Milwaukee County Wisconsin

1848 – 49


(1848) transcribed by Gary Wysocki

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semiweekly. Arrives Wednesdays and Saturdays 6:00 PM the parts Mondays and Thursdays 7 AM.

The northern mail via: Washington Sheboygan to Green Bay, arrive 6 PM Mondays,Wednesdays and Fridays. The parts 8 AM Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

A mail to Madison, the capital of Wisconsin, daily.

The mail to Geneva, via, Rochester and Burlington, weekly. The parts Thursday 6 AM. Arrives Friday 6 PM.

The mail to Fort Winnebago, via: Neosho and Sun Prairie weekly. Departs every Thursday 6 AM. Arrives 6 PM.

The mail to Madison, via, Oconomowoc, Hartland, Lisbon, weekly. Departs every Wednesday 1 PM. Arrives next Wednesday 12 PM.

The mail to Big Bend, via Root Creek, weekly.

RATES OF POSTAGE ON LETTERS – Letters-for a single letter, not exceeding half an ounce (avoirdupois), since not exceeding 300 miles, five cents. Sent over 300 miles, $.10. For every half ounce, and any excess over every half ounce, the same rates of postage; and when advertised, two cents on each letter, or four cents, if the advertising costs so much, additional. For drop letters (not to be mailed) each two cents.

Circulars-- for any printed circular, handbill or advertisements, unsealed, since any distance, three cents.
Newspapers-- of 1900 square inches or less, sent 100 miles, or any distance within the same state, when sent. Sent over such distance, 1cent and a half.

Pamphlets-- for any pamphlet, or other matter of “every kind,” that is “transmittable by mail,” and has no written communication, of 1 ounce or less, or for a newspaper exceeding 1900 square inches, two and a half cents. For each additional ounce, or in excess greater than half ounce, one cent.


There are upwards of 15 churches, or places of public worship, in Milwaukee. The Catholics have two completed, St. Peter’s church on Martin Street, a frame building, and St. Mary’s on the corner of Main and Biddle streets, a brick building, 103 feet by 48. The Cathedral a spacious dimensions and imposing style of architecture, is likewise in progress, and when finished will be one of the chief ornaments of the city.

There are three Episcopal churches, all framed buildings in the Gothic style; St. Paul’s, at the corner of Jefferson and Mason streets, which is about to be enlarged so as to accommodate a congregation of 800 persons; St. John’s on Walker’s Point, a very neat little edifice, with seats for 100 or 125 persons, and Trinity in Kilbourntown, a handsome structure, accommodating 200.

The Presbyterian Church, a large and handsome frame building, occupies the lot at the corner of Mason and Milwaukee streets.

The Congregational church, a spacious brick edifice on the north side of Spring Street, is one of the largest in the city.
The Methodist church, also of brick, and measuring 90 feet by 52, stands at the corner spring and West Water streets.

The Baptist Church, a large and neat frame building, occupies the lot on the corner of Wisconsin and Main streets.
The Universalist church stands on the corner of Michigan and Maine, in the Unitarian church on the corner of Spring and Second streets.

In addition to these churches there are several places of public worship belonging to different denominations of German Protestants.

Milwaukee is yet too young to have much to boast of in the way of public buildings. The only ones worthy of mention are the Court House, large frame building, fronting the public square in the First Ward; the County Jail, a new insubstantial brick edifice adjoining the Court House; and the County Buildings, a low range of brick offices, north of the Court House.

The City Council Room is in the second story of the three-story brick building on the West side of W. Water St., next door to Ludington & Co.’s “old Corner Store.”


The first newspaper published in Milwaukee was the Milwaukee Advertiser. It was started in July 1836, by D. H. Richards. In 1841 it was purchased by J. A. Newman and change to the Courier. In 1845 the Courier was purchased by Messrs. Brown & Sullivan. In 1847, these gentlemen sold out to Messrs. Cramer & Curtis, by whom the daily and weekly Wisconsin, the successor to the Courier is now published.

The Milwaukee Sentinel, weekly, was established by J. O’Rourke in 1837. After passing through several hands, it was purchased by Rufus King and united with the Gazette. The Milwaukee Journal was commanded in 1841 by a Elisha Star, Esq., and the Commercial Herald, triweekly, by the same gentlemen, in 1843. The former was discontinued in the fall of 1841 in the Herald was merged in the Sentinel in 1844.

The Wisconsin Banner, a German paper, was established by Meritz Shoeffler 1844, by whom it continues to be published.

The Milwaukee Daily Sentinel, the first daily published Wisconsin, was started by D. M. Keeler, on the 9th December 1844.

The Milwaukee Gazette, daily and weekly, was started by William Duane Wilson in October 1845. It was united with the Sentinel in February following, and in April 1848, became the property of the present owner and editor, Rufus King.

In the spring of 1847, the publication of the Volksfreund, a German paper, was commenced by Messrs. Wilson & King. The materials were sold in the fall of the same year to Mr. F. Fratney, by whom the paper continues to be published.

In May 1848, the office of the American Freeman, weekly, which had been established at Waukesha, was removed to Milwaukee.

The newspapers now published in Milwaukee are as follows:
Sentinel & Gazette, daily, triweekly, and weekly, Rufus King, editor and proprietor.
Wisconsin, daily, triweekly and weekly, Cramer & Curtis proprietors. Will iam E. Cramer, editor.
American Freeman, weekly, N. Olin, proprietor, C. Booth, editor.
Wisconsin Banner, weekly, (German), M. Shoeffler, editor and proprietor.
Volksfreund, weekly, (German), F. Fratney, editor and proprietor.
The first named is Whig; the Freeman, Liberty, and the others, Democratic.

Attorney-Charles A. Tuttle
Treasurer-Charles Geisberg
Marshal-Timothy O’Brien
Clerk-D. C. Bancroft

First Ward – Nelson Ludington, Adamson Sweet, Frederick Arnold
Second Ward—Augustus Greulich, Egbert Moseley, I. A. Lapham
Third Ward – Richard Murphy, R. H. Edgerton, James Bray
Fourth Ward – Abdalus (?) W. Starks, J. S. Pardee, Ira E. Goodall
Fifth Ward – Richard M. Sweet, Chapman Yates, Edwin DeWolf

Finance and Accounts Messrs. Edgerton, Pardee, Ludington
Judiciary Messrs. Lapham, DeWolf, Edgerton
Schools Messrs. Greulich, Ludington, Yates
Alms Houses Messrs. Starks, Sweet, Murphy, Arnold, Greulich
Police Messrs. Murphy, Goodall, Arnold
Fire Department Messrs. Goodall, Bray, A. Sweet
Printing Messrs. A. Sweet, Starks, Moseley
License Messrs. Moseley, Bray, Yates
Bridges Messrs. Sweet, Pardee, Edgerton, Lapham, Arnold

J.B. Vliet

First Ward- James Nugent, Matthias Stein, Hiram A. Smith
Second Ward- Merrick Murphy, David Knab, Charles Best
Third Ward- Andrew McCormick, Joseph Cardes, Henry Gallighan
Fourth Ward- Benjamin Bagnall, John Fishback, Joseph L. Sherman
Fifth Ward- Francis Neikirk, Amos Loomis, Henry Shaw

.First Ward – William Arnold Second Ward – Joachim F, Luke
Third Ward – John Ryan Fourth Ward – Levi Grant
Fifth Ward – Jeremiah B. Zander

First Ward – Clinton Walworth Second Ward – T. D. Butler
Third Ward – John L. Doran Fourth Ward – Haven Powers
Fifth Ward – Jeremiah B. Zander

First Ward – Andrew Lienhart Second Ward – Richard Short
Third Ward – Patrick Guerin Fourth Ward – John Mitchell
Fifth Ward – Warren Perigo

First Ward – Francis Randall, James Johnson, Charles Winkler
Second Ward – L. A. Lapham, Richard Houghton, Francis Haubachman
Third Ward – Rufus King, Paracieta Potter, Edward Humsy (?)
Fourth Ward – H. G. Abbey, Sidney L. Rood, E. D. Holton
Fifth Ward – James Buck, C. M. Shumway, Osgood Putnam
President, SIDNEY L. ROOD
Secetary, H. G. Abbey

The public schools of the City of Milwaukee are under the charge of a Board of Commissioners, appointed by the Common Council, for three years. By an act of the Legislature Wisconsin, patent 1846 in relation to the post goes Milwaukee, the Mayor and Common Council are required to raise annually attacks on all the real and personal property of the city, which some as the board of school commissioners, shall certify to be necessary for the support and maintenance of the Common Schools in said city, during each year, and in their discretion such further some as the Commissioners may certify to be required for the purpose of erection, alteration, repairs, furniture of school houses, provided that the aggregate amount so raised by tax for school purposes shall not exceed in any one year, one fourth of 1% on all the taxable property in the city.

The Board of School Commissioners was organized under this act, 1st April 1846, and schools were opened in the several wards of the city, during the ensuing months of June and July. Since that time, with but few interruptions there have been from 6 to 8 public schools, in operation, and free to all. During the year ending April 1st, 1848, there were eight schools in operation, with an average daily attendance of 670 scholars in aggregate list of $865. The entire expenditure for the same period, on account of schools, was $3512.99, all of which was realized from the tax authorized by the Law of 1846.

The number of children, between the ages of five and 16, in the several wards of the city, on 1st of January 1847, and 1st January 1848, were as follows:


Jan'y 1, 1847

Jan'y 1, 1848

1st Ward
2nd Ward
3rd Ward
4th Ward
5th Ward

N. for North, S. for South, E. for East, W. for West, cor for corner, bds for boards, res for residence.

The word street is omitted, as there is no lane or alley enumerated in the list of streets.

