Township of McKinley
A civil town in Taylor County, Wisconsin at
latitude 452023N and longitude 0905131W,
created May 29, 1902

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The town has a total area of 35.8 square miles, of which, 35.8 square miles is land and 0.1 square miles is water.

The Jump River, Alder Creek, and Shoulder Creek flow through the township, all generally heading to the west-southwest. Monson Flowage and Holzer Flowage are in a part of the Pershing Wildlife Area on the southern edge.

Some of the earliest European Americans to walk the six mile square that would become McKinley were the U.S. government's surveyors. In 1847 they surveyed the outline of the township on foot with chain and compass. Then others came back in 1855 to survey all the section lines. When done, the deputy surveyor filed this general description:

This township contains several swamps and some of considerable extent. They are all unfit for cultivation. The Meadow and Alder Bottoms are all subject to be overflowed to a depth of 1 too 2 feet And are good forhay. The surface is level apart is upland where the Soil is 2nd rate. This township is heavily timbered and is cheifly composed of Hemlock, Yellow Birch, Balsam and White Pine. The undergrowth is generally thick and is composed of Hemlock, Balsam and Hazel. Balsam and Elm line the margins of Meadow and Alder Bottoms. The river enters the township near the SE corner of Section 12 and flows a West SouthWesterly course, with a rapid current and is from 2 too 4 feet deep, and is adapted to the forming of a good motive power for mills. There is no improvements in this township.

In 1902 a town of McKinley was carved out of the larger town of Westboro, which had previously spanned the north of Taylor County. This McKinley included the present-day towns of McKinley and Jump River until 1923. Then the town of Jump River was split off, leaving McKinley with its present boundaries.

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