Township of Molitor
A civil town in Taylor County, Wisconsin at
latitude 451515N and longitude 0902859W
Dec. 2, 1886
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The town has a total area of 36.0 square miles, of which, 35.3 square miles is land and 0.7 square miles is water.

Most of Molitor is hilly, with small glacial lakes. It lies within the Perkinstown terminal moraine.

The six mile square that would become Molitor was first surveyed in the summer of 1847 by a crew working for the U.S. government. Then in the winter of 1857 and 1858 another crew marked all the section corners in the township, walking through the woods and over frozen swamps, measuring with chain and compass. When done, the deputy surveyor filed this general description:

This Township contains numerous Tamarac and Cedar swamps but very few of much extent and Generally unfit for cultivation. The Surface is Broken and mostly 2nd rate soil and not very good for cultivation. Timber is very heavy all over the Township. Chiefly Hemlock Birch Pine and Tamarac. Tamarac and Spruce Trees principally line the Streams. There are several lake in this Township but not of much extent. There are numerous small streams running in a Northerly direction  of which are generally Swampy among those are the East Branch of Yellow River raises in the South Easter portion of the Township and runs in a Northwesterly direction through the Township it flows in a gentle current Deep and narrow not well adapted for good motive power or mills.

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