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Obituaries and Death Notices

John Arnold
John Arnold, a young man of Menasha who was beating his way home from the south part of the state on a box car in the freight train which went through here just before midnight last Monday night, was struck by the overhead trestle of the bridge just north of Eden and his skull fractured from which he died before the train reached Fond du Lac. He was 10 years old and was with a young man named John Tumme, also of Menasha. The two boys had been in Milwaukee, Racine and Kenosha looking for work, but finding none, and their supply of cash running out, they had to beat their way home. Tummet was able to hold the body on the ear until they reached Fond du Lac. Justice Watson impaneled a jury at once and the inquest was held Wednesday afternoon. [Source: Twin Village News (Campbellsport, Wis.) Friday, 21 July 1899; submitted by FoFG mz]

D. W. Baldwin
1880 - Capt. D. W. Baldwin died at Omro, July 27th. He came to Wisconsin in 1848, and was a noted boat captain on Fox River and Lake Winnebago. [Source: Reports and Collections of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin Vol. 9 (1909) Wisconsin Necrology (1876-81) page 465; transcribed by LaDena Livingston]

A. P. Barber
1880 - Dr. A. P. Barber died at Oshkosh, Oct. 15th, in his sixty-first year. He was a native of Franklin Co., Vt., and settled in Oshkosh in 1857, where he deservedly gained a high reputation in his profession. [Source: Reports and Collections of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin Vol. 9 (1909) Wisconsin Necrology (1876-81) page 471; transcribed by LaDena Livingston]

Arthur Bauer
Oshkosh, Wis., Sept. 22. – The funeral of Arthur Bauer, who died at Atlantic City last week, was held here yesterday, the burial being at Riverside cemetery. John Sousa, of whose band the deceased had been a member, sent a representative to the funeral and ordered two beautiful floral tributes. The funeral was one of the largest ever held in this city. [Source: Wisconsin Weekly Advocate (25 Sept. 1902) transcribed by FoFG MZ]

William Bent
Oshkosh, Wis., Nov. 27. – William Bent, a well-known resident, died yesterday. Mr. Bent was born in England in 1832. He was a veteran of the Civil war. [Source: Wisconsin Weekly Advocate (Milwaukee, WI) Thursday, 27 Nov. 1902; transcribed by FoFG mz]

Stephen Bowron
1879 - Hon. Stephen Bowron, died at Neenah, Aug, 29th, in his fifty-ninth year. He was born in Peru Village, N.Y., March 18th, 1829, and settled in Oshkosh in 1849. From 1863 to 1870, he was one of the county commissioners; in 1873, 1874, and 1875; he was a member of the county board. In 1875, he was defeated by Col. G. Bouck for the assembly; in 1876, he was elected county treasurer. He possessed many popular traits of character. [Source: Reports and Collections of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin Vol. 9 (1909) Wisconsin Necrology (1876-81) page 442; transcribed by LaDena Livingston]

Henry Brown
Neenah, Wis., Dec. 29. (Special) Henry Brown, a resident of this city for thirty-eight years, died last night, aged 71. Two children survive him. [Source: Wisconsin Weekly Advocate (29 Dec. 1898) submitted by Diana Heser Morse]

A German named Carlow was killed in a sash and blind factory at Menasha last Tuesday. [Source: Milwaukee Daily Sentinel, January 03, 1876 - Sub. by a FOFG]

Anne E. Crosby
In Oshkosh, Wisconsin, on the 5th ult., after a short illness, Mrs. Anne E. Crosby, (formerly Sholes) late of Danville [Source: Sunbury American, Sunbury, Northumberland Co., Pa., Saturday, December 7, 1850; submitted by Tammy Clark]

William Duchman
Hon. William Duchman, at Menasha, November 14th, at the age of seventy-two. He was born in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania, October 8th, 1809. He served as register of deeds of Lancaster County, and was an aide on Gov. Johnston's staff. In 1849, he came to Milwaukee, and the next year located at Menasha, engaging in sawing lumber and manufacture of paper. In 1858, he was elected a member of the legislature, and filled other responsible positions. [Source: Proceedings of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin Vol. 10 (1909) Transcribed by: Heather A. Turner]

Anthony Dudley
The funeral of Anthony Dudley was held this morning at nine o'clock from St. Patricks's church on the Island. The attendance was large and the floral offerings very beautiful. Louise Dudley [Source: The Daily Northwestern (Oshkosh, Wisconsin), Friday, 11 Jan 1907 - Sub. by Jim Dezotell]

