Enumeration of the Soldiers of the Late War
Who Served in the United States Regular Army and Mexican War, and Reported by the
Enumerators as Residing in Wisconsin on June 20, 1895.


transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Tammy Clark





Branch of Service


Ackley, C.K. Corporal A 2 U.S.S. S Westport
Alden, Alanson B Corporal G 6 Cavalry Boscobel
Allen, C.C. Corporal I 9 Veteran Corps Baraboo
Allen, Frank Private A 12 Infantry Mosinee
Apple, David H Private H 15 Infantry National Home
Ashalnd, Wm. H Sergeant A 16 Infantry Madison
Bailey, Richard A Private     Mexican War National Home
Balch, M.B. Private   3 Cavalry Mauston
Ballard, H.D. Private B   U.S.S. S Oshkosh
Barnum, Erome Private F 1 U.S.S. S Prairie du Chien
Barth, Ferd Private B 3 Infantry National Home
Beals, Seneca Private Co. 12 Infantry National Home
Bennett, George Private H 12 Infantry Weston 
Benoist, Jos Private F 12 Infantry National Home
Berg, Peter Bugler Co. 4 Cavalry Wausau
Berger, John Private H 5 Artillery National Home
Bergey, John Private G 1 U.S. Sig. S Pardeeville
Bertram, Henry Private B 8 Infantry De Pere
Best, Geo. A Private   7 Infantry National Home
Birdie, Philip Private G 4 Battery Milwaukee
Birmingham, James Private E 13 Infantry Nelson
Blaze, Henry Private D 8 Infantry Poysippi
Bley, Fred Private K 2 Artillery National Home
Bostwick, Cyrus Private H 18 Cavalry Oshkosh
Bourke, Mich Private K     National Home
Bowden, Patrick Private D 5 Artillery Lanark
Bracker,John Private L 5 Artillery Tomah
Brass, Joseph  Corporal H 17 Infantry New Richmond
Breidenstein, Lorenz Private H 2 Cavalry National Home
Briggs, J.P. Private A 49 Infantry Mosinee
Brown, Oscar Private G 19 Infantry Ripen
Brown, N.R. Corporal A 28 Infantry Milton Junction 
Brrown, Oscar Private F 5 Artillery National Home
Brodhecker, John Private   3 Infantry National Home
Broker, John Private L 5 Artillery Tomah
Brugger, Max Private D 10 Infantry Fond du Lac
Bryant, J.W. Private A 5 Cavalry Three Lakes
Buchman, Fred Private     Mexican War National Home
Buckley, Wm. B Surgeon       National Home
Buckman, Moses Teamster     U.S. Train S Phillips
Buenzow, John Private E & A 1 Infantry Two Rivers
Bugbee, Van H Private     U.S. Sig. S Waukesha
Bunzen, Geo. C Private   2 Infantry Milwaukee
Burton, John Sergeant A 19 Infantry Dorchester
Butterfield, Joseph  Private A 1 Infantry Neillsville
Bylan, D.F. Sergeant B 12 Infantry Augusta
Cadman, William  Private G 12 Infantry Stevens Point
Campbell, Ira Private 16 Infantry Dousman
Campbell, J.R. Private E 8 Infantry Eau Claire
Carlton, Lorenzo Private H 16 Infantry National Home
Chanley, Wm Private D 1 Artillery National Home
Chiles, Isaac D Private F 8 Infantry Milton  
Christman, Jacob Private K&E/F 16/12 Infantry Wauwatosa
Churchill, William O Private A 1 U.S.V.V.E. Rock Elm
Clark, Thos Sergeant H 5   Milwaukee
Claus, Henry G Private L 5 Artillery National Home
Cleveland, Frank Private C 3 Artillery Marble
Coapman, James W Private     Cavalry Portage
Cole, Samuel D Private E 3 Artillery Fond du Lac
Cole, Christian F Private B 1 Infantry Cadott
Cofeild, Henry Private C 8 Infantry National Home
collenbrack, Geo Private D 4 Infantry Richfield
Collins, John A Private C 1 Artillery Janesville
Comfort, D.A. Ivans Surgeon       National Home
Conlan, Mich. R Private B 13 Infantry National Home
Connoly, Pat Private L 3 Infantry National Home
