry Wautoma.
Jameson, Wm. Private K 30 Infantry Muscoda.
Jamison, Peter Private F 33 Infantry Maple Valley.
Janes, Horace Private   10 Battery New Lisbon.
Janes, Edwin Sergeant A 50 Infantry Clintonville.
Janes, Joseph Corporal E 7 Infantry Nevins.
Janes, M. A. Private I 39 Infantry Madison.
Janig, Christ. Private D 52 Infantry Hika.
Jann, Gregory Private K 16 Infantry Spooner.
Jahnke, Albert Private I 35 Infantry National Home.
Janke, Frederick Private   2 Battery Scott.
Janke, John Private F 6 Infantry Pepin.
Janke, Ludvig Private   2 Battery Fredonia.
Jansen, Thomas Private L 1 Cavalry Palmyra.
Janssen, Lawrence Private C 35 Infantry Milwaukee.
Janzen, Fred Private E 35 Infantry Burlington.
Janzen, Fred Private H 45 Infantry Milwaukee.
Jaques, John J Private F 22 Infantry Oshkosh.
Jaques, Wm Private K 22 Infantry Hayes.
Jaquish, N. B. Private   6 Battery Mondovi.
Jaquith, Phineas Corporal E 1 Heavy Art Palmyra.
Jarnt, Fred Private C 26 Infantry Kenosha.
Jarrett, Ambrose Private F 10 Infantry National Home.
Jarvey, Michael Private H 12 Infantry Little Suamico.
Jarvie, Frank Private B 2 Cavalry Colby.
Jarvis, Daniel O Private I 49 Infantry White Birch.
Jarvis, Edward Private   8 Battery Strassburg.
Jarvis, Henry Private B 5 Infantry Janesville.
Jarvis, James Private B 38 Infantry Wautoma.
Jarvis, W Private D 37 Infantry Wis. Vet. Home.
Jay, James M Private G 3 Infantry Crystal Lake.
Jaycox, Alonzo Private B 40 Infantry Fort Atkinson.
Jaycox, Lem. M Private C 3 Cavalry Fort Atkinson.
Jeardoe, Paul 1st Lieut C 31 Infantry Platteville.
Jefferies, Edward Private D 41 Infantry Menasha.
Jeffers, Albert A Private B 14 Infantry Amherst.
Jeffers, Ayers Private B 16 Infantry Sparta.
Jeffers, John R Private A 16 Infantry Wild Rose.
Jeffers, Milan D Private A 16 Infantry Wild Rose.
Jeffers, Milan D Private C 35 Infantry Wild Rose.
Jefferson, Beverly Private E 1 Infantry Madison.
Jefferson, Dewitt C Private K 1 Heavy Art Onalaska.
Jefferson, James Private K 38 Infantry De Soto.
Jeffrey, Stephen Private G 12 Infantry Centralia.
Jeffrey, W. H. Corporal C 50 Infantry Hazel Green.
Jeffries, Wm Private A 31 Infantry Muscoda.
Jeglum, Kittle T Private C 12 Infantry Blanchardville.
Jellings, John Private D 43 Infantry Poynette.
Jenawein, John Private A 36 Infantry Plain.
Jencks, F. M. Private K 38 Infantry White Center.
Jenewine, Jacob Private G 42 Infantry Denzer.
Jenkins, Allen Private D 12 Infantry Grand Rapids.
Jenkins, E. S. Private A 2 Cavalry Rosendale.
Jenkins, J. H. Adjutant   21 Infantry Oshkosh.
Jenkins, J. J. Private A 6 Infantry Chippewa Falls.
Jenkins, John P Sergeant H 7 Infantry Bagley.
Jenkins, Lucius T Private   22 Infantry West Green Bay.
Jenkins, Martin Sergeant C 10 Infantry Brothertown.
Jenks, Duane F Private G 43 Infantry Racine.
Jenks, G. E. Private C 14 Infantry La Crosse.
Jenkyns, Ivan Corporal C 1 Heavy Art Neenah.
Jenkyns, William H Sergeant C 1 Heavy Art Neenah.
Jennings, Harmon Private A 25 Infantry Viola.
Jennings, James Private   2 Battery Baraboo.
Jennings, Jay Sergeant H 23 Infantry Necedah.
Jennings, John Sergeant C 52 Infantry Spring Lake.
