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Rock County, Wisconsin
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    Source: "Rock County, Wisconsin - A new history of its cities, villages, towns, citizens and varied interests, from the earliest times, up to date" By William Fiske Brown - Published 1908


    CHAPTER I. Geology; Paper of T. C. Chamberlin, condensed by the Editor.
    The island of Wisconsin. Successive layers of rock. Underlying sandstone, water bearing. Artesian wells. No coal measures in Rock County. The Glacial period. Formation of Rock River Valley. The Kettle range. Cause of our many lakes. Abundance of springs.

    CHAPTER II. Ancient Occupants, The Picture Mound Builders and Later Indian Occupants; By W. F. Brown.

    CHAPTER III: The Black Hawk War; By W. F. B.

    CHAPTER IV: The Forgotten Places; Horace McElroy
    Van Buren, Saratoga, Warsaw, Caramana, Wisconsin City, East Wisconsin City, Newburgh, Kushkonong. End of the boom in towns, 1837-57. Old Indian mounds at L. Koshkonong; in Milton; Porter; Fulton; Rock; Beloit township; city of Beloit; towns of Turtle and Janesville; in Newark, Avon, and at Afton.

    CHAPTER V. The Historic Evolution of Rock County; A. A. Jackson.
    Norse period. Spanish. French. English. Colonial period. Roanoke Island and tobacco. James River, 1607. Virginia. Massachusetts claim to this region, 79. Mayflower compact. Descendants in Rock County. Connecticut settlements. The unique Stonington record. Settlers' on the Ohio. George "Washington makes and loses Fort Necessity. Fort Duquesne. Braddock's defeat. Charles De Langlade. Wisconsin a part of Quebec. The revolution begun. George Rogers Clarke secures Illinois. His biography. The sovereignty of Virginia northwest of the Ohio. The war of revolution ended in 1783. Patrick Henry. Territorial Period.-the Northwest Territory. Ordinance of 1787. First settlers in Ohio at Marietta, 1788. Election of representatives to a general assembly, 1798. Knox County embraced Wisconsin. Laws passed. Provision as to new states. Indiana territory, formed in 1800, includes Wisconsin. Governor Harrison. The territory of Michigan formed, 1805. Territory of Illinois, 1809, covers Wisconsin. Gov. Ninian Edwards. Nathaniel Pope. Hull's surrender of Detroit, 1812. Capture of Prairie du Chien by the British, 1814. State of Illinois, 1818. Change of north boundary, 108. Three counties formed west of Lake Michigan, Michilimackinac, Crawford and Brown; the latter includes this region. The Black Hawk episode, 111. Distinguished men connected with it, 113. 1834. Milwaukee County formed, including this region, 114. N. Wis. given to Michigan. Lewis Cass, 116. Territory of Wis., 1836. General Dodge, governor. Census. Population of Milwaukee County. Dec. 3, 1836, Madison the capital. Dec. 7, 1836, Rock County formed. Dec.7, 1837. Town of Rock equals the county. Territory of Wisconsin limited. Feb. 13, 1839, Rock County organized. State constitutional convention, 1846, at Madison. Delegates from Rock County. Constitution adopted 1848. Governor Henry Dodge. The twenty towns. High rank of Rock County, 126.