Corrigan, George Private I 4 Cavalry Stevens Point
Cotte, Nic Private D 2 Infantry National Home
Coughlin, John Sergeant B 4   Prairie du Chien
Covill, W.L. Q. Master       Sparta
Crane, M.H. Private F 1 U.S.S. S La Crosse
Crippen, Joseph Private I 1 Dragons Fond du Lac
Crowley, Henry Private G 2 Infantry National Home
Cummings, Albert Private I 3 Cavalry Wyocena
Curtis, C.A. Captain D 6 Infantry Madison
Cuthbertson, E Corporal H 1 Infantry Bear Creek
Daily, Patrick Private F 5 Infantry Amberg
Davis, John R Captain K 10 Infantry La Crosse
De Gross, Ross A Private A 16 Infantry Glenwood
Deilman, Chas Private I   Infantry National Home
Deimel, August Sergeant     Infantry Watertown
Delaney, J.C Musician   2 Infantry Green Bay
Demouth, John Sergeant H 12 Infantry Christie
Deprez, Henry  Private M 4 Artillery Yuba
Deroim, Wm. E Private F 16 Infantry Milwaukee
Denzler, William  Private   16 Infantry Stitzer
Dickinson, John  Private       Janesville
Dierksmier, John H Private A 37 Infantry Milwaukee
Dilman, Henry Corporal G 13 Infantry Fox Lake
Dillon, J.D. Bugler B   Artillery Fond du Lac
Dimmick, Jas Private H 4 Infantry Evansville
Dordy, Jere Private E 12 Infantry National Home
Dougherty, Jas. W Private C 23 Infantry So. Kaukauna
Donning, Theo Private F 13 Infantry Aracdia
Doyle, Daniel Private E 16 Infantry Rice Lake
Doyle, Dan. A Private E 16 Infantry Cartwright
Drake, Dav. W Private   14 Infantry National Home
Dunnwidder, Wm Private F 15 Infantry Rhinelander
Eadus, N.G. Private F 18 Infantry Racine
Eavson, G Private B 8 Infantry Janesville
Eble, Ira Private K 4 Infantry Butternut
Edgar, Wm Private   15 Infantry Brodhead
Edgarson, Henry     3 Cavalry Oshkosh
Edgerton, L.T. Private D 8 Infantry Merrill
Elliot, Stephen Private G 2 Infantry Waukesha
Eugelbracht, F Private L 1 & 16 Battery/Infantry Berlin
Enos, H.M. Colonel       Waukesha
Erasing, John Private K 1 Artillery National Home
Faernen, Mich Private E 13 Infantry National Home
Fagan, Jas Private B 4 Infantry Stiles
Faust, Charles Private G 14 Infantry Oshkosh
Fay, M Private L 1 Eng. Corps La Crosse
Feller, Frank Private E 16 Infantry Sugar Bush
Ferrers, C.W. Captain H 6 Infantry Roberts
Ferroll, Michael Sergeant E 13 Infantry Baraboo
Fesimmeck, Christ Private F 15 Infantry New London
Fitch, John Private     Infantry Monroe
Fitzsimmons, Jas Private D 2 Artillery National Home
Flaharty, James Private F 2 Infantry Chippewa Falls
Foley, Edw. W Private K 2 Cavalry National Home
Forward, Thos Private G 1 Cavalry Cottage Grove
Frank, Fred Private F 4 Infantry Milwaukee
Fuist, John Private D 1 Infantry Suamico
Gardiner, John Sergeant G 37 Infantry Ripon
Garrow, Stephen Private A 13 Infantry Potosi
Garth, Con Private G 1 Cavalry National Home
Gasser, Ant Private F 7 Infantry National Home
Gemeiner, Anthony Private D 16 Infantry Milwaukee
Gilbert, Wm. H Private H 1 Engineers National Home
Gillis, Wm Private G 2 Cavalry National Home
Girsh, Carlos Private G 9   National Home
Goddard, H.J. Hosp'l Stew     Infantry Chippewa Falls
Goetz, Jno W Private   12 Infantry West Bend
Goodletson, Goodles Private G 18 Infantry Washington
Goodman, John H Bugler C 13 Infantry Milwaukee
Gran, John Musician   13 Infantry National Home
Green, Francis M Private L 1 Engineers National Home
Green, Ansel Private B 4 Artillery Milwaukee
Grimes, Frank Private C 9 Cavalry National Home
Gritzner, Armand Private E 3 Infantry Watertown