Jennings, W. G. Private D 20 Infantry National Home.
Jens, D. Claus Private E 21 Infantry New Holstein.
Jensen, A. F. F Corporal A 6 Infantry Dorchester.
Jensen, Erick Private A 42 Infantry Amherst.
Jensen, Jens Private E 52 Infantry Stoughton.
Jensen, John Private   22 Infantry Milwaukee.
Jensen, Martin Private I 15 Infantry Scandinavia.
Jensen, Sever Private H 27 Infantry St. Nazianz.
Jenson, Andrew Private   17 Infantry Esofea.
Jenson, Gabriel Private E 18 Infantry Elk Mound.
Jenson, Lars Private D 15 Infantry Stone Bank.
Jentsch, Christian Private G 24 Infantry Waukesha.
Jepsen, Warren Private A 42 Infantry Bear Creek.
Jepson, And. J Corporal   4 Battery National Home.
Jeremiahson, Ole Private A 46 Infantry Ula.
Jerome, A. A. Sergeant F 4 Cavalry Beloit.
Jerome, Daniel Private C 23 Infantry Ableman.
Jertson, Andrew Private F 1 Heavy Art Portage.
Jesperson, Hans Private B 50 Infantry North Cape.
Jessie, George Private A 14 Infantry Strassburg.
Jessey, P. B. Private A 3 Cavalry Daney.
Jessie, Peter Private G 44 Infantry Oconto.
Jessmore, John Private C 42 Infantry Lodi.
Jeucks, Geo Sergeant I 2 Infantry Mineral Point.
Jewell, James H Private A 42 Infantry New Rome.
Jewell, P. B. Private A 12 Infantry Hudson.
Jewell, Trueworthy Private A 44 Infantry Hudson.
Jewell, William Private F 3 Infantry Bloom City.
Jewett, J. M. Private   12 Battery Eau Claire.
Jewett, Liberty Private K 32 Infantry Poynette.
Jiedy, John Bugler C 2 Cavalry Bloomington.
Jinkenkenson, J. M. Private C 3 Infantry Ripon.
Jinkins, H. J. Private C 10 Infantry New London.
Jintra, H. Wenzel Private H 26 Infantry National Home.
Joachimsthal, Joseph Private F 26 Infantry Francis Creek.
Joers, Hub Private D 22 Infantry New Coeln.
Joernt, Henry Private C 9 Infantry National Home.
Johann, John Private B 13 Infantry Belgium.
Johannes, Michael Private L 2 Cavalry Wayne.
John, Carl Private G 1 Heavy Art Plymouth.
John, F. W. Sergeant G 38 Infantry Gillett.
John, Wm. B Private G 39 Infantry Antigo.
Johns, John Private E 3 Infantry Janesville.
Johnson, A. W. Private A 6 Infantry Marble.
Johnson, Albert Private B 50 Infantry Viroqua.
Johnson, Amos P Corporal A 6 Infantry Baraboo.
Johnson, Andrew Private B 6 Infantry River Falls.
Johnson, Andrew Private C 11 Infantry Stevens Point.
Johnson, Andrew Private K 49 Infantry Richmond.
Johnson, And. O Private A 15 Infantry National Home.
Johnson, B. R. Private A 16 Infantry Camp Douglas.
Johnson, Bartel Private C 44 Infantry Amherst Junct.
Johnson, Benajah Private H 11 Infantry Alloa.
Johnson, C. R. Captain I 14 Infantry Black River Falls.
Johnson, C. W. Private A 21 Infantry Winneconne.
Johnson, Carl J Private C 15 Infantry Waterford.
Johnson, Chester 1st Lieut C 36 Infantry Cataract.
Johnson, Chris Private A 46 Infantry Argyle.
Johnson, Clark R Private D 47 Infantry Necedah.
Johnson, Daniel H Private K 4 Cavalry Koshkonong.
Johnson, Ebenezer S Private E 42 Infantry Wrightstown.
Johnson, Ed Private K 25 Infantry Hegg.
Johnson, Edw. C Private I 1 Cavalry Milwaukee.
Johnson, Eli Private E 8 Infantry McFarland.
Johnson, Elias Private A 42 Infantry Iola.
Johnson, Elisha Private D 45 Infantry Morley.
Johnson, Enoch B Private B 8 Infantry Wilcox.
