Washington County, Wisconsin
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Mott Assault Charges
Source: Wisconsin State Journal September 25, 1883 - Sub. by A Friend of Free Genealogy

West Bend, Sept. 20.—The examination of Wm. Mott, of the town of Erin, this county, for assault with intent to kill, came off before Justice F. H. Haase, of this place Mott shot his neighbor, Henry F. Dankel, on the 20th of June with a shotgun, totally putting out one eye and almost destroying the sight of the other. Dunkel owns the farm upon which Slott lives, and Mott's friends say he has subjected his tenant to a series of petty insults and tyrannical acts for some time previous to the shooting. The immediate cause of the shooting was trouble between the children of the two families. Mott waived examination and was held to the circuit court, the judge fixing the amount of bail at $500, which he has been unable to give. (Public?) opinion in the section where the parties live is somewhat divided, but Mott has the greatest share of the sympathies of the public. He is looked upon as an inoffensive, simple-minded old man and was always considered incapable to harm anybody. The trial will probably take place at the October term of the circuit court.

Charles W. Murray Statutory Charge
Source: Hartford Times (WI) 1917; transcribed by Sandra Wright

Slinger -March 16, 1917: Charles W. Murray, formerly superintendent of the Standard Machinery Company, of this village, and of late holding a similar position with the Lasure Pully & Clutch Company of Madison, was arrested on a statutory charge and bound over to Municipal court at Milwaukee. He is accused of taking Elma Zeller to a downtown hotel on February 25th. His bail is fixed at $1,000.

Source: Hartford Times (WI) 1917; transcribed by Sandra Wright

Slinger - March 23, 1917: C.W. Murray, of Madison, formerly of here, was found guilty of adultery in Judge Backus’ court at Milwaukee and was sentenced $500 and costs, or six months’ imprisonment.

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