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Pensioners on the Rolls as of January 1, 1883


Source: List of Pensioners on the Roll January 1, 1883
Washington Government Printing Office, 1883

Transcribed by V. Bryan

No. of

Name of Pensioner

Post office address

Cause for which pensioned


Date of

  Maitland, John A Aurorahville phthisis pulmon $6.00  
  Hollenbeck, John W Aurorahville chr. rheum $4.00 Apr., 1881
  Kerstelle, Frederick Aurorahville wd. l. arm $6.00  
  Rivers, Margaret Aurorahville widow $8.00  
  Goodnow, Louisa R Aurorahville mother $8.00  
  Quinney, Paul W Aurorahville minor $10.00  
212,938 Rose, Moses B Aurorahville wd. r. hand $4.00 June, 1882
  Rose, Mary Ann Aurorahville mother $8.00  
  Webb, William W Aurorahville inflam. eyes $6.00  
  Rowe, John W Aurorahville loss part'l. thumb &c $4.00  
  Rhodes, Walter B Aurorahville wd. over r. eye & l. arm $10.00  
  Bowen, Moses H Aurorahville injury l. eye $4.00 July, 1879
  Bowker, Joseph B Aurorahville wd. r. forearm $5.00  
  Blaise, Henry Aurorahville wd. l. shoulder $8.00  
  Cotanch, John W. Brushville wd. r. side head, result. loss r. eye & part'l paral $24.00  
  Wendt, John Brushville wd. r. leg $4.00 Aug., 1881
19,947 Lynch, Daniel Cedar Lake g.s.w. rt. arm $4.00  
  Newton, Thomas Coloma curv. spine res. dis. l. leg $24.00  
  Pells, Polly Coloma mother $8.00  
  Wilson, Ezra Coloma varicose veins l. leg $6.00 Oct., 1880
  Gould, Elizabeth Coloma widow $8.00  
  Gethers, Henry Coloma wd. l. shoulder $4.00 Jan., 1881
  Sheldon, Sally S Coloma widow $8.00  
  Hopper, John H Coloma Station wd. r. leg $4.00  
  Mills, Ruth Hancock mother $8.00 Feb., 1882
  Diggles, Samuel W Hancock scurvy, diarr., & bronchitis $12.00 July, 1880
  Holcomb, Wardsey S Hancock chr. diarr., rheum., & part'l. deafness $18.00 May, 1880
  Beal, Thomas Hancock wd. r. hip $3.75 Mar., 1879
  Morey, Warren J Hancock injury l. side & back $6.00 May, 1881
  Marshall, Aseneth B Hancock widow $8.00  
  Howell, John S Hancock injury back $8.00 Dec., 1877
  Hungerford, Nathan Hancock ophthalmia $8.00  
  Hutchinson, George Hancock dis. heart $8.00  
  Ostram, John H Hancock wd. face $6.00  
  Marshall, Lewis D Hancock wd. both thighs $18.00  
  Herrick, Jacob T Hancock injury to abdomen $8.00 May, 1880
  Brown, John S Hancock scurvy, res., dis. gums, mus. atro., res. typh. fever $6.00 Jan., 1882
  Edson, Henry Hancock wd. chest & l. arm $18.00  
  Eubank, Thomas Hancock chr. diarr. $8.00 Nov., 1880
  Thomas, Mary E Hancock widow $8.00  
  Cunningham, Charles F Hancock minor $10.00 Apr., 1880
  Barton, Lucy M Hancock widow $10.00  
  Booth, Daniel W Hancock wd. l. foot $6.00  
  Schofield, Jacob A Hancock ch. diarr. & dis. of abd. vis $8.00 June, 1882
  Rittenhouse, Simon P Hancock wd. side head $6.00  
  Wood, Ira Hancock ch. diarr  $4.00 Aug., 1880
  Tilton, John E Hancock injury to abdomen $17.00 Aug., 1880
  Spawn, Adam J Hancock ch. rheum $4.00 Feb., 1882
  Firman, Abigail Hancock widow $8.00  
  Wright, Orin L Hancock abscess l. hip $18.00  
  Wharton, John Hancock wd. l. forearm $6.00  
  Jones, Frederick R Hancock wd. r. arm $4.00 Oct., 1880
  Guest, George C Hancock wd. l. hip $8.00  
  Lane, Davis R Hancock wd. r. thigh, res. var. veins $4.00 June, 1879
  Furgeson, Seneca Hancock inj. back l. side, res. debility $6.00 Aug., 1881
197,569 Hogle, Washington Hancock wd. head $8.00 Nov., 1881
95,600 McIntyre, Levi Hancock inj., r. elbow joint $8.00  
  Brown, Amos Hancock wd. r. forearm $10.00  
