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Pepin County, Wisconsin
1883 Pensioners on the Roll
transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Mamre Wilson
 NAME Post Office Address Cause for which Pensioned Monthly Rate Date of Original Allowance
Gray, Orison A. Arkansaw malar.pois., res.dis.of liver $4.00 Feb., 1881
Bashaw, Peter Arkansaw dis. heart & eyes  $12.00 July, 1881
Ball, Orestus J. Arkansaw dis. of the brain  $12.00 May, 1880
McCourtie, David B. Arkansaw ch.diar., result. dyspepsia $4.00 Dec., 1880
Kirk, Wm. Geo Arkansaw dis. of heart  $6.00 Aug., 1881
Parker, Amanda Arkansaw widow $8.00  
Redick, Nancy Arkansaw widow $8.00  
Poquette, James Arkansaw wd.r.thigh & abd., ring $6.00 Aug., 1882
       finger, r. hand & l. leg    
Patton, Andrew Arkansaw inj. back, reu., dis. of heart $12.00  
Richardson, Chas Arkansaw wd. r. arm $4.00  
Cuturia, Louis Arkansaw ch. reu  $6.00 July, 1878
Vosburg, Francis S. Arkansaw wd. l. side head & back of $8.00 Nov., 1879
       neck & r. thigh     
Stillman, Eugene Arkansaw wd. hand & paralysis  $50.00 Jan., 1875
Stebbins, Eugene Arkansaw ch. diar  $8.00 Jan., 1881
Smith, John V. Arkansaw injury to abdomen  $12.00 Apr.,  1880
Tulip, James, jr Arkansaw ch. diar., res. indigestion & $4.00 Jan., 1882
       dis. of abdominal viscera    
Bradley, Nathaniel C. Durand injury to abdomen $4.00 Mar., 1883
Galloway, Wm. D. Durand wd. of r. little finger  $2.00 Aug. 1882
Hutchinson, Geo Durand ch. diar  $12.75 Aug., 1880
Hunt, D. Winslow Durand mal. poisoning, dis. of liver $8.00 June, 1882
Knight, Miletns Durand result of sunstrke  $6.00 Oct., 1879
Newton, Rowland H. Durand ch. diar. & dis. of abd. vis  $6.00 Dec., 1880
Markadent, Salinda Durand Widow $14.00 Dec., 1881
Mason, John C. Durand wd. r. hand  $8.00  
Parkhurst, Edwin B. Durand contusion of l. groin & thigh, $6.00 Jan., 1882
       res. atrophy     
Blair, Chas Durand dis. lungs, ch. reu  $4.00 Aug., 1880
Root, Henry T. Durand ch. diar  $3.00  
Robbins, Daniel Durand inj. to spine  $8.00  
Dicksson, Caroline M. Durand widow $8.00  
Stevens, Laura Ann Durand mother $8.00 June, 1878
Beardsley, Geo. A. Durand ch. diar.  $8.00  
Dowd, Gilbert Durand wd. l. forearm & elbow  $4.00  
Dyer, Herbert D. Durand wd. r. arm  $4.00 Feb., 1878
Bradshaw, Mary E. Durand widow $8.00  
Bennett, Catharine M. East Pepin mother $8.00  
Hunstable, Sam'l L. Ella wd. r. thigh  $2.00 Mar., 1881
Milliren, Hewlett Pepin malarial poisoning  $4.00 Sept., 1881
Moore, C. Barbara Pepin widow $8.00  
Little, Mary A. Pepin widow $8.00  
Gahukee, Fred'k Pepin wd. l. foot  $2.00  
Kephart, David Pepin surv. 1812 $8.00  
Rundle, Horace B. Porcupine inj. l. shoulder  $2.00  
Stewart, Wm. McDonald Porcupine wd. r. thigh  $4.00  
Lund, Peter N. Stockholm wd. r. side face  $8.00  
Wakefield, Geo. L. Stockholm wd. r. elbow  $2.00  
Grund, Catharine Stockholm widow $8.00  
Anderson, Margaret Stockholm widow $8.00  
Brownlee, Williamson Stockholm wd. l. knee $4.00  


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