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Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Cigrand
Port Washington Star (Port Washington, Wis.) 22 Apr. 1916; submitted by Diana Heser Morse

Old Settlers Celebrate Diamond Wedding Anniversary at Waubeka With a Large Gathering of Friends and Relatives

The diamond wedding of Nicholas Cigrand and Susan Schmit, was a most enjoyable event to both the large relationship and the people of Waubeka, Wis. They were married on April 15th, 1856, at Fredonia, Wis., where they have lived without change of residence since the wedding the children are: Mary, now Mrs. H. E. Korman of Neillsville, Wis., Annie, now Mrs. M. B. Miller, Fredonia, Wis., Dr. Peter J. married Miss E. Hort, of Chicago, Elizabeth, now Mrs. W. F. Spraner of Chicago, Katie, now Mrs. Arthur Spraner of Beaverton, Oregon, and Dr. Bernard married Miss A. Crispe of Batavia. Aside from the feasting and merriment lasting for three days and fractions of nights the surprise "charivari", instituted by the adult towns people, was highly enjoyed. Dr. Peter J. Cigrand and Mr. Herman E. Korman it was later discovered were confederates in this serenade and Krawall, and the enthusiastic charivariors would not desist until the Cigrand family was brought to the porch, where they called for Dr. B. J. Cigrand who addressed them; he said in part:

"Dear friends, comrades and neighbors, I am certainly voicing the sentiments of my four sisters and one brother and their children, when I heartily and sincerely express for your kindly demonstration in honor of the diamond wedding of our beloved parents. While some people would not appreciate such a demonstration, holding it as boisterous, discordant and devoid of music. I must say that we whom you have serenaded accepted it as complimentary and find in it the concord notes of pleasant .music. We know its source and understand its meaning and hence instead of it being harsh, that it has been produced with conglomerate and boisterous, know that it has been produced with friendship, neighborly love and has the true harmonious ring of affection and respect. (more of the lengthy speech follows and will not be posted here)

Mr. Nicholas Cigrand came to Ozaukee county in 1852; he has the honor of having been Justice of the Peace fifty years and was for many years Postmaster at Fredonia, Wis. His son Bernard will furnish the Star readers with several interesting stories of early pioneer life of his parents.

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