Enumeration of the Soldiers of the Late War
Who Served in Wisconsin Regiments and Batteries, Etc., and Reported by the
Government as Residing in Wisconsin on June 20, 1895.

transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Veneta McKinney, Susan Geist





Branch of Service


Kaercher, John Private E 20 Infantry Watertown
Kahlenberg, Otto Private D 13 Infantry Two Rivers
Kahnt, John Private B 51 Infantry Fillmore
Kaiser, F D Private A 9 Infantry Scott
Kaiser, Joe Private F 17 Infantry Beechwood
Kaiser, Solomon R Private I 4 Cavalry Cadott
Kaiser, Stephen Private D 16 Infantry Racine
Kaiser, Wm Private F 27 Infantry Cascade
Kakuschka, Louis Private H 9 Infantry Jefferson
Kalk, Herm Private C 27 Infantry Potter
Kalk, Otto Private E 4 Cavalry Chippewa Falls
Kamers, William Private I 51 Infantry Two Rivers
Kamm, Aug Private * 2 Battery Arthur
Kammer, Albert Private A 45 Infantry Howard
Kammiller, Wm Private K 48 Infantry Fountain City
Kanable, J. S. Private I 12 Infantry Viola
Kane, Cornelius Private H 50 Infantry Seneca
Kane, Daniel Private C 45 Infantry Mt. Sterling
Kane, H. A. Private B 38 Infantry Rhinelander
Kane, Mich Private G 2 Infantry National Home
Kane, Thos Private C 17 Infantry National Home
Kann, R.C Private K 16 Infantry Port Washington
Kanouse, A W Private * 3 Battery Appleton
Kanouse, E. M. Corporal * 3 Battery Wausau
Kanouse, Thos Private F 2 Cavalry Boaz
Kapke, Martin Private * 2 Battery Neillsville
Kapelka, Ferdinand Private A 9 Infantry Highland
Kappin, Fred Private E 17 Infantry Tomah
Kappleman, H. H. Private * 13 Battery Sheboygan Falls
Karas, Jacob F Private F 2 Cavalry Riley
Karberg, John Private A 49 Infantry Bloomer
Karbatschek, Peter Private C 14 Infantry Nordheim
Kargus, Rudolph Corporal E 9 Infantry Burlington
Kasch, August Private E 3 Infantry Manitowoc
Kas ka tuppah, William Private K 37 Infantry Keshena
Kasper, Jacob Private A 9 Infantry Hilbert
Kasner, August Private K 2 Infantry Slovan
Kast, J. N. Private D 31 Infantry Bell Center
Kast, H. C. Private K 12 Infantry Barnum
Kast, W. F. M. Private K 12 Infantry Haney
Kasten, Ed Private K 3 Cavalry Watertown
Kastna, Jas Private G 11 Infantry Lena
Katzenmiller, J Sergeant K 29 Infantry Lowell
Kauffung, Chas Private G 1 Heavy Artillery Barton
Kaufman, Benj'n F Private F 25 Infantry Hillsboro
Kufman, Conrad Private A 18 Infantry Milwaukee
Kaufmann, Jos Private B 18 Infantry Alma
Kaulbach, Peter Private E 34 Infantry Reeseville
Kaump, John W Private K 44 Infantry Platteville
Kaump, Wm A Corporal H 25 Infantry Cuba
Kanth, Peter Private A 45 Infantry Le Roy
Kay, Edward Private C 22 Infantry Lake Geneva
Kayser, Chas Hosp. Steward * 35 Infantry Milwaukee
Kayser, Anton Private B 4 Cavalry Milwaukee
Kayser, Mathias Private E 46 Infantry Palmyra
Keach, Albert Private C 4 Cavalry Greenbush
Kealy, Michael S Private E 13 Infantry Monroe
Kealy, Pat Corporal D 27 Infantry Manitowoc
Kean, Henry Sr Private G 50 Infantry Hammond
Kearn, Wm Private I 1 Cavalry National Home
Keech, Geo. W Private D 30 Infantry Hudson
Keefe, John Private D 17 Infantry National Home
Keefer, John Private L 1 Cavalry Avoca
Keefe, Wm H Private M 1 Heavy Artillery Columbus
Keeler, Daniel H Private D 52 Infantry Sparta
Keeler, Charles Private E 29 Infantry Eau Galle
Keely, Geo. G Private A 36 Infantry Spring Green
Keenan, James Private B 4 Cavalry Rhinelander
Keenan, John Private E 51 Infantry St. Anna
Keene, Oliver F Private H 25 Infantry Hurricane
Keeney, Wm E Sergeant B 30 Infantry Mineral Point
Keepers, Hans J Private I 12 Infantry Bloom City
Keepers, J. M. Private I 12 Infantry Bloom City
Kees, Wm H Captain G 5 Infantry Milwaukee
Keesling, Frederick Private K 25 Infantry White Creek
Kegel, Chas Private H 45 Infantry Milwaukee
Kehoe, John Private K 23 Infantry Merrimack
Kehres, Johannes Private I 18 Infantry Dillman
Kehrmeyer, Leonard Private A 45 Infantry Knowles
Keifer, J. N. Captain H 24 Infantry Antigo
Keiffer, Nicholas Private D 17 Infantry Stockbridge
Keihl, Charles Private K 7 Infantry Tomah
Keine, A F Private C 1 Heavy Artillery Stetsonville
Keimig, Gabriel Private A 23 Infantry Watertown
Keimberger, Jos Private E 1 Heavy Artillery National Home
Keislea, Henry Private I 31 Infantry Dartford
Keith, Chas Q. M. Sergt * 46 Infantry Reedsburg
Keith, G. C Private A 34 Infantry Pardeeville
