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Spooner, Wis. - (U.P.) - Everett Finn, a 52-year-old woodsman, Thursday was charged with first degree murder in connection with the slaying Monday night of Raymond Washkuhn, 17, a Spooner High School senior.
The charges were filed against Finn by Sheriff Robert Willis, on instructions from District Attorney Sylves C. Johnson.
Slaying is Denied
Finn, arrested after he had been implicated in the slaying by Mrs. Phoebe Whaley, his middle-aged sweetheart, a widow in whose rooming house the slain youth lived while attending high school here, denied knowledge of the slaying. He admitted, however, according to authorities, that he had been in the Whaley house the night young Washkuhn was killed. He said he heard the shot which killed the youth just outside the house, and that he had carried him, unconscious and bleeding into the house.
Boarded During School
Washkun, a senior high school student and son of well-to-do parents at nearby Stone Lake, boarded at Mrs. Whaley's home during the school term. He was shot down Monday night as he left the house to go downtown. He died in Spooner hospital early Tuesday.
"Mrs. Whaley named Finn as Washkuhn's assailant," Willis said. "She told me she had been intimate with Finn and that he was jealous because the youth lived in her home." She said, according to Policeman W. H. McKeever, that Finn was at her home for several hours Monday night and followed Washkuhn when he left. He was captured by Willis and two deputy sheriffs after he fled from his cabin home, 12 miles northwest of Spooner.
Held As Witness
Mrs. Whaley was held as a material witness. District Attorney Sylves C. Johnson questioned her children, Edward, 17, and Hattie, 15, and Howard Sorenson, 17, who roomed with young Washkuhn to obtain full details of events at the Whaley home Monday night. Investigators at first believed Washkuhn was the victim of a $10 extortion plot, but announced Thursday they had abandoned that angle of the case. A note demanding the sum was found in the boy's pocket after he was slain. Police said he was known to have been highly imaginative and apparently wrote the note himself after hearing much talk about the recent kidnap-slaying of Charles S. Ross, whose body G-men found buried in a dugout near Spooner, Wis., two months ago.
[Telegraph-Herald (Dubuque, Iowa) 24 Mar. 1938 - Submitted by Brenda W.]

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