  Jump, William Hancock wd. l. shoulder $12.00  
  Patterson, James Mount Morris dis. lungs $10.00  
  Murty, Michael Mount Morris ulcer l. leg $8.00 Nov., 1880
  Eager, Sarah E Oasis widow $8.00  
  Horton, William Oasis wd. right side head $6.00 Oct., 1878
  McMillan, George B Pine River neural. & rheum. breast $4.00 Nov., 1882
  Wendt, William Pine River injury to abdomen $8.00 May, 1878
  Benton, Lenora M Pine River widow $8.00  
  Hamilton, Alfred D Plainfield wd. neck & chr. diarr $6.00 Oct., 1881
  Collins, Jesse Plainfield malarial poison $4.00 Feb., 1881
  Craig, George W Plainfield ch. diarr., res. dis. of abd. vis $6.00 June, 1881
  Potter, James Plainfield dis. liver & stomach $8.00 July, 1879
  Pickering, Byron Plainfield wd. r. foot $6.00 Nov., 1878
  Powell, Benjamin F Plainfield wd. l. forearm $4.00  
  Beggs, Sarah Plainfield mother $8.00  
  Cornwell, Byron Plainfield nasal catarrh $2.00 Feb., 1882
  Chamberlin, Alric A Plainfield loss sight l. eye aff. r eye & deaf. l. ear $10.00 July, 1879
  Chapel, Stephen Plainfield sunstroke $6.00 May, 1878
  Eastling, Cornelius Plainfield chr. diarr $4.00 May, 1880
  Borden, John E Plainfield loss r. arm above elbow $24.00  
  Mills, Samuel S Plainfield heart dis. & rheum $6.00 Apr., 1879
  Herrick, Isaac C Plainfield wd. l. shoulder & inj. to abd $12.00  
  Harwood, Oliver P Plainfield dis. lungs, res. prison life $6.00  
  Hurd, Albert Plainfield varicose veins l. leg $2.00 Dec., 1880
  Kinnison, Sheridan N Plainfield injury to abdomen $4.00 Dec. 1881
  Levi, Reuben Plainfield wd. l. hand & l. leg $3.00 June, 1877
  Crowe, Richard R Plainfield chr. diarr. & rheum $8.00 June, 1882
  Crawford, Robert M Plainfield chr. diarr. & scurvy $6.00 Oct., 1880
  Sparks, Robert D Plainfield wd. r. shoulder $6.00  
  Waterman, Sidney C Plainfield wd. l. thigh $4.00  
  Rozell, Orlando Plainfield dis. lungs $18.00 Mar., 1878
  Wilcox, Hiram Plainfield injury to abdomen & dis. of abdominal viscera $12.00  
  Davidson, George W Plainfield injury r. leg & side $8.00 Nov., 1880
  Stillwell, Clark L Plainfield wd. r. hand $6.00  
  Wood, Margaret H Plainfield widow $8.00  
  Wright, Mary E Plainfield widow $12.00  
  Applebee, Mary Plainfield widow $8.00  
  Kilborn, Margaret A Plainfield widow $8.00  
  Trickey, Clement Plainfield chr. diarr $4.00 Dec., 1879
  Tibbetts, John Plainfield diarr. & var. veins both legs $8.00 Oct., 1880
  Quimby, Leonard F Plainfield var. veins l. leg $6.00 June, 1881
  Johnston, Horace B Plainfield injury to abdomen $4.00 Mar., 1878
  Greenfield, John W Plainfield injury to abdomen $6.00 Oct., 1882
  Gross, Frederick Plainfield wd. through body $6.00  
  Greenfield, Caleb G Plainfield wd. r. wrist $10.00  
  Ferdon, Martin V Plainfield dis. r. side, tum. abd. walls  $2.00 Oct., 1882
  Briggs, William H Plainfield wd. head $6.00  
  Borden, Bishop B Plainfield inj. left arm $6.00  
  Johnson, Peter J Plainfield chr. diarr $4.00 Aug., 1882
  Bound, Freeman T Plainfield dis. l. leg & hip from measles $4.00 May, 1881
  Rothermel, Franklin Plainfield injury to abdomen $8.00 Nov., 1880
  Dewey, Frederick Poy Sippi loss. l. arm $24.00  
  Brewster, Edgar C Poy Sippi chr. diarr $4.00 Jan., 1881
  Hyde, Irena Poy Sippi mother $8.00  
  Kimball, Samuel A Poy Sippi wd. both thighs $4.00  
  Kimball, David F Poy Sippi dis. lung & wd. r. leg $12.00  
  Cassity, James Poy Sippi injury to abdomen $8.00 July, 1875
  Matthews, William Poy Sippi dis. eyes $24.00  
  Randall, Hubert Poy Sippi loss part 2d & 3d toes l. foot $2.00 Jan., 1880
  Biship, La Fayette Richford wd. r. forearm $4.00  
  Duley, Amy A Richford mother $8.00  
  Saxe, Kate V Saxeville widow $20.00  
  Protheroe, Thomas Saxeville wd. throgh r. breast $18.00  
  Wood, Julianna Saxeville widow $8.00 June, 1868
  Barnes, Bradley M Saxeville wd. l. arm $18.00  
  Heffernon, John R Spring Lake chr. diarr. & dis. of abd. vis $4.00 Aug., 1882
  Cole, Byron Spring Lake wd. upp. lip, mouth, & face, res. neural $12.00 Nov., 1872
  Trexell, Richard Spring Lake dyspep. & dis. liver $2.00 Feb., 1880
  Barrington, Richard Springwater chr. bronchitis $2.00 May, 1881
  Scranton, William Springwater minor $10.00  
  Nielson, Christian J Springwater wd. r. arm $18.00  
  Ware, Amos Terrill's Corners wd. r. leg (thigh) $10.00  
  Bonnell, Thomas C Terrill's Corners wd. r. thigh $4.00 Jan., 1881
  Wade, John W Terrill's Corners loss l. arm above elbow $24.00  
  Ware, Silas Terrill's Corners wd. l. shoulder $4.00 May, 1882
  Borst, Henry Terrill's Corners minor $14.00 Feb., 1881
  Mills, George W Terrill's Corners chr. diarr $8.00 Jan., 1881
  Moon, James O Terrill's Corners chr. diarr. & dis. of abd. vis $8.00 July, 1881
  Johnston, William Terrill's Corners chr. cys. res. life in prison  $4.00 Sept., 1882
  Cross, Polly Tustin widow $8.00  
  Bartow, William H Tustin injury to abdomen $6.00  
  Berry, Charles W Wautoma wd. r. leg $6.00  
  Everson, Peter Wautoma wd. l. breast $18.00  
  Hartford, John F Wautoma amaurosis $31.25 May, 1880
  Smith, Agnes Wautoma widow $8.00  
  Peevy, Cynthia L Wautoma widow $8.00  
  Taplin, Electa Wautoma mother $8.00  
  Callahan, Maria Wautoma widow $8.00  
  Williams, Byron S Wautoma wd. r. hand $18.00  
  Wandrey, Frederick Wautoma wd. r. leg $4.00  
  Leach, Sarah Wautoma mother $8.00  
  Lincoln, Maria Wautoma mother $8.00  
  Soule, Henry C Wautoma wd. l. arm $4.00 Aug., 1879
  Darling, Benjamin E Wautoma chr. diarr $4.00 Mar., 1881
  Hartford, John  Wautoma surv. 1812 $8.00  
  Worden, Mary A Wautoma widow $8.00  
  Taplin, Cary P Wautoma wd. left forearm $4.00 Mar., 1880
  Tullar, Chesley B Wautoma injury back $6.00  
  Bigsby, Oscar Wautoma dis. of abdominal viscera   ______  
  Bird, Joseph N. P Wautoma wd. r. leg & shoulder $12.00  
  Nelson, George Wautoma wd. r. should., head, & l. hand $10.00  
  Newton, Andrew Wautoma wd. face $6.00 Jan., 1878
  Nash, Alvah Wautoma ch. diarr $10.00 Aug., 1882
  McKeague, Thomas Wautoma dis. eyes $8.00 Dec., 1880
  Farvour, Reuben Wautoma wd. l. ankle $6.00  
  Call, Sophia M. B Wautoma mother $8.00  
  Edgerton, Phebe J Wautoma mother $8.00  
40,216 Fry, Josiah Wautoma wd. r. hand $18.00  
  Hill, Smith Wautoma wd. l. arm $4.00 Nov., 1879
  Cogswell, Asa Wautoma dis. lungs & head $6.00 Oct., 1880
168,908 Soule, Charles P Wautoma chr. diar $4.00 June,1880
  Stubbs, August West Bloomfield wd. r. jaw $8.00  
  Hohnstein, Wilhelmina West Bloomfield widow $8.00  
  Fuss, Wilhelm West Bloomfield wd. l. chest $2.00 Aug., 1881
  Radichel, Charles West Bloomfield loss l. leg $18.00  
190,545 Casterline, Joseph B Wild Rose dis. of abdominal viscera $6.00 July, 1882
  Dalziel, Andrew Wild Rose chr. rheum $18.00 Jan., 1881
  Wilson, Isabella Wild Rose widow $18.00  
  Jones, Mary Wild Rose mother $8.00 Mar., 1881
  Owens, Evan O Wild Rose wd. l. arm $2.00 June, 1880
  Clintsman, Lorenzo Wild Rose wd. r. wrist $18.00  
  Hart, John Wild Rose chr. rheum $6.00 June, 1881



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