    CHAPTER VI. History of Beloit; the Editor.
    Indians, Stephen Mack, Thibault. Caswell's account of him. 1832, first recorded visit of white men. The Inmans, 1835. First visit of white women, 1836. This region a natural paradise. 1836, Caleb Blodgett, Hackett, Goodhue. Saw mill, 1837. Damon Turtle creek. The race. Horace White's account. Beginnings of Beloit. The New England Company. 1837, Dr. White, O. P. Bicknell, R. P. Crane's diary, $2,500 paid. Blodgett's double log house. Old account book. First bridge over the turtle. Alfred Field's arrival. Hardships of travel. Mrs. Crane carries infant Ellery, 138. Settlers from Colebrook and Bedford, N. H. The Rock River house. The self-acting ferry. Adventure of little Horace White. Webster Moore lost. The names Turtle, New Albany, Beloit, 141. 1836, Rock County. Names of early settlers. Crosby's cabin. Aug. 13, 1837, first public religious service, led by Horace Hobart. Settlers of 1838. Dr. D. K. Pearson's story of the Cheney girls, 143. 1839, Hopkins' survey based on Kelsou's. 1840, Rev. D. Clary, Benjamin Brown and wife, their Puritan ancestry. Family record. The Fiskes. First brick yard. Brown's store. No spectacles in Rockford or Freeport. Beloit supplied. H. Burchard. Hon. Horatio C. Burchard. Edward L. . Charles Peek. First house, west side of river, 1843, Hackett. David Merrill's account of early days, 150. Central bridge, 1842. Second house, west side, 1844. Steamboat up the Rock, 1844. First things in Beloit. Kelsou's, survey, 1837. First locomotive, 1853. Growth of the village. Incorporated, 1846. First village officers. Census of 1846. The old stone church. Difficulties about land titles, 157. Law suits, Gardner vs. Tisdale, Dillingham vs. Fisher. Judge E. V. Whiton. Abraham Lincoln. Rufus Choate. Daniel Cady. Beloit journalism. Census 1848 and 1855. The city incorporated 1856. Goodhue family. First mayor. Second mayor, Waterman. State Street fifty-five years ago. First police justice, A. Taggart. Paper making begun. Early manufactures, mills, schools. The Archeean Society. Some of its famous members. Beginnings of churches, secret societies. Fire department. Postal facilities. Beloit in war time. Memorial Hall. Memorial Day, 1879. Beloit 36 years ago by Dow. The Tornado of 1883. Other disasters. Railroad bonds. Additions. South Beloit. Latest improvements. Biography of Wm. B. Strong, 192-195.

    CHAPTER VII. Reminiscences; L. B. Caswell.
    In 1838. Club Law. Indians. Canoes. First school. Doctor Luke Stoughton of Janesville. Early settlers. Wild rice.

    CHAPTER VIII. Reminiscences; I. T. Smith. (From the original manuscript.)
    Chicago 1834, 1837. In Milton, 1837. Land sale, 1838. People honest. Exploring in Dane county. Too much turtle. First judge, Irwin. First wedding. Account of a tramp in 1838. Shot tower at Helena. The keel boat. Cordeling. Indian treaty at Prairie du Chien. Manners of the times, Hagerman, Brown. Boating lead to St. Louis. The trapper Jarvey. Gold on the Arkansas, 1837. Supper and lodging eighteen cents. The Indian treaty at Chicago, 1833. Hammond's revolver.

    CHAPTER IX. County Government; By F. F. Livermore.
    Retrospective. History. Supervisors, 1842. No politics. Court House, 1870. Record for long service, Simon Smith, Murill, Bailey, Bowles, Eager.

    CHAPTER X. Rock County Schools; The Editor.
    First inspectors. First and Second districts. Progress during past five years. Frances Willard School. Central diploma examination. Compulsory attendance law, 1903. School board conventions. Annual Teachers' Institutes. Bonus to progressive schools. Flag raisings.

    CHAPTER XI. Beloit Schools And School Teachers; Paper by Horace White, the Editor.
    First school charter, 1837. First school, 1838. First school house, 1839. Old stone church, Dr. White. Early teachers, east side. First recorded Beloit joke. Humphrey's aristocratic school. West side schools and teachers, 1851. Building of Union No. 1, James W. Strong, 1852. Childs, Crane, Dustin. Female Seminary and teachers. A. J. Baltin, Supt., 1855. C. C. Keeler's certificate. J. H. Blodgett, Montague Buckley, Kerr. Forty years of Beloit City School District, by E. C. Helm. Choosing site for High School. Names of successive superintendents. Members of School Board, Principals, Kindergartens, 1892. Naming the schools, 1805. Present property. Story about Wm. H. Beach. Growth the last twenty years.

