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Waupaca County Wisconsin
County History

Source: "History of Waupaca County Wisconsin"
By J. Wakefield; Publ. 1890

Transcribed by Andrea Stawski Pack


The Old Settlers' Society-Its Organization In 1872- List Of Old Settlers-A Summary of Their Proceedings.
The Old Settlers' Society of Waupaca County was organized in 1872, in pursuance of a call numerously signed, and published in the County gapers. The first meeting was held at the Tarbell House, Weyauwega, March 28, 1872.

The meeting was called to order by W. F. Waterhouse. Hon. Louis Bostedo, of Weyauwega, was chosen Chairman, and J. Wakefield, of Fremont, Secretary. Ira Millerd, of New London, and Judge Ogden, of Waupaca, were chosen Vice Presidents.

The following gentlemen were chosen a committee to present a Constitution and By-laws: G. W. Taggart, John Fordyce, Weyauwega; James Smiley, Mukwa; G. L. Lord, Waupaca; Giles S. Doty, Larrabee.

The following were chosen a committee to prepare a program of exercises: Lucius Taft, New London; A. D. Smith, Lind; William A. Springer, Fremont; M. A- Stinchfield, Waupaca; W. F. Waterhouse, Weyauwega.

The committee made the following report:
Opening address, by Hon. E. L. Browne, Waupaca.
Historical relations.
Supper at the Tarbell House.
Toasts and responses; W. F. Waterhouse, toast master.
A general social conference, without formality.

The committee on nominations was composed as follows: A. V. Balch, Weyauwega; William Masters, Royalton; George M. Pope, Lind; Paul Farrinacci, New London; W. A. Springer, Fremont; J. W. Hibbard, Waupaca; James Smiley, Mukwa; O. A. Quimby, Dupont; I. Brown, Lebanon; Giles S. Doty, Larrabee; W. Fife, Caledonia.

The committee reported a Constitution, which was adopted. A residence of seventeen years in the County was required as a condition of membership in the Society.
The officers were to consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, and an Executive Committee of five.

The annual meeting was to be held on the second Wednesday of February, for the election of officers.

The following persons then signed the Constitution, and became members:
Year came in
1851 Louis Bostedo
1852 Ira Millerd
1851 Carr Barker
1849 J. S. Potter
1851 L. Taft
1852 Paul Farrinacci
1854 Hollis Gibson
1855 O. A. Quimby
1854 D. Baxter
1849 R. Baxter
1854 J. W. Dean
1851 E. Selleck
1852 Ira Millerd, Jr.
1850 M. A. Stinchfield
1853 N. Pope, Jr.
1851 J. Jenney
1849 W. A. Springer
1850 A. Sibley
1849 W. E. Powers
1855 Thomas Durant
1850 Conrad Jerold
1854 A. D. Smith
1853 C. B. Lewis
1849 J. W. Hibbard
1852 E. L. Browne
1852 W. F. Waterhouse
1853 D. Hutchinson
1850 George L. Lord
1852 P. A. Chesley
1853 Andrew Gardner
1849 James Thomas
1856 W. H. Teal
1854 D. Axtell
1854 William Masters
1851 G. S. Doty
1853 E. Edwards
1852 John Fordyce
1853 T. Rich
1854 E. Whitlock
1849 George E. Moore
1854 R. Chambers
1851 L. L. Post
1856 A. A. Burnham
1855 J. N. Mathews
1850 A. P. Jones
1853 H. B. Hulse
1852 J. Baxter
1854 William Chambers, Sr.
1851 A. V. Balch
1853 Alfred Gardner
1851 James Smiley
1849 George W. Taggart
1850 George M. Pope
1854 W. Fife
1853 J. Poll
1854 C. S. Ogden
1855 J. Wakefield
1849 T. Jenney
1853 W. C. Potter
1856 W. G. Gumaer
1852 A. L. Bostedo
1853 G. Farley
1854 J. Van Orman
1852 J. A. Chesley
1855 Ira Markham
1851 Johnson Tarr
1852 Henry C. Mumbrue
1854 Robert Brown
1849 P. Meiklejohn
1856 B. B. Waterhouse
1849 F. D. Dewey

