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Waupaca County, Wisconsin
History Topics


"History of Waupaca County Wisconsin"
By J. Wakefield; Publ. 1890
Transcribed by Andrea Stawski Pack

Note: Many of the "firsts" (i.e. settlers, marriages, deaths, etc) are listed in the town sections


Chapter 1

Waupaca County-The Indians-Here were Their Hunting Grounds - Their Degeneracy-Their Inhumanity Compared with that of the Whites

Chapter 2

A Tragic Affair - Killing of an Indian by James, near Mukwa- Statement of Dr. Linde- Captain Powell

Chapter 3

A Bloodless Affray Between Indian Chiefs at Algoma, Winnebago County - Pow-wa-ga-nien and Kish-ke-ne-kat

Chapter 4

Its Boundaries - Soil-Natural Products. Cultivated Crops - Population-Climate - Lakes And Rivers

Chapter 5

Surrender of the Indian Title-Government Surveys - Preliminary Survey By William B. Mumbru-Settlers' League-Incidents - Primitive Justice - Illustration-a Dutch Justice.

Chapter 6

First Meeting Of The County Board - First Election Of County Officers - Organization Of The Towns or Weyauwega, Mukwa, Waupaca, Embarrass, Center Crime and Dayton.

Chapter 7

Meeting Of The County Board At Waupaca - County Officers Required To Lind Offices At Waupaca - Scandinavia And Farmington Organized - Judicial Election - County Seat Vote - Prohibition - Roy Alton And Caledonia Organized - Court To He Held At Mukwa - Judge Cate Elected.

Chapter 8

Meeting Of The County Board At Waupaca -Members From Belmont And Amherst Admitted - Town Of Lanark Organized - Building Committee Chosen -Vote On County Seat.

Chapter 9

Charges Against Mellen Chamberlain - Vote On County Seat - First Meeting Of The County Board At Weyauwega- Resolutions Of The Hoard On The County Seat Question.

Chapter 10

The Board For Peace-Summons To Mellin Chamberlain - IOLA and UNION ORGANIZED- TOWNSHIP POOR System Abolished.

Chapter 11

Town Of Matteson- Helvetia - County Divided Into Three Supervisor Districts - Board Adjourns To Waupaca- County Jail - Committee On Poor House - Insane.

Chapter 12

Town Of Mukwa- First Settlement - Village Of Mukwa - Village Of Northport - Smiley's Anecdotes - City Of New London -The First School.

Chapter 13

Town of Lind-First Settlers-Organization-First Officers- Fourth of July Celebration on Lone Pine Hill-A Temperance Lesson

Chapter 14

of Dayton-Its History as Written by J. Holman in 1876-Parfrey's "Pepper Mill "-A Bear Story

Chapter 15

Town of Farmington-Historical Sketch by C. L. Green List of Early Settlers-An Old Railroad Project

Chapter 16

Town of Royalton-First Settlement in 1848 by Hicks Leuthold, and Gill-A Good Fanning and Stock Raising Town.

Chapter 17

Town of Caledonia -First Settlement in 1849, by James McHugh-Organized in 1853

Chapter 18

Town of Fremont - First Settlement by D. Gorden in 1849-Organized in 1865-Springer's Point-Village of Fremont Organized in 1888-Killing of Wau-ke-john

Chapter 19

Town of Union-First Settlement by Isaac Ames in 1855- Organized in 1858-Experiences of Nathan Johnson-Sixteen Persons Sleeping on the Floor of a 16x20-Foot Shanty

Chapter 20

Town of Dupont - First Settlement by O. A. Quimby in 1857-Organized in 1864-Village of Marion

Chapter 21

Town of St. Lawrence-First Settlement in 1852-Organized in 1855-Its Part in the "County Seat War"-A Correspondent's Account of the Great Indian Scare of 1862

Chapter 22

Town of Larrabee-First Settlement by Norman Clinton in March, 1855-The City of Clintonville-Norman C. Clinton- Chet. Bennett

Chapter 23

Town of Weyauwega - Settled in 1848 -Organized in 1852- Gills Landing Plank Road - An Indian Murder - A Sucker Story-Village of Weyauwega

Chapter 24

Town of Bear Creek-First Settlement by Welcome Hyde, in 1854-First Officers Elected in 1856-One of the Best Farming Towns

Chapter 25

Town of Iola-Settled in 1853-First Election of Officers in 1855-Village of Iola-Town of Harrison Created in 1890

Chapter 26

Town of Helvetia-Settled in 1853-First Town Meeting in 1861-Town of Wyoming Formed out of Helvetia in 1890.

Chapter 27

Town of Matteson-First Settlement in 1855, by Roswell Matteson, in Honor of Whom the Town was Named.

Chapter 28

A Chapter of Most Interesting Recollections by George W. Taggart, of Weyauwega-His Account of the Election of 1851

Chapter 29

Town of Little Wolf-Settled in 1848 by William Goldberg- The Town was First Called "Centerville"-First Election of Officers in 1852

Chapter 30

Town of Waupaca-Settled in 1849-Organized in 1852-Village of Waupaca Incorporated in 1857-The City Incorporated in 1875

Chapter 31

Town of Scandinavia-First Settlement in 1851-First Election of Officers in 1853-Village of Scandinavia

Chapter 32

Early Reminiscences of Waupaca County, Read at the Old Settlers' Meeting at New London, February 19, 1874, by W. F. Waterhouse, Historian.

Chapter 33

The Old Settler's Society-Its Organization in 1872-List of Old Settlers-A Summary of Their Proceedings.

Chapter 34

List of County Officers Since the Organization, Compiled From the Records.

Chapter 35

List of Postoffices in Waupaca County, with Their Location.

Chapter 36

Strange Indian History-Indian Prophet "Walking Iron" at New London Two Centuries Ago - The Great Indian Village - The Prophet's Harem


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