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It is a fortunate circumstance that the people last fall did, what they have some times neglected, and in selecting a Lieutenant Governor, chose a man capable of discharging the high responsibilities of Chief Magistrate creditably to himself and advantageously to the State.
By the death of GOV. HARVEY EDWARD SALOMON becomes Governor of the State. Though but recently a private citizen, and until the present year entirely inexperienced in the duties of public office, he has acquitted himself as the presiding officer of the Senate in a manner fully justifying the expectations of those who urged his election. We believe he possesses every qualification for satisfactorily discharging the duties of the responsible position to which he is called. He has firmness of character, clearness of perception, solid, practical good sense, and a character for integrity that has never been questioned. We believe that he will prove a judicious, economical and popular Governor.
MR. SALOMON is a German by birth. He has however resided most of his life in this country, is a thorough master of our language, and as a successful and accomplished lawyer is fully conversant with American institutions and modes of business.

[Richland County Observer, Richland Center, Wis, Friday, 2 May 1862 - Submitted by Diana Morse]


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