Outagamie County Wisconsin

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Appleton Highland Memorial Park Cemetery 441734N 0882515W  
Binghamton Cemetery 442641N 0882812W  
Black Creek Cemetery 442639N 0882812W  
Black Creek Cemetery 442734N 0882702W  
Bovina Cemetery 442525N 0883402W  
Church of Christ Cemetery 442639N 0881323W  
Community Cemetery 442014N 0882111W  
Dale Cemetery 441624N 0883857W  
Danish Cemetery 443140N 0884153W  
Ellington Cemetery 442158N 0883425W  
Emmanuel Cemetery 443009N 0882708W  
Evangelist Cemetery 443144N 0882054W  
Freedom Association Cemetery 442308N 0881712W  
Freedom Cemetery 442440N 0882220W  
Holy Cross Cemetery 441730N 0881534W  
Holy Name Cemetery 441531N 0882017W  
Hortonville Union Cemetery 442022N 0883815W  
Kelson Cemetery 441831N 0881503W  
Maple Creek Cemetery Number 1 442551N 0884246W  
Maple Creek Cemetery Number 2 442551N 0884149W  
Medina Cemetery 441554N 0883819W  
Mosquito Hill Cemetery 442252N 0884016W  
North Cicero Cemetery 443505N 0882311W  
Oak Hill Cemetery 443244N 0883316W  
Pine Grove Cemetery 441649N 0884119W  
Restland Cemetery 443311N 0883814W  
Rexford Cemetery 442458N 0883337W  
Riverside Cemetery 441612N 0882254W  
Saint Catherine Cemetery 443405N 0883748W  
Saint Edwards Cemetery 442040N 0882451W  
Saint John Cemetery 441657N 0881837W  
Saint John the Baptist Cemetery 442957N 0881945W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 442157N 0882458W  
Saint Joseph Cemetery 441613N 0882238W Appleton
Saint Joseph Cemetery 442906N 0881230W Oneida South
Saint Marys Cemetery 441559N 0881718W Kaukauna
Saint Marys Cemetery 441441N 0882631W Neenah
Saint Patrick Cemetery 442009N 0881212W  
Saint Patricks Cemetery 442158N 0883428W  
Saint Petri Cemetery 442615N 0882553W  
Saint Sebastian Cemetery 443415N 0881708W  
Saints Peter and Paul Cemetery 442014N 0883933W  
Sassman Cemetery 442737N 0882702W  
Seymour Cemetery 443149N 0882052W  
South Cicero Cemetery 443123N 0882419W  
South Maine Cemetery 443159N 0883306W  
Trinity Cemetery 441742N 0881450W  
Turney Hill Cemetery 442449N 0884042W  
Union Cemetery 441608N 0881731W  
Wanderers Rest Cemetery 441718N 0883109W  
Zion Cemetery 441629N 0882334W  


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