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List of Pensioners on the Roll
January 1, 1883


Source: List of Pensioners on the Roll, January 1, 1883,
giving the name of each pensioner, the cause for which pensioned, the post-office address,
the rate of pension per month, and the date of original allowance,
Volumes 1-5. Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1883.


Name of Pensioner


Cause for which pensioned


Date of

Adams, Charles A do dis. of kidneys & heart $8 June, 1882
Adams, Joseph B do wd. r. forearm 4 June, 1880
Adams, Sally S do do 17  
Alden, Charles J do dis. of heart & lungs 16 May, 1880
Aldrich, Nathan B do dis. of lungs 6 July, 1880
Alexander, William do ampt. r. arm above elb. 24  
Alton, Michael C do chr. rheumatism 4 Aug., 1882
Alverson, William N do chr. rheumatism 8 Apr., 1882
Anderson, Ingebarg do mother 8  
Anderson, Polly S do widow 1812 8 Dec., 1878
Armstrong, Sebastian do loss r. index finger 3 June, 1878
Austin, Benjamin do wd. r. arm 2  
Autterfield, Mary E do widow 8  
Aylesworth, Leslie do wd. r. ankle 4 June, 1882
Baker, John do wd. l. hand 2 Nov., 1882
Baldwin, Truman H do varicose veins r. leg 6 June, 1880
Barbar, Oscar B Warren Mills chr. diarr 8 May, 1881
Barnes, Seth do neuralgia of loins 4  
Barth, Erastus do loss l. hand 18  
Bean, Elizabeth R. do widow 1812 8 Nov., 1882
Bean, Peter S. do dis. of lungs 6 Apr. 1881
Beardsley, Hiram S do dis. of abd. vis 6 June, 1882
Beardsley, Sanford D do chr. enteritis 2 May, 1881
Bearss, Abigail do mother 8 Apr., 1880
Bedford, Elizabeth do do 8  
Bell, Henry R do wd. face, aff. eyes 14  
Benjamin, Ava D do wd. r. thumb 2 Oct., 1882
Bernie, Arthur G do wd. l. thigh & resulting varicose veins 6  
Birdsill, John do wd. r. arm 6  
Blake, Mary do mother 20  
Bloom, Martin do partial deafness, loss of sight of left eye 6 Apr., 1880
Blyton, William H do inj. to l. elbow 17  
Bon, David B do wd. of both thighs 8  
Boring, Eli do wd. l. side 4 Mar., 1882
Boring, Lafayette do wd. r. leg 2 Mar., 1880
Brecker, John do wd. l. side 1 May, 1880
Bremer, Charles do injury to abdomen 4 June, 1882
Brown, Simon do rheumatism 4 June, 1882
Bryan, Isaac R do wd. l. arm 6  
Burdick, Mary do do 8  
Burnham, John R do dis. of abd. vis. & w. head 8 Dec., 1880
Burroughs, Laura C do widow 10  
Campbell, Eleazer do frac. of l. tibia 4 May, 1879
Campfield, Daniel do dis. of kidneys 6 June, 1881
Carlisle, Benjamin do wd. l. hip 6  
Carmichael, Margaret do mother 8 Sept., 1882
Carnahan, Adam H do wd. of head 6  
Carpenter, Alva do ch. diarr 4 Aug., 1881
Carr, Verreljs do wd. l. leg & hip 2 Apr., 1881
Carr, William do dis. of heart 12 Apr., 1880
Carter, John W do dis. of lungs 24  
Clarke, Susanna do do 8 Sept., 1879
Clough, Edgar E do ch. diarr., result dysp 8.5 June, 1882
Condit, James D do malarial pois. & dis. abd. vis 15 June, 1881
Congar, Olive L Norwalk do 8  
Corwin, Sarah Sparta widow 1812 8 July, 1880
Craig, Ezekiel L do dis. of heaert 8 Sept., 1880
Crawford, Robert do rhuematism 4 Feb., 1882
Crocker, Ephraim do wd. head 24  
Curn, John do wd. of head 8  
Currier, Alexander do ch. diarrhea 4 Sept., 1880
Daniels, Marcus do wd. l. foot 6  
Davis, Martha M do widow 8  
Davis, Martin W do wd. of back 6  
Davis, Welthy Sparta widow 1812 8  
De Long, William A do dis. of lungs, wd. r. leg 8 June, 1881
Decker, Catherine do widow 8.5  
Decker, Joseph M do dis. of eyes 6  
Denton, Isaac G do inj. to back, &e 4 Mar., 1882
Dorwin, Samuel N do wd. r. thigh 18  
Dougherty, Mary do widow 8  
Dunham, Byron M do dia. of abdominal vixcera 6 Nov., 1881
Eddy, Edgar do wd. r. shoulder 2  
Ellis, Nathan H do wd. l. arm 18  
Emery, Isaac do curvature spine 8 Oct., 1880
