Wisconsin Genealogy Trails
Wood County, Wisconsin
Pensioners on the Rolls as of January 1, 1883 

Cert. #

Name of Pensioner

Post Office Address

Cause for Which Pensioned


Date of

  Andrew, Jeremiah Auburndale Dis. eyes $8.00  
  Baltus, Michael Auburndale var. ulcer l. leg $8.00  
  Wilcox, Dudley Centralia wd. neck $8.00  
  Johnson, Hester Ann Centralia widow $8.00  
  Sprowl, William L. Centralia wd. l. side $6.00  
  Pibl, John Centralia ch. diarr. $4.00 May 1882
  Church, Anna N. Centralia widow 1812 $8.00 Sept. 1880
  Worthington, Brainerd T. Centralia wd. l. thigh $4.00 Jan. 1881
  Alexander Ostrander Centralia oh, diar., inj. Back, dis. Kidney & l. leg $6.00 Dec. 1881
  Henry Felix Centralia wd. Head & dis. Lungs $8.00 June 1883
  Philander Byrns Centralia dis. Lungs $6.00 May 1880?
  Richard M. Hughes Centralia wd. Foot $4.00  
  Peter Hollinshead Centralia wd. L. buttock $2.00 May 1883
  Horace H. Hicox Centralia rheumatism $8.00  
  William H. Geets Centralia inj. Back $2.00 Mar. 1879
85, 326 Charles C. Edson Centralia inj. L. eye & cont. l sh $4.00  
100,287 William Draper Centralia wd. R. humerus & r. thigh $8.00  
108,049 James W. Hughes Centralia g.s. w. r. thigh $12.00  
  Frank Hamm Doudville wd. R. hip $8.00 Aug. 1883
  James E. Ingraham Grand Rapids wd. R. shoulder & r. knee $12.00  
  Andrew Turnbull Grand Rapids wd. R. arm $10.00  
  Samuel A. Stainbrook Grand Rapids wd. R. thigh $8.00  
  William E. Simons Grand Rapids wd. L.hip $6.00  
  Silas H. Ward Grand Rapids wd. R. leg $6.00 Oct. 1880
  David C. Woodruff Grand Rapids dis. Kidneys $8.00 May 1882
  Sarepta A. Pratt Grand Rapids mother $8.00 June 1882
  Adaline Emmes Grand Rapids mother $8.00  
  Flavel Beadle Grand Rapids deaf l. ear nearly total $1.00 Nov. 1882
  Jobe Margeson Grand Rapids diarr. & dis. Of abd. Viscers $4.00 Oct. 1882
  Ansel J. Busby Grand Rapids wd. L. leg $6.00  
  Mark Whitrock Grand Rapids father $8.00 June 1881
  George R. Gardner Grand Rapids loss r. arm $24.00  
  Matthew J. McRaith Grand Rapids inj. L. hip $4.00 Aug. 1882
  William H. Cochran Grand Rapids wd. L. foot $3.00  
  Wilber J. Cochrane Grand Rapids chr. Rheum & diarr $6.00 Feb. 1881
  Charles J. Carman Grand Rapids inj. L ankle & shoulder $6.00 Mar. 1883
  William T. Davis   wd. R. forearm $4.00 June 1882
  Sarah A. E. Vaughan   widow $8.00  
  John T. Aber   inj. Back $6.00  
  Peter Dessaint   injury to abdomen $8.00 Jan. 1881
150,684 John E. Hoag   sh. W. r. nates $6.00 Jan. 1878
  Washington E. Haynes Marshfield dis. of eyes $14.00 May 188?
  Almon Fassett Marshfield dis. Lungs & part deafness $4.00 Nov. 1879
  Wilis Graves Marshfield wd. L. elbow $8.00 Aug. 1876
  George J. Bolles Marshfield wd. L. leg $4.00  
  George W. Bussey Marshfield wd. R. thigh $4.00  
  Casper Zinthefer Marshfield wd. Head $6.00  
  Christopher Jacobi Marshfield wd. L. thigh $2.00 Jan. 1881
  Morris Vaughn Marshfield loss 1st &2d fingers r. hand $4.00  
  Edwin Bump Marshfield inj. To abd. & ch. Rheu $10.00 July 1880
  George Schmal Marshfield wd. L. foot & r. arm $14.00  
  Joseph Buhl Marshfield minor $10.00  
  Jay C. Davis Marshfield wd. R. side head $4.00 Aug. 1881
  William H. Upham Marshfield wd. L. lung & Shoulder $6.00 Nov. 1881
10,711 Ernst Schmidt Marshfield inj. R. knee $12.00 Aug. 1864
  Benjamin A. Cady Milladore loss index & small fingers r. hand $4.00  
  George W. Hollinshead Milladore wd. R. side head $2.00  
  Jacob Shidell Milladore anchylosis 2 fingers, 1 hand $2.00 July 1883
13, 901 Jarius P. Heath, alias Jairus Milladore wd. R. thigh $4.00  
  Adam Shidell Milladore wd. L. arm & r. side $2.00 Aug. 1880
  Hezekiah White Milladore wd. L shoulder & arm $8.00  
  Thomas W. Pitts Pittsville chr. Diarr. $2.00 Apr. 1881
  Charles Galloway Pittsville deaf both ears $6.00 Apr. 1881
  Joseph C. Blakeley Pittsville wd. R. foot $4.00  
  William A. McDonald Pittsville dis. Lungs, heart & eyes $6.00 Aug. 1882
  Nancy Ladd Pittsville mother $8.00 May 1881
  Sally A. Bennett Pittsville widow $8.00  
  William M. Phillips Port Edwards minor $2.00 Sept. 1881
  Emanuel Mennett Port Edwards wd. L. arm $15.00  
  Henry W. Rhodes Remington results typhoid fever & bed sores $5.33  
  Nathan Daniels Rudolph inj. R. eye $4.00 Dec. 1881
  Benjamin B. Glines Vesper wd. Head $18.00  


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