Johnson, Even Private C 44 Infantry Amherst.
Johnson, Ever Private D 48 Infantry North Cape.
Johnson, Fred Private A & K 3 Cavalry Tomah.
Johnson, G. A. Com. Serg't   4 Cavalry Stockbridge.
Johnson, G. C. Private A 49 Infantry Osseo.
Johnson, Geo. K Private E 22 Infantry Stoughton.
Johnson, Gilbert Private K 3 Infantry Eau Claire.
Johnson, Gunder Private B 3 Infantry Pleasant Valley.
Johnson, H. H. Private B 49 Infantry Winchester.
Johnson, H. H. Private E 1 Heavy Art Milton.
Johnson, H. P. Private E 14 Infantry Niles.
Johnson, H. R. Private D 22 Infantry Whitewater.
Johnson, H. W. Private E 25 Infantry Platteville.
Johnson, Halvor Private A 47 Infantry Winchester.
Johnson, Halvor Private E 15 Infantry Esofea.
Johnson, Hans Private H 50 Infantry Avoca.
Johnson, Harvey Private H 20 Infantry West Rosendale.
Johnson, Havden Private I 3 Infantry Medford.
Johnson, Hendrick Private K 7 Infantry Martell.
Johnson, Hiram Private H 39 Infantry Oconto.
Johnson, Holver Private E 42 Infantry Clifton.
Johnson, Isaac Private A 31 Infantry Wauzeka.
Johnson, J. B. Sergeant A 13 Infantry Darien.
Johnson, J. C. Private K 1 Cavalry Madison.
Johnson, James H Private B 50 Infantry Viroqua.
Johnson, Jerome 1st Lieut E 6 Infantry Milwaukee.
Johnson, John Private G 22 Infantry Richland Center.
Johnson, John Private A 47 Infantry Winchester.
Johnson, John Private I 50 Infantry North Menomonie.
Johnson, John Private H 50 Infantry Lookout.
Johnson, John Private H 3 Infantry Pleasant Valley.
Johnson, John Private C 48 Infantry Muskego.
Johnson, John Private H 24 Infantry Cudahy.
Johnson, John Private E 18 Infantry Elk Mound.
Johnson, John Private C 12 Infantry Black Earth.
Johnson, John A Private D 43 Infantry Monroe.
Johnson, John C Private E 33 Infantry Mt. Horeb.
Johnson, John H Private F 38 Infantry Waterford.
Johnson, John S Private C 14 Infantry Omro.
Johnson, John O Corporal H 6 Infantry Stevens Point.
Johnson, Joseph Private E 47 Infantry Baraboo.
Johnson, L Captain I 6 Infantry Wilton.
Johnson, L. A. Private I 13 Infantry Holman.
Johnson, Larse E 1st Lieut I 5 Infantry Wiota.
Johnson, Lewis Private K 46 Infantry Bloomingdale.
Johnson, Lewis Private I 5 Infantry Birnamwood.
Johnson, M. C. Corporal D 46 Infantry Baraboo.
Johnson, Martin Private G 22 Infantry So. Wayne.
Johnson, Mart Private I 13 Infantry National Home.
Johnson, Nathaniel Corporal H 7 Infantry Boscobel.
Johnson, Nathaniel S Private D 40 Infantry Oregon.
Johnson, Niels Sergeant C 15 Infantry North Cape.
Johnson, Ole Private D 7 Infantry Ontario.
Johnson, Ole Private K 25 Infantry Mondovi.
Johnson, Oscar Corporal B 5 Infantry Brothertown.
Johnson, Ozias D Sergeant F 32 Infantry Oshkosh.
Johnson, P. O. Private B 49 Infantry Winchester.
Johnson, Peter Private D 14 Infantry La Crosse.
Johnson, Peter J Sergeant G 18 Infantry Plainfield.
Johnson, Rasmus Private K 27 Infantry Shawano.
Johnson, Robt Private K 4 Cavalry Lime Ridge.
Johnson, Rollin Private G 1 Infantry Genesee Valley.
Johnson, S. B. Musician K 14 Infantry West Point.
Johnson, S. C. Lieutenant I 16 Infantry Hudson.
Johnson, Stephen Private B 43 Infantry Ellenboro.
Johnson, T. W. Private A 7 Infantry Danville.
Johnson, Thos Private G 22 Infantry Blanchardville.