A street from Menominee St. to Spring street road
Abert, from railroad to Washington – also (on the North pier of Col. A’s Harbor in memory of his injudicious location of said harbor!)
Astor, from Oneida to Brady
B. Street, from Menominee to Spring St., Road
Brady, from Milwaukee River to Virginia
Barkley, from S. Water to Virginia St.
Beach, from Center East to Huron
Beaubian, north from Huron to Fifth
Beaubian, south from Chicago to Jones
Beers, from Hubbard to Fifth
Berry, from East Water to Racine
Biddle, from Milwaukee River to Lake Street
Brady, from Milwaukee River to Racine.
Brown, from South Division to Railroad
Buffalo, from Milwaukee River to Beach
C Street, from Menominee to Spring St., Road
Cass, north from Wisconsin to Division.
Cass, south from Wisconsin to Huron.
Canal, from Poplar to Sherman
Cedar, from Milwaukee River to Ninth
Centre, from Milwaukee River to Lake Michigan at the harbor site recommended by Lieut. Centre
Centre, from Chicago to Jones
Chesnut, from Milwaukee River to Ninth
Cherry, from Milwaukee River to Eighth
Chicago, south from Washington to Railroad
Chicago, from Milwaukee River to Beach
Cape, from Point to Dock
Clinton, from Railroad to Washington.
Clyburn, from Milwaukee River to Ninth
Clyman, from Division west to A.
Cooper, from Harbor Street to Milwaukee River
Cook, from Railroad to Elizabeth
Court, from 3rd to 4th between Galena and Cherry
Crockett, from Clinton to Jones.
D street, from Menominee to Spring St., Road.
Detroit, from Milwaukee River to Beach
Division from Menominee to Spring St., Road
Division, from Milwaukee River to Lake.
Dock, from Milwaukee River to Canal
Duane, from Rail Road, to Washington.
E Street, from Menominee to Spring St. Road
East Water, from Walker’s Point Bridge to Racine Street
Eighth, from Menominee River to Beaubien
Eleventh, from Menominee River to Beaubien
Elizabeth, from Chicago to Jones-- and another from the Division St., North, in Rogers’ addition
Erie, from South end of East Water to Centre.
F St., from Menominee to Spring St. Road,
Fifth, from Menominee River to Beaubien
Florida, for Milwaukee River to Chicago.
Fourth, from Menominee River to Beaubien
Fowler, from Division west to A
Fowler, from Milwaukee River to Sixth
Galena, from Canal to Twelfth
Geddings, from South Division to Rail Road
Greenbush, from Oregon to South Division.
Greenbay, from Canal to Beaubien
Grove, from Oregon to use South Division
Hamilton, from East Water to Racine Street
Hanover, from Menominee River to South Division.
Harbor, from the present harbor, up to where it ought to be.
Harman, from Hubbard to Fifth.
Henry, for Milwaukee River to Brady-- also from Lake Michigan to Milwaukee River near mouth.
Hill, from Sixth to E.
Hinman, from Sixth to E.
Hubbard, from Canal to Beaubien
Hunter, from Hamilton to Brady.
Huron, from Milwaukee to Beach
Jackson, north from Wisconsin to East Water Street
Jackson, south from Wisconsin to Menominee
Jefferson, north from Wisconsin to East Water.
Jefferson, south from Wisconsin to Menominee
Johnson, for river to Milwaukee.
Johnson, from Brady to East Water.
Jones, from South Division to Railroad
Juneau Street from Erie to the Lake.
Juneau Square, bounded on E. by Jackson, W. by Jefferson, N. by Biddle and S. by Oneida
Kent, from Washington to Railroad
Kewaunee, from Lawrence to Lake.
Kenzie, from Brady to East Water.
Knapp, from Milwaukee River to Monroe.
Lake, from river to Chicago
Lake, from Michigan to Division.
Lloyd, from Hubbard to Fifth.
Lynn, from Harbor Street to Mahnawauk Street
Lyon, from Milwaukee River to Lake.
Madison, from the river to Chicago.
Mahnawauk, from the mouth of the river to Nauvoo st.
Martin, from Milwaukee River to the Lake
Market, from Mason to East Water.
Main, Walker’s Point, from Water to Chicago.
Main, north from Wisconsin to East Water.
Main, south from Wisconsin to Menominee east.
Marshall, south from Washington to Railroad
Marshall, from Wisconsin to Brady.
Mason, from Milwaukee River to Beach
Massena, from Division to Brady.
Maitland Place, north of Spring St. Road and above A.
Menominee Street from the river to Ninth
Menominee, from East Water to Beach
Michigan, from Milwaukee River to Beach
Milwaukee, north from Wisconsin to East Water.
Milwaukee, south from Wisconsin to Menominee
Mill, from the junction of Seventh and Galena to Eleventh
Mineral, from Chicago to Jones.
Monestee, Lake to Brady.
Monroe, from Lake to Brady.
Ninth, from the Menominee River to Beaubien
Nauvoo, from Harbor Street to Milwaukee River.
North, from Third on North line of the Corporation to Milwaukee River.
Ogden, for Milwaukee River to the Lake.
Oneida, from Milwaukee River to Lake.
Oregon, or Milwaukee River to West Division – also from Erie to Beach
Park, from Greenbush to Chicago.
Paulding, from South Division to Railroad
Pearson, from Milwaukee River to Racine.
Perrie Marquette, from Brady to the Lake.
Peters, from Union to Point
Pier, from Erie to Beach
Pleasant, from Milwaukee River to the Lake.
Point, in junction of Milwaukee and Menominee River.
Prospect, from division Street NE in Rogers addition
Polk, from Erie to Beach
Prairie, from Milwaukee River to Ninth.
Racine, from Brady to East Water.
Railroad, from Clinton to Jones.
Read, from South Water to Virginia.
River, from Oneida to Ogden – also from South Water to Virginia Street
River, from Division St. west to B street
Rose, from Milwaukee River to Lake Michigan across harbor Street
St. Lawrence, from the Lake to Brady.
Sauk, from the Lake to Brady.
Sanderson, South Division to Brady.
Second, from the Menominee River to Water and from Canal to Beaubien
Sherman, from Hubbard to Fifth
Ship, from Milwaukee River to Canal
Short, from Canal to Beaubien south.
Sixth, from Menominee River to Beaubien
Spring, from Milwaukee River to Ninth
Spring St. Road, the continuation of Spring Street above Ninth
South Water, from Washington to Main St., w. Point
Sycamore, from Milwaukee River to Ninth
Tamarack, for Milwaukee River to Ninth.
Tenth, from Menominee River to Beaubien
Third, from Menominee River to West Water.
Twelfth, from Menominee River to Beaubien
Van Buren, from Wisconsin to Brady.
Van Buren, from Wisconsin to Buffalo
Vliet, from Milwaukee River to Twelfth
Virginia, from Reed to Chicago.
Walnut, from Canal to Twelfth
Walker, of Chicago, south to Jones.
Washington, from Milwaukee River to Chicago.
Water Street, from Third Street above Cedar, to the Menominee River.
Wisconsin, from Milwaukee River to Lake.
Winnebago, from junction of Seventh & Chesnut to Eleventh.