Isabella Isbell
C. L Calkins
Elizabeth Thomas
M. Bostedo
C. E. Ogden
S. Dean
E. B. Gibson
Ruth Jenney
F. C. Potter
M. Meiklejohn
E. Post
H. M. Dean
D. P. Farrinacci
E. J. Pope
M. M. Allen
H. J. Gardner
M. E. Potter
N. Waterhouse

The committee on nominations recommended the following officers, who were elected:
President, Louis Bostedo;
Vice President, Lucius Taft;
Secretary, Judge C. S. Ogden;
Treasurer, G. M. Pope;
Historian, J. Wakefield;
Executive Committee, E. L. Browne,
Chairman, A. D. Smith, Giles S. Doty, George W. Taggart, James Smiley.

Hon. E. L. Browne then gave one of his happiest addresses, amid general applause.

After supper came the toasts and responses:
Toast, by W. F. Waterhouse-"The good ship Mayflower, and the good steamer Peggy; the one landing her passengers and cargo on Plymouth Rock, to people and civilize the wilds of New England, the other landing her cargo and passengers on the marsh at Gills Landing, to people and civilize the wilds of Waupaca County." Response by Hon. L. Bostedo, who gave a very amusing account of a voyage on the Peggy from Oshkosh to Gills Landing in the Spring of 1853.

Toast, by W. C. Potter-" Staple nourishment of the river towns-suckers and milk!" Pleasant response by William Barnes. Toast, by Hon. E. L. Browne-" To the memory of the Peggy."
Toast, by the same-"The Judiciary of Waupaca County." Response by W. F. Waterhouse.
H. C. Mumbrue brought down the house when he told of the bear chase, near Gills Landing, in which W. F. Waterhouse was the principal actor.
The meeting then adjourned.
J. Wakefield, Secretary.

The second Old Settlers' Reunion was held at Waupaca, February 12, 1873. At that meeting ninety new members were added.

A speech by Judge Cate had been expected, but he failed to appear, and Hon. E. L. Browne came to the rescue with a well received address.

The following officers were elected:
President, Hon. L. Bostedo;
Vice President, H. C. Mumbrue;
Secretary, J. Wakefield;
Treasurer, Evan Townsend;
Historian, W. F. Waterhouse;
Executive Committee, Ira Millerd, Judge C. S. Ogden, G. W. Taggart, J. W. Perry, G. S. Doty.

Toast, by W. F. Waterhouse-" The Press of Waupaca County." Response by Vice President Mumbrue.
Toast-"The amateur sportsmen of Waupaca County." Laughable responses by W. F. Waterhouse and A. V. Balch.
Toast-"The boys of Waupaca County." Response by Rev. Stanley Lathrop.
Toast-"The first child born in the County." (Said to be Mary Hibbard, of Waupaca.)
Toast-The Old Settlers; they have carried civilization across the continent, from Plymouth Rock to the setting sun."
Toast-"The early navigation of Wolf River." Response by H. C. Mumbrue.
Toast-"Early Judiciary of Waupaca County." Responses by E. L. Browne, W. F. Waterhouse, and J. Wakefield, giving amusing experiences in some of our primitive courts.
On motion of W. F. Waterhouse, Hon. E. L. Browne was thanked for his entertaining address.
C. S. Ogden, Secretary.

John Moodie, N. Perkins, Mrs. D. L. Manchester, J. Lutzer, Huldah Lutzer, E. Townsend, L. Perkins, R. R. Roberts, C. G. Witt, R. Witt, W. Consolus, Lydia Consolus, J. Mead, Nancy Mead, B. S. Darling, Frances Darling, Charles Peter, R. Green, J. B. Green, F. L. Witt, Lucia Witt, J. Spencer, F. Beardmore, J. R. Parish, Mary Caldwell, Ann Meiklejohn, Frank Hutchinson, Mrs. Huntoon, E. Chandler, W. West, D. Parish, W. J. Chamberlain, G. White, H. Dunbar, Martha Axtell, Nancy Axtell, Olive Hibbard, Mary Roberts, Mrs. C. M. Bright, Mary Ogden, Mrs. H. H. Miles, Mrs. G. L. Le Gros, Sarah Ogden, Elvira Hopkins, Maria Dewey, Mrs. M. E. Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth Streit, Mary J. Parish, Lucy Moodie, Mrs. J. Crocker, J. Crocker, Mrs. Whitney, Elizabeth Masters, A. H. Chandler, Mrs. J. W. Chandler, H. M. Vaughn, Mrs. Clark, C. C. Baxter, Frances E. Edwards, C. E. Dreutzer, Nelly Dreutzer, J. W. Perry, A. Gasman, T. M. Paine, B. Strain, S. Woodnorth, A. J. Van Epps, John M. Ware, H. Looker, John Minton, C.Beton, W. S. Worth, Mrs. H. Young, H. Baxter, Isabel Burnham, Flora P. Rich, A. Rich, S. E. Lathrop, C. O. Brown, Thomas Axtell, John Gordinier, Asa Axtell, R. B. Axtell, Samuel Leonard, John A. Ogden, J. G. Bemis, J. S. Redfield, Charles Churchill, Mrs. G. L. Lord, Mrs. E. L. Browne.