Johnson, Thos. L. Private D 46 Infantry Baraboo.
Johnson, Thos. J. Sergeant E 19 Infantry Baraboo.
Johnson, Wesley Private I 49 Infantry Pardeeville.
Johnson, Wm Private A 17 Infantry National Home.
Johnson, William P Private A 44 Infantry Hammond.
Johnson, Winthrop Private F 43 Infantry Grand Marsh.
Johnston, Chas Private A 14 Infantry Winneconne.
Johnston, Charles B Private H 44 Infantry Richland Center.
Johnston, H. C. Private K 36 Infantry Waldo.
Johnston, James Private A 30 Infantry New Richmond.
Johnston, James Corporal C 4 Cavalry Tomah.
Johnston, James Lieutenant I 13 Infantry Mukwanago.
Johnston, John Private I 3 Infantry Waukesha.
Johnston, Richard Private C 36 Infantry Cazenovia.
Johnston, S. R. Private B 21 Infantry Winneconne.
Johnston, W. J. Corporal C 23 Infantry Pardeeville.
Johnston, James Private E 1 Cavalry Loyd.
Johslin, John Sergeant I 44 Infantry Bears Marsh.
Joiner, Isaac Private G 16 Infantry Dunnville.
Joiner, Truman Private E 14 Infantry Wonewoc.
Jones, A. R. Captain I 23 Infantry Madison.
Jones, A. W. Private   13 Battery Hebron.
Jones, Alfred Private D 7 Infantry Stoughton.
Jones, Ambrose Asst. Surgeon   5 Infantry Delton.
Jones, Americus W Private   13 Battery Whitewater.
Jones, Augustus Private D 49 Infantry Oshkosh.
Jones, Augustus Private B 21 Infantry Oshkosh.
Jones, C. B. Private K 7 Infantry Eleva.
Jones, C. H. Private   7 Battery Seymour.
Jones, C Private E 49 Infantry Spring Green.
Jones, Chas. F Private B 3 Infantry National Home.
Jones, Chas. M Private A 8 Infantry Waupaca.
Jones, D Private D 22 Infantry Tomah.
Jones, D. G. Captain C 12 Infantry Dodgeville.
Jones, D. Lloyd 1st Lieut C 16 Infantry Stevens Point.
Jones, Daniel Sergeant C 4 Cavalry Glenwood.
Jones, Daniel M Corporal H 1 Heavy Art Union Grove.
Jones, David E Private D 30 Infantry River Falls.
Jones, David E Private E 2 Cavalry Kingston.
Jones, David Private L 3 Cavalry Shullsburg.
Jones, E. W. Private F 22 Infantry Lima Center.
Jones, E. W. Private   12 Battery Leyden.
Jones, Evan Private D 22 Infantry Delavan.
Jones, Evan O Sergt. Maj   22 Infantry Racine.
Jones, T. M. Private F 22 Infantry Wales.
Janes, G. W. Adjutant   26 Infantry West Bend.
Jones, George Sergeant   9 Battery Burlington.
Jones, George Private K 21 Infantry Morley.
Jones, Geo. B Corporal   6 Battery Fond du Lac.
Jones, Geo. F Corporal   9 Battery Burlington.
Jones, Geo. L Sergeant K 30 Infantry Shell Lake.
Jones, Geo. R Private A 6 Infantry Waukesha.
Jones, Gideon F Private A 14 Infantry Sextonville.
Jones, Hugh Private F 41 Infantry Dodgeville.
Jones, Irwin Private K 1 Cavalry Plymouth.
Jones, J. B. Lieutenant D 12 Infantry Neillsville.
Jones, J. B. Lieutenant C 44 Infantry Neillsville.
Jones, J. H. Private G 14 Infantry Waupaca.
Jones, J. J. Private A 30 Infantry Volga.
Jones, J. V. Private G 25 Infantry Durand.
Jones, James F Private B 39 Infantry Oconomowoc.
Jones, James L Lieutenant G 32 Infantry Portage.
Jones, John Private G 23 Infantry Columbus.
Jones, John Private A 16 Infantry Berlin.
Jones, John C Private A 30 Infantry Hudson.
Jones, John D Sergeant I 1 Heavy Art Wild Rose.
Jones, John D Private B 38 Infantry Iola.
Jones, Jno. R Private F 22 Infantry Racine.