Keith, G. C Corporal D 1 Heavy Artillery Pardeeville
Kelhier, John Private G 14 Infantry National Home
Kelk, Henry Private A 38 Infantry New Lisbon
Keller, Balth Private H 6 Infantry Alma
Keller, Edwin F Private G 19 Infantry Necedah
Keller, Ferdinand Private D 9 Infantry Sauk City
Keller, Jacob J Private E 38 Infantry Oakley
Keller, James H Private I 18 Infantry Dallas
Keller, John Private C 14 Infantry Bay View
Keller, John Private H 6 Infantry Fountain City
Keller, John Private * 6 Battery Prairie du Sac
Kellett, Robert Private C 21 Infantry Oshkosh
Kelley, C. E. Private F 51 Infantry Reedsburg
Kelley, D Private B 11 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Kelley, Geo. W Private F 3 Cavalry Reedsburg
Kelley, Henry Private I 35 Infantry Hub City
Kelley, James Private F 33 Infantry Turtle
Kelley, Joseph Private E 51 Infantry Hudson
Kelley, Lafayette Private B 12 Infantry Reedsburg
Kelley, N. T. Private K 22 Infantry Racine
Kelley, Patrick Private C 45 Infantry Mt. Sterling
Kelley, Phil Corporal B 6 Infantry Waverly
Kelley, Thomas Private B 11 Infantry Madison
Kelley, Thomas Private A 37 Infantry Madison
Kelley, Thomas P Private * 7 Battery Elmwood
Kelley, Thos Private G 1 Cavalry Baraboo
Kellogg, H. D Private K 1 Cavalry Centralia
Kellogg, Theodore Corporal G 39 Infantry Kaukauna
Kellogg, Charles Private E 28 Infantry Oakdale
Kellogg, Charles H Private K 43 Infantry Tomah
Kellogg, Charles Private C 43 Infantry Boscobel
Kellogg, Ezra Private B 42 Infantry Hortonville
Kellogg, James H Private A 16 Infantry Tomah
Kellogg, L. D. Private I 12 Infantry Readstown
Kellogg, L. M. Private B 53 Infantry Rodney
Kellogg, L. D. Private I 12 Infantry Readstown
Kellogg, Oscar A Private E 1 Heavy Artillery Wyocena
Kellogg, Wm Private * 10 Battery White Creek
Kelly, C. C. Private * 5 Battery Jordan
Kelly, Chas Private I 50 Infantry South Superior
Kelly, David H Private D 49 Infantry Milton Junction
Kelly, James Private K 33 Infantry Boscobel
Kelly, James Artificier * 8 Battery Montello
Kelly, James F Sergeant D 49 Infantry Milton Junction
Kelly, John Private L 2 Cavalry Hurley
Kelly, Lloyd Private K 12 Infantry Bell Center
Kelly, Lloyd Sergeant G 47 Infantry Bell Center
Kelly, Thomas Private * 4 Battery Beloit
Kelly, Wm Private G 8 Infantry Milton Junction
Kelm, Frank Private C 9 Infantry Portage
Kelner, Albert Private I 37 Infantry Green Bay
Kelsch, Peter Private K 4 Cavalry Oshkosh
Kelseman, Adam Private H 14 Infantry Sheboygan Falls
Kelsey, James Corporal C 51 Infantry Columbus
Kelsey, W. H. Private E 4 Cavalry Sparta
Kelso, Edwin Private * 17 Infantry Wrightstown
Kelzer, Peter Private I 14 Infantry Manitowoc
Kemmer, George Private C 16 Infantry Grit
Kemmerling, Thos Private E 45 Infantry Wauwatosa
Kemp, Fred Private E 14 Infantry Milwaukee
Kemp, George Private C 44 Infantry Badger
Kemp, James Private C 44 Infantry Badger
Kemp, R Private C 44 Infantry Sheridan
Kemp, Wm Private B 14 Infantry Badger
Kemper, Wilbur Private C 3 Infantry Dundas
Kempf, John Private F 26 Infantry Cecil
Kempter, R. R. 2d Lieut D 9 Infantry Alma
Kendall, A. J. Private E 42 Infantry Merrillan
Kendall, Frank Private C 3 Cavalry Montello
Kendall, L. G. Corporal H 21 Infantry Baraboo
Kendley, E. A. Private A 42 Infantry Shiocton
Kendrick, John T Private F 20 Infantry Montford
Kendrick, R. H. Sergeant H 25 Infantry Potosi
Kendrick, Thos Private B 24 Infantry National Home
Kenkel, Henry Captain F 34 Infantry Oconomowoc
Kennan, Thos L Captain D 10 Infantry Milwaukee
Kennealy, John Captain H 14 Infantry Milwaukee
Kennedy, Chauncy Private A 19 Infantry Rockland
Kennedy, Edward Private B 23 Infantry Milwaukee
Kennedy, Frank Private E 48 Infantry Antigo
Kennedy, Henry Private I 37 Infantry Plainfield
Kennedy, J. T. Corporal K 6 Infantry Madison
Kennedy, James Private G 11 Infantry Hub City
Kennedy, Michael Private E 29 Infantry De Pere
Kennedy, Michael Private F 31 Infantry Dayton
Kennedy, Richard 1st Sergeant G 27 Infantry Highland
Kennedy, W. R. Captain C 46 Infantry Oshkosh
Kennedy, Wm H Private I 10 Infantry National Home
Kenney, Stephen Private D 22 Infantry Delavan
Kennison, M. S. Private I 19 Infantry Seneca
Kent, A. C. Lieutenant C 3 Cavalry Janesville
Kent, E. L. Sergeant E 18 Infantry Blaine
Kent, J. J. Private C 1 Cavalry Lake Mills