4Abbey, G. Henry (Smith & A.)Spring
2Abbott, George, grocer401 Third
1Abe, W., turnerEast Water
2Ableman, S.V.R., planing and groovingon the Canal
3Ackley, Benjamin, marinerJackson
1Ackrill, Benjamin, tailorMarshall
2Adams, John, laborerSecond
3Adler, Solomon (of Steinhart & A.)114 E Water
1Aellen, Henry, carpenterCass
4Ahloers, H.H., masonThird
1Akerly, Rev., rec. of St. Pauls ch. Res.77 Wisconsin
2Akoft, Michael, cooper387 Third
3Albon, E., boarding houseHuron
3Alexander, Orlando175 E. Water
3Aldrich, Owen, under sheriffMilwaukee
3Aldred, Samuel, saddlerEast Water
3Aldorf, Jacob, joinerNinth
2Allis & Allen, leather dealers149 E. Water
3Allis, Edward P., (of A. & Allen)149 E. Water
3Allen, William, (of A. & Allen)149 E. Water
5Allen, Robert, grocerSouth Water
2Allbright, Adam, carpenterFifth
5Allsop, Joseph, shoemakerRead
4Alperk, John, cooper321 E. Water
4Alverson, Peter, carriage makerSixth
4Amberg, John, Mozarts HallWells
5Anderson, Alexander, cabinet makerFerry
4Anderson, William H., barberSycamore
2Anderson, John, mill ownerFourth
5Anger, F., tailorHanover
1Anthes, K., blacksmithEast Water
2Anvelink, John W., laborerWalnut
2Appedll, Elizabeth, widow, washingThird
1Apple, Phillip, cabinet makerEast Water
3Archer, John, cartmanHuron
1Arnold, F., soap and candle manufacturer289 E. Water
1Arnold, Jonathan E., attorney-at-law289 E. Water
1Arnold, Christopher, cabinet makerMilwaukee
2Arnold, Derick, joinerTenth
1Arnold, William, Wisconsin house359 E. Water
3Armstrong, Lambarton, saddlerJefferson
2Ashman, William, organ manufacturerCherry
1Askew, Benjamin, carpenterMarshall
1Atheran, Cyrus, tobacconist359 E. Water
1Auchmoody, Hiram, cabinet maker11 Oneida
3Austin, George F., buildings to letWisconsin
5Axtell & Rogers, dry goods, etc.South Water
5Axtell, William, (of A.& Rogers)South Water
1Baas, Christian, fishermanMarket
2Baas, Charles, marinerMarket
1Baas, Henry, grocer 269East Water
4Babcock, Abraham, physicianSecond
3Badgley, P. W., wholesale grocer, 189East Water
2Bareg, Peter, tannerThird
4Bagnall, Benjamin, grocer, 210West Water
3Baker, James S., attorney and counsellor, residenceVan Buren
2Baker, Frederick, marinerFourth
2Baker, Morris J., money lenderEast Water
1Baker, Christian, carpenterJackson
5Baker, John, laborerClinton
1Baker, Eliphalet, painter & glazierOneida
1Ballard, Mary, widow, boarding houseJackson
1Balls, Samuel, confectionerMilwaukee
1Ballbach, John, bakerEast Water
5Bals, Charles, grocerRiver
1Baldwin, Joseph, carpenterMarket
3Bancroft, D.C., attorney-at-lawEast Water
4Banfield, Thomas, clerk at Halls residenceClyburn
2Banmann, Gabriel, masonEighth
5Barber, James L., carpenterLake
5Barney, Lorenzo, grocerFerry
5Barr, Jno. G., barrs exchangeSouth Water
3Barron, John, grocerMain
1Bartle, John G., laborerEast Water
1Barry, Garrett, (of Burke & B.)Milwaukee
1Barragh, M., blacksmithMarket
1Bartlett, Jno. K., physicianMilwaukee
4Barnard, George, masonSecond
4Barker, William, carpenterFourth
1Barker, Phineas, hatterJefferson
2Bart, Ferdinand, hatterFourth
2Bartel, Frederick, grocerWinnebago
2Bartz, John, laborerEighth
4Bartlett, William, paper makerThird
2Basch, Henry E.B., laborerGalena
1Basssett, William E., engraver219 E. Water
3Battle, W.T. and L., druggists219 E. Water
1Battle, William (of W. & L.T. Battle)Jefferson
3Bates, Eli, lighthouse keeperWisconsin
4Bates, Lyman, cooper, residenceWest Water
1Batzoll, Yulegen, laborerDivision
2Baumbach, William, candle maker313 Third
2Baumbach, Thomas, masonWalnut
2Bauer, Paul, turner and laborerCherry
2Bauer, Christopher & Adam, coopersWinnebago
3Baylies, D.W., watchmaker and jewelerEast Water
1Bayley, Osmond, hatterMarket
5Baxter, George (of Chappel & B.)Florida
1Beard, Thomas, carpenterMarshall
5Beardsley, F.D., physicianGreenbush
5Beck, A., emigrants homeFerry
3Becrof, Henry, shoemakerMichigan
1Bede, Bernard, musicianJackson
1Beetle, William E., cooperJefferson
2Behles, Jacob, laborerSecond
4Bekman, John, laborerThird
4Belden, Benjamin J., Home5 Spring
3Bellows, Jno. O., carpenterCass
1Bellangee, Jno. G., masonMain
5Bender, Peter, grocerFerry
4Benjamin, Lyman, cookSecond
3Benton, R.H., shoes and leather196 East Water
3Bently, Michael, bartenderMain
2Bensemann, John, joinerEighth
1Benhamer, Paul, butcher16 Market
2Bennitt, Harris C., marinerNinth
3Bergman, Henry, pewter & metallic manufacturerHuron
2Bernd, Godfrit, wheelwrightFourth
4Berech, JacobThird
2Berens, V., laborerThird
1Bersich, Charles, masonEast Water
1Berghoefer, Philip, carpenterMarket
1Berlingate, Francis, shoemakerMarkets
2Bertschy, John, mansion house359 Third
2Bertschy, L., grocerChesnut
2Best & Co., brewersWinnebago
2Best, Philip, (of B.&. Co.,)Winnebago
2Best, Jacob, Sr.Winnebago
2Best, Charles, distillerChesnut
2Best, Jacob, Jr., (of B.&. Co.,)Winnebago
3Berton, William, tailor49 Huron
1Bertrem, David, laborer377 E. Water
3Berry, Jeremiah, shingle maker91 E. Water
2Bevering, Henry, turner, Canal, residenceThird
4Bewersdorff, John D., carpenterFourth
1Bezel, J., shoemakerEast Water
2Biefrunck, Z., turnerFourth
3Bielfeld, A.H., notary public and interpreter of lawEast Water
1Bielfeld, A.H., residenceJackson
1Bielfeld, William, carpenterMarket
1Bingham, George, carpenter in joinerVan Buren
1Binns, Joseph, carpenterMilwaukee
2Binink, Lambert, laborerEighth
1Bird, B.B., literary depot in post officeWisconsin
4Birchard, J.F., cabinet maker22 Spring
4Birchard, Harvey, exchange brokerWest Water
2Bissinger, J.G., grocerHuron
5Bishop, William F., peddlerMineral
3Bishop, Samuel, chair makerJackson
2Blackhurst, James, piano forte makerThird
3Blanchard & Vandusen, physicians173 E. Water
1Blanchard, A., (of B. & Vandusen)Van Buren
1Blanchard, Samuel (of Newhall & B.), residenceMain
5Blair, William, farmerWashington
3Blair, F.J., dealer in china and glasswareEast Water
3Blair, Henry, turnerJackson
3Blakely & Tainish, shoemakersMichigan
1Blakely, William (of B.& Tainish), residenceWisconsin
3Blake, John, laborerJackson
2Blake, Richard, millwrightThird
1Blackman, Elonzo, carpenterMilwaukee
2Blend, Nelson, mariner41 Chesnut
1Bliss, Abraham, teamsterCass
2Bliton, J.G., scale makerCanal
4Blodgett, George G., attorney-at-law, residenceSecond
2Blossom, L.A., eagle breweryChesnut
1Blossom, Levi (of L.&A.B.), residenceMilwaukee
2Blossom, Alonzo (of L.&A.B.)Chesnut
2Boston, Truman, clerk at L.&A.B.’s, residenceChesnut
2Blohs, John, tinmanTwelfth
1Bell, William J., broker, boarding at Mrs. Thurston’sMain
2Blum, John P.J. , blacksmithFifth
2Boas, John, edge toolmakerCanal
3Boardman, G.E., merchant tailor, 186 E. Water, residenceMilwaukee
4Bockalman, Daniel, carpenterThird
2Boden, Peter, laborerTwelfth
2Bogk, HenryChesnut
2Boisselier, C.G., (of Wilmanns & B.)350 Third
1Boland, Catharine, widow, washingJefferson
4Bond, Hiram R., masonSecond
3Bonesteel, J.N., drygoods & groceries, 187 E. Water, residenceWisconsin
5Bonnell, John, shingle makerLake
4Bonnell, Lansing, residence17 Milwaukee
1Bonnell, James (of Shepard & B.)Mason
4Bongers, Harmon, cabinet makerSecond
4Bonks, Christopher, laborerFourth
5Bopery, John B., ship carpenterHanover
1Borden, Gale, masonVan Buren
4Borlenghausen, G., tailorSpring
2Borgsted, J.G.332 Third
2Borngesser, G.F., butcher313 Third
2Bosswald, Augustus, laborerTwelfth
4Bosworth, H. , & Son, druggists, 194 W. Water, residenceSpring
2Boste, Valentine, joinerTenth
2Bound, WidowWashington
3Bowman, George, merchantMilwaukee
4Bower, Peter, brick makerWells
2Bowes, Jonathan, tallow chandlerCherry
2Bowman, John A., principal, Milwaukee High School 
1Bower, Erastus, teamsterMarket
4Boyd & Ledyard, dry goods and groceries7 Spring
 Boyd, Garret B. (of B. & Ledyard)U,S, Hotel
5Brandeker, Charles, grocerRiver
3Bradford & Brothers, dry goods and groceries161 E. Water
3Bradfoird, John (of B. & Brothers), boards atU.S. Hotel
 Bradford, Joseph T. (of B. & Brothers), boards atU.S. Hotel
1Bradley, Peter, laborerVan Buren
3Bradley & Metcalf, boot and shoe dealers191 E. Water
3Bray, Richard, carpenterMain
1Bray, John, laborerJefferson
3Bray, Michael, laborerMain
3Brahm, P., laborerHuron
3Brannan, Joseph, cartmanJefferson
3Brady, Thomas, cartmanCass
1Bramble, Aaron, joinerMilwaukee
2Brandt, C., farmerGreen Bay
2Brand, Lawrence, lock makerEleventh
2Brackman, John, laborerMilwaukee
1Bragt, EdwardJackson
4Brazelton, Isaac, teamsterFourth
2Brazelton, Isaac P., potteryChesnut
2Bragman, Anthony, laborerGreen Bay
1Breo, George, carpenter377 East Water
1Breidert, Henry, grocerMarket
1Bremmer, John P., carpenterMarket
2Bret, Elizabeth, widowThird
2Brenken, John, lawyerTenth
1Briggs, Harris H.H., painter14 Market
4Briggs, Reuben, chair makerWest Water
2Bridgman, Edwin, carpenterFourth
5Brooks, Nathaniel, ship carpenterHanover
2Broom, Matthew, butcher13 Chesnut
2Brower, A.V., Mrs., milliner and tailoress13 Chesnut
3Brower, George, blacksmithMichigan
1Broscius, George, tailor and grocerMarket
2Brosh, Henry, carpenterGalena
2Brotherhood, William, public contractorVliet
5Brown, Sylvester, brick makerMineral
5Brown, Peter, laborerWashington
3Brown, S.  H.,  daguerian artist170 East Water
3Brown, Jacob, shingle makerEast Water
3Brown, William (of J. Kneeland & Co.)U.S. Hotel
3Brown, Jefferson, barberJefferson
1Brown, Thomas, P.,  barberEast Water
1Brown, Jacob, laborerMarket
1Brown, John, city breweryDivision
1Brown, James S.,  attorney-at-law, law buildings, residenceWisconsin
4Brown, Ender, laborerThird
3Brown, William at Dousman’s WarehouseMilwaukee
5Bryant, R.  H.,  constableGreenbush
4Bryant, Robert, grocerEast Water
1Bruss, Martin, ship carpenter383 EastWater
2Brucks, John, laborerThird
2Bruss, Frederick, ship carpenterSecond
2Bruss, G., tailorTenth
5Buck, James S.,  ship carpenterHanover
5Buck, Philip, laborerAbert
3Buck, AnsonMain
4Buck, Oliver, musicianSecond
4Buckley, Michael, laborerSpring
2Bucon, Ralph, fanning mill makerSecond
2Buchecer, John, butcher55 Chesnut
2Buchannan, Rev. J.M., Presbyterian, boards at P. Martineaus 
1Bulfire, Patrick, laborerKnapp
4Bulser, John C., carpenterFourth
2Bulltzingslowen, H., grocerChesnut
2Bullie, Francis, carpenterShort
2Bumert, Martin, laborerSecond
2Bumer, Henry, laborerFifth
2Buncendhl, Frederick, cooperThird
5Bunnel, William, landownerSouth Water
4Buparaen, Martin, butcherThird
1Burge, Frederick, tailorMarket
3Burke, William, attorney-at-law192 East Water
3Burkloe, E., widow, juvenile seminaryMain
3Burke, Michael79 Huron
1Burke & Barry, druggists222 East Water
1Burke, Martin J. (of Barry & B.)Milwaukee
2Burke, Walter & Co., woolen manufactoryCanal
2Burke, Walter (of W.B. & Co.)Canal
4Burke, John, masonSecond
2Burke, William, grocer, residenceThird
2Burkingyoung, John, chair makerChesnut
5Buriws, A., M., ship carpenterHanover
1Burrows, P.W. , clerk at McClure & Williams, residenceVan Buren
3Burns, Thomas, Gymnasium B.  Saloon, Main, residenceEast Water
3Burns, John, laborerHuron
4Burnham, J. and G.L, brickmakers, residenceSpring
5Burton, Hubbard, marinerHanover
4Burton, Henry S.  & Co., grocers, Spring, residenceMilwaukee
1Burbridge, William, joinerMilwaukee
4Buss, John, carpenterWest Water
1Butow, Charles, tailorEast Water
1Butterey, S., carpenterMarket
3Butterfield & Downer, attorneys at Law196 E. Water
1Butterfield, Moses (of B. & Downer)Knapp
4Butterfield, E.  liquor store196 W. Water
3Butler, John, works in livery stable44 Huron
4Butler, A.R.R. (of Crary & B.)Sixth
2Butler, T.  D.,  tobacconist, 25 Chesnut, residenceFourth
2Buttles, C., bowl turnerCanal
3Bynes, ThomasMain
2Byrnes, Francis, cartmanFourth
3Byron, W.  H.,  dealer in hardware, 153 E. Water, residence76.  Wisconsin




