Shawano County, Wisconsin
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Source: GNIS, Epodunk, and other sources compiled by Nancy Washell

Cemetery Name



Location or other Information

Almon Town Cemetery     Almon
Aniwa Public Cemetery     Aniwa
Ascension Lutheran Church Cemetery     Navarino
Bethany Cemetery 445120N 0890947W Wittenberg
Bethel East Cemetery     Green Valley
Bethel West Cemetery     Green Valley
Bethesda Cemetery     Navarino
Bethlehem Lutheran Cemetery     Pella
Bierbaum Cemetery     Cecil
(aka Lakeview Cemetery)
Bomke Cemetery 444304N 0883959W  
Boreen Cemetery     (aka Robin Road Cem.)
Bowler Community Cemetery     Bowler
(aka Highland Cemetery)
Cecil Cemetery     Cecil
Church Cemetery 443932N 0882637W Cecil
Danish Cemetery 445031N 0881948W Green Valley
(aka Bethel West Cem.)
Dickson Cemetery 444647N 0882031W Advance
Elias Lutheran Cemetery 444842N 0885008W  
Elm Grove Cemetery 443913N 0881655W Laney
Elm Lawn Cemetery 443609N 0882140W Rose Lawn
Emmanuel Evangelical
United Brethren Cemetery
Emmanuel Lutheran Cemetery     Landstad
Emmanuel Lutheran Cemetery     Caroline
Evergreen Cemetery 451655N 0885931W Bowler
First Lutheran Cemetery     Wittenberg
Forest Cemetery 445539N 0891144W Birnamwood
Forest Home Cemetery 444753N 0891020W Wittenberg
Forest View Cemetery     Birnamwood
Friedens Cemetery 444317N 0882641W Bonduel
Friendship Cemetery 444346N 0884151W Embarrass
Green Valley Cemetery 445020N 0881756W Green Valley
Greenleaf Cemetery 444047N 0885319W  
Gresham Public Cemetery     Gresham
Highland Cemetery     Bowler
Hilda Cemetery 443754N 0883515W Lunds
Hillside Cemetery 444054N 0882000W Angelica
Holy Angels Catholic Cemetery     Mission Lake
Holy Family Cemetery 445751N 0890247W Mattoon
Holy Family Cemetery 444812N 0891022W Wittenberg
Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery     Grant Twp.
Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery     Morris Twp.
Jerusalem Cemetery 444207N 0883207W Lunds
John Stacy Memorial Cemetery     Wittenberg
(aka Native American Church Cemetery)
Jung & Sander Family Cemetery     Gresham
Lake Drive Cemetery 444737N 0883541W Shawano
Lakeview Cemetery 444925N 0882659W Cecil
LDS Cemetery     Lyndhurst
(aka Roosevelt Cemetery)
Leiskau Cemetery 445513N 0890458W Regina
Lessor Cemetery 443939N 0882557W  
Limestone Cemetery     Waukechon
Linke Family Cemetery     (aka Forest Home Cem.)
Memorial Park Cemetery     Advance
Mission Lake Catholic Cemetery     Red Springs Twp.
Native American Church Cemetery     Wittenberg
Old Holy Family Cemetery     Wittenberg
Old Home Cemetery     Wittenberg
Old Stockbridge Presbyterian Cemetery      
Our Savior's Lutheran Cemetery     Angelica
Owego Cemetery 443543N 0881459W Pittsfield
Peace Lutheran Cemetery     Split Rock
Peace Lutheran Church Cemetery     Tilleda
Raymond Whitewing Family Cemetery     Birnamwood
Red Springs Cemetery 445308N 0884545W Gresham
Redeemer Lutheran Cemetery     Wittenberg
Resthaven Cemetery 444152N 0882118W Angelica
River Bank Cemetery     Pella Twp.
Riverside Cemetery 445334N 0890155W Gresham
Robin Road Cemetery      
Rockman Family Cemetery     Wittenberg
Roosevelt Cemetery     Lyndhurst
Sacred Heart Cemetery     Shawano
St. Anthony Catholic Cemetery     Neopit
St Boniface Cemetery 450044N 0891209W Aniwa
St. Casimir Catholic Cemetery     Krakow
St. Elias Lutheran Church Cemetery     Tilleda
St Francis Solanus Cemetery 445053N 0884829W Gresham
St. Jakobi Lutheran Cemetery     Richmond Twp.
St Johns Cemetery 444606N 0885133W Caroline
St. John Lutheran Cemetery     Gresham
St. John Lutheran Cemetery     Birnamwood
St Johns Hermansfort Cemetery 444744N 0884638W  
St Lawrence Cemetery 443634N 0883006W Navarino
St Martins Cemetery 444808N 0882729W Cecil
St Marys Cemetery 444625N 0885037W  
St Paul Cemetery 444410N 0882623W  
St Paul Lutheran Cemetery 444648N 0882802W  
St Pauls Cemetery 445516N 0890454W  
St Peter Cemetery 444124N 0884431W  
St. Stanislaus Catholic Cemetery     Hofa Park
St Wenceslaus Cemetery 444317N 0883338W Shawano
Salem United Methodist Cemetery 444259N 0885319W Red River
Seneca Cemetery 444724N 0885245W  
Shawano Cemetery     Shawano
Shawano County Home Cemetery     Shawano
Stockbridge Indian Burial Grounds     Bowler
Tigerton Union Cemetery     Tigerton
Town Cemetery 445329N 0890156W  
Town of Morris Cemetery     Morris
Union Cemetery 443614N 0882736W Navarino
Waukechon Cemetery     Waukechon
Wescott Cemetery      
White Clay Lake Cemetery 444838N 0882352W Cecil
Wittenberg Homme Home Cemetery     Wittenberg
Woodlawn Cemetery 445758N 0890245W  
Woodlawn Cemetery 444702N 0883514W  
Zion Cemetery 444345N 0882525W  
Zion Cemetery 444322N 0885355W  

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