    CHAPTER XII. Janesville Public Schools; By Supt. H. O. Buell.
    Beginnings. The brick building, 1845. Janesville Academy. Regular Principal. Public School System. List of Principals. Members Board of Education. School Buildings. The High School. Kindergartens. Reminiscences.

    CHAPTER XIII. Beloit Churches; The Editor.
    First Congregational. Rev. Mr. Clary's valuable Record of Marriages, 1840-1850-1865. Second Congregational. First Presbyterian, W. Side Presbyterian, German Presbyterian. St. Paul's Episcopal. St. Thomas R. C., Saint Jude's R. C. First Baptist. First M. E. The Five Lutheran Churches. Gridley Chapel. Christian Scientist. Disciples Church. Lutheran Valley Church.

    CHAPTER XIV. The Janesville Churches; The Editor.
    First M. E., Court Street M. E., Central M. E., Corgill Memorial, Congregational, First Presbyterian, St. Patrick's, Dean McGinnity, St. Mary's R. C, Unitarian, First Baptist, Trinity Episcopal, Christ Episcopal, St. Paul's Lutheran, Norwegian Lutheran, United Brethren, Christian Scientist, St. Peter's, English Lutheran, German Evangelical Lutheran, Y. M. C. A.

    CHAPTER XV. Beloit College; Prof. R. C. Chapin.
    The Beginnings. President A. L. Chapin's account. Prof. Bushnell's story. Hon. Horace White's Reminiscences. Four Epochs in the History of Beloit College: 1, Formative; 2, the War Era; 3, Period of Intensive Growth, 1873-1886. Alumni Help. Science emphasized. Diversified student activities. Percentage of graduates in the different professions. President Chapin resigns, 1886; 4, Era of Expansion; New President, Eaton; D. K. Pearsons, J. W. Scoville. Many generous gifts and givers; Pearsons Hall, 1893; New Science Course; Athletic, Instructor, 1894; coeducation, 1895; Fraternity Houses. Advance in the last ten years, 1897-1908. Three new buildings. Emerson Hall, 1898. New Gym, 1904. Carnegie Library, 1905. Attendance increases from 196 to 341 in 1908. Endowment becomes one million dollars. Beloit contributes ten thousand. Changes in the faculty and in the curriculum. Track athletics; basketball. Interstate oratorical contests and victories. Greek play; German, Latin, Shakespearean plays. Musical Association. Biography of President A. L. Chapin.
    Milton College. By Prof. Edwin Shaw, Founder. Early years. Wm. C. Whitford. Academy faculty. College, 1867. Financial statement. Patriotic record. Graduates. College organizations. Whitford Memorial Hall, 1906.

    CHAPTER XVI. Military History of Rock County; By the Editor.
    Gov. Randall's proclamation. Mass meeting at Janesville, 1861. Beloit City Guards. Co. F, First Regiment Vol. Infantry. 2d Regt., Co. D. 3d Regt., Thomas Ruger. 5th Regt., Co. E. 6th Regt., Co. G. 7th Regt., Co. K. 8th Regt., Co. G. Thirteenth Regiment. Held staff. Co. A, Ruger Guards. Co. B, Co. D, Co. F, Co. G, Co. K, Norcross, captain. 15th Regt., Samuel Bell, asst. surgeon. Sixteenth Regiment, New Company F, D, L Seventeenth Regiment, Companies B, D, E, F. Twenty-second Regiment, Co. E, mostly Janesville men; Companies B and I, mostly Beloit men. Record of regiment. Corporal Moseley and Col.Utley. The 22nd paroled, re-enlisted. Lieut. Nye's muster roll. Deserters few. General Sherman and Sunday before Atlanta. Thirty-third Regiment, Companies E, F. 35th Regt., B, C, D, E, H, I, F. The Fortieth Regiment, 1864. Co. A, Janesville. Co. B, Beloit. Co. C, Milton men. D, E, F, Co. I. Record of regiment. The Forty-second, Co. H. 44th Regt., Co. G, Co. H, Co. I. 47th Regt., Co. F, Co. H, Beloit men. 49th Regt., Cos. C and D, Milton men. 50th Regt., Cos. A, D. 52d, 2 men. Artillerymen. Fourth Wis., Vallee's Battery, Beloit men. 10th and 12th Wis. Battery, mostly from Janesville. 13th Wis. Battery, Wis. Heavy Artillery, 1st Regt., Cos. D, E, F, H and L. Wis. Cavalry. 2d Regt., Co. M. Third Regt, Co. E. Spanish War Veterans. 1st Wis. Vol. Inf., Co. E. New TJ. 8. National Guard, First Inf., Co. L (Beloit). List of soldier interments. Beloit cemeteries. Janesville cemeteries. Mt. Zion, Emerald Grove, Center, Rock. Summary. Biography of Governor Harvey. Mrs. Cordelia Harvey. One Hundred Days Men. Going out. In camp. Coming back. School boys in the war.

