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List of Ex-Soldiers, Sailors and Marines Living in Iowa
From Wisconsin
By William L Alexander 1886
Transcribed by Tammy Clark

Name Rank Regiment Company Present Post-Office Address
Waddle, W.W. Corporal Twentieth Infantry I Sioux City
Wade, S.W. Private Thirty-first Infantry F Webster City
Wadle, W.W. Corporal Forty-first Infantry I Sioux City
Wadsworth, C.J. Private Second Cavalry I Cherokee
Wadsworth, C.J. First Lieutenant Forty-third Infantry E Cherokee
Waggoner, John Corporal Twentieth Infantry G Fredericksburg
Wahl, John Private Twentieth Infantry E Rock Creek
Waid, R.L. Private Sixteenth Infantry A Sioux City
Wainwright, A Sergeant Seventh Battery   Bedford
Wait, Hiram H Private Thirty-third Infantry E Mitchell 
Wait, John Private Thirty-third Infantry F Ida Grove
Wait, Warren Private Third Cavalry E Fulton
Wald, Edward Private Twelfth Infantry   Davenport
Walker, Christ Private Forty-eighth Infantry D Clayton
Wallace, David Private First Infantry F Churdan
Wallace, James Private Forty-sixth Infantry C Ireton
Wallace, John Corporal First Cavalry A Algona
Wallace, John Private First Cavalry I Keokuk
Wallace, Thomas Private Forty-sixth Infantry G Clarion
Waller, J.S. Private Forty-sixth Infantry H Rising Sun
Walsh, Thos Corporal Forty-third Infantry I Lime Springs
Walters, James H Corporal Thirty-eighth Infantry I Patersonville
Walton, G.H. Private Thirteenth Infantry H What Cheer
Walworth, Jasper Corporal Twenty-second Infantry D Maple Landing
Wareham, R.A. Corporal Sixth Infantry I Plymouth
Wareham, R.A. Second Lieutenant Fortieth Infantry C PLymouth
Wareham, R.A. Captain Forty-ninth Infantry C PLymouth
Warner, H.E. Private Twenty-second Infantry E Vinton
Warner, O.P. Private Third Cavalry A Sioux Rapids
Warren, B.J. Private Eleventh Infantry B Albion
Warren, Goram N Corporal Thirtieth Infantry H Independence
Warren, Silas Private Second Infantry F Moorland
Warren, Wm. Private Fourth Battery   Yankee
Wartman, Paul Private Eighteenth Infantry I Mediapolis
Waterhouse, Hugh Private Second Cavalry K Algona
Waterman, H.B. Corporal Twenty-first Infantry E Granville
Waterman, J.M. First Lieutenant First Cavalry D Hamburg
Waterman, R.V. Private Tenth Infantry E Templeton
Waters, S.S. Sergeant Fifth Infantry K Burlington
Watrus, J.B. Private Forty-seventh Infantry G Adair
Watt, John M Private Twenty-second Infantry G Hampton
Watts, George B Private Twenty-eighth Infantry F Cresco
Watts, Henry E Private First Cavalry F Des Moines
Wauamaker, N.J. Private Twenty-fifth Infantry C Hampton
Weatherbee, G.W. Private Second Infantry B Victor
Webber, Geo. F Private First Infantry C Independence
Webster, Homer Private Twenty-fifth Infantry G Milo
Weed, C.A. Sergeant Thirty-first Infantry B Randalia
Weeks, Chas. Private Fourteenth Infantry K Council Bluffs
Weeks, G.W. Lieutenant (also Private U.S. Fusileers and Private Co. D 124h Illinois Infantry) Fifty-first Infanry H Marshalltown
Weigh, Wm. Corporal Forty-second Infantry H Mason City
Weir, A.W. Private Forty-ninth Infantry F Clear Lake
Weiss, Robert Private Third Cavalry K Charles City
Welch, W.A. Private Ninth Battery A Newell
Welden, Wm. Corporal Forty-third Infantry I Iowa Falls
Weldin, Benj. Private Thirty-sixth Infantry F West Mitchell
Welkins, A.C. Private Twelfth Infantry K Manson
Wells Thos Private Fifth Battery   Milo
Wells, A Private Thirteenth Infantry D Spirit Lake
Wells, Edward Private Twenty-eighth Infantry I McCallsburg
Wells, Jas. N Private Second Infantry F Ida Grove
Wells, N.T. Private Fortieth Infantry K Mareus
Welten, C.W. Private Thirteenth Infantry H Rockford
Welton, L.C. Sergeant Thirteenth Infantry H Greene
Welty, W.H. Private Fifth Battery   Bristow
Wenham, Thos Private First Artillery E Waterloo
Wentworth, Andrew Private Fifth Battery   Fort Dodge
Wescott, Erskin Private Twelfth Infantry D Green Mountain
Wescott, G.C. Private Second Cavalry I Gladbrook
Wescott, H.H. Musician Twenty-seventh Infantry   Green Mountain
