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Sawyer County
Crime News

Dancers Quarrel and Make Torch of Victim
Hayward, Wis., Jan. 17.— The story of an outrage, unparalleled in the history of northern Wisconsin, comes in a report from Winters, this county. Joe Buckwheat, an Indian, and Joe Lebouff, a French-Canadian, attended a dance at a neighbor's, and for some cause became incensed at a companion. After the dance was over Buckwheat and Lebouff are said to have caught the man, and while one held him, the other saturated his clothing with alcohol. They then, it is claimed, applied a match and released him. The man was immediately enveloped in flames, and his tormentors, alarmed at what they had done and fearful of the consequences to themselves should their act prove fatal to their victim, attempted to cut his clothing off with their knives. In this they were successful, but not until the man was badly burned and severely wounded by the knife thrusts. Sheriff Gylland of Sawyer county was telegraphed for and went immediately to the scene. Buckwheat and Lebouff were arrested and brought to this city.
["The Minneapolis Journal". (Minneapolis, Minn.), January 17, 1906 - Sub. by K.T.]

Assassin Uses Ax To Slay His Victim
HAYWARD, Wis. Jan. 22 - With his head and shoulders chopped to an almost unrecognizable mass with an ax, the body of a man thought to be James Ellwood, a farmer, was found today in the bushes near a road in the town of Lenroot, about three miles from this place. The ground near by was torn up and showed the marks of a hard struggle, and a bundle he had been carrying was lying near him in the bushes where he had been dragged by his assassin.
[The Washington Times. (Washington [D.C.]), January 22, 1911 - Sub. by K.T.]


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