The third reunion was held at New London, February 19, 1874.
Historian Waterhouse read a very interesting report, portions of which are published in this volume.
A neat address of welcome in behalf of the New London Old Settlers was made by Captain Sterling, and responded to by Vice President Mumbrue.
Appropriate remarks were made by several Old Settlers.
The New London Glee Club gave some excellent vocal and instrumental music.

President, Hon. L. Bostedo;
Vice President, H. C. Mumbrue;
Secretary, J. Wakefield;
Treasurer, Evan Townsend;
Historian, W. F. Waterhouse;
Executive Committee, G. W. Taggart, Ira Millerd, Judge Ogden, Giles Doty.

Toast, by W. F. Waterhouse-" The early politicians of Waupaca County." Response by James Meiklejohn, running over with genuine humor.
Toast, by Ira Millerd-"The first mercantile establishment at New London." Response by William Masters, telling "how they used to do it."
Toast, by H. C. Mumbrue -"The early interpreters of the Indian language on Wolf River." Response by J. C. Hoxie, creating some merriment when he told how " Bill" Masters used to interpret Menominee.
Toast-"Spruce gum gatherers." A. J. Perkins told about that.
Toast, by Giles S. Doty-" The early settlers of Bear Creek." That called out C. W. Packard.
Toast, by J. E. Devins-"Early weddings of Waupaca County." W. F. Waterhouse told how he once employed Devins to interpret for him at a wedding, and then "Jim" managed to secure the lion's share of the fee.
In addition to the toasts and responses, some very interesting reminiscences were called out.

John M. Vaughn, M. L. Haywood, H. S. E. Haywood, Eliza Stinchfield, George Hammond, Hiram Lyon, Joseph Hammond, C. W. Packard, A. F. Tucker, Fred Hale, Edward Dawson, R. M. May, C. F. Eaton, Mrs. J. C. Eaton, James E. Devins, Mrs. J. E. Devins, Benjamin Dean, Mrs.W. A. West, Mrs. William Dayton, Mrs. R. Chandler, .Nathan Johnson, Mrs. N. Johnson, C. E. Gordon, H. Brown, W. A. Sterling, D. L. Manchester, D. Dinem, P. Gorman, J. E. Snell, E. E. Dickinson, A. C. Daugherty, C. V. Sherman, A. P. Jones, W. A. Clinton, P. Dickinson, F. M. Guernsey, R. M. Hubbard, Mrs. H. M. Hubbard, Henry Stillman, Mrs. Doty, Mrs. Guernsey, James Meiklejohn, Mrs. A. Smith, Sarah E. Clinton, Mrs. Chittenden, Mrs. C. L. Hale, Mrs. L. R. McCall, Mrs. H. Brown.

The fourth reunion was held at Weyauwega, February 17, 1875.
Officers elected: President, L. Bostedo; Vice President, Giles S. Doty; Secretary, J. Wakefield; Treasurer, Evan Townsend; Historian, Peter Meiklejohn; Executive Committee, A. V. Balch, Royal Green, Ira Millerd, James Meiklejohn, U. P. Clinton.
W. C. Potter, M. A. Stinchfield, and W. A. Springer were appointed a committee to prepare a list of questions for the use of the Historian.
Arrangements were made to hold a special meeting and picnic at White Lake the following Summer.

