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Rusk County, Wisconsin

Source: GNIS

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Apollonia Catholic Cemetery 452647N 0911812W  
Apollonia Protestant Cemetery 452648N 0911814W  
Assumption Cemetery 452609N 0913101W  
Blue Hills Cemetery 453002N 0912134W  
Bruce Protestant Cemetery 452749N 0911620W  
Glenview Cemetery 453021N 0905302W  
Hillcrest Cemetery 453105N 0904203W  
Holy Trinity Cemetery 452246N 0910252W  
Ingram Cemetery 453023N 0904919W  
Island Lake Cemetery 451942N 0912148W  
Mud Lake Cemetery 451839N 0912047W  
Old Ladysmith Cemetery 452713N 0910619W  
Polish Cemetery 452554N 0912858W  
Riverside Cemetery 452901N 0910515W  
Saint Anns Cemetery 453523N 0911310W  
Saint Francis Cemetery 451807N 0911154W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 452830N 0911617W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 453521N 0904243W  
Saints Peter and Paul Cemetery 452517N 0912508W  
Servants of Mary Cemetery 452719N 0910650W  
South Lawrence Cemetery 452557N 0904921W  
Swedish Cemetery 453058N 0905421W  
Tony Cemetery 452852N 0910033W  
Weyerhauser Protestant Cemetery 452513N 0912452W  
Woodlawn Cemetery 451905N 0905821W  


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