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Agudas Achim Cemetery 425552N 0875127W  
Arlington Cemetery 425816N 0875713W  
Beth Hamedrosh Hagodel Cemetery 430152N 0875902W  
Blessed Sacrament Cemetery 42.97428 08798959  
Calvary Cemetery 430204N 0875855W  
Carman Family Cemetery     9000 S 68th St, Franklin, WI
One of the oldest burial places in the county
Chapel Hill Cemetery     aka Polish National Cemetery
Greenfield, WI
County Almshouse and Poor Farm Cemetery     aka Potters Field
Dutch Reformed Church Cemetery 4287242 08801813 Franklin, WI
Emanuel UCC Cemetery 4293531 08804666 Hales Corner, WI
Evergreen Cemetery 430554N 0875528W  
Fairview Mausoleum 430154N 0875930W (no longer exists?)
First Congregational Cemetery 4291878 08785694 1111 N Chicago Av
Forest Hill Memorial Park 425330N 0875215W  Oakcreek, WI
Forest Home Cemetery 425952N 0875637W  Milwaukee
Glen Oaks Cemetery 4309984 08792847  
Good Hope Cemetery 425807N 0875813W  
Graceland Cemetery 430817N 0875815W  
Green Tree Meadows Cemetery 430826N 0875801W  
Greenwood Cemetery 425942N 0875650W  
Holy Cross Cemetery 430449N 0880001W  
Holy Sepulchre Cemetery 425555N 0875110W  
Holy Trinity Cemetery 425844N 0875535W  
Honey Creek Cemetery 430031N 0880102W  
Independent Cemetery 425129N 0875654W  
Lake Cemetery 42.97150 08787011 aka St. Francis
E Barland and E Thompson Ave
Lavise Cemetery 425746N 0880027W  Greenfield
Lincoln Memorial Cemetery 43.07970 08799170 6400 West Burleigh Street
Mount Olivet Cemetery 425843N 0875743W  
Oak Creek Cemetery 425407N 0875551W  
Oak Hill Cemetery 4308935 08805721 Wauwatosa, WI
Oakwood Rest Cemetery 4285795 08791789 300 W Oakwood Rd
Oak Creek
Painesville Cemetery 4287285 087.95252  
Pilgrims Rest Cemetery 425956N 0875717W  
Pinelawn Memorial Park 430540N 0880242W  
Resthaven Cemetery 430810N 0880313W  
Saint Adalberts Cemetery 425835N 0875527W  
Saint Catherines Cemetery 4317472 8800407 Granville, WI
Saint Francis Seminary Woods Cemetery 4298198 08787131  
Saint James Cemetery 425451N 0875657W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 425633N 0875437W  
Saint Johns Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery     6802 West Forest Home Avenue
(Moved from its original site in 1975)
Saint Josephs Cemetery 425541N 0875432W  
Saint Marks Episcopal Church Cemetery 42.91558 8786792 1314 Rawson Avenue
South Milwaukee
Saint Martins Catholic Cemetery 4311046 08802364 aka Engleburg School Cemetery
9000 West Appleton Ave
No longer in use.
Saint Martin of Tours Cemetery 4290191 08806014 1973 S 116th St
Franklin, WI
Note: Sacred Heart Cemetery and Holy Assumption Cemetery merged in 1998 to become St. Martin of Tours.
Saint Matthews Cemetery 425230N 0875150W  
Saint Matthias Cemetery 4298709 08802980 parish cemetery is located behind St Matthias Catholic Parish, 9306 W Beloit Rd., Milwaukee
Saint Michaels Cemetery 430922N 0875755W  Brown Deer, WI
Saint Paul Cemetery 425547N 0875834W  
Saint Peters Cemetery 425516N 0880000W  
Saint Peters Cemetery 431125N 0875712W  
Saint Stephens Cemetery 425602N 0875433W  
Salem Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery 4314120 08804546 Milwaukee
Second Home Cemetery 425839N 0875810W  
Spring Hill Cemetery 430147N 0875901W  
Temple Menorah Ever-Rest 425914N 0880147W 9548 West Beloit Road
Trinity Cemetery      
Town of Milwaukee Union Cemetery 4312546 08791243  5982 North Port Washington Road
Glendale, WI
Union Cemetery 430732N 0875444W  
Valhalla Cemetery 430703N 0880105W  
Wanderers Rest Cemetery 430447N 0875930W  
Wauwatosa Cemetery 430349N 0880035W  
West Granville Cemetery 430830N 0880247W  
Wood National Cemetery 430142N 0875854W 5000 West National Avenue
aka National Home Cemetery
Woodlawn Cemetery 425831N 0875404W  

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