July 24, 1875, the Old Settlers assembled at White Lake.
An excellent address was delivered by Rev. Stanley E. Lathrop, of Waupaca, after which an old-fashioned old settlers' dinner was partaken of.
After dinner there were short addresses by Elder Ashmun, Dr. Brainard, N. Livermore, A. V. Balch and others, who gave pleasing experiences of the old times.

George H. Calkins, N. Livermore, P. A. House, Mrs. A. Farley, V. G. Calkins, Harriet Calkins, J. Ashmun, Felix Oborn, E. S. Wait, Mrs. Emily Wait, L. M. Collier, Mrs. L. M. Collier, Andrew Mack, Mrs. A. Mack, Mrs. H. A. Mather, Mrs. E. Wilcox, Andrew Meiklejohn, E. J.-Ashmun and wife, M. Campbell, H. S. Baldwin, Harriet Baldwin, J. C. Williams, A. B. Wightman, M. P. Wightman, H. W. Eldridge, T. B. Putney, Jane Chambers, J. W. Penney, Mrs. M. B. Morse, Mrs. A. M. Clark, Mrs. J. S. Redfield, Frank Conrad.

The fifth reunion was held at the Court House> Waupaca, February 16, 1876.
There was prayer by Rev. Stanley E. Lathrop, and singing by the Waupaca Glee Club.
Secretary Wakefield being absent, Hon. A. V. Balch was chosen Secretary pro tern.
Officers elected: President, Hon. L. Bostedo; Vice President, James Meiklejohn; Secretary, E. Selleck; Treasurer, Evan Townsend; Historian, J. Wakefield; Executive Committee, A. V. Balch, M.A. Stinchfield, J. C. Hoxie, J. P. Bailey, Giles S. Doty.
Twenty-five dollars was voted to Historian Wakefield, to aid him in gathering the statistics called for at a previous meeting.
Rev. Stanley E. Lathrop gave one of his happiest addresses, closing by reading the old farm ballad, "Out of the old house into the new."
The Glee Club than sang "Auld Lang Syne," the audience joining.
The time for the annual meeting was changed to the first Wednesday in September.
The meeting closed by singing "Home, Sweet Home."

Mrs. A. Custard, Mrs. P. A. Chesley, Miss F. L. Le Gros, Carrie Calkins, Mrs. L. F. West, Josie Chesley, Mrs. Mary B. Paine, John Jardine, H. W. Waterhouse, John Townsend and wife, J. Brown, J. D. Bailey, A. Vaughn, Thomas Pipe, A. S. West and wife, S. S. Chandler, Miss M. Gordinier, Amos Smith and wife, N. R. Burbank and wife.
The sixth reunion was held February 14, 1877, at Craig's Hall, Royalton.
After prayer by Elder Fastman, A. V. Balch was chosen Secretary pro tern, in the absence of Secretary Selleck.
The report of Historian Wakefield was read, and criticized by the Old Settlers.
Officers elected: President, Hon. L. Bostedo; Vice President, Hon. Gorge E. More; Secretary, Hon. A. V. Balch; Treasurer, Evan Townsend; Historian, J. Wakefield; Executive Committee, William Masters, M. A. Stinchfield, W. A. Sterling, G. W. Taggart, A. W. Johnson.
There was no meeting in 1878.

A called meeting was held at White Lake, August 1, 1879.
In the absence of the President and Vice President, the meeting was called to order by William Masters, Chairman of the Executive Committee, who was then chosen President pro tern. In taking the chair, Mr. Masters feelingly alluded to the death of our late President, Hon. Louis Bostedo, who had so long presided over our deliberations, and who had for many years taken so much interest in the society. He remarked that his death had been the reason why no meeting of the society had been held in 1878.
Officers elected: President, Hon. E. L. Browne; Vice President, Hon. L. L. Post; Secretary, Hon. A. V. Balch; Treasurer, M. A. Stinchfield; Historian,^ Wakefield; Executive Committee, W. A. Springer, William Masters, F. D. Dewey, H. Gibson, Ira Millerd.

Isabel Mathews, Jane A. Van Epps, P. M. Davis and wife.
By looking over our records, we find the names of 314 who had become members of our society since its organization.