Kent, Louis Private E 45 Infantry Milwaukee
Kent, Louis Private I 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Kenuth, Charles Private K 32 Infantry Augusta
Kenyon, A Private K 46 Infantry La Crosse
Kenyon, Clark Private H 32 Infantry Rosendale
Kenyon, D. A. Sgt Major * 4 Cavalry Appleton
Kenyon, Webster Private G 22 Infantry Tomah
Kenzel, Robert Private G 37 Infantry Germania
Keogh, Edward Private E 14 Infantry Forestville
Keppart, Robert Private F 2 Cavalry Bear Valley
Keriger, Frank Private I 30 Infantry Lost Creek
Kerkfoot, John Private B 3 Infantry Milwaukee
Kern, Andrew A Private G 9 Infantry So. Kaukauna
Kern, F. M. Private F 11 Infantry Sparta
Kern, G. L. Corporal I 29 Infantry Monterey
Kern, John Corporal F 3 Infantry Potosi
Kern, John Private H 17 Infantry Fountain City
Kerr, Andrew M Private H 11 Infantry Portage
Kerr, Benj S Captain D 38 Infantry Monroe
Kerr, James Sergeant F 46 Infantry Green Bay
Kerr, Martin Private G 3 Infantry Northport
Kerr, Thos Lt Col * 6 Infantry Milwaukee
Kerrigan, Patrick Private A 17 Infantry Boscobel
Kerrigan, William Musician * 19 Infantry Sparta
Kerscher, Wenzel Private K 7 Infantry Francis Creek
Kershaw, T. C Private K 37 Infantry Kilbourn
Kerstel, Fred Private D 2 Infantry Poysippi
Kersting, John Corporal H 2 Cavalry Milwaukee
Kesler, A Private K 31 Infantry Wauzeka
Keso, Charles Private F 29 Infantry Lake Mills
Kessler, Christian Private I 2 Infantry Dodgeville
Kessler, Geo Private E 50 Infantry Wauzeka
Kessler, Henry Sergeant H 6 Infantry Fountain City
Kessner, Bernhardt Private D 6 Infantry National Home
Kester, C. M. Private F 3 Cavalry Reedsburg
Kerwin, F Private * 10 Battery Elroy
Ketcham, Wm Private K 42 Infantry Point Bluff
Ketchum, Levi S Private G 48 Infantry Augusta
Ketchingman, B Private F 22 Infantry Racine
Ketman, M. A. Private E 27 Infantry Cedar Grove
Ketner, William J Private A 6 Infantry Bloomington
Kettler, Anton Captain E 26 Infantry Fond du Lac
Kettler, Edward Private C 1 Infantry Milwaukee
Ketzlinger, Martin Private B 9 Infantry Manitowoc
Key, Abram Corporal E 1 Heavy Artillery Patch Grove
Keyes, Demont L Private D 47 Infantry Burnett Junction
Keyes, Dwight W Q. M. * 1 Infantry Milwaukee
Keyes, Geo. H Private H 32 Infantry Florence
Keyes, H. W. Private A 1 Infantry Beaver Dam
Keyes, H. W. Private F 24 Infantry Beaver Dam
Keyes, H. W. Sergeant E 3 Cavalry Beaver Dam
Keyes, J. E. Sergeant G 46 Infantry Darlington
Keyes, Michael Private D 17 Infantry Cascade
Keyes, Richard W Sergeant C 1 Cavalry Seneca
Keys, Patrick Private I 25 Infantry Fairplay
Keys, Solomon Private M & G 3 Cavalry Necedah
Keys, Stewart Corporal D 17 Infantry Watertown
Kezar, Luther Private G 25 Infantry Durand
Kibbe, A. R. Corporal -- 12 Battery New Richmond
Kibby, C. N. Private H 20 Infantry Ripon
Kibby, Phillip W. Private E 4 Cavalry Chippewa Falls
Kichner, Henry Private C 1 Cavalry Kohlsville
Kickhoefer, Fred Private I 32 Infantry Clintonville
Kickhoefer, Wm. Private -- 12 Battery Sugar Bush
Kidd, E. I. Private C 23 Infantry Prairie du Chien
Kidd, Jos. S. Sergeant D 42 Infantry Glen Haven
Kidd, Z. W. Private E 52 Infantry Bloom City
Kidman, Wm. Private B 13 Infantry Princeton
Kiefer, F. J. Private D 46 Infantry Portage
Kiefer, Reymund Private 26 Infantry Rozellville
Kiehl, Frank Private F 6 Infantry Fountain City
Kieper, John Private D 3 Infantry Menomonee Falls
Kierberger, George F. Bugler B 3 Cavalry Clintonville
Kieslich, A. F. Sergeant I 9 Infantry Milwaukee
Kiester, H. F. Private F 30 Infantry Plum City
Kietzmann, Fred Private H 37 Infantry Westfield
Kihl, Nicholas Private K 1 & 21 Infantry Fish Creek
Kihm, John Corporal F 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Kilby, Hezekiah Private D 3 Infantry Richland Center
Kildow, Joshua P. Private K 22 Infantry Pedee
Kil, Geo. Private C 37 Infantry Wonewoe
Kile, James Private C 37 Infantry Valley
Kilian, Charles Private K 3 Cavalry Shawano
Killian, John Chaplain -- 26 Infantry Theresa
Killips, Joshua Drummer B 39 Infantry Prospect
Kilmer, Abram Private C 37 Infantry Green Bay
Kilmer, Ira F. Private B 2 Cavalry Galesville
Kilmer, Wilson Private E 2 Cavalry Portage
Kilpatrick, Jas. Private E 11 Infantry Plattville
Kilwine, Phillip W. Private E 38 Infantry Brodhead
Kimball, J. A. Corporal 29 Infantry Neillsville
Kimball, J. B. Sergeant H 48 Infantry Disco