3Cady, Augustus F. (Farwell & Co.), residenceWisconsin
3Cady, R.P., grocer, E. Water, residenceMason
4Caghell, William, laborerHill
5Callahan, Patrick, laborerElizabeth
3Callighan, H., grocer111 E. Water
1Callighan, J., blacksmith, Main Street, residenceCass
3Callahan, Thomas, laborerMichigan
1Calkins, Ingersol, chair makerVan Buren
4Calkins, Zedro, ship carpenterSecond
3Calvin, Henry, waiterHuron
1Cameron, J.E.,  Register of deeds, residenceThird
1Campbell, James, boot maker227 E. Water
2Campbell, Robert, weaver and dyerWest Water
1Campbell, Jno. R., saddlerMain
3Canfield, A., painterMichigan
1Cantrell, Mrs., milliner and straw workerWisconsin
5Carr, Samuel, laborerWalker
3Carey, W.  H.  & J.,  merchant tailors203 East Water
1Carey, Joseph, (W.H. & J.), residenceJefferson
5Carey, J.  W., pedlarMadison
3Carney, Timothy, grocer97 E. Water
5Carlton Loren, carpenterElizabeth
4Carpenter Thomas, blacksmithWest Water
2Carpenter George, laborerChesnut
4Carpenter John T. (Randall & Co.)West Water
2Carlisle RichardThird
4Carter R.  B.,  painter, residenceMain
3Castile & McKay, butchersEast Water
3Castile, Thomas (C. & McKay), residenceMilwaukee
1Castle Levi, buckeye, blacksmith, Mason Street, residenceOneida
1Casper Francis, millwrightEast Water
2Cattee RodolphFifth
2Caton William, carpenterFourth
5Caton John, laborerSouth Water
1Cawker, MatthewEast Water
1Chapin, Rev. A. L.,  pastor Presbyterian Church, residenceMill
5Chapin, widowFerry
5Chapman, widow A.,  tailoressRiver
3Chapman, S. (Michigan Hall)East Water
3Chapman, H.,  dry goods and groceriesWisconsin
1Chapman, Silas (Hale & Co.), residenceMilwaukee
2Chapman, John, butcherThird
1Chamberlain, William H.,  blacksmith, Mason Street, residenceMichigan
2Chambers, Misses, dressmakersThird
5Chappel & Baxter, Rochester HouseFlorida
5Chappel, Henry M. (of C. & Baxter)Florida
3Chandler, William, bakerEast Water
1Chandler, James, marinerOneida
4Chandler, Daniel H.,  Attorney-at-law, 6 Spring, residenceCedar
1Charnley, Francis, masonJohnson
2Chase & Comstock, sawmillCanal
2Chase, Reuben , (of C. & Comstock)Second
3Cheny, Rufus, clerk at Dousman & Co.Jackson
5Childs, Sarah, widowHanover
5Childs, Luther, cooperHanover
5Childs, Alexander, brick makerWalker
5Childs, John W.,  brick makerCentre
5Childs, Samuel, brick makerReed
3Childs, Garrett, blacksmithMichigan
5Chipman, Hiram, carpenter and joinerSouth Water
5Chonbaum, Harry, brick makerWalker
3Christie, James162 E. Water
4Christian, James, laborerThird
2Church, Benjamin, builder, Third,                                          residenceFourth
5Church, Ebenezer, laborerElizabeth
1Clausen, Henry, MakerEast Water
5Clark, M.  M.,  botanic physicianHanover
3Clark, A.  F.,  druggist165 E. Water
5Clark, Elisha, shingle makerFerry
3Clark, James, shingle makerHuron
1Clark, Henry (of Smith & Co.)Milwaukee
1Clark, Edwin, tool, makerMilwaukee
1Clark, Benjamin, clerk at Pierce’s shoe storeJefferson
1Clark, M.W.117 Mason
1Clark, Henry, carpenterOneida
4Clark, James H.,  barberSpring
2Clark, Simon, cartmanFourth
2Clark, Luke, laborerEighth
3Clayton, Z., carpenter and windmillWisconsin
1Clay,  Peter, cabinet maker383 E. Water
4Clayton, Ephraim, carpenterSecond
3Cleaveland, James, cabinet maker, 104 East Water,              residenceMain
1Cleaveland, Sylvester, schoolteacherJefferson
4Clisbee, D., mail contractorAmerican
1Cobits, John, shoemakerEast Water
2Cochran, R.H., carpet weaverVliet
3Coffee, Jane, widow99 E. Water
3Coffee, Thomas, tailor101 E. Water
1Cogswell, GeorgeJackson
2Cohrs, Henrty, carpenterGalena
2Coke, Nelly, seamstressGalena
1Cole, Richard, laborerVan Buren
3Colingburn, Thomas (of Lowther & Co.)Michigan
5Colby, John P. (of D. Merrill & Co.)South Water
5Colart, John, tallow chandlerWalker
3Colburn, Miss H.Michigan
3Colgate, George M.,  Clerk at Byron’sJefferson
2Coldsmith, John, blacksmith279 Third
3Collins, C, laborerMain
3Collopy, Martin, boot makerHuron
3Collins, John, laborerFourth
3Collins, H., tailorWisconsin
2Collins, Henry, painterChesnut
5Comstock, Rufus, ship carpenterReed
2Comstock & Co., dry goods and groceriesThird
2Comstock, J.B.403 Third
2Comstock, Cicero (of Chase & Co.)                                       residenceGalena
2Comstock, Leander (of Chase & Co.)Fourth
1Comstock, Levi, tinsmithMarshall
5Comford, John, carpenter and joinerChicago
3Combs, A. L.  & Company, livery stableDetroit
3Combs, Liman A., (of C.A.L. & Co.)                                     residenceMilwaukee
2Combort, Frederick, razor grinderThird
5Conley, Lawrence, laborerOregon
3Connoughty, James, butcherHuron
3Conklin, B.,  blacksmithMain
3Conger, A.B., clerk at J.  B.  Smith’sErie
3Conradt, Francis, grocerEast Water
5Consaul, William H., carpenterSouth Water
5Consaul, William, contractorSouth Water
3Conneor, PatrickJefferson
3Connelly, Owen, cartmanVan Buren
1Conant, H.N.Jackson
1Connis, John, laborerMarshall
4Conlan, Charles, grocerSpring
4Conroy, Joseph, tailorSecond
4Congenick, Anthony, shoemakerThird
3Coon, James and Orton, attorneys at lawEast Water
1Coon, S. Park, (of C. James & Orton)                                    residenceJefferson
3Cook, William M.,  auction and commission124 E. Water
4Cook, Bryant, laborerWells
3Coony, Thomas, laborerJackson
3Corrie, Arthur, grocer119 E. Water
3Cordes, Joseph H.,  grocer126 E. Water
3Corcoran, John, laborerDetroit
1Corbitt, Charles, printer for Rufus KingMarshall
1Corbitt, Robert, marinerJackson
1Corey, Patrick, laborerJackson
2Corlett, Thomas, carpenter and joinerGalena
4Costelo, Michael, laborerFifth
2Cotton, Lester H.,  master of steamboatFourth
2Cotton, George H.,  millwrightFourth
4Cotton, S.D., City Foundry,                                                    residenceWest Water
2Cotton, Telotus A., Eagle Mills, Canal,                                  residenceFourth
2Cotton, Charles C., boards at Widow Hill’s 
2Cotzen, L., laborerThird
2Court, Thomas, P., gardenerFifth
1Coughlin, Brian, cartmanOneida
1Coulson, Mark, masonJackson
3Cowles & Ross, wholesale dry goodsEast Water
 Cowles. John E. (of C. & Ross),                                             boards atU.S. Hotel
2Cowles, Sylvester, merchantWinnebago
5Cox, Leonard, ship carpenterGreenbush
2Coyle, H., widowGalena
1Cramer, EliphaletMason
3Cramer & Curtis, publishers of the Wisconsin164 E. Water
3Cramer, William (of C. & Curtis)                                           boards atU.S. Hotel
3Crane, Charles, attorney-at-law183 E. Water
3Crabtree, Richard, recess92.  Huron
4Crary & Butler, attorneys at law196 W. Water
4Crary, L.P. (of C. & Butler)Sixth
2Cross, Henry S. (of Hosford & Co.)Third
1Crist, Stephen, CarpenterMain
4Creig, Christian, H.,  masonThird
5Crocker, J.H., butcherRiver
1Crocker & Holliday, attorneys at lawWisconsin
 Crocker, Hans (of C. & Holliday)                                           boards atP. Potter’s
3Croke, Michae, tailor, East Water,                                         residenceMichigan
1Cross, James B., attorney11 Wisconsin
3Cross, William H., grocer77 E. Water
2Crowley, Daniel, carpenter and joinerPoplar
2Culver, Solomon, carpenterFourth
1Cummings, John (of Soggs & Co.)Main
3Cummings, Daniel99 Huron
2Cummings, D.  S.,  threshing machine maker269 Third
1Cuniff, Matthew, laborerAstor
3Cuniph, P., laborerJefferson
3Cunningham, William M.,  Druggist151 E. Water
3Curran & Janes, bowling saloon127 E. Water
3Curran, M.D. (of C. & Janes)                                                 residenceWisconsin
3Curran & Janes, grocersWisconsin
1Curran, James, CarpenterJefferson
4Curran, Patrick, laborerSecond
1Curtis, Rev. Otis F.,  Pastor of Congregational free churchVan Buren
3Curtis, Joseph (of Cramer & Co.)                                           residenceMain
3Curtis, S.,  WidowJefferson
3Curtin, Timothy, CartmanHuron
3Curtin, Cornelius, CartmanJefferson
2Curtin, Lawrence, laborerHuron
5Cushman, P. N. (of Miller & Co.)South Water
4Cutler, Martin, CooperThird