Guerin, Stephen D Private D 9 Infantry Milwaukee
Guldenpenny, Fred Private E 13 Infantry Georgetown
Haight, Wellington Private D 12 Infantry Medford
Hait, John Private     Infantry Ocouto
Hall, Thomas Private A 16 Infantry Madison
Hall, Squire A Private D & K 2 Infantry Sparta
Hallett, James Civil Eng     Infantry Spooner
Hamilton, John  Private   2 Infantry Farmers Grove
Hanlon, JOhn Private A 2 Infantry National Home
Hanks, Chas Private A   U.S.S. S Neillsville
Hannon, John Private     Infantry Menomonie
Harris, Peter Private M 6 Cavalry Gordon
Harris, M Private B 6 Infantry National Home
Hartigan, Jere Private I 7 Infantry National Home
Hartley, H Private A 4 Cavalry La Farge
Harwell, Elias Private G 4 Cavalry Delavan
Hasse, Aug. F Private D 8 Infantry Clinton
Hass, George A Private F 2 Lt. Battery Racine
Haymlin, Wm Corporal F 1 Infantry West Bend
Heimstreet, Edwin B Private F 14 Infantry Janesville
Heineck, S Private G 1 Infantry North Bend
Hellenboldt, G.G. Private B 12 Infantry Salona
Hendrich, John Private I 5 Cavalry chilton
Hepler, Geo Private K 3 Cavalry Pardeeville
Henry, Wm. Private E 5 Artillery National Home
Hester, Jordan  Private A 5 Heavy Art Oconomowoc
Hitchcock, D.W. 1st Lieut I   Infantry Baraboo
Hodges, Judson W Private A 4 Artillery Wyocena
Hoelcke, Wm A.D.C.     Gen. Staff National Home
Houlihan, Mart Private C 16 Infantry National Home
Hoy, Laur F Private B 8 Infantry Milwaukee
Hubbars, Myron F 1st Lieut K 30 Infantry Pittsville
Hughes, Edw Private B 18 Infantry National Home
Hughes, Enoch Private     Mexican War National Home
Hutzler, Henry Private A 5 & 7 infantry/Cavalry Wipocena
Hyde, E.C. Private G 16 Infantry Chippewa Falls
Jackson, R.A. Private I 11 Cavalry La Crosse
Jahn, August Private B 3 Infantry Berlin
Johnson, Henry Private M 5 Heavy Art National Home
Jones, Dav. L Private A 17 Infantry National Home
Jones, John Private 8 Infantry Eau Claire
Kareney, Barney Private C 19 Infantry Neillsville
Kearney, Thomas Private E 5 Cavalry National Home
Keef, John Private G 14 Infantry Mosinee
Knight, J.H. Maj. & Lt. Col   18 Infantry Ashland
Korn, Adam Private K 2 Cavalry Janesville
Kropf, Gottfr Private M 5 Cavalry National Home
Kurascle, A Private     Artillery Berlin
Ladd, Jas. H Private     Mexican War National Home
Langlotz, George Private G 11 Infantry Menasha
Lauffer, Simon P Private F 17 Infantry National Home
Leland, P.W. Private K 4 Infantry Wauwatosa
Leonard, Theo. J Private L 1 V.C. National Home
Lewis, John Private C 16 Infantry National Home
Little, Wm. A Private     Mexican War National Home
Littlefield, Geo. Sergeant A 1 Cavalry Arcadia
Lobdell, Wm. H Private K 3 Cavalry Pardeeville
Logan, Pat Private A 79 Infantry National Home
Lourhan, Thos Private H 3 Infantry National Home
Ludlow, Lafe M Private G 18 Infantry National Home
Lutz, John Private K 4 Cavalry Shell Lake
Lund, Wm. Private D 8 Infantry Milwaukee
Lynn, Mich Private G 1 Cavalry National Home
Mabie, Ambrose S Private E 13 Infantry Fond du Lac
Maes, Francis Private B 18 Infantry National Home
Macy, J.P. Captain I & E 10 Infantry Green Bay
Mallory, John H Corporal D 13 Artillery Green Bay
Mann, John B Private K 5 Artillery Prairie Farm
Marsh, Hiram Private C 8 Infantry North Lake
Mason, F.M. 1st Leiut       Rhinelander
Mathison, Jas. A Private B 1 Artillery National Home
Maxon, M.M. Cadet     U.S.M.A. Wauwatosa
