Clarabelle Foster's Scrapbook

provided by Mary Burton

Cuttimg a big one east of Jump River in the early 20's. The man
watching is  Sylvester "Vet" Parker and one of the sawyers is
Delmar Houts, the other man is unknown .

Dan Boeckler Sawmill - about 1906

1945 Bear Hunters
Ed Nelson, Norman Nelson, Bill Susnik, Jim Bromley, Arnie Huls,
Walter Manglos, Don Nagel, John Nagel, Jack Meilgard
and Soren Meilgard

One of Jump River, Wis. old landmarks now dismantled.
Ole Sandbo kept the irons hot in this old blacksmith shop
for years.

Barney Broeder Home - built during the 1800's

Clair Warner with team skidding logs near Jump River, Wis. in the early 1900's

The winning Dairyland league all-star club
1st row L-R:
Al Latz, Duke Ludwig, Jim Fasnacht, Vic Kopacz,  Dave Kleiber, Ken Scheithauer, Bud Blumenstein
2nd row L-R:
George Smola, Roy Lamberty, Butch Rhyner, Dave Barnes, Ken Balciar, Dick Fischer, Ed Smola, Marv Scheithauer
3rd row L-R:
 Chet Brahmer, Joe Foster, Ted Potopenko, Les Landrum, John Habighorst, Ron Miller, Jake Jochimsen, Clarence Scholz

The above two pictures show the de-railment of the S.M.&P. Railroad on the Stanley to Jump River run. The de-railment happened in Taylor  County, five miles north and 3 1/2 miles west of Thorp on February 22, 1922

Drangle's Cheese Factory "In the early days" Gilman, Wis.
Frank Kowalczyk, Alex Kowalczyk and Leo GLidden

Crossing the Jump River with team and wagon

Clarence Glidden home in Polley, Wis. during the 1939 flood when Hay Creek overflowed it's banks

The E.J. Kelly Saloon, Jump River, Wis. 1915.
The man in the white apron is E.J. Kelly, known as "Jump River Kelly",
the other man is Ed McVicker of Jump River

Tim Warner
an early Jump River pioneer,
 father of Hugh Warner, first casualty during WWI

Martha and Ora Warner farm near Hannibal, Wis. 1908

Sawmill at Gilman, Wisconsin - 1910

The Virgil Inslee homestead, Hannibal, Wis. - 1922

W. J. Wolfe camp near Hannibal, Wis.

Clothing Department, Kapsy's Market, Gilman, Wis. - 1942

The Gilman Ball Team
standing L-R: Hugh Smith, John Kapsy, Frank Herman, Steven Kapsy, John Herman, Everet Duval, Jerry Duval
seated L-R: Matt Beck, Ray Yoder, Rudy Kolpack, Peanuts Herman

From L-R:
 Edward, Blanche, Martha & Ted Kelly, Ruth Pike, Connie, Flay &  Ida Allamang

S.M. & P. Railroad Depot, section house and water tank, Jump River, Wis. - 1920

Smith Brothers, Jump River, Wis. - about 1906

The Fritz Eckstrom farm 5 miles north of Jump RIver, Wisconsin - 1921

Motor car at Polley or Lusk, Wis.,  (about 1910-20) The car used gasoline and made a trip twice a day to Jump River and return on the Stanley, Merrill & Phillips Railroad. Mrs. Bernard Horgan, formerly Miss Theresa Lee, taught school at the junction and was  a passenger on this car for two years. The old timers had several different names for this means of transportation such as , "The Grasshopper", "The Puddle Jumper" and "Stump Jumper". The engineers name was Tom Eagan and the conductor Homer Strong.

LaFollet Bridge, Jump River on Hwy 73, during the 1940 flood

The Victor and Theresa Madlon family, who resided in the Jump River area, furnished their own school bus  a sleigh pulled by their horse, Chuck. The kids attended the Woodland school. Pictured are Albert, Leo, Loretta, Dick, Helen and Tony.
The picture was taken about 1940.