Kimball, Joseph Private C 32 Infantry Green Lake
Kimball, Nelson W. Private I 17 Infantry Appleton
Kimball, Ruel. E. Private D 11 Infantry Boscobel
Kimball, William W. Private 17 Infantry Oshkosh
Kimball, W. K. Private F 43 Infantry Oshkosh
Kimbell, A. D. Private F 3 Cavalry Baraboo
Kimberly, Benj. A. Private 37 Infantry Mauston
Kimberly, E. O. Band Leader -- 3 Infantry Janesville
Kimble, Sterry B. Corporal -- 10 Battery National Home
Kime, John Private G 2 Cavalry North Cape
Kimmerly, William Private C 28 Infantry Kendall
Kindem, Ole L. Private F 45 Infantry Arpin
Kindlen, J. C. Private 29 Infantry Lake Mills
Kindschi, Christian Private D 9 Infantry Prairie du Sac
Kindschi, Erhard Private D 9 Infantry Denzer
King, Albert Private C 3 Cavalry Adams
King, Charles E. Private D 43 Infantry Westfield
King, Chas. F. 2d. Lieut. L 3 Cavalry Hudson
King, Clifford Private D 27 Infantry Cooperstown
King, D. A. Private H 16 Infantry Menomonie
King, E. B. Hos. Steward -- 3 Infantry Green Bay
King, Farrel Private I 28 Infantry East Troy
King, Frank Private E 13 Infantry Brooklyn
King, Fred Private C 3 Infantry Westfield
King, F. M. Private E 21 Infantry South Milwaukee
King, Geo. Private E 11 Infantry Sturgeon Bay
King, Geo. R. Private I 14 Infantry Humbird
King, Gilbert Private 50 Infantry Menomonie
King, Joe Private G 7 Infantry Grantsburg
King, John S. Private K 18 Infantry National Home
King, Leon Private G 28 Infantry Rock Elm
King, Levi M. Sergeant G 8 Infantry La Crosse
King, Peter Private K 37 Infantry Wis Vet Home
King, Robert Private 33 Infantry Richland Center
King, Robert Private H 25 Infantry Tomah
King, Robin Private E 46 Infantry Brooklyn
King, Ruben Private F 11 Infantry Baraboo
King, S. B. Private G 10 Infantry Stevens Point
King, Squire W. Private I 6 Infantry Necedah
King, Thomas M. Private K 3 Infantry Oregon
King, W. C. Private I 44 Infantry Evansville
King, W. W. Sergeant G 22 Infantry Darlington
King, Waten M. Private A 4 Cavalry Janesville
Kingland, Ole T. Private K 3 Infantry Utica
Kingland, T. T. Corporal H 15 Infantry Utica
Kingsbury, H. D. Private E 3 Infantry Richland Center
Kingsbury, L. W. Sergeant K 4 Cavalry Perley
Kingsley, George Sergeant F 18 Infantry Eureka
Kingsley, Seth Private E 41 Infantry La Valle
Kingsley, Sylvester Private F 35 Infantry Wonewoe
Kinne, D. J. Private F 48 Infantry Loyal
Kinnear, William Private D 18 Infantry Ontario
Kinneman, John L. Private B 12 Infantry La Valle
Kinney, Alfred Private H 25 Infantry Bloomington,
Kinney, Andrew Private F 30 Infantry Madison
Kinney, Andrew J. Sergeant D 11 Infantry Richland Center
Kinney, Darwin W.  2d. Lieut. B 6 Infantry Trimbelle
Kinney, E. Private A 41 Infantry Hudson
Kinney, John Private I 51 Infantry Spooner
Kinney, John Private E 18 Infantry Stevens Point
Kinney, John D. Private D 30 Infantry New Richmond
Kinney, Michael Private B 1 Heavy Art. Milwaukee
Kinney, Peter Private D 52 Infantry Sparta
Kinney, R. J. Private I 38 & 20 Infantry Menomonie
Kinney, Wm. T. Corporal F 2 Cavalry La Valle
Kinnie, George Private F 40 Infantry Elkhorn
Kins, H. H. Private G 36 Infantry Modena
Kinsman, Cyrenius Sergeant A 8 Infantry Fremont
Kinsman, Thos. Private E 31 Infantry Platteville
Kinyon, Jas. M. Private A 25 Infantry Osseo
Kipp, B. S. Private A 19 Infantry Howe
Kippers, Jacob Private E 19 Infantry Prospect
Kirby, Edwin Private K 3 Infantry Summer
Kirby, M. D. L. Private E 52 Infantry Cumberland
Kirby, Robt. W. Private A 21 Infantry Brownsville
Kirby, S. A. Sergeant F 41 Infantry Mill Creek
Kirby, Samuel, Jr. Private G 20 Infantry Stoughton
Kirchberg, Carl Private I 18 Infantry Watertown
Kirchhahn, Robt. Private B 51 Infantry Milwaukee
Kircher, Peter Sergeant D 30 Infantry Hudson
Kirchner, Fred Private E 9 Infantry National Home
Kirchner, Henry Private C 1 Cavalry Kohlsville
Kirk, George Private C 8 Infantry Eau Galle
Kirk, George Private A 52 Infantry Fall River
Kirk, John Private K 44 Infantry Hazel Green
Kirkham, Eugene E. Musician K 39 Infantry Juneau
Kirkham, H. H. Private A 1 Cavalry Augusta
Kirkham, T. A. Corporal G U.S.S.S. (Berdans) Augusta
Kirkhoff, Franz Private A 6 Infantry National Home
Kirkland, J. G. Private E 1 Heavy Art. Fort Atkinso
Kirkpatrick, Geo. Private D 3 Cavalry Mineral Point
Kirkpatrick, Robert Private Un. -- Infantry Richland Center