Louise Dudley
Menasha, Wis. - Funeral services for Mrs. Louise Dudley, one of the city's oldest residents, who passed away at her home at 22 Main street, were held at the residence this afternoon at 2 o'clock. Rev. R. A. Heron officiating. Mrs. Dudley observed her ninetieth birthday anniversary on Sept. 10 of the present year and one week later sustained injuries in a fall at her home from which she never recovered. Deceased was born at Denmark, New York, Sept. 10, 1833, and came to Menasha more than fifty years ago. She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Agnes McCulley and Miss Buddie Dudley, both of Menasha. She also leaves three grandchildren and one great-grandchild. [Source: The Daily Northwestern (Oshkosh, Wisconsin), Tuesday, 2 Oct 1923 - Sub. by Jim Dezotell]

Ferdinand Dumke
Ferdinand Dumke, of Menasha, died at his home in that city, aged 65 years. [New Ulm Review (New Ulm, MN), July 20, 1892; Sub by RL]

Fred B. Dunn
Fred B. Dunn, son of J. O. Dunn, of Chicago, committed suicide, at the Tremont House, in Oshkosh, last Friday evening, by taking six grains of morphine, and left a letter saying he was weary of life. Fred was well known to many along the W.C. Lines, having traveled here for several years representing his father’s business. He always appeared a jolly, good natured fellow and the very last we should have selected as a suicide. There are many friends who will regret his rash act and sympathize with his bereaved wife and father. [Source: Colby Phonograph (Colby, Clark County, Wis.) Thursday, 3 Aug. 1899; transcribed by MZ, *** Note: Fred’s estimated year of birth is from the 1880 U.S. Federal Census, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois.

Lori Ann Dunn
Funeral services for Lori Ann Dunn, 2-day-old infant daughter of Lawrence and Barbara Kellett Dunn, 1245 Ardmore Trail, Oshkosh, were held at 1:30 p.m. today at Uecker-Witt Funeral Home. The infant had died at 3:50 a.m. Saturday at St. Agnes Hospital.  The Rev. Lloyd DeJong officiated and burial was in Ledgeview Memorial Park Cemetery.   Ion (?) was born July 23, 1975, in the city. In addition to her parents, she is survived by one Sister, Lisa, at home; her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Kellett of North Fond du Lac and Mr. and Mrs. LeHigh Dunn of Oshkosh; and her great-grandmother, Mrs. Susie Borchert of Neenah. [Source: Fond Du Lac Commonwealth Reporter (Fond Du Lac, Wis.) Tuesday, 28 July 1975]

Ephriam Sherman Durfee
Death of an Old Mason – A special from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, announces the death of Ephriam Sherman Durfee, aged 97, who was worshipful master of Rochester lodge of Masons in 1823, and conferred degrees on Morgan, who subsequently exposed Masonic secrets. Owing to anti-Masonic excitement at the time Durfee was compelled to leave the country. He was a soldier of 1812. [Source: The Eugene City Guard (Eugene, OR) – Saturday, May 20, 1882; submitted by Jim Dezotell]
1882: Ephraim S. Durfee died at Poygan, about May 5th, at the great age of nearly ninety-seven. Born in Rhode Island in 1785, and reaching manhood, he removed to Salina, N. Y., and engaged in contracting for the construction of public works. He became a prominent member of the Masonic fraternity; and moving to Rochester, he there conferred the degree of apprentice and fellow-craft upon William Morgan, the reputed exposer of Masonry. In regard to Morgan, Mr. Durfee, was of the opinion that he never wrote the book credited to him; but that it was the production of some one else over Morgan's signature, and that its purpose was political effect rather than a blow at the order. Durfee reasoned that Morgan having, as he believed, received but two degrees in Masonry, could not have produced the work, which evinced familiarity with mysteries of which he had no knowledge.  The disappearance of Morgan, and the subsequent anti-Masonic excitement, rendered Rochester so uncomfortable for members of the order, that Durfee and others repaired to Canada for quiet and safety, where he remained until 1845, when he settled on a farm adjoining Oshkosh. So hardy was he, that on his ninety-fourth birthday, he sowed some grain, chopped three-quarters of a cord of wood, made an axe-handle, and called on several of his friends. He served under Gen. Scott, at Lundy's Lane, and other battles on the Niagara frontier, but declined to apply for a pension, saying that he was amply compensated for his services.  [Source: Proceedings of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin Vol. 10 (1909) Transcribed by: Heather A. Turner]