    Chapters below are not online yet....

    CHAPTER XVII. Agriculture; Statistics.
    Agricultural Society, 1850. J. F. Willard. The little flower at Forest Cottage. Annual meetings. Organization given up during war time. New society, 1864. State Fairs in Rock County.  Rock County and Tobacco; The Editor. Edgerton, the world's largest market of cigar leaf. First discovery and introduction. Supplementary account, by F. W. Coon, of Edgerton.. Janesville tobacco market,.

    CHAPTER XVIII. Scandinavians In Rock County; H. L. Skavlem.
    Causes of emigration. Ole and Austin Natesta. Ole Rymming. Bjorn Anderson and the Fox river settlement. Beaver Creek, Ill. 1838, Ole Natesta reaches Rock County. Jefferson Prairie settlement. D. B. Eggery's place in Turtle. Gravds and Hallan, 7 miles northwest of Beloit, Oct., 1839. Widow Gunnel, 1840. Rock Prairie settlement, west of Beloit, distinct from Rock Prairie in Harmony. Norwegian clergy. Dietrichson. System of names. Odd transformations. Old records of entry by Norwegians. First Norwegian land owner in Rock county, Hallan; Widow Odegarden. the second. Norwegians strongly religious. Elling Eielson, 1839, C. L. Clausen. Ole Andrewson. Paul Anderson, 1843. Mr. Scavlem and freedom. Political affiliations. Norwegian papers and patriots. Jacob Lund. Reminiscences of Mrs. Groe Skavlem. Supplementary Notes.

    CHAPTER XIX. Pioneer Women Of Rock County; Mary L. Burr.
    St. John, Bailey, Heath, Holmes, Kendall, Strunk, Culver, Spaulding, Dean, Williston, Wood, Dewey, Prichard, Arnold, Clark, Walker, Bostwick, (461) Cheney, Fowle, Barker, Cowan, Wyman, Pioneer verse.

    CHAPTER XX. The Medical Fraternity;
    S. B. Buckmaster, M. D. Dr. Horace White, Beloit; Heath, Babcock, Evans, Mitchell, Chittenden, Treat, Borden, Palmer, Lord, Whiting, Judd. List of 1856. List in 1906-07. Editor's biography of Dr. Buckmaster; of Dr. Samuel Bell.

    CHAPTER XXI. Pharmacy, Old And New, Of Rock County; E. B. Heimstreet.
    Holden and Kemp, 1849. Later druggists. Society formed, 1878. State Association, 1880. Present officers: Druggists, Milton, Milton, Jr., Evansville; Edgerton, Clinton.

    CHAPTER XXII. Banking In Janesville; J. G. Rexford.
    McCrea, Bell & Co., 1851. Free banking law, 1852. W. A. Lawrence. Central bank, 1852. Badger State, 1853. Janesville City, 1855. Rock County, 1855. Producer's, 1857. First National, 1863. Rock County National, 1865. Wisconsin Savings Bank, 1873. Merchants and Mechanics, 1875. Bower City, 1895. Table of Progress, 1860-1908.