Kirsch, Nicholas Private B 9 Infantry Appleton
Kirwin, James Private B 47 Infantry Berlin
Kirwin, Matt. Private B 47 Infantry Berlin
Kish, Henry Private H 12 Infantry Newton
Kish, Wellington Private I 17 Infantry Genoa
Kishner, Chas. Private F 40 Infantry Delavan
Kishner, Geo. Private K 49 Infantry East Delavan
Kislingburg, Wm. G. Private H 50 Infantry Mineral Point
Kissinger, Paul Private B 37 Infantry Brushville
Kitchen, James Private -- 8 Battery Hogarty
Kitchen, Joseph Private G 1 Heavy Art. Shiocton
Kitelinger, B. S. Private I 5 Infantry Stitzer
Kitelinger, James N. Private B & I 5 Infantry Lancaster
Kittinger, John 1st. Lieut. I 14 Infantry Humbird
Kittlehan, Wm. Private F 45 Infantry National Home
Kittleson, Ole Musician H 1 Heavy Art. Riverside
Kittleson, Ole Musician H 1 Heavy Art. Winchester
Kitzmann, Henry Corporal C 43 Infantry Jefferson
Kivapil, Frank Private A 26 Infantry Ahnapee
Kizer, F. C. Captain D 3 Cavalry Whitewater
Kjellesvig, Anton Private E 15 Infantry Bem
Klabea, Ph. Private C 35 Infantry Milwaukee
Klank, Math. Private C 27 Infantry Mequon
Klass, H. W. Private E 3 Infantry Atwater
Klass, Geo. Private D 49 Infantry Chippewa Falls
Klauer, John Private F 38 Infantry Bloomington
Kleber, C. Private G 22 Infantry Winneconne
Klebesadel, C. B. Sergeant K 45 Infantry Shawano
Kleiberg, Ferdinand Private C 19 Infantry Winchester
Kleimann, Joseph Private D 1 Cavalry Denny
Klein, John Private I 45 Infantry Fredonia
Klein, Osw. L. E. Private -- 9 Battery National Home
Klein, Phil. Private A 6 Infantry Milwaukee
Kleiner, John D. Private F 5 Infantry Milwaukee
Kleiner, Mathius Corporal K 51 Infantry Sun Prairie
Kleinert, Aug. Private C 38 Infantry Princeton
Kleinert, Chas. Private I 33 Infantry National Home
Kleinfelter, Henry 2d. Lieut. F 51 Infantry Nora
Kleinhans, Fred Private F 6 Infantry Williamsburg
Kleinhoff, Louis Private D 44 Infantry Clintonville
Kleinlein, John Private A 1 Cavalry Baraboo
Kleinow, Christian Private C 27 Infantry Howard
Kleiss, John Private K 11 Infantry Appleton
Klemas, Albert Private A 22 Infantry Racine
Klemer, August Private F 12 Infantry Mayville
Klem, M. Chas. Corporal G 45 Infantry Nicholson
Klemp, Albert Private I 14 Infantry Readfield
Klennann, Wm. Private D 51 Infantry Wauwatosa
Klett, R. E. Private D 21 Infantry La Valle
Kletzine, Abraham Private B 13 Infantry Sheboygan Falls
Kliese, L. E. Private E 22 Infantry Jackson
Klika, Joseph Private G 11 Infantry De Pere
Kline, Chas. Private H 24 Infantry Port Washington
Kline, Ernest Private I 32 Infantry Juneau
Kline, Geo. Private E 35 Infantry North Freedom
Kline, Jacob Private H 1 Cavalry Mukwanago
Kline, John Private -- 4 Battery Beloit
Kline, Peter Private D 9 Infantry Green Bay
Kline, S. S. Private F 28 Infantry Hager City
Kling, A. Private D 21 Infantry Elmhurst
Klingensmith, A. Private A 1 Infantry Milwaukee
Klinger, Henry Private H 1 Cavalry Westfield
Klinginsmith, D. Private G 50 Infantry Ellsworth
Klingler, Orlow Private B 25 Infantry Richland Center
Klink, Peter Sergeant F 17 Infantry Milwaukee
Klink, Peter Private E 35 Infantry National Home
Klinke, W. F. Private C 45 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Klinker, Henry Private C 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Klinzing, John H. Private G 19 Infantry Ahnapee
Kloehn, John Private I 47 Infantry Ripon
Klokow, John Private B 6 Infantry Edwards
Klopp, Paul Private I 6 Infantry Dacada
Kluckman, John Private F 44 Infantry Belle Plaine
Kluever, F. Sergeant I 45 Infantry Barton
Klug, Herman Private G 51 Infantry Arcadia
Klug, Herman Corporal E 27 Infantry Milwaukee
Klumb, David Private C 51 Infantry Meeker
Klumb, Nicholas Private C 6 Infantry Sheboygan
Klumb, Val. Private H 2 Cavalry National Home
Kluzickowsky, August Private I 45 Infantry Polonia
Knaba, Gustav Corporal F 27 Infantry Sheboygan
Knapp, Anton. Corporal H 25 Infantry Cassville
Knapp, A. V. 2d. Lieut. F 10 Infantry Platteville
Knapp, B. A. Private C 52 Infantry Delton
Knapp, E. R. Farrier I 3 Cavalry Buckbee
Knapp, George Private F 46 Infantry Regina
Knapp, Geo. L. Private D 50 Infantry Menomonie
Knapp, Gilbert Private I 32 Infantry Omro
Knapp, Hiram Ord. Serg. H 49 Infantry Whitewater
Knapp, Jonathan Private -- 4 Battery Sextonville
Knapp, Oscar F. Private B 4 Cavalry Attica