West, A.J. Private Fifth Infantry F Shenandoah
West, Adelbert Private Thirty-first Infantry K Des Moines
West, D.A. Private Forty-third Infantry G Boone
Westfaul, Samuel Private Nineteenth Infantry A Victor
Westgate, S.S. Private Twentieth Infantry B Mill
Weston, Byron Private Forty-first Infantry C Dysart
Weston, Chas. F First Lieutenant Twenty-first Infantry E Webster City
Weymouth, S.C. Private Eighteenth Infantry H Waterloo
Wheat, C.M. Sergeant Thirty-second Infanty I Albion
Wheeler, George Private Twenty-second Infantry D Jesup
Wheeler, H.H. Private Twelfth Infantry K Lyons
Wheeler, John R Major Sixteenth Infantry   Dunlap
Wheeler, Nelson Private First Artillery B Altoona
Wheelock, Alfred E Private Third Infantry E Algona
Whipple, Rockley Private Fourth Cavalry E Mason City
Whipple, Rufus G Private First Battery   Dows
Whipple, Wm. Private Thirty-eighth Infantry C Dows
Whipple, Wm. W Private Thirty-seventh Infantry C Hancock
Whitaker, Charles Lieutenant-Colonel Twenty-eighth Infantry   Stratford
Whitaker, James Private Thirty-third Infantry C Forest City
White, Augustus Private Tenth Infantry H West Bend
White, Charles Second Lieutenant Twenty-second Infantry   Cresco
White, G.L. Private Thirty-third Infantry I Charles City
White, Geo. F Private Third Cavalry I Low Moor
White, George P Private Second Cavalry I Bristow
White, I.R. Private First Cavalry K Knoxville
White, John Private Twenty-ninth Infantry D Worthington
White, Joseph H Private Sixteenth Infantry K Hampton
Whiten, Daniel Private Fifty-first Infanry K Bristow
Whitford, M.M. Private Third Infantry M Emmetsburg
Whitley, Orson Private Forty-second Infantry B Mason City
Whitman, Orlando M Private Eighth Infantry A Sheldon
Whitney, Alva L Corporal Forty-second Infantry K Plover
Whitney, Brayton Private Twenty-ninth Infantry B Burr Oak
Whitney, John Private Forty-second Infantry B Mason City
Whitney, Mark W Musician Thirteenth Infantry H Keosauqua
Whitney, O.P. Private Twentieth Infantry A Ida Grove
Wickesham, David C Private Fifth Battery   Mason City
Wicks, A.A. Private Twenty-ninth Infantry H Webster City
Wicks, Geo. W Private Twenty-ninth Infantry E Kamrar
Wiggins, S.W. Private Sixteenth Infantry K Cooper
Wightman, E.S. Private Eighth Infantry I Smithland
Wilbur, D.W. Private Fourth Cavalry A Hawkeye
Wilcox, Homer Private Second Infantry C Greeley
Wilcox, Silas Private Forty-fourth Infantry K Fenton
Wilcox, Walter M Private Forty-ninth Infantry B Jolley
Wilcox, Wm. Private Thirty-first Infantry G Mapleton
Wilder, Ammi B Private Thirty-sixth Infantry B Winterset
Wilder, C.J. Private Thirteenth Infantry H Lamont
Wildman, Albert Private Forty-sixth Infantry G Cresco
Wildman, E.B. Corporal Forty-sixth Infantry G Cresco
Wiley, Hugh Private Twenty-fourth Infantry I Dubuque
Wilkinson, Frank Private Third Cavalry B Malvern
Wilkinson, John Private First Artillery H Milford
Wilkinson, Thos Private Thirty-third Infantry A Low Moor
Williams, Byron Private Third Cavalry E Schaller
Williams, D.S. Private Twenty-second Infantry F Sioux Rapids
Williams, E.D. Corporal Thirty-second Infanty F Harley
Williams, E.H. Private Eleventh Infantry A Jefferson
Williams, Edson Lieutenant Second Cavalry K Algona
Williams, Edward Private Twentieth Infantry K Meridan
Williams, G.W. Corporal First Artillery E Marshalltown
Williams, Geo Sergeant Twenty-fifth Infantry F Quasqueton
Williams, H.B. Sergeant Twenty-first Infantry D Glenwood
Williams, J.M. Private First Artillery D Henderson
Williams, J.R. Sergeant Second Cavalry K Algona
Williams, J.W. Private Twenty-sixth Infantry A Coon Rapids
Williams, Jno. H Private Third Cavalry I Lime Springs
Williams, John J Private Twenty-first Infantry C Henderson
Williams, Manley Private Forty-second Infantry A Schaller
Williams, Mark Private Sixth Infantry K Vinton
Williams, Thomas L Corporal Thirteenth Infantry G Birmingham
Willie, H.F. Private Sixteenth Infantry I Williams
Wilson, Daniel Private Forty-second Infantry B Gowrie