The Historian can find nothing that is worthy of particular mention in any subsequent meeting of the society. Some of those whose names are here recorded are still with us, and may be spared for a few more gatherings; but the eighteen years that have passed since the organization of our society, have done a fearful work in thinning our ranks. We can not record the names of all the missing ones, and would not have the heart to do so if we could. They have shaken hands with us for the last time here, and passed over that deep, dark river, which we must all cross soon. It may be that when we all get over there we shall be permitted to remember some of our pleasant meetings here, and take delight in those pleasing recollections.

List Of County Officials Since The Organization, Compiled From The Records.

The following is a complete list of County officers since the organization in 1851. The list has been compiled from County records, and is as accurate as that source of information makes possible:

S. F. Ware, A. K. Osborn, C. S. Ogden, Winfield Scott, C. S. Ogden.

James Smiley, Charles Redfield, E. I. Putnam, C. L. Gumaer, O. E. Druetzer, W. B. Mumbrue, C. Caldwell, E. Selleck, Ole R. Olson, Ole O. Hole, J. H. Woodnorth, Henry Geibel, Rollin S. Burbank.

Charles Gumaer, Mellen Chamberlain, Melzor Parker, Lucius Taft, A. Sorenson, M. F. Sorenson, W. S. Carr, A. J. Perkins, S. T. Ritchie, O. T. Hambleton. J. W. Dean.

G. W. Taggart, Simon C. Dow, C. 0. Brown, Evan Townsend, E. Coolidge, G. L. Lord, C. M. Fenelon, W. J. Chamberlain, N. L. Nelson, Hans Benlick, A. L. Rowe.

J. H. Jones, D. M. Coffen, H. C. Mumbrue, Winfield Scott, L. J. Perry, Charles Churchill, W. R. Binkleman, J. M. Hatch.

S. C. Dow, J. Wornley, J. K. McGregor, E. G. Furlong, C. W. Packard, W. B. Mumbrue, J. Burnham, C. M. Bright, L. L. Wright, O.E. Wells, William Fowlie, F. S. Grubb.

John Fordyce, M. H. Sessions, George A. La Dow, Myron Reed, C. S. Ogden, J. W. Carter, C. C. Kinsman, J. B. Strain, J. Wakefield, O. F. Weed, F. F. Wheeler, E. J. Goodrick, J. F. Dufur, F. C. Weed, A. L. Hutchinson, F. M. Guernsey.

List Of The Postoffices In Waupaca County, With Their Location.

Crystal Lake, Section 27, Dayton
Rural, Section 10, Dayton
Badger, Section 30, Farmington
Sheridan, Section 8, Farmington
Scandinavia Village Scandinavia
Iola Village Tola
Petersville, Section 21, Iola
Hatton, Section 25, Lind
Lind, Section 21, Lind
Waupaca City Waupaca
Ogdensburg Village St. Lawrence
Big Falls, Section 26, Wyoming
Fremont, Village Fremont
Paradise, Section 17, Fremont
Weyauwega Village Weyauwega
Baldwin's Mills, Section 18, Royalton
Royalton Village Royalton
Little Wolf, Section 34. Little Wolf
Manawa Village Little Wolf
Symco, Section 31, Union
Marble, Section 12, Union
Dupont, Section 27, Dupont
Marion Village Dupont
Readfield, Section 23, Caledonia
Ostrander, Section 8, Mukwa
Northport Village Mukwa
New London City Mukwa
Nicholson, Section 28 Bear Creek
Clintonville City Larrabee
Buckbee, Section 17, Larrabee
Embarrass Village Matteson

Strange Indian History - Indian Prophet "Walking Iron" At New London Two Centuries Ago-The Great Indian Village-The Prophet's Harem.

There is a strange chapter of Indian history connected with New London. Two hundred years ago here was a great Indian village, and here were the sacred Indian grounds. Here centered an institution more mysterious than Mormonism. Here flourished an Indian prophet, the great "Walking Iron," whose harem exploits eclipsed the wildest dreams of Brigham Young.

Hither came Indians and maidens from all tribes in the Northwest, bringing costly presents, to obtain charms and medicines of the Prophet and his elders. All were brothers and friends inside the sacred grounds. The Prophet counted his wives by hundreds, and his followers by thousands.
This singular institution lasted thirty years, and was ended with the exposure and death of "Walking Iron."

In later years the great Menominee chief Ahkaw-met, had his village and planting grounds here, on the north side of the Wolf River.



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