Knapp, Riley Private K 47 Infantry Platteville
Knapton, Joshua C. Private A 29 Infantry Marshall
Knaub, Wm. H. Private C 13 Infantry Sharon
Knecht, Joseph Private K 48 Infantry Lookout
Knecht, Ulrich Private A 34 Infantry Waumandee
Kneeland, E. G. Musician -- 1B, 3D 15 A. C. Monroe
Knickerbocker, Benj. A. Private E 21 Infantry Gravesville
Knickrehm, Dietrich Private C 9 Infantry Manitowoe
Knickrihm, John Corporal F 19 Infantry Medford
Knight, Chas. H. Private G 47 Infantry Prairie du Sac
Knight, David W.  Corporal E 31 Infantry Avoca
Knight, Isaac W. Private B 1 Infantry Kenosha
Knight, J. G. 1st. Lieut. H 3 Infantry Darlington
Knight, Marcus L. Private I 36 Infantry Centerville
Knight, Miletus Private F 30 Infantry Durand
Knight, Peter Sergeant B 29 Infantry Milwaukee
Knight, Ralsey Private D 35 Infantry Monticello
Knight, Thomas Private H 50 Infantry Rice Lake
Knight, Thomas Private E 33 Infantry Footville
Knilans, J. Private I 13 Infantry Richmond
Knilans, W. A. Captain G 13 Infantry Turtle
Knilons, George Private D 22 Infantry Whitewater
Kniff, Jeremiah Private A 12 Infantry Prescott
Knipfel, George Private G 1 Cavalry Hammond
Knippel, Alb. W. Private K 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Kniprath, John Private I 6 Infantry Newburg
Knoble, John Private B 4 Cavalry Menomonie
Knoch, Ferdinand Private E 18 Infantry Antigo
Knocke, Chas. Private E 27 Infantry Sheboygan
Knocke, Wm. Private E 27 Infantry Racine
Knoebel, Jacob Private G 26 Infantry Wayne
Knoepfel, Christian Private C 17 Infantry Waukesha
Knoll, W. R. Private K 5 Infantry Omro
Knope, Wm. Private I 17 Infantry Manitowoe
Knopp, M. Private K 14 Infantry Downing
Knorr, Edward Private E 34 Infantry Naugart
Knouse, Ben. Private B 23 Infantry Wiota
Knowd, John Private C 4 Cavalry Plymouth
Knowler, Charles G. Corporal G 4 Cavalry River Falls
Knowles, Remick Private D 21 Infantry Hutchins
Knowles, Samuel Bugler C 4 Cavalry Gibbsville
Knowles, Solon R. Private B 5 Infantry Sheboygan
Knowles, Thomas Private D 10 Infantry Hillsboro
Knowles, P. C. Private G 25 Infantry Mondovi
Knowlton, George Private G 32 Infantry De Pere
Knox, H. H. 2d Lieutenant I 13 Infantry Janesville
Knox, John Private H 1 Heavy Art. Seymour
Knox, L. C. Lieutenant C 32 Infantry Appleton
Knox, Leander Private I 25 Infantry Cornelia
Knudson, Knud Private E 13 Infantry Mishicott
Knudson, Neils M. Private K 34 Infantry Bolt
Knudson, Peter Private D 16 Infantry Ephraim
Knudson, Timan Private D 23 Infantry Blue Mounds
Knudtson, Knudt Private C 30 Infantry Blair
Knudtson, Lewis Private B 30 Infantry Grand Rapids
Knudtson, Torger Private H 1 Heavy Art. Winchester
Knuespa, Christian Private I 17 Infantry Kodan
Knuteson, Gunner Private K 1 Heavy Art. Big Bend
Knutesen, John Private A 7 Infantry Okee
Knuth, Carl Private H 45 Infantry Milwaukee
Knutson, Henry C Private F 32 Infantry Evergreen
Knutson, John Private K 37 Infantry Klevenville
Knutson, John R. Private D 52 Infantry Black Earth
Knutson, Thomas Private E 15 Infantry La Crosse
Kober, Harmon Private K 22 Infantry Mukwonago
Kober, Jacob Corporal I 32 Infantry Appleton
Kobert, Martin Private K 18 Infantry North Bend
Kobisky, M. Private C 14 Infantry Waupaca
Koblitz, Conrad Private H 2 Cavalry Columbus
Kobrigner, Lawrence Private H 6 Infantry Charlesburg
Koch, C. A. Private D 9 Infantry Eau Claire
Koch, Henry Sr. Private E 20 Infantry Watertown
Koch, Wm. A. Private A 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Koch, Wm. F. Private B 4 Cavalry Mount Vernon
Kochendorfer, John Private K 25 Infantry Cochrane
Kocher, Anton Private B 13 Infantry Charlesburg
Koebel, Jacob Private B 27 Infantry Plymouth
Koehler, John Private E 52 Infantry Thiensville
Koehler, John Private A 35 Infantry Milwaukee
Koehler, Valentine Private E 52 Infantry Thiensville
Koehn, Charles Private F 19 Infantry Oshkosh
Koehne, Henry Private D 52 Infantry Sheboygan
Koehne, Henry Private H 1 Infantry Little Suamico
Koelath, Herman Private A 6 Infantry Cedarburg
Koelmer, Ferdinand Sergeant C 27 Infantry Sheboygan
Koelsch, Christ Private E 6 Infantry Neenah
Koenig, August Private I 6 Infantry Saukville
Koenig, Herman Corporal I 34 Infantry Newburg
Koenig, Geo. Private C 6 Infantry Jackson
Koenig, Gustin Private A 1 Cavalry Green Bay
Koenig, Joseph Private F 26 Infantry Marshfield