May, Henry Private C 4 Infantry Fort Atkinson
Mazers, Richard Private F 7 Infantry Christie
McBride, John Corporal C 8 Infantry Janesville
McCain, Alex Private C 12 Infantry Oconowowoc
McDewitt, D Private G 2 Infantry Hurley
McDonald, John Private C 3 Artillery Milwaukee
McDonald, Jas. F.L. Private H 7 Infantry National Home
McGarvey, Jas Private M 6 Cavalry National Home
McGee, Mich Private G 13 Infantry National Home
McKenna, James Private B 4 Artillery National Home
McLaughlin, Jas Private H 22 Infantry National Home
McNaught, J.S. 1st Leiut C 11 Infantry Madison
Meyer, Louis Private L 9 Infantry National Home
McPerson, Wm. D Sergeant C 9 Infantry Racine
Metcalf, Dan'l Private F 18 Infantry Burr Oak
Messmer, John Private F 4 Infantry Fort Atkinson
Mills, Stephen L Hosp. Stew'd       Milwaukee
Mower, Lyman Private     Mexican War National Home
Mullen, Frank Private K 13 Infantry Sturgeon Bay
Murphy, Wm. B Private F 72 Infantry National Home
Napp, Geo Private D 19 Infantry Eau Claire
Newell, John B Wagoner C 16 Infantry Canton
Newman, August Private   18 Infantry Green Bay
Newman, Miles Private D 15 Infantry National Home
Newton, A.B. Hosp. Stew'd       Bangor
Nohr, Fred Private C 2 Infantry National Home
Noonlan, John Private C 19 Infantry National Home
Northrup, Gilbert Private I   5 Artillery Glenwood
O'Connell, Daniel Private E 3 Infantry Keene
O'Connell, Daniel Private B 3 Engineers National Home
O'Connel, Patrick Major   1   National Home
Odell, Charles G Private F 1 U.S.S.S. Kaukauna
O'Donnell, Owen Private G 1 Artillery Baraboo
O'Dowd, Mich Private H 2 Artillery National Home
O'Neil, Cornelius Sergeant C 16 Infantry Port Washington
O'Reagan, Matt Private E 3 Artillery National Home
Olger, Frank Private F 19 Infantry Fairchild
Olish, Peter S Private B 13 Infantry Hudson
Parsons, Frank E 1st Leiut   22 Infantry Lake Mills
Parkinson, John     3 Infantry Mensha
Parks, John Private H 2 Cavalry La Crosse
Paulus, Jno Private G 8 Infantry Neillsville
Peel, John Private F 19 Infantry National Home
Pfeiffer, Phillip Private   4 Infantry Milwaukee
Phalen, John Private     Mexican War Fond du Lac
Phillips, Erastus Private G 12 Infantry Eau Claire
Phillips, Geo Private E 1 Miss. Mex. War Milwaukee
Phillips, H Sergeant G 13 Infantry Footville
Phillips, William  Private A 16 Infantry Readstown
Pomes, Nicholas Private E 14 Infantry Three Lakes
Possen, Geo. B     13 Infantry Milwaukee
Price, Major G Private F 11 Artillery National Home
Quinn, Frank Private K 18 Infantry Eagle River
Radda, John Private G 45 Cavalry National Home
Radke, Daniel Private E 13 Infantry Hartford
Raisler, J Private F 15 Infantry Bear Creek
Reek, Joseph       U.S. Engin'r Neenah
Reevoldt, Henry Private D 8 Infantry Watertown
Reynolds, D.Q. Private K 3 Cavalry Pardeeville
Reynolds, E.M. Private A 4 Cavalry Plum City
Rhode, John J.L. Sergeant A 5 Cavalry Weyauwega
Richert, James Private C 13 Cavalry National Home
Riser, John Private A 2 Cavalry Prairie du Chien
Robbins, Jas. C Captain G 5 Heavy Art. Belmount
Robinson, Wm. F Private     Mexican War National Home
Robinson, Wm. J Private F 13 Infantry National Home
Rogers, George G Private C 11 Infantry La Crosse
Rosche, Frederick Private A 10 Infantry Schleisingerville
Ryder, James Private H 16 Infantry Delavan
Sargent, Enoch P Private G 4 Cavalry National Home
Schaeffer, Conrad Private E 4 Cavalry National Home