2Daeu, Erdmann, turnerThird
3Daggett, Samuel, residenceJefferson
1Dailey, John G., cabinet maker58 E. Water
3Dale, SamuelHuron
5Dale, John, laborerSouth Water
1Damstadt, John, tobacconistVan Buren
2Damert, G., TeamsterSeventh
4Darling, Charles, masonFourth
5Dasey, , John, laborerGreenbush
2Dasso, Frederick, laborerThird
5Davis, Thomas, marinerGreenbush
3Davis, John R., wheelrightHuron
3Davis, John, brewerCass
1Davis & More, stage proprietors, 237 E. Water office30 Wisconsin
1Davis, Cyrus D. (of D. & More)                                             residenceMain
1Davis, Robert, joinerMilwaukee
4Davis, Ann, widowSpring
5Davis, Robert, tailor181 E. Water
3Davine, James, grocerHuron
1Davison, John63  Mason
1Day,Barnard, carpenterMilwaukee
3Day, George E.  H.,  Attorney-at-law, 185 E. Water, residenceDivision
 Dean, John, weaverFourth
3Decroff, widow, seamstressHuron
4Decker & Saville, french burr mill stone manufacturerWest Water
4Decker, P. (of D. & Saville)West Water
4Dedi, Charles, tailorFourth
5Degolyer, H., checkman at McC & Williams, residenceLake
2Deger, Frederick, teamsterWest Water
1Deidrich, Francis J., book binderEast Water
5Deidner, Frederick, carpenterElizabeth
1Deitrich, G., tailor355 E. Water
1Diley, William, carpenterMarket
1Deiley, Jacob, carpenterJackson
1Deiley, Edward, carpenterJackson
5Delany, Martin, ship carpenterHanover
5Delany, S., tailorOregon
3Delany, William, laborerHuron
1Delany, Peter, laborerJackson
3Delahunt, John, grocerEast Water
3Delahunt, Edward, laborer93 Huron
1Delvendahl Meyer & Co., segar factoryEast Water
4Delong, Joseph, barber  220 W. Water, residenceEleventh
2Denning, Frederick, carpenterGalena
3Denning, M., blacksmithMichigan
2Demetz, Andrew, painterGalena
3Dempsy, Miss Mary, dress maker70 Huron
2Dengel, Andrew, laborerCedar
1Dent, James, boot makerJackson
2Deunowald, John P., laborerTenth
1Dennis, Barbary, widowVan Buren
1Denny, George, C., grocer, 223 E. Water, residenceMilwaukee
1Deory, Carey, carpenterMilwaukee
5Derimple, P., ship carpenterLake
5Devos, J.J.Oregon
3Devlin, John, tailor109 E. Water
1Devenbaugh, Philip, tanner109 E. Water
2Devo0l, Charles, wheelright269 Third
2Dewerth, John F., tailor269 Third
2Dewey, L.N., painter269 Third
5Dewolf, Edwin (of DeW. & Henton)Hanover
3DeWolf & Henton, grocers105 E. Water
2DeWolf, Josiah, farmerChesnut
2DeWolf, Marcus G., painterFifth
1Dibble, C.F., widowBiddle
1Dibble, Andrew E. (of LaRoche & D.)Biddle
2Dibel, John, butcherGalena
1Dickerman, Edmund B., land agentMain
1Dickinson, Amanda, widow, tailoressVan Buren
2Diehlmann, Frederick, laborerThird
1Dierksmeir. John B., brick makerMarket
2Dimckel, Frederick, cooperFifth
2Dimmick, E.,  auction and commissionChesnut
2Dimmick, Joseph, clerk to E.  D.Chesnut
3Disbrow, William C., jeweler, 148 E. Water, residenceCass
3Divire, Michael, waiter at U. S.  HotelMichigan
3Divire, William, cartmanMain
4Divire Michael, laborerNinth
3Dobson, S.,  grocerEast Water
1Dodge, Sandford, teamsterMain
5Dohrman, D., carpenterHanover
1Dohrman, HubertMarshall
1Dokzlar, John, laborerMilwaukee
2Doll, George, farmerWinnebago
2Dolphin, James, grocerThird
3Donaldson, N. S.,  dry goods and groceries179 E. Water
1Donges, Jacob, cabinet makerEast Water
2Doney & Moseley, Milwaukee furnaceCanal
2Doney, Deborah Mrs., schoolteacherFifth
2Doornink, Henry, tailorCherry
4Doran, J.  L.,  attorney-at-law and Justice of the PeaceE. Water
3Dormoody, William, auction and commission180 E. Water
2Dorward, Isaac, artistVliet
1Doty, James D.,  Attorney-at-law, Wisconsin,                        boards atU.S. Hotel
5Douglas, Alexander, farmerMineral
5Douglass, James, carpenterElizabeth
4Douglass, J.S. (of Tracy & D.)Milwaukee
2Doughty, J., dentist, 358 Third, residenceFifth
3Dousman & Company, forwarding and commercial merchantsEast Water
3Dousman, George G. (of Dousman & Co.)East Water
3Dousman & Wells, forwarding and commissionEast Water
1Dousman, George D. (of  D. & Wells)Wisconsin
1Dousman, J.  B.,  Physician, 51, Wisconsin, residenceJackson
2Dover, Henry, cooperThird
3Downer, Jason (of B. & Downer)E. Water
1Downer, Frederick, wheelwrightMain
1Dowe, J.C. (of Whitney & D.)Mason
4Downing, MichaelThird
3Doyle, Edward, wheelwrightEast Water
3Doyle, Darby, laborerVan Buren
1Doyle, Michael, carpenterAstor
2Doyle, Patrick, stonecutterChesnut
1Drasan, William, grocerEast Water
2Drew, Thomas, tailor296 W. Water
4Dressler, Joseph, masonSecond
1Drez, John, clerk at Hale & Chapman’s 
2Dressler, EdwardThird
2Dryer, G., tailor279 Third
3Drum, Hugh, laborerVan Buren
1Drum, Patrick, laborerAstor
3Dudnard, M., masonMarshall
2Duff, Benjamin, tailor304 W. Water
5Duffey, Thomas, marinerFlorida
5Duffey, Jane, widowBeaubian
5Duffey, John, laborerElizabeth
3Duffey, HughEast Water
3Dufey, Peter, laborerHuron
4Dugan, Catharine, widow, grocerWest Water
1Duhbrenter, Andrew, laborerMain
2Dulitz, Rev. Henry L., pastor, Lutheran ChurchPrairie
1Dunbar, JohnMilwaukee
1Dunham, Ephraim G., painterMain
1Dunham, Spencer, chairmakerMain
3Dunbar, M., laborerMilwaukee
5Dunahue, William, laborerGreenbush
5Dunlop, A.B., physicianCenter
1Dunlap, John W., gardener at Milwaukee GardensDivision
5Dunn, Thomas, laborerAbert
3Durand, John M., grocerAbert
1Dusold, John, laborerJefferson
1Duvernay, Frank, joinerMain
2Dwire, John, marinerEighth
1Dyer, George, saddler  211 E. Water, residenceMain
3Dysart, James, masonHuron
3Eager, James, cartmanHuron
5Eastman John, teamsterFlorida
5Eastman, William, laborerElizabeth
3Easton, W.S. (of Goodrich & E)                                             boards atG.F. Austin’s
4Easton, John, carpenterWells
2Eben, Michael, laborerThird
2Eberts, Frederick, cabinet makerChesnut
3Edgerton, B.H., surveyorMilwaukee
1Edwards, Evan, clerk in post officeMilwaukee
2Eernisse, Jacob, painter and shoe makerGalena
4Eggert, Christian, laborerWells
2Egendorfer, John, shoemakerCedar
2Eglmann, Anna, widow, boarding house301 Third
2Ehlert, Adolph, cabinet makerThird
1Ehlebracht, August, grocer271 E. Water
2Eigner, John C., stocking weaverWalnut
2Eighorst, John, teamsterGreen Bay
3Eigen, Morris, carpenterVan Buren
3Eigner, John, grocer100 E. Water
4Eiffley, Peter J.,saddler                                                                      39West Water
2Eimers, Frederick, laborerEighth
1Ekedahl,G.G., saddlerMarket
1Ekstein, Christian, grocer and butcherMartin
1Elmacher, Peter, tailorMarket
4Eldred, Anson, lumber dealerWest Water
3Eldred, Elisha, landownerJackson
1Eldridge, .H., grocer, 210 E. Water,                                       residence254 E. Water
5Elliott, Henry, laborerLake
5Elliott, Nathan, laborerSouth Water
5Elliott, Jacob, laborerSouth Water
1Ellis, E., scourer and dyerJackson
2Ellis, John, teamsterFourth
1Ellmaker, James, millerOneida
3Eli, A., boot and shoe dealer, 197 E. Water,                           residenceFourth
1Emery, Peter, carpenterMarket
1Emery, Edward, confectioner15 Wisconsin
3Emmons & Van Dyke, attorneys at law162 E. Water
3Emmons, Norman J.,  (of  E.  & Van Dyke)162 E. Water
4Endres, FrederickWest Water
3End, A., teamsterJefferson
3Englehart, G. P., butcherHuron
3Engelhard, J.  P., bakerHuron
2Engleiter, Christian, laborerShort
2Engel, Samuel, grocerChesnut
4Enk, John, blacksmithWest Water
3Ercanbrach, George, (of  P. Yale & Co.)Van Buren
3Erickson, Miss E., dressmakerJackson
2Erschues, Peter, millerGalena
4Esch, John, blacksmithWest Water
1Eulen, Martin, laborerMarket
5Evans, SidneyRiver
3Evans, T.  J.,  draper and tailorWisconsin
3Evans, William E.,  carpenter and joinerJackson
1Evans, Samuel, cabinet makerMilwaukee
4Evans, Samuel, saddlerSpring
5Eberts, Charles G.,  carpenterS. Water
1Everts, Charles P., clerk of Board of Supervisors, Court House Square 
2Ewald, John, tailorGreen Bay
1Ewer, Henry, tailorWisconsin
2Ewers, Alexander, ship carpenterThird