William W. Freeman
1881 - Wm. W Freeman, late postmaster of Menasha, died at that place, April 1st., aged thirty-nine years. He served in the Third Wisconsin regiment during the war, sharing in twenty-three battles, and was wounded at the battle of Dallas, Ga., in the leg, May 26th, 1864, carrying the bullet with him to the grave. He was commissioned sergeant-major, Oct. 29th, 1864, first lieutenant May 20th, 1865, and brigade inspector, June 5th, 1865. [Source: Reports and Collections of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin Vol. 9 (1909) Wisconsin Necrology (1876-81) page 481; transcribed by LaDena Livingston]

Abraham Rice Gale
1879 - Abraham Rice Gale, a native of New York, died at Gales' Landing, Oconto Co., April 30th, aged sixty-nine years. He was among the early pioneers of Milwaukee, and afterwards resided in Waukesha and Oshkosh. [Source: Reports and Collections of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin Vol. 9 (1909) Wisconsin Necrology (1876-81) page 436; transcribed by LaDena Livingston]

Mary Grignon - Burial site found

Mary Heywood
Oshkosh, Wis., July 22. – Mrs. Mary Heywood died on Sunday at her home at Omro after a short illness. [Source: Wisconsin Weekly Advocate (Milwaukee, WI) Thursday, 24 July 1902; transcribed by FoFG mz]

Junia Hix
OSHKOSH, April 27. – Junia Hix, aged 89, one of the oldest residents in northern Wisconsin, and a resident of the state since 1854, died yesterday of general debility. His wife of the same age survives. In 1872 the couple celebrated their golden wedding. [Source: Wisconsin State Journal (Madison, WI) Friday, May 4, 1888; transcribed by FoFG mz]

Kate Huse
Mrs. Kate Huse, of Black Creek, Outagamie county, died in the Oshkosh insane asylum soon after she was admitted to the institution. She had been married only five months. [Source: Wisconsin State Journal (Madison, Wis.) Tuesday, 31 Oct. 1882; transcribed by FoFG mz]

Joseph Jackson
1881 - Hon. Joseph Jackson, a native of Ireland, died at Oshkosh, May 31st, in his eightieth year. He first settled there in 1846; and was three terms mayor of the city, 1854, 1855, and 1857. He filled other offices of trust, among them chief of police from 1871 to 1879, justice of the peace from 1879 to 1881, when he was elected overseer of the poor. He was a man of integrity, and highly respected. [Source: Reports and Collections of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin Vol. 9 (1909) Wisconsin Necrology (1876-81) page 482; transcribed by LaDena Livingston]

John Kafer
Miner – Hurley: A very bad accident occurred on the Colby mine location at Bessemer, Monday afternoon. As switch engine No. 74 of the Wisconsin Central was rounding the sharp curve near No. 5 shaft, backing up and pulling a string of ore cars, a cow came up out of the bushes onto the track so close that the engineer had to stop. The tender struck her and the result was it was derailed, with the engine and three cars. The cars were smashed into kindling wood, and the engine turned bottom up down the steep bank, and was a complete wreck. Engineer John Kafer was found under the wreck horribly mangled and dead. His fireman, Pat Scheffler, was thrown down the bank into the bushes, and came out with only a broken leg. Kafer was considered one of the most careful engineers in the employ of the company and a man liked by all. His home was at Omro, Wis., where his remains were shipped Tuesday night, in charge of two members of the B. of L. E. of which he was a member. [Source: Colby Phonograph (Colby, Clark County, Wis.) Thursday, 27 Sept. 1894 - transcribed by MZ]

Mrs. Kimberly
Mrs. Kimberly, wife of the late Harvey L. Kimberly of Neenah, died Friday in Chicago at the residence of her niece, Mrs. General Beeru, aged 71 years, The remains will be brought home to Neenah to-day and the funeral will be held there to-morrow. [Source: Oshkosh Daily Northwestern (Oshkosh, Wis.) Saturday, May 20, 1882; submitted by FoFG]