Schoenell, Fred Private K 1 Infantry National Home
Schroerder, Charles Private I   13 Infantry Kilbourn
Schwank, Geo. H Private A 17 Infantry National Home
Schwarz, Joseph A Private K 6 Infantry Neuno
Schwoboda, Jas Private H     Wanwatosa
Scroggs, Geo. A Private B 9 Infantry National Home
Searls, Wm. H A.A. Surg       Oshkosh
Seibt, Ferdinand Private H 18 Infantry Almapee
Sergmiller, Geo Corporal F 11 Infantry Beloit
Seyring, Wm Private B 26 Infantry Fillmore
Sharnow, William 1st Sergeant   14 Infantry Nicholson
Shipman, Chas. A Private C 1 U.S.S.S. National Home
Sinseba, Geo W Private       Grimms
Skinner, Charles H Sergeant D 16 Infantry Fond du Lac
Smith, Andrew J 1st Sergeant B 3 Infantry Amherst
Smith, C.E. Surgeon       Chippewa Falls
Smith, Enoch Private D 15 Infantry Waupaca
Smith, Geo. B Private B 2 Infantry West Green bay
Smith, Geo. B Private B 16 Infantry National Home
Smith, J.K. Lieutenant  K 12 Battery Waukesha
Snoboda, Jos Private H 27 Artillery National Home
Solum, Ole O Corporal C 13 Infantry Iola
Spauling, J.E 1st Leiut     Infantry Hortonville
Spitzer, Edwin Private I   3 Infantry Rockton
Stableford, Eilander Private C 19 Infantry Wausaukee
Starke, H.M. Private G 13 Infantry West Superior
Steimbach, Peter Private A 4 Cavalry Colby
Stephenson, John Captain L 5 Cavalry La Crosse
Stevens, John P Private A 3 Cavalry National Home
Stiell, Wm. Sergeant C 1 Cavalry Wonewoc
Stocking, Daniel Blacksmith I   4 Infantry Ft. Atkinson
Stratton, David Private G 16 Infantry Menomonie
Strong, Henry C Major   11 Infantry Baraboo
Sullivan, Dan Private F 5 Cavalry National Home
Taylor, Enoch Corporal F 49 Cavalry Janesville
Taylor, George R Surgeon       Waupaca
Taylor, Winfield S Private K 23 Infantry London
Teghmeyer, Con Private D 16 Infantry National Home
Thornton, A.L. Private F 29 Infantry Baraboo
Town, Alex Private B 2 Infantry National Home
Trutsh, Chas. A Drummer B 5 Infantry Burlington
Turner, Nelson Private B 6 Cavalry Shamrock
Tyrell, Ira C Private K 5 Artillery Marinette
Upham, W.H. 1st Leiut M 4 Artillery Madison
Valentine, Jno. J Private I   17 Infantry Waukesha
Vaughan, I.S. Band   17 Infantry Appleton
Von Seggern, J.D. Private   4 Cavalry King's Corners
Wagner, J.C. Private B 16 Infantry Wis. Vet. Home
Wa?denburg, Fred Private C 3 Cavalry Crandon
Walna?, L.F. Musician       Footville
Ward, Francis Private K 5 Cavalry National Home
Washburn, Geo Private B 4 Light Art Merrill
Washington, Geo. J Private K 20 Cavalry National Home
Weaver, Chas. Med. Cadet       Glenbeulah
Welmer, Fred Private F 13 Infantry Williamsburg
Wentworth, Henry Private     Mexican War National Home
Werk, Simon Private A 28 Infantry National Home
Wescott, Chauncy Private A 16 Infantry Seymour
Wenck, Charles Musician   2 Infantry Watertown
Wilcox, Rodolphus Corporal B 13 Infantry Chippewa Falls
Wilson, James Sergeant K 8 Infantry New Richmond
Wheeler, Moses S Private D 1 Artillery Cataract
Whitney, Charles Private C 13 Infantry Chetek
Wood, Walter Private C 13 Infantry Eau Claire
Woodard, Chas.M Private B 17 Infantry Merton
Woolenbery, Chris Private L 5 Artillery Greenwood
Wright, Walter W Corporal C 12 Infantry Eau Claire
Young, Daniel M Private F 23 Infantry Fort Atkinson
Young, Thomas Private F 42 Infantry Cooksville
Young Walt Private K 2 Infantry National Home
Zeiler, Jos Private E 2 Infantry National Home



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