Endner, Phillip do ch. rhuematism, dis. of heart 18 Apr., 1875
Evans, George M do asthma 24  
Evans, William F do do    
Fanning, Hiram M do wd. r. shoulder ? Apr., 1879
Floyd, Jane do mother 8 Aug., 1864
Foote, William R do dis. of lungs 4 Apr., 1880
Foster, Anson T do wd. l. hip 24  
Fruman, Amelia do widow 8  
Gage, Martin R do asthma, ch. diar., & dis. of adbominal viscera 25 Mar., 1881
Gaylord, George W Valley Junction sunstroke 12  
Gilson, Charles Tomah injury to abdomen 4 Mar., 1880
Gilson, Orin Tunnel City chr. diarr 4 Aug., 1881
Goff, Spencer S Lowrie ch. diarrhea 6 Jan., 1880
Gordon, George H do wd. r. thigh & dis. of eyes 6 Apr., 1880
Griffin, Valentine do wd. l. thigh 3  
Gugler, Godfrey do wd. r. breast. affect. lungs 20  
Hartp, William do loss r. hand 18  
Herrick, Laton C do dis. of lungs 8  
Herring, Andrew J do rheumatism 4 Dec., 1882
Hill, Rebecca do widow 8 May, 1880
Hirnes, Lewis do wd. of l. foot 4 Dec., 1882
Hognes, Hugh T do ch. diarr., dis. of eyes 2 June, 1881
Hollenbeck, Peter H do injury to abdomen 8 Aug., 1879
Hollister, Albert E do wd. r. shoulder, aff. lungs 16  
Howard, Elisha W do injury to abdomen 8 Apr., 1878
Howard, George C do chr. diarr 4 Nov., 1882
Howard, John do chr. hepatitis 8 Mar., 1882
Howard, Mary do widow 1812 8 May, 1879
Howard, Reuben do wd. l. leg 2 Nov., 1880
Hoyt, Samuel do injury to abdomen 8  
Hubbard, Watts W do dis. of eyes 8 Feb., 1881
Humphrey, Henry do injuyr to abdomen 4 June, 1881
Jackmann, August do g. a. w. r. thigh 2 May, 1882
Jefferies, James do dis. of eyes 12 Mar., 1880
Johnson, Chester W Cataract wd. l. nate 2 June, 1878
Johnson, Frederick H do inj. to l. side & back 4 Mar., 1881
Johnson, Leonard do wd. r. thigh 6  
Justice, Christian do widow 8  
Kellogg, James H do wd. r. thigh 18  
Kemp, N. J. do wd. abdomen 6 Apr., 1878
Kenyon, Charles W do wd. l. foot 2 Aug., 1878
Kerrigan, William do wd. r. forearm 6  
Kingan, Monroe do ch. diarrhea 4  
Lagree, Joseph do wd. l. wrist 18  
Lamb, Galon L do wd. r. arm 2 Oct., 1880
Lamere, Francis H Glendale ch. diarrhea 4 Aug., 1881
Lang, Louis Clifton injury to abdomen 6 Aug., 1881
Lang, Lydia A do widow 10 Oct., 1880
Larry, James P do dis. of lungs & legs 8 Dec., 1881
Larson, Ferdinand S do loss r. arm above elbow 24  
Lea, Harry do inj. of back 6 Nov., 1881
Leach, Lyman do dis. of lungs 4 May, 1882
Lettingwell, Hiram do injury to abdomen 12 Mar., 1881
Loomer, Charles E do dis. of eyes, ch. diarr 8 Apr., 1879
Lord, Francis do wd. l. arm 8  
Lovell, Ruth W do widow 8  
Lyon, Samuel J do dis. of lungs, liver, & spleen, & injuyr to abdomen. 18 May., 1882
Mallary, Amass do father 8  
Martin, John do wd. l. shoulder 8  
McAmber, Oscar L do wd. r. thigh 4 Oct., 1878
McCard, Thomas do wd. r. thigh & shell wd. r. shoulder 8  
McCaskey, Alexander Homewood wd. r. leg 2  
McClure, Samuel do ch. rheumatism 4 Dec., 1880
McCurday, James W do wd. l. hip 2 Dec., 1882
McDougla, Alexan'r T do dis. of abdominal viscera 6 Aug., 1881
McGinnis, Joseph do wd. r. leg. ch. gastritis 6  
McLain, Eleazer P do wd. r. hip 2 Sept., 1880
McLean, William do chr. diarr 4 Dec., 1882
McOmber, Michael do loss r. thigh at hip joint 37.5  
McWere, Samuel do ch. inflam. liver & bowels 8 Dec., 1881
McWithey, Lucien do dis. of eyes 12 Feb., 1881
Merrill, Converse W do ch. synovitis of l. knee 6 Sept. 1880
Moffitt, Catherine M do widow 8  
Moffitt, Revello do debil., scorbutic rheuma 8 Jan., 1881
Mosher, Charles do ch. rheumatism 14  
Mott, Esther do mother 8  
Mueller, Michael do wd. of head 4 Oct., 1881
Mulvaney, Charles do incised w. l. foot 4 July, 1882
Naylor, William B do dis. of abdominal viscera 6  
