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Man with frozen feet shipped away
Young Fellow Freezes in Box Car, Is Sent to Wisconsin.
"I've come all the way from Hayward, Wis., in this box car, and my feet are frozen so I cannot walk" was what
John Wilson told the policeman who found him in a car at the union depot attout 1 o'clock Saturday morning. It was divulged later that Wilson had appealed to the Hayward authorities for aid in his extremity, and they had sent him on to St. Paul. On his way from Chicago northward about two weeks ago he had encountered the severe weather that swept the entire country; and, being indifferently clad, he sustained severely frost-bitten feet. The authorities at Hayward, Wis., did not, apparently, desire to have anything to do with him, and he was shipped on to St. Paul in a box car. He was unable to walk, and when taken to the police station it was discovered that he would in all probability lose the members. Nothing could be done for him here, and he was, accordingly, sent back to Ashland, Wis., there to be taken care of by the proper authorities. Wilson was a young man of about twenty-two years, and was judged by the police here, to be of the genus "hobo." He said he had no home, and all he wanted was to be taken care of by some one.
["The Saint Paul Globe". (St. Paul, Minn.), December 21, 1902 - Sub. by K.T.]


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