Koenig, Joseph Private I 14 Infantry Meeme
Koenke, August Private F 26 Infantry Keil
Koeppe, E. Private K 50 Infantry Oostburg
Koerby, John Sergeant E 20 Infantry Madison
Koerner, Theodore Musician K 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Koersterling, Christian Private A 6 Infantry Sheboygan
Koester, John Private F 34 Infantry Milwaukee
Koethe, Louis Private H 2 Cavalry La Crosse
Kohkee, Lewis Bugler D 1 Heavy Art. Augusta
Kohl, Jacob Corporal I 27 Infantry Appleton
Kohl, John Private H 35 Infantry Milwaukee
Kohler, Chas. Private G 2 Cavalry Wheatland
Kohlhepp, Henry Private H 6 Infantry Alma
Kohlsdorf, Robert R. Captain K 10 Infantry Milwaukee
Kohn, Fred Private C 1 Cavalry Marquette
Kohn, Julius Private C 52 Infantry Milwaukee
Kohn, Mark Corporal H 26 Infantry Cleveland
Kohn, Peter Private E 51 Infantry Kewaskum
Kohn, Tobold Private E 51 Infantry Kewaskum
Kohsow, Louis Private -- 2 Battery Neoslio
Kolb, John Private F 3 Infantry Platteville
Kolb, Peter Private K 22 Infantry Milwaukee
Kolb, Philip Private K 44 Infantry Platteville
Kolbe, Joseph Private A 18 Infantry Chilton
Kolberg, Christian Private F 37 Infantry Sheboygan Falls
Kolhamer, Jos. Corporal K 10 Infantry National Home
Kollar, Conrad Private I 29 Infantry National Home
Kolste, J. W. Private A 9 Infantry Cedar Grove
Konrad, Frank Private D 45 Infantry Sawyer
Konrad, H. P. Private B 6 Infantry Scott
Koole, C. Private I 6 Infantry Cedar Grove
Kopernaus, Christian Private I 17 Infantry New London
Kopff, Thomas Surgeon -- 3 Infantry Beaver Dam
Koplin, Michael Private K 2 Cavalry Milwaukee
Kopp, Andrew Private G 49 Infantry Watertown
Kopp, J. Private I 45 Infantry West Bend
Kopp, Mathias Private F 5 Infantry Waunakee
Kopple, George Private G 48 Infantry National Home
Korb, Louis Private E 52 Infantry Clintonville
Korff, Levi Private K 45 Infantry Meudota
Kornalb, A. Private K 14 Infantry National Home
Korrison, Nels Private B 10 Infantry Morrisonville
Korte, Wm. Private F 6 Infantry Cream
Kort, J. Private C 3 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Koser, Ignatz Sergeant D 29 Infantry Fort Atkinson
Koss, Wm. Private L 3 Cavalry Appleton
Kotta, Christian Private K 51 Infantry Oshkosh
Krabbe, Adam Private I 1 Heavy Art. South Osborn
Kraenner, John M. Private C 26 Infantry Thomson
Kraemer, Joseph Private F 9 Infantry Omro
Kraetzsch, Andrew Private G 7 Infantry Fillmore
Kraetzsch, Henry Private F 51 Infantry Fillmore
Kraft, Gottlieb Private F 35 Infantry National Home
Krahenbhul, Samuel Private C 17 Infantry Melvina
Krake, Delos W. Corporal A 1 Infantry Bonduel
Krake, Ephram Private A 1 Infantry Birnamwood
Krake, Mason S. Private K 3 Cavalry New London
Krakofsky, Chas. Sergeant E 9 Infantry Waterford
Kramer, August Private E 17 Infantry Green Bay
Kramer, August Private G 24 Infantry Kennan
Kramer, Ernst Surgeon -- 1 Cavalry Milwaukee
Kranz, Daniel Private K 17 Infantry Bloomer
Kramer, John Private B 38 Infantry National Home
Krappel, Jos. Private A 45 Infantry Le Roy
Krase, August Private B 7 Infantry Nero
Kratochwill, Vandy J. Private C 20 Infantry Boscobel
Krause, John H. Private G 20 Infantry Hartland
Krautkamer, John Private F 27 Infantry Beechwood
Krautschneider, Alois Private H 45 Infantry Milwaukee
Kreiner, Michael Private D 2 Cavalry Star Prairie
Kremer, William Private K 26 Infantry Lone Rock
Krenning, William Corporal A 3 Infantry Fort Atkinson
Krenz, Fred Private I 3 Infantry Naugart
Kreofsky, Rudolph Private I 29 Infantry Kenosha
Kress, Nick Private B 45 Infantry Hika
Kretler, Louis Musician -- 2 Infantry Wauwatosa
Kretlow, Alb. Musician -- 1B, 1D 7 A.C. Milwaukee
Kreunen, Henry Private G 34 Infantry Oostburg
Kreutzberg, Anton Private I 45 Infantry National Home
Kribs, Wm. Private H 5 Infantry Galesville
Krieger, Aug. Hosp. Stew. -- 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Krieger, Ferd. Sergeant C 25 Infantry Kiel
Krientz, Herman Private G 45 Infantry Milwaukee
Kriescher, George Private F 50 Infantry Lena
Kriescher, Huben Private F 50 Infantry Bay Settlement
Kriescher, John P. Private F 50 Infantry Bay Settlement
Krimer, Christ Private G 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Krisenski, John Private E 20 Infantry Watertown
Kroeger, Henry Private I 49 Infantry Norwalk
Kroeger, Otto Private E 28 Infantry Milwaukee