2Fahary, Edward, laborerFourth
2Fairchilds, Wolcott, millwright                                       boards atWashington House
5Fakel, , John, shoemakerElizabeth
3Falon, James, laborerHuron
1Farlkl, Martin, carpenterMarket
1Farkeg, JohnMarket
4Farmin, Hiram (of Martin & F)Wells
5Farmer, Henry, ship carpenterHanover
5Farley, Patrick, laborerCenter
5Farley, James, laborerElizabeth
3Farr, Miss M., milliner190 E. Water
4Farr, James Jr., clerk at Eldred’s lumberyardWest Water
3Farrington, John, cabinet makerMichigan
1Farrell, Garret, laborerMarket
1Farrell, James, joinerAstor
3Faries, R.J., (of Miner & F)Wisconsin
3Farwell, L.J. & Co., hardware and stoves137 E. Water
2Fatt, George, shoemakerFourth
3Faulk, Hiram, merchant42 Huron
4Feabruth, Martin, cooperFourth
2Felden, Joseph, laborerVliet
2Feldhorst, Garret, laborerGalena
2Ferger, Frederick, laborerVliet
1Ferguson, David, clerk.  Wisconsin M.  & F.  Insurance companyJefferson
3Ferrall, John, cartmanMain
1Fess, Henry Jr., druggist207 E. Water
2Fessenfield, G., shoemakerGreen Bay
1Fields, PeterJefferson
1Fielding, James, carpenter and joinerWisconsin
1Fillmore, John S.Van Buren
2Filmer, Joseph, cooperThird
1Finch & Lynde, attorneys at lawWisconsin
1Finch, Asahel Jr., (of F. & Lynde)9 Mason
1Finch, C.  D., clerk at Shepards & Bonnel’s9 Mason
4Finch, Lewis P.,  carpenterSecond
3Fink, Jacob, cabinet maker71 E. Water
3Finnesy, Patrick, laborerBeach
1Fister, G.P., leather, dealer267 E. Water
4Fishback, John, grocer199 W. Water
4Fishback, Anthony, masonFourth
3Fisher, P.,  butcherHuron
2Fisher, Julius, cooperThird
2Fisher, Joseph, wheelwrightWalnut
5Fishedick, John, watchmakerLake
5Fitzsimmons, PatrickMain
3Fitzpatrick & Whalen, grocersEast Water
3Fitzpatrick, John (of F. & Whalen)72.  Huron
1Fitch, Rev. LemonJefferson
1Fitch, Sylvester, blacksmithMain
3Fitch & Crist, blacksmithsChicago
1Fitch, S.  (of F.  & Crist)Main
3Fitzgerald, Thomas, grocerMain
5Fitzgerald, Michael, cartmanMain
3Flaherty, John, cartmanBeach
4Flanders, James F.,  landownerSycamore
3Fletzheim, August, carpenterJefferson
1Fleming, George, marinerJackson
3Fleming, Lewis S.,  grocer156.  Huron
2Flint, William, carpenterThird
2Fluskey, Lyman, Deputy Sheriff,                                    boards atWashington House
4Floyd, Edward, laborerThird
3Folly, Paul, carpenterVan Buren
5Folsom, C.  A., grocer   res. FerryLake
1Follamsbee, Alanson, bakerWisconsin
1Ford, Levine G.,  millwrightVan Buren
3Forman, SimeonHuron
3Foote, Matilda, widow40 Wisconsin
3Foote, S.E., dealer in hats and caps184 E. Water
2Foster, Edwin S.,  farmerVliet
5Fowler, M.  R.,  physicianRiver
1Fowler, John, marinerJackson
2Fowler, William, blacksmith341 Third
2Fowler, Ebenezer M.,  carpenter and joinerFourth
1Fowler, George J.221 E.Water
1Franchere, Louis, land agentMason
4Fraleng, John, ship carpenterSecond
1Fratney, Frederick, publisher of the Volkfreund321 E. Water
2Frazier, William, carpenterCherry
2Frazier, Miligan, carpenterCherry
1Freeman, Henry, shoemakerVan Buren
1Freeman, Thomas, shoemakerOneida
2Freger, Philip, wheelwright, Chesnut                                   residenceFourth
2Frey, Jacob, laborerSecond
2Freudenberg, Martin, carpenterFifth
3Frederick,. Louis, cartmanJefferson
5French, John S., carpenterGreenbush
1Fridensprung, Andrew, laborerJefferson
1Frodtenkar, Peter, cooper, East Water                                   residenceMarin
1Froiseth, B.A., dry goods and groceriesE. Water
1Frotinger, Ursula, widow, seamstressMarket
2Fuch, John D.F., laborerwest of Prairie
1Fuche, Francis A., blacksmithEast Water
2Fuhrer, John, carpenterCedar
2Fuehrmann, A., grocer313 Third
3Furlong, John, grocer313 Third
3Furlong, William, Greenfield HouseMain
5Furman, Samuel, ship builderGreenbush
4Fursa, Robert, shoemakerThird
5Gsbleson, Samuel, cabinet makerRiver
4Gabel, A., tailor, West Water                                                 residenceThird
4Gaffney, Patrick, laborerWells
3Gale, JohnJefferson
1Gale, Havair, carpenterBiddle
3Gallagher, John, East Water St. HouseEast Water
3Gallagher, James, laborer77 Huron
4Gallagher, Patrick, cartman255 W. Water
4Gallery, William, laborerFifth
1Garnard, James, laborerJackson
2Gardner, Capt., mariner,                                                          boards atAmerican House
4Garland, Converse, (of Ludington & G.)Menominee
4Gardner, John J. (of W.J. Wells & Co.)Second
4Garlach, Andrew, laborerThird
3Gardiner, S., jeweler and piano forte dealerE. Water
5Gates, Nathan, tailorRiver
1Gates, Lewis M., clerk at Gridley’s                                        residenceJefferson
2Gates, William A., barber369 Third
2Gay Abraham D., works at Pail Factory                                 residenceThird
2Gaerlings, Garret, shoemakerMilwaukee
4Gerlach, M. (of Heishou & Co.)Spring
2Gebhart, George, laborerWalnut
1Gheib,J. W., sealer of weights and measuresVan Buren
2Geller, George, laborerSecond
1Geller, J., locksmithE. Water
3George, J. & J.P., hat, cap and fur store194 E. Water
2George, J. & J.P348 Third
1George, Paul, (of G.P.J. & J.)                                                  boards atRhenish House
1George, David, clerk at J. & J.P. George’sBiddle
2Gerhardt, Christian, cooperThird
2Gerlach, H. , tailor and paper hanger48 Chesnut
1Getz, PaulE. Water
1Gilbert, Abijah, carriage makerE. Water
1Gilbert Jonathan, carpenterMain
2Gilbert, George laborerWinnebago
2Glintz, Jacob, carpenterFifth
3Glidden, George, fanning mill makerMain
2Glaessing, John J., cooperThird
2Glasser, John & Co., wheelwrightsVliet
2Gestler, Harmon, laborerFifth
2Grewuch, Luding, carpenterThird
2Goetz, John, shoemaker29 Chesnut
2Goetz, Therresia, widowTwelfth
2Goebel, L.Fourth
3Goff, H.J.& Co., confectioners198 E. Water
3Goggin, James, grocer and dry goods76 E. Water
4Gordon, Jedzian, ox yoke maker, W. Water                           residenceMain
2Golden, Edward, laborerGalena
3Golden, William, Franklin Coffee HouseE. Water
3Gordon, Willard J., lumber dealerE. Water
2Gorham, William, physicianFifth
5Goodman, Henry, cradle makerHanover
3Goodwin, Dexter S., tin smith20 Michigan
1Goodrich, Isaac G., fruit dealer, 204 E Water                        residenceVan Buren
3Goodrich & Easton, dry goods and groceriesE. Water
5Goodrich & Easton, pro. steam flouring millE. Water
5Goodrich, E.H. (of Easton & Co.)City Hotel
4Goodall, Ira E., dry goods and groceries, W. Water               residenceSycamore
2Goodman, C., fancy dyer314 Third
3Graham, William, butcherMain
5Graham. Johnston, laborerElizabeth
3Graham, W.W., attorney at law176 E. Water
3Grant, S.B., lumber dealer176 E. Water
3Grant, Lewis, laborerDetroit
3Grant, Joseph, painter and glazier, Oneida                             residenceBiddle
4Grant, James, carpenterClyburn
2Granacher, John337 Third
2Gran, August, butcher296 Third
2Graedel, Nicholas, tailorGreen Bay
1Graves, Nelson, ship carpenter283 E. Water
1Graves, George E., sheriff of Milwaukee County                  residenceAt the jail
3Gray, Alexander T., attorney at lawWisconsin
4Grase, James, carpenterWells
5Green, George, carpenterGreenbush
3Green, Thomas, Public GardenWisconsin
5Green, Hezekiah, ship carpenterLake
2Greene, German P., carpenterFifth
2Greenleaf, Emery, baker, Chesnut                                        residenceThird
2Greve, H., laborerWalnut
1Greves, J.P., physicianphysician
5Grebel, Herman, barberFerry
5Greisch, Peter, cabinet makerLake
2Greiger, John, carpenter304 W. Water
2Greulich & Haertel, grocers & c.300 Third
2Greulich, August (of G. & Haertel)Fourth
1Griffen, Michael, laborerCass
4Gridley, J.C., dry goods & groceries, 11 Spring                    residenceFourth
4Grimm, EdwardFourth
2Griffiths, Silas281 Third
2Grindel, Charles, blacksmith60 Chesnut
2Griesbaum, Wendell, laborerWinnebago
2Grimes, Thomas, laborerEighth
2Grokie, Charles, shoemaker327 Third
5Groth, Charles, wheelwrightGrove
3Grobe, Luding, tailorE. Water
2Groterad, H., laborerGreen Bay
2Gruenhagen, JohnThird
2Grundman, Henry, barberThird
4Guevten, Theodore, cabinet makerSecond
4Grushus, Henry, fishermanFourth
4Grushus, Martin, fishermanFourth
2Greuenhagen, Jacob, contractorThird
5Gubbins, WidowReed
4Guerin, Byron, masonFourth
4Guilbert, Jonathan,                                       confectioner on Spring St.Bridge
3Guine, Matthew, carpenterMain
3Gullan, Thomas, farmerHuron
3Gurin, Patrick, constableMain
1Gust, Frederick, carpenterMarket
5Guth, S, shoemakerFerry
1Guy, Jane, widowMain