    CHAPTER XXIII. History Of Beloit Banks ; The Editor.
    A. B. Carpenter, 1845. Rock River Bank, Frontier Bank, 1858. Wadsworth, Clark & Co., 1855. Southern Bank, 1860. Beloit National, 1863. Citizen's National, 1879. Manufacturer's, C. B. Salmon & Co., 1880. Second National, 1882. Beloit State Bank, 1892. L. C. Hyde and Brittan, 1854 to date. Beloit Savings Bank, S. T. Merrill, John A. Holmes. Present amount of Beloit deposits. Edgerton banks: First National, Tobacco Exchange, 649, 647.

    CHAPTER XXIV; A. O. Wilson.
    List of 56 publications: The "Gazette," 496. The " Free Press,". Short lived papers. Norwegian weekly. Wisconsin Journal of Education, 503. The Signal, Veeder. Rock County Recorder. The Daily Recorder. Religious Press. High School papers. Recollections of the writer. Janesville Journal (German). Danton's Spirit of the Turf. Wisconsin Tobacco Leaf Heddles. Druggist's Exchange. Wisconsin Medical Recorder. Remarks.

    Whigs: E. V. Whiton, leader. The Gazette. Beloit Journal. The Republican party, 1854. L. P. Harvey. Members, Assembly, 1854 to 1879. The Democratic party. Leading Democrats in early days. Location. South side. Plan of history. Beginnings, 1835. John Inman. First cabin. Samuel St. John. 1836, First child, Seth St. John. Henry F. Janes. First election. The Holmes family. Dixon, Brown, Bailey, Dr. Heath. 1837, First ferry. Postoffice. The Spauldings. E. V. Whiton. Stevens. Atwood.  First religious service. 1838, Janesville stage house. 1839, Rock County formed. First store, Lappin's. 1840, The county seat. First public school. 1841, Stebbins' select school. 1842, Court house, jail, first bridge. A. Hyatt Smith. 1843, First M. E. Church. Population, 333. First lumber yard. E. G. Fifield.  1844, First brick block, Main street. Steamboat to Jefferson. Dam on Rock River. American House. Trinity Episcopal Church, T. Ruger. First Baptist. 1845, First Congregational. First public school house, brick. First teacher, Guernsey. The little red school house. Brick making. Upper ilam finished. The big mill. Saw mill. The Janesville Gazette. Population. 1846, Stage line. Stone academy, T. J. Ruger. Rock County Democrat. Street. Project for a railroad. State constitution adopted. First secret society. R. C. Church, St. Patrick's. 1848, The Stevens House. Sutherland's book store. Masonic lodge. First large fire. Wisconsin a state. E. V. Whiton. Farmers' mill. Trinity Church. 1849, Madison and Beloit Railway. Population, 1812. Woolen mill. Monterey bridge begun. Blind asylum secured. J. F. Wilard. Daily Mail. Nine mail routes by stage. 1850, Excelsior mills burned. Population, 3100. First R. C. pastor. Masonic Chapter 5, 1851, Oak Hill Cemetery. Northwestern Railway, Fond du Lac and Chicago. Three-story block on Main street. Ogden House, E. Mil. street. Tallman block, west end of bridge. Old Baptist Church. First State Fair. 1852, Mil. and Mississippi Railway. Mt. Olivet R. C. cemetery. 1853, Janesville a city, A. Hyatt Smith, mayor. Aldermen. Stevens House burned. First locomotive, engineer, John C. Fox; here yet. Third newspaper. McKey block. U. S. Grant and team at the American Hotel. 1854, Fire companies. Old postoffice and Y. M. C. A. building. First daily. Alex. T. Gray. J. B. Doe, mayor. 1855, Graded public schools. Hand fire engines, Dolson, first engineer. Sack Company, No. 1. Alger murder. Lynching of Mayberry. First National. Rock County Bank. Second Masonic lodge. Four-story block by Lappin. Five-story block on E. Milwaukee. Presbyterian Church. E. L. Dimock, mayor. 1856, Monterey bridge rebuilt. The lower bridge. Gas company. First Northwestern passenger train. Hook and ladder company. W. B. Britton. Second Odd Fellows' lodge. Commandery K. T. 1857. New wards, Fifth and Sixth. Daily Gazette. Second state fair. Spring Brook. New High School begun. Hyatt House completed. Gov. Barstow. A. Hyatt Smith, mayor. 1858, Y. M. C. A. organized.