Wilson, J.H.P. Private Twenty-second Infantry G De Soto
Wilson, James Private Twenty-ninth Infantry F New Hampton
Wilson, James P Private Fortieth Infantry C Burlington
Wilson, S.E. Private Second Infantry H Jefferson
Wilson, Wm. Private Third Cavalry   Jefferson
Wilton, Orin Private Twentieth Infantry B Clarinda
Wimans, Emory Private Third Infantry C Mason City
Winans, Stephens Private Forty-fourth Infantry K Iowa Falls
Winchell, D.A. Second Lieutenant Forty-eighth Infantry E Clarksville
Wines, J.P. Private Eighth Infantry D North McGregor
Wing, Henry C Private Forty-fourth Infantry C New Hampton
Winkler, Fred Corporal Ninth Infantry E Sac City
Winne, Chas. W Corporal Twelfth Infantry D Carl
Winship, N Sergeant Twelfth Infantry K St. Charles
Winsor, H.L. Private First Infantry E Waverly
Winsor, J.H. Private Thirty-ninth Infanry  C Monticello
Winter, H.H. Private Tenth Infantry I Aurelia
Winters, N.W. Corporal Twenty-fifth Infantry E Braddyville
Winters, Nelson W Private Fiftieth Infantry B Sigourney
Wire, G.J. Second Lieutenant Fourth Cavalry A Cambridge
Wiseman, Wm. Private Seventh Infantry K Grant City
Wiser, H.C. Private First Infantry D Manly
Wolever, George Private Thirteenth Infantry I Council Bluffs
Wolf, Casper Private Twentieth Infantry I Hampton
Wolf, Wm. Private First Cavalry M Hampton
Wood, E.R. Private First Infantry G Fort Dodge
Wood, Ed C Private Second Cavalry C Sanborn
Wood, Ed. C First Lieutenant Fifty-third Infantry A Sanborn
Wood, John  Private Fortieth Infantry A Sheldon
Wood, L.N. Private Thirty-second Infanty G Elkhorn
Wood, N Private Thirty-third Infantry H Lake City
Wood, R.R. Captain Second Cavalry C Clear Lake
Wood, R.R. Captain Fifty-third Infantry A Clear Lake
Wood, W.G. Sergeant Forty-third Infantry E Onawa
Woodcock, Henry Corporal Forty-eighth Infantry I Aurelia
Wooden, Alfred Private Thirty-sixth Infantry I McGregor
Woodin, Amos Private Forty-ninth Infantry B Fonda
Woodin, David M Private First Cavalry K Fonda
Woodland, Joseph Private Twenty-first Infantry D Riverton
Woodman, William H Corporal Twenty-second Infantry C Sanborn
Woodruff, W.P. Private Eighteenth Infantry F Marshalltown
Woods, Al. C Private Twenty-fourth Infantry D Marshalltown
Woods, David Private Third Infantry C Booneville
Woodward, John Private Tenth Infantry D Creston
Woodworth, Chester Private Fifty-second Infantry D Nashua
Wooldridge, Walter Private Seventh Infantry K Ocheydan
Woolworth, J.H. Private Eleventh Infantry A James
Woolworth, Stephen H Sergeant Fifty-first Infanry I Le Mars
Worden, I.J. Private Twelfth Infantry K Dillon
Worthington, C.B. Corporal Sixth Battery   Des Moines
Wright, Charles O Sergeant Thirteenth Infantry A Waterloo
Wright, Daniel Private Forty-second Infantry F Oelwein
Wright, Geo. H Private Fifty-first Infanry I Sioux City
Wright, Henry C Private Thirty-sixth Infantry D Clear Lake
Wright, Wm. Private Eleventh Infantry F Coon Rapids
Wright, Wm. Private Twenty-second Infantry H La Porte City
Yates, Philip Private Eighteenth Infantry E Blanchard
Yeager, W Private Eleventh Infantry D Rudd
Yeik, Wm Bugler Second Battery   Farragut
Yockey, George Private First Infantry D Little Sioux
Young, A.F. Private Forty-second Infantry H Scranton
Young, America Private Seventeenth Infantry   Ola
Young, C.C. Sergeant  Second Cavalry B Wadena
Young, Chas. W Private Thirty-third Infantry E Van Horn
Young, David Private Fourth Battery   Otranto
Young, David Private First Infantry F Otranto
Young, Orrin Private Twenty-second Infantry I Glidden
Younkee, Chas.  Private Fourth Battery   Webster City
Zentz, Jacob Private Third Infantry F Correctionville
Zerbel, Fred Private Twenty-sixth Infantry E Mason City
Zilmer, Wm. Private Thirty-first Infantry H Hawkeye
Zimmer, Jacob Private Sixth Infantry C Cherokee
Zimmer, John Private Sixth Infantry B Cherokee
Zoelle, Valentine Private Third Cavalry E Luverne
Zwanziger, Wm. Private Twenty-fifth Infantry I Dickey












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