4Haap, Joseph, cooperFourth
2Haas, Joseph & Co., wheelwrightsVliet
3Haberkorn, John, cabinet makerMain
3Hackett, Edward, teamsterJefferson
3Hackett, Richard, contractorMilwaukee
5Hadley, Horace, shoemakerRiver
1Haen, Adam, match manufacturerVan Buren
3Haertell, Herman (of Greulich & H) residenceFourth
2Haerle, Lewis, cooperCedar
2Haerre, John P., laborerGalena
3Hafner, Daniel, shoemakerJackson
2Hagenbergh, John C., cooperFifth
3Hale, William, carpenter and boarding houseMichigan
1Hale & Chapman, books and stationary7 Wisconsin
1Hale, P.C. (of H & Chapman) boards atA.L. Chapins
3Haley, James, carpenter139 E. Water
3Haley Jerry, laborerVan Buren
1Haley, P., laborerMain
2Hall, John B., scythe makerCanal
4Hall, I.A.Sycamore
3Hall, William H., wholesale grocer155 E. Water
3Hall, Josiah, blacksmithThird
5Hammer, Jacob, laborerMineral
5Hamilton, Alexander, ship carpenterChicago
1Hamlin & Webster, grocers and provisions234 E. Water
4Hamlin, Joseph, carpenterSecond
1Hamel, Peter, ship carpenterMarket
3Handly, Michael, laborerHuron
3Handly, Thomas, laborerJackson
3Handly, Patrick, cartmanJackson
2Hauchke, Joseph, cartmanThird
3Hanson, H.M. & Co., druggists136 Third
2Hauf, Matthew, laborerChesnut
2Hange, John, carpenterVliet
2Hauf, Christian, blacksmithPrairie
3Hangel, M., cabinet maker74 Huron
2Hanning, August, grocerChesnut
5Hansmann, L., laborerChicago
3Hanson, John, grocer and boarding house34 Huron
5Harriman, Nathaniel, carpenterHanover
4Harmeyer, FrancisHanover
5Harmeyer, A., constableHanover
5Harris, Lansing, carpenterHanover
2Harmsen, Harman, bakerTenth
5Harris, Lucius S., carpenterReed
5Harris, George H., teamsterReed
3Harris, H.H., grocer, 117 E. Water residenceMain
3Harris, J.L., grocer and boarding house123 Huron
4Harrison, John254 W. Water
4Harrison, Caleb, building mover254 W. Water
4Harrison, Lawrence, Farmers’ Recess254 W. Water
5Harri, A., blacksmithReed
1Hart, W.L. & J., ladies’ fancy goods183 E. Water
1Hart, James, carpenterJackson
2Hart, Martin, laborerFifth
3Hartlach, John, laborerCedar
2Hartling, John, carpenterGreen Bay
5Hartman, John, butcherLake
2Harcks, Theodore, laborerVliet
3Hard, H.M., physicianEast Water
3Harvey, Mrs. C., milliner12 Wisconsin
1Harvey, Miss C., boarding house221 E. Water
1Hare, Michael, mason373 E. Water
1Hardy, John, carpenterBiddle
2Hardman, Edward, fuller of clothVliet
4Harper, Robert, bookkeeperThird
2Harttert, John C.G., blacksmithThird
2Harttert, G, grocer226 Third
1Hass, Martin, carpenter and joinerVan Buren
5Hansey, Edward, landownerHanover
1Haskell, JobBoards at Widow Hill’s
3Hastings, George, dry goods & groceriesBoards. at Mrs. Thurston’s
3Hatch, A.W., druggist, E. Waterresidence Van Buren
3Hatheway & Hurd, crockery & glassware144 E. Water
3Hatheway, George C. (of H. & Hurd)144 E. Water
3Hathaway, Erastus, grocer, 215 E. Waterresidence Main
3Hathaway, Joshua, land agentMain
2Hattemer, ChristianTwelfth
2Hansbaugh, Frederick, brewerThird
3Hawley, Abel, engineerMichigan
1Hawley, Joseph, marinerMarshall
1Hawley, Cyrus, clerk of District Court 
5Hawkins, William A., Lake HouseFerry
1Hawkins, William, planning machine maker251 E. Water
3Hayes, M., widow, boardingMain
1Hayburn, James C., (of McCormick & H.)Biddle
5Hayden, Samuel W.River
5Haydon, John G., carpenterboards at Lake House
3Haydn, H.A., dry goods and groceries163 E. Water
3Hayden, John, shoemakerMain
5Hayden, Widow 
1Haywood, Thomas, carpenterJefferson
4Haywood, William, gunmaker248 W. Water
3Hazseim, A.100 Huron
4Hedding, John, carpenter and joinerWest Water
1Hedding, H.M., carpenter and joinerMilwaukee
2Heim, Adam, carpenterCarpenter
1Heinsohn, J.A. & Co., liquor storeEast Water
4Heinsohn, John A. (of H.J.A. & Co.)residence Spring St. Hill
1Heide, HenryMarket
1Heiss, Rev. Michael, pastor of St. Mary’s churchMain
2Heir, Daniel, laborerPrairie
2Heiss, Adam, laborerEighth
2Heidmann, John H., farmerVliet
1Heitengreich, M., shoemaker389 E. Water
1Helfrech, John, tailorVan Buren
1Helfenstein, J. Albert, receiver U.S. land officeJefferson
1Helfenstein, John P.Jefferson
3Helfenstein, Charles P., forwarding & commissionErie
4Helm, Michael, laborerFourth
2Hellman, George, carpenterGalena
2Helm, John, (of Luke and Helm)Third
3Hemenway, Ripley & Wells, attorneys and land agentsE. Water
1Hemenway, Joel W.residence Jackson
3Hemmingway, Thomas, chandler104 HuronuronHuron
2Henaner, Conradt, stone cutterCherry
2Hengel, Martin, laborerTenth
5Henry, William, marinerChicago
3Hank, Mathias J., Farmer’s HomeE. Water
1Hendricks, HenryE. Water
1Henderson, Mrs. B., tailoressWisconsin
1Henderson, John C., marinerJefferson
1Henderson, Arthur C., carpenter and joinerJefferson
2Hengel, Martin, laborerTenth
4Hensel, Frederick, building moverSecond
1Henni, John M., Rt. Rev. Bishop of MilwaukeeJefferson
2Hepther, Johnwest of Prairie
2Hepner, Frederickwest of Prairie
2Hepp. Charles, wheelwright315 Third
1Herman, Frederick, potteryMarket
1Hercer, Ernst, carpenterMilwaukee
2Herzer, Frederick, blacksmithFourth
2Hernsberger, Abraham, grocerWinnebago
2Herring, Peter, laborerMilwaukee
2Herrmann, John, painterCedar
1Hess, Valentine, musicianMarket
2Hess, John, grocer364 Fourth
3Hewitt, G. P., stores and hardware, 170 E. Waterresidence Van Buren
1Hewitt, Jesse S., physician, Main boards at Mrs. Thurston’s 
3Howard, John, tailorJefferson
1Heyer, Lewis, principal of Milwaukee AcademyJefferson
2Hibner, Frederick, laborerFifth
3Hibbard, W. B., agent of St. Clair lumber yardErie
2Hibbard, Jeremiah, agent for axe factoryCanal
4Hibbard, Robert, shoemaker, W. Waterresidence Ninth
3Hibbard, P.B., clerk at Daggett & Richardson’sJefferson
3Hickey, John, laborerMain
4Hicks, Roswell, carpenterEighth
3Higby, L.J., forwarding and commissionfoot of Beach
1Higgins, Mary, widow, washingJackson
1Higgins, John O., laborerMarshall
2Higley, Alonzo, bakerWinnebago
5Hilden, Alonzo, ship carpenterHanover