    Josiah T. Wright. Railway to Monroe. First High School class. Northwestern Mutual Life begins business. 1859, Whiton buried. Courthouse burned. High school finished. Oct. 1, A. Lincoln's speech here. Christ Episcopal Church. Population about 7,000. Myers House being built. Mills and factories. Fine residences. Stores. 1860-1864, Camps Cameron and Treadway. 1861, Co. D, Second Hegt.; Co. E., Fifth; G, Eighth, Capt. Britton. Wm. H. Sargent. 13th Regt., Co. E, 3d Wis Cavalry. 1862, Lieut. Harlow, 12th Wis. Battery; Co. E, 3d Wis. Vol. Infantry, Capt. Miltimore. Gov. Harvey. 1863, First draft. 1864, Co. A, 40th Regt. Peter Myers. St. Patrick's Church, convent, school. Christ Church, 1861. Gen. Sheridan, Gen. Sherman. 1865-1869, Many fires. Main street blocks. 1867, Hyatt House. One life lost. Furniture factory. Mills burned. 1868, American House. Fredondall block burned. Steam fire engines. Murder trials. Fourth State Fair. W. T. Sherman. 1869, Rock County Recorder. First Congregational Church building, 1865-6. St. Paul German Lutheran. 1867, Baptist Church, brick. 1870-1874, New court house. 1874, Big mill burned. State Blind Asylum burned. Cotton manufactory. F. S. Eldred, treasurer. The Smith block, Main and Milwaukee. Myers Opera House. Woolen mills. G. C. McLean. Burr Robbins circus. 1875-1879, Congregational Church burned. Merchants' and Mechanics' Savings Bank. Grand Hotel. Daily Recorder. 1879, The Mack murder, Baumgartner. 1877, Thoroughgood & Stevens box factory. 1875, Janesville Shoe Company. 1880-1884, Ex-President U. S. Grant in Janesville. Leaf tobacco industry. History. Firms, acreage, 1879. Barnes, Heddles & Co. Two million dollars in 1906 for tobacco. 1880, Electric light company. Badger State Warp Mills. 1880, Telephone Co. 1881, Janesville Machine Company. 1880, Railway, Janesville and Afton, Northwestern. Janesville to Beloit, St. Paul line. Clydesdale horses, A. Galbrajth. Trotting horses. 1884, Norcross block, S. River street. 1881, Municipal court established, Judges Patten, Patterson, Phelps; Fifield in 1899. 1885, Roller skating rink. Street railway. Evansville cut-off. 1887, E. F. Carpenter builds on the bridge. Later building city water works. Flowing artesian well. Gamwell fire alarm telegraph. 1889, Myers House burned. 1890, The Carringtons, Boomer, Hamilton. 1891, Parker Pen Company. Williamson Pen Company. New Presbyterian edifice. 1892, Murder trials. 1893, Poor farm, buildings. 1895, Y. M. C. A. building. New High School. 1896, Twilight Club. Sinnisippi Golf Club. Steamboats. Shooting club. 1895, Bower City Bank. 1899, Hayes' office building. Jackman building. 1900, Street paving. New county jail. 1901, The soldier's monument. Public library. City Hall. U. S. Postoffice. Milwaukee & St. Paul short line to Chicago. The Interurban. 1902, St. Mary's R. C. new building. Northwestern depot. 1898. St. Paul R. R. depot, 1902. 1904, Death of Marshall Hogan. Beet sugar factory. Hohenadel Pickling Company. Canning corn, peas. 1904, Sewerage system. Baking industry. 1905, Advancement Association. 1907, Park and pleasure drive. Public hospital. Chautauqua Association. 1906, Cargill M. E. Church. 1907, Bassett & Echlin Co. new factory. Janesville Clothing Company. Hiawatha Springs Co. 1906, Northwestern tract, S. Janesville. 1907, Sidings and round house, $500,000. New R. R. bridge. Valuation of Janesville. Fords, ferries and bridges, 597. Cemeteries, Oak Hill, St. Patrick's.

