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Marriage Date

Beatty, Sanford Marion Miller, Rosa Rosetta July 3, 1896
Brown, Martin S. Morgan, Mahalath May 17, 1879
Davis, Edwin Erwin Trappe, Marveline Hope June 16, 1950
Garde, Harry Rittenhouse, Virginia May 9, 1942
Jones, Leland Walter Rittenhouse, Thelma June 21, 1945
Jones, Marion Eugene Seely, Livonia DeEtta Sep 23, 1886
Kidd, Jabes Matt Seely, Emma May Aug 7, 1892
Miller, Hamilton Wilson Blood, Lucy Ester Jan 25, 1887
Miller, Howard Delbert Seely, Faith Estella Sep 19, 1896
Miller, Jacob Henry Beatty, Allie Lydia Aug 20, 1899
Miller, Roy Sylvester Rockwell, Agnes May 17, 1930
Morgan, Joseph Benson, Rosetta June 8, 1879
Rittenhouse, Kenneth Barnes, Alberta Jean Feb 19, 1949
Rittenhouse, Verlin Trappe, Ritta Ann Oct 26, 1949
Seely, Forrest Perry Chatten,Cora Bell Apr 7, 1898
Seely, George W.F. Shepard, Cecelia Rebecca Oct 16, 1887
Trappe, Gary Arlan Rognholt, Karen Irene Apr 4, 1964

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