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Waukesha County, Wisconsin


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Bark River Cemetery 430709N 0881942W  
Central Union Cemetery 430828N 0881514W  
Emmanuel Community United Methodist Cemetery 431052N 0880713W  
Forest Hill Cemetery 430438N 0881551W  
Genesee Village Cemetery 425708N 0882109W  
Hartland Lutheran Cemetery 430614N 0882107W  
Highland Cemetery 430609N 0882110W  
Highland Memorial Park 430049N 0880559W  
Holy Apostles Cemetery 425828N 0880651W  
Holy Innocents Cemetery 430715N 0882409W  
Jericho Cemetery 425226N 0882524W  
Jerusalem Cemetery 425946N 0882301W  
Jones-Muckey School Cemetery 425334N 0881029W  
La Belle Cemetery 430641N 0882911W  
Luther Parker Cemetery 425221N 0880421W  
Melindas Prairie Cemetery 425428N 0883217W  
Monterey Methodist Episcopal Cemetery 431042N 0883155W  
Monterey Village Cemetery 431032N 0883004W  
Mount Zion Cemetery 430343N 0880529W  
Muskego Center Cemetery (historical) 425406N 0880856W  
Nashotah House Episcopalian Cemetery 430442N 0882529W  
New Berlin Cemetery 425727N 0880819W  
North Prairie Cemetery 425552N 0882526W  
Oak Grove Cemetery 425154N 0882914W  
Oak Hill Cemetery 430459N 0880842W  
Oak Knoll Cemetery 425227N 0882846W  
Oak Knoll Cemetery 425702N 0882021W  
Oak Ridge Cemetery 425226N 0882855W  
Oconomowoc Town Cemetery 430830N 0882701W  
Ottawa Cemetery 425908N 0882749W  
Pilgrims Rest Cemetery 430312N 0881329W  
Pioneer Cemetery 430339N 0880624W  
Prairie Home Cemetery 425943N 0881424W  
Redeemer United Church of Christ Cemetery 430819N 0881325W  
Redemptionist Fathers Catholic Seminary Cemetery 430835N 0883120W  
Richmond Cemetery 430712N 0881634W  
Rose Hill Cemetery 430710N 0881230W  
Rural Home Cemetery 425220N 0881303W  
Saint Albans Episcopalian Cemetery 430803N 0881325W  
Saint Anthony Cemetery 430913N 0880444W  
Saint Brunos Catholic Cemetery 425937N 0883043W  
Saint Catherines Catholic Cemetery 431031N 0882727W  
Saint Clares Cemetery 430924N 0882126W  
Saint Dominics Catholic Cemetery 430613N 0880807W  
Saint James Catholic Cemetery 430815N 0881102W  
Saint Jerome Cemetery 430602N 0883111W  
Saint Joan of Arc Cemetery 430831N 0882704W  
Saint John Chrysostom Episcopalian Cemetery 430350N 0882417W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 430919N 0881825W  
Saint Johns Lutheran Cemetery 430839N 0882440W  
Saint Joseph Cemetery 430016N 0881209W  
Saint Marys Catholic Cemetery 430516N 0881609W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 431040N 0880435W  
Saint Paul Cemetery 431101N 0880719W  
Saint Pauls Cemetery 425919N 0882044W  
Saint Pauls Lutheran Cemetery 425727N 0880536W  
Saint Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery 430410N 0881204W  
Saint Peter Episcopal Cemetery 430914N 0882214W  
Saint Theresa Cemetery 425240N 0883008W  
Salem Cemetery 425953N 0882304W  
Stone Bank Presbyterian Cemetery 430833N 0882401W  
Summit Cemetery 430345N 0882750W  
Sunnyside Cemetery 425606N 0880929W  
Sunnyside Cemetery 430959N 0880847W  
Tabernacle Cemetery 430152N 0882001W  
Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery 430554N 0880736W  
Union Cemetery 430855N 0881733W  
Union Cemetery 431118N 0881053W  
Vernon Center Cemetery 425409N 0881541W  
Vernon Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery 425402N 0881658W  
Vernon Reformed Presbyterian Cemetery 425454N 0881307W  
Vernon United Presbyterian Cemetery 425457N 0881250W  
Wisconsin Memorial Park Cemetery 430508N 0880433W  

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