    CHAPTER XXVII. Early Janesville Manufacturers;
    Stephens' saw mill, 1845. A. K. Morris & Co., 1856. Morton & Ford. The big mill. 1876, O. B. Ford & Sons. 1864, Barnes & Hodson mill. The Farmers' Mill, 1848. John Clark. The Stone mill, Monterey, 1852. 1845, Shaw & May, agricultural implements. 1859, Farm implements. 1868, Harris, Fifield & Co., now Harris Manufacturing Co., G. S. Cobb, Supt. 1849, Whittaker's woolen mill. Wheeler woolen factory, 1859. 1846, Alden's brick yard. Frask, furniture factory. 1863, Hanson. 1864, Britton, Kimball, Ashcraft factory. Lumber, Hume, Booth & Co. Harness, H. S. Woodruff. Brewery, Wm. Hudson, 1848. John Buob, 1853. Cold Spring brewery, 1872. 1852, Janesville Iron works, J. H. Budd. 1855, Broom making, Jerry Bates. 1874, Pickling works. Cotton Manufacturing Co. Gas works, 1856.

    CHAPTER XXVIII. The Manufacturing Interests Of Janesville.; By Alexander Matheson.
    Causes for prominence in manufacturing. Two dams. Diversity of institutions an element of Safety. Forty prominent manufactories, the largest, the Janesville Machine Company. J. Harris. The five larger firms. The next largest ten. Janesville facilities for growth, 609. George Sutherland's list of ninety companies. Clinton. Evansville.

    CHAPTER XXIX. The Last Quarter Of Beloit's Manufacturing Interests; By J. B. Dow.
    Business depression in 1886. Business Men's Association formed by eleven men. "Beautiful Beloit" folder. Names of the founders. Berlin Machine Works. Fairbanks-Morse Company. Beloit Iron Works. J. Thompson & Sons. Charles H. Besly & Co. Gardner Machine Company. Gesley Manufacturing Co. R. J. Dowd Knife Works. John Foster Company. Warner Instrument Company. Lipman Manufacturing Co. H. Rosenblatt & Sons. Rosenblatt-Cowing Company. Racine Feet Knitting Company. Beloit Box Board Co. Pierce Specialty. Pierce Plating Co. C. Mattison Machine Works. N. B. Gaston & Sons Company. Nathan B. Gaston, biography. List of lesser institutions. The Interurban power house. Beloit Traction Company. Water, Gas & Electric Company. History of franchises surrendered June 30, 1908. Electricity. Gas. Water.

    CHAPTER XXX. The Press Of Beloit 634-638; The Editor.
    The Beloit Messenger, 1846. Beloit Journal, 1848. J. R. Briggs, editor. 1856, B. E. Hale, editor, Republican. 1857, a weekly Democratic paper, the Herald. De Lorma Brooks. Beloit Times, Republican, N. O. Perkins. The Beloit Courier. 1860, Perkins and Smith, publishers. In 1859 B. E. Hale & Co. sold to Hale & Pratt Journal and Courier, consolidated in 1860; Perkins editor. Bound file April 5, 1860, to March 27, 1862; preserved 1863, Published by Barret H. Smith. 1864, A. Pain, the Beloit Journal. 1866, Beloit Free Press started by Charles Ingersoll, Journal absorbed. 1869, M. Frank restores the name "Journal." T. O. Thompson and J. B. Dow. E. D. Coe. 1870, The Free Press, C. Ingersoll, N. O. Perkins. 1871, Again absorbs the Journal; N. O. Perkins editor until 1873. Henry F. Hobart, editor with Ingersoll. 1878, Hobart, sole proprietor. 1878, Evening paper, Daily Herald, Albert Ayer. 1879, First Daily Free Press, by Henry F. Hobart. 1882, C. Ingersoll again owner of Free Press; A. Ayer, city editor. 1903, M. C. Hanna, partner. 1907, Free Press Publishing Company. Semi-weekly Register, 1870. The Graphic, Democratic weekly, 1877. O. H. Brand. 1879, Julius A. Trensdell on the Free Press. 1883, The Outlook, F. F. Livermore, editor and owner. 1886, The Daily Citizen, Bev. F. A. Marsh, editor. Later, the Daily News, management by D. B. Worthington, 1897. At first independent in politics, Republican since 1900. T. C. Hendley, 1906, Daily News Publishing Company. 1907, The new building on Fourth street. The Beloit College Monthly, 1853. 1875, The Round Table and College Monthly. 1877, Round Table, weekly, by Archaean Society.

