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1883 Pensioners on the Roll

transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Vicki Bryan

Certificate Number Name of Pensioner Post Office Address Cause for which Pensioned Monthly Rate Date of original Allowance
  Wilmot, Channcey J Chelsea wd. l. hand $4.00  
  McNaughton, Chas. H do wd. l. leg $18.00  
  Gearhart, Charles H do ch. dia. rheu., & dis eyes $6.00 Nov., 1882
37,452 Reglin, Chistopher Medford wd. face $18.00 Feb., 1865
  Ghagen, Patrick do wd. l. shoulder $4.00 Apr., 1880
  Rabbidan, Louis do loss r. leg $18.00  
  Seeger, William do wd. r. hand $3.00  
  Shimouck, John do wd. l. arm $8.00  
  Czarnezki, Lorentz do wd. r. thigh, res. var. veins $8.00 Oct. 1878
  Brockmier, Conrad do wd. l. side $4.00  
  Harris, Samuel F do wd. r. arm $18.00  
  Nelson, John do wd. r. shoulder & chest $12.00  
  Alexander, James do dis. lungs & ch. diar $2.00 Mar., 1881
  Hirsch, Vincent do loss sight r. eye & ch. diar. $12.00 July 1876
  Lake, William H  do wd. l. thigh $6.00  
  Buswell, Silas, jr do dis. throat & lungs, rheu. res. dis. heart $14.00  
  Molzner, Frederic do rheumatism $10.00 July, 1882
  Brown, Lewis do infury to abdomen & wd. l. elbow $12.00  
53,535 Adams, Aurelius J do wd. l. shoulder $14.00 Nov., 1866
  Robinson, William J do wd. l. arm $6.00 Jan., 1882
  Liberty, Peter Stetsonville wd. back & loins $8.00  
  Holdeman, John  H do asthma, part. par. l. arm & hd $12.00 Oct., 1882
  Butler, George do wd. l. arm, ch. diar., res. dis. of abdominal discera $10.00  
  Allen, Eugene Whittlesey wd. l. wrist $6.00  
  Norton, George W do wd. l. arm $4.00 Oct., 1882

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