Emil Kuehn
Neenah, Wis., April 23, 1886 - Emil Kuehn, a druggist, recently employed in Appleton, came to Menasha Saturday-night and put up at the Lake View hotel. Yesterday afternoon he was found dead in an outhouse, having shot and killed himself. [Source: Wisconsin State Journal, 30 Apr 1886 - Sub. by a Friend of Free Genealogy]

Mrs. Pheron Kuehn
Neenah, Wis., April 24. - Mrs. Pheron Kuehn of Ashland died this morning at the home of Mrs. Abbie Herrick, where she was visiting in this city. Heart failure was the cause. Her husband survives her. [Source: Wisconsin Weekly Advocate (25 Apr. 1901) transcribed by MZ]

Charles Langner
Neenah, Wis., Dec. 24. – Charles Langner, a prominent citizen and former business man of this city, died yesterday, aged 72. [Source: Wisconsin Weekly Advocate (Milwaukee, WI) Thursday, 25 Dec. 1902; transcribed by FoFG mz]

Robert Lee
Robert Lee, a resident of Clayton, Winnebago County, died at the age of 75 years. [New Ulm Review (New Ulm, MN) October 05, 1892; Sub. by RL]

A. J. Locks
Oshkosh, Wis., March 26. – A. J. Locks, a well-known resident of the town of Algoma, died at his home near Oakwood, aged 65 years. [Source: Wisconsin Weekly Advocate (Milwaukee, WI) Thursday, 29 Mar. 1900; transcribed by FoFG mz]

Kate Madden
Miss Kate Madden, of Oshkosh, who has been teaching school at Norway, Mich., died at that place Wednesday morning after a brief illness. [Source: Wisconsin State Journal (Madison, Wis.) Friday, 1 Apr. 1887; transcribed by FoFG mz]

Earl J. McCulley
The body of Earl J. McCulley, who died at Fullerton, Cal., will be brought here for interment, but no definite information as to the time of the arrival of the body has as yet been received. Mr. McCulley was a member of the Masonic lodge and it is expected that the Menasha lodge will have charge of the funeral. [Source: The Daily Northwestern (Oshkosh, Wisconsin), Thursday, 30 October 1919 - Sub. by Jim Dezotell]

Joseph M. Merrill
Mayor of Oshkosh Dead
New York, June 28. – Joseph M. Merrill, 54 years of age, mayor of Oshkosh, Wis., died at the Kimberley apartment house, 102 East One Hundred and Twenty-eighth street, this morning, of apoplexy. [Source: Omaha World Herald (Omaha, Neb.) 29 June 1900; MZ submitted by FoFG]

Thea Miller
Mrs. Charles A. Miller, formerly Thea Commentz of Appleton, died Thursday at Los Angeles, Calif.  The funeral was to be held Saturday in Los Angeles.  Mrs. Miller is survived by her widower, one son, Charles, Jr., three sisters, Mrs. C. G. Herget of Pekin, Ill., Mrs. Thomas McKenney of Milwaukee and Mrs. F. William Volkman of Milwaukee and one brother, William G. Commentz, of Appleton. [Appleton Post-Crescent (Appleton, WI) – Saturday, May 14, 1927; Sub. by JD]

Hiram Morley
1882: Hiram Morley, who died at Oshkosh, May 27th, was born in Cayuga County, N. Y., Oct. 24th, 1826, and settled in Oshkosh in 1847. He was a man of prominence, and served five successive terms in the common council of that city; was connected with several newspaper enterprises, and was twice postmaster of the assembly. [Source: Proceedings of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin Vol. 10 (1909) Transcribed by: Heather A. Turner]

Mrs. Mott
1880 - Mrs. Mott, mother of Wesley Mott, died at Winchester, Winnebago County, May 14th, aged seventy-seven years. Her husband having been a soldier in the War of 1812, she enjoyed a pension from the government. [Source: Reports and Collections of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin Vol. 9 (1909) Wisconsin Necrology (1876-81) page 461; transcribed by LaDena Livingston]

Jefferson Murdock
1877 - Jefferson Murdock, a rising young lawyer of Oshkosh, who had been in Col. G. Bouck's law office since he was seventeen, perished in the burning of the Revere House in that city, Jan.17th, at the age of twenty-nine years. [Source: Reports and Collections of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin Vol. 9 (1909) Wisconsin Necrology (1876-81) page 427; transcribed by LaDena Livingston]

Ida Nichols
Oshkosh, March 9. --- The young girl Ida Nichols, whose mysterious disappearance, several days ago, was reported at this city, has been discovered. [Source: General State News (14 Mar. 1882) submitted by Diana Heser Morse]

