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Rock County, Wisconsin


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Afton Cemetery 423713N 0890503W  aka Town of Rock Cemetery
Baldwin Cemetery 423448N 0890415W  
Ball Tavern Cemetery 424615N 0891426W  
Bethel Cemetery     Center
Bradford Cemetery 423741N 0884857W  
Calvary Cemetery 423027N 0890048W  
Calvary Cemetery 424336N 0892204W  
Clinton Cemetery 423404N 0885132W  
Clinton Corners Cemetery 423314N 0885331W  
East Jefferson Prairie Cemetery 422943N 0885000W  
East Lawn Cemetery 423050N 0890007W  
Emerald Grove Cemetery      
Fassett Cemetery 424932N 0890451W Edgerton
Fulton Cemetery 424831N 0890800W  
Greenwood Cemetery 423710N 0892153W  
Grove Cemetery 424101N 0891031W Center
Holy Cross Cemetery 424721N 0891800W  
Jenson Cemetery 424927N 0890503W  
Johnstown Cemetery 424200N 0884800W  
Lima Center Cemetery 424649N 0884938W  
Maple Grove Cemetery 423721N 0891438W  
Maple Hill Cemetery 424701N 0891712W  
Milton Cemetery 424648N 0885616W  
Milton Junction Cemetery 424700N 0885728W  
Milton Lawns Memorial Park 424232N 0890004W Janesville
Mount Olivet Cemetery 424220N 0890232W Janesville
Mount Phillips Cemetery 423455N 0884709W  
Mount Pleasant     Janesville
Mount Zion Cemetery 424143N 0885448W  Harmony
Newark Cemetery 423227N 0891026W  
North Johnstown Cemetery 424433N 0885217W  
Northrup Cemetery 423456N 0892010W  
Oak Hill Cemetery 424211N 0890244W  
Oakwood Cemetery 423026N 0890109W  
Otter Creek Cemetery 424911N 0885614W  
Plymouth Cemetery 423611N 0891010W  
Rock River Cemetery 424919N 0885941W  
Saint Catherine Cemetery 423149N 0884712W  
Saint Joseph Cemetery 424932N 0890503W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 424627N 0885802W  
Saint Michaels Cemetery 424904N 0891049W  
Scotch Hill Cemetery 423905N 0892054W  
South Porter Cemetery 424618N 0891033W  
Tabor Cemetery 423143N 0890019W  
Town of Rock Cemetery 423713N 0890503W aka Afton Cemetery
Turtle Cemetery 423407N 0885804W  
Utters Corners Cemetery 424520N 0884702W  
West Magnolia Cemetery 424300N 0891834W  

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