    CHAPTER XXXI. Smaller Cities, Villages And Towns
    Clinton, 1837. Early settlers. Churches. Cong. Bap. M. E. Ger. Lutheran. B. C. Ev. Luth. Norwegian. Secret societies. A. F. and A. M. I. O. O. F. Grange, and other fraternities. Postoffice, Clinton, Bergen. Norwegians. Newspaper. The village incorporated. Manufactures. Banking. Schools. Edgerton. Churches. Societies. Banks. Tobacco market. Pioneers of Edgerton. Evansville (The Editor.)First settlement and settlers. Stores, hotels, banks. A. S. Baker. Manufacturing. Churches. Schools. Fraternal orders. Eager Library. Baker Profit Sharing Company. Villages. Afton. Avalon, Avon Center, Cooksville, Emerald Grove, Footville, Fulton, Hanover, Indian Ford, Johnstown, J. Center, Koshkonong, Lima Center, Magnolia, M. Station, Milton. Milton Junction, Orford, Rock Prairie, Spring Valley, Stebbinsville, Shopiere, Union, Avon. Beloit, Bradford Center, Clinton, Fulton, Harmony, Janesville, Johnstown, La Prairie, Lima, Magnolia, Milton. Newark, Plymouth, Porter, Rock. Spring Valley, Turtle, by Mary S. Porter. Union. Tobacco and beets in the county. R. F. D. Good roads commission.

    CHAPTER XXXII. Courts And Legal Profession
    1839, Second District, Justice Irwin. Rock County Circuit Court, Judge E. V. Whiton. First District, Judge Doolittle. Keep, Noggle, Lyon, Conger, John R. Bennett. Dunwiddie, Grimm, County Court, Dr. White, 1839. Israel Cheeney, Bailey, Thompkins, Jordan, Daniels. First county judge, James Armstrong, 1849. Pritchard, Sale. Court house. Bench and Bar. Biographical sketches. Irwin, Whiton. Spooner, Doolittle, Baker, Keep. Noggle, Lyon, Conger, Bennett. Dunwiddie, Grimm, A. P. Prichard, Matt. Carpenter. I. C. Sloan, Patterson, Todd. Pease, Eldredge. C. G. Williams, Hyzer, Moses Prichard, A. Hyatt Smith, Sutherland, Malcolm Jeffris, William Ruger, Burpee, Rhoda Goodell, Fethers, Winans. Woodle, Hudson, G. R. Peck, W. M. Tallman, J. B. Cassoday. Tompkins, Sale, Whitehead. B. M. Palmer, A. M. Fisher, H. McElroy. Hendricks, Cleland, C. D. Rosa, T. S. Nolan, Angis King, M. O. Mouatt, William Smith, A. E. Matheson. C. L. Fifield, J. De Witt Rexford. McGowan.

    CHAPTER XXXIII. Some Inventions And Inventors Of Rock County; The Editor.
    Appleby's twine binder. Miller's car coupler and buffer. Warner 's auto meter. Wheeler's self-regulating wind mill. Merrill's building paper. Houston's turbine wheel. Olmstead's drive well point. Pelt adding machine. Fox's inventions. Gesley's plow. Appleby's cotton picker. Lipman's oiler. Holcomb's engine. The Dann gate. Woodruff's tongueless buckle. The Parker pen. Withington wire knot. Harris' wire binder.


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