Jones, Jonah Private G 23 Infantry Columbus.
Jones, L. M. Private H 5 Infantry Bloom City.
Jones, O. S. Sergeant B 43 Infantry Platteville.
Jones, Obed K Private A 33 Infantry Platteville.
Jones, Obed K Private F 11 Infantry Platteville.
Jones, Owen Private K 3 Cavalry Portage.
Jones, Porter Lieutenant H 4 Cavalry Green Bay.
Jones, R Private B 28 Infantry Palmyra.
Jones, R. F. Private F & C 16 Infantry Mauston.
Jones, R. W. Private K 8 Infantry Racine.
Name Rank Co Regt Branch of Service Post Office
Jones, Randolph Private I 10 Infantry Rockville
Jones, Robt Private K 5 Infantry Fall City
Jones, Royal Private D 47 Infantry Wausau
Jones, Rufus Corporal B 8 Infantry Greenbush
Jones, Seth B Private G 32 Infantry Craft
Jones, St. Clair Private I 23 Infantry Eleva.
Jones, Sylvester Private G 50 Infantry Hersey
Jones, T. N. Sergeant F 1 Heavy Artillery Sparta
Jones, Thomas Corporal B 44 Infantry Nekimi
Jones, Thomas R Private H 11 Infantry Richland City
Jones, W. E. Private G 8 Infantry Watertown
Jones, W. E. S Private K 10 Infantry Iola
Jones, W. R. Private A 49 Infantry Volga
Jones, W. W. Private F 25 Infantry Roaring Creek
Jones, Wm Corporal L 3 Cavalry Mendota
Jones, William Sergeant I 3 Cavalry Hortonville
Jones, William Private K 4 Cavalry Omro
Jones, Wm Private B 40 Infantry Clinton
Jones, Wm J Corporal F 43 Infantry Rewey
Jones, Wm S Private A 49 Infantry Dodgeville
Jones, Wm W Captain A 2 Infantry Madison
Jones, Wing Private C 3 Infantry Waukesha
Jopp, Marvin E Private F 23 Infantry Baraboo
Jordan, A. P. Private F 31 Infantry Dayton
Jordan, John Private I 22 Infantry Belleville
Jordan, Leonard Private D 35 Infantry Janesville
Jordi, Jacob Private E 45 Infantry New Glarus
Jordon, Henry W Private I 11 Infantry Berlin
Jordon, John Private A 3 Cavalry Scandinavia
Jordon, John N Sergeant I 11 Infantry Berlin
Jordon, Wm Private B 12 Infantry Wonewoc
Jordon, Wm Private I 20 Infantry Clayton
Jorgenson, Lars Private I 15 Infantry Iola
Jorgenson, Simon Private E 15 Infantry Ettrick
Jorsch, Theodore Private D 14 Infantry Manitowoc
Josart, Joseph Private H 34 Infantry Green Bay
Joseph, J. L Private F 8 Infantry Rockton
Joslen, G A Private E 3 Cavalry Kingston
Joslin, W H Major * 25 Infantry Richland Center
Joyal, Benj Private K 25 Infantry Bloomer
Joyce, James Private F 17 Infantry Mazomanie
Joyce, Patrick Private C 21 Infantry Nekimi
Joyce, Patrick Sr Private A 44 Infantry Erin
Joyce, Thomas Private A 52 Infantry Appleton
Jubert, A Private A 2 Cavalry New London
Juby, John M Private B 12 Infantry Baraboo
Juch, Carl Private D 9 Infantry National Home
Judd, Levi Private K 25 Infantry Mauston
Judge, Michael Private G 35 Infantry Monroe
Judge, Pat Private C 1 Heavy Artillery National Home
Judge, Patrick Corporal C 11 Infantry Baraboo
Judson, L. T. Private A 1 Heavy Artillery Marshfield
Juel, E Private G 7 Infantry Manitowoc
Julien, John Private I 34 & 45 Infantry Oconto
Jump, Wm Private E 7 Infantry Hancock
Juneau, Peter S Private C 17 Infantry Milwaukee
Junge, Ferd Private B 9 Infantry National Home
Junk, Joseph Private G 51 Infantry Kaukauna
Jurgback, Frank Private I 32 Infantry Le Roy
Jussen, C H Adjutant * 23 Infantry Phillips



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