Kroll, Wm. C. Private E 3 Cavalry New London
Krogh, B. J. Private C 11 Infantry Cambridge
Krohmer, Gust. Private E & K 3 Cavalry New Lisbon
Krohofsky, Fred. Private G 1 Heavy Art. Burlington
Kroll, John C. Private C 46 Infantry New London
Kromer, Lemuel 2d. Lieut. G 7 Infantry Grand Rapids
Krompos, Peter Private A 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Kroscher, Oswald Private C 45 Infantry National Home
Krogh, P. G. Private H 42 Infantry Mt Horeb
Krouse, Carl. Private B 13 Infantry Suamico
Krouse, Peter Corporal H 12 Infantry Green Bay
Krouse, Robt. Private A 1 Heavy Art. Watertown
Kruckman, A. H. Private H 22 Infantry Wilmot
Krueger, Aug. Private K 17 Infantry Reedsville
Krueger, Aug. Private I 1 Cavalry Augusta
Krueger, August Private K 11 Infantry Winchester
Krueger, C. B. Private G 7 Infantry Reedsville
Krueger, C. F. Private E 13 Infantry Reedsville
Kreuger, C. M. Private G 7 Infantry Reedsville
Krueger, Carl Corporal E 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Krueger, Christian Private C 37 Infantry Sheboygan Falls
Krueger, Davis Private K 17 Infantry Reedsville
Krueger, F. J. 1st. Sergeant F 26 Infantry Fall Creek
Krueger, Frank Private E 3 Infantry Ellsworth
Krueger, Fred Private E 17 Infantry Sawyer
Krueger, Gottlieb Private B 9 Infantry Morrison
Krueger, Godfred Private B 13 Infantry Niles
Krueger, G. O. Private B 9 Infantry Reedsville
Krueger, Michael Private F 6 Infantry Princeton
Krueger, Wm. Private K 11 Infantry Oshkosh
Krueger, Christoph. Private H 28 Infantry Stevens Point
Krueger, Fred Private A 34 Infantry Milwaukee
Krueger, Ludwig Private E 10 Infantry Manawa
Krueger, R. A. Private I 11 Infantry Dexterville
Krueger, Robt. Private G 43 Infantry Canton
Krumdick, Henry Private B 6 Infantry Edwards
Kruse, Henry Private L 2 Cavalry Mendota
Kruse, John Private K 44 Infantry Janesville
Krushke, J. Private C 29 Infantry Bear Creek
Krusick, John Private G 14 Infantry Kewaunee
Krutzenger, Henry Private F 27 Infantry Beechwood
Kubley, J. U. Private K 12 Infantry New Glarus
Kuchenbaker, August Private K 27 Infantry Morrison
Kuck, Fred Corporal B 9 Infantry Sheboygan
Kuck, William Private B 9 Infantry Hika
Kuchenbecker, Christian Private K 27 Infantry Morrison
Kuechenmeister, Carl Private A 45 Infantry Neillsville
Kuechenmeister, Frank Corporal K 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Kuehn, John Private B 4 Cavalry Princeton
Kuesel, Carl Private H 14 Infantry Sheboygan Falls
Kufahl, John Private E 34 Infantry Wausau
Kuhfal, Frederick, Private G 9 Infantry Milwaukee
Kuhn, Andrew Private C 35 Infantry Appleton
Kuhn, Aug. Private F 50 Infantry De Pere
Kull, Fred Sergeant -- 21 Infantry Green Bay
Kullmann, Henry Corporal I 37 Infantry Milwaukee
Kullmann, Louis Private I 2 Cavalry Milwaukee
Kumm, Charles Corporal A 53 Infantry Newberg Corners
Kummer, Adolph Private H 17 Infantry Manitowoe
Kumrine, D. F. Private I 17 Infantry Boscobel
Kundert, Abraham Musician K 9 Infantry Monroe
Kundert, Jacob Private K 9 Infantry Monroe
Kunert, Carl Private E 26 Infantry Princeton
Kunitzky, John Private D 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Kuntz, Abraham Private I 45 Infantry Marshfield
Kuntz, Adam Private I 45 Infantry Milwaukee
Kuntz, Adam Private A 26 Infantry National Home
Kuntz, Adam in -- 10 Battery Wauwatosa
Kunz, Chas. Private D 20 Infantry National Home
Kuoni, C. Sergeant D 9 Infantry Sauk City
Kurth. George Private I 18 Infantry Independence
Kusel, August F. Sergeant E 20 Infantry Watertown
Kusel, Fred Captain E 20 Infantry Watertown
Kuska, Julius Private F 27 Infantry Kunesh
Kuster, John Private C 42 Infantry Ixonia
Kuter, Samuel Sergeant G 14 Infantry Eden
Kutler, F. W. Private D 25 Infantry Appleton
Kuvil, Jessie Private C 50 Infantry Neenah
[note: correct spelling of name is Kevill, Jesse as per family researcher Kathi Kevill]
Kuykendall, John Private I 38 Infantry Twin Bluffs
Kyburz, William Private -- 9 Battery Mukwonago
Kyes, David Private B 50 Infantry Ontario
Kyes, Jonas Private A 44 Infantry Hammond
Kyes, Z. S. Private A 44 Infantry Hammond
Kyle, Geo. Private B 5 Infantry Downsville
Kyle, Henry M. Private A 19 Infantry Augusta
Kyle, John Private B 5 Infantry Downsville
Kyser, Jonathan Private C 43 Infantry Manning



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