5Hilderman, G., tailorHanover
3Hiles, R., widow, silk dyeingWisconsin
2Hiler, U., butcherChesnut
1Hill, P.B.residence Spring
3Hill, Charles H., saddler, E. Waterresidence Huron
3Hill, Daniel, grocerMichigan
3Hill, Francis J., hairdresserMichigan
2Hill, Avery, masonGalena
1Hill, Louise, widow, boardingOneida
3Hillebrant, F., laborerFourth
4Hillenberg, Frederick, laborerJackson
5Hillard, Oliver G. (of Putnam & Co.)S. Water
2Hilpert, David, cooperChesnut
2Hilgenberg & Co., painters53 Chesnut
5Hinton, Henry T., (of H. & DeWolf)Hanover
5Hintz, Frederick, milkmanWalker
2Hiroch, John, blacksmithVliet
5Hoehne, J., shoemakerElizabeth
3Hoeger, T.B., book binder101 E. Water
1Hoeffal, Lewis, saddler225 E. Water
2Hoehne, Frederick, laborerFourth
1Hoff, Mrs. ElizabethMarket
4Hoff, Stephen, laborerAstor
5Hoffman, Joseph, laborerElizabeth
1Holffman, L., laborerMain
2Hofher, Benedict, cooperThird
2Holcomb, C.D., printer, American Freemanboards at C.C. Olin’s
4Holton, Edward D.residence 181 Third
3Holman, G.H. W. & N. B., G. Tremont HouseMichigan
1Holman, Joseph N., boarding houseE. Water
2Holaran, James, laborerFourth
1Hollister, Cornelius, grocer, 206 E. Waterresidence Jefferson
1Holliday, James (of Crocker & H.)residence Main
2Holland, John, cooperVliet
2Holte, P., laborerGalena
2Holmes, James B., carpenter and joinerFifth
5Holmes, Thomas, laborerHanover
1Holmes, Joseph, carpenterCass
5Holden, Charles, fishermanMadison
2Holzhausen, Ludwig, blacksmithSecond
4Hood, J., grocer, 6 Springresidence Fourth
3Hopkins, I.A., books and stationary, E. Waterresidence Milwaukee
2Hoover, Jacob (of Medberry & H.)Poplar
3Horton, H.S., attorney at lawE. Water
1Horner, J., dyer and scourerMilwaukee
4Horan, Michael, carpenterSpring
2Horn, William, blacksmith411 Third
2Horn, G., laborerGreen Bay
2Horn, Frederick, laborerGreen Bay
1Horton & Tucker, ball alleyRiver
2Horsford & Co., sash and blind makerCanal
2Horsford, J.W. (of H. & Co.) 
4Hosmer, SylvesterSecond
1Hosford, Joseph, sash and blind makerMarket
1Hosfelt, Edward, clerk373 E. Water
2Houghton, Richard, land ownerFourth
1Hovenstein, George, laborerE. Water
5Howard, William, laborerHanover
3Hotchkiss, Robert (of Trumbull & H.)Green Bay
5Howard, Jeremiah, carpenterWalker
3Howard, J., carpenterMarshall
2Howlands Brass Works333 Third
3Howett, A., wheelwrightMichigan
3Hoystradt, M., widow, tailoress190 E. Water
3Howell, Joseph S., cooper405 Third
3Hubbell, Levi, attorney at law, E. Waterboards at U.S. Hotel
2Hubbart, H.W., tailor341 Third
1Huber, Harmon, bookbinder277 E. Water
2Huber, John, cooperFifth
2Huebschmann, F., physicianThird
2Huestis, John, attorney at lawThird
2Huffman, John, carpenterThird
1Huffman, Francis, grocerE. Water
1Huff, R., masonCass
1Huff, Milton, cabinet makerMain
3Hughes, John, bowling saloon, E. Waterresidence Milwaukee
2Hughes, George, carpenterCherry
5Hully, Peter, shoemakerFerry
1Hull, Henry E., attorney at law, Wisconsinboards at City Hotel
1Hull, Polly, widow77 Wisconsin
1Hulburt, William, tinsmithOneida
3Humphrey, Bissel, forwarding & commissionfoot of Huron
3Humphrey, Mrs. Phebe, seamstressE. Water
3Humphrey, Joseph, marinerE. Water
1Humble, Joseph O., engineerMilwaukee
1Hunt, Thomas, carpenterMain
1Hupnim, Conrad, baker241 E. Water
3Hurton, John, wheelwrightHuron
3Hurley, Charles, at Wisconsin Officeboasrds Michigan
1Hurley, Thomas, laborerJackson
4Husher, John, laborerFifth
5Hussy, Edward, Catholic bookstore90 E. Water
1Hutchinson, John, carpenterWalker
1Hutchinson, John, carpenterMilwaukee
4Hutchinson, Tobias, carpenterJefferson
1Hutchinson, Silas, carpenterGalena
1Hutchings, Nathaniel, grocerHutchings, Nathaniel, grocer221 E. Water
3Huchinson, B., widowCass
1Illsley, F.I., piano forte and music storeE. Water
1Irnig, Jacob, cabinet makerE. Water
3Irnig, Frederick, cabinet makerMarket
3Inbusch & Brothers, grocers78 E. Water
2Inbusch, John G. (of I. & Brothers)78 E. Water
3Ingraham, Rev. J.P.T., rector, Trinity Churchboards at R. D. Jennings
1Ismon, James R., teamsterFourth
1Iren, Peter, ship carpenterMain
1Iuden, Frederick, laborerMarket
1Iurgens, L., physicianE. Water
1Jacob, Philip, clerk at Peck & BakersMarket
3Jack, Craig, carpenter and joinerJefferson
3Jameson, John, clerk at H. FessHuron
1James, Charles (of Coon, J. & Orton)boards at Widows Hills
2James, Isaac U. (of Curran & J.)Van Buren
2Jaratt, Charles, engineerSecond
3Jaratt, George, moulderSecond
2Jenkins, John, cabinet maker81 E. Water
2Jenkins, Charles E., attorney at law353 Third
3Jennings, R.D., dry goods, hardware & c.353 Third
1Jewitt, Nathan, clerk at G. & Eastonsboards at A. Sawyers
1Johnson, David, stone cutterJefferson
1Johnson, John, carpenterVan Buren
5Johnson, Robert M., dealer in city lotsS. Water
5Johnson, Alexander, grocerHanover
3Johnson, Alfred, bookkeeperE. Water
3Johnson, Thomas, & Co., grocersE. Water
3Johnson, John, laborer100 Huron
3Johnson, Holman, blacksmithMichigan
3Johnson, John, laborerJefferson
1Johnson, John P., watchmakerE. Water
1Johnson, ThomasCass
3Johnson, James, physician, E. Waterresidence Van Buren
1Johnson, Robert, joinerJackson
4Johnson, Thomas, tinmanThird
4Johnson, Summer R., tanner, W. Waterresidence Second
4Johnson, Robert, laborerresidence Second Jefferson
3Joice, Thomas, butcherHanover
5Jones, J. J. teacherE. Water
3Jones, J. E., Commercial HotelVan Buren
3Jones, John, papermaker54 Huron
3Jones, S., blacksmithMain
1Jones, Nicholas W.Milwaukee
1Jones, Granville, masonJackson
1Jones, Miss Elmira, school teacherSecond
4Jones, Gilbert, carpenterGalena
2Jones, George, carpenter114 Huron
3Joss, J., boarding houseW. Water
4Jost, Rev. Charles, pastor of German MissionWinnebago
2Jungblut, John, blacksmithMilwaukee
1Juneau, Solomon, landownerMichigan
3Junger, Peter, laborerMarket
1Julien, John, carpenter389 E. Water
1Just, William, marinerVliet




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