George B. Noyes
Waupaca, Wis., May 27. – George B. Noyes, the surgeon of the Wisconsin Veterans’ home, died Saturday night of heart failure. Dr. Noyes had been in charge of the hospital for six years. He was about 54 years old and for many years practiced medicine at Winneconne, Wis., but prior to coming to the Veterans’ home had removed with his family to West Superior. He was prominent in Masonic and Grand Army circles, and was widely known throughout the state. He has a brother, also a physician, living at Oshkosh. A widow, two daughters and a son survive him. [Source: Wisconsin Weekly Advocate (Milwaukee, Wis.) Thursday, 30 May 1901; transcribed by FoFG mz]

Joseph O'Brien
The funeral of Joseph O'Brien of Medina, occurred last Saturday from the home of his mother near Oshkosh. The services were conducted by the Rev. Mr. Greenwood, an Episcopal clergyman of Oshkosh. The remains were interred at Riverside. The funeral train was a long one. [Source: Dual City Tribune (Clintonville & New London, Waupaca County, Wis.) 31 Jan. 1890 - Sub. by MZ]

Margaret Oleson
Mrs. Margaret Oleson died Tuesday, May 9, at the home of her son-in-law, Mr. O. Halvorson, in this village, of paralysis, after having long been an invalid. She was nearly 77 years of age at the time of her death and has always been loved and respected for her kind, benevolent and Christian qualities. Mrs. Oleson was born at Saudland, Norway, and came to Wisconsin with her husband in 1843. Four of her children survive her, Capt. Ole Oleson, postmaster at Oshkosh, Martin Oleson, also of Oshkosh, Mrs. Anna Jackson, of Eau Claire, and Mrs. O. Halvorson, of this village, all of them being present at her funeral. The last sad rites were held at the Scandinavian church, in this village, Rev. Gerstrom, of Oshkosh, officiating, assisted by Rev. Sillars, pastor of the Presbyterian church. [Source: Winneconne Local Newspaper (Winneconne, Winnebago County, Wis.) 12 May 1893; transcribed by Tam Inman]

Teler L. Peterson
Thermopolis - Teler L. Peterson, electrician, aged 30 years, died December 27th of pneumonia. Body shipped to Neenah, Wis. [Source: Wyoming State Tribune – Cheyenne State Leader (3 Jan. 1919); transcribed by MZ]

John Phillips
1880 - John Phillips died at Neenah, Oct. 14th, at the age of eighty years.  [Source: Reports and Collections of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin Vol. 9 (1909) Wisconsin Necrology (1876-81) page 471; transcribed by LaDena Livingston]

Mrs. W. A. Powell
Menasha, Wis., April 14 - The funeral of Mrs. W. A. Powell occurred from the late residence on Main street this afternoon at two o’clock and was very largely attended, the Royal Neighbors, Maccabees and National Protective Legion attending in a body. The floral offerings were very beautiful. [Source: The Daily Northwestern (Oshkosh, WI) – Saturday, April 14, 1906; transcribed by Jim Dezotell]

Fanny Reed
Died, At her residence in Oshkosh, Wis., July 31st, Mrs. Fanny Reed, relict of the Thaxter Reed, Esq., of this town and daughter of Constant Bosworth, one of the early settlers of Stow Square, aged 76 years. [Source: The Journal And Republican (Lowville, NY) Wednesday, August 14, 1872; submitted by JD]

William Reese
Instantly Killed
Oshkosh, WI. May 23, William Reese of this city was instantly killed by a Wisconsin Central train early this morning about four north of here. It is supposed that he started for the county poorhouse, where he was employed, and either fell from the train or was run down by it. The back of his head was completely crushed in and the brains oozed from the wound. He was a married man. [New Ulm Review (New Ulm, MN) May 25, 1892; Sub by RL]

Lois Safford Robinson
1880 - Mrs. Lois Safford Robinson died in Menasha, Sept. 14th, in her eightieth year. She was born at Royalton, Vt., Dec. 4th, 1899, and settled at Menasha in 1856. [Source: Reports and Collections of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin Vol. 9 (1909) Wisconsin Necrology (1876-81) page 469; transcribed by LaDena Livingston]