Nice, Silas F do dis. of lungs 4 Sept., 1882
Noble, Richard do chr. diarr 4 Aug., 1882
Nutall, William Oakdale inj. of l. knee 4 July, 1882
Palmer, Mary C Herseyville do 8  
Patterson, Silas do chr. diarr 6 Feb., 1881
Perry, James E do dyspepsia & lumbago 8 Mar., 1880
Petersen, Erich do wd. l. leg 6  
Pittibone, Betsey do widow1812 8 Jan., 1879
Post, Esther J do mother 8  
Powell, Catherine Oil City do 8 Sept., 1878
Powers, James do wd. both thighs 6  
Premo, Anthony do inj. to chest, dis. of heart 8 Dec., 1880
Putnam, Isaac do injury to abdomen 4 Aug., 1878
Quinn, John do wd. l. foot 8  
Ransom, Leanard do wd. r. wrist 8  
Rathburn, Robert B do ch. diarrhea 6 June, 1882
Rice, Herman do surv. 1812 8 July, 1878
Richmond, Albert do wd. l. side 2 Jan., 1882
Rogers, Seth do ch. diarrhea 4 Sept., 1880
Rogga, Henry do wd. of scalp, res. dis. of brain 6 Mar., 1881
Rose, John Kendall scurvy, dis. mouth & leg $6.00 Apr., 1882
Sanders, Mortimer M do dis. of lungs 8 Nov., 1881
Sargent, Joseph m do wd. l. thumb 2 Nov., 1882
Sartwell, Levi do minors 14  
Schmeling, Frederick do rheumatism & asthma 6 Sept., 1882
Schulte, Anton do dis. of stomach 2 June, 1882
Seeley, Martin Rudd's Mills dis. of lungs, aff. heart 8 Dec., 1879
Shaw, Daniel R do father 8 Aug., 1881
Shaw, Louisa J do widow 8  
Shepard, George W do rheumatism 2 Mar., 1882
Sherer, Alfred L do wd. r. foot 2 Feb., 1881
Sherman, William H do wd. r. leg 8  
Sherwin, Mary do do 8  
Smith, John J do dis. of abd. viscera, inj, back, r. leg 6 May, 1882
Smith, Josiah B do wd. l. leg 2 Feb., 1882
Snow, Jonathan Leon wd. r. hand 10  
Soward, Lucy M do do 12 Mar., 1880
Spaulding, Henry C do chr. bronchitis 8 June, 1881
Spicer, Amos R Wilton chr. diarr. & dyspepsia 6 Aug., 1882
Spooner, Daniel H do wd. r. forearm 2 June, 1882
Sweet, Fanny M do widow 8  
Sweet, Lafayette do wd. r. side of face 8  
Sweet, William do wd. l. side 4  
Taylor, Azubah do widow 1812 8  
Teague, Isaac F do inj. to back 6 Oct., 1879
Thompson, Dwight do partial deafness 6 May, 1880
Thompson, George do dis. of eyes 18  
Tompkins, Thomas do wd. of face 12  
Townley, William J do wd. l. thigh 4 May, 1881
Underwood, James E do inj. head of tibia 6  
Ustick, Bethiah do widow 8  
Van Antwerp, Edward do inj. l. side & shoul 8 Mar., 1882
Van Hoesen, Almira Melvina mother 8  
Van Kuren, William H do wd. l. leg 12  
Van Voorhees, Lorenzo do wd. r. hand 2 Feb., 1882
Van Voras, Palmer do wd. of back 12  
Vandervoort, James R do surv. 1812 8  
Vandervort, Isaac do chr. diarr. & result. dis. of abdominal viscera 4 June, 1881
Vandervort, James B do dis. of eyes 12 Nov., 1880
Vandervort, Martin L do wd. r. tibia (leg) 8  
Vincinz, Frederick A do varicose veins both legs 6 Apr., 1880
Waffle, Jane do mother 8  
Waits, David D do dis. of lungs 8 July, 1879
Walker, Harriet C do widow 8  
Wattenberger, George do dis. of lungs & ch. diarr 8  
Wells, Jacob do wd. of back 2 Oct., 1880
Wells, James A do inj of head 2 Apr., 1880
Wilcox, Lucius C do ch. diarrhea 4 Mar., 1878
Wilcox, William N do loss r. thumb 2  
Williams, Matilda do do 8  
Wilsey, John J Cashton injury to abdomen $4.00 Augl, 1881
Winney, Edwin E do loss pt. of 3 finger l. hand & chr. diarr 6 Apr., 1879
Winters, John do wd. l. elbow 8  
Wolworth, Hartwell C do dis. of lungs 6 June, 1880
Wood, John do fragm't shell r. side, inj to abdomen 8  
Woodard, Gilbert do chr. gastritis 6 May, 1879
Wooden, Almira do widow 8  
Woodruff, Albertus D do dis. of lungs 12 June, 1880
Woods, Leonard E do minor 10  
Woodworth, Sylvanus do wd. l. thigh 6 Oct., 1879
Wroak, Euphrosine do do 8  
Youmans, Samuel J do l. foot & r. forearm 6  


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