Cemetery Records
for Sauk County, Wisconsin

Greenwood Cemetery - Graves of Veterans
Source: Reedsburg Times (Reedsburg, Sauk County, Wis.) 3 May 1907; transcribed by Marla Zwakman

Lasting Markers Indicate the Graves of Soldier Dead 1812, Seminole, Mexican, Civil and 1898 Soldiers

Greenwood Cemetery
Civil War

L. Ackermann Co. F, 1 Wis. Cav.
Peter Brady Co. A, 19th Wis.
Jas. Castle Co. A, 19th Wis.
Aaron Chamberlain Co. B, 146 N.Y.
Amos Cottington Co. F, 51st Wis.
L. Curtis Cpl., Co. B, 36th Wis.
Hugh Collins
J. W. Dickens Co. B, 12th Wis.
H. B. Dorneck 156 Ohio
A. P. Ellinwood Capt. Co. A, 19th Wis.
Peter Emser Co. A, 19th Wis.
John Fessey Co. B, 12th Wis.
Joseph Fisher Co. H, 23rd Wis.
Jas. Fordham Co. E, 50th Wis.
Henry Fritscher Co. A, 9th Ill. Cav.
H. Fuller Co. F, 1 Wis. Cav.
James Hindes
John Hindes
C. Holeman Co. D, 13th Wis.
W. W. Holeton Co. A, 19th Wis.
Thos. Howland
G. M. Jones 6th & 23rd Wis.
Chas. Keith Quartermaster Sgt. 49th Wis.
W. H. Kipp Co. K, 26th Wis.
Philo Lane Co. B, 12th Wis.
R. Langley Chap., 3rd Wis. Cav.
A. M. Lee 1st Lt. Co. E, 31 Mass.
A. Loomis 43rd Wis.
Henry Marksmann 1st Wis. Cav.
George Mead Co. A, 19th Wis.
John Mellvane
Peter Geo. Meyer Co. F, 49th Wis.
Wm. Miles 1st Lt., 12th Wis. Art.
G. G. Morgan 1st Heavy Artillery
J. L. Palmer
N. Parker Co. F, 3rd Wis. Cav.
S. Richards Co. B, 12th Wis.
W. H. Root Co. E, 7th Wis.
S. M. Rudd Co. B, 36th Wis.
A. G. Schuhkart Co. L, 3rd Wis. Cav.
Henry Sigrist 6th Wis. Battery
Emmett Smith
J. M. Sparkes Co. A, 19th Wis.
C. H. Stone Co. A, 19th Wis.
J. A. Stone Capt. 157th N.Y.
Jas. Street Co. E, 46th Wis.
R. M. Strong Col. 19th Wis.
W. H. H. Swetland Co. B, 44th Ill.
H. A. Tator Capt. Co. A, 19th Wis.
A. Thayer Co. A, 29th Wis.
H. H. Treadwell
R. A. Wheeler Co. F, 3rd Wis. Cav.
W. W. Winchester Co. K, 12th Wis.
M. Winnie Co. A, 19th Wis.

War of 1812 Veterans

Jesse Noyes
William Pace Lake Erie Fleet
Jas. Priest (also a veteran of the Mexican War)
Levi Seeley
J. C. Young (father of W. H. Young of Reedsburg)

Seminole War Veterans

Geo. F. Lawson 1st U.S. Art. 2nd Seminole War, 1835; father of Elizabeth, Lydia and George J. Lawson

1898 War

W. H. Harms Cpl., Co. L, 4th Inf., died in the Philippines

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