John Ross
Waukau, Wis., July 22. – John Ross, a pioneer resident of Winnebago county, died early yesterday morning at his home. The deceased was 73 years of age and has resided in this state since 1845. [Source: Wisconsin Weekly Advocate (Milwaukee, WI) Thursday, 24 July 1902; transcribed by FoFG mz]

R. H. Schmidt
Appleton, Wis., July 31.--The funeral of Dr. R.H. Schmidt, principal of the Seymour high school for six years, who died of blood poisoning, aged 53, was held here today. He was graduated from the State university, and from Rush Medical college, and was the first principal of the Ryan high school at Appleton, where he taught seventeen years. [Source: Wisconsin Weekly Advocate (3 Aug 1899) transcribed by Mary Dutcher]

Michael Schneider
The death of Michael Schneider occurred this morning at Alexian Brothers' hospital at the age of eighty-one years. Funeral arrangements will be announced later. [Source: Oshkosh Daily Northwestern (Oshkosh, Wis.) Friday, 21 Dec. 1917; submitted by FoFG MZ]

Herman Sell
LOYAL – Herman Sell, 81, route 1, Loyal, died at 11:30 p.m. Friday in St. Joseph’s Hospital at Marshfield, where he was admitted Thursday.  Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Tuesday at the Myre Funeral Home. The Rev. Paul Doering, pastor of the Methodist Church, will officiate and burial will be made in the town of Beaver cemetery.  The body will repose at the Myre Funeral Home beginning Monday morning.
Mr. Sell was born July 6, 1880 in Germany. He came to the United States with his parents at the age of two and settled in Oshkosh, where the family lived for a short time. They moved to the town of Beaver, Clark County. He was married to Helen Pieper on Nov. 1, 1907 in the town of Beaver. Surviving are his wife, two sons, Fred, Loyal and Hilbert, Sparta; two daughters, Mrs. Charles (Selma) Porter, Loyal and Mrs. Thomas (Adele) Edmunson, Cataract; seven grandchildren and two sisters, Mrs. Louis Warnecke, Wisconsin Rapids and Mrs. Harry Quackenbush, Antigo. He was preceded in death by a son, Gerhart, who was killed in World War II, a brother and a sister. [Source: Marshfield News Herald (Marshfield, Wood Co., Wis.) Saturday, 14 Apr. 1962; contributed by Ron Flink & transcribed by MZ]

Mrs. H. C. Sewell
OSHKOSH, Wis., June 25. – Mrs. H. C. Sewell died at her home in this city Sunday night, after a prolonged and painful illness, aged 76 years. Heart disease was the immediate cause of her demise. Mrs. Jewell, with her husband, the late Henry Chapin Jewell, removed to Wisconsin from Salisbury, Conn., settling in Green Lake county in 1843. October 1, 1883, they celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. Of their seven children, Mrs. Edgar P. Sawyer and Henry A. Jewell, both of this city, alone survive. Mrs. Jewell has been a consistent member of the First Congregational church of this city for thirty-five years, and her wealth has made it possible for her to devote the later years of her life to relieving the needy and suffering. [Source: Wisconsin State Journal (Madison, WI) Friday, June 28, 1889; transcribed by FoFG mz]

Carol Stoll
Carol Stoll, a resident of Winnebago County since 1850, died at his home in the town of Nekimi at an advanced age. [New Ulm Review (New Ulm, MN) September 7, 1892, page 8; Sub by RL]

Luke Thompson
An Oroville, Butte county, dispatch of yesterday says: Luke Thompson, a man 65 years old, was caved on yesterday, while mining in a tunnel three miles from town, and died in the afternoon. He leaves a wife and family at Oshkosh, Wisconsin. He had money on deposit at a bank in Oroville, and was a man of more than common ability. [Source: San Francisco Bulletin (Monday, 7 Jan. 1878; transcribed by FoFG mz]

Neenah, Wis., April 28, 1886 - While investigating a bear trap set for wolves in the woods near Spangler's corners, in this county, on Sunday, the jaws sprung and caught a young man named Torvilson. He was held for some hours, and when rescued it was found necessary by the physicians to perform a delicate surgical operation. This did not save the young fellow and he died. [Source: Wisconsin State Journal, 30 Apr 1886 - Sub. by a Friend of Free Genealogy]

Henry Turner
1879 - Capt. Henry Turner died at Menasha, October 8th. He was a native of Peru, Clinton Co., N.Y., and came to Wisconsin some twenty years ago. He served as a first Lieutenant, and was promoted to captain, in Col. H. C. Hobart's Twenty-First Regiment; and was wounded in front of Atlanta, a ball passing through his neck, between the jugular and the windpipe, but without cutting either; but the windpipe and laid bare, and was for a long time visible through the opening of the wound. He was a member of the assembly in 1866. He was a cousin of Hon. A.J. Turner, a good citizen, honorable and enterprising. [Reports and Collections of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin Vol. 9 (1909) Wisconsin Necrology (1876-81) page 446; transcribed by LaDena Livingston]

Dee W. Van Boren
Dee W. Van Boren, who died at Wausau on Sunday, Sept. 14, was born in Oshkosh. Death came as the result of an operation at the Wausau Memorial hospital.  Mr. Van Doren was the son of J. H. Van Doren, who conducted a grocery store on Main street In Oshkosh. He attended business college and received his first banking experience in this city. He was, at the time of his death, the cashier of the Bank of Birnamwood, where he resided. He was one of the founders of that institution. He was active in the Masonic order and other societies, including the Odd Fellows, Modern Woodman and E.F.U. He leaves a widow, four sons, one daughter, his father, one sister, and three brothers. Mrs. F. H, Dean, 23 Central avenue, this city, is his aunt and C. O. Sweet and Mrs. William Leland of this city are cousins. [Source: Oshkosh Daily Northwestern (Oshkosh, Wis.) Saturday, 20 Sept. 1924]

Matthew Wadleigh
Born in the town of Hatley, Stanstead county, Quebec, September 26, 1821. Came to Wisconsin in 1857. Died at Oshkosh, March 10, 1905. [Source: Proceedings of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin (1906) Wisconsin Necrology, page 142; transcribed by FoFG mz]

Winnebago Co. - Mrs. Walker, of Omro, died Tuesday of diphtheria. The lady volunteered to take care of two children of John Everett, who were attacked with the disease, claiming that she was not afraid of it, and that it was her duty to go to the bed-side of the children, who had no one to take care of them. One of the children died, and Mrs. Walker fell ill of the dread disease a few days after, and death was the result. [Source: Wisconsin State Journal April 13, 1888 - Sub. by a Friend of Free Genealogy]

Matthew West
1880 - Hon. Matthew West died in Winnebago County, March 26th, aged seventy-nine years. He was a native of New York, representing Seneca County in the legislature of that state in 1843, and filling other positions there of public trust. He resided in Wisconsin the past thirty years. [Source: Reports and Collections of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin Vol. 9 (1909) Wisconsin Necrology (1876-81) page 459; transcribed by LaDena Livingston]

Cinthia E. Willard
Merrill, Wis., Jan. 13. – Mrs. Cinthia E. Willard of this city died at the home of her only son, Dr. L. M. Willard, at Wausau, where she had recently gone to visit. Mrs. Willard was 54 years of age and had been a resident of Merrill for nearly twenty-nine years, having moved here from Neenah in 1874. [Source: Wisconsin Weekly Advocate (Milwaukee Wis.) Thursday, 15 Jan. 1903; transcribed by FoFG mz]

James Wilock
Born at Londonderry, Ireland, July 1, 1820. Came to Wisconsin in 1856. Died at Oshkosh, June 29, 1905. [Source: Proceedings of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin (1906) Wisconsin Necrology, page 142; transcribed by FoFG mz]

W. L. Williams
Oshkosh, April 10. - W. L. Williams, aged 72, died Sunday afternoon of heart disease. He was an old resident, and came from Wales. He raised a family of five children, but his wife and children are all dead, his last child, Mrs. Tuttle, dying a few weeks ago. [Source: Wisconsin State Journal April 13, 1888- Sub. by a Friend of Free Genealogy]

Charles Wolcott
1880 - Col. Charles Wolcott died at Oshkosh, June 17th, in his 72d year. He was born at Hartford, Conn., Feb. 10th, 1809. He was an editor awhile in Pittsburgh; afterwards studied and practiced law in Ohio, serving in both branches of the legislature in that State. He raised a regiment of cavalry for the Mexican War, but peace taking place, they were discharged before marching. He was auditor of the post office department under Polk's administration. He settled at Oshkosh in 1850.  [Source: Reports and Collections of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin Vol. 9 (1909) Wisconsin Necrology (1876-81) page